Mae Young Classic all but the final results

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Mae Young Classic all but the final results

Post by Fernando on Sat 15 Jul 2017, 9:57 am

* Crowd lights are turned off during the matches like the Cruiserweight Classic. Matches have a 15-minute time limit
Episode 1, First Round:

* Princesa Sugehit defeated Kay Lee Ray. Crowd is hot and behind KLR. Solid match. They exchange chops in the corner. KLR locks in a Koji Clutch but Princesa turns it into a roll up for a near fall. Stiff kicks from Sugehit. KLR misses a senton bomb and Sugehit locks in an armbar for the win

* They're doing the same thing as the CWC with the winners' hand being raised with the loser at the end

* Ronda Rousey is here at ringside. SmackDown Women's Champion Naomi is brought out for the next match

* They introduce Jessika (Kennadi Brink) as the first full-time female referee in WWE history to a big pop

* Serena Deeb defeated Vanessa Borne. Serena goes for a monkey flip, but Vanessa throws her over the top and hits an elbow. Vanessa hits a headbutt for a near fall. Serena goes for a spear, but Vanessa sidesteps it and Serena slams the turnbuckle. Vanessa with a Samoan Drop for 2. Vanessa misses a splash, Serena ducks a clothesline and nails a spear for the win

* William Regal is shown at ringside. Charlotte Flair and Bayley are sitting behind Ronda. Ronda, Marina Shafir, and Jessamyn Duke are moved to ringside for Shayna's match

* Shayna Baszler defeated Zeda. Shayna refuses to shake hands. They grapple and Shayna tries to lock in an armbar. Zeda with a monkey flip for 2. Zeda locks in a choke, but Shayna powers out, lifts her up for a suplex, but flips her into a choke for the tapout. Shayna goes to ringside and poses with her fellow Four Horsewomen

* Bayley and Carmella are ringside for the next match, and in a cool move, they've moved Izzy up to sit between them for the match

* Piper Niven defeated Santana Garrett. Piper misses sitting on Santana and Santana hits a dropkick for 2. Piper nails a running cross body for a near fall. Santana hits a tornado DDT for a near fall. Santana hits her handspring elbow but Piper nails a crossbody. Santana flips Piper off the top rope and gets a 2 and the crowd goes nuts. Piper hits a senton to Santana's back and then a sit out powerslam for the win. Crowd got really into this one

Episode 2, First Round:

* Tamina Snuka is ringside for the first match

* Mia Yim defeated Sarah Logan. Good match. Mia with a flurry of kicks for a 2 count. Mia locks in an octopus on the ropes then hits a missile dropkick for a near fall. Mia locks in a guillotine choke, but Sarah powers out and they trade punches and kicks while seated. Sarah goes for a clothesline but Mia sucks it and hits a suplex for a near fall. Sarah hits a dropkick to the corner and then a suplex off the top rope for a near fall. Mia hits Eat Defeat for the win

* Mercedes Martinez defeated Xia Li. Lots of kicks from Xia to start. Quick match. Not a ton of note in it. Mercedes transitions a surfboard into a reverse guillotine choke for a quick tap out

* Emma, Maria & Mike Kanellis are shown at ringside

* Rhea Ripley defeated Miranda Salinas. Rhea with a huge dropkick in the corner. Miranda with a roll up for 2. Rhea hits a full nelson slam for the win. Rhea got over big with the crowd

* Nia Jax and her family are now at ringside

* Abbey Laith defeated Jazzy Gabert. Abbey with stiff forearms to start, but Jazzy keeps throwing her down. Crowd comes unglued the third toss down. Abbey ducks a kick and hits a jawbreaker to stagger Jazzy. Jazzy locks in a move similar to the Anaconda Vice, but Abbey fights out. Jazzy tries to lift her up from an armbar position, but Abbey deadweights and Jazzy locks in a rear naked choke. Abbey goes for a crossbody off the top and Jazzy power slams her. She goes for the cocky cover and only gets one. Abbey fights back and hits a step up enziguri and the yes kicks, but can only get 2. Abbey hits a senton bomb for a 2 count. Crowd is super into this. Jazzy folds her in half with a clothesline and goes in with punches on the mat. Jazzy goes for the crucifix/Widow's Peak move, but Abbey rolls out and rolls her up for the win. Jazzy hugs Abbey post match and raises her hand

Episode 3, First Round:

* Charlotte Flair and Sara Amato are now ringside

* Toni Storm defeated Ayesha Raymond. Ayesha refuses the handshake. Toni is super over. Nice technical chain to start. Ayesha with a scoop slam for 2. Crowd booing Ayesha heavy. Ayesha goes up top, but comes down and jawjacks with the crowd. She goes up in the opposite corner for a splash, but misses and Toni rolls her up for the win

* Dakota Kai defeated Kavita Devi. Playing the David/Goliath angle here. Kavita dominating with power moves, including a press slam and lifting Dakota up with one arm. Kai ducks a corner splash and then hits her base-running kick and a double stomp off the top for the win

* Johnny Gargano, Natalya and WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix are now ringside. Nia Jax and family members are still there from the previous episode

* Candice LeRae defeated Renee Michelle. Gargano is ringside cheering and chanting for his wife Candice. They start with a series of 1-counts leading to a respectful standoff. Candice gets back in control with a codebreaker and hits a neckbreaker for a near fall. Candice with chops in the corner. Renee with a spin kick for 2. Candice hits a running kick on a seated Renee for a near fall. Candice hits jumping spinning neckbreaker off the top for the win

* Rachel Evers defeated Marti Belle. Kassius Ohno is ringside to support his girlfriend Rachel. Rachel goes for lockups, but Marti keeps claiming she's not ready. Marti playing big heel here. Rachel with a bicycle kick for 2. Marti necks her on the rope and takes control. Sloppy work from Marti, she's not having a good showing at all. Rachel hits a spinebuster for a near fall. Marti hits a Stroke for a near fall. Rachel gets a small package on Marti for the pin

Episode 4, First Round:

* Akira Tozawa is at ringside

* Bianca Belair defeated Sage Beckett. Montez Ford is also at ringside to support his fiancé Bianca. Bianca with a leg drop to the back and a splash for 2. Sage hits a sit out full nelson slam for a near fall. Sage with a corner splash and a running kick but only gets 1. Sage puts Bianca in the tree of woe and splashes her. Sage misses a Vader splash, and Bianca whips her with her hair and hits a spear for the win

* Alicia Fox takes Tozawa's seat at ringside

* Lacey Evans defeated Taynara Conti. Conti with kicks and strikes to start. Conti with an overhead throw for 2. Lacey with a twisting neckbreaker and a flip off the mat into an elbow. Lacey hits a sitdown driver for the win. Taynara refuses the handshake at the end

* Nicole Savoy defeated Reina Gonzalez. Nicole goes for a pele, but Reina pulls her hair and knocks her down. Sloppy match. Nicole locks in an armbar for the win

* Shinsuke Nakamura and RAW Women's Champion Alexa Bliss are ringside for the final match of the night

* Kairi Sane defeated Tessa Blanchard. Kairi is a star. This crowd loves her. Tessa with a neckbreaker for 2. Big chops from Kairi. Baseball slide forearm and a big axehandle from Kairi for 2. Tessa sidesteps and drapes Kairi in the ropes, hitting a leg drop to her back. Tessa goes up top, but Kairi hits a forearm. Tessa knocks her off the rope and hits a cannonball senton for a near fall. Series of roll ups for twos. Tessa goes for a kick but Kairi catches her leg and hits a kick to the back. Kairi hits the Alabama Slam and the elbow to a huge pop for the win

Day 2

Episode 5, Second Round:
* The remaining 16 women are on stage with the Mae Young Classic trophy to start us off. 2nd round matches have a 20 minute time limit

* Abbey Laith defeated Rachel Evers. Great match. Huge dueling "Let's go Rachel/Let's Go Abbey" chants at the start. Abbey hits a suicide dive after a springboard armdrag. Rachel with a running senton for a near fall. Rachel with an STO and a springboard leg drop for 2. Both girls nail a bicycle kick at the same time to lay the other out as the crowd goes nuts and chants "women's wrestling." They trade punches and kicks. Rachel cuts Abbey off with a forearm and hits a scoop slam off the top rope for two. Abbey ducks a boot and hits a powerbomb for the win

* Emma is ringside for the next match. Serena Deeb vs Piper Niven is shown on screen as a match for later

* Piper Niven defeated Serena Deeb. Serena with a headlock early, trying to wear her down. Serena goes for a scoop slam off, but Piper falls on her for a 2. Piper with a headlock. Serena with a roll up for 2. Piper with a running cross body for 2. Serena gets her knees up as Piper goes for a running senton. Serena hits a sliced bread like run up the ropes into a side headlock. Serena with a slam and a neckbreaker for a nearfall. Serena tries to get her in a fireman's carry but can't get her up, and Piper throws her into the corner and hits a cannonball. Piper sidesteps a corner spear and hits a middle rope splash for a 2. Piper goes to the top and misses a splash, but reverses Serena's Irish whip attempt into the Michinoku driver for the win

* Bayley is also seated in the crowd with Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch

* Kalisto is now ringside for our next match

* Mercedes Martinez defeated Princesa Sugehit. Princesa goes for the three amigos but Mercedes catches her in the ropes. Princesa sidesteps a running corner boot and nails a codebreaker. They battle on the top rope, and Princesa tosses Mercedes off the rope and hits a tornado DDT for a near fall. Princesa with a tilt-o-whirl into an armbar, but Mercedes gets out. Mercedes hits a Fisherman Suplex for the win

* Mike & Maria Kanellis are at ringside

* Kairi Sane defeated Bianca Belair. Bianca backs Kairi in the corner to start. Bianca getting the best of Kairi with overpowering moves. Kairi fires up and hits a dropkick. Kairi with forearms. Bianca whips Kairi in the midsection with her hair, and then just starts sipping her all over ther ring into the corner with it. Crowd goes nuts for it and boos Bianca out of the building. Bianca catches Kairi and hits a delayed vertical suplex with squats for a close near fall. Bianca with more power moves and a few different submissions. Bianca hits a Glam Slam for a near fall. Kairi gets her knees up on a splash and fights back with chops. Kairi hits a forearm off the middle rope after an Irish whip. Kairi locks in a submission but Bianca fights out and hits a powerslam for 2. Bianca with a stiff forearm but it just fires Kairi up. Bianca is dazed but hits a spinebuster, and a 630 splash for a nearfall. Crowd goes nuts. Kairi sidesteps the spear, nails the sliding forearm, a spinning backfist, and the elbow for the win

Episode 6, Second Round:

* Nigel McGuinness is ringside

* Toni Storm defeated Lacey Evans. Toni offers a handshake, but Lacey pulls her in to a headlock. Toni with a big boot and hits her butt-to-the-head moves, but Lacey ducks the final one and gets a roll up for 2. Lacey dives over the top with an elbow drop for a nearfall. Toni with forearms and hits a draping backcracker. Toni hits a fisherman driver onto her knee for the win

* We have dueling Four Horsewomen as Ronda Rousey, Jessamyn Duke, and Marina Shafir are brought to ringside on the opposite side of Charlotte, Bayley, and Becky Lynch (with Sasha Banks on FaceTime)

* Shayna Baszler defeated Mia Yim. Mia ducks a kick and gets a roll up. Mia nails a suicide dive right in front of Ronda & co. Shayna blocks a kick and goes to work on the ankle. Shayna hits a gut wrench suplex for 2. Mia takes over with kicks. Shayna comes out of the corner with a knee strike for 2. Mia gets a suplex for 2, and goes for another, but gets caught in a heel hook. Mia fights out of it and hits a powerbomb for 2. Mia goes up top and goes for a 450, but Shayna catches her in a choke for the win. The Four Horsewomen on either side of the ramp jawjack, as Shayna stares down Charlotte, Becky, and Bayley as Charlotte challenges her to bring it

* Dakota Kai defeated Rhea Ripley. Dakota flips Rhea out of the ring, but she lands on her feet. Rhea gets Dakota in an electric chair, and slams her face into the apron. Rhea with a dropkick for 2. Dakota with a roll up for 2. Rhea with a pop-up and lets Dakota splat the mat for a near fall. Dakota fights back with a kick. Dakota hits the corner kick for a near fall. They fight on the top rope and Dakota hits the double stomp with Rhea in the tree of woe for the pin

* Johnny Gargano is ringside for our final 2nd round match: Candice LeRae vs Nicole Savoy

* Candice LeRae defeated Nicole Savoy. Nicole kicks Candice's hand away on the handshake attempt. Candice with a tornado DDT. Nicole folds Candice in half with a nasty German suplex. They grapple and trade submissions. Candice hits a facebuster. Nicole dodges a corner kick but gets hit with a boot when she tries one of her own. Nicole hits two roll-through butterfly suplexes and transitions into an armbar. Nicole dominating and hits a German for a 2. Nicole reverses and tilt-o-whirl armbar attempt into a firemans carry slam into the turnbuckle. Nicole goes for a butterfly off the top, but Candice fights off. They fight up top and Candice hits her swinging neckbreaker off the top for the win. Candice runs out and hugs Johnny after the match.

Episode 7, Quarterfinals:

* Drew Gulak is ringside for our first quarterfinal match. 25 minute time limit for the quarters

* Mercedes Martinez defeated Abbey Laith. Lockup to start. Mercedes with a headlock. Abbey hits a facebuster split and a few armdrags for a near fall. Mercedes with forearms and chops in the corner. Abbey out of the corner with rapid fire chops and a bicycle kick for 2. Abbey with kicks in the corner. They brawl on the apron and Abbey knocks Mercedes off and hits a crossbody off the top. Abbey rolls her in for 2. Mercedes throws Abbey out of the ring and tries to drape her over the top rope, but Abbey slides over and hits a German for a near fall. Mercedes fights back with kicks and hits a fisherman suplex for the win. Crowd is not happy with that one. Abby is busted open a bit

* Johnny Gargano back out at ringside to support his wife, as are Ronda Rousey, Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke to support their Four Horsewomen friend

* Candice LeRae vs. Shayna Baszler is up

* Shayna Baszler defeated Candice LeRae. Shayna refuses the handshake. Shayna with a huge jumping knee to start. Candice ducks a boot and kicks Shayna out of the ring. Candice hits a suicide dive into a tornado DDT and rolls her in for a near fall. Candice with the GargaNo Escape to a huge pop. Shayna gets the ropes but Candice rolls off and keeps the hold. Shayna deadlifts her into a side slam. They brawl on the top and Candice goes for her neckbreaker, but Shayna turns it into her rear naked choke for the win. Crowd booing huge as Shayna won't let the choke go. Shayna finally lets it go and jaw jacks with Gargano. Gargano jumps the rail to check on Candice. After having her hand raised, Shayna kicks Candice in front of Johnny. After Shayna left the ring, Johnny helped Candice up to a huge ovation and left her to take a bow

* Lana is ringside for our next match: Piper Niven vs. Toni Storm

* Toni Storm defeated Piper Niven. Great back and forth at the beginning ending with both ladies holding hands and kicking out of a double pin attempt while still locked up, and a bridge up kickout by both to a standing ovation. Piper with a running crossbody for a nearfall. Piper with a running senton for 2. Piper dodges Toni's corner splash, but Toni dodges the cannonball and hits her splash. Piper hits the Michinoku driver, but Toni kicks out. Piper is distraught and hits the cannonball, and goes up for a splash, but Toni German suplexes her off the middle rope and hits a leg drop off the top for the win. Great match

* Funaki is out for our next quarterfinal: Kairi Sane vs. Dakota Kai. On the way to the ring, Ronda Rousey asks for a hi-five from Kairi and gets excited when Kairi obliges

* Kairi Sane defeated Dakota Kai. Nice exchange at the start. Kairi hits a running neckbreaker for a big pop. Kairi with chops in the corner. Kairi goes up top but Dakota pulls her down for a 2 count. Dakota with a big face wash boot for 2. Kairi with big chops and a dropkick as Dakota is on the ropes. Dakota hits the running boot. They trade forearms and go up top. Dakota goes for the double stomp, but Kairi leans out of the way and hits a forearm off the top for a nearfall. Dakota with a huge kick, but Kairi ducks the running kick, nails an Alabama Slam, and hits the elbow drop for the win. Awesome match

* WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix is out to be a guest commentator for the next match

* Tessa Blanchard, Jazzy Gabert and Kay Lee Ray defeated Santana Garrett, Sarah Logan and Marti Belle. Jazzy Gabert gets a massive pop from the crowd and huge Jazzy chants. Tessa & Sarah start, and the crowd erupts in We Want Jazzy chants. Sarah tags Santana who gets a series of pin attempts. KLR in, and they double team Santana as the ref is distracted, but Santana gets a double springboard armdrag for a 2 count. Marti in, and they trade forearms. Jazzy gets the tag and the crowd comes unglued. Jazzy kills Marti. Crowd is on their feet. Jazzy with a torture rack on Marti and she throws her into the turnbuckle and tags Tessa. Marti with a facebuster, and gets the hot tag to Santana. However the crowd explodes as Jazzy is tagged back in. The crowd boos as Santana locks in a choke, but KLR breaks it up. KLR accidentally takes out Jazzy, and the women all take each other out. It ends up with Jazzy alone with Marti, and Santana comes off the rope, but Jazzy catches her, puts her over her shoulder and nails a face plant driver for the win. The crowd erupts in "Please Sign" Jazzy chants

* Triple H out. The crowd erupts in "Please Sign Jazzy" chants, and Hunter laughs and says we did this in the Cruiserweight Classic and it cost him too much money, he's got budgets. He says he's out her to thank us. There's not been a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for women's wrestling until now. He says there's one more person he needs to thank, and that's Sara Amato. Triple H gives a really nice speech about Sara's journey and how much she's helped bring women's wrestling up and they give her a bouquet of flowers. The crowd gives her a nice "Thank You Sara" chant. Triple H jokes that Sara hates him right now, but there's one thing left to ask: "Are You Ready" for the semifinals?!?

Episode 8, Semifinals:

* The semifinals have a 30 minute time limit

* Shayna Baszler defeated Mercedes Martinez to advance to the finals. Mercedes shoots for a takedown to start. Shayna does a lackadaisical kick and Mercedes unloads with forearms. Mercedes catches Shayna with kicks and punches and locks a headlock in. Mercedes goes side and tries to lock in an armbar. Shayna fights out and unloads with forearms. Shayna with a roll through gut wrench suplex for 2. Shayna has a leglock in and transitions to an ankle lock. Mercedes with kicks to the face to fight out. They trade forearms and Mercedes slaps Shayna and unloads with forearms. Mercedes hits the fisherman suplex, but her leg is too hurt for hurt to make the cover and Shayna kicks out at 2. Mercedes with a barrage of suplexes. Mercedes goes for the Fisherman again, but Shayna fights out and locks in the rear naked choke. Mercedes tries to fight it but eventually taps out to give Shayna the win. Post match, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Sara Amato present Shayna with a bouquet and raise her hand, and also congratulate Mercedes

* Kairi Sane defeated Toni Storm to advance to the finals. Collar and elbow to start. Great back and forth technical exchange. Toni with a pin attempt. Lots of technical wrestling here at the start. Kairi ducks a forearm on the apron, but misses a top rope forearm, ducks a clothesline and hits a running boot. Toni with uppercuts, but they just fire Kairi up. Kairi pulls Toni off the apron and goes up top and hits a big crossbody to the floor. Kairi rolls her in and gets 2. Kairi with a half crab but Toni gets to the ropes. Toni blocks the sliding forearm and hits her corner butt splash, but Kairi explodes out of the corner with a spear on the second attempt. They trade strikes and Kairi fires up and hits a huge chop. Kairi goes for the elbow but Toni blocks and hits a Muscle Buster/Fisherman Buster for a nearfall. Toni blocks a spinning backfist and locks in an armbar while laying on Kairi's back. The crowd explodes with Kairi chants and Kairi reverses it for a near fall. Toni goes for the leg drop, but Kairi rolls over and Toni lands on Kairi's back. Kairi gets a cross legged Boston crab locked in then hits the elbow drop for the win. Awesome match but a little botchy at the end. Same post match as the other semi

* Kairi is on the stage with Triple H, Sara and Stephanie, when Shayna Baszler walks out. They square off like a UFC press conference and pose for photos with the trophy behind them. Stephanie raises Shayna's arm and Sara raises Kairi's as Triple H gives them the stage and we get the announcement of this being the final match for Las Vegas on Tuesday, September 12th


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Re: Mae Young Classic all but the final results

Post by Dr Gregory House MD on Sat 15 Jul 2017, 4:35 pm

Sounds very interesting, looking forward to watching it when it comes out

Disappointed KLR went out so early, of the women in here I've heard of I'd put her easily top 5 in terms of ability, though I might be biased

Kairi is an obvious choice for the final, Baszler is much more interesting, she's not a great wrestler yet but I've seen her be carried to very good matches, she also has the UFC background that gives her a unique feel, I could easily see her matching up against Asuka so for that reason I'm tipping her to win

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Re: Mae Young Classic all but the final results

Post by Fernando on Wed 13 Sep 2017, 11:14 am

Final result:
Kairi Hojo def Shayna Bazler she gets a NXT womens Title shot for the vacant belt at Takeover


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Re: Mae Young Classic all but the final results

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