6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card

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6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card Empty 6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Mon 29 May 2017, 10:12 pm

6CW Anarchy - 12th June

Match One
The TA - The Second Open Challenge - Lumberjack Match
(Lumberjacks - Killer, Rasta, Soldiers of Fortune, Parasite Killers)

Match Two
UK or INT Title Match
Perfect Jack (c) vs O'Callaghan

Match Three
TV Title Number One Contender
Jerome Dubois vs Mike Hill vs Cameron Faith vs Anthony Grace

Match Four
TV Title
Cerberus (c) vs Geoff Steel

Match Five
UK or INT Title Match
Clarke James (c) vs O'Callaghan

Match Six
Cassius Zhi vs Engel Harlequin vs Crime Lord vs Hero

Main Event
Liam Wood & Dicey Reilly vs GazzyD & JJ Johnson

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6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card

Post by President Trump on Tue 30 May 2017, 2:55 pm

“Born to Fight” wails over the PA system as the crowd get to the feet in unison as Dicey steps out from behind the curtain sporting a black eye and wearing a 5NerdsGo t-shirt and a pair of jeans, he strides down to the ring and salutes the chanting crowd in the centre of the ring

HA: Dicey is in the house brother and listen to the fans

HE: Look at his eye, looks like JJ wanted to give him a real black…and blue face this week

Dicey: I’m not going to take up too much of your time but I need to say this….JJ last week you said you wanted to kill me, you wanted to kick my face in, well here I am big b*lls, I’m ready when you are……..

Crowd: DI-CEY

Dicey: I’m not gonna sugar coat it anymore, I don’t like you or you glory hunting ways, you don’t care about any of this, you never have, not in 6CW or 6WF, you have been playing the fans for fools for years, all you want is gold around your waist and your name up in lights so you think you are someone but news flash hot shot you aint sh*t and I just hope you show your partner this week more than you did me last week you chicken sh*t mother Frak*r

HA: We have to apologise for all the language folks

Dicey: Next week’s match doesn’t mean anything, I’m looking forward to are no 1 contenders match next month, there will be no more walking away, no more hiding behind a camera, just me and you JJ and after I hurt you and send you home to Brandy just remember it was me that killed your career, not your arch nemeses Zhi or Hart or Saint…it was DICEY FU*KING REILLY

The crowd go wild as Dicey raises his arms up again

HA: I think playtime is over brother, this is gonna be a wild ride to Night of Glory

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6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card

Post by Perfect Jack on Tue 30 May 2017, 5:41 pm

I am Perfection plays out of the arena speakers as Perfect Jack strolls out onto the stage wearing both the UK and International titles. He has a big smirk on his face as walks down the ramp towards the ring.


HE: Have we missed something? Has he been officially named as the UK and International Champion?Has Enforcer finally seen sense and named Perfect Jack as the champion?

HA: No don't be silly. Why would Enforcer of all people bend to the demands of Perfect Jack.

HE: He should bend to those demands because Perfect Jack is the rightful champion.

HA: I think Clarke James would have something to say about that.

Perfect Jack is stood in the ring preparing to speak as the crowd still continue to boo him.

PJ: Ladies and Gentlemen, you are now looking at your new UK and International Champion. I, Perfect Jack. I have taken it upon myself to buy replica championships from 6CW.com because the foolish, selfish and corrupt Enforcer REFUSES to acknowledge me as your rightful UK and International champion.


PJ: Speaking of foolish and selfish, get a load of O'Callaghan, the man refuses to relinquish these titles.

Jack pats both titles.

PJ: He lost fair and square at Day of Reckoning, I made him tap out. He lost at Anarchy when myself and Clarke James knocked him out with two delicious chair shots to the head. Now he has the audacity to plead with the bias and corrupt Enforcer for yet another rematch. Two matches in one night in fact. There in itself is his utter selfishness, he is wasting Clarke James's time and more importantly my time. There is in no way he deserves TWO title matches in one night.

PJ: So come on out here O'Callaghan and Clarke James. Come on out here right now and do the right thing. Do the right thing and declare me as the rightful UK and International champion.

Crowd: BOOOO


Perfect Jack

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6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card

Post by TwisT on Wed 31 May 2017, 1:57 pm

“Power” blasts out of the arena as the crowd look expectantly at the arena screen. They are surprised when a figure emerges from behind the curtain. The figure, which is obviously Anthony Grace, is dressed all in black cloak and with a mask of Cassius Zhi covering his face. He still wears his large gold A around his neck and walks down to the ring with the same confidence as before.

HA: Grace really pulling out all the stops not to be seen in a 6CW ring after the screen fiasco last time out. Not to mention his video message at Aftermath!

HE: And look what it has got him! A number one contender match for the TV Title. He owns TV!

HA: Grace obviously feels he is owed more than that! He is coming out here with the face of our 6CW World Champion!

HE: A title 6CW MUST give him if this place is to be saved! You think Cerberus v Wood is headline material for Night of Glory?!

Grace gets to the ring and grabs a gold microphone from inside his cloak. He waits for the crowd to stop speaking before cracking his neck back and forth. He laughs mockingly as the crowd boos. This irritates Grace and he shouts out.


The fans continue to boo as Grace places his hands on his hips.

AG: So you think the sales of green tea are going to stop the 6CW roof from caving in?!

Grace ignores the catcalls in his direction as he continues.

AG: Yet again I am standing here in a way that 6CW can’t use my image to write a cheque their arses can’t cash! The A-Game has stopped being someone 6CW can r@pe to fill their pockets. They now realise they have to fill mine!

The crowd throw a negative response back at Grace.


Grace stomps his feet and walks up to the ropes.

AG: I did one thing at Aftermath! ONE THING! One video message and I picked up my fee! One video message that was shared globally! One video message that had higher views than all the matches on the card combined! One video message that got me a shot as number 1 contender for the TV title…………

Grace stomps his feet again in annoyance.


Grace points to his mask.

AG: This is the guy that I want. The kingpin! The leader! The glass ceiling stopping 6CW growing! I DESTROYED him at Gateway to Glory! One kick was all it took to send him crawling backstage! One kick when his other opponents couldn’t beat him! One kick that has been played around the globe as the ticket to Anthony Grace getting what he DESERVES in 6CW!

Grace points to the back.

AG: You know how much they are talking about Cerberus decision? You know how much they are chatting at GazzyD’s mock depression? You know how much they are tweeting about Wood’s ability with a steel chair?

Grace yells at the crowd.


Grace throws his arms in the air.

AG: 6CW will recognise that only Grace can make you Great! Not Dubois! Not Faith! Not Hill! And certainly not a title that has been forgotten about for months! Rather like the guy whose mask I am wearing!

Grace rips it off and chucks it into the crowd. He looks like he is about to explode and points at the camera.

AG: You think I am taking part in this match then you are mistaken 6CW! Don’t give me the leftovers! Give me the main course! The A-Game demands his payment and Cassius Zhi sunken on his knees! 6CW WILL BE MINE! YOU PAID THE MONEY NOW HERE IS YOUR CHOICE!

Grace walks towards the ropes and glares at the audience.

AG: If you know what is good for you, then you pay attention to what I am saying. Because if you ignore it…………all will come crashing down. 6CW will cease to exist. But then you already know that…….

“Power” plays out again as Grace pulls up a hood and completely covers his face. He places a pair of sunglasses over it hunches down in the corner. There he sits, crossing his arms and looking like he is having a strop.


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6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card

Post by Steel on Wed 31 May 2017, 7:37 pm

Last Resort begins to resonate around the arena as the crowd begin to cheer excitedly, Steel steps out from behind the curtain with a huge grin on his face.

Henry: What’s he so happy about, does this fool no he probably heading to his death when he faces off against Cerberus at Anarchy.

Harold: Let the man have his moment Henry, this win has been a long time coming no doubt Steel is in a celebratory mood.

Henry: You know I used to like Mike Hill but I can’t help but feel we have him to blame for this.

Steel makes his way down to ringside with a spring in his step, handing out high fives and shaking the hand of each outstretched arm. Eventually he collects a microphone from ringside before climbing into the ring. He then waits for the crowd to settle before starting his address.

GS: I almost forgot what this feeling was like, after months and months of waiting to taste success again, they say that sometimes it is worth the wait, I don’t plan on waiting that long ever again. I can’t deny it though I had a huge assist from the most unlikely of allies, seriously Mike I thought our partnership was well and truly over, maybe I’ve acted too rash all these months. If this was your way of apologising I truly thank you and your next Vodka Lemonade and Lime is on me buddy. You took one hell of a bullet for me, I must come clean though Mike in that moment I found it all extremely hilarious. You see I’m no fool I know the real reason you were out there was to try get yourself in my head and distract me from the task at hand, how many times do you really think I am going to keep falling for the same old trick, I’ve been in this business long enough to smell a rat. This week you played right into my hands Mike. How’s that feel? I had that match won before you came out Mike and even with your child’s games the result remained the same. Not only am I more the more gifted athlete out of the two us but I’m also the smartest. I wish you the best of luck in your number one contenders match this week Mike, come the end of the night who knows fate may cast its dice and you’ll have earnt a shot at my new championship belt.

Henry: He’s won a single match and no he’s claiming he will dethrone Cerberus.

Harold: Steels beaten Cerberus before Henry, on his day who’s to say that can’t happen again?

Henry: Most likely Cerberus.

GS: Cerberus no doubt you’re watching somewhere biding your time with intrigue as to what I’ve got say. I don’t think it even really matters what I say because there will be no swaying you, you believe there’s no chance of me walking out of Anarchy with that title belt, most people will probably be inclined to agree. I’ve had a shot at taking that belt previously and failed miserably so why should the result be any different this time. Here’s what’s changed Cerberus last time and I’ll be the first to admit I had done nothing to warrant being in a championship match it was handed to me, something I wasn’t prepared for and even I believed that I didn’t deserve. This time I’ve earnt it the hard way beating to top drawer superstars and having to deal with some unwanted interference in the process, I did it the hard way and still came out on top. That’s means something its puts me in the right mind-set heading into Anarchy knowing I belong in that same ring as you.

Steel starts to slowly walk the ring apron.

GS: It’s not just my circumstances that have changed though yours are very much different, you are now the number one contender for the EWF championship belt an opportunity you earnt by winning the Gateway to Glory. I know how much winning a world championship belt means to you Cerberus and how much you are willing to sacrifice for that goal, you only need to stare into the mirror every day to recognise that. If your thoughts are anywhere other than our match at Anarchy that is going to be my opportunity to take that title away from you.

Steel lowers the microphone and Last Resort begins to sound once more, Geoff however remains in the ring staring at the entrance ramp.


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6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card

Post by Fernando on Wed 31 May 2017, 8:55 pm

The lights in the arena goes out as "Haunted" starts to play over the sound system as 6CW TV Champion Cerberus walks keeping his eyes on Steel as he climbs through the ropes into the ring.

You really think you intrigue me Geoff...?
I only came to stop you from further embarrassing yourself...
Coming out here like you've actually achieved something...
I guess that's how far you've fallen in your career when you need to celebrate winning a match...

Steel contemplates his words but stays in his annoyingly optimistic mood

A lot has changed since we last faced each other...? 
I mean really...Apart from me winning the Gateway To Glory...
Nothing has changed you are still the pathetic loser you were 8 weeks ago...
If you think just because i have an EWF Title match im going to let you sneak this belt out from under me...
You've got another thing coming Geoff...

Cerberus raises the 6CW TV Title in the face of Steel

Take a good look at it Geoff...
Because this is as close as you are ever going to get to it...
If you want this title you're going to have to prize it from my cold dead hands...

Cerberus starts to smirk 

Monday is going to be a display of what is heading Liam Wood's way at Night Of Glory...
A severe one sided beatdown ending when i choose to end it...
It doesn't matter how many people he surrounds himself with...
It doesn't matter what sh*t Edward Plague tells him...
Night of Glory will be a living nightmare for him...

HE: I think Cerberus is intending to use Steel as a warm up for NOG
HA: Bad mistake if that's the case underestimate him at your peril

So i hope you are ready Geoff...
Because im going to cave your head in...
And leave you in a pool of your own blood...

HE: Is he hinting at what happened to Man Mountain Mike?
HA: Well he always said they would fall 1 by 1...
HE: Well this just got interesting considering Wood's actions at anarchy...


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6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card

Post by Steel on Wed 31 May 2017, 10:28 pm

Steel winks at Cerberus and a smile washes across his face.

GS: Ouch, remind me to never get on your bad side Cerby, that is a truly frightening vision for what you have in store for me come Anarchy. You'll have to forgive me if I give it my best shot to avoid that outcome, I'm quite found of keeping my skull in one piece and my red bodily fluids inside me. You'll find I'm a bit harder to break than the last guy, I'm from tougher stock. I don't think I need to remind youin our battles throughout the years Cerberus there's no denying you've come out probably the worst from them.

Henry: Is he trying to get himself killed?

Harold: I must admit it's a strange strategy.

GS: You've been on a great run I must admit that, the title you carry has pretty much become a synonymous with the word Cerberus it's been in your possession for that long and winning the Gateway match is the pinnacle of achievement. Eventually though the tide turns and everything starts to sour, I've learnt that first hand and have a long way to go to get passed that. What you carry would go a hell of way for me to redeem myself. So hold that title that close to me again and watch me snatch it from your hands before you have even had chance to realise what's happening.

Steel turns his back to Cerberus and walks to the ropes and begins to loosen up, before turning back to face his opponent.

GS:You're so right though me celebrating winning a match to become number one contender is below me and the example I set for myself. At Anarchy I'm going to claim myself a championship and a real reason to celebrate, the fact you seem more hell bent on making a statement to Liam Wood and the Brotherhood than taking me serious as competition, is exactly the predictable behaviour that you will find gives me the chance of victory, the slimmest of chances might be all it takes. So believe me Cerberus I'm more than ready to face you, you might kick my ass around the ring for most of the night, I just need to hang on long enough for my time to come.

Steel points to the television championship.

GS: Then that championship is mine.


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6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card

Post by Engel Harlequin on Wed 31 May 2017, 11:08 pm

The crowd around the arena are shrouded in darkness as the lights dim. A mix of “boo's” and cheers emanate from them as “Time is running out” plays through the sound system. A single spotlight shines onto the stage as Engel Harlequin walks out onto the stage wearing black jeans and no top. He is holding a steel chair. Engel bows to the crowd.

HA: Folks, one man who must surely be thankful after last weeks Aftermath is this guy Engel Harlequin...

HE: I don't know about thankful, but certainly lucky, Hero almost unleashed his own brand of saving out there in that very ring...

HA: Yet Engel lived to tell the tale so to speak, as Robin Reborn, who don't forget folks, eliminated Engel Harlequin from the Gateway to Glory match just twenty-eight days ago, saved Engel from Hero's fury...

HE: You bring up Hero's son, and that's exactly what your gonna get from Hero...

HA: That was a long time ago, and probably isn't something Monster Energy would want us talking about Henry, but certainly Engel goaded Hero before the match. What about that Henry? Were they ever REALLY on the same page?

HE: Well I don't know about that Harold, I don't think they fully came to an agreement, it was almost like a chess game in the locker room AND that idiot Dicey Reilly had to go and ruin the vibe with the biggest insult to pro wrestling I have ever seen...

Engel walks down the ramp with the chair in hand acknowledging the fans as he does. He circles the ring almost as if stalking it before grabbing a microphone from the timekeeper area. He slowly climbs the stairs and the lights rise in the arena. He elaborately steps through the ropes after wiping his feet on the ring mat, doing a double turn to the centre of the ring, and in an almost instantaneous motion sets the seat down and sits upon it. He twitches his head to one side and rubs his head frantically as he raises the microphone to his lips

EH:HeHeHe...SAVIOURS...Let me talk to you all about SAVIOURS...You see saviours are NOT, the Robin Reborns of this world...OH NO, they are NOT...HeHeHe...REAL saviours, the ones that fight off the Demons...the one's that SAVE us from ourselves, protect us from there sanity...those are the TRUE saviours...

Engel outstretches his free arm and raises his head, his eyes almost rolling to the back of his head as he leans his neck arches over the back of the steel chair, the microphone still to his lips


Engel breaks out into laughter before lowering his head slowly and staring dead down the ramp

EH: Thats right, my own demons, and not the sort of personal demons that I should have, like using this opportunity at Anarchy to prove to Enforcer, to prove to the locker room, to prove to YOU my angels, that I am the man that can beat Cassius Zhi...not the 6CW title, not Night of Glory...NO...my Demons are the voices in my head saying...”WHY”, “Why, Engel...Why can't you do it? Why can't you beat Robin Reborn?” it eats at me day and night...and all I want is for those voices...to be quiet...I want the voices to be silenced once and for all...

Engel rises from the chair to his feet

EH: Robin Reborn IS NOT my saviour, he is my demon...my shadow, the shiver down my spine as he walks on my grave AND I JUST CAN'T TAKE IT anymore...

Engel pulls a photo from his back pocket and tosses it to the ground in front of him

HE: Isn't that the photo he showed Hero last week?

EH: Here I am Hero, your chance to save me from myself...you the god among men and me the devil inside them all...silence the voices...silence them and free me from these shackles...

Engel turns around and folds up the chair before turning back round in front of the photo and kneeling. He holds out the steel chair as if offering it out...

EH: (Shouting) SAVE ME...SAVE...ME...

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6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card

Post by Fernando on Thu 01 Jun 2017, 12:07 am

Cerberus stares at Steel and looks at his TV Title

Oh so this is going to be yours now is it...?
I mean now where have i heard it before...
Literally every person that's stood across from me has said that...
And look here it is..sitting pretty on my shoulder as it's been the last few months...

Cerberus sarcastically gives it's a little shine 

I like how you are trying to turn this into the "Geoff Steel Redemption" story...
The difference between now & years ago is i know every trick in your playbook...
Whilst you have stagnated in your career slowly declining into obscurity...
Ive moved forwards getting better & better claiming titles & tournament wins...
At Night Of Glory will be no different when i rip the EWF Title from Liam Wood...

HE: He's certainly confident going into Night Of Glory
HA: When he's said he's going to do something he's done it so wouldn't you be?

 The problem you have is you think i actually give a f**k about you...
You are a minor stepping stone to a bigger future...
The key to my success recently is having a if you are infront of me...
Im going to hurt you kinda attitude...
So unless Edward & his little biatch Liam decide to show up...
Then your chance of winning is about as likely as Anthony Grace actually learning how to wrestle...
The only thing that is going to be yours is a 1 way trip to the hospital...

Cerberus glares at Steel whilst snarling away


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6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card

Post by Beer on Thu 01 Jun 2017, 5:18 pm

The lights in the arena glow bright white before plunging into darkness as the unfamiliar sound of ‘Lights Out’ by Royal Blood echo around the arena…

Harold Lloyd: Well, I recognise the lights, but the music is new to me, can it be?

Henry Lloyd: I think it is…. And look at what he’s brought!

The crowd erupt into boo’s as Clarke James walks onto the stage, replica versions of the UK and International Titles draped across each of his shoulders…

Harold: This is ridiculous, neither of these two are officially champion! Where did they get these belts!?

James walks down the ramp, staring up at Perfect Jack. He stops outside the ring and raises both titles in the air as Jack grins down…

Henry: This is brilliant! Two champs trying to one up each other…

James slides into the ring, climbing the turnbuckle and raising the title in the air to a chorus of boo’s from the crowd. He smiles and jumps down, standing in front of Jack and posing with the belts on his shoulder…

Clarke James: Hello, Jack!

Jack nods and smirks at James….

Clarke James: Something about this doesn’t feel right. It’s almost like looking across the ring, into some sort of distorted mirror, you know? Like, I see myself, just an uglier, poorer, less successful version of myself…almost a cheap imitation.

Then again, that’s the story of your career, isn’t it? A cheap imitation, in your little club with Lex Hart, originality is hard to come by these days. But, there’s a part of me that admires you a bit, Jack.

There you are, stood there with my UK and International Titles, and yet, part of the reason they belong to me; and let me reiterate, they belong to me; is that in some way, without you, they wouldn’t be mine?

Jack looks at James, confused and dismissive….

Harold: What the hell is he talking about?

Clarke James: See, if you hadn’t locked in the Sharpshooter after I’d locked in Blind Faith, then there’s a chance; albeit a slim one, that O’Callaghan might have wriggled free? And who knows what may have happened after that, you might actually be Champion, rather than just my understudy. O’Callaghan might have won; and wouldn’t that have been totally underwhelming? And then, last week at Aftermath, something connected between us, Jack.

Something collectively synced within us, and sure enough, we took those steel chairs and did what so, so many people have been wanting to do, and that’s smack some sense into O’Callaghan. Hit him so hard he’d be seeing stars for days, and you know what, Jack? That’s exactly what he’s seeing.

James looks down at his titles before looking across at Jack’s…

Henry: Is he suggesting what I’m thinking?

Clarke James: Opportunities like this don’t come along very often, Jack. You think they belong to you? I know they belong to me. Neither of us wants to risk losing them just yet.

I guess what I’m suggesting here, Jack, is an alliance. A gentleman’s agreement. I’ll watch your back? You watch mine? Should the moment arise where one of us in danger of losing the belt, then we simply…… ensure that doesn’t happen.

By any means necessary….

James looks across at Jack and extends his hand to the anger of the crowd…


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6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card

Post by Engel Harlequin on Thu 01 Jun 2017, 8:18 pm

The screen is black as “Requiem for a Dream” begins to play in the background. Words start to form in gold, faint at first as a voiceover plays

VO: On the road to Night of Glory, there can be no room for mistakes, no room for failure...

The words slowly becomes more prominent on the screen in the centre.

VO: My road begins here, I am the absolute athlete, the complete competitor, I AM...flawless...

'Requiem for a Dream' gets louder as it kicks in, the words on screen gold on the black background


The video cuts and we return to the commentary desk

HE: OH MY GOD, If Monster Energy have pulled this off, this is a great addition to the roster...

HA: Chris Guerra, former Genesis member back in 6CW if thats anything to go by...

HE: That is certainly throwing the cat amongst the proverbial pigeons as we go on to Night of Glory...

HA: With very little time to make an impact before Night of Glory, the question is...will he feature...

HE: This is one of the greatest superstars of our time, will Monster Energy value him more than John Liederman? Who knows, but the fact is this guy can make a BIG impact in 6CW....

Engel Harlequin

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6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card

Post by Steel on Thu 01 Jun 2017, 9:43 pm

Steel stares at directly at Cerberus for a few moments allowing the silence to become awkward, before staring around the arena and laughing under his breath.

GS: What's you plan going to be once you've tried to injury me Cerberus and failed? You knock me down I promise you at Anarchy I'm going to get straight back up. Do you have a plan B? They can send all the doctors in the world out from the back if they think things have gone too far, I'll send them right back and go toe to toe with you once more. If my ongoing battles with Mike Hill have proven anything to me it's that my body can still take one heck of a punishment and still have enough gas in the tank to see me through.

Harold: Steel and Hill have pushed each other to new limits. At times places that have been deemed inappropriate.

Henry: That's Mike Hill though this is Cerberus, it's like comparing a caged angry bear to a street dog.

GS: You really think you've got me figured out Cerberus, I'm surprised you've even managed to read my playbook never mind study it page for page. I'll make a bet with you now, that at some point during our match, I'll do something you've never even considered, a play your Neanderthal brain won't even be able to comprehend. When your standing there dumbstruck, confused and befuddled I'll be tying you up in all kinds of knots you won't be able to escape from. then we will see who the man heading into obscurity truly is.

Steel begins to pace around the ring.

GS: You want to be careful who you alienate around here Cerberus, i certainly wouldn't recommend taking on more enemies than you can handle, I've had enough on my plate with just Hill. I know the impact a feud like that can have on business, right now you may think it won't effect you but I promise you won't feel the same way when your actually living it. I have to accept though this match might not just be about the two of us, as much as I wish it was, its yet to be seen just who that could favour. I can handle Mike Hill as everyone saw this past week, can you handle your new found baggage though Cerberus. Be careful what you wish for because if Wood and The Brotherhood do make an appearance it and your distracted in anyway, I'll be more than prepared to take advantage of that.

Steel lowers the microphone and leans against the ropes with his arms folded, looking blankly at Cerberus


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6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card

Post by Hero on Fri 02 Jun 2017, 12:11 pm

Engel stands with the chair stretched out in front of him as ‘Glorious Domination’ begins to echo throughout the arena, the crowd react instantaneously with a cacophony of venom though small clusters still hold aloft banners and cheer for their ‘Hero’.
Hero emerges at the top of the ramp, he lifts his arms aloft in his trademark crucifix pose whilst looking directly at Engel.
HA: Engel asked for saving, here comes the guy that attempted to do that last week.
HE: And then delivered a beatdown on him so that others had to save Engel!
HA: Why did Hero turn on his tag partner like that? Was it due to Engel’s photo? I’m sure we’re about to find out!
Hero gets to the ring and jumps up onto the canvas and grabs the top rope, his face turns from a cold steely stare to one full of rage and anger as he sees the photo in the centre of the mat and Engel stood above it, he ducks under the top rope and snatches the steel chair out of Engel’s outstretched hands.
HE: Hero’s going to finish what he started the other night and hospitalise Engel! He’s snapped!
Hero pulls back with the chair to line up a shot as Engel braces for the impact, Hero swings back….and stops an inch or two from the side of Engel’s head. Hero’s face instantaneously changes from one of wrath to his usual smarmy demeanour. He places the chair down on the mat, grabs a mic from a ringside attendant and sits calmly on the chair looking at Engel.
H: Aw bless Engel you really thought you’d tapped into Hero’s psyche there didn’t you, you thought you’d pressed hero’s buttons and got a reaction? Seriously think you can play Hero at his own games and win?
Hero looks down at the photo on the mat showing Engel with his son Austin. He picks it up and smiles… before ripping it into pieces.
H: You think Hero looks back on that photo and goes to a dark place, that it brings up memories that Hero wanted to keep hidden? Hero’s going to be honest with you now Engel, brace yourself for this little beauty…. It didn’t happen. Well it did sort of happen, but not in the way you’ve twisted it, that you believe it happened. Ever heard of a little thing called a ‘plot device’ Engel? Breaking the 4th wall newsflash here folks! Engel didn’t actually kidnap Austin!
HA: Erm we all saw it happen a few years ago, what’s Hero on about?

H: See Engel you’re looking for an emotion out of Hero, Anger, rage, wrath etc but all that Hero feels is shame, shame not for his parenting skills as we all know Hero’s been badly lacking in those over the years *cough* letting him see his dead dad etc, but shame that Hero agreed to such a ridiculous story in the first place. Jeez it was 6CW’s answer to Katie Vick! But you actually believed it didn’t you Engel, somehow in the muddled up brain of yours the voices have told you that you are the 6CW equivalent of Ian Brady, that’s quite a hard act to get behind you realise, not sure you’ll get many shirt sales being the resident child snatcher. Come on kids lets cheer on the potential nonce!
Don’t worry though Harlequin because as Hero said, it didn’t happen, Hero’s not mad about it, Hero doesn’t hold you accountable over it as much as he does himself for agreeing to such a tragic angle. So now we’ve got that elephant out of the room, let’s move onto the real issues here….why did Hero attack you last week?
Hero leans forward from his chair to get closer to Engel.
H: What did Hero promise you last week Engel? What did Hero say he would deliver to you? Two words….Robin Reborn.
Engel flinches at the very mention of the name as Hero continues…
H: Hero kept his promise didn’t he. You turned your back on Hero, you stood defiant against Hero, you deserved that beating but Hero still kept his promise and gave you Reborn. It was just all your fault that you were then unable to capitalise upon that moment. Hero gave you the chance, the opportunity and you Engel blew it.
Hero smiles at Engel once more
H: But Hero is always one for second chances, hell Hero was resurrected, how much of a second chance is that! And Hero is out here today to give you yours, look around you Engel, look at how the crowd for the first time in however long are captivated with this interaction, they’re waiting upon our every word and we’ve got them in the palm of our hands. They know, Hero knows, the voices in your head know that what we’ve got right here right now is stuff that they can’t teach at wrestling school, you felt it last week didn’t you, that spark ignited, there’s world title matches being booked, there’s feuds taking place between behemoths of the industry but who’s trending on social media, we’re the hottest thing in wrestling right now because as always Hero makes people famous. But you can turn your back on my offer, you can walk away right now and that offer is no longer there, you’ll look back on this opportunity and think ‘what if’.
So the question you need to be asking yourself right here, right now is…
Do you want Hero to make you?
Or...do you want Hero to break you?


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6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card

Post by Good Golly I'm Olly on Fri 02 Jun 2017, 8:34 pm

*As Jack looks at James's outstretched hand, "Run this town" by Jay Z hits and O'Callaghan appears at the top of the ramp, mic in hand, but with a wealth of bandages around his head, an after effect of the conchairto he suffered at the hands of James and Jack last week on Aftermath*

O'Callaghan: "Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah...WOAH. You're not actually going to shake his hand are you Jack?"

*O'Callaghan stops at the top of the ramp, and continues*

O'Callaghan: "Don't be so stupid you buffoon...actually one second I've forgotten something lads..."

*O'Callaghan quickly steps back behind the curtain, about 10 seconds of nothingness happens, before he re-emerges, this time with what seems like replica UK and International title belts over his shoulders, much to the crowds amusement*

O'Callaghan: "There we are that's better"

*O'Callaghan now makes his way down to the ring, a tad wobbly on his feet as he walks up the ring steps and through the ropes*

O'Callaghan: "I got a little present for you guys, but I see, I see you've already beaten me to it"

*Jack and James look a tad bemused*

O'Callaghan: "You see fellas these things over my shoulder, why, they're cardboard titles you see"

*O'Callaghan flops the cardboard title belts about for everyone to see*

O'Callaghan: "I was going to give them too you to signify you being cardboard champions, but, well you've already beaten me to the punchline with your replica belts, making you replica champions..."

*O'Callaghan chucks the cardboard titles into the crowd, one bonks a rather large woman over the head waking her up, the other is ripped away from a 11 year old by a fully grown man in a "Lex Hart is my dad" t-shirt*

O'Callaghan: "And that feeling of being just a replica champion, that's why you're out here extending this would be alliance isn't it Clarke? It's all part of your insecurity about not actually being able to beat me one on one, man to man...isn't it?"

*O'Callaghan looks at James...*
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6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card

Post by Perfect Jack on Fri 02 Jun 2017, 10:37 pm

Perfect Jack looks at Clarke James before looking back at O'Callaghan with a look of frustration.

PJ: Owwww O'Callaghan you ruined it. Blast you. Obviously I wasn't going to shake his hand, I'm not as naive as you were when Liam Woods offered that sham of an allegiance. What I was going to do was, extend my hand, pull it back just as we were about to shake and then shout out GOT EEMMMM and laugh hysterically see.

The crowd in attendance boo as both men nod in disapproval towards Perfect Jack.

PJ: What? I thought it was funny. Well, I thought it was funny anyway, and that's all that matters. Now, if I can be serious for one moment please.

Crowd: BOOOO

PJ: It's funny how you come out O'Callaghan with your cardboard titles because it shows everyone two things about you. First of all, it shows that you're cheap. Seriously? You couldn't even splash out for a couple of replicas? Deary me. Short arms, deep pockets as they say. Secondly, you're not even a champion anymore? So if 6CW management here had ANY honour, they would come out here right now, and strip you of those cardboard titles.

Crowd: BOOO

PJ: As for you Clarke James, I hope you kept the receipt for those bad boys because when the time comes, you're gonna have to return them when I am rightfully named as the true 6CW UK and International Champion. Then again, with 6CW's returns policy, once they're opened you might not get your money back. Well don't worry about that Clarke, when I am finally named 6CW UK and International champion, you can finally do what you've always secretly dreamed of doing, replicating your idol, me, Perfect Jack


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6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card

Post by x12x on Sat 03 Jun 2017, 2:48 pm

As Dicey stands in the ring waiting for JJ a look of disappointment covers his face as Revival Mode by Every Time I Die blasts from the speakers and the EWF Champion Liam Wood walks out with the title proudly over his shoulder

HA: There he is, the man destined to headline Night Of Glory agains the Gateway To Glory winner Cerberus...what a challenge he has ahead of him facing a man who's been dominant for the best part of 2 years with the Xtreme Title and now the TV Title...

HE: Why not focus on Wood, a three time world champion! A former superstar of the year and the man who my money is on to leave Night Of Glory with that belt still over his shoulder!

As Wood reaches the ring he carefully places the belt down on the apron before taking a mic and speaking to Dicey

Now Dicey, I get it...we are never going to be best friends...I think you're a pr¡ck and you probably feel the same but like it or not, we have to team up...so why not take it as a chance to learn from a champion...

Wood looks up a Dicey with a smug smile on his face before rolling in, as he does he picks the belt up and continues to speak to Dicey

You see, I get it...you're a great competitor and a man who pushed me to become who I am today but I am here to help you, not just by getting past Gazzy D and the black Anthony Grace but by setting an example...

...The man who are looking at isn't just the man who beat you to keep this belt over his shoulder but he's also the greatest wrestler on this entire roster, the greatest EWF Champion but also the smartest man there is...

...At Night Of Glory I am going to do something that you could never have done when I beat Cerberus but instead of hating me for that, you should take it as inspiration and use that to put JJ Johnson in his place...teach him that we don't like his sort in OUR business.

The fans gasp, starting to boo Wood as he realises what he said

I meant actors you idiots...

...you see as I said, I don't like the man in the ring with me right now, never have and never will but unlike guys like JJ Johnson, guys like Anthony Grace and guys like Cerberus...he isn't putting on an act, pretending to be something he isn't! The idiot you see before me really is the man he is and I'd rather take 100 of him over anyone who thinks that this business is a hobby, something to raise your exposure....screw that.

Wood smiles at Dicey who remains stone faced, staring at his former rival.


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6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card

Post by jeromedubois on Sat 03 Jun 2017, 10:58 pm

Dubois appears on the big screen as he is seen wandering through the corridors with Marcel by his side.

JD: Yo Marcel, il est ou mon chambre?

Marcel simply shrugs.

M: Je sais pas….


Marcel is seen opening another bottle of Pastis.

JD: Hey…Wat did I tell aftar last week? Hein mon ami?

M: Drink responsibly

JD: Non….

M: Just not when I am next to you…

JD: Oui!

Tim Allen then appears on screen.

TA: Sorry to bother you Dubois but can I catch a quick word?

JD: Of course Monsieur Allen…

TA: Thank you! So Dubois is just a few days you will be entering a fatal fourway match with the opportunity of become the number one contender for the TV Title how do you feel about your chances?

JD: Monsieur Allen, with regards to my chances you just ave to look at my competitors…You have a wanna be Dubois in Monsieur Grace…A man dat I have beaten over,….and over…..and over…….and over……and over…….and over ……..and over again….Dat do you really expect ze outcome to be any different? It is simple ze man is a coward and he has always been a coward. What do you dink he didn’t have ze couille to turn up in ze ring? Hein?! It isn’t because of his dispute with ze 6CW, it isn’t about ze whole rating, air time nonsense….It is because he knows every time he steps into dis ring with me….Ze result will always be ze same which is me with my hand raised in ze air…Zen you ave Mike Hill….A 6WF Legend and a man Dubois knows well…You see Dubois and Hill have been in various organisations at ze same time so I know him inside out just like he knows me….So as far as him and I go? Lets just say he has taken one too many beatings and one too many bumps and while he as ad one ell of a career he is no longer at his peak…He is past it! And den you ave Cameron Faith….A man dat quite frankly Dubois pays no attention to….But at ze end of ze day ze diferrence between me and dem mon ami is a simple one….I do zis…Zis job because I love it….I don’t need dere money I am already a billionaire! I don’t need dere respect I am in ze all of fame….I do it because I love it! I do it because I need to do it….I do it because I need my redemption more dan anyding else….So when you ask me what are my chances? My chances are better dan any one of dose people because I have dat fire inside dey will get me across ze finish line! I have someding to fight for! I have my sorry to say to zese fans, zis company and my family…And dam it nodding will stop me from getting dat! Now Monsieur I know you had more questions but quite frankly Dubois needs to get ready and focus on ze up coming match so excuse me….


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6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card

Post by Guest on Mon 05 Jun 2017, 10:39 pm

The scene opens in the car park as a beaten up car pulls up. The door swings open and gazzy steps out. He's heavily bandaged still from the previous few weeks but for a rare occasion looks to have a smile on his face. he closes the door and grabs his kit bag from the trunk as Charlotte appears on the screen

CG: Gazzy....how nice to see you, and with a smile on your face. Its been a while since we seen that

the smile on gazzys face gets bigger

g: You Charlotte, I have to say given the year I've had, given everything that is still up in the air, sometimes you just have to put a smile on your face and power through it. But, you know truth be told, I'm actually feeling pretty good. Got me a win last time out and I'm heading in the right direction you know

CG: Dare I ask whether this positive attitude may have something to do with a certain Christy

the smile on gazzys face falters slightly before reappearing, although this time slightly insincere

g: if you don't mind Charlotte I don't want to talk about Christy. I'm starting to get in a good place for a change, I think.....I think I'd like to keep it that way

CG: well do you mind e asking whats all of a sudden brought on this sudden change in outlook, I'm sure your fans will be interesting in hearing the answer

g: honestly? I don't really know what to say. I've played it through my mind a million times but it always comes back to one point......Edward Plague. People feared the worse when he dragged me from that ring, heck I feared the worst, but.........the man said things. He speaks truth

gazzy looks off in to the distance, almost through Charlotte

CG: gazzy?

Christy turns to face her cameraman and shrugs her shoulders before clicking her fingers in gazzys face


gazzy snaps out of whatever trance he was in

g: sorry Charlotte, I drifted away a minute

CG: Yeah that was weird. So you said on Aftermath that Plague preached to you before setting you free. Are you perhaps ready to discuss what was said?

g: Charlotte......I wish I could. Lets just say, for the first time in a long time, I think I see things clearly. For once every seems black or white after being grey for so long. I can't really explain the feeling

gazzy almost falls in to a trance like state again before Christy snaps him out with another question

CG: O.....K then.......moving on. This week you team with JJ Johnson to go up against Dicey and EWF Champion Plague's ally Liam Wood. Have you any thoughts going in to this one?

g: Charlotte, for the first time in a long time my head is clear. I want to keep it that way. I'm not getting bogged down in overthinking what I'm going to do. I'm going to just go out there and let the occasion take over. I don't want to feel shackled

he looks down at his wrsits still showing signs were Plague had him tied up with rope

I just want to go out there and......and......

he looks at his wrists again and again looks to fall slightly in to a trance as he starts remembering the preaching from Plague. He rubs his wrist

CG: And?

g: I'm sorry Charlotte. This interview is over. I've got some training to do

With that gazzy throws his gym bag over his shoulder and exits out of shot in to the arena. Charlotte takes her phone out of her pocket and rings a number

CG: Hey...its me. I was just interviewing gazzy. I think he's getting worse whether he lets on or not

the scene fades as Charlotte continues her conversation


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6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card

Post by President Trump on Tue 06 Jun 2017, 12:55 pm

Dicey: The only thing I have learned from you Woods is that you can’t help them all or maybe I did help you on your way to being the most obnoxious, self-absorbed, d*ckhead in 6CW but hey swings and roundabouts right

The smile on Wood’s face fades

HE: He can’t talk to the champ like that

HA: You try and stop him then

Dicey: But you are right about what you said, I am what I am and that’s what you get and this Monday I am your tag team partner and I above all else want to beat JJ before we go one on one for the chance to face Zhi at NoG, so buckle up Liamo because I won’t be taking any prisoners and if you try and f**k me over I will leave nothing for Lurch to fight at Night of Glory

Dicey stares at Wood

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6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card

Post by x12x on Tue 06 Jun 2017, 3:21 pm

As Dicey's eyes burn in to Wood the smile comes back as he responds to his former rival

I'm glad you get it, we aren't best friends...this match isn't our moment to bond and one day it's more than likely that we'll try to break each other's legs again but for now, that's the past...we did battle and the better man came out on top. It's settled.

To tell you the god's honest truth Dicey...

...I have no interest in JJ Johnson or Plague's latest pet project because this match holds nothing for me, you see...I don't need to prove I'm the best by beating any of you because I am a world champion...so relax...f**king you over would do nothing but force me to deal with your whiskey breath each week as you try to get revenge...no thanks.

Wood smirks, pacing the ring slowly

I'll tell you what...you take no prisoners, you work your ass off and you take on Gazzy and JJ all by yourself to get out whatever cave man aggression you seem to have in that little brain of yours. You see, I am only interested in one thing when it comes to 6CW...

...at Night Of Glory I plan to put Cerberus in his place, I plan on showing him that world titles are NOT for freaks like him and that this belt resting over my shoulder is staying put for a god damn long time because I am Liam Wood, I am the King Slayer, I am the World Eater, I am the man formerly known as Viper, I am the man who broke the fans hearts, I am the best in the business, I am the man who beat your favourite wrestlers, including Dicey Reilly...

...and I am the man who put the Elite, in the Elite Wrestling Federation!

Wood lifts the belt in the air to a chorus of boos, he then turns to Dicey and allows his smirk to get even wider as Dicey stares at him.

HA: No love loss between these two men, I cannot see how they'd work together after Wood just spoke like that about the match and Dicey...

HE: Dicey should feel lucky to be teaming with Wood for once and not having to face him again, we know how that goes for him!

Wood and Dicey remain stood in the ring, the tension clear for all to see despite the men teaming up next week.


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6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card

Post by Marky on Tue 06 Jun 2017, 6:27 pm

(Timothy Allen is backstage with a microphone)

TA: My guests at this time, my namesakes if you will, accompanied by their manager Max Adamson, The TA!

(Adamson, Jackson and Horrigan walk into shot)

Max: Get out.

(Adamson forcibly takes the microphone from Tim Allen and kicks him on the arse to send him flying)

Max: That's for your horrible attempt at comedy. You're on very thin ice my friend. Go hit the showers and think about what you did.

(Adamson looks at Tim Allen with indignation as he turns to face his clients)

Max: I knew this day would come. The day where The TA would need to find our own personal interviewer. So I prepared for this in advance. I scoured the globe, searching far and wide for some of the best journalists in all of sport and entertainment...

(Adamson's face drops)

Max: ...And all of them said no, so here's Jeff Thaddeus.

(The crowd pop as Jeff Thaddeus runs in excitedly, he does a Shane O'Mac shuffle, narrowly inadvertently avoiding an attempted slap from Adamson as he brings out a microphone from his inside jacket pocket)

JT: Jeff Thaddeus is back baybay! So brace yourselves as I ask The TA, your 6CW World Tag Team Champions, the hardest hitting of all hard hitting questions!

(Adamson smiles back at the smiling Thaddeus)

Max: Here's a list of pre prepared questions.

(The smile from Jeff's face disappears as Adamson hands him a folded piece of paper which he reads from)

JT: "Mr Jackson, you and your partner overcame a tremendous obstacle two weeks ago in your first open challenge, as you defeated future 6WF Hall of Famers Rasta and Killer in record time. With another open challenge this week, how do you and Mr Horrigan prepare for what will undoubtedly be another elite level tag team?"

(Jackson leans forward and clears his throat before answering)

Jackson: First of all Jeff, that's an excellent question. And you're right, we did overcome a tremendous obstacle in our first open challenge. Rasta and Killer were at their best but their best wasn't good enough to defeat, the team that's SOON to be recognised as the longest reigning tag team Champions of all time. And this week it's more of the same. We prepare the same way we do for every match. With one hundred burpees followed by one hundred sit ups. Daily. Also we eat nothing but vegan food. Good vegan food, none of that Quorn rubbish.

(Thaddeus nods respectfully and reads the next question from the paper)

JT: "Mr Horrigan, I couldn't help but notice how incredibly hench and muscular you are, what is your secret to rock hard abs and bulging biceps?"

(Horrigan sniffs and leans towards the microphone)

Horrigan: I bench press your mother.

(Adamson and Jackson laugh as Horrigan grins at Thaddeus)

JT: I really should stop bringing her to shows...

(Thaddeus reads word for word from the list again and reads another question)

JT: "Final question from me as I am a beIIend..."

(Jackson and Horrigan laugh as Thaddeus looks at Adamson hopefully, Adamson is stony faced)

Max: Read it. Otherwise you're done here.

JT: Okay...

(Thaddeus reluctantly reads from the list)

JT: "I like to touch myself inappropriately while watching Man Mountain Mike matches, and I am the proud owner of a portfolio of naked photos of..."

(Thaddeus looks disgusted)

JT: Do I have to read this?


JT: "Naked photos of Enforcer..."

Max: Keep going, there's more on the next page.

(Thaddeus reluctantly turns the page and reads)

JT: "Mr Adamson, you are well known for your lenient stance on crime, but suppose for a second that your house was ransacked by thugs, your family was tied up in the basement with socks in their mouths, you try to open the door but there's too much blood on the knob"

Max: What is your question?

(Thaddeus looks confused as he continues)

JT: "My question is about the budget, sir."

(Adamson has a satisfied look on his face)

Max: You may now leave Jeff. Thanks for coming. And don't think your voluntary contribution to today wasn't noticed.

JT: It's unpaid?

(Adamson ushers Thaddeus away as Jackson and Horrigan smirk)


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6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card

Post by x12x on Wed 07 Jun 2017, 10:16 am


As the video begins to play we see Liam Wood in a smart black suit and the EWF World Heavyweight Title resting on a large oak desk tomorrow, in the background we see posters from each of the big 5 political parties in the UK and a final poster that says “VOTE JUNE 8TH”. Wood straightens his tie before speaking directly to the camera, a slight smile covering his face as he addresses the families at home.

Tomorrow our country heads to the polls to vote in what could possibly be the most important election we have ever seen...the fate of the NHS, our defence, our immigration and the outcome of Brexit all hang in the balance and tomorrow will decide just who gets to make all the big decisions and I, the World Eater Liam Wood, on behalf of 606 Championship Wrestling am here to say...

...don't bother voting.

Wood's smile turns to a cocky smirk as he leans forward over the desk, continuing to speak

You see, no matter how much you think it does...your vote doesn't really matter...you say isn't the one the politician want to hear and your voice will never ever get heard because you are insignificant. You can waste your time if you want but the truth is that for the majority of you...life is about to get much, much worse because to the important people...like me...you're just a number, something we try to forget exists and sadly something we have to put up with. Get one thing straight...you are a burden to those that truly matter.

Me on the other hand? I'm going to be fine no matter what happens...I'm young, rich and successful...I pay more in taxes than you earn in a year and that is going to continue to grow because I make 6CW the company that EVERYONE wants to watch, I make 6CW the company that EVERYONE wants to buy in to and I'm the reason you and your idiot parents buy tickets.

So, remember...you're worthless.

Wood stands up from behind the desk, taking the EWF World Heavyweight Title and placing it over his shoulder before moving around the desk and sitting down.

If you think I'm being harsh then think of it this way...week in, week out you all boo me, you fill your nerdy little blogs with reasons I shouldn't be champion and yet, I'm still here as the ONLY man to have held this belt three times, I'm still here as the man who beat all your heroes and at I'm still here as the man that proves that your voice doesn't mean a thing.

...I'd be champion with your support...
...I'm champion without your support...
...and that's the only factor that matters...


Wood stands up, gives a cheesy smile to camera and signs off

So this is Liam Wood on behalf of 606 Championship Wrestling reminding you to go f**k yourself on the 8th of June because nobody gives a damn what you want.

Wood gives a thumbs up as the video ends


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6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card

Post by Good Golly I'm Olly on Wed 07 Jun 2017, 7:14 pm

*As Jack takes in the heat, O'Callaghan pops his head forward and to the side*

O'Callaghan: "Hi."

*O'Callaghan nods at Jack*

O'Callaghan: "I hear you."

*Jack doesn't look impressed as O'Callaghan chuckles to himself*

O'Callaghan: "That is despite the ringing going on in my head, after that disgraceful cheap shot you two landed on me last week. Is that what you two have had to stoop too? Having to cheap shot the true champion, because neither of you are man enough to beat me?"

*O'Callaghan tears off the head bandage*

O'Callaghan: "Oh hey look, I'm actually perfectly fine!"

*O'Callaghan tries to amp up the crowd, who aren't interested*

O'Callaghan: "Yes. I have passed the concussion protocol for Monday night, and I am ready to rock and roll. I am ready to make you both tap out. I am ready to retain my UK and International titles, titles that neither of you have rightly won. Jack I would usually agree with you on our useless leader Enforcer, but just this one time, he's taken his butt out of his behind, and realised what horrible times are ahead for him if he lets you two continue to keep up this charade and has given me the one on one matches I deserve. The one on one matches I will win. The one on one matches you two dread."

*O'Callaghan lobs the bandage into the crowd...*
Good Golly I'm Olly
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6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card

Post by Perfect Jack on Fri 09 Jun 2017, 7:46 pm

Perfect Jack nods and wags his finger towards O'Callagan before speaking.

PJ: Oh no you didn't hear me O'Callaghan, because if you did, you would of said Hello when you heard me now wouldn't you?

O'Callaghan looks on.

PJ: Here's why I know you didn't hear me O'Callaghan, it's because you still think you're the champion, despite the fact that the both of us made you tap out in the middle of this very ring.

Perfect Jack points to himself and towards Clarke James.

PJ: So what I'd do if I were you is, go get a fresh bandage, wrap it back around your poor naive head and walk away while you still have the chance. You lost your rematch, you're bottom of the ladder now friend. It's me and Clarke James who are rightfully fighting at the top of the ladder to claim those titles.

Perfect Jack's demeanor turns to one of anger.

PJ: So you walk away right now O'Callaghan while you still have the chance, if you don't, when I'm through with you, you will never walk again.

Perfect Jack

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6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - 12th June Card

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