6CW Presents - Beachfront Brawl 2017 - Sunday 22nd October - Promo thread

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6CW Presents - Beachfront Brawl 2017 - Sunday 22nd October - Promo thread

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Tue 10 Oct 2017, 12:26 pm

6CW Presents: Beachfront Brawl LIVE from Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

22nd October 2017.

Match One
Television Title
Jerome Dubois v Geoff Steel

Match Two
Anthony Grace v Edward Plague

Match Three
Hero vs. Crime Lord vs. Engel Harlequin

Match Four
O'Callaghan vs JJ Johnson w/ Dicey as Ref

Match Five
Tag Team Championships
The TA vs. The Brotherhood (GazzyD & Liam Wood) vs. PJ & CJ

Main Event
EWF Championship
Cerberus vs Anthony Grace

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Re: 6CW Presents - Beachfront Brawl 2017 - Sunday 22nd October - Promo thread

Post by Marky on Tue 10 Oct 2017, 3:06 pm

The following is a 6CW.com Exclusive immediately following the events of Anarchy

(Frank Horrigan is angrily limping backstage as he makes his way towards the Locker Room, Timothy Allen somewhat bravely approaches him)

TA: Frank, with the shocking incident with The Brotherhood attacking you and your partner for the second Anarchy in a row, and what they did to Max Adamson afterwards, are you on the back foot heading into your Tag Team Championship defence at Beachfront Brawl?

(Horrigan glares at Allen)

Horrigan: All The Brotherhood did was make us angry. Attacking me with a chair, attacking Jackson with a chair, it hurts but guess what, I'm used to it. I'm used to being...

(Horrigan winces as he cricks his neck)

Horrigan: ...hit repeatedly with chairs. All sorts of weapons. Yeah, The Brotherhood laid us out. But they didn't finish the job. Jackson and I are hurt, but at Beachfront Brawl we won't be. At Beachfront Brawl we get our hands on The Brotherhood. Plague's bitches think a couple of sneak attacks makes them better than us?

(Horrigan stretches his back and neck again and continues)

Horrigan: We are The TA. We are the salvation of this industry and this company. Don't you, or anybody else, dare forget that.

TA: What about Clarke James and Perfect Jack? And how will you be able to cope with two teams coming after you now that your manager Max Adamson is out of the picture? Is there any update on Max?

(Horrigan grabs Timothy Allen by the throat and holds him against the wall)

Horrigan: Listen you pathetic worm. We are The TA. We are the 6CW World Tag Team Champions. We have stood up to every challenger so far and we will not be stopping anytime soon. As for Adamson, The Brotherhood will pay for what they did to him. But The Brotherhood need to understand that Max Adamson didn't win these tag team titles one hundred and fifty six days ago. Frank Horrigan and Jackson Jackson did. And Frank Horrigan and Jackson Jackson are still breathing. And Frank Horrigan and Jackson Jackson are not going to forget about this. Frank Horrigan and Jackson Jackson are not done with you boys.

(Horrigan lets go of the now panicking Timothy Allen's throat and walks off, Allen is hunched over breathing heavily)


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Re: 6CW Presents - Beachfront Brawl 2017 - Sunday 22nd October - Promo thread

Post by Engel Harlequin on Wed 11 Oct 2017, 1:13 am

Copacabana beach is at maximum capacity as the camera pans around the sea front. A stage has been built with a ramp leading down to the ring. The camera goes to ringside where Harold and Henry Lloyd are sat at the broadcast table

HA: Folks we are live at Copacabana beach, Rio De Janeiro as 6CW brings you Beachfront brawl.

HE: Barry Manilow must be proud!

HA: HaHa, Its the hottest night of the year and what a show we have in store for the 6CW universe!

HE: Thats right, titles may be won and lost, blood may be spilt and hopefully a certain clown might just never show up.

HA: I presume your talking about the previously suspended Engel Harlequin?

HE: Thats right, who the hell is Enforcer to even entertain the idea of his return. That FREAK needs locking back up before he ruins this place.

The crowd pop as a balloon drifts over the ring before falling gracefully to mat.

HE: Oh for gods sakes does this freak have no shame?

The balloon pops suddenly and laughter plays around the beach from the speaker system. Spotlights on the stage shine up into the night sky.

HA: It looks like the circus of horrors has arrived in “the marvellous city”.

'Its not over yet-The Klaxons plays as the stage begins to flash. A smoke machine covers the stage in smoke as a hooded figure rises, sat legs crossed and rocking back and forth manically from beneath the stage. The crowd cheer loudly. The figure jolts his head back firmly which removes the hood, revealing Engel Harlequin, his face covered in dry old greasepaint, and patches of colour. His hair is messy and greasy. He shoots up onto all fours from the seated position and crawls forward a couple of steps before rising to his feet and taking an elaborate bow.

HE: This guy gives me the creeps.

HA: I have seen the many faces of Engel Harlequin but this must be the craziest I have ever seen him.

Engel walks down to the ring and rolls under the bottom rope, before resuming his seated position in the centre of the ring. The music stops as Engel pulls out a microphone from inside his jacket

EH: HeHeHeHe...it seems I got your attention Enforcer, but is it too little too late? You see everybody laughed at the clown...WHOSE LAUGHING NOW? As you allow the shadow to rule your every decision, you all laughed from behind the glass at the sideshow freak. You didn't count on Engel smashing that barrier and p***ing on your vision.

Engel scratches his head frantically as if lice ridden

EH: You must have seen it coming? Leading Engel the man on a merry goose chase, allowing him to embarrass himself, setting him up for a fail week in week out, you must have seen the signs. HeHeHeHe...the man is dead...long live the clown HeHeHeHe.

Engel continues to laugh manically as the crowd begin to chant for Engel

HE: Somebody get security out here and remove this freak, he isn't even set to be here yet. Enforcer? Anybody!

HA: I think anybody would have a hard time removing him from the ring at this stage.

HE: The ring? Get him off this beach...call the coastguard, the border patrol. I'm sick of hearing him.

The crowd chant dies down as Engel crawls over to the ropes and pokes his head through the top and middle rope looking towards the entranceway

EH: Roll up, roll up cause the carnival is here. The laughing will stop cause the jokes on you Enforcer...you allowed this anarchy, this chaos to begin and it will not be stopped. Stop the press, 6CW proudly presents Engel Harlequins Beachfront Brawl...oh no I ain't taking over no B show...my circus has gone Pay Per View and YOU Enforcer will watch it burn...HeHeHe.

An “Engels gonna kill you” chant begins to build from the crowd

EH: Hero, Crimelord...you stand in the way of a GOD on a path of destruction upon this beautiful creation. Tonight I finish the job I started on you both and leave you as bags of broken bones in the Rio De Janeiro medical centre. This is just the beg-


The crowd boo loudly as Enforcer walks out onto the stage, surrounded by security guards.

E: Engel Harlequin, GET OUT OF MY RING!

Engel falls back to a seated position and pouts in a child like manner

E: Get out of my ring by god or I will remove you myself.

Engel laughs and claps frantically nodding his head. Enforcer shakes his head and signals for the security guards to get him.

EH: Hey, thats not fair, you promised me you Enforcer...but fine I'll settle for these meatheads.

Engel pulls out a baseball bat from inside his jacket and stands, swinging the baseball around menacingly. As the guards surround the ring Engel hits the top rope and the bat hits him in the forehead, he staggers around in an exaggerated manner as the guards climb the apron uneasily

E: I am going to give you one last chance Engel, leave...or its back to the Asylum!

Suddenly laughter fills the arena, the guards rush into the ring but smoke shrouds the entire ringside area. The guards look confused as the smoke clears and Engel is no longer in the ring. The camera looks towards Enforcer who has frozen in fear. The crowd realise whats happened and pop loudly as Engel rushes up the ramp way towards Enforcer who rushes off stage. When Engel reaches the top of the ramp way, he lifts the bat in the air one last time to a huge reaction before leaving.

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Re: 6CW Presents - Beachfront Brawl 2017 - Sunday 22nd October - Promo thread

Post by Marky on Wed 11 Oct 2017, 6:24 pm

(A man is stood in front of a podium wearing a suit and tie. He seems a little uneasy being in front of a camera)

BV: Good evening. My name is Bob Vagene. I am part of the management team behind your 6CW World Tag Team Champions, The TA. However, I have been asked to present this statement on behalf of Max Adamson, as you may know Max is the usual face of the management team. But at Anarchy, Max was viciously assaulted by The Brotherhood. Max is currently being treated for his injuries but would like his specific injuries to remain unannounced at this time.

(Bob Vagene looks down at his paperwork briefly before continuing)

BV: Max has asked me to inform you, the 6CW Universe, and the great 6CW fans in Rio de Janeiro, that despite the actions of The Brotherhood in recent weeks, The TA will be 100% ready for Beachfront Brawl. Max says that The Brotherhood have shown they are the greatest force to come after Jackson Jackson and Frank Horrigan since our debut in 6CW, but both of The Brotherhood's attacks have begun with sneak attacks, and both of those brainwashed schmucks Liam Wood and GazzyD are yet to feel the full force of what Jackson Jackson and Frank Horrigan can bring face to face.

(Bob Vagene clears his throat and sips some water before carrying on)

BV: And Max would also like to inform Clarke James and Perfect Jack, that while the revenge mission is on The Brotherhood, there will not be a chance of you two picking on the carcasses and stealing the 6CW World Tag Team Championships. These Championships have become relevant again since Jackson and Frank won them, and there is no plan for you to make them irrelevant again. Max concludes with the news that while Max's attendance at Beachfront Brawl isn't confirmed as yet, Jackson Jackson and Frank Horrigan will be resting, recuperating, refocusing and preparing for this huge match in Frank's hometown of Denver, Colorado, before travelling down to Brazil closer to the date of Beachfront Brawl. The TA are focused fully on the retention of their Championships and I reiterate will be at 100% by Beachfront Brawl. Thank you for your time.

(Bob Vagene awkwardly smiles into the camera as it slowly fades to black)


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Re: 6CW Presents - Beachfront Brawl 2017 - Sunday 22nd October - Promo thread

Post by TwisT on Thu 12 Oct 2017, 2:59 pm

We are live at Copacabana beach, which has a mixture of fans and the world’s media in attendance. At one end, a stage has been erected with a massive backdrop behind it. The backdrop reads “6CW Beachfront Brawl brought to you by Monster Energy”. Beneath that reads “Starring Anthony “Amazing” Grace in the main event!” What follows is Cerberus’ name and a list of the matches in smaller writing. Anthony Grace’s face is the main background image and all the rest of the stars on the card are dotted around him. It looks like a 6CW version of Where’s Wally, as the fans struggle to spot any other superstar on the backdrop apart from Grace’s cocky smile.

Mr Crowther is seated at the middle of the table on the stage. Beside him are the names Anthony Grace and Cerberus with various other Monster Energy representatives at the end. Apart from Henry and Harold Lloyd, who open the proceedings, there does not appear to be any other representative of 6CW.

HA: Welcome everyone to the press conference for the Beachfront Brawl main event! 6CW superstar Anthony “Amazing” Grace will be taking on the current EWF World Champion Cerberus.

HE: It has been well documented that Grace will be having two matches that night. Not only does he take part in the main event, but he will also have to face Edward Plague. A man that has brutalised some of the biggest stars in 6CW and only last week was a major part to the injuries suffered to Max Adamson.

HA: The odds are stacked against Grace but this is not currently reflected in the betting. It seems Grace is red hot favourite to become the new EWF World Champion.

HE: And why wouldn’t he be? Cerberus hasn’t done anything with that belt since he won it. He doesn’t understand that champions lead from the front and it has been clear that he is incapable of doing that!

Suddenly “Power” by Kanye West plays around the beach. The fans start to boo while the world’s media start to take photographs and ready their notebooks. Mr Crowther stands and starts to applaud as Anthony Grace appears further down the beach. He is wearing a white suit with white flip-flops and his white jacket held over his shoulder. In his other hand Grace carries the Grace Case. As he approaches the stage, he ignores the fans but smiles broadly for the cameras. Grace hands the Grace Case to Crowther before taking his seat beside him. The music dies down and the fans boos are more audible. The media posse stare at the fans and then back at the stage confused, before furiously writing things down. Grace whispers in Crowther’s ear and then motions to Henry Lloyd to come over. Crowther stands, appealing for calm, before Henry starts to speak.

HE: Ladies and Gentlemen, before we welcome the EWF champion to the stage, Anthony Grace would like to take a moment to take questions.

The media scramble to the front row and shout out various questions. Grace gets to his feet and walks to the front of the stage. He is handed his gold microphone and points to a random journalist.

J1: Would you say this main event match wipes out the debt 6CW has with you?

Grace laughs.

AG: It depends on the outcome. I am ready to lead 6CW into a new era and move the roadblock that is Cerberus out of the way. I fully expect the full support of 6CW to make this happen. Not for my own personal gain, but for the benefit of the company. Without Monster Energy, 6CW would cease to exist. It is quite clear who holds the power here and equally clear who has the innovation to invigorate the brand.

Grace points to another reporter.

J2: Anthony, is this title shot a bit beneath you? You wanted a chance to win the 6CW World Title? This is a 6CW event after all, not a EWF one…….

Grace holds his hand up

AG: It is actually The Hollywood Era event. Do you think I would waste my time winning the 6CW World Championship on a B-PPV? Oh no no no! Enforcer did me a favour in the long term. A passing short of resentment which will actually play to my advantage! My dream in this Hollywood Era is to bring 6CW and EWF together into a better and more profitable world!

He walks around the stage.

AG: That is why I wish to announce some ground breaking news. When I beat Cerberus, and then take the 6CW World Title off of Dicey Reilly, I will mould the two of the together in a better whole! I am pleased to announce, with Monster Energy’s support, the world championship at that point will be called……..

He pauses for dramatic effect.

AG: The Hollywood Era World Championship!

A fanfare goes up and two barely clothed and beautiful Brazilian females, bring out a new world championship. Around the leather belt are big gold stars with a diamond in the centre of each. The gold plate is massive and has the words “THE World Champion” on it. The “THE” is in capitals and in huge type at the top of the belt, with “World Champion” underneath in smaller writing. Diamonds circle the plate and underline the 3 words so the whole thing glistens in the sun.

HE: Look at that title belt! It is magnificent!

HA: It doesn’t mention 6CW at all! Doesn’t that worry you?!

Before Henry can reply, Anthony Grace taps the belt a few times before sending the females away. He turns back to the media.

AG: Any more questions?

There is a bustle in front of him before a spectacled gentleman clambers to the front. Grace looks on confused as the man tries to give him a piece of paper.

??: Mr Grace please take this….it is your P45. Enforcer wanted me to hand deliver it especially.

The crowd cheers and Grace shouts angrily. Crowther tries to get up and calm him down, but Grace has already jumped off the stage. Grace takes a few steps forward before smashing the spectacled guy out with the A-Level. Flashbulbs go off as the picture of Grace assaulting someone gets captured. Crowther pushes Grace back onto the stage as the spectacled guy is carted away by security. Grace grabs the microphone and screams at the fans.


Security trample through the media rabble and start snatching cameras.


He points his finger angrily at the crowd.

AG: You boo and you hiss, but here you all are. Listening to my every word at the press conference for my coronation that YOU people brought tickets for! The time has come for no more games. No more swerves. No more unfulfilled promises! 6CW is my plaything and it will do as I say! Or I will discard you and let the whole place fall to its knees!

Mr Crowther looks visibly shaken at this, as Grace paces the stage.

AG: You think putting me in this double feature means that I am somehow restricted?! May I remind you that it states quite clearly in my contract that Anthony Grace does not have to do anything which is “beyond necessary”. You want me to face a freak who damages 6CW property? Even used and unwanted ones such as Max Adamson! I will have the last laugh 6CW! And you will take heed and follow what is good for you! Otherwise you can kiss goodbye to your beloved company!

Grace snarls.

AG: And as for Cerberus, this dog is going to be put down before we all go to sleep! He considers himself a threat. I consider him a fraud! A man standing in my way is a man about to be removed. Cerberus can come out here and talk and talk. But no one will listen! His championship reign will go down as the biggest disappointment in history, only second to Dicey Reilly’s. They will both get down on their knees and remember who the most important person in this place is. I am Anthony Grace, the A-Game, the golden superstar and the bringer of The Hollywood Era. And it is time Cerberus got cut from my biggest blockbuster!

Grace slams the microphone onto the table and waits.


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Re: 6CW Presents - Beachfront Brawl 2017 - Sunday 22nd October - Promo thread

Post by Fernando on Thu 12 Oct 2017, 3:54 pm

HA: And now it's time to welcome the current reigning & defending EWF Champion Cerberus!!!

"Haunted" by disturbed plays as Cerberus out from behind the curtain with the EWF Title over his shoulder as the Media Posse pretend like he isn't there.
Cerberus keeps his eyes focused on Anthony Grace as he takes his seat at the table and places the belt infront of him.

HA: Thank you for joining us before any questions would you like to make an opening statement

Cerberus steps up to the stand infront of the media who are pretending to care what he has to say.

I would like to invite you to note the date 22nd of October 2017 in your diaries....
It will be a day that will be remembered in 6CW history...
The day Anthony Grace retires injured from Wrestling...
The day the "Hollywood Era" dies and disappears for good...

Cerberus stares at Grace who starts to look concerned about how this is making him look

Anthony Grace is nothing but a boy in a monster's world... 
Im the living breathing nightmare that is going to Plague the rest of his life...
When im done with him he's never going to be the same again...
Im not here to make Anthony look like the "Superstar" he thinks he is...
Im here to make sure he doesn't walk out of Beachfront Brawl...

Cerberus walks back to his seat as the fans cheer his statement as Harold approaches the stand

HA: Thank you Cerberus for that now time for some media questions

Cerberus stares out over the media people who start to look nervous about questions but 1 slowly raises their hand.

BV: Bob Vagene from The Times - How does it feel to be in the ring with a talent like Anthony Grace

Cerberus chuckles to himself at the question

Are you being serious right now...? I mean really...
You guys have seen Anthony wrestle right..?
He loses weekly and yet somehow has a title shot...
if anything it's pretty disrespectful and a waste of my time..

Grace starts to get irritated at Cerberus' word and starts to whisper in Crowther's ears to get more questions that'll make him look better

Mr Crowther puts his hand up to ask the next question

MR.C: Anthony Grace is a once in a lifetime athlete and needs to be treated as such. How can you even think that you can even beat someone like him?

Ah isn't that lovely the sound of you gargling his balls all the way to the bank Crowther....
You see these moron sitting at the other end of this table from "Monster Energy"...
They are bankrolling Anthony's career paying what ever they need to...
Just to make him seem relevant in the world...
When he's just a Z-List actor that no one cares about...
Yet even after everything gets handed on a golden platter to him...
He still fails at every turn...

So at Beachfront Brawl Anthony & your little b*tch army...
You can keep pressuring Enforcer...
You can keep your gold plated titles...
You can make as many "Grace Cases" as you want...
You can recruit whoever you want...
Im walking in as EWF Champion...
And i will be walking out EWF Champion...
There's only one era that runs 6CW...
And it's the Cerberus era...
And there isn't a damn thing you can do about it Anthony...

Cerberus stands and raises the EWF Title in the air as the fans cheer and Anthony Grace gets up and starts sarcastically applauding along...


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Re: 6CW Presents - Beachfront Brawl 2017 - Sunday 22nd October - Promo thread

Post by President Trump on Thu 12 Oct 2017, 4:34 pm

There is a table set up in the centre of the ring, with a table cloth and lit candle in the middle, it is set for three people and the crowd are looking at yeah other with confusion when “Born to Fight” hits and the place erupts as Dicey walks out onto the ramp way wearing a referees uniform and holding a McDonalds bag, he walks down to the ring and climbs in and lays the food on the table

Dicey: Welcome one and all to the first “Dinner with Dicey” as Beachfront is a gee hair away I thought I would invite the Plastic Paddy, O’Callaghan and the Soul Brother himself JJ Johnson down to the ring for a bite to eat and to lay the ground rules for their up and coming match

HE: I can’t believe he is our champion

Dicey: I have even left the 6CW Heavyweight belt in my dressing room with my beautiful other half so neither of them distracts my guests from the main issues, I have bought a happy meal for O’Callaghan so he has a toy to throw out of his pram when he gets angry and a Big Mac meal for the big dog…with a chocolate shake because we all know he don’t like vanilla…so come on down boys the food is getting cold and your champ and referee is waiting

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Re: 6CW Presents - Beachfront Brawl 2017 - Sunday 22nd October - Promo thread

Post by TwisT on Fri 13 Oct 2017, 1:10 pm

Grace finishes applauding with a sarcastic grin, but it is clear he is seething inside.

AG: Well that really is another headline statement from the EWF World Champion. The Cerberus era……my, doesn’t that just flow off the tongue. Another potential marketing opportunity that is going to fall on its ass because the person saying it isn’t marketable!

Grace shakes his head and stares at Crowther.


Grace turns back to Cerberus and points at the media.

AG: These people aren’t here to see you. They aren’t here to see the EWF championship. I would go as far as say they don’t give a damn whether we are in EWF, 6WF or 6CW! All these people care about is Anthony Grace. The talent that is profitable. The star that is in demand. The saviour of stability!

Grace gets more irate.


Crowther puts a hand on Grace’s arm to calm him. Grace takes a deep breath and sighs.

AG: Look, Cerberus. I know you are playing a role here. A deeply menacing and dangerous guy who revels in causing all manners of mayhem. I know you have tried to change your character and be more a man of the people and wise-cracking individual. But these little nuances only prove that you are drowning in the sea of your own lack of personality. You are not someone that 6CW can hang their hat on and trust to perform. You are not someone they can give the ball and hope you run with it. You are simply not good enough.

Grace walks round and addresses the media.

AG: I read my opponents resume. Long reigning TV champion. Gateway to Glory winner. Quick victor of the EWF championship. But in each of those events, he was overshadowed by my exploits. People talked about how I raised the bar during the elimination chamber match, not how he defeated the worst EWF champion in history. The viewing figures had bombed by that point. When he was victorious at Day of Reckoning, it was my elimination of the legend that is Cassius Zhi that made the headlines……

He turns towards Cerberus.

AG: And when he was a forgotten guy carrying a nothing belt, it was Anthony Grace that was the viewers champion on TV.

Grace calmly walks round to the table and takes his seat. He pours himself a glass of water and takes a sip. Shaking his head, he talks again.

AG: It is simply a matter of taste Cerberus. You and Dicey Reilly have failed to bring in the masses. 6CW is stuck in reverse and is unlikely to go forward any time soon. If you two were leaders in a business, then the board would have fired you by now…….

Grace chuckles and gives a sideways glance to Crowther.

AG: Oh yes you are a bigger than me. Scarier than me. Stronger than me. But the truth is, size and strength have nothing to do with our battle. It is simply a question of who is better placed as champion.

Grace stares at Cerberus.

AG: You had your chance and you blew it Cerberus. Now understand you are in my way and relent to the reality of the situation.


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Re: 6CW Presents - Beachfront Brawl 2017 - Sunday 22nd October - Promo thread

Post by Good Golly I'm Olly on Mon 16 Oct 2017, 9:50 am

*As Dicey settles down in the ring with setting down the Happy Meal in one seat, and Big Mac in the other, "Run this town" comes over the speakers and O'Callaghan emerges from behind the curtain and onto the stage, with his Fight for the Right briefcase in tow*

O'Callaghan: "A McDonalds? For a man like myself? Clap. Clap. Clap."

*O'Callaghan saunters down the ramp, the crowd booing him*

O'Callaghan: "What a funny funny man you are Dicey Reilly."

*O'Callaghan enters the ring, places his briefcase on the table, and looks at his Happy Meal*

O'Callaghan: "Didn't even choose carrot sticks? Well, I guess this "plastic paddy" will have to kindly decline your meal. See, unlike you, I am the best athlete in this company, and that doesn't come by eating such rubbish like this..."

*O'Callaghan casts aside the Happy meal, and places his briefcase in front of him now*

O'Callaghan: "Now Dicey, that we are together, you seem to think O'Callaghan's gift of the gab, will run his adonis-esque body into trouble? I have to ask you, one man to a slightly lesser man, why do you believe that? Do you simply complete your match, usually within the first hour or so of the show, and then go home and miss when the big boys like myself perform? Are you in denial about being the second best Irishman to grace 6CW?"

*O'Callaghan takes a sip of water, grinning from ear to ear, and awaits Dicey's response*
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Re: 6CW Presents - Beachfront Brawl 2017 - Sunday 22nd October - Promo thread

Post by President Trump on Tue 17 Oct 2017, 11:08 am

Dicey grins at O’Callaghan, opens the nearest McDonalds bag and take out a small packet of Szechuan sauce

Dicey: This is the problem with you kids these days, it’s all about image and selfies and gym selfies and memes and even this sh*t

Dicey throws the sauce on the table

Dicey: I try and be accommodating and show that at Beachfront that I will call it down the line and you come out here on the defensive and try to get under my skin….do you know how many nerds I had to punch to get this sauce for you?


Dicey: Exactly and now the mood is gone, the nice dining atmosphere I wanted…no the civil atmosphere I wanted is gone and no I have to put my mean hat again and I really didn’t want to do that up jumped up little fu*k

Dicey topples the table sending the McDonalds flying and stands in O’Callaghan’s face

Dicey: You are looking at the 6CW heavyweight champion son, the man who has done it all in this company, from winning all the belts to headlining countless Nights of Glory, you aren’t playing hide the cucumber with James and Jack now, this is the big leagues and I don’t care if you carry the briefcase that can take the belt from me….hell bring it on, I have been sitting on my hands for too long now and im itching to knock the bollox out of someone, you can be an athletic specimen, the greatest wrestler in the world or whatever you want but let me tell you something O’Callaghan…..you aint nothing new, you aint nothing I haven’t already faced or smashed, you aint the first to come down here swinging his d*ck and spouting all his achievements to me but without having World Champion on the list you aint sh*t son and this is my first warning you step out of line at Beachfront and I will NOT hesitate to slap you back to reality and that goes for JJ as well, you will be stepping into my ring with my rules and that’s a place you have NEVER been before

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Re: 6CW Presents - Beachfront Brawl 2017 - Sunday 22nd October - Promo thread

Post by Fernando on Wed 18 Oct 2017, 12:08 am

Cerberus starts to smirk at Anthony Grace gets more irate 

You can stare all you want Anthony...
It might make you understand what a world champion actually looks like...
Because this is as close as you're going to get to it...

Cerberus mockingly waves at Mr Crowther

It makes me wonder how long Monster Energy will persevere with this charade...
Even deep down ol' Chuckles next to you knows you aren't going to produce anything but failure...
It's just a matter of time before they start looking for replacements for you Anthony...
I mean there is a certain irishman with a FTTR Briefcase that would appeal...
Then you can go back to your Z-list movies...
And the 6CW Universe can forget you ever came back...

Grace starts to get irate as Mr Crowther tries to calm him down 

Thanks for reading my resume out you forgot undefeated 2x Xtreme Champion...
Night of Glory Main Eventer...
But i won't hold it against you...
It should be taken as a warning as what im willing to do to keep my belt...

I would read yours out but then id have nothing to say... 
You can sit here and go on about all your headlines...
Eliminating Cassius Zhi from a match that you didn't win...
It's ironic isn't it Anthony...
All these movies you've flopped in...
All these headlines...
Yet your best work was being a Extra in my 2nd biggest victory...
Just let that sink in...

Cerberus stares at Grace and stands up from his chair

Unfortunately for you Anthony my aim here today was never to talk...
The only reason im here is to get myself a preview of you're next movie...
The life of Anthony Grace - In Memoriam...

Cerberus grabs his chair and chucks it at Grace who catches it but Cerberus starts to goad Grace and telling him to come take a swing if he dares...


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Re: 6CW Presents - Beachfront Brawl 2017 - Sunday 22nd October - Promo thread

Post by TwisT on Wed 18 Oct 2017, 3:52 pm

Grace catches the chair and goes to swing it but Crowther stands up as the flashbulbs go off. Grace thinks better of it once Crowther has a few quiet words and simply sits down on it in a huff. Crowther turns to Cerberus.

MC: As you well know Cerberus, as does the entire worldwide audience, Anthony Grace has starred in numerous blockbuster movies and is in high demand for endorsements on many things. Monster Energy would not team up with anything other than a global superstar and your comments are not very fitting as a representative of the company we own!

He sits down abruptly as the media turn to Cerberus and murmur over this very public “telling off”. Crowther meanwhile gently coaxes Grace to speak but he is still having a strop. After a while, Grace does finally get to his feet.

AG: You are lucky that I have the reactions of a cat, otherwise I would have taken that attempt to hurt me as proof you will do anything not to face me. I have no appetite to argue with you about my obvious credentials of being the next EWF World Champion.

Grace turns to the media.

AG: Anthony Grace versus Cerberus is the must see event on Sunday 22nd October. It is the date that will be remembered as the rebirth of 6CW……

He turns to Cerberus.

AG: ………..and not the death of Anthony Grace, despite my opponents best intentions.

He turns back to the crowd.

AG: Cerberus adds nothing new to the organisation apart from boring quips and downright lies. He won’t be a World Champion that will be remembered, just the same as when he remained Xtreme and TV champion because 6CW had nothing better for him to do. He is a pointless waste of my airtime that needs to be deleted from all things 6CW.

He walks round to Cerberus.

AG: Make no mistake…….you are losing that EWF World Championship and you are losing it this Sunday. We will watch you walk away and thank ourselves that we have been spared the continuation of such a lifeless reign. You won’t like having to lie down, but you will. Because if you don’t……..powers much bigger than you or I will simply remove that belt themselves.

Grace goes round to his chair and puts his feet up on the desk.

AG: You can try and stress me out all you want, but I know how this story ends. You either accept that or understand the consequences if you dare to go against it.

He winks at the media and smiles.

AG: Let me save you some work guys. The headlines for Monday morning should read “Anthony Grace wins EWF World Championship”. It is going to happen. You just wait…….

Grace puts his hands behind his head and leans back on his chair.


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Re: 6CW Presents - Beachfront Brawl 2017 - Sunday 22nd October - Promo thread

Post by Fernando on Wed 18 Oct 2017, 10:59 pm

Oh my comments are not suitable for the company...?
Well that's a shame isn't it guys...
I thought your company & I could get on the same page...
But apparently being interesting & not needed a pre-prepared script is too much for some people...
I guess that's why you stuck with the Vanilla Midget...
The blandest man alive...
Maybe you guys should consider leaving if you don't like who's champion...
Because it's never going to change as long as i want to hold this belt...I will...

Cerberus chuckles to himself but stops as he's voice starts to take a much serious tone.

You really think im afraid of facing you Anthony...
I knew these guys fed you bullsh*t but even this is too much...
You'll be lucky to make it out of the match with Edward Plague beforehand in 1 piece...
There's only 1 thing that worries me about you Anthony...
And that's the company you keep...

It's quite clear im not exactly the poster boy of their dreams...
It's clear all they want is a puppet...
Im never going to be that aslong as the future of 6CW is at stake...
And threats to my job, My title isn't going to help achieve it either...
All it's going to do is make sure that you leave in a bodybag on Sunday...

The problem here is that Monster Energy think you are some kind of draw to 6CW...
And in one sense you are but it's mainly as a joke to fans...
You are just the guy that doesn't belong here...
The guy that people want to see face caved in endlessly...

The Crowd gathered start to cheer and chant "Cerberus gunna kill you" 

There's one big difference between you & I...
Im prepared to do whatever it takes to keep this around my waist...
You don't realize the limits i will go to...
Dark, Disturbing limits to cause pain and destruction....
Im going to drag you to a place you've never seen...
Because you don't have the bottle to be a big match player without needing their help...
If it means i have to break every bone or re-arrange that face just...
To protect 6CW from people like you & Monster Energy...
Then Anthony you should probably get your sh*t in order...
Because Sunday will be your last rites...

Cerberus stares at Grace and draws his finger across his throat as Grace's smile comes off his face looking worried as Mr Crowther tries to reassure him 

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Re: 6CW Presents - Beachfront Brawl 2017 - Sunday 22nd October - Promo thread

Post by TwisT on Thu 19 Oct 2017, 11:11 am

Grace face turns to mock worry, as Crowther reassures him. Grace bats him away with a wave of his hand. He stares at Cerberus and grins.

AG: There is no denying that you have made that act your own. Scary, dangerous, some would say psychotic individual who has a wise cracking side that the fans have come to love. Demographically you cover a lot of bases.

Grace leans forward on his chair.

AG: But we all know that backstage you are a chain smoking, occasional drug user that has a habit of getting in illegal activities with a long list of women, who have claimed you are an obnoxious, ego driven waste of space who is not unfamiliar with using his fists to get what he wants with them.

Grace laughs as the fans look on confused. Cerberus looks slightly shocked before regaining his composure.

AG: You see what I did there Cerberus? I completely tarnished your name and aura with a few well-chosen words of your sordid real life activities. Are they true? Who cares! But these are the little titbits of information that people latch onto.

Grace shakes his head.

AG: You know the type…….accusing a Hollywood superstar of being party to all number of failed movies and straight to video releases. You think standing there and demeaning what I have achieved outside of 6CW means you somehow have one over me? Well I can simply chuck accusation after accusation at you and see how many stick in tomorrow’s papers.

He turns to the media.

AG: Did you also know that there is a rumour going round that Cerberus here is in a loving relationship with Tim Allen? That is the reason an interviewer of his low standard is still in a job! And what about the time Cerberus, our figurehead of a champion, made racist remarks about certain 6CW superstars while off his head on meth and Jack Daniels.

He turns to Crowther.

AG: That was quite a pay-out you had to make to suppress that video right?

Grace gets to his feet and retrieves his Grace Case.

AG: You see Cerberus, I dictate a lot of what happens around here. Not because I am the best wrestler. Not even because I am the most deserving of championship contenders. But, simply put, I am the only person worth the viewer’s time in 6CW. Everyone else here has created their own little make believe world where the insecurities and negatives of their real personality are then covered with fictional personas and larger than life characters.

Grace shrugs and checks his Rolex watch.

AG: But when it comes to Anthony Grace, the reality is the same in and outside of 6CW. I AM a Hollywood superstar. I AM one of the most successful actors that ever lived. I AM the highest paid and most sought after individual in 6CW right now.

He stabs his finger towards Cerberus.

AG: If you have issue with that, then I suggest you talk to your employers and clean your life up. If you were worth being the poster boy of 6CW then we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I would have carried on making films and 6CW wouldn’t have begged me to come back to fill a major void in marketable talent.

He grins.

AG: Anthony Grace is a product of your failure to move this organisation on without him. If you had succeeded than 6CW would be a vibrant, well run and engaging place worldwide. As it is, you need Anthony Grace to make everyone on this roster and every championship they hold relevant.

Grace walks up to Cerberus and shakes his head again. He takes his sunglasses off and stares into Cerberus’ eyes.

AG: You aren’t going to be reading my last rites on Sunday…….because to do that means what is left of 6CW just fades away into oblivion. And what good is being EWF champion if no-one is around to give a damn?

Grace replaces his sunglasses as the lasting image of the press conference is taken. The journalists scribble down Grace’s last words frantically and nod their head in appreciation. Grace then slings his jacket over his shoulder and calmly walks down the beach and out of sight. The media talk amongst themselves as Crowther stands and talks to one of the Monster Energy representatives.

Stagehands start to clear the table as Cerberus is left standing on his own on the stage, clutching his EWF championship tightly.


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Re: 6CW Presents - Beachfront Brawl 2017 - Sunday 22nd October - Promo thread

Post by Perfect Jack on Sat 21 Oct 2017, 11:36 pm

Timothy Allen is stood by in the interview area when Perfect Jack and Clarke James enter the area. Both men stand proud with the UK and International titles as Timothy Allen begins to speak.

TA: Gentlemen, we are just a few days away from Beachfront Brawl where both of you had your wishes granted by 6CW General Manager Enforcer where he added you both to the tag team title match against The TA and against The Brotherhood in a three way tag team title match. How are you feeling ahead of this match?

CJ: Feeling good, its about time Enforcer did something right instead of trying to get the wrestlers in this company to play his silly little games.

TA: You two have had a few tag team matches together, however, this is your first title match as a team against the newly formed Brotherhood that includes GazzyD and Liam Wood as well as the TA managed by Max Adamson.

PJ: Neither of us are inexperienced in this situation, we've both competed for titles both in the singles and tag team division, what both of us bring to the table more than compensates for this lack of inexperience as a team that you and others may think we have.

CJ: That is right Jack, nobody will stop us from claiming 6CW tag team gold to add to our collection.

TA: Thanks for that gentlemen, any closing remarks to add?

PJ: Yeah I have a message for Enforcer, the worst general manager 6CW has ever seen. After Beachfront Brawl when we win the tag team titles, we don't want to hear any complaints from you, we don't want you to try and play your little games with us, come Sunday night, we will be the new 6CW Tag team champions and we'll be holding a majority of the titles 6CW has to offer. 6CWs greatest tag team are about to be crowned champions.

Perfect Jack

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Re: 6CW Presents - Beachfront Brawl 2017 - Sunday 22nd October - Promo thread

Post by Beer on Mon 23 Oct 2017, 5:07 pm

Clarke James and Perfect Jack are seen walking down the corridor shortly after their interview…

PJ: Don’t you just hate it when they ask you stupid questions? Like how you feeling about this match?

CJ: Haha! I know, right? Like ‘Damn, Timmy, I’m, bricking it. Liam Wood, he’s such a badass, I’m so scared of what he’s gonna do to me.’

PJ: Or ‘Oh Charlotte, you gotta help me? Jackson’s been on the roids again and I think he’s gonna rip my face off.

CJ: I can just see her response now, being all like ‘Oh my god guys, you should like, totally run and tell Enforcer’.

PJ: Haha, she has no idea that that dude has totally lost control!

CJ: Hey, I’m not complaining, we’ve got a shot at the tag titles, AND we still have our UK and International Titles.

PJ: Yes buddy!

CJ: Which reminds me, in honour of our future as the greatest Tag Team in the history of Tag Teams, I got you a little something. Now, I know it’s a bit presumptuous, which is why I didn’t show you in front of Timmy, but…

James pushes open the door to their locker room and Jack’s face lights up…

PJ: No, freaking way man!

CJ: Yup!!


CJ: I know, I know, a bit early perhaps, but all those coupon codes from Toys R Us, it was too good to turn down!

Jack grabs the belts and puts them over his arms…

PJ: Two each?

CJ: Of course? And, with the money I saved, I got on of these…

James reaches under a towel and reveals a replica 6CW Title, much to the disappoint of Jack…

PJ: Dude, what the hell? I thought we were a team?

James looks blankly at Jack….

CJ: Dude, you don’t think I would’ve left you out!

James turns around and pulls out an EWF World Title as Jack’s smile lights up. James hands him the title…

CJ: You wanna put it on?

PJ: Hell yes!

CJ: Me too!!

James and Jack put their titles round their waste and begin play fighting as the camera backs out of the room.


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Re: 6CW Presents - Beachfront Brawl 2017 - Sunday 22nd October - Promo thread

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