6CW Anarchy 24th July - Card and Promo thread

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6CW Anarchy 24th July - Card and Promo thread

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Tue 11 Jul 2017, 9:31 pm

6CW Anarchy Monday 24th July - The Night Before the Night of Glory

Match One
Jackson Jackson vs James McManus vs Engel Harlequin

Match Two
Cameron Faith vs GazzyD

Match Three
Hero, Crime Lord & Anthony Grace vs JJ Johnson, Robin Reborn & O'Callaghan

Match Four
Dicey Reilly vs Clarke James

Main Event
Jerome Dubois & Liam Wood vs Cerberus & Perfect Jack

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Re: 6CW Anarchy 24th July - Card and Promo thread

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Tue 11 Jul 2017, 9:33 pm


Due to their conduct on our recent edition of 6CW Anarchy, we have today taken the decision to suspend Geoff Steel and Mike Hill until the Nught of Glory PPV. This is in the interests of safety of all competitors and also the company acting in the interests of the fans who have paid for tickets to the PPV, set to be our biggest in history, who do not deserve to see the two competitions incapacitate themselves before their much publicised "I Quit" match.

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Re: 6CW Anarchy 24th July - Card and Promo thread

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Tue 11 Jul 2017, 9:36 pm


We can also confirm that Cassius Zhi has refused to attend the forthcoming edition of 6CW Anarchy. As of this moment, he is faced with a sock of his wages. However, the company is so appalled by his actions, that we believe further punishment is needed.

As such, of Cassius does not attend Anarchy, Dicey Reilly will be allowed to choose a match stipulation (within sensible reason) for the 6CW World Title match.

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Re: 6CW Anarchy 24th July - Card and Promo thread

Post by Marky on Tue 11 Jul 2017, 10:02 pm

Max Adamson is apoplectic with rage backstage as he flips a table over. Timothy Allen approaches Adamson with caution;

Max: F*ck off Tim.

(The colour drains from Tim Allen's face as he immediately turns around and leaves)

??: You won't talk to him, maybe you'll talk to me...

(Adamson's rage intensifies and the crowd pops as Enforcer emerges, he and Adamson go nose to nose before Enforcer smirks)

Enforcer: What's the matter Max? Not had your OxyContin fix today?

(Adamson ignores Enforcer's dig and begins to rant)

Max: I'll tell you what the matter is you lanky streak of pìşs, it's you. Making changes. Adding consequences wherever you see fit. And now yet more favouritism for teams like the Parasite Killers and the Soldiers of Fortune, who, let's face it, have both been below the very high bar set by my clients. Did you see what happened in that six man tag? Did you?

Enforcer: I did, that was quite a win for JJ, Castiguer and McManus...

Max: Don't f*cking do this E. You know what I'm talking about. As a result of your incompetent decision making, the Soldiers of Fortune and the Parasite Killers both have a Tag Team Championship match, at Night of Glory no less, that they didn't even earn. You paired us with Hero, knowing full well he wouldn't play nice. You endangered my clients, and because dear sweet Frank was hit with an Encore by Hero, followed by a VIP Experience from JJ Johnson, two of the best finishers from two of the very best wrestlers in history, you are inexplicably REWARDING two other teams!

(Enforcer is in thought as Adamson vents)

Max: I'd accept it if you gave those two teams another number one contenders match against each other. But they are just handed opportunity after opportunity after opportunity, and by both teams getting the shot, you've made it so we don't even have to be pinned to lose!

Enforcer: So we finally agree on something.

(Adamson's demeanour changes)

Max: What do you mean we finally agree on something?

Enforcer: That your boys don't have to be pinned to lose. In fact, the same applies to the Soldiers of Fortune and the Parasite Killers. In fact, nobody will pin anybody...

Max: ...oh get f*cked...

Enforcer: ...As The TA will be defending the 6CW World Tag Team Championships at Night of Glory...

Max: ...go f*ck yourself...

Enforcer: ...against the Soldiers of Fortune and the Parasite Killers...

Max: ...seriously, die...

Enforcer: ...in a triple threat Ladder Match!

(Adamson is not happy as he immediately turns and storms off)

Enforcer: Oh and one more thing Max... Good luck!


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Re: 6CW Anarchy 24th July - Card and Promo thread

Post by x12x on Wed 12 Jul 2017, 9:39 am

Revival Mode by Every Time I Die blasts through the speakers and the EWF Champion The World Eater Liam Wood walks out on to the stage wearing the t-shirt of former 6CW World Champion Joshua. Wood pauses on the stage with a smirk on his face as he soaks in the hate from the crowd

HA: Liam Wood, not one to stay quiet is out here ahead of his Night Of Glory title defence..

HE: Lets hope it goes just as it did last year with him winning his match and staying as the EWF World Champion!

HA: You mean for about half an hour before he got involved in the main event and was cashed in on by Thunder? Losing the title in the process?

HE: Ignore that.

Wood reaches the ring and slides inside, his eyes locking on to the Night Of Glory logo high above the ring before he placing the EWF Title on the turnbuckle carefully. Wood then begins to speak to the crowd in attendance, his eyes now on his belt.

What your looking at might have the letters EWF on it but it is the pinnacle of this company and at Night Of Glory it gets it's rightful spot at the top of the god damn mountain around the waist of the man who made it what it is today...

...at Night Of Glory this companies greatest athlete walks in with the greatest prize over his shoulder as I, the King Slayer take another crowd...destroy some more hope and show just why I beat Keith Leone, just why I beat Mike Masters, just why I beat Engel Harlequin and just why I beat Dicey Reilly not once, not twice but three god damn times.

Wood pauses after listing the names as fans begin to chant for various members of the list just causing Wood to smirk once more

And there we go...like I've always said...as long as they suck your d¡ck you'll cheer for losers...as long as they beg for your love, you'll give it to them. You know what really makes me funny...when I had you cheering for me I was a loser too, I had nothing to show for it and it wasn't until I ditched you I was able to become a success once again.

You hate me because I did all this without you, I did everything I needed to do to get what I wanted and when something didn't work...I adapted, I changed the blueprint and I improved until I was finally holding the most important belt in this companies history...

...the EWF World Heavyweight Title.

Wood smirks, pausing for a second to let the booing die down

Don't get me wrong...I'm not delusional. Without me, this belt is as worthless as every other belt...I am the ONLY reason that this belt right here is the one that people want! I am the only reason that Cerberus even contemplated dreaming of becoming the EWF Champion and without me...that ALL goes away.

Who gave a damn when Leone held the belt? Who gave a damn when Masters dragged it through the mud? Nobody...nobody cared when it was on Thunder or Costello either...until it was over my shoulder this belt was as worthless as the 6CW Title...

The boo's once again become deafening

HA: I can't believe he can disrespect the 6CW Title like this...

HE: He's proud of what he achieved, putting the EWF Title on the map!

You can boo but you know that deep down it's true...Cassius Zhi is a nobody who just gets by on reputation and he's fighting a man I beat last year, the 6CW Title has spent the best part of a year and a half on champions nobody really liked...

...Zhi USED to be someone...
...Reborn was an EWF reject...
...and Joshua was a paint by numbers monster who lost when he faced a real champion.

Wood smiles as he points at himself while looking down the hard cam. Wood then begins to pace, looking down at the Joshua t-shirt before tapping the shirt as he speaks again.

THIS though is my motivation going in to Night Of Glory's Main Event...I still remember watching as Joshua won the 6CW Title knowing that I should have been in that match instead, I still remember watching as that cliché sack of sh¡t took what should have belonged to me as I was forced to face Mike Masters...

...I then had to watch as we had arguably the WORST World Champion of all time and I will NOT let that happen again when I face Cerberus, the Joshua clone at Night Of Glory. It's bad enough that our lesser World Champion is going to be picked from Dicey Reilly or Cassius Zhi so there is no way that I am letting MY title get ruined too.

Wood pauses one last time

At Night Of Glory, I will do what I always do and take a crown...this time for the King Of clichés as I humiliate another pretender who thinks they can challenge me...

...the REAL Champion of 6CW.

HE: Wood showing the world just how confident he is going in to his Night Of Glory main event title defence...

HA: I wonder what Cerberus will have to say about that!


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Re: 6CW Anarchy 24th July - Card and Promo thread

Post by President Trump on Wed 12 Jul 2017, 11:02 am

“Born to fight” hits over the arena, the crowd go nuts as Dicey walks out from behind the curtain wearing a 6CW Night of Glory t-shirt and a pair of jeans, he soaks up the cheers from the crowd before making his way to the ring tagging fans as he goes

HA: Here comes the number 1 contender for the 6CW Heavyweight title

HE: I still don’t believe that happened, how this idiot got another shot at a title is beyond me

HA: Pure grit and determination brother

HE: Pure luck more like

Dicey gets in the ring and salutes the crowd on each turnbuckle before calling for a mic and calming the crowd down so he can speak

Dicey: Before I get onto the business in hand I would like to apologise for my attitude and actions last week, I am not a cocky guy, I’m not a Liam Woods, what I’m saying is I am not a d*ck….d*ckish but not a d*ck, I let myself and you all down and especially let down my one and only down, Sally…I’m sorry babe

The crowd clap as Dicey thanks the crowd

Dicey: I get over excited sometimes….I hear it happens to most men

Dicey smiles as the crowd laugh

Dicey: And why wouldn’t I get excited, I have beaten JJ Johnson to become the No. 1 contender for the 6…C…W.. HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP……..


Dicey: You hear that Zhi……Dicey is coming to get that belt, Dicey is coming to tear your f**king head off those relaxed shoulders of yours but there is only one problem……WHERE THE Frak IS CASSIUS ZHI?? You don’t walk down and face me, man to man to sign the contract last week, even Monster have no faith in you and have given me the right to name the match at Night of Glory if you don’t show up next week, it’s like you are handing me the title because you don’t want to get hurt but I don’t want that, I want to beat you in this ring, I want to see your face as I stand here holding the 6CW title in the air, I want to see the realisation on your face when you realise you should have never f**ked we me last year when you cost me the EWF title, I want all those things but no excuses Zhi, I want you in this ring to face me, hell I’ll even let you pick the match if it makes you more comfortable, how about a Tibetan Torture Match, I know you love those, or a Punjab Prison match, me, you surrounded my gang ra*ists and Poopie in an Indian prision, I don’t know I heard it on the 5Nerds podcast…funny guys, anything you want Zhi I just want to hurt you


Dicey: I will search the world for you Zhi, I will fly to China, Tibet, the PJ Tips green tea warehouse, where ever it takes to get you, hell I heard the Chinese have successfully teleported matter to a satellite, maybe that’s where they are hiding you, well beam me up Mr Zulu and tell  Lieutenant Uhura to leave here knickers off because there be some f**king going on in space

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Re: 6CW Anarchy 24th July - Card and Promo thread

Post by Engel Harlequin on Thu 13 Jul 2017, 3:02 pm

Darkness lies between the door and the table as Engel sits staring manically at the paper bird between his fingers. A lighter in his other hand as he waves the flame underneath the folded paper, the edges start to singe a dirty brown colour.

EH: Aaargh!

Engel tosses the lighter across the room and waves his hand in pain as the heat becomes unbearable. Darkness envelopes him once more.

EH: Why...whywhywhywhy WHY? I did EVERYTHING you asked, EVERYTHING! And yet I face this Night of Glory...the one you promised would be mine with the prospect of nothing. I go into the biggest night of the year with not a crumb on my plate and you still whisper in my ear. I allowed you to see through my eyes, to witness my greatness and instead just like all who have come before you have watched me wilt, fade into obscurity and fall at the last. I thought you were different...I want my shot, for all the efforts I have made I WANT MY SHOT!!!

Engel pauses for a minute as if listening to something, his face seemingly calms for a second but the manic look is not far from its return.

EH: A PLAN?? There's always a plan, everybody tells me there's a plan for this and a plan for that...I AM SICK OF PLANS. I am Engel Harlequin, I play this game and I play it well, I have no need for the plans of mere fools who wish to further there dreams at my expense. I need no plans, no allies...I need flame and ashes and dust. I need to lead this merry dance to the top and care not for “brothers”. I will burn all on my rise and they shall be reborn in my image...LOOK what I can do, see the rise of Cerberus, of Dicey Reilly...little birds fly and sing even as men fall at there feet...this company has been rebuilt with Chaos at its head and Anarchy at its feet...it is time once and for all to silence you, your whispers of glory...and take my place at the head...

Engel stands before walking over to the dressing room mirror. His movements barely seen in the shadow. He turns on the light around the mirror and winces in shock as the brightness hits his pupils.

EH: Failure breeds madness, madness breeds desperation...

Engel begins to laugh manically as he smears greasepaint across his forehead.


The scene fades as Engel continues to laugh manically into the mirror.

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Re: 6CW Anarchy 24th July - Card and Promo thread

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Sat 15 Jul 2017, 9:58 pm

*Robin Reborn walks through the corridors of 6CW. He is smiling, has quick greetings with a couple of crew members as he walks through, dressed in his standard pink hoodie and blue jeans. He stops as he sees Charlotte Grey

RR: CG! What's up, girl?

*Charlotte turns to see Reborn and smiles. She has a mic in her hand

CG: Well, well, well, nowhere to run, Robin. I've got the time and you clearly do...

*Reborn smiles and walks over to come close enough to talk

RR: Awh hell, why not? I'm walking on air anyway: we're two weeks from the biggest night of the year, the pay per view anniversary of the biggest triumph of my career. And I booked my place in the Elimination Chamber - hoping to go through hell once more to get back to the top of the tree, putting your boy back on top

CG: You're happy with the result from Anarchy, I take it. But no regrets over how you've booked your place at the cost of Engel?

*Reborn scratches his head but carries on with energy

RR: Yeah and nah, know what I mean? I told the world, and I have always told Engel too - we in competition. You don't get in here to hold hands, you come in looking to win matches and prove yourself. It was business, that win was business...

*He trails off

CG: But..? There's some reticence there. Robin. What's gone on since?

*Reborn exhales loudly

RR: We ain't spoken since, that I can tell ya. I looked in his eyes as I backed away from that ring; I stole in and took the 3 count - he was furious.

CG: Engel wanted that spot

RR: Sure, Engel wanted it; Engel needed it. But he ain't done in this business just cos he lost a match. You ain't never gonna be a success around here if you can't comeback from defeat. Don't just ask me, Charlotte - look at Dicey, look at Wood, look at Cerberus, look around the walls and in the hall of fame.

CG: But will he walk away with your name on his lips as to why?

RR: Maybe. Right now, I got to look after me. Once I win that match, there'll be a target forming on my back again. Your boy has had bumps with folk before I even go there and win it. Hero don't want me in that match, JJ don't, Grace don't, Crime Lord don't! They all come and shared words cos they worried. That target is already forming, I ain't hiding though.

Engel? JJ? Hero? They know where I'll be - in that ring. They want me? I say come find a brother.

*Reborn smiles, nods then walks away

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Re: 6CW Anarchy 24th July - Card and Promo thread

Post by TwisT on Mon 17 Jul 2017, 3:11 pm

The arena is full of fans as we hear the Lloyd brothers arguing.

HA: Why are you wearing that ridiculous t-shirt?!

The camera shows the two brothers, with Henry wearing a white t-shirt which reads “#BeyondNecessary”.

HE: It is showing my appreciation for Anthony Grace! A declaration that I do not want him to be involved in anything that could damage 6CW.

HA: You mean taking part in scheduled matches? His no show didn’t damage 6CW’s reputation, only Grace’s. If it could get any worse…….

HE: Grace has put himself in harm’s way for the good of business before. And even now, with this great merchandise idea, he is helping 6CW and Monster Energy fill their pockets!

HA: At the expense of people having any respect for him at all.

HE: Take a look around you! There are more people here wearing Grace stuff than anyone else! The #BeyondNecessary t-shirts have all but sold out!

HA: Brought by Grace I believe! Face facts!

HE: What facts?!

HA: The facts that Anthony Grace barely registered a punch in the tag team match on the last show. Then he was shown up by Crime Lord. Then he decided not to take part in a TV title match that he had come out here a week before and exclaimed that he would make the title bigger than the World championships!

HE: And after all that what did he get? A place in the Fight for the Right elimination match up! It doesn’t matter what he does, he always benefits! And why should he benefit? Because he is the most talked about star 6CW has ever produced. End of!

Before Harold can retort, “Power” by Kayne West starts up. The crowd look to the stage and see Anthony Grace appear with white trousers on and a gold t-shirt with the words “#BeyondNecessary” on it. Grace turns on the stage to show off the back of the t-shirt which reads “Because Anthony Grace is Worth It”.

HA: The man is a walking hashtag. Is there nothing he won’t try and market for his own gain?!

Grace strides down to the ring as the crowd, even in their #BeyondNecessary t-shirts, start to boo. Grace ignores them and walks up the steel steps. He turns and stares across the arena before entering the ring. He is passed a gold microphone and eyeballs the crowd as they continue to boo. The music dies down as Grace goes to speak, stops and allows the boos to continue. He finally speaks after a few moments.

AG: So all of you people are upset I refused to put the company’s greatest asset in a match that was beyond necessary?

He runs his finger along the words on his t-shirt to emphasise his point.

AG: You are angry because I was assaulted by my tag team partner and that I didn’t want to risk further injury?

He shakes his head.

AG: You blame me for waves of people turning their TV’s off when Cameron Faith took my place?

Grace jabs his finger at the crowd.


Grace gets irate when a “Grace is sh*t” chant starts up and bellows to the crowd.

AG: No, no, no, no! I am not sh*t. Someone looking this good and earning this amount of money is never sh*t. What I am is someone you need to shut the hell up and listen too.

HA: Why?……what Grace says and what Grace does are always two separate things.

HE: Oh shut up and listen to what the boss has to say.

Grace paces the ring.

AG: I told you I would take TV and elevate it to World levels. That people will tune in to see matches that involved that championship and walk away for anything else. Of course some people, like my so called tag team partner, took offence at that. Simply because the only thing they could elevate is my billion dollar body and smash it against the ramp!

Grace stops and glares at the crowd as they laugh at this.

AG: There was no way I could continue and put this money making man in jeopardy. Not for TV and not for the World. Taking part would be beyond necessary.,,,,,,

Once again he runs his finger over the words on his t-shirt.

AG: If you must cry over not viewing a double feature courtesy of the A-Game, then cry in the direction of Enforcer’s office. A man who once again has failed to understand how much of a pawn he is and who I can move around the board at will.

The crowd boo and Grace shouts back.


The crowd quieten down.

AG: For all of Enforcer’s meddling, I STILL have being given a reward for his incompetence. Fighting not for the right……but for righting wrong. I am the most important spectacle under the 6CW banner. I am the prize winning icon that 6CW pushes to the stars. I am the worldwide wonder man being willed to win by Monster Energy. Fight for the Right isn’t the main event unless I am involved. And the main event isn’t Anthony Grace unless money is there too.

Grace paces the ring.

AG: So the next match. The final match. This is nothing more than 5 guys wanting to be what they can’t. Either siding with Grace-ness or against Grace-ness, it all points to the same thing……..

Grace stares at the camera.

AG: You can’t get rid of me. You can’t beat me. You can’t destroy me. Because I have dollars in my corner and gold etched on my name. So step aside and relent to the inevitable. 6CW is Grace. And Grace owns you all.

Grace lowers his microphone and stares up the ramp.


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Re: 6CW Anarchy 24th July - Card and Promo thread

Post by Fernando on Mon 17 Jul 2017, 10:48 pm

"Haunted" by Disturbed hits as Cerberus slowly strides down the ramp keeping eye contact on Wood all the way to the ring

HE: It appears we're going to find out now

Cerberus cracks his knuckles before raising his mic

I hate to bring you back down to reality like this but i shall anyway...
You are in the main event of Night Of Glory because of me...
And solely me...not because you've done anything...
Without me you're back in the midcard fighting the Cameron Faith's of the world...

Why...? Because that belt is irrelevant as long as you hold it...
It was irrelevant last year when you held it and it still is now...

Wood taps the belt on his shoulder mouthing "This is the only title that matters"

This is the point where most people go well why do you want it...
If you have watched 6CW the last 12 months you would know already...
When i hold a title i raise it to a level that even you can't comprehend Liam...
I took the TV Title and brought it out the doldrums and on level footing with that title on your shoulder...
Because you are an embarrassment of a champion...

HE: Some Strong Words there from Cerberus
HA: The word you mean is wrong Henry, Wrong on so many levels.

Night of Glory is the time that i raise that title to where it should be...
Up there as a symbol of standards when it comes to wrestling...
Not this pathetic attempt at a title reign...
Without Edward & all the help you had...
You'd have been 1 defense and out just like usual...

Cerberus leans back in the turnbuckles

You are making the same mistake that everyone else has before you...
You see me as the typical monster that comes in destroys and leaves without thinking...
Unfortunately for all the blueprints & nicknames that you've come up with...
You still haven't figured out the one thing that you need to...
Because your ego is blinding you to the obvious Liam...

Cerberus smirks in the corner and just stares at the oblivious Wood 


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Re: 6CW Anarchy 24th July - Card and Promo thread

Post by x12x on Tue 18 Jul 2017, 9:57 pm

As Cerberus smirks a confused look covers Wood's face before he begins to speak

Wait...so my belt is irrelevant?...

Cerberus nods

...BUT you want it?

So either you're saying that even in it's irrelevancy it's still the most important belt OR that you can only strive to be irrelevant because it's all you're used to...well guess what...I can help keep you as irrelevant as you like because I won't make you famous...NO...I'll erase you from the god damn history books just like I've done to the others who have faced me...

...Dicey Reilly after losing to me slummed it with you and your little X-Treme Title...Keith Leone and Mike Masters disappeared....Engel has stayed mental and Cameron Faith resorted to going after a belt more his speed...the TV Title. You see, you can come out and claim that the TV Title is as important as a World Title but only a few months ago all you could do was cry about how 6CW didn't care, how the title had no direction and nobody cared about the belt...

...Cerberus, you might have a short memory but I don't...I remember how you've ruled a dead division which is now headed up by Jerome Dubois...A man who despite being Hall Of Fame is Mr Irrelevant...so I guess your old title suits him.

Wood smirks before speaking again

Well done though, you made the step up and decided to face a real challenge...it all changes for you from here though...you now get to see what a REAL champion fights like and I'm sorry but Night Of Glory isn't going to end well for you because this belt...is staying with me.

Wood begins to pace, recalling a thing that Cerberus said earlier.

Please tell me about the midcard though because if you look at my god damn career it's clear that I don't know a damn thing about it...even at rock bottom I was still fighting for world titles, I was still fighting the best and I still had the fans lapping it up like I gave a sh¡t about any of them...you see, you can come out here and tell me you're going to send me back to where I was but I started my career...NIGHT ONE...by winning a title and putting my name on the map.

So please take a second to think about the words you just let spew out of your mouth because without you...I'm STILL World Champion, without you I'm STILL a man who has held this belt three times...I'm STILL the man that you wanted to fight...for the belt that you want.

Wood taps the belt

So like I said...is this the best you have? Do you just hope that people won't watch the 6CW Network and watch how you cried over your belt meaning nothing? Or how I clicked my fingers and took it away like it was nothing?

You say I'm in the main event because of you but the truth is the belt is where it should be...the person I beat is irrelevant...just like it was last year when I beat Dicey Reilly, just like it was when I beat Keith Leone. So tell me it's worthless, tell me it's irrelevant and copy exactly what Dicey did last year but the truth is...the moment you got the chance...you begged to fight me for MY belt.

Wood then walks over to the turnbuckle opposite Cerberus and hops up sitting high above the ring

One thing I find funny though is that you think I'm making the mistake of seeing you as the monster but the truth is...I say what I see...you tick every single box and every single cliché as if you're trying to win a prize, you want to talk about being the standard of wrestling but the truth is you're just another Undertaker Cosplay trying his best to scare people...

...well I'm sorry but I see through your BS and at Night Of Glory, I show you just how out of your depths you really are as you face the TRUE champion of 6CW.

Wood lowers the mic and mouths "you're swimming with sharks now boy".


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Re: 6CW Anarchy 24th July - Card and Promo thread

Post by Guest on Wed 19 Jul 2017, 8:52 am

The following is a 6CW exclusive and takes place after the recent Anarchy went off air

The scene opens backstage. Gazzy is pacing from corridor to corridor


Gazzy comes across a member of the production team and stops him

G: Buddy. You seen Enforer anywhere?

The stagehand points towards one of the dressing rooms and gazzy thanks him before making his way to the room. He knocks

E: Just a minute

Gazzy pays no attention and forces his way in. Enforcer is in the middle of a conversation on his mobile and looks unhappy as he is forced to cut his call short

E: I said give me a minute. What gives you the right to just force your way in here while I’m in the middle of an important phone call?

G: I’m sorry OK. But I’m fed up of being the nice guy around here. I’ve had enough of everything. What has being nice ever gotten me? My ass kicked……repeatedly. Well enough!!

E: So what do you want of me?

G: I want Plague at Anarchy in two weeks. I want to put an end to all of this nonsense. I want to put an end to this crap year. I want you to sign the match off and make it official

Enforcer sighs

E: gazzy….listen. As far as next Anarchy, our go home show before Night of Glory, I’ve already finalised the card. Plague has the night off. But if I’m being honest, why would I even book that match?

G: what you mean?

E: I don’t think I’m way out of line here by saying that you’re hardly the superstar you once where. When I see gazzy now, I no longer see the gazzy that fought against all odds to win the 6CW title in a fatal for way. I no longer see the gazzy who pushed me to my absolute limits for the EWF Title. Not even the gazzy who took the fight to the monster, Joshua, knowing what dangers he was walking in to.

No, when I look at you now, it pains me to say this, but I see a hollow shell of the superstar you once were. I’ve seen you claiming to still have the passion and hunger for this business. But I’m really not sure. Whenever I’ve seen you utter those words these past 12 months I always felt that you’re trying to convince yourself as opposed to others.

Gazzy starts to show signs of anger towards Enforcer

E: Wait a minute gazzy….hear me out. Over the past month or two every time you have come across Plague, you’ve ended up in a bad way. In fact, I don’t recall one time when the shoe has been on the other foot. To me, I’m sorry, but I only see one outcome if I make that match. That’s not good for business. Maybe if you prove to me, the fans….prove to yourself that you still have the appetite for this business then I might change my mind. But right now

Gazzy doesn’t even give Enforcer chance to finish and squares up to him

G: how about I prove to you that still got the appetite right now, huh?

Gazzy pushes Enforcer back, and the former champion looks stunned

E: gazzy, you don’t want to do this. Not forgetting the fact that I could still beat your ass up and down this arena, you’re forgetting one thing. I’m the boss around here. I could fire your ass right now. Now I don’t think that Christy would take too well if you lost your job right?

Gazzy at the sheer mention of his wifes name appears to take a step back

E: that’s what I thought. Now I ain’t going to fire you, but I don’t appreciate you coming in and challenging me like this. I think we have room on the next card for one more match after all

G: so you’re giving me Plague?

E: please, gazzy. I’ve already told you my reasons why I won’t make that match…..yet. No next time out it will be gazzyD versus the new number one contender for the TV title, Cameron Faith


E: a what, gazzy? If I’m honest all I’ve seen of late is a has been, a man who once had everything and wasted it all. You’re forgetting Cameron Faith is one of 6CWs shining lights recently, whereas yours looks to have diminished some time ago. But how about you prove to me…….no, you prove to yourself that you still got what it takes, and maybe…..just maybe I might give you what you want

G: But…

E: Now get the hell out of here

Gazzy looks at Enforcer dead in the eyes angrily before reluctantly backing down and exiting the room slamming the door behind him. Enforcer shakes his head before returning to make his previous phone call


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Re: 6CW Anarchy 24th July - Card and Promo thread

Post by Steel on Fri 21 Jul 2017, 4:38 pm

The scene opens backstage where Tim Allen can already be seen stood in front of a poster advertising Night of Glory. Tim has a broad smile on his face.

TA: I normally like to keep my interviews face to face but unfortunately that isn't quite possible at this moment in time.

Tim: Then pulls his flip phone mobile out of his pocket along with a post-it note and begins to dial a number from the note.

Tim Then holds the microphone to the speaker as the phone rings. The ringing continued until the number goes to voicemail. Tim quickly hangs up.

TA: Not to worry folks I shall persevere, you don't get to my level by giving up at the first attempt.

Tim let's out a nervous cough before re-dialling the number, he then waits again as the phone rings, eventually there is an answer.

??: Hello

TA: Geoff, how are you pal?

GS: Erm good, who's is this.

TA: Its Tim, Geoff, Tim Allen.

Geoff remain silent for a few moments.

GS: errm ok, why exactly are you calling me Tim.

TA: Well obviously we can't talk in person, so this was the best option.

GS: I don't think youre supposed to be contacting me at all Tim, I'm sure you know the reason why I'm not around for you to interview in person. Besides how did you even get this number.

TA: 6CW has everyone's number on the system in case of emergency, can you believe it's not even password protected just about anybody cab access it, imagine the nuisance calls if that got out. That's not important though, what Is important is bringing the 6CW fans what they want, right now they want to hear your thoughts on your suspension.

GS: Wait are you recording this call Tim.

TA: Of course, I'd crawl through broken glass to bring the people the hottest news, it gets no hotter than a suspension.

Geoff then ends the call.

Tim looks confused at the camera.

TA: Signal is always a problem here, let me try get Geoff back on the phone.

Tim dials the number again and waits.

GS: Tim, dial this number again and we will have issues, I'll brake my suspension to come down their and stick that phone where you'll need a doctor with very slippery fingers to dial it for you. This call is bullsh1t and so is my suspension let's leave it at that, goodbye Tim.

Steel then hangs up again.

Tim looks quite startled and then places the phone back in his pocket.

TA: There we go folks I guess we can take from that Geoff is far from happy with the suspension. I'm sure when I call him later to ask about his personal life he will be more forthcoming.

The scene then begins to fade to black.


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Re: 6CW Anarchy 24th July - Card and Promo thread

Post by Perfect Jack on Sat 22 Jul 2017, 12:41 am

SR: Good Morning Britain, here's the news you're waking up to this morning.

Susanna Reid proceeds to introduce the news topics that will be discussed.

SR: Following on from that, love him or hate him, we have an exclusive live interview with the controversial wrestling figure Perfect Jack, from the world's fastest growing wrestling promotion in the world, 6CW.

A few adverts play before the live broadcast returns.

SR: We are back ladies and gentlemen and I am very happy to introduce to you the current 6CW UK and International Champion...Perfect Jack.

Perfect Jack walks onto the stage to a mild applause. He is wearing an ice white Ralph Lauren Polo shirt with Navy Blue Ralph Lauren shorts. He has the UK title over one shoulder and the International championship around his waist. He greets Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid with handshakes. Perfect Jack puts both titles on the table for the audience to see.

SR: Thank you Perfect Jack for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come on to Good Morning Britain to speak with us,

PJ: You are very welcome, I'm sure it's an honour for both of you and ITV to have me appear live on your show.

SR: What is it like representing 6CW as one of it's champions?

PJ: It's a great honour and privilege. As THE face of the company, I carry the weight of the 6CW world and all its pressures on my back. No one else in the company can say that.

PM: Well as the face of the company as you say, just like the BBC pay revelations in the past few days, it has come to my attention through a 6CW press release that you're not one of the company's highest earners, how does that make you feel.

Perfect Jack laughs before responding.

PJ: Those figures are incorrect. They were published to massage the pathetic egos of my colleagues. My figure is much higher than that, trust me.

SR: Now I've done my research prior to you coming on here, and it's to my understanding that there's some controversy surrounding you, your rival Clarke James and those two belts right there. Could you clear that up for us?

PM: What is there to clear up? Is he the champion or isn't he?

Perfect Jack smirks.

PJ: I'd be glad to clear that up. I'm the real champion. I'm the real McCoy. Everyone knows it. No further explanation needed.

Perfect Jack smirks after answering the question.

PM: But a further explanation is needed though, there are still some who doubt the legitimacy of your championship reign.

PJ: Well I suggest to those who doubt the legitimacy of my title reign, to go back, watch the tapes and they'll see why I'm the rightful champion. I'll tell you what, I'm responsible for what I say, not for what you all don't understand.

SR: One last question before we go to a break, have you got any thoughts for Clarke James?

Perfect Jack smirks and stands up picking up both titles as he stands. He walks over to the main camera and looks straight down the lens.

PJ: Now you listen to me Clarke James and you listen real good buddy boy. I'm the real champion. Make no mistake about it.

Perfect Jack walks back to the center of the stage and raises both titles in the air.


Good Morning Britain quickly cuts to an ad break.

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Re: 6CW Anarchy 24th July - Card and Promo thread

Post by JJJohnson on Sun 23 Jul 2017, 8:11 pm

*JJ Johnson is sharing a locker room with Castiguer and Sicarius. JJ is wrapping his hands and staring at his feet whilst Castiguer stands and shakes his head.

Castiguer: Ok, enough is enough.....nearly a whole month has gone by and I haven't heard you address the Dicey Reilly loss once....what the hell happened to the JJ Johnson I came up with?

*JJ slowly raises his head to look at his former tag partner.

JJ: Sometimes in life you gotta learn a little humility...

Castiguer: The hell is that...

JJ: You know how I be, larger than life, talking the talk and walking the walk....but fo' the first time in my life I went into the big match....big match Jay....and I was so damn confident I'd leave with my hand raised in victory....but I lost.....no screw jobs, no distractions.....I was beaten by the better man....

And I respect the hell outta Dicey fo' that, I take nothing from him.....but fo' a month now I just can't get my head around how.....I can't wait to see Dicey go onto Night of Glory and win the 6CW Championship but bottom line I shouldn't lose that match....one on one I'm the winner ninety nine times out of one hundred and yet on that night I just couldn't get the job done...

So you wanna know why I'm quiet? Because JJ Johnson fo' the first time ever is wondering if I'm still elite level...

*Castiguer is really shaking his head now. He turns to Sicarius.

Castiguer: Tell him?

*JJ raises his eyebrows as Sicarius looks shifty

Castiguer: Tell him why you became a professional wrestler...

*Sicarius shrugs his shoulders

Sicarius: 6WF Explosion 2009.....I was front row....

*JJ stares at Sicarius for a moment, weighing him up

Sicarius: I'd been contemplating wrestling during high school but I just wasn't sure it was for me....I watched you that night as you beat Cassius and Abe Abercorn for the TAW Heavyweight Championship....I remember the electricity in the air, every single fan in that building was on your side....and you had them all in the palm of your hand.....you were prime, you were unstoppable....and I remember thinking to myself, that is exactly where I want to be....that is the life for me....you inspired me to get here...

*Castiguer is nodding his head

Castiguer: You inspired a whole generation.....and you lost one match so now all of a sudden you don't have it no more? Do me a favour, JJ, and pull yo head out of your a55...you are the greatest professional wrestler of all time....of all time, I said it....Dicey Reilly got your number last time out, and there is gonna be days when your number comes up again.....it's always been that way....but the JJ Johnson I know never gave up, never backed down...rolled with the goddamn punches and roared back fighting better than ever before.....

*JJ takes a deep breath

Sicarius: You're still on the cusp, JJ.....your performance against Dicey was good enough to earn your spot inside the Elimination Chamber, every cloud has a silver lining...

*Castiguer grins

Castiguer: The kid has a point...

*JJ nods his head

JJ: Yo both right, ain't no excuses fo' me moping around here....I'm going into one of the most dangerous matches imaginable with five other guys hungry fo' that Fight for the Right briefcase...

Castiguer: That briefcase is yours for the taking.....not one man in that match has got more talent than you....but they do have the hunger and the desire to succeed....as long as you match that then Big Match Jay handles the rest....they can't perform like you can...nobody performs like you can....you just gotta show these young pups and old cats who the man around here still is...they sleeping on you....time to wake them up...

Sicarius: Yes sir...

*JJ is laughing now

JJ; Damn should get together with you suckas mo' often...

Castiguer: Too straight, we'll keep it tight.....

JJ; And if I'm picking my a55 up off my shoulders and making statements then I think it's 'bout time you two started practicing what you preach....where them tag titles at?

Sicarius: It's strap season now, we ready to take ours...

Castiguer: TA are a damn fine team, but so where the Church....and Lord knows what we did to them back in the day, brother...

*JJ touches knuckles with Castiguer

JJ: You two got this, you already made waves but now you can step to the plate and claim it.....that tag division almost laying dormant and it needs a breath of fresh air....the TA need a challenge and I know the two of you bringing the pain, bringing the game, making it rain...

Castiguer: Then it's sorted.....our Night of Glory is on the horizon....6CW Tag Team Champions....Fight for the Right Winner on his way back to the mountain top...

*Sicarius lets out a loud wolf howl

JJ: I can get down with that...

Castiguer: And so you shall....

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Re: 6CW Anarchy 24th July - Card and Promo thread

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