6CW Aftermath - 20th March 2017

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6CW Aftermath - 20th March 2017

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:45 pm

6CW Aftermath - 20th March 2017

“They Say” by Scars on Broadway hits and the crowd jeer as Cassius Zhi steps out onto the stage with his 6CW World Heavyweight Title in his hand. He is in his usual attire of orange pants and bare feet, but his torso is unusually wrapped in tight, white bandaging. Zhi takes a step towards the edge of the stage and raises the title in the air with a sly grin, momentarily wincing in the face of the booing crowd.

Harold Lloyd : What a way to kick off the show tonight. Cassius Zhi survived a monumental title defence at Ashes to Ashes, but it’s clear to see that he is still feeling the effect of that torturous Sharpshooter that Lex Hart administered for well over a minute at the climax of the Time Attack title match.

Cassius walks the ramp and rolls into the ring, again favouring the small of his back as he gets to his feet before raising the title in the air again.

Henry Lloyd : Nonsense! Ashes to Ashes proved that there is no beating Cassius Zhi, brother. He is undefeatable! He is unbreakable! I really think he’s going to be 6CW World Champion forever, Harold.

Cassius takes a microphone, laughing malevolently as his music fades

Cassius : How does it feel, 6CW?

Zhi looks out into the crowd with an inciteful sneer.

Cassius : How does the despair feel? The despair of seeing me, YOUR champion, the destroyer of Dicey Reilly, the ransacker of Robin Reborn, rising to the inequitable challenge of your beloved Enforcer and outlasting three of this company’s most legendary entities! Outlasting them for thirty whole minutes! Walking in as your World Heavyweight Champion and half an hour later walking OUT again as your World Heavyweight Champion, undefeated, unchallenged, UNDISPUTED!

Zhi laughs again

Cassius : How does that, feel 6CW?

He leans on the top rope, looking into the eyes of the occupants of the front row

Cassius : I know how it feels… because I could see it in your eyes, the excited will of tens of ten thousand people, urging me to submit. I could see the desire, 6CW. And it was that desire, and my wish to extinguish it, that was all the motivation I needed to keep my hand from off that mat.

Because I EXIST so that your dreams do not, 6CW!

Cassius sneers at the section of the crowd he is facing, before turning and addressing the opposite side.

Cassius : But which dream shall I crush next, 6CW? Because I want MORE!

Zhi takes a step back from the ropes and slowly paces the ring

Cassius : Once you’ve beaten three of the greatest of all time… there is only one place left to go. AND THAT IS MORE!

Next…. I’ll beat THIRTY men! I’ll destroy the dreams, not just of all of you, but of ALL of the guys out the back too! And then… then…

“Every Time I Die” loudly interrupts Cassius who is clearly instantaneously infuriated as EWF World Heavyweight Champion Liam Wood walks out onto the stage

Harold Lloyd : OH MY! Business is about to pick up…

Wood has a mic in hand and starts talking as he walks the ramp

Liam Wood : And THEN you’ll be number one contender to… ME!

Wood and Cassius share an intense stare over the top rope. Wood nonchalantly climbs up onto the apron so they are face to face.

Liam Wood : Except you won’t, will you Cassius?

Wood takes a step sideways then climbs into the ring and then steps up even closer to Cassius.

Liam Wood : Because I’m going to win the Gateway to Glory!

I’m going to win the Fight for Thirty, then I’m going to enter the Gateway to Glory at that number thirty, and I am going to WIN the Gateway to Glory – not you!


Liam Wood takes a step away from their stare-down and begins to walk the ring himself

Liam Wood : Though I guess the outcome will be the same…

Wood looks down at his EWF Title then to Zhi’s 6CW Title



Cassius seethes as he strokes the back of his head aggressively then slowly shakes his head at Wood

Cassius : Liam Wood… it seems that maybe we are on a collision course for the main event of Night of Glory. But it is I who is travelling at the greater speed. It is I that will make the most crushing impact – just as I have done every single show since I arrived here.. at Gateway to Glory last year. Because whether it be in a War Games match against 6CW’s finest, or against its champion – a former Gateway to Glory winner himself, or in a Time Attack match against true legends, I have been able to count on myself and myself only to defeat… no, DESTROY…all that stands before me.

Cassius eyeballs Wood maliciously

Cassius : Would you be able to say the same? When its every man for himself… and Edward Plague has his eyes on this prize too?

Cassius raises his 6CW Title in the air, again wincing as he flexes his body. Liam Wood, as if sensing the weakness, flexes his own body, standing up straighter in Zhi’s face. The crowd are at fever pitch.

Liam Wood : Oh… I can count on myself, Zhi.

He looks down at Zhi’s strapped torso

Liam Wood : How much longer can you?

Look at you. And look at the state of Crime Lord. You two won’t even make it past The Fanatic. He’s going to finish the jobs Lex Hart and Cerberus started and break you in two. And then you’re going to have to go through all thirty men… you’re going to have to last a whole lot longer than thirty minutes… and after all that you’re going to have to go through me…

The winner of the Fight for Thirty!


Count on THAT!

Liam Wood drops the mic and raises his EWF World Heavyweight Title. Zhi kicks Wood’s mic out of the ring and raises his own 6CW World Heavyweight Title in the air as the two World Champions trash talk each other over Liam Wood’s music.

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Re: 6CW Aftermath - 20th March 2017

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:46 pm

Hero is backstage in a candle-lit alcove of a corridor, a camera fixed upon him

Hero : Glory be to me.

For I have been resurrected and have ascended once more.

Lifted by the faith of my brethren, and now I shall be suspended by my own awesome power alone.

Hero holds his arms outright, and looks up to the ceiling, the flickering candlelight casting sinister shadows across his face.

Hero : Our dominance has prevailed, our brotherhood proven to be the stronger, and our glory has enabled each brother to now spread his own wings.

This brotherhood will be the one written into the scriptures that will last forevermore, our mission is complete, our history has been made, and Hero has… made them famous!

Hero holds out a hand

Hero : Brother James…

He holds out the other

Hero : Brother Murdoch…

Now a new mission awaits you – to spread the word of Hero no longer, but to show the world what you can become once you have become one with that word.

You are free now to sail on the winds of my momentum to new found lands of your own, like the pollenating seeds of your creator’s design, and proliferate my conquests through your own.

Conquests that will forever be stamped with the mark of your maker, even if no longer delivered by his all-powerful hand.

For the fruit never falls far from the tree – and each of your core will forevermore share its DNA with me.

Hero drops his hands with a weightless movement and smiles

Hero : Go forth my brothers… and know that with every deed you shall continue to serve my legend… even though you shall no longer serve me.

With every scripture you inspire… my legend will grow.


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Re: 6CW Aftermath - 20th March 2017

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:46 pm

The scene opens backstage as Geoff Steel walks out into a corridor. From off camera, Cameron Faith walks into view. Steel stops as Faith approaches

CF: You know what today is? Today is the beginning of my rise above 29 other men to earn the number 30 spot in the Gateway to Glory match. Now you, Geoff...just cause your my partner right now don't think for a minute that I wont be putting you down at some point...

Geoff squares up to Faith angrily

GS: Now wait just a damn...

Faith pats Steel's chest

CF: Woah there big guy, Am just kidding with you. Big match tonight against two guys who most probably think they are favourites...well let me tell you something Big G, tonight we take OUR first steps towards the Gateway to Glory match...and Anthony Grace, Hero...they better watch out cause we are going to end the little love in they got going on and thats the end of that.

GS: If we get to the end of this tournament...THEN we can fight amongst ourselves...but tonight-

CF: If we are going to be on the same page we need the same level of ambition...its not if we reach the end of this tournament...its WHEN...but tonight we show unity, tonight we beat whats in front of us and move on...together.

Faith beats Steel's chest who nods approvingly.

GS: Lets get out there and show these wannabe's what it takes to win in 6CW.

CF: Your damn right!

The scene fades as the pair walk off camera confidently

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Re: 6CW Aftermath - 20th March 2017

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:46 pm

*The scene changes to Anthony Grace. He stands outside the arena signing images for fans. He sees the cameras and smiles

AG: The show is about to start yet still people stream outside to see me. Some of these will go on walls, and I don't even blame the eBay sellers. Must be a few thousand dollars a picture. I am a god to many in this business already, Hollywood and the big screen trying to make this little industry tick again.

*He tells some of the fans to buy his merchandise and as he walks on towards the doors he gets a little bottle of hand gel out of his pocket

AG: They carry germs, these lot. Not quite a Cannes audience.

*He stands by the door and looks impatiently at the camera

AG: Well? You don't think I'm having you go through the door as I open it, do you?

*The camera catches up and opens the door; Grace walks through without a word or missed step. He looks back as the camera catches up

AG: I presume you want a word for tonight? Well, it is quite the meeting of legends, isn't it? A man who brought his own version of Hollywood into wrestling before the real thing came along.

It will be cinematic, everything I do is. And as long as everyone in there plays to my script then I think I shan't be hindered. And that is only good for this company: just think of the people who will be watching every last second of that Gateway to Glory in anticipation of seeing me enter at number 30! I'll be taking my share of that buyrate boost, dont you worry...

*Grace stops walking outside a door with his name on.

AG: Oh you don't come in here, no. Your name isn't on the list.

*He walks in and slams the door, the scene changing as it closes.

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Re: 6CW Aftermath - 20th March 2017

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:48 pm

Match One
Anthony Grace & Hero vs Cameron Faith & Geoff Steel

HA: The first Fight For Thirty match now for you here on Aftermath and this presents us with quite the contest.

HE: We've got Geoff Steel and Cameron Faith on one side, looking for a platform to propel themselves back up towards the main event scene they were once flirting with.

HA: On the opposing side, we have quite possibly the most ego-maniacal pairing in 6CW history. Hollywood A-Lister Anthony Grace and the man with the god complex Hero pair up for the first time.

HE: It will be very interesting to see how those two manage to function as a pairing I will say that. It is potentially an incredible alliance.

"Ain't no stopping me" blares out around the arena as the crowd give a decent cheer for the Scot. He steps out onto the stage and stares out around the arena before making his way down the ramp, sliding in under the bottom rope.

HA: Faith picked up a good win over Jack Hurst at Ashes to Ashes and he will be looking to carry that momentum over into tonight.

The mood in the arena goes up a notch as 'Last Resort' starts to play and the crowd get to the feet in unison cheering. Steel bounces to each side of the stage firing up the fans before
making his way down to the ring and tagging the hands of those in the front row.

HE: This is a man used to be competing for world titles but we know his prowess in tag team wrestling, a recent champion with Mike Hill, although of course that did go sour.

HA: And that is a score that still needs to be settled.

"Glorious" echoes out through the speakers, the lights dim and then a sole white light shines on the stage, Hero has his back to the crowd for a few moments before turning and standing arms out wide. He confidently walks down to the ring and climbs up the steel steps, he sits on the top rope for a few moments before leaning back exaggeratedly, again with his arms out wide. He then backward rolls onto his feet.

HE: Applaud that Harold, my word what an entrace that was. That was majestic Harold, that was, dare I say it...GLORIOUS!

HA: Hero certainly basking in the glow of the Church's win at Ashes to Ashes...even if it was Clarke James and Marshall Murdoch who did the majority of the work.

“Power” by Kanye West rips through the arena and a massive gold “A” replaces Grace on the screen. The crowd is bathed in gold light as Antony Grace waltzes out onto the stage. He is wearing sunglasses, gone is his white suit but the extravagant fur coat remains. Grace holds up the A gold chain around his neck before walking down to the ring, smiling to himself and at his opponent in the ring.

HA: It appears as if these two are competing for the most ostentatious entrance in 6CW.

HE: That's not ostentatious, that's confidence Harold. These two know they are the best, reflecting that in everything they do, from entrances to wrestling.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Hero starts the match off for his team, up against Geoff Steel. Steel goes in for the lock-up, Hero ducks underneath and then rolls Steel up into a pin attempt.

Ref: 1...............Kick out!

Hero gets to his feet, he looks down at Steel and stretches his arms out, shouting glorious down at Steel. Steel gets to his feet only for Hero to bounce off the ropes and hit the Hero Stomp on Steel, pushing his head down into the canvas. Hero then runs off the ropes, hitting a swinging neckbreaker. Cover.

Ref: 1.............2.........Kick out!

Steel forces the shoulder up. Hero lifts him to his feet and then throws him into the ropes. On the rebound, Hero leaps into the air and connects with a hurracanrana.

HE: What an athlete Hero is, tremendous start to this match-up from the veteran!

Steel falls into the ropes, Hero then bounces off the ropes and connects with a 619. Geoff Steel falls to the mat, Hero springboards back into the ring. He nods at Grace with a smile, he runs towards Steel, leaps over and then stops in his tracks, before then back-flipping down onto Steel with a standing moonsault. Cover.

Ref: 1...............2..........Kick out!

Hero gets to his feet, he again smiles at Grace who applauds back.

HA: My god this is sickening.

Steel is thrown into the corner by Hero, he then stands in the opposite corner and shouts "Glorious" before running in at Steel, going for a shining wizard.

HE: Steel catches him...powerbomb!

Steel drives Hero down firmly into the canvas and then makes the cover.

Ref: 1..................2.............Kick out!

Geoff Steel hauls Hero up to his feet, he then fires off a series of big European Uppercuts that back into the ropes. Steel whips him out across the ring, he runs to the middle, spins on the spot and then meets Hero full-on with a discus clothesline. He covers.

Ref: 1...................2...............Kick out!

Hero gets the shoulder up and Geoff Steel makes the tag to Cameron Faith. Geoff Steel joins Faith in hitting a double snap suplex, Steel rolls out as Faith lifts Hero to his feet and continues, hitting a 2nd suplex. He drags up Hero and nails a third suplex, bridging over into the pin.

Ref: 1.................2...........Kick out!

Cameron Faith drags up Hero, he then Irish whips him into the corner. Faith then comes storming in, connecting with a big shining wizard.

HA: Faith showing Hero how it's done.

Faith then grabs Hero by the head, running out of the corner and nailing a bulldog. Cover.

Ref: 1...............2............Kick out!

Hero is brought to his feet by Faith who attempts to launch him across the ring, which is countered by Hero. Faith goes for a clothesline, Hero ducks underneath it and then nails a pele kick. The multi-time world champion then connects with a Hero Sidekick to the back of Faith's head. Cover.

Ref: 1................2...............Kick out!

Faith brings the shoulder up and the tag is made to Anthony Grace, who enters the match for the first itme.

HE: Here comes Grace, let's see what he's going to bring to the party tonight!

Grace runs in, knocking down Faith with a clothesline. Cameron Faith rolls to his feet, Grace kicks him in the stomach and then runs the ropes, hitting a bulldog of his own.

Ref: 1.....................2...........Kick out!

Faith gets the shoulder up, Grace allows Faith up to his feet before lifting him into the air and then hitting a backbreaker. Faith rolls to his feet, Grace connects with a big atomic drop, running the ropes to follow up with a spinning wheel kick. Cover.

Ref: 1................2..............Kick out!

Anthony Grace rolls to his feet, he places his boot on the face of Faith and then walks over him. Hero, now recovered and up to his feet on the apron, returns the applause that Grace afforded him earlier in the match. Grace allows the Scot to his feet, throwing him into the ropes and hitting a back body drop. Grace waits for Faith to rise before running in and nailing a leaping back elbow smash. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1....................2................Kick out!

Faith gets to his feet, Anthony Grace fires in a series of punches that back him into the corner. Grace climbs to the 2nd turnbuckle, driving punches into the head. Faith counters by scooping Grace onto his shoulders and dropping him face-first onto the top turnbuckle. The Hollywood superstar stumbles out of the corner and Faith hits the Ghetto Blaster. Cover.

HA: Faith was in desperate need of that counter, now in desperate need of a tag.

Ref: 1...................2.................Kick out!

Grace is dragged up by Faith, who reels off a succession of knife-edge chops that force Grace into the corner. Faith makes the tag to Steel, he steps into the ring and connects with a stinger splash. Grace falls forward into a powerslam. Cover.

Ref: 1.................2................Kick out!

Geoff Steel hauls up Anthony Grace, firing in headbutts that force him into the ropes. Steel throws Grace into the ropes, running off them himself and nailing a huge spear in the middle of the ring. He covers.

Ref: 1....................2.................Kick out!

Grace gets the shoulder up. Steel hauls him to his feet and then connects with a suplex. Grace rolls to his feet, Steel kicks him in the gut...

HA: Lifting DDT!

HE: These two can't win! Not against Hero and Grace!

Ref: 1.......................2.........................Kick out!

Anthony Grace manages to get the shoulder up. Geoff Steel quickly sets up for the blade cutter, Grace attempts a back body drop but Steel rolls through into a sunset flip.

Ref: 1......................2...................Kick out!

Grace again kicks out, Steel drags him up and sets up for a powerbomb, Grace piles punches into the head and Steel stumbles backwards. Grace leans down and tags in Hero. Steel is aware of this, allowing Grace to free himself, but it's too late as Hero flies off the top rope and connects with a knee to the back of the head.

Faith storms the ring but Grace takes him out with the blockbuster kick to the head! Steel stumbles up, Hero kicks him in the stomach...


Ref: 1...............................2......................................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

HA: And just like that, it's over!

HE: Great teamwork from Hero and Anthony Grace to win that match, what a combination these two could be in this tournament!

HA: Faith and Steel put up one hell of a fight but in the end Grace and Hero just had too much for them and advance to the next round.

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Re: 6CW Aftermath - 20th March 2017

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:48 pm

Jack Hurst is walking backstage when he hears a familiar voice;

"Alright Pommie?"

Hurst rolls his eyes before turning to see a grinning Max Adamson behind him, Hurst strokes his chin and sighs.

JH: Max, to what do I owe this displeasure? Did Australia beat England in some sporting event?

(Adamson laughs and straightens the suit jacket of Hurst)

MA: Oh Jack. If I spoke to you every time Australia beat England at something I'd, I'd...

(Adamson frowns as he can't think of a punchline)

MA: Whatever. That's not why I'm here.

JH: Did you come here to apologise for the behaviour of your ancestors?

MA: I... What? No...

JH: ...There's a reason we shipped you shackle draggers the other side of the world...

MA: But... Right, stop. I'm here to tell you that my boys, The TA, Jackson Jackson and Frank Horrigan, they're the new 6CW World Tag Team Champions...

JH: Good for them.

MA: ...And not only are they destined to surpass the record title reign set by you and your former buddy Reborn, but they are also going to eliminate you and Lex Hart from this Fight for Thirty tournament. I just thought I'd come and let you know so you wouldn't get your hopes up, after all its the false hope that kills you English in the end...

(Hurst sighs and then smiles)

JH: Well, jolly decent of you to come and tell me that Max, but I've got a Fight to Thirty tournament to win. And it begins with "your boys" as you so eloquently put it.

(Hurst goes to leave but Adamson puts his arm out to stop him)

MA: So, what, because Robin Reborn won last year's Gateway to Glory you think it's your turn this year? Reality check Jack, Robin Reborn won because he wasn't carrying you any longer. Let me spell it out to you.

(Adamson has a smirk as he continues)

MA: In wrestling terms, he's Shawn Michaels, you're Marty Jannetty. He's Bret Hart, you're Jim Neidhart. You are the Woody to his Buzz Lightyear. You are the Venus to his Serena Williams. You are the-

JH: Wind beneath my wings?

(The crowd laugh as it's Hurst's turn to smirk)

JH: I get it Max. It's not like you're the first person to say Robin Reborn was the better half of the Red Arrows. And you won't be the last. It's up to me to prove all of those people, including you, wrong. Trust me dear boy, I'll begin by proving you wrong tonight!

(Hurst walks off leaving Adamson unimpressed)

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Re: 6CW Aftermath - 20th March 2017

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:49 pm

*Lex Hart stands with Charlotte Grey

CG: I stand back here with the man who clung onto our 6CW champion as the clock ticked down

LH: The rightful 6CW champion stands right here, Charlotte. It's a trivial matter, in many ways, that he held on as the seconds ticked down. He now knows he cannot escape me were it to happen again...and if there is even one bit of sense in the minds of the management here then I will be given my match to repeat that trick and leave him with no time limit to escape on.

CG: But as a former champion, you know fully well that it is sometimes about surviving when it's tough; Cassius Zhi survived when things were tough and lives another day as champion.

*Hart's eyes narrow and he looks disgusted at Charlotte

LH: I'm sorry, you seem to think you have the right of opinion. You don't, you know-nothing mic-holder. You are there to receive the wisdom that flows forth from the mouth of the greatest technician in this business.

*Grey stands aghast

LH: Better. Now stand there and hold your whole identity in your hand as I espouse wonderment with words.

*He turns his eyes from her to look down the lens

It has not escaped me, quite like how Cassius Zhi cannot, that Day of Reckoning will be held in Canada this year. With the Hart name, my dominance and my undoubted presence in this industry, it seems only fitting that I finally reclaim world title glory at our next pay-per-view. So I demand the match be made, and I have little interest in anything else.

*Hart turns back to Grey, laughs at her then walks away

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Re: 6CW Aftermath - 20th March 2017

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:49 pm

Match Two
The TA vs Lex Hart & Jack Hurst

HA: We continue here now folks in the "Fight for 30" tournament….

HE: I really do think this is a great concept….the Gateway to Glory provides a guaranteed world championship match at Night of Glory, it can help define your career…

HA: It really is the chance of a lifetime…that doesn't need to be explained to anybody in the locker room but this tournament can put them in a real position of power come the 14th May…

"Swing Low" is playing out and the crowd boo as Jack Hurst marches onto the stage. He spins around and laughs at the reception of the audience before making his way to the ring…

HA: The tag team side of this draw could really suit Jack Hurst….he and his partner, Lex Hart, have amazing experience in these kinds of matches…

HE: But they've never worked together before and they are up against the current 6CW Tag Team Champions…

Jack Hurst wipes his feet on the apron and offers a mocking, regal, wave to the audience as he climbs through the ropes. "Be Myself" then rips through the airwaves as the boos grow louder…

HA: Lex Hart has got to be in a very angry state of mind…can he channel that anger into a big performance here tonight?

HE: Had there been another ten seconds on the clock at Ashes to Ashes we could be looking at the 6CW Champion….Lex had Cassius in a whole world of trouble…

HA: Hart may believe he deserves another crack at the big time but there is no guarantee…..winning this tournament and winning the Gateway to Glory is the only binding contract to that kind of lucrative opportunity…

HE: Lex has been there before…..three Night of Glory main events to his name…..he'll be hoping for lucky number 4…

Lex looks in a bad mood as he swaggers down the ramp, pausing to confront a few of the more vocal fans at ringside. He pushes his hair from his face and sneers at the fans before rolling into the ring, completely ignoring Hurst as he climbs up onto the turnbuckle…

HA: At one time both Lex and Hurst were under the management of Miss Jessica….but I guess that whole thing has gone south…

HE: Too right it has….we haven't seen Jess in weeks…

"Machine Gun" clatters out of the speakers and Max Adamson leads the 6CW Tag Team Champions out onto the stage. Jackson Jackson kneels down and poses in front of the camera with his newly won title as Frank Horrigan stands behind with his massive arms in the air…

HA: The tag champs will fancy their chances in this one…

HE: Can you blame them? Since they joined 6CW they have destroyed every team in their path….including Lex Hart's Perfect Execution and the duo of Jack Hurst & Brandon Perez……they catapulted to the championships in no time at all…..this is their domain…

HA: But only one of them could potentially win the Gateway to Glory if it came down to it…..how would their teamwork fare out then?

HE: That's something they can work on….they've got Max Adamson as their manager, a former Gateway winner, if anyone can advise them then it is him….

HA: Adamson has certainly created quite a force here with these two men…

Adamson pulls the TA in for a huddle and team talk in the aisleway before drawing back and pointing them toward the ring. Horrigan steps up over the top rope as Lex Hart points at Hurst and orders him to start the match…

HA: Hart wants no part of Horrigan…

HE: Lex is just being sensible….no need to dive in headfirst…

Hurst looks at Lex with disgust and then he shocks Horrigan with a kick to the stomach, following up with several right hands. He grabs Horrigan's wrist and attempts an Irish whip but Horrigan uses his power to reverse, sending Hurst off the ropes…

HE: Look at that…

Horrigan uses his power to pop Hurst up into the air and then just slams him down into the canvass as he falls. Hurst is doubled up in pain as Horrigan gutwrenches him off the floor and just slings him across the ring…

HA: Horrigan is a real powerhouse…

Hurst tries to use the turnbuckle to pull himself up but Horrigan drives into him with an avalanche splash and then tags in Jackson. Jackson nails multiple kicks to the body of Hurst and then leaps up and lands a heel kick to the jaw, dropping Hurst into a seated position. Adamson applauds from the outside as Jackson circles the ring and then sprints back in, punting Hurst right in the chest….

1……….2………..Hurst finds a way to get his shoulder up!

HA: Lex Hart looks incredibly bored over there…..

HE: He doesn't look interested in being a team player in this one….

Jackson drags Hurst up for a suplex but Hurst counters into a small package…………….1………………2…………kickout. They scramble back up and Jackson dropkicks Hurst into the ropes and then takes him over with a wrist clutch flip into a pin as he comes back…
…………….Hurst kicks out again!

HA: Jack Hurst has found himself in some close calls already in this match but Lex Hart doesn't seem bothered…

HE: Lex knows how important that number 30 is in the Gateway to Glory….

Jackson taunts Hurst as he circles him and then tags Frank Horrigan back in. Horrigan nails a solid headbutt, dropping Hurst to the floor, and then he body presses Jackson into the air and slams him down on top of Hurst…..Adamson is smirking over at Lex Hart….

HA: Max Adamson looks so proud with the team he has introduced to 6CW…

HE: Wouldn't you be? The TA are picking up where Max left off…

Horrigan points down at Hurst and then draws a finger across his throat as he drags him up. He scoops Hurst onto his shoulders….

HA: This looks like the end for Jack Hurst…


The crowd are stunned as Lex Hart rolls into the ring and he waits for Horrigan to turn around before nailing him with an RKO. Max Adamson looks furious as Lex stares at him and Jackson Jackson before sliding under the bottom rope to confront Adamson…

HE: I told you Lex knew how important this is….

HA: I think he is just sending a message…

Lex prods Adamson in the chest and points up to the "Night of Glory" sign. Adamson shrugs his shoulders and shakes his head as he goes nose to nose with Hart…

HA: Between them these two men have headlined five Night of Glory's….

Jack Hurst has stumbled up in the ring and he sees Horrigan on the deck before going to the corner. He climbs up the ropes and prepares for launch…

HA: Jack Hurst is going to pull this one off….

Jackson Jackson runs across the apron and nails a leaping enzeguiri to the temple of Hurst, dropping him into a crotched position on the top rope. Frank Horrigan stumbles back up, swaying from side to side, and he grabs Hurst…

HE: Horrigan doesn't even know where he is…

HA: He has enough awareness…ICONOCLASM!

Horrigan slams Hurst down into the canvass with maximum impact. Lex Hart turns to see what is happening and Max Adamson smirks at him…

HA: Hart needs to act…

HE: I guess not…

Lex stares at the ring for a moment and then he laughs at Max as he barges past him and makes his way up the ramp. Jackson Jackson has climbed onto the top rope…

HA: Lex Hart is just walking out here…..I don't get it….


The flashbulbs go off as Jackson nails a 630 double rotation moonsault onto Hurst….Lex Hart doesn't even give a backwards glance as he disappears behind the curtain…



HA: This one is over….just like that….so decisive…

HE: That was nothing more than a glorified handicap demolition….Jack Hurst was in there alone with the tag champions and he didn't have a damn chance…

Max Adamson is applauding and celebrating as though his team has just won the tag titles again. Horrigan staggers into the ropes and still seems dazed as Jackson Jackson climbs onto the turnbuckle to bask in the victory…

HA: The TA advance in the "Fight for 30"…

HE: And the big question here is what are Lex Hart's motives? He didn't even attempt to get involved in this match…

HA: Lex obviously has other things on his mind….he had absolutely no interest in engaging with the TA here…

Adamson climbs into the ring and he grabs his two clients by the arms, raising them high into the air as they celebrate their win. Jack Hurst lays prone at their feet…

HA: The TA move into the next round…..don't go anywhere folks because coming up next we'll be finding out who else will join them in the quest for number 30….

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Re: 6CW Aftermath - 20th March 2017

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*Backstage in a darkened room, Engel Harlequin paces relentlessly. He giggles and smiles, then walks out where Tim Allen is waiting for him

TA: Engel, a huge night for you at Ashes to Ashes, but even with Robin Reborn officiating, the threat of the Brotherhood as a collective again helped Liam Wood retain his title

*Engel hops back and forth, from one foot to another, listening intently to Allen. As he realises he must now answer, he grins wildly

EH: Yes, but this is the past. Now is the future! Well, now is the present, but it is where the future begins. Not just mine, Timmy Tam, but our future. All of us. And I intend to brighten the future of all by winning this little Thirty fighty thing and becoming the last man to enter the GTG - and from there I would surely win.

TA: So you have put the events of Ashes to Ashes behind you?

EH: Definitely so, Allen. Nothing to learn from such a thing. Engel is to win from here and main event Night of Glory. 6CW champion, I think. Put some whiskey in that green tea and set Cassius on fire.

*He laughs at his joke and honks Allen's nose.

EH: Off I go!

*With that he sprints away, leaving everyone baffled

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Re: 6CW Aftermath - 20th March 2017

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:50 pm

*Clarke James and Marshall Murdoch come together in the corridors backstage

CJ: The two of us, coming together.

MM: Always was better without the bearded man watching over us

CJ: Dominant now, free of his hands around our necks

MM: It served its purpose, but the victory was its climax once more.

*The pair stop and smile

CJ: Maybe now they're forcing us to team anyway, maybe we could have some fun with it

MM: Brotherly Love was the name I came up with

*Clarke guffaws

CJ: But we're better than a tag team

MM: Oh, just cos we do this together doesn't mean we're a team. But the name is just worth having - puns work for me.

CJ: The alliance stands strong, but we walk paths of our own without him now.

MM: And if we can mutually benefit each other along the way

CJ: A mutual mass...deletion of anyone who stands in our way.

*They share smiles again and shake hands as the scene fades.

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Re: 6CW Aftermath - 20th March 2017

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*In a darkened room stand The Brotherhood. MMM and The Death squad stand with their heads bowed, not looking at their leader and their General

EP: Troops, my brothers, my family. We regather now not ashamed. No group has ever walked to dominance without a setback, no war was ever won without resistance. This world needs us, and we still have much to strike them down with

*Plague looks to Wood

EP: Your General kept the jewel in our crown, and behind him we stand taller than ever. World champions! And all six of us ready to tear down this new competition and look to take place as the last man to enter their Gateway to Glory! Yes, Day of Reckoning comes for all, and it comes at our hands...

*The scene fades as Plague laughs and Wood smiles

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Re: 6CW Aftermath - 20th March 2017

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:55 pm

Match Three
Marshall Murdoch & Clarke James vs Engel Harlequin & Man Mountain Mike

As we head back to the ringside area we are met by our usual commentary team of Harold and Henry Lloyd who introduce us to the next match of the night

HA: Ladies and gents, next up we have a few different people looking to gain momentum after differing fortunes at Ashes To Ashes

HE: Differing fortunes? One team won and the other team LOST...

HA: Well that's true but it's not as black and white as that!

The crowd quickly give a mixed reaction as the team of Clarke James and Marshall Murdoch walk out on to the stage

HE: Two weeks ago these two men helped put the Brotherhood in their place...tonight they carry that on as they put two idiots in their place once again!

The pair quickly make their way to the ring and make it to their corner, both men looking confident

HA: It will be interesting to see where they go next though, seemingly without the leadership of Hero by their side...do you think that will play a factor for them tonight?

HE: No way, they're professionals...whatever Hero taught them will still be there...

Suddenly the reaction changes to cheers and a chant of 'Engel's GONNA KILL YOU' as Engel Harlequin steps out on to the stage with a curious look on his face.

HA: Two weeks ago Engel once again came close to becoming the EWF World Champion only for The Brotherhood and Edward Plague to cost him...

HE: If he's looking for someone to blame, maybe he should blame himself...Robin Reborn, his best friend, made a fair three count and had to declare Liam Wood the champion...Engel just didn't do enough...

HA: You really do wear blinkers don't you?! WAIT...WHAT'S GOING ON?!

The cheers quickly turn to boo's as chaos breaks out on the stage with Engel's partner for the night Man Mountain Mike bursting out and flattening him to the ground with a huge forearm to the back of the head. Engel quickly scrambles up but is quickly lifted in to the air, MMM managing to hit a pop up powerbomb on to the spot.

HE: Just when I called Man Mountain Mike an idiot and he goes and does the smartest thing he possibly could...

HA: This is a disgrace, get security out there now!

Before security can make their way out Man Mountain Mike drags Engel to the stage before looking at the entrance, suddenly out walks Edward Plague who nods at Brother Michael

HA: What's going to happen now- NO!

As Plague nods with a sick smile on his face Man Mountain Mike scoops Engel up before hitting a huge running powerbomb off the stage, sending Engel down hard on to the concrete below. The ref quickly holding up an X with his arms as EMT's rush out

HE: I don't think Plague or Man Mountain Mike are done...

Edward Plague motions at MMM as the pair make their way down, Engel has begun to crawl, somehow still mobile causing Plague to nod one last time. This time MMM drags Engel up before hitting him with a huge chokeslam that finally leaves him down. Plague taps him on the shoulder causing MMM to retreat, both men now with sick smiles on their face.

HA: Engel might be broken in half here...

HE: I guess that means Murdoch and James are through then? Brilliant!

HA: Can you please not enjoy this?!

The announcer is in the ring and calls Murdoch and James as winners. They grin, shake hands in a formal manner and then bow to the booing fans.

As the EMT's finally get Engel up on to the stretcher the crowd are shocked as Engel looks as if he is still trying to fight but after a few moments he gives in, allowing the EMT's to take him to the back. The camera focuses on Plague and MMM as we cut away, the fans clearly in shock at the attack.

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Re: 6CW Aftermath - 20th March 2017

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:55 pm

*Tim Allen stands with O'Callaghan. The double champ has a title hanging over each shoulder and a smug smile. He cuts Allen off before he can even introduce him

O: Check yourself in these two shiny bad boys, Tim. Do it before you wreck yourself. In fact, you do that whilst I tell everyone down your little cameras what is gonna happen tonight.

*Allen gives him a quizzical look but just lets him get on with it

O: Ya see, 6CW, I am the double champ and the unbeatable one. I have defended my titles again and again and again. That is worth bearing in mind tonight, because tonight I go out there and crush the Death Squad as my own man. And likely on my own.

I am the UK and International champ, and I'm the pinnacle of this industry right now. Those three men out there tonight will all be left in my wake: two as a lay them flat and another just sat back in awe watching.

I - -

*O'Callaghan stops as Robin Reborn moves Allen softly out of the way and comes to stand with O'Callaghan. The Irishman turns to face Reborn and they go eye-to-eye

RR: A lot of talk as ever, Mr Middleground. Be proud, you're building up quite the reputation. But don't think I haven't heard you - takes a lot more to win a world title and hold it than play your games of pretending you hold two belts whilst only ever defending them as one.

O: Have you seen anyone beat me, Reborn? Or has your vision or returned since Cassius knocked you senseless at Season's Beatings?

*Reborn smiles

O: What's so funny?

RR: I'm just wondering whether you'll ever do more than just watch a world title match. Maybe if you leave this comfort zone and take a risk or two then we might find out.

Tonight, keep your mouth shut and watch a man who knows how to get things done this time of year and hold a WORLD title.

*Reborn walks away laughing as O'Callaghan seethes.

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Re: 6CW Aftermath - 20th March 2017

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:55 pm

Match Four
Death Squad vs O'Callaghan & Robin Reborn

He: Obviously more tag team action coming up for you now. Reborn and O'Callaghan are going to have to find a way to coexist to take down The Death Squad, and as always here tonight, the winners progress to the next round in the quest to become entrant 30

Ha: As good as reborn and O'Callaghan are individually, I have to favour a bona fide tag team in this one. I don't see a world were Reborn and O'Callaghan co exist

He: You're right about them coexisting, but honestly O'Callaghan is the future of this company, he could beat The Death Squad on his own he's that good

'The Death March' starts to play and the Death Squad make their way out to a hostile reaction fom the crowd. Castille and Varyag stare around at teh fans jeering them before slowly making their way down to the ring ignoring the taunts from the crowd

Ha: The Death Squad returned to our screens and immediately got caught up in the rivalry between the Brotherhood and the Church of Hero.

He: They've never really got going for me.

Ha: Tonight they have a chance to put a marker down if they win over a team containing a double champion as well as a former world champ

'Run this town' begins to play and the boos increase in volume as O'Callaghan confidently strides out to the stage with hit titles draped over his shoulders. He lifts both belts high in the air and then walks down to ringside, ams outstretched with a title in each

He: I say it every week, but this guy, for me is the best on the roster at the minute. Not just because he holds both the UK and International titles simultaneously, but because I honestly believe that this guy could go up against anybody....ANYBODY we have and come out victorious

Ha: He's cocky, brash, arrogant. But he backs it up I'll give you that

'Stronger' begins to play and the jeers are replaced with cheers as Reborn appears through the smoke on the stage. He starts his way down to the ring tagging the hands of the fans and then brushes past his partner en route to climbing the ropes as flashes go off aroud the arena

Ha: Fomer champion, he's tasted the success and as any former champ will tell you that will only increase the appetite for further success. Number 30 in Gateway to Glory would be a favourable start on that path back to success

The official signals for the bell and Castille starts for The Death Squad and O'Callaghan ushers Reborn to the apron. The two men go to tie up in the middle of the ring and O'Callaghan raises his hand in the air inviting Castille in to a show of strength only to kick him in the gut.

Castille doubles over and O'Callaghan connects with an elbow across the back of the head. He lifts Castille up and Irish whips him against the ropes before sending him flying through the air with a big body drop and quickly going for the pin



Castille kicks out and O'Callaghan goes straight in to a head lock. Castille battles up to his feet and backs O'Callaghan against the ropes and pushes him away whipping him off teh opposite ropes. He aims a lariat at O'Callaghan who ducks underneath and takes Castille down with a chop block to the back of the knee.

O'Callaghan signals that he's going to tag Reborn in but changes his mind at the last second drawing heat from teh crowd and he turns back to Castille who is just making a tag to Varyag

Ha: Here comes the second memeber of The Death Squad


Varyag jumps over the top rope and runs straight into a drop toe hold from O'Callaghan who then manoueveres up into a front facing headlock and couples it with a few knee shots. Varyag tries to get to his feet only for O'Callaghan to spin out in to a neckbreaker and he hooks the leg



Varyag gets his shoulder up and O'Callaghah lifts him to his feet. He connects with an inverted Atomic Drop and then follows up with a measured drop kick before getting to his feet and raising his arms as if already victorious

Varyag tries to crawl over to Castille to make the tag but O'Callaghan runs at Castille knocking him down off the apron and then lifts Varyag up and whips him in to the corner. He runs at him with a lariat squashing him against teh turnbuckle and then starts to kick Varyag down in to a seated position and continues to stomp away, halting only when the official makes him

O'Callaghan drags Varyag up and pulls him toward the corner were Reborn is. He teases making a tag again before whipping Varyag against the ropes and then connecting with a tilt a whirl backbreaker and follows up with another pin




Ha: Shoulder up

Varyag throws his arm off the mat breaking the pinfall and O'Callaghan gets to his feet and makes his way over to Reborn talking trash to his teg partner


Ha: Thats one way to get the tag

The crowd cheer wildly as Reborn catches O'Callaghan on the jaw with a big right hand and then enters the ring. He waits for Varyag to get to his feet

Ha: Superkick from Reborn......STANDING MOONSAULT




Ha: What is O'Callaghan thinking?

O'Callaghan drags Reborn off the pin and Reborn gets to his feet and the two go face to face. O'Callaghan is talking trash to Reborn when Castille tries to blindside the both of them and gets a drop kick to the face for his troubles courtesy of O'Callaghan. Varyag grabs Reborn from behind


O'Callaghan drags Castille up and wraps his arms around his waist before sending him flying through the air with a German Suplex

Reborn waits for Varyag to get to his feet before whipping him with force in to the corner. Varyag bounces out


The official tries to force O'Callaghan out of teh ring but his pleads go ignored as the dual champ lifts Castille up and then locks in a Full Nelson. He swings him from side to side a bit before ripping him through the air with a full nelson suplex

Ha: The official has really lost control of this bout

He: I'd say. O'Callaghan and Reborn look more concerned with one upping each other rather than winning at the minute

Reborn looks at O'Callaghan who is smiling cockily. Reborn turns his attentions back to Varyag who has pulled himself up in the corner of the ring


He: Its one HELLUVA beating The Death Squad are taking....you see what I did there

Ha: Very good....what are these two going to do next?

Both Reborn and O'Callaghan climb the ropes on opposite sides of teh ring with both members of The Death Squad out on the mat in front of tehm



O'Callaghan jumps off driving his elbow through the sternum of Castille whilst Reborn connects with his shooting star press

Both men meet in the centre of the ring and continue to trade words as The Death Squad slowly start to crawl towards the ropes and pull themselves up to their feet



The crowd cheer (onbiously for Reborn) as both he and O'Callaghan take down their opponents with a dragon screw in to a sharpshooter

Ha: Both men tap....Reborn and O'Callaghan progress

'Stronger' starts to play as the official signals for the bell and both men break their submissions before continuing to bicker in the middle of the ring over who picked up the victory

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Re: 6CW Aftermath - 20th March 2017

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The scene opens back from the commercial break looking onto the announcers table

HA: Folks we have just had some disturbing news regarding the match between The Parasite Killers and the pairing of Cassius Zhi and Crime Lord. According to our backstage team Crime Lord is still as yet to have made an appearance. Now folks you might remember that HELLACIOUS casket match between Crimelord and Cerberus at our Ashes to Ashes PPV. We asked on the night if that would be the last we saw of the Iron man, and as things stand I believe we have our answer.

HE: Crime Lord will be here, you can bet your house on it!

HA: Henry, you bet your house on Cheltenham...thats why you’re on my sofa. Folks lets take you backstage where Tim Allen is right in the thick of things.

The scene cuts to the 6CW parking garage where Tim Allen is stood in front of the camera

HA: Tim, what can you tell us about the curent situation?

TA: Both Cerberus and Crimelord were treated by medical staff in the aftermath of their match at Ashes to Ashes, unfortunately it became quickly apparent that Crime Lord would need some time in Hospital. He was released several days ago with some minor injuries but nothing that could stop him competing tonight.

HA: And to your knowledge, there have been no sightings of Crime Lord in the lead up to his match tonight?

TA: Crime Lord is usually one of the first in the locker room, especially after suffering a loss like he did last night. He is always keen to set the record straight. He hasn't been seen, hasn't been in contact. It would be out of character for him to walk out, but after two high profile losses in quick succession, who knows whats going on in the mind of Crime Lord.

HA: Tim, let us know if you hear anything and folks we will keep you informed on what is certainly a strange turn of events.

The scene returns to ringside

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Re: 6CW Aftermath - 20th March 2017

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Mon 20 Mar 2017, 10:01 pm

Match Five
The Parasite Killers vs Cassius Zhi & Crime Lord

HA: The Fight For Thirty tournament continues next, with the 6CW Champion stepping into action.

HE: That's right Harold, off the back of that monumental effort in his title defence at Ashes to Ashes, Cassius Zhi joins forces with fellow 6WF alumni Crime Lord.

HA: And they face off against two men who also originally made their name in 6WF, the team of James McManus and The Fanatic, the Parasite Killers.

"Sad but true" blares out through the speakers and James McManus strides out onto the stage, flanked by The Fanatic. The duo pace down the ramp, tagging the fans hands. McManus climbs up the steel steps and then into the ring, while Fanatic clambers in over the top rope.

HA: Former tag team champions, both here and in 6WF, this presents the classic conundrum. Can a good team beat two outstanding individuals?

HE: I like the Parasite Killers, I really do, but I just don't see how they will be able to defeat this pair of experienced and world class operators.

*The lights in the arena begin to dim and then "Out of the black" booms through the speakers to a majority of boos, pyros then light up the stage as Crime Lord walks out through the curtain. He limps somewhat, and is clearly not comfortable

HA: Hes made it, brother!

HE: Never in doubt! Machines just reboot and carry on, this man is a machine!

*Crime Lord slowly walks down to the ring, climbing up the steel steps and into the ring with clear discomfort.

HA: Crime Lord certainly had a rough time of it at Ashes to Ashes, where he was brutally defeated by Cerberus.

HE: It was a beating like I'd never seen anyone deliver to Crime Lord, but I'm sure he will recover from it. You can't keep a man like Crime Lord down.

"They Say" creeps through the sound system. A crimson mist begins to seep through the curtain, covering the ringside area in seconds, as a golden spotlight illuminates the stage. Cassius Zhi walks out into the spotlight to huge boos, he holds the 6CW World title above his head as he walks down the ramp, his back heavily taped.

HA: You see the tape on the back of Zhi and we understand that is because his back is still feeling the effects of being locked in the sharpshooter by Lex Hart for the final throes of their match at Ashes to Ashes.

HE: People take about the fighting spirit of the likes of Gazzy D and JJ Johnson, well the same credit needs to be given to Cassius Zhi for the way he fought to retain his title at Ashes to Ashes.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

The bell rings to get the match started, James McManus starts off against Crime Lord. The duo lock-up, McManus applies a side headlock which Crime Lord quickly counters with a belly to back suplex. McManus rolls to his feet, Crime Lord flattens him with a short-arm clothesline. McManus rolls up once more and Crime Lord nails a powerslam. Cover.

Ref: 1................2.......Kick out!

McManus forces the shoulder up. Crime Lord drags him up to his feet, where he then fires in a series of hard right hands to the face. James McManus is backed into the corner, where Crime Lord switches tact to European Uppercuts. McManus tries to reply with some punches of his own but Crime Lord simply walks through them.

HA: Very strong start to this match-up from Crime Lord.

HE: But there is the first sign of individuality in this contest.

Cassius Zhi offers the tag, but Crime Lord simply ignores it. He drags McManus away from the corner, popping him up into the air and connecting with a powerbomb. Cover.

Ref: 1................2..........Kick out!

There's another kick out from McManus. Crime Lord hauls him to his feet and goes for a suplex, but McManus blocks it. He drives a knee up into the stomach and then counters with a suplex of his own. Crime Lord rolls to his feet and McManus takes him down with a reverse STO. Cover.

Ref: 1.................2..........Kick out!

McManus gets to his feet and tags out to The Fanatic, who steps into the ring. Fanatic drags Crime Lord to his feet, he then Irish whips him firmly into the corner. Fanatic comes sprinting in, leaping into the air and hitting a big stinger splash. Fanatic then drags Crime Lord forward before dropping him with a DDT. Cover.

Ref: 1.................2.............Kick out!

Crime Lord forces the shoulder up, Fanatic gets to his feet and immediately goes on the offensive, stomping down continually on the right arm of the multiple time world champion. Fanatic locks in an armbar, eventually bringing Crime Lord to his feet. He swings wildly at Fanatic who ducks and uses the momentum to hit a side suplex on Crime Lord. He drags Crimey away from the ropes and hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.................2..............Kick out!

Crime Lord forces the shoulder up, Fanatic drags him to his feet and then sets up for a powerbomb but Crimey counters with a back body drop. Fanatic rolls to his feet, Crime Lord kicks him in the stomach. He follows that with a knee to the face of Fanatic, then a quick swinging neckbreaker. He quickly hooks the leg.

Ref: 1...............2...........Kick out!

Crime Lord takes a step back, allowing Fanatic to rise before running in and knocking him down with a big forearm smash. Fanatic staggers to his feet and Crime Lord throws him to the canvas with a Fisherman's Suplex. Cover.

Ref: 1...................2...............Kick out!

Fanatic drives the shoulder up, Crime Lord quickly drags him to his feet where he then reels off an impressive succession of body blows to the big man. He lurches forward and Crime Lord lifts Fanatic into the air, walking around the ring before dropping him down with a suplex. Crime Lord steps back to the corner, lining up the Drive By, but Cassius Zhi tags himself in.

HA: Zhi getting some revenge for that earlier missed tag from Crime Lord.

Zhi slowly steps through the ropes into the ring, Fanatic sits up just in time for Cassius to drill him with a vicious roundhouse kick to the side of the head. Zhi covers.

Ref: 1..................2.............Kick out!

Fanatic powerfully gets the shoulder up. Cassius allows him to his feet before hitting two right-footed roundhouse kicks to the right leg of Fanatic, before switching to hit kicks to the left leg.

This is followed by a spinning shoot kick to the stomach which causes The Fanatic to lurch forward.

Zhi follows that up by bouncing off the ropes, connecting with a corkscrew neckbreaker on the rebound. Zhi slowly goes for the cover.

HA: Zhi still feeling the effects of that back injury, you could see that with the way he ran the ropes.

Ref: 1................2...........Kick out!

Cassius gets to his feet, he places his boot out across the throat of Fanatic, breaking the choke just before 5 count. Zhi then allows The Fanatic to rise before going for a boot to the gut. Fanatic blocks only for Zhi to take him down with an enzaguri kick. Cover.

Ref: 1...............2..............Kick out!

Fanatic powers the shoulder up off the mat. Cassius Zhi allows him to his feet before Irish whipping Fanatic to the corner. Zhi clutches at his back again for a moment before sprinting in and connecting with a series of running elbow smashes.

The monster of the Parasite Killers stumbles out of the corner and Zhi hits a spinning wheel kick on him, then making the cover.

Ref: 1................2.............Kick out!

Cassius Zhi allows The Fanatic to his feet, he throws him into the ropes and goes for a belly to belly suplex on the rebound, but Fanatic blocks. He then throws Zhi out across the ring with a big belly to belly suplex of his own. Zhi rolls up and Fanatic crashes a big boot into his head. Cover.

Ref: 1..................2............Kick out!

Fanatic quickly tags in James McManus, they drag Zhi into the corner before hitting a double suplex into the turnbuckles. Zhi slumps in the corner, McManus bounces off the ropes and connects with a running facewash kick. He makes the cover.

Ref: 1.............2.........Kick out!

McManus gets to his feet and immediately rolls Zhi onto his front, before hitting a series of leaping knee drops down into the back. McManus allows Cassius to his feet, before placing him onto his shoulders and connecting with a running powerslam. Cover.

Ref: 1................2.............Kick out!

McManus tags in The Fanatic, he locks in a Boston Crab on Cassius Zhi as The Fanatic then runs the ropes and nails a big splash down across the back of Zhi.

HA: This is very good from the Parasite Killers, targeting the back of Zhi.

James McManus is forced out of the ring by the referee, but The Fanatic simply continues with his offence, leaning over to grab Zhi by the throat and then hauling up into the air and then back down with a chokeslam. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1..................2.............Kick out!

Fanatic locks in an armbar. He drags up Zhi, before climbing up to the top rope. He walks along, before leaping off...

HA: Old School!

HE: Counter! Desperation roundhouse kick from the 6CW champion.

Both men are down, Zhi gets to his feet first and makes his way across the ring, he stares across at Crime Lord, back across at The Fanatic and then at Crime Lord. Zhi turns his back as if to continue himself, which leads to Crime Lord tagging himself in.

Crime Lord strides across the ring, he grabs The Fanatic by the waist and drags him to his feet, before flinging him down to the canvas with a German suplex, bridging over into the pin.

Ref: 1...................2..............Kick out!

Crime Lord gets up to his feet, he lifts the head of Fanatic up before stomping it viciously back down into the mat. He lifts Fanatic's head up again, he then starts helping up Fanatic completely, only to then kick him in the gut. Fanatic keels over, and Crime Lord somehow manages to lift the giant onto his shoulders....

HA: Powerbomb!

Ref: 1..................2...............Kick out!

Crime Lord stands over Fanatic waiting for him to rise, he then runs in and knocks him down with an STO. Crime Lord then quickly bounces off the ropes, meeting The Fanatic just as he stirs with the drive by! Cover.

Ref: 1...................2...............Kick out!

Fanatic kicks out, much to the disbelief of Crime Lord. He drags up Fanatic, going for an Irish whip but the former tag champion reverses the momentum, sending Crime Lord into the ropes. Fanatic drives him down to the mat on the rebound with a spinebuster. He collapses down into the cover.

Ref: 1.....................2..................Kick out!

Fanatic slowly gets to his feet, he and Crime Lord rise about the same time. They start slugging it out with big punches in the middle of the ring, Fanatic gains the advantage as Crime Lord falls back to the corner.

HA: McManus blind tag!

Crime Lord starts fighting back against Fanatic, finding some second wind and throwing big haymakers of his own. He follows that with a kick to the stomach, which is when McManus attacks. He blindsides Crime Lord with a chopblock, taking him down to one knee before hitting a flurry of vicious forearms into the back of the head.

Cassius Zhi simply stands on the outside watching on as Fanatic grabs Crime Lord around the throat with both hands, holding him in a choke-hold position. As he drives Crime Lord down, McManus grabs the neck too, hitting an edge-o-matic at the same time.

HE: Wow what a double team move that was!

HA: I think this one, it's safe to say, is over.

Ref: 1....................................2.............................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

HA: Wow!

HE: What a win that is for The Parasite Killers!

HA: Crime Lord and Cassius Zhi have two of the most impressive cvs in wrestling, but in the end, it was team-work rather than individual brilliance that won this match.

HE: I think you have to take into account the brutal nature of both of their matches at Ashes to Ashes, clearly they are not fully recovered.

HA: The 6CW Champion is out, Henry! Whatever way you look at it, big matches on PPVs or not, that is huge!

HE: Its a scalp, the Parasite Killers will be extremely pleased, and Zhi will rightfully blame the walking dead he had beside him.

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Re: 6CW Aftermath - 20th March 2017

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Mon 20 Mar 2017, 10:01 pm

*Tim Allen is backstage with an angry Perfect Jack

TA: Jack, tonight you open the show and kick us off in our race to find the last men to enter the ring in the Gateway to Glory. How do you feel about the concept of the Fight for Thirty?

*Jack ponders the question with his usual disdain etched over his face

PJ: I'm certainly not a fan of the name, Allen, and they've kicked this thing off in awful fashion. Apparently random tag pairings - how random is this Brotherhood nonsense? - and I still can't escape Mike Hill.

TA: I'll get to Hill, but first: how do you feel about being handed a match with the leaders of the Brotherhood?

PJ: Brothers and prophets and all that waste of time doesn't bother me. I have no time for their Halloween stories. I am a professional wrestler. The best in this business, and 6CW hates it. So they anchor me down with the Next Fat Retiree.

TA: I presume that is a shot at Mike Hill?

PJ: He lost me that title shot, Allen. I'm here to Make 6CW Perfect Again, and he is not someone that can survive in this brave new world. Tonight I'll carry him on my back and, on Anarchy, no doubt I can assure his Fight for Thirty is over.

*Perfect smiles suddenly at the camera, before tutting at Allen and walking away

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Re: 6CW Aftermath - 20th March 2017

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Mon 20 Mar 2017, 10:04 pm

Match Six
Perfect Jack & Mike Hill vs Liam Wood & Edward Plague

*The camera pans around the arena, showing signs such as "If the DNA's a match, the girl is a catch!", "Was Xavier the legal man?" and "Brad Maddox is the GOAT" as we reach the Lloyd brothers perched at ringside*

HA: "What a show we've had so far, and up next another intriguing tag team contest between the teams of Perfect Jack and Mike Hill against the leader of the brotherhood Edward Plague and EWF Champion Liam Wood"

HE: "Some wounded pride in this match brother"

HA: "Yes there is, both Jack and Hill came up short in the fatal four way for the UK and International title at Ashes to Ashes, Jack losing to O'Callaghan and Hill being involved with Steel at the finish"

HE: "A big opportunity missed for both superstars, it'll be interesting to see if they can put differences aside tonight"

HA: "Indeed, but on the other side of the ring, there will be no differences as Edward Plague and Liam Wood team up, Plague assisting Wood in retaining his EWF title over Engel at the PPV"

HE: "Assisting? Harold Liam Wood had that match won, Plague merely added the cherry on top"

HA: "Hmmm...Plague and his Brotherhood a little wounded you'd think after a loss to the Church at the PPV"

The lights go out as Revival Mode by Every Time I Die blasts from the speakers, suddenly a single spotlight appears on the stage revealing Liam Wood and Edward Plague stood there, Wood wearing his World Eater biker style cut. They both remains under the atmospheric blue light continuing to stand on the stage soaking in the boos of the fans. Wood then swaggers to the ring alongside Plague as the spotlight follows their every footstep, both ignoring the fans but clearly enjoying their need to get his attention. Wood reaches the ring, he climbs up to the top rope and then sits a top of it, arms out-stretched showing the EWF Title around his waist as Plague enters and holds the centre of the ring soaking in the boos.

HA: "A big rebound night here for Edward Plague, and for Liam Wood too"

HE: "The chance to get that #30 slot is one all superstars want"

'Perfection' starts to play and the crowd descend in to a chorus of boos as Perfect Jack walks out to the stage, trademark towel in hand. He ignores the taunts of the crowd as he makes his way down to the ring motioning a title around his waist.

HA: "What's he motioning a title for?"

HE: "Cos he is Perfection Harold - can you not see that perfect body"

The boos continue as 'The next big thing' starts to play and Mike Hill walks out to the stage. He looks around at the fans before making his way down to the ring. he slides inside and pushes past Jack before climbing the ropes

HA: "Signs of friction already?"

HE: "Very yer da that comment"

HA: "My god...."

Hill and Jack argue over who will begin the match, as Plague signals to Wood to go to the outside as the match begins with Hill finally convincing Jack to go to the outside

Ding, ding, ding!

Plague grabs Hill by the head and runs him to the corner, launching him upside down against the turnbuckle. Plague laughs as he circles the ring and then charges back in with a huge cannonball splash…Hill falls to the ground and Plague covers

Ref: 1...................2.................kick out!

Hill kicks out and Plague rises to his feet and slaps the next big thing as he rises slowly to his feet. Plague then grabs Hill and irish whips him off the ropes before hitting a massive clothesline sending Hill crashing to the mat. Plague lifts up Hill by the ears, then irish whips him again this time into a sideslam and covers

Ref: 1...................2..............kick out!

Plague picks up Hill and whips him into the corner where Perfect Jack is standing, and Plague looks at Jack inviting him into the ring. Jack looks at Plague and shakes his head, but in the meantime Hill has tagged himself out of the ring and rolled to the outside. As Jack realises this Plague comes over a drags him over the top rope into the ring, before hitting him with a series of kicks. Hill gets onto the apron smiling to himself, nursing his back.

HA: "Shameless self preservation from Mike Hill there"

HE: "Perfect Jack is scared brother, gotta face your fears ain't it"

HA: "If anything was a yer da comment....."

Plague picks Jack up from the corner and places him on the top rope, where he then launches him across the ring to the mat, and saunters over before making a cover.

Ref: 1.....................2.................kick out!

Jack kicks out and Plague smirks before picking him and hard irish whipping him into the corner where Jack slumps and tagging in his partner Liam Wood.

HA: "Time for the EWF Champion to go to work"

The EWF Champion drags up Perfect Jack and looks to send him back into the corner, hitting an Irish whip that sends the perfect one into the turbuckles.

Liam Wood then runs in, connecting with a Yakuza Kick to the head of Jack, who stumbles forward and Wood connects with a big boot. He covers.

Ref: 1..................2................Kick out!

Liam Wood drags Jack to his feet, he lifts him onto his shoulders, setting up for a powerbomb. He runs forward looking to add some extra impact on the move but Jack uses the brief pause to counter with a hurracanrana. Wood rolls to his feet, he sprints in at Perfect Jack who counters with a flapjack.

Wood rolls up, he throws a wild punch that Jack ducks underneath. He grabs Wood by the neck and then plants him into the canvas with a reverse DDT. Cover.

Ref: 1..................2..............Kick out!

Jack drags Wood up by the head, he cracks a series of European Uppercuts into the chin. Liam Wood hits the ropes, Perfect Jack whips him into the ropes and then connects with a spinning wheel kick. Wood rolls to his feet and Jack scoops him onto his shoulders, hitting a Fireman's Carry neckbreaker. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1..................2............Kick out!

Wood kicks out, Jack lifts him to his feet and then kicks Wood in the stomach. He then drops him down to the mat with a front suplex. Wood sits up and Jack sprints in, nailing a running knee to the face. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.................2...............Kick out!

HA: "Perfect Jack getting some momentum back for his team, with some nice work against the EWF Champion"

HE: "Some being the word there - the Brotherhood still looking good here"

Jack lifts up Liam Wood and tries to whip him into the ropes, but Wood reverses and whips Jack instead, and as he does Mike Hill tags himself in whilst Jack rebounds off the ropes and hits Wood with a flying elbow sending Wood to the mat and Jack gets up full of beans.

HA: "Mike Hill tags himself in just when Perfect Jack got going!"

HE: "Good - he can finish the job now then, set the standard"

As the referee points out to Jack he is no longer the legal man, Hill enters and shoves Jack aside angering the Perfect one and the two go face to face exchanging pleasantries as Wood stirs to his feet, and runs at both men hitting them with a double clothesline.

HA: "The teamwork of Hill and Jack is non existent!"

Wood looks to attack the back of Hill, he hits a series of stomps and knees down into the spine of his rival. Wood drags up Hill by the waist, he strides towards the turnbuckles and then flings the next big thing into them with a double underhook suplex. He drags Mike Hill away from the turnbuckles and covers.

Ref: 1................2.............Kick out!

Hill gets the shoulder up. Wood clambers onto Hill and drives huge punches into the head, before rolling away. Hill gets to his feet, Wood attempts an Irish whip to the corner but Mike Hill reverses the momentum. He runs in but Wood flapjacks him face-first into the top turnbuckle, Hill stumbles out of the corner straight into a swinging reverse STO. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.....................2.............Kick out!

Liam Wood drags up Hill, kicking him in the stomach and then lifts him onto his shoulders. Wood strides forward, he then drives Mike Hill into the canvas with a powerbomb. He then drags up Hill, still in the powerbomb position...

HA: Lung-blower!

Ref: 1..........................2...................Kick out!

HE: That was a close call!

Wood looks at Hill, and allows him to stir and drag himself towards his corner where Perfect Jack is standing, and Wood stares at Jack mouthing "I want you", as Hill gets to the corner, Jack drops off the apron and walks to the ramp and sits down. Hill looks perplexed as does Wood and Plague, but Plague shouts at Wood to attack Hill, and he promptly does hitting him with a running knee whilst down in the corner

HA: "What is Jack doing? Does he not want to fight for the right?"

Wood now picks up Hill and tells him it's time to end it, and runs off the ropes to hit him with a huge big boot to the face. Wood then drags Hill to his feet, takes a huge breath.....


Ref: 1.......................2.............................3!

Ding, ding, ding!

Wood kneels over Hill as Plague enters the ring and their arms are held aloft by the referee. Jack sits on the ramp looking on.

HA: "Liam Wood and Edward Plague with a dominant victory over a dysfunctional partnership of Mike Hill and Perfect Jack tonight"

HE: "If they are teaming throughout this tournament, then lord knows who will stop them!"

Wood and Plague continue to stand victorious as 6CW Anarchy cuts away....

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Re: 6CW Aftermath - 20th March 2017

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Mon 20 Mar 2017, 10:04 pm

*Gazzy sits alone in a dimly-lit changing room.

GD: This business and me...

*He turns his phone over and over in his hand. He stops, rings, and gets a recorded voicemail message. He sighs, hangs up.

GD: Oh Christy. If i could beg for you I would.

*The scene leaves him with his head in his hands

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Re: 6CW Aftermath - 20th March 2017

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Mon 20 Mar 2017, 10:04 pm

*In the corridors of the arena we see Dicey walking, the crowd cheering loudly. As the noise dies down, it instantly rises again as Reilly comes face to face with JJ Johnson.

Dicey smiles

DR: Sounds like they like you again, Franchise

JJ: They recognise what I'm about

DR: Oh yeah? Do they recognise you as the fella who let that tea drinking freak retain the 6CW title?

*Dicey's smiles flickers with the menace of a man who knows he is prodding to annoyance

JJ: Yeah, yeah son, I see the Guinness ain't left your system from the week gone by

DR: Oh every single day is St Patrick's day for me, JJ.

JJ: I can see y'all worshipping him. The only Patricks I ever knew was a washout too...

*The pair stand silently, waiting for the other to make a statement worth fighting over

DR: Well you just sit and watch how the fighting Irish go about things tonight lad. I'll get you over the finish line and into the next round of this thing

JJ: We all know you ain't ever gotten over no final hurdle, you a fool if you think imma waste my time letting you run the show.

*Dicey smiles

DR: There's the fire, Johnson. Maybe if you'd had more of that in the last few years then Cassius Zhi wouldn't be one of many 6WF boys hanging onto the fed that survived.

*Dicey walks away from JJ laughing and leaves Johnson stewing.

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Re: 6CW Aftermath - 20th March 2017

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Mon 20 Mar 2017, 10:05 pm

*We go finally to Cerberus, who stands alone backstage

C: The burials have only just begun. You stand in my way and I send you rotting.

Look forward to your futures whilst the potential still exists. I have seen their end, and I stand tall in each and every one of them.

*We head to ringside as Cerberus cracks his neck

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Re: 6CW Aftermath - 20th March 2017

Post by Mat on Mon 20 Mar 2017, 11:28 pm

HA: Main Event time now here on Aftermath!

HE: The final match from the first round of the Fight For Thirty tournament. It has thrown up some great matches tonight and none more so than what we have up next for you.

HA: JJ Johnson and Dicey Reilly, who spent most of their time at Ashes to Ashes beating the living hell out of each other, are now paired together.

HE: And they come up against the combination of 6CW legend Gazzy D and the monstrous 6CW Television Champion, Cerberus.

HA: I can't wait for this match Henry, it's going to be a hard-hitting affair that is for certain!

"Limelight" blares out through the speakers and the crowd cheer loudly as Gazzy D marches out onto the stage, he takes in the wild cheering of the crowd with a grin on his face. Gazzy builds into a sprint as he makes his way down the ramp, sliding in under the bottom rope.

HA: Gazzy D remains an incredibly popular figure amongst the 6CW faithful, I would say in main due for his penchant for wanting to take on the best and fighting for what is right.

HE: But so often that gets him into bad situations Harold. JJ Johnson, Hero, Anthony Grace--Gazzy lets his emotions get the better of him too often, he's too passionate for the cause.

Flames suddenly burst from the stage and then leave a deep red light illuminating the entranceway as "Haunted" by Disturbed begins to sound out around the arena. The giant form of Cerberus appears on the stage and he just glares down the ramp at Gazzy D. The monster marches down the ramp, holding his TV title high above his head.

HA: Being too full of emotion is certainly not something this man could be accused of. He's cold, vicious and downright sadistic, as he showed at Ashes to Ashes.

HE: That was one of the most impressive displays I have ever seen. Crime Lord simply isn't used to being dominated like that.

The lights dim slightly and a very familiar electric blue spotlight flashes around. The intro to "Right above it" echoes around the arena before "Ante Up" booms through the speakers. JJ Johnson enters the fray, taking time to soak up the atmosphere, before pounding his chest and making his way down towards the ring. Johnson climbs up the steel steps and then motions a title belt around his waist before stepping through the middle rope.

HA: Johnson was unable to get one over on his old rival Cassius Zhi at Ashes to Ashes, but certainly seemed to form a new rivalry.

HE: His and Dicey's pre-occupation with each other ultimately cost either man the chance to win the most prestigious prize in this business.

The crowd erupt into huge cheers as pyros shoot off at the top of the stage and "Born To Fight" kicks in through the speakers. Dicey Reilly storms out onto the stage and then paces down the ramp, tagging the fans hands. He steps into the ring and glares at JJ, before nodding across at Gazzy D.

HA: You have to wonder how these two will be able to co-operate, like you said Henry, they couldn't look to the bigger prize at Ashes to Ashes, why would they be able to tonight?

HE: Both know the rigours of the Gateway to Glory match, surely that will play into their thinking.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Both teams stand in their corners for some time, seemingly trying to settle on who will lock-up for both teams. Eventually JJ Johnson steps past Dicey Reilly, which beckons Gazzy D forward. The two march to the middle of the ring, exchanging some trash talk, JJ then hits Gazzy with a big right hand.

HA: Still a lot of tension between these two men!

Gazzy fires back with some punches of his own and soon the two are brawling around the ring. Johnson manages to force Gazzy D back into the corner, JJ then proceeds to boot away at the stomach of Gazzy, before then climbing to the 2nd rope and returning to the punches that he was laying into the head of Gazzy. The 6CW Fan favourite manages to block a punch, and then scurries underneath Johnson.

Gazzy D pulls Johnson down from the top rope, spinning him around and knocks his opponent down to the canvas with a short-arm clothesline. JJ rolls up to his feet, Gazzy applies an armbar hold, he then scoops Johnson under the shoulder and hits a Northern Lights suplex, bridging over into the cover.

Ref: 1...................Kick out!

JJ powers the shoulder up. The pair rise to their feet, Gazzy hits a couple of right hands but then JJ gets a block in, he fires off a couple of punches of his own, hitting two lefts and following that with a big right hand that knocks Gazzy down to the canvas. Gazzy D stumbles up, JJ boots him in the stomach and then nails Gazzy with an Emerald Fusion. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1...................2...........Kick out!

Johnson gets up to his feet, he looks down at Gazzy with a smirk and then starts laying into him with a series of stomps on the canvas. Gazzy D rolls towards the corner, and JJ continues with the stomps down into the head of his rival, breaking just before the 5 count and therefore receiving an early warning from the referee.

Dicey asks for the tag, Johnson stares across at him for a few moments before reluctantly tagging in. Gazzy rolls to his feet, Dicey runs in and levels him with a big elbow smash. He makes the cover.

HE: A reluctant tag but that is progress in this relationship perhaps.

Ref: 1................2..........Kick out!

Gazzy gets the shoulder up. Dicey Reilly drags up his fellow 6CW Legend and then Irish whips him into the ropes. Gazzy is thrown to the canvas with a hip toss. He rolls to his feet, Reilly kicks him in the stomach and then delivers a DDT. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1..................2............Kick out!

Reilly drags up Gazzy, he lifts him into the air and connects with a big atomic drop. Gazzy stumbles around the ring, Dicey bounces off the ropes and flattens him with a brogue kick. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1..................2............Kick out!

There's another kick out from Gazzy. He is dragged up by Dicey who fires in a flurry of punches. Gazzy falls to the corner, Dicey continues to punch down on Gazzy as JJ offers the tag. Again there is a long exchange of glares before the tag is made.

Johnson steps into the ring, he hits a stinger splash. JJ follows that up with more punches, Gazzy blocks and then drives JJ face-first into the top turnbuckle with a reverse STO. He then grabs JJ by the waist and hits a bridging German suplex.

HA: Fantastic counter from Gazzy, who is now presented with a real chance to get back into this match.

Ref: 1...............2.............Kick out!

The duo roll up to their feet and Gazzy D throws JJ down to the mat with a deep arm drag takedown. JJ rolls up and is meet with a 2nd arm drag. Johnson gets to his feet and this time it is a hip toss from Gazzy D that takes him down to the canvas. JJ rolls up to his feet once more, Gazzy kicks him in the stomach and then drives Johnson head-first into the canvas with a legsweep DDT. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.....................2...............Kick out!

Johnson is dragged to his feet by Gazzy D, who then fires in a series of stiff knife-edge chops to the chest of his rival who falls back to the corner. Gazzy continues to reel off the chops into the chest of JJ, the sound reverberating around the arena as the crowd cheer and chant Gazzy's name. He takes a steps back to the corner before sprinting and nailing a shining wizard on JJ.

Gazzy then grabs the head of JJ, running forward out of the corner and connecting with a bulldog. Johnson sits up, Gazzy hits a bakatare sliding kick. He hooks the leg.

HA: Gazzy building up some momentum here.

Ref: 1..............2............Kick out!

JJ kicks out. Gazzy D drags him to his feet and then hauls him towards the corner, before then throwing Johnson into the turnbuckles with a snap suplex. Gazzy tags in Cerberus, he runs in and connects with a crushing big knee to the head. Cover.

Ref: 1...................2.............Kick out!

Cerberus hauls up JJ, he quickly throws him into the ropes and then connects with a gorilla press slam. Johnson is up to his feet, Cerberus hits a second press slam, dropping JJ face-first into the mat. Johnson rolls to his feet and Cerberus hits a big boot. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.....................2................Kick out!

JJ kicks out. Cerberus drags him to his feet, hitting a series of big elbows into the side of the head. He then Irish whips him into the ropes, connecting with a big sidewalk slam on the rebound. The big man then bounces off the ropes and hits a big leaping leg drop down across the throat of Johnson. He covers.

Ref: 1...................2..............Kick out!

Cerberus drags JJ to his feet, he slings him over his shoulders and then runs towards the ropes. He drops the 6WF legend down across the top rope abdomen first. The TV Champion then grabs JJ by the head, before leaping into the air and forward, hitting a rope-hung jawbreaker. He drags JJ away from the ropes and covers.

Ref: 1...................2...............Kick out!

JJ forces the shoulder up. Cerberus allows him to his feet before applying a chicken-wing hold, he then sets up for a tiger suplex but Johnson manages to free one arm, he then fires elbows back into the head of Cerberus, forcing the release. JJ bounces off the ropes and takes down Cerberus with a flying lariat. He covers.

Ref: 1.................2..........Kick out!

HE: JJ Johnson looking to regain a foothold in this match up against perhaps the toughest, most in form competitor in 6CW at this moment in time.

Cerberus gets the shoulder up. JJ lifts him to his feet, he hits a knee-breaker on the big man. He throws a clothesline as an attempted counter, Johnson ducks and then shows incredible power to throw Cerberus down with a belly to back suplex. Cover.

Ref: 1...................2............Kick out!

Johnson walks to the corner and makes the tag to Dicey Reilly. Cerberus gets to his feet, Dicey manages to scoop him onto his shoulders and then connect with a celtic cross on the TV Champion. Cover.

HE: Even these two realise the dangers of Cerberus and the importance of working together.

Ref: 1...................2..............Kick out!

The crowd favourite Reilly lifts Cerberus to his feet and throws him into the corner. Dicey runs in, hitting a big clothesline. Reilly then climbs to the 2nd rope, where he proceeds to pummel punches down into the head of Cerberus, with the crowd cheering along with each punch. Dicey steps down, Cerberus stumbles forward and Reilly hits a Northern Lights suplex, bridging into the pin.

Ref: 1................2................Kick out!

Cerberus is up after the kick out, he tries to get to the corner but Dicey grabs by the back of the head and slams him down into the canvas. Cerberus gets to his feet, Reilly kicks him in the stomach and then levels him with a reverse swinging neckbreaker. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.....................2...............Kick out!

Dicey allows Cerberus to his feet, he knees him in the stomach and then sets up for a brainbuster, but Cerberus blocks and then counters with a brainbuster of his own. Both men are down, they get to their corners...

HA: And we're back to Gazzy and JJ!

Gazzy runs in, swinging a wild clothesline that JJ ducks and then applies a sleeper hold. He then mockingly slaps Gazzy D around the back of the head a few times. Johnson then throws Gazzy to the mat with an inverted suplex. Gazzy rolls to his feet and JJ flattens him with a big boot to the skull. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1....................2................Kick out!

JJ locks in a full nelson hold, he then proceeds to crash a series of big knees into the back. Johnson then hauls Gazzy D up to his feet and throws him backwards with a Dragon Suplex. Gazzy staggers up to his feet, JJ sprints in and knocks him down with a dropkick.

Johnson covers.

Ref: 1..................2................Kick out!

Gazzy again forces the shoulder up. JJ drags him to his feet and then throws Gazzy into the ropes, on the rebound he goes for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker but the 6CW Hall Of Famer counters with a headscissors takedown that sends JJ Johnson flying down to the outside.

HA: Tremendous counter from Gazzy D!

The crowd cheer as Gazzy then kips up to his feet, he sees JJ Johnson down on the outside and then nods to the crowd, who cheer even louder as Gazzy runs the ropes...


HA: Gazzy D takes out JJ Johnson!

Gazzy gets to his feet, embracing the adulation of the crowd for a few moments before rolling JJ in under the bottom rope. he leaps onto the apron and then immediately springboards onto the top rope and off, connecting with a leg drop down across the throat of JJ. Gazzy hooks the leg.

Ref: 1...................2..............Kick out!

JJ Johnson gets the shoulder up, Gazzy D looks to exact some revenge from the earlier attacks from JJ by stomping away on the head of his rival. He then drags up Johnson and reels off a succession of European Uppercuts into the chin. JJ falls into the ropes, Gazzy D whips him out across the ring and on the rebound he connects with a leaping back elbow smash.

Johnson rolls up to his feet, Gazzy D quickly hits an edge-o-matic on JJ, driving his neck into the canvas. Gazzy D hooks th eleg.

Ref: 1...................2................Kick out!

Gazzy D drags up Johnson in an arm drag hold, he fires in a couple of vicious elbows to the side of the head and then throws JJ into the corner. Gazzy sprints in and connects with a big splash. Gazzy then climbs to the top rope, where he proceeds to drive big punches down into the head of his rival, the fans counting along till 10.

Johnson slumps forward out of the corner, Gazzy steadies himself on the top rope before diving off and connecting with a moonsault on JJ. Gazzy goes straight into the pin attempt.

Ref: 1....................2..................Kick out!

HA: High risk and so nearly high reward for Gazzy D!

Gazzy D allows JJ to his feet, he goes for an Irish whip but once again the momentum is reversed. Gazzy has it scouted, he attempts a hurracanrana but JJ blocks it...



HA: That is incredible power from JJ Johnson!

Ref: 1...................2.................Kick out!

JJ gets to his feet slowly, looking to recoup some energy after a long spell of offence from Gazzy D. JJ stomps away on the right knee of Gazzy, he drags him to his feet and then drops Gazzy with a big kneebreaker. The 6CW legend stumbles around the ring and walks straight into a spinebuster. JJ Johnson hooks the leg.

Ref: 1....................2..................Kick out!

Gazzy D forces the shoulder up. JJ Johnson drags him to his feet in an armbar hold, Gazzy is dropped with a short-arm lariat. Gazzy rolls back up to his feet, Johnson boots him in the stomach. He then runs the ropes...


Ref: 1..................2.................Kick out!

JJ Johnson hauls Gazzy D to his feet, he throws him into the ropes and on the rebound, he scoops Gazzy onto his shoulders and then connects with a Samoan Drop on the rebound. JJ goes to the top rope...

HE: Johnson's turn to risk it all...

HA: Mt Rushmore connects!

Ref: 1...................2...................Kick out!

Gazzy gets the shoulder up. Johnson drags him to his feet, JJ hits him with a series of boxing combination, finally finishing off with the left jab, right hook, left uppercut and big right uppercut that send his opponent flying backwards into the ropes. JJ is piling punches into Gazzy when Dicey tags in blind.

Johnson whips Gazzy out across the ring and nails a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Dicey steps past Gazzy and makes the cover.

Ref: 1..................2...................Kick out!

Dicey drags up Gazzy, he boots him in the stomach and then drops him down into the canvas with a brainbuster. He hooks the leg.

HA: Gazzy D really beginning to struggle now in there.

HE: Cerberus getting frustrated on the outside.

Ref: 1....................2.................Kick out!

Dicey allows Gazzy to his feet, he drives a knee into the stomach...


Ref: 1......................2......................Kick out!

HE: Unbelievable fight from Gazzy!

Reilly pummels down on the mat. He waits for Gazzy to rise before running the ropes, lining up the hangover cure, when JJ blind tags in by holding Dicey back. JJ marches past, he picks up Gazzy and onto his shoulders...

HA: VIP...

HE: Gazzy frees himself...


Both men are down in the middle of the ring....

HA: What's he doing?!

HE: It appears that Cerberus has had enough!

The TV Champion steps over the top rope, he picks up JJ Johnson by the throat and then plants him into the mat with a big chokeslam. He turns around, Reilly leaps off the top rope going for a crossbody but he is caught across the chest by Cerberus. He hits a backbreaker, and then slings Reilly onto his shoulders to deliver a Death Valley Driver.

Dicey rolls away in pain, Cerberus hauls up Gazzy, dumps him in the corner and tags himself in. Cerberus steps over the top rope, he then runs in and nails a big splash on JJ. Cover.

Ref: 1..................2.............Kick out!

Cerberus lifts up Johnson, where he hits an elevated kneebreaker. Reilly stumbles around, Cerberus whips him hard into the ropes and connects with a gorilla press slam on the rebound. JJ staggers up and is immediately dropped into the mat with a sidewalk slam. Cover.

HA: Cerberus dominating Johnson!

Ref: 1................2............Kick out!

JJ gets the shoulder up, Johnson drags him up by the hair before hitting a succession of vicious body blows. He then grabs Johnson by the throat, before launching him across the ring with a double handed choke suplex. Cerberus covers JJ.

Ref: 1................2............Kick out!

The monster immediately goes back on the attack by slamming Johnson's knee into the canvas continually. He then allows JJ to his feet, booting him in the stomach and then high into the air, before dropping him with a crucifix powerbomb. Cover.

Ref; 1...................2.................Kick out!

Cerberus drags up Gazzy, setting up for a powerbomb but Dicey rolls into the ring, taking down the monster with a chopblock to the right knee. This allows JJ to hit a desperation snap DDT. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.................2............Kick out!

HE: JJ needed Dicey there, as much as he might not want to admit it.

Johnson slowly gets to his feet, he allows Cerberus to his feet and then places him onto his shoulders. JJ, after such a long match, still somehow manages to nail a Fireman's Carry into a spinning side slam. Cover.

Ref: 1..................2............Kick out!

Cerberus kicks out. JJ hits him with his trademark boxing combination of right and left jabs followed by a big right uppercut. Cerberus falls into the ropes, JJ throws him into the ropes and hits an impressive overhead belly to belly. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1..................2.............Kick out!

JJ gets to his feet, he stands waiting for Cerberus to rise before running the ropes...

HA: Scissors kick!

HE: Could that be it?!

Ref: 1.......................2.....................Kick out!

The TV Champion manages to kick out. JJ stumbles back in exhaustion, Dicey is glaring and demanding the tag, Johnson shakes his head nonchalantly and so Dicey tags himself in. He barges past Johnson, he picks up Cerberus and then manages to drive him down with a brainbuster. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1................2................Kick out!

Dicey drags up Cerberus, taking him to a neutral corner where he unloads a flurry of punches. He pounds down on Cerberus until the ref has to step in. The TV Champion stumbles forward, and Reilly hits a big boot. He covers.

Ref: 1..................2..................Kick out!

Cerberus again kicks out. Reilly drags him to his feet, he sets up for the Craicdown. Cerberus counters into an alabama slam position but Dicey drops down the back, stumbling back slightly and this gives JJ the chance to tag in.

HA: These two getting very frustrated at being unable to put Cerberus away.

HE: Both clearly feeling they are better equipped to do so.

Johnson tries to go past Dicey but the Irishman grabs him by the shoulder and turns him around. Soon the pair are exchanging heated verbals and before too long it descends into a shoving match. JJ pushes Reilly back towards the corner, the Irishman drives him back strongly and JJ stumbles into the path of Cerberus who has stirred to his feet.

He quickly locks in a chicken-wing hold...


Ref: 1..................................2...................................

HE: Reilly is just watching!


Ding, Ding, Ding!

HA: It's over! This match is finally over!

HE: My god what a contest that was! What a main event, four of 6CW's best competitors going toe to toe in the middle of that ring in the Fight for Thirty tournament.

HA: And that was only the first round!

HE: Both teams had their opportunities, their moments of ascendancy, but the fight of Gazzy and Cerberus was something to behold. And in the end, Cerberus managed to get it done, almost two on one.

HA: But it has to be said, it didn't look like that would be the case. Dicey and JJ were dominant, but they simply couldn't put the TV Champ away themselves, and didn't trust the other man to do so.

HE: Was it that they didn't trust each other to do the job or they didn't want each other to do the job?

HA: I think it's fair to say they will certainly be looking forward to being on opposing sides rather than on the same team, because they certainly can't operate together.

HE: Let's see if they get the chance next time, on Anarchy!

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Re: 6CW Aftermath - 20th March 2017

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