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Season 11 Rules  Empty Season 11 Rules

Post by Fernando on Mon 10 Apr 2017, 4:42 pm

This year there will be a 3 stage Draft

Round 1 = 5 picks
Round 2 = 6 picks
Round 3 = 7 Picks

You will prioritize your picks no.1-5 & whoever is highest on that persons list will be win the superstar. E.G If Marky had Undertaker as no.1 and Crimey as no.3 - Marky would get him

If they are in the same spot you will be offered the chance to give up a draft pick(s) from the next round. If neither do then that superstar will be removed and will have a replacement pick.

Match Rules
- 6 Matches a show (Up to 10 for PPV's)
- 7 lines per match (Up to 10 for PPV's)
- 3 lines maximum for promo's & pre/post match hype stuff (up to 5 for PPV's)
- If you write 5 matches you cannot use the leftover lines to further something else

Will be done on a PPV Style system of 1-8 so the season is shorter.
If you Vote with feedback 6 TP's that week
If you don't you still get your normal 4 a week

There are none this year.

How TP's will work
You will get 4 per week.

In League Transfers
All transfers must be done on the roster pages, Any done via FB or other methods will be blocked & you will not be able to sign them for 2 show weeks


All stars must have been in or linked to wrestling at some point. GM's & commentary cannot wrestle except PPV's. GM's & commentary will be provided after the draft has taken place.

Shows will be done on a 2 week basis with Votes due in the Saturday afterwards.
We will run between 6CW shows so all can take part & do their show segment writing as agreed with Chris.

If start in 2 weeks time
Monday 17th April - 6CW Anarchy
1st show 23rd april
Monday 1st May - 6CW Anarchy
2nd show 7th May
Sunday 14th May - 6CW Day of Reckoning (Live from the Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Canada)
Monday 29th May 6CW Aftermath
3rd show - 4th june
Monday12th June - 6CW Anarchy
4th show - 18th June
Monday 26th June - 6CW Anarchy
PPV - 2nd July
Monday 10rd July - 6CW Anarchy
5th show - 16th July
Monday 24th July - 6CW Anarchy
6th show - 30th July
Monday 7th August - 6CW Anarchy
7th show - Sunday 13th August
Monday 21st August - 6CW Anarchy
8th show - Sunday 27th August
Monday 4th September - 6CW Anarchy
PPV - Sunday 10th September

*will be updated as the 6CW schedule is updated


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