6CW Anarchy - Monday 9th October - Card and Promo Thread

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6CW Anarchy - Monday 9th October - Card and Promo Thread

Post by Mat on Wed 27 Sep 2017, 4:28 pm

Match 1
Perfect Jack & Clarke James vs Geoff Steel & Jerome Dubois

Match 2
Edward Plague vs Mike Hill

Match 3
JJ Johnson vs O’Callaghan

Match 4
The TA vs The Brotherhood (Liam Wood & Gazzy D)

Match 5
Dicey Reilly vs Crime Lord

Main Event
Cerberus vs Hero

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Re: 6CW Anarchy - Monday 9th October - Card and Promo Thread

Post by TwisT on Thu 28 Sep 2017, 3:43 pm

The arena is packed as fans wait for the next edition of Anarchy. Suddenly “Power” by Kayne West plays and the crowd start their usual chorus of boos. Anthony Grace soon appears, clutching onto his Grace Case, and looking seriously irate. He storms down to the ring before the music really gets going and slides under the ropes. A golden microphone is snatched from a member of 6CW staff and Grace screams out his words.


The music cuts but the crowd keep jeering him. The camera pans round and shows a number of anti-Grace posters being displayed. Grace eyeballs the audience and lifts up the Grace Case.

AG: This and a number of other things I possess means that you lot have to listen to what I say!

The crowd boo as Grace turns to the aisle.

AG: That means you backstage as well!

Grace drops the case to the floor and continues.

AG: All this time. All this effort. And it still didn’t occur to you all just who is destroying this place. I will be honest, until the last show I wasn’t 100% sure either. But then it dawned on me. The problem became crystal clear. One man is stopping the evolution of what was once a proud organisation. One man’s ego is tarnishing the history that surrounds the very name of 6CW. One man’s incompetence is dangerously close to losing his one and only chance of this place surviving!

Grace turns to the aisle again.


He furiously taps his microphone a few times before returning his attention to the crowd.

AG: You guys don’t need me to tell you that man is Enforcer. If he thinks he can dictate the future then he needs to realise he has a soon to be extinct role in The Hollywood Era.

Grace paces the ring.

AG: To bring 6CW back from the brink requires leadership not enforcement. To inspire people to follow you on this golden road requires direction not enforcement. To make 6CW the best it has ever been requires innovation not enforcement! We have no need for an Enforcer. We merely require a visionary!

The crowd jeer but Grace is quick to snap back.

AG: Oh yeah? Name me anyone else in this organisation that would happily slap the taste of success right out of their general manager’s mouths?! Name me the accomplishments Enforcer has made while being in charge and I will give you a longer list of failures and foul ups! What kind of a chief puts his own personal pride before the welfare of the money maker that pays his wages!

Grace grabs hold of his case and lifts it in the air again.

AG: Do you see this case? This represents my value. Something made up on a whim to appease the person who is worth more than the entire roster put together. Do you see the headline match on the Beachfront Brawl poster?  It involves me because the owners realise they want to keep the fans attention right up until the end! Do you see the guy oozing power and money before you? This is the bringer of The Hollywood Era and saviour of all that is good in 6CW……..

He turns back to the curtain.


Grace clams slightly and turns back to the audience.

AG: Let me make something real clear. Anthony Grace answers to nobody. Anthony Grace takes orders from nobody. Anthony Grace walks behind nobody. You ask if I want to perform – you do not order. That is why, once again, I refuse to take part in the next Anarchy.

The fans cheer at this which throws Grace somewhat.


Grace receives no sympathy but he does not care. He walks towards the ropes.

AG:My treatment so far is beyond necessary. Not just through physical battles but in a distinct lack of respect. I will not be made a scapegoat for the failings of one man. I will not be blamed when the roof caves in. I will not be made worse off when this company goes bust!

Grace adjusts his suit.

AG: Enforcer will find out soon enough that power is given and can be quickly taken away. He thinks scheduling me in two matches at Beachfront Brawl is a sign of authority. But it is actually a sign of desperation………

Grace looks into the camera.

AG: Look at me Enforcer! Do I look like I need your say so to do anything?! The Hollywood Era decrees that you are surplus to requirements. Now get out of my way before I run right over you!

“Power” plays again as Grace holds the briefcase into the air.


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Re: 6CW Anarchy - Monday 9th October - Card and Promo Thread

Post by Engel Harlequin on Thu 28 Sep 2017, 4:03 pm

The scene opens outside the 6CW arena as fans queue up to get into the 6CW arena. Tim Allen is stood in front of the camera with Microphone to hand

TA: 6CW Anarchy is just mere hours away and the crowd are gearing up for what is guaranteed to be an incredible show. I am your roving reporter Tim Allen and I am going to get a few words with the 6CW fans.

Just as Tim begins walking towards the queue, the camera jolts and jerks wildly before Tim is barged from view[/i]

EH: HeHeHe...the circus has arrived friends.

[b] Engel grabs the camera and looks into it fascinated, his face is a mixture of dirty brown and greasepaint as flakes of dried blood hang from his forehead. Engel takes the camera and walks towards a group of men wearing O'Callaghan T-shirts, some of the crowd pop as Engel is noticed. The O'Callaghan fans however begin a chant

O'C Fans: YOU TAPPED OUT (Chant)

Engel laughs wildly

EH: HeHeHe...Hey you, yeah YOU, Engel wants some TV time, take this camera.

The scene jerks around as a rather reluctant fan takes the camera

EH: Are we on? HeHeHe.

Engel rubs his hands through his hair which seems to have grown wild, faded colours of green, red, blue throughout. He gazes wildly at the camera

EH: The Circus has arrived, and the time for laughter is over. Enforcer, you suspended me from your coveted halls and still you can't stop me, everybody's laughing at the clown and still the circus keeps on rolling. You think your little letter will stop me? You think your words have power over ME...HeHeHe, I run this place, my little birds of anarchy and creatures of chaos peck and claw away at the pillars of righteousness that hold this place up....

Engel shakes his head

EH: Crimelord, Grace, Hero...you have laughed at me for too long...while I lost match after match, suffered embarassment after embarassment at the hands of the established, you mocked me, tossed me to the floor, you bring grim judgement upon yourself...

Engel snatches the camera from the fan and shoo's him away. He headbutts the camera, blood and greasepaint stick to the lens

EH: Engel the man is dead, hehehe, you all brought this upon yourselves...the circus is here and the clown is in town...so get ready...cause there is no strait jacket that can hold me, no cage that can keep me, 6CW will burn as you gaze into my soul...hehehehehehe...

The camera falls to the floor and the legs of Engel can be seen walking towards the 6CW arena

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Re: 6CW Anarchy - Monday 9th October - Card and Promo Thread

Post by Marky on Tue 03 Oct 2017, 2:19 pm

(Jackson Jackson and Frank Horrigan are backstage when Christy James approaches them for an interview)

CJ: Jackson, Frank, can I get your thoughts on The Brotherhood attacking you during last week's main event?

(Jackson looks angry and after a moment he nods at Frank as if to let him do the talking)

Jackson: Christy, Liam Wood and GazzyD jumped us from behind. We were in our rightful place, main eventing 6CW. We were at least equal with the two World Heavyweight Champions in this company. And those two schmucks, be it via brainwashing or by straight up dicķheadedness, decided to end what we were doing. I mean, thankfully our esteemed General Manager decided to punish them for ruining a great competitive main event.

(Jackson pauses and strokes his chin in an Edge and Christian fashion before continuing)

Jackson: Actually, now I come to think of it, Enforcer didn't punish them at all. What Enforcer seems to have done is actually reward GazzyD and Liam Wood with a non title opportunity against YOUR 6CW World Tag Team Champions. Maybe Enforcer is all about the survival of the fittest. Or maybe he's a massive belĺend. Either way, while our management team, led by our manager Max Adamson, work behind the scenes and weigh up our legal options, it seems it's down to Frank and I to do what we do best. Kick ass, and retain brass.

(Jackson holds up his Tag Team Championship belt and stares at Christy)

Jackson: And what's to say you weren't in on it Christy? If that is your real name... You know GazzyD better than anyone else. Maybe you knew this was happening all along...

(Christy looks astonished)

CJ: I can assure you I had no idea.

Jackson: Well, if you're lying to me, I will find out, "Christy". Let's just say I have my own unique methods to deal with naughty girls like you. Capiche?

(Christy looks concerned and immediately backs away from Jackson and Horrigan, Jackson nods and smirks as Christy leaves)

Horrigan: What would you do to her then?

Jackson: Oh you know... Probably just unfollow her Instagram or something. Hurt her that way. Those numbers don't lie Frank.

Horrigan: I wouldn't know.

(Jackson gets his phone out as Horrigan zones out of the whole situation)


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Re: 6CW Anarchy - Monday 9th October - Card and Promo Thread

Post by President Trump on Mon 09 Oct 2017, 11:07 am

“Born to Fight” hits out of the arena as Dicey strolls out with the 6CW title slung across his shoulder, he waits on the ramp top as the crowd reach the height of the cheers he raises up the title and starts to make his way down to the ring

HA: Here comes the champ and he looks all business

HE: He was lucky that the Brotherhood attacked TA last time or he would have been in trouble

Dicey rolls into the ring and stand in the centre, he raises the mic to his lips but instead of addressing the crowd he drops it to the ground, removes his hoody revealing a t-shirt that says “F*CK MONSTER” which whips the crowd into a frenzy before he leaves the ring and walks back up the ramp

HE: What the hell is he doing?

HA: I don’t know brother…I really don’t know

Dicey walks behind the curtain and it grabbed by Timothy Allen

Tim: Dicey!!

Dicey stops and turns to face Tim

Dicey: What is it Tim I have things to do

Tim: What was going on out there Dicey? I mean you just walked out of the ring without talking to the fans and the t-shir…

Dicey: It’s all about respect Tim, where is my respect huh? I am the 6CW Champion and I want to be seen as such, not put in tag matches and matches where I don’t know if my opponent will be showing up or not, hell is Crime Bore still alive? I have a pain in my hole walking out there week in and week out talking with no one listening or caring with what I say because let’s face it who is there to come out and come back at me, I am a fighting champion with no one to fight, I have spent 8 years waiting to get this back on my waist and for what? I don’t care if every man on the roster has a briefcase none of them will step up and come at me they would rather pu**y foot around playing games so why should I walk out there and make Monster more money when they are doing jack sh*t for me..so f**k them and f**k the rest of the 3 guys in the locker room, the fans want to see me fight and that’s all I am going to do unless things change, hit them were it hurts Tim

Dicey pushes past Tim and heads for his dressing room

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Re: 6CW Anarchy - Monday 9th October - Card and Promo Thread

Post by Beer on Mon 09 Oct 2017, 11:47 am

The camera pans backstage to show Clarke James entering the building, his replica titles slung over this shoulders as Charlotte Grey approaches…

CG: Clarke, can we grab a few moments of your time?

CJ: Oh, just anything for a fan, what’s your name young lady?

Grey rolls her eyes….

CG: I’m the backstage reporter here, I speak to you nearly every week? Charlotte Grey?

James stands looking puzzled…

CJ: Name doesn’t ring a bell, did we go to college together? Did we….. you know?

James winks at Grey who looks shocked…

CG: Mr. James!

James bursts out laughing…

CJ: Your face…. absolute picture!

Grey stands there stonefaced, staring up at James….

CG: Have you finished? Can I get on with my job now?

CJ: Ok, ok….. what would you like to ask me?

CG: You and PJ have built up quite an extraordinary partnership considering how this all started, and now you’re pushing Enforcer for a shot at the Tag Team Titles; is this the start of a revolution here in 6CW?

CJ: You’re absolutely right about Peej and me, Charlie. You know, when this little story started, I honestly couldn’t stand him. I mean, his face, his looks, the way he dressed, that god awful catchphrase. But, when we got these belts, when we became united, everything changed. Now, when I look at his face, when I look deep into his eyes, I see trust. I see a bond. I see a desire to become the most decorated….. literally, most decorated team in the history of this business. I’m gonna need to hit the gym 5 times a week to make sure these shoulders are big enough for all the belts I’m gonna be carrying, know what I’m saying…?!

Grey shrugs and gives an awkward smile…

CG: You’re still trying to push Enforcer to give you a Tag Title shot, and this week you’re in Tag Team action against Steel and Dubois. How do you see that going?

CJ: Jeez these things are heavy….

James adjusts the quite clearly obvious cardboard replicas on his shoulder….

CJ: It’s going to go the same way as last week, and it’s going to be another victory for P-Jay and C-Jay! And eventually Enforcer is going to have to start answering our calls. We hold all the power here, Jack and I will do whatever it takes to keep these belts, so he can make all the threats he wants. All we’re asking for is a shot at the Titles and see whether we can do something no other team has done.

All you’ve got is those bland, boring, powder puff Max Adamson clones, and whatever that whole Gazzy and Liam Wood thing is. This division needs some class, it needs some entertainment. It needs us.

CG: And...

CJ: Look, these things are literally weighing me down, that’s all I’ve got time for right now. It’s been a pleasure.

CG: Oh….. ok……erm….. thanks…

James walks off down the corridor pretending to be weighed down…


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Re: 6CW Anarchy - Monday 9th October - Card and Promo Thread

Post by Good Golly I'm Olly on Mon 09 Oct 2017, 2:14 pm

*The following is a short message from O'Callaghan O'Clock productions*

*The scene shows O'Callaghan sitting on a pile of money, Fight for the Right briefcase laid beside him to his left, a Cheryl Cole "Fight for this Love" CD laid beside him to his right*

O'Callaghan: "My message is clear. My message is simple. I am O'Callaghan, I am your Fight for the Right winner, I am your number one contender, and I am soon to be your new world champion."

*O'Callaghan gets up and reenacts him becoming #1 contender*

O'Callaghan: "O'Callaghan wins! O'Callaghan wins!"

*O'Callaghan sits back down*

O'Callaghan: "Everything I ever preached is coming true. All the doubters have been wiped from the earth like the Japanese in Hiroshima. O'Callaghan's rise to the top of the mountain is almost complete. And whoever I face to win that World title, well I shall make you tap, just like all the rest including that clown Engel have done so..."

*O'Callaghan slots in the Cheryl Cole CD, gets up, and slow dances with the briefcase as O'Callaghan O'Clock productions finishes*
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Re: 6CW Anarchy - Monday 9th October - Card and Promo Thread

Post by Perfect Jack on Mon 09 Oct 2017, 4:03 pm

Following on from Clarke James' interview, Perfect Jack is now seen entering the building, with both titles over his shoulder when he is approached by Charlotte Grey.

CG: Hi Jack, I've just interviewed your tag team partner and I was just wondering if I could ask you some questions?

PJ: Yeah go on then.

CG: Ok thanks, How do you feel about...

Perfect Jack cuts off Charlotte Grey.

PJ: Wait wait wait. Is that Clarke James there up ahead? It looks likes hes struggling with his titles. Didn't you see he was struggling with them?

Charlotte stutters.

PJ: And you didn't even think to ask him if he needed help? What kind of interviewers do we have here?

Perfect Jack walks on ahead shouting for Clarke to wait up as Charlotte Grey looks on in shock.

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Re: 6CW Anarchy - Monday 9th October - Card and Promo Thread

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