LIVE FROM COPACABANA BEACH - 6CW Presents: Beachfront Brawl 2017!

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LIVE FROM COPACABANA BEACH - 6CW Presents: Beachfront Brawl 2017!

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Tue 24 Oct 2017, 8:02 pm

6CW Presents: Beachfront Brawl LIVE from Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

22nd October 2017.

*The camera pans across the crowds on Copacabana Beach as the last bars of Walk On Water by Thirty Seconds to Mars play, until we come to an outside arena, set up exclusively for tonight’s PPV.

We come to Henry and Harold Lloyd, who raise their voices to be heard through their microphones over the raucous noise of the 6CW crowd

HA: The song says “times are changing”, brother, and tonight it really could be for many of the men and women involved in 6CW!

HE: That can’t be argued tonight, Harold! Unless Enforcer can find any other illegal ways to keep Anthony Grace from glory, we’re gonna have a new World Champion by the end of this night.

HA: Cerberus will have something to say about when Anthony Grace and Cerberus face off for the latter’s EWF World Championship in tonight’s main event – but Grace has to survive a match with Edward Plague first!

HE: A travesty! I think Enforcer went through Bogota to get here!

HA: We’ll have the TA defend their Tag Team Titles against The Brotherhood of Liam Wood and Gazzy D, as well as Clarke James and Perfect Jack’s new alliance

HE: The Golden Duo!

HA: Blood will be spilled as the demonic Engel Harlequin steps into the ring in a triple threat with two men he has targetted in recent times, his former mentor Hero and the former 6WF Champion, Crime Lord

HE: And that rascal O’Callaghan has given JJ Johnson one more chance to match him, with the 6CW Number One Contendership on the line. But JJ has called in Dicey Reilly as a special guest referee, the champion keeping some order on the two men fighting to face him.

HA: All that will come after our opening match of the night.

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Re: LIVE FROM COPACABANA BEACH - 6CW Presents: Beachfront Brawl 2017!

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Match One
Television Title 
Jerome Dubois v Geoff Steel

He: What a stacked card we have for you here, and what better way to start it than with Television Title action. We’ve got the champion Jerome Dubois defending against Geoff Steel, and Harold, these two have both been there and done that in this great company

Ha: they have indeed. I think there’s only Dicey Reilly who’s been around longer, both of these are sure fire hall of famers, and while you may not see it tonight, I think both will have respect for the other

He: Maybe, until one of them loses, then they’ll probably just be bitter

‘Last Resort’ starts to play as the crowd cheer and Steel walks out to the stage. He walks from side to side playing up to the crowd before making his way down to the ring tagging the hands of the fans

Ha: Here’s the challenger, he must be relieved to have put the past 12 months or so behind him. He was very much stuck in a rivalry with Mike Hill but now free of that he’s been able to get back on a title track, he’ll be hoping to take the title home with him tonight

He: He’ll have a job. Dubois won’t be an easy task here

The mood around the crowd changes to a mixed reaction as ‘Mind Eraser’ begins to play and Jerome Dubois coolly walks out to the stage. He unclasps the title from his waist and raises it high in the air before making his way to the ring and climbing inside

He: I think Dubois shocked a lot of people when he returned a couple of months ago and won the title, if I’m a betting man, I’m saying his title run continues here tonight

Ha: We’ll see, I’m edging towards Steel myself

The official takes the TV title form Dubois and raises it in the air before handing it to the timekeeper and signalling for the bell. Steel and Dubois circle the middle of the ring before tying up. The jostle for an advantage before Steel backs Dubois up in to the corner of the ring. 

The official orders Steel to break and the challenger lets Dubois go, the Frenchman slapping him across the face as he does which draws the wrath of Steel. Geoff Steel unloads on the champion with a flurry of haymakers, each one finding their mark as the official has to use a five count to force him to stop his assault

Ha: Steel needs to calm down, he doesn’t want to get himself disqualified

Steel backs away from Dubois allowing the champion out of the corner. They go to tie up again but Dubois is too quick and drags Steel in to a headlock. The challenger backs Dubois against the ropes and pushes Dubois off whipping him against the opposite ropes

Ha: Great arm drag by Steel. He’s certainly got the champions number in the early exchanges

Dubois gets up to his feet after the arm drag and is taken down with a second, then a third. He gets to his feet again and Steel knocks him back down with a perfectly measured drop kick and quickly hooks the leg for the cover



Dubois kicks out at the two count and Steel grabs him up to his feet. He connects with a knee in to the gut and whips him in to the corner of the ring, following it up with a running lariat and then sends Dubois flying through the air with a big body drop as he staggers out of the corner before hooking the leg again



Dubois kicks out again and Steel gets to his feet. He stalks the champion as he slowly gets to his feet, as he does he closes in and grabs him setting up for a Russian Leg Sweep


Dubois forces himself free and Steel staggers around the ring. He stumbles towards the ropes and Dubois runs at him clotheslining him to the outside over the top rope. Dubois exits the ring after him and grabs his head driving it against the crowd barrier before irish whipping him into the steel steps. Aware of the referees count he rolls in and out of the ring to restart it before making his way over to Steel. He drags him up by the arm only to knock him down with a short arm clothesline and then he lifts him up again and hits a snake eyes type move dropping Steel across the steel steps. Dubois rolls back inside the ring and urges the official to continue counting

Ha: So now he’s effectively incapacitated Steel the officials count is convenient?

He: Champions advantage. This would suit Dubois down to the ground

Ha: Steel back in though. Dubois isn’t picking up the cheap win that easily

He: cheap win? You don’t half talk nonsense

Dubois quickly closes in on Steel as he rolls inside the ring. He viciously stomps down as the challenger tries to get to his feet. Steel manages to push Dubois away but the champion rushes back driving the wind out of Steel with a kick to the side. 

Dubois lifts Steel up only to scoop him up and slam him back down the mat and hooks the leg



Steel gets his shoulder off the mat and Dubois goes straight in to a ground and pound not allowing the challenger any time to recuperate. After a number of punches he drags Steel up to his feet and Irish whips him against the ropes before planting him in the middle of the ring with a spinebuster and hooks the leg again




He: Closest we’ve come so far to a pinfall

Dubois allows Steel up to his feet before kicking him in the gut and drags him through the air with a suplex and goes for another pin 



Steel kicks out again to the annoyance of the champ who hits the mat in frustration before getting to his feet and signalling for the end. He stands over Steel who slowly starts to get to his feet and Dubois impatiently drags him up. He buries his knee in Steel’s gut and sets him in position for the culture shock

He: he hits this then its over……CULTURE SH….

Ha: Steel manages to wriggle free….against the rope……SPEAR!! HE SPEARED HIM OUT OF HIS WRESTLING BOOTS

He: But Steel can’t capitalise

Both men are down in the centre of the ring as the official starts to count both men out. Steel is the first to stir as he rolls over on to his front and manages to drape an arm across Dubois





He: So did I if I’m honest. Too close for comfort

Steel drags himself toward the rope and pulls himself up to his feet. He draws in as much oxygen as can giving himself time to recover as Dubois slowly gets to his feet in the opposite corner. No sooner as he stands up Steel is on him driving his shoulder in to mid-section and follows up with an Irish whip in to the opposite corner and a Stinger Splash. 

Dubois falls face first to the mat out of the corner and Steel grabs him by the legs and catapults him with enough force that Dubois’ head drives against the top of the ring post and Steel rolls him up in to the school boy pin attempt




Ha: TH….


Steel exits the ring to the apron and climbs to the top rope

He: This is foreign territory for Steel this

Ha: when there’s a title on the line then you do what you got to do

Steel waits for Dubois to get to his feet and leaps through the air with a shoulder tackle. He gets to his feet and begins to stalk the champion. As he gets to his feet he greets him with a kick to the gut and sets him in position for his finisher

Ha: Steel looking for the Bladecutter here


Both men are down in the centre of the ring and crawl to opposite corners. They pull themselves up to their feet and meet in the middle of ring and begin to trade punches. Dubois plants a big right hand on the chin of Steel who responds in kind. They continue to trade punches search for an upper hand on the other

Ha: I’m not sure Dubois wants to get in to a fist fight with Steel

No sooner as Harold speaks Steel manages to gain the advantage and manages to connect with a number of unanswered punches, each one finding their mark. He forces Dubois up against the ropes and then whips him across the ring

He: Dubois reverses……AU REVOIR!!! What a sit out side slam from the champion




Ha: Not quite enough for the pin. Steel kicks out

Dubois stays on the offensive locking Steel in to a head lock. The official positions himself looking for the submission as Dubois cranks up the pressure. Steel looks to be faded as Dubois has the submission locked in good. He reaches down and lifts Steel’s arm only for it to fall straight to the mat

Ha: This isn’t looking good for Steel

The official raises the arm again and it drops for a second time

He: one more and Dubois retains

He lifts it for a third time and the arm drops again

He: There it is, still your cha….


The crowd go wild as Steels arm shoots straight up in to the air before it falls to the mat a third time. His fist pumps along to the tempo of the crowd chanting his name as he begins to battle his way up to his feet. He gets up to his knees and then manages connect with a number of elbows to the mid section of Dubois who tries to keep the submission locked in as Steel continues to elbow away

Ha: Steel is free. Runs against the ropes





Ha: Its still not enough to keep Steel down though

Dubois jumps straight to his feet and gets in the officials face demanding a three count. He backs the referee in to the corner of the ring and continues to argue his case







Dubois is taken by surprise as Steel rolls him up and he just manages to break the pinfall. He quickly gets back to his feet but Steel catches him in the jaw with a forearm and then follows up with a European uppercut. He connects with a second and a third uppercut when Dubois aims a desperate hay maker in his direction

Ha: nobody home…….DDT….HE GOT ALL OF THAT





He: close being the key word. Great heart by the champion 

Steel looks to the heavens, he looks so sure that he had him beat. He gets to his feet and drags Dubois up and whips him in to the corner. He closes in and lifts him up and sits him on the top rope before connecting with some knife edge chops to the chest of Dubois. Steel climbs up to the top rope and hooks the champions arm


He: That’s brilliant from Dubois. That’s every bit of experience being used there

The fans aren’t happy as no sooner as Dubois comes crashing down he rolls out of the ring to avoid being pinned. Steel gets to his feet and motions for Dubois to get up outside the ring. As he does he bounces off the ropes


He: Not very clever though, he has to get him back in the ring. Title won’t change hands on a count out

Steel drags Dubois up to his feet and staggers back holding his face as the champ gets a thumb to the eye. Dubois grabs Steel by the head and drives it into the ring post and slides inside the ring ordering the official to count the challenger out 

He: Steel is out cold. In the battle of skull versus steel ring post, there’s only ever going to be one winner

Steel looks to be out cold on the outside of the ring as the official continues to count him out





He begins to stir but has a glazed look in his eyes



Ha: come on Geoof, not like this




He: I don’t believe it

Ha: Neither can Dubois

Steel is groggy as he staggers up to his feet and walks in to a big boot from Dubois. The Frenchman then lifts Steel back up and sets him in position for another attempt at the culture shock


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Re: LIVE FROM COPACABANA BEACH - 6CW Presents: Beachfront Brawl 2017!

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Dubois is livid. He grabs the head of Steel and drives it repeatedly in to the canvas before barking at him in his native tongue. Steel slowly begins to get to his feet using the frame of Dubois as support to pull himself up. Dubois cockily slap him in the face and then sets him up as if he’s going for a suplex

He: Dubois calls this Fortune, let me tell you, if he hits this then DEFINITELY this one is over


The crowd cheer loudly as Steel summons enough energy to drop down behind Dubois. As the Frenchman turns to face him he drags the legs out from underneath him and manages to lock in the Steel Works in the middle of the ring


The pain is clearly etched on Dubois’ face as Steel has the walls of Jericho submission locked in. Dubois manages to drag himself toward the ropes desperately trying to break the submission

He: Almost there Jerome, one more push should do it


The crowd noise increases further as Steel aware he’s being dragged toward the ropes manages to pull Dubois back in to the centre of the ring. This time contorting his back even more driving his knee in to the spine to increase the pressure and pain


He: I can’t believe it. Dubois had that match won, but for slow referee counts he’d still be champion

Ha: Nonsense. Steel just didn’t quit and dug deep to pick the win

‘Last Resort’ plays as Steel lets go of Dubois and collapses to the mat. The official helps him back to his feet and hands him the TV title and he raises it high in the air drawing huge cheers from the crowd

Ha: First title match and we have a new champion, is that an omen for things to come later on tonight?

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Re: LIVE FROM COPACABANA BEACH - 6CW Presents: Beachfront Brawl 2017!

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*Backstage, Anthony Grace stands in front of the camera. Tim Allen is to his left and to his right, behind him a touch, stand both Jack Hurst and Mike Crowther.

TA: Anthony, a huge night for you tonight at Beachfront Brawl. Two huge matches against two of the biggest monsters in 6CW – how are you feeling?

*Grace considers Allen and then answers

AG: I feel, like all of social media does, that this is a reprehensible piece of grandstanding by a power-mad zealot on the brink of losing complete control. However bitter and twisted this desperate man might be, he has not factored in the courage of Anthony Grace.

TA: Those comments are aimed at Enforcer, I am to presume?

*Grace chuckles

AG: Well, if the shoe fits, Mr Allum. You seem to have understood what I meant, which only goes to prove my point.

TA: But you could still end tonight as EWF World Champion…

AG: I shall end tonight as the World Champion, yes. The Hollywood Kingpin, Champion of the Universe – just some titles I have heard floating about in the blogosphere.

TA: Are you not worried about the toll a match with the maniacal Edward Plague could take before a match with the dominant Cerberus?

*Grace takes a step back and laughs, before looking to Crowther

AG: Who is this guy?

*Grace steps away and Crowther takes over

MC: I think we can say that Monster Energy is very aware of the talent available in this roster. And we understand why men like Plague and Cerberus have begged for the opportunity to bask in the limelight that Anthony Grace is consistently shining within.

TA: And you are impartial to this?

MC: Of course, I am merely a representative here to ensure Mr Grace is kept in the best condition possible before and after his heroics in the ring.

TA: And how do you expect to do that?

MC: We have plans in place to keep Mr Grace in the best condition possible for the inevitable glories that are coming his way. Thank you

*The trio walk away, Grace leading.

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Re: LIVE FROM COPACABANA BEACH - 6CW Presents: Beachfront Brawl 2017!

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*Charlotte Grey stands backstage

CG: A huge evening that has started at a pace already. I am backstage here on the beautiful Rio de Janeiro beach of Copacabana, keeping abreast of all the news back here. I bring you now the latest on Engel Harlequin...or more so the lack of news surrounding him.

As of yet, there have been no sightings of Engel Harlequin arriving and officials are said to be unsure of whether Mr Harlequin has arrived in South America at all.

It appears that the air of mystery around his erratic behaviour will continue at the very least up until the third match of our evening. Back to you at commentary

HA: A mystery wrapped in an enigma, or whatever the phrase!

HE: Idiot wrapped in stupid, that works for me.

HA: Whatever happens with Engel, there are two men ready for his arrival tonight and desperate to throw hands at him

HE: And I think, knowing those two, they’ll be quite content to hit each other whether the clown arrives or not!

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Re: LIVE FROM COPACABANA BEACH - 6CW Presents: Beachfront Brawl 2017!

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Match Two
Anthony Grace v Edward Plague

HA: And now for match number one of the night for Mr Hollywood.

HE: I can’t believe this has actually gone ahead, Harold. I’d heard a rumour that Plague had got viral meningitis, but with no press release or comment from the company, I would have to believe this was just wishful thinking

HA: You can’t trust everything coming out of Hollywood, Harv---I mean Henry.

*A massive gold “A” comes up on the screen as Power by Kanye West starts to play. A spotlight appears on the stage and illuminates Grace as he appears.

HE: What an entrance this always is, Harold! The A-List sensation is here!

*He punches the air as the main beat hits and the arena is bathed in gold lighting.

HA: And what a big night it is for this main, rightly or wrongly. Whatever side you find yourself on in this debate, Grace is in for a big night. Edward Plague and Cerberus...I wouldn’t want to be the man facing both of those on the same show!

*Once he reaches the ring, he climbs a turnbuckle and holds his necklace to the side and starts pointing to the “A” hanging from it. He then gets down and drapes the necklace over the ring post.

HE: This is more than a man, Henry. This is more than a mere mortal! Greatness shines upon the Hollywood elite in ways that bums like Plague and Cerberus could only imagine. Anthony Grace is as close to being a God as anyone you will ever see!

*Grace stands in the ring, his music fading and the boos from the crowd chorusing around the building.

HA: They say a bad reaction is better than no reaction…

*Grace seems to drink it all in as if he were being cheered, waving to the crowd and smiling.

HE: He’s good to the common folk, Harold. Anthony Grace knows they are not intelligent enough to completely understand what is happening here.

*The lights in the arena begin to flicker and the titatron begins to turn to static before the lights go out all together…

HA: And here comes his opponent…

*After a few seconds, the lights come back up and Edward is stood on the stage, his plague mask covering his face.

HE: A bewildering sight, terrifying for many...

*He walks towards the ring as the lights begin to flicker again. Edward rolls in to the ring and begins to pace the ring, his eyes locked on Grace. He removes the mask to reveal his sick, sadistic smile.

HA: I do not envy the referee for this one. Controlling a diva and a demon: an unenviable task.

*As if to prove a point, Grace causes a fuss as the referee checks his attire. He begins to argue and then grabs him by the shirt.

HE: What is this buffoon doing to wrestling royalty?!

*Grace begins to take his boots off and show the inside of each one to the confused looking referee. Plague steps forward, but the ref rushes to push him back into the middle of the ring, before turning to Grace once more.

HA: What is he doing with the necklace?

*Grace appears to give instructions to the ref about the necklace, detailed and thorough


*Out of the referee’s sight, Jack Hurst slides into the ring with the Grace case. Behind Plague’s back, he flies at him and slams it against Plague’s head. Plague doesn’t move.


*Plague turns to face Hurst and the Englishman cowers back, apologising

HA: That case didn’t seem to do anything!

HE: It did one thing, brother; it annoyed Edward Plague.


*Plague effortlessly lifts Hurst onto his shoulders and throws him at the feet of the now shocked and gobsmacked Anthony Grace. Grace looks down at Hurst, back up at Plague and screams. The bell rings with Hurst still out cold.

HA: The match has started! The ref had no time for Grace and Hurst’s games!

*Plague smiles and Grace just stands in shock.

HE: Neither man is moving, this is like a gunslinger’s staredown before they turn and walk.

*Plague takes a step forward and Grace jumps through the ropes, running down the ramp once he gets to the outside. The ref starts his countering

HA: Well this is just typical! No chance of a real fight here, was there?

HE: Smart men make smart decisions. We were told about the plans being made; this is a plan!

HA: And I don’t really think Enforcer can do anything about it. He has competed, by definition.

*Hurst stumbles to his feet now and Plague turns from staring at Grace to looking at Hurst. The bell goes in the background after the ref gets to 10.

HE: A noble defeat…

HA: It might be over for Grace for the time being, but Jack Hurst is about to feel Plague’s frustration.

HE: Oh no…

HA: PURIFIER! Hurst is done for!

*Plague gets to his feet and stands with his arms out as his music plays and the lights go out.

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Re: LIVE FROM COPACABANA BEACH - 6CW Presents: Beachfront Brawl 2017!

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*JJ Johnson appears on the screen, a crisp suit on, sunglasses on, draped in gold to boot. As he walks to the dressing room, he sees Dicey Reilly. Dicey meets him, and the pair stand eye to eye.

JJ: Boy better be staying in his place tonight, ya hear?

*Dicey smiles

DR: Ya didn’t call for the premier Irishman in all of fighting just to have me stand and watch now, did ya Johnson?

JJ: A brother called for Conor first, I know, but you answered after that feisty little wasteman got sat down by my boy Money. Looks like you all we could get…

DR: I’d be watching my words, JJ. Your fate is in my hands now…

JJ: My fate always been with me, ya hear?

DR: Good. Your guard is up, lad. I’ll be out there calling things the Dicey way. You do your part, and maybe you have a chance. If you’ve still got what it takes…

*Dicey nods to JJ and walks away, leaving JJ to contemplate.

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Re: LIVE FROM COPACABANA BEACH - 6CW Presents: Beachfront Brawl 2017!

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*Charlotte Grey is stood backstage with Hero….

CG: Hero, after weeks of numerous attacks by Engel, tonight you’ll finally get the chance to put your hands on him, but, what are you expecting?

Hero: What kind of question is that? What to expect? If one knew the answer to that question, Hero wouldn’t be standing here fulfilling contractual obligations for the sake of it. This time, the answer is not clear, and that is why Engel isn’t standing where his foe would be sat waiting to pounce. Jesus, they don’t make them any smarter do they? They can load you up with all the silicon in the world but up here….

Hero knocks on his head...

Hero: Nothing.

Grey looks shocked…

CG: Is there really any need for that?

Hero stands and contemplates for a minute before shaking his head…

Hero: Nope. You’re right, no need whatsoever, so please, ask your question again?

CG: Ok…. Hero, after weeks of numerous attacks by Engel, tonight you’ll finally get the chance to put your hands on him, but, what are you expecting?

Hero clears his throat…

Hero: Well Charlotte, glad you asked. To be honest, there’s no fricking idea. And, for all the titles won, for all the ways to reinvented Hero, for all the trailblazing... does anyone have literally any idea what to expect from some deranged, lunatic clown who doesn’t seem to be controlled by anyone?

You know, in this business there’s a difference between making a mark, stamping your authority, or just straight up reckless abandon. If Engel Harlequin wants to play God, he must realise that he will come face-to-face with one...

CG: One thing that might sit in your favour in this match, is your history with your other opponent, Crime Lord. You go back quite a way, back to the days of 6WF and the Church of Hero, do you think you’ll unite to take Engel out..

Hero: Let’s put it this way, Crime Lord better…

Hero stops in the middle of his sentence as the camera zooms out to show Crime Lord staring across at Hero. Grey backs off as the two men square up. Crime Lord takes a puff of a cigar and nods at Hero before walking off. Hero stands watching and nods to himself as the scene fades

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Re: LIVE FROM COPACABANA BEACH - 6CW Presents: Beachfront Brawl 2017!

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*The screen comes back to life with Plague standing raised above Gazzy and Liam Wood

EP: Tonight, the ascent begins, my brothers

*He smiles at the two faces staring up at him, listening intently

EP: It is the time to take over. Look at the fear that this Brotherhood already holds...look at that actor and his cronies, how they feared not me, but us…

Prepare yourselves now, gentlemen, to turn plans to present day realities. The mouths on the men we face, all too ready to talk, are about to be broken apart with the fists of The Brotherhood!

*We head to ringside

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Re: LIVE FROM COPACABANA BEACH - 6CW Presents: Beachfront Brawl 2017!

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Match Three
Hero vs. Crime Lord vs. Engel Harlequin

The camera pans around the arena, the 6CW crowd hyped for one of the biggest nights of the year holding up signs such as "Clown forever", "Super Tommy Trybull" and "Kewellout" before we reach the Lloyd brothers sat at ringside

HA: “Up next we have a bout between Hero, Crime Lord and Engel.”

HE: “Yes, the clown is back!”

HA: “If you are referencing Engel, then yes, he is back, and has caused considerable harm to Hero and Crime Lord last week with his red balloon trick”
HE: “Why would anyone have that many red balloons?”

HA: “I dunno”

HE: “Must be a kiddi…”

Henry Lloyd is cut off and silence ensues for a few seconds before The lights dim around the arena and 'Out of Black' blasts out of the speakers, pyrotechnics going off on the stage. As the guitar riff ends, Crime Lord swaggers out from behind the curtain. He looks out across the arena at the booing fans and cricks his neck on both sides. Crime Lord strides down the ramp ignoring the jeering fans and then steps into the corner, awaiting his opponents

HA: “Crimey is out for revenge today, zoned in”

HE: “He was victim to Engel’s balloon nonsense, the goddamn pae…”

Henry Lloyd is cut off as "Glorious" echoes out through the speakers, the lights dim and then a sole white light shines on the stage, Hero has his back to the crowd for a few moments before turning and standing arms out wide. He confidently walks down to the ring and climbs up the steel steps, he sits on the top rope for a few moments before leaning back exaggeratedly, again with his arms out wide. He then backward rolls onto his feet.

HA: “Hero took a beating last week, but has recovered in time for this one”

HE: “Must’ve borrowed Crime Lord’s deer antler spray”

"Time Is Running Out" roars out around the arena and there is a mixed reception for the arrival of Engel Harlequin. The arena is pitched into darkness but the usual sign of Engel emerging is not happening, as the theme music continues to play, the crowd become amused and Hero/Crime Lord remonstrating with the referee in the ring, wondering what is going on…

HA: “Engel not turning up again?”

HE: “He must be too busy with a kids birthda….”

HA: “One second what’s happening over there in the aisle, just below the concourse?”

Suddenly the camera cuts to a commotion in the crowd, and as it zooms in we see Engel Harlequin making his way down the stairs from the concourse with a satchel full of toy balloons, camels, dogs, cats, cows, which he is handing out to every kid under the age of 5 as he slowly makes his way down…

HA: “What on earth is he doing?”

HE: “I always told you he was a clown at heart!”

As the spotlight is on Engel, Hero and Crimey argue with the referee…then can be seen conferring before shaking hands and exiting the ring, over the barricade and making a beeline for Engel who is now towards the bottom of the stairs and on the flat.

HA: “Ooo boy Hero and Crimey have had enough of this clowing around!”

Hero and Crimey get within 10 foot of Engel, before he notices. When he does, Engel quickly draws a red balloon from his satchel and holds it out at Hero and Crime Lord, who stop dead in their tracks.

HA: “The red balloons again??”

Engel laughs at Hero and Crime Lord, and suddenly…POP!

HE: “The bat! The bat again!”

The balloon pops, the arena goes dark for a split second, and the lights come back on to show Hero and Crime Lord crawling towards the barricade, with Engel hysterical with laughter behind them holding a bat. Hero and Crime Lord crawl over the barricade and into the ring…as they do so Engel’s satchel is grabbed by a kid in the front row.

HA: “Oh no, don’t hit the kid with the bat…!”

Engel stops. Looks at the kid. Pats his head. He swings his bat around the kid, before inserting it into the kids bag…and handing him his satchel.

HA: “Phew!”

HE: “See I told you he loves ki…”

Engel then suddenly leaps the barricade, and the enters the ring where he is met by Hero and Crime Lord who are now stood tall after Engel took his time with the kid and the match begins with Engel down after a clothesline from Crime Lord.

Ding, ding, ding!

Engel sits up and Hero slaps him on the back of the head mockingly. Engel looks up and smirks. Hero gets to his feet, he looks down at Engel and stretches his arms out, shouting glorious down at Engel. Engel gets to his feet only for Hero to bounce off the ropes and hit the Hero Stomp on Engel, pushing his head down into the canvas. Hero then runs off the ropes, hitting a swinging neckbreaker. Hero goes to make the cover, but Crime Lord pulls him off…

HA: “I think Crime Lord is saying to Hero lets punish Engel”

HE: “The pair appear to have teamed up against their common enemy”

Crime Lord delivers a double axe handle to the back of the head of Engel. Engel collapses down to the mat, Crime Lord grabs him by the head and drags him to the turnbuckle, where he proceeds to drive the head of Engel down into the turnbuckle.

Crime Lord steps back, he then runs in and crashes a vicious knee into the back of the head of the mad Engel. The former 6WF star then grabs Engel by the waist and flings him down to the mat with a German suplex. He makes the first cover of the match.

Ref: “1…………Crime Lord pulls him up”

HA: “Haha, Crime Lord going for a pin, then breaking it up himself there.”

HE: “He now gets up and flings Engel over to Hero”

HA: “Almost saying “your turn, show me what you got”

Hero hits a couple of stomps down onto Engel before going to the outside. Engel rolls up to his feet, Hero springboards in off the top rope and takes him down with a flying forearm smash. Engel rolls to his feet, Hero leaps into the air and levels him with a back-stabber. Hero throws Engel into the ropes and on the rebound, demonstrates his own impressive strength with a military press slam. He then runs the ropes, nailing a big boot as Engel rises. Cover.

Ref: “1……………Hero pulls him up”

HA: “Hero smiles at Crime Lord as he pulls Engel up, almost to say “I can match whatever you do!”

Hero and Crime Lord look at each other, steel in their eyes. Crime Lord mouths “my turn bitch” at Hero, and drags Engel up, he then hits a series of snap jabs and punches to the face of his opponent. Crimey keeps firing away with his jabs and punches. Crime Lord forces Engel backwards, Crimey runs in and connects with a big dropkick. The mad Engel falls into the turnbuckles. Crime Lord climbs up to the top rope where he pulls back on Engel with a sleeper hold type move.

HA: “Trying to make him submit here”

HE: “Hero breaks the hold!”

Hero goes across and breaks up the hold as Engel slumps to the floor. Crime Lord gets up and goes face to face with Hero, screaming in his face trying to understand why he broke the hold.

HA: “Appears the “team” has split here…”

Engel slumps out of the ring to the outside, as Hero and Crime Lord come to blows in the ring. Crime Lord lifts up Hero, he fires in a series of European Uppercuts that force his former mentor back into the ropes. Crime Lord sprints in going for a clothesline, but Hero counters with a back body drop which sends Crime Lord to the outside.

Hero picks up Crime Lord by the head and then throws him into the steel steps. Crime Lord staggers back, Hero knees him in the gut and then throws him back into the ring and covers.

Ref: 1....................2............kick out!

Crime Lord kicks out. Hero stands waiting for Crime Lord to rise before springboarding in off the top rope and connecting with a phenomenal forearm smash on Crime Lord. Crime Lord staggers up to his feet and Hero hits a leaping kick to the side of the head. He again hooks the leg.

Ref: 1…………………2……………………kick out!

Hero gets up to his feet, he hits a couple of knees down into the face of Crime Lord before then running the ropes and hitting a more elevated, leaping knee drop to the face. Hero than allows Crime Lord up to a vertical base where he connects with a spinning kick to the stomach.

The 8-time world champion follows that up with a snap vertical suplex. Hero walks towards Crime Lord, he steps over and then nails a standing moonsault on Crime Lord.

Ref: 1.....................2............kick out!

Engel slides into the ring, Hero sees this, and chucks a lifeless Crime Lord to the floor and begins an attack on Engel. Hero runs towards Engel, leaps over and then stops in his tracks, before then back-flipping down with a standing moonsault. Cover.

Ref: 1...............2..........Kick out!

Harlequin is thrown into the corner by Hero, he then stands in the opposite corner and shouts "Glorious" before running in at Engel, going for a shining wizard. 

HA: “Powerbomb!”

HE: “What a counter from Engel!”

Engel hauls Hero up to his feet, he then fires off a series of big European Uppercuts that back into the ropes. Harlequin whips him out across the ring, he runs to the middle, spins on the spot and then meets Hero full-on with a wheel kick to the head. Cover.

Ref: 1....................2...............Kick out

Engel goes back on the attack, lifting up Hero and firing off a succession of punches and kicks to the body and head of Hero, who falls back towards the corner. Harlequin unloads with another flurry of strikes, he then drags Hero back from the corner before Irish whipping him into the turnbuckles viciously from close range.

Harlequin then rests Hero up against the turnbuckles, before stepping back into the opposite corner. Engel then runs in, nailing a huge stinger splash on the former world Champion. Hero stumbles forward straight into an axe kick. Cover.

Ref: 1.................2............Kick out!

Crime Lord reenters the ring, and Hero slumps to the outside. Engel goes onto the attack against Crime Lord. Engel applies a front facelock, he drives a succession of stiff knees up into the face of Crimey. He stumbles back into the ropes, where Engel continues with an attack of knees to the abdomen and head. He then takes Crime Lord down with a hip toss, before running the ropes and hitting a knee to the back of the head. Cover.

Ref: 1....................2.................Kick out!

Crimey kicks out. Engel lifts him to his feet, hitting a series of kicks and strikes to the legs and body, followed by a spinning roundhouse kick to the head. Crime Lord collapses to the mat. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1......................2................Kick out!

Engel drags up Crimey, booting him in the stomach, followed by a vicious kick to the face. Engel pulls in Crimey...


Ref: 1........................2........................Kick out!

Engel pushes Crime Lord away. He runs back in...


Ref: 1...........................2..................................3!

Ding, ding, ding!


Engel sits next to the fallen Crime Lord, in the ring, chuckling as Hero is strewn on the outside.

HA: “Engel overcomes the odds here...Crime Lord and Hero couldn’t co-exist and he takes advantage”

HE: “Damn clown”

Engel looks at Crime Lord, laughs, and slides to the outside and over to the kid who has his bat. 

HA: “Engel now interacting with his adoring fans, look, the kid wants him to sign the bat!”

HE: “What is his issue with kids?”

HA: “What are you on ab…ENGEL!”

As the kid holds the bat out for Engel to sign, Engel throws away the pen, and rips the bat out of the kids hand. The kids parent screams at Engel, who laughs in his face and mouths “dry your eyes mate” and slides into the ring with the bat in hand.

HA: “What is Engel doing? Why did he do that to that kid?!”

HE: “The clown has lost it!”

Engel looks at the fallen Crime Lord. Engel looks at his bat. Then Engel begins to pummel at the body of Crime Lord, with shot after shot after shot, destroying the ribs of the former 6WF legend.


HE: “Always knew clowns were unstable”

Engel repeatedly smashes the bat into Crime Lord, over and over and over again. The crowd look on with shock at first, but this soon turns to pockets of boos and some kids can be heard crying as Engel continues his brutal assault on a lifeless Crime Lord.


Security rush down to the ring, and tackle Engel. EMTs are quickly behind and tend to the motionless Crime Lord as Engel is wrestled away laughing maniacally kissing his bat as 6CW Beachfront Brawl cuts away

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Re: LIVE FROM COPACABANA BEACH - 6CW Presents: Beachfront Brawl 2017!

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Tue 24 Oct 2017, 9:47 pm

*In the back, the cheers of the crowd behind her, Charlotte Grey is standing in front of the camera

CG: An update for you now on the condition of Jack Hurst. Footage filmed during that epic triple threat match has confirmed that Mr Hurst has received medical treatment for injuries sustained to his neck. However, there is a twist to the tale…

*Footage plays of Hurst in the medical bay, wearing a neck brace. As he talks to the doctor, Enforcer bursts in

E: I want you out!

Dr: Sir, my patient needs to rest

*E looks at him

E: Who are you? You’re not a 6CW doctor…

Dr: I work privately for Mr Grace, I am awakening the chakras in Mr Hurst’s body to help cure this neck injury

E: The what? I don’t care! This imbecile is leaving, he will not ruin or interfere in any more matches

JH: But I’m a paid wrestler!

E: You’re a paid butler, as far as I can see. Either way, you’re out of here Jeeves! If I see your face again tonight, I will not be responsible for what happens

*Enforcer stares menacingly at Hurst before storming away

*We go back to Charlotte

CG: Is Anthony Grace now one ally down after he sacrificed his little English lamb to Edward Plague earlier this evening?

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Re: LIVE FROM COPACABANA BEACH - 6CW Presents: Beachfront Brawl 2017!

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HE: Ladies and Gentleman we are just moments away from what promises to be an epic encounter.

HA: That’s right, after weeks of gamesmanship, the Fight for the Right briefcase holder O’Callaghan is going for a 3rd straight victory against the V.I.P Player, JJ Johnson tonight.

HE: Gamesmanship? Come on, Harold. And to think they let YOU interview him, a complete joke.

HA: Well spoil the surprise why don’t you?

HE: Whatever!

HA: Well, he’s right folks, earlier this week I sat down with O’Callaghan for a 6CW exclusive on his upcoming match

The Following is a Exclusive

The screen opens in a well lit room with Harold and O’Callagahan sat at a table…

HA: O’Callagahan, firstly let me thank you for taking the time to talk to me, I appreciate you’ve got a busy week prepping for the match on Sunday.

OC: Anything for a fan. Is this like a Make-A-Wish, or are you getting some college degree in journalism?

Harold rolls his eyes…

HA: Sure, a degree…. So anyway, Beachfront Brawl, JJ Johnson, after the last few weeks, is this an opportunity to really cement yourself as top level star here?

OC: Cement myself? I’m sorry, do the words ‘Fight for the Right holder’ mean absolutely nothing to you? Did my two convincing victories over JJ not even register with you? Or is this your way of trying to somehow embarrass me because you’re the less talented of the Lloyd brothers? Either way, I don’t need any further cementing. There’s a whole industry out there that hasn’t stopped saying my name since I won this damn case.

See Harold, in years gone by, it’s all been about timing. Making sure you hit the top at the right time, take advantage of the right moment, the right fan reaction before cashing this in. Well I’m different. This isn’t about time. My time is now, this is about making sure that EVERYONE knows who I am, what I’m about, and what happens when I cash this thing in and become the biggest name in Pro-Wrestling history…

HA: And so what exactly is the right time? I mean, right now everyone knows you as the guy who scored two rollup victories over JJ Johnson and calls himself a world beater?

O’callaghan smirks…

OC: That’s how you see it, Harold? Two roll-up victories? You see them as cheap don’t you?

HA: Well, if the cap fits?

OC: Or how about the fact that I’m just a level above JJ? That I don’t need to pander to the crowd, exert all my energy or show off my full wrestling repertoire to beat him? Why make an easy job tougher by dragging it out? Why waste my energy, or risk losing due to showmanship? I toyed with JJ Johnson. I lured him into my trap, and I let him think he was getting the better of me and then I closed the door on him. I shut up shop and I left the Franchise Player, The VIP Experience looking like a damn noob.

HA: And what of Dicey Reilly? You’ve obviously got your eyes set on him, how does he play into this Sunday?

OC: Ah, the old potato masher. Firstly, let me just correct you. I haven’t got my eyes set on him. My plans for Beachfront Brawl were to get myself 4 ringside tickets for the show. 1 for me, 1 for my case, and 2 to make sure we didn’t have to sit next to anybody. Then I was going to kick back and watch Reilly and Cerberus fight it out under my watchful gaze. Now, Reilly is going to get a front row viewing to the future. He can watch as I put JJ Johnson away like only he wishes he could. And when I’m done, I’m gonna hold this case up in front of his face, flash him a big O’Callaghan smile and leave him with that feeling of uncertainty as to if and when I choose to take his title.

Now, as much as this has been a pleasure, I’ve wasted far too much of my time entertaining your ignorance, so I’m going to wish you good day, but, I have one favour to ask before I go.

HA: What’s that?

OC: Next time send your brother.

O’Callaghan removes his microphone and chucks it on the desk before grabbing his briefcase and exiting the screen.

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Re: LIVE FROM COPACABANA BEACH - 6CW Presents: Beachfront Brawl 2017!

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Match Four
#1 Contender to 6CW Championship
O'Callaghan vs JJ Johnson
Special Guest Referee: Dicey Reilly

The action returns to ringside and the crowd on the Beach are making a huge noise as "Born to fight" booms through the speaker system and the 6CW Champion, Dicey Reilly, enters the fray dressed in his referee's uniform for the upcoming contest.

HA: This is a big one, brother….

HE: In some respects I guess it is…'s the new guard vs the old school, some are calling this a potential passing of the torch….but seeing as though O'Callaghan has gone 2 and 0 against JJ Johnson in recent weeks I'm struggling to see where the huge hype comes from…..I have to be honest….

HA: Honest? JJ Johnson loses two matches through underhanded tactics and all of sudden you aren't hyped for this match? JJ is one of the greatest of all time, an icon, a legend and when the lights are on bright in matches of this magnitude there is nobody that does it better…….O'Callaghan has two victories for sure but I am telling you right here and now that he is about to enter the biggest challenge of his entire career…..I've spoken to JJ earlier today and that fire within him is burning bright and he has a very special performance in him….

HE: Well time is going to tell…..this is a big night and on paper this is a big match….but how much does JJ Johnson really have left? I'm questioning it and I know a lot of people are….

HA: A win tonight for either man makes them the number one contender for Dicey Reilly's 6CW Championship….if that cannot coax a monumental fight out of you then nothing will….it's all on the line….

Dicey Reilly circles the ring and interacts with his fans before rolling under the bottom rope and raising his arms, drawing another deafening roar from those in attendance. 

HA: Dicey Reilly is the man in the middle tonight, he gets to witness his potential opposition up close and personal….

HE: And his issues with JJ Johnson are personal, they don't like one another….JJ was crazy to suggest Dicey as the referee….you really believe he can be impartial?

HA: Dicey and JJ don't like one another but they respect each other…..Dicey isn't particularly fond of O'Callaghan either so I think he'll enjoy them beating holy hell out of the other…..he has no reason to be anything but impartial…..

The lights in the arena dim and then "Run this town" blares out to a very mixed reaction from the Brazilian crowd. O'Callaghan takes his time to walk out from behind the curtain, surveying the scene in front of him, with his FFTR case in his hand….

HE: Theoretically, O'Callaghan could cash that in right here tonight….

HA: He can cash it in anytime he pleases, that’s the stipulation of the contract in that briefcase….

HE: So he could target Dicey Reilly during this contest?

HA: He could….I'm not sure it would be a wise move but certainly it is a possibility and one that I'm sure Dicey is fully aware of…..

HE: And should O'Callaghan win tonight he would actually have two world title shots to his name?

HA: That is what is on offer…..should he win then he'd not only be the number one contender to the 6CW Championship but he'd still have a guaranteed shot at either world championship….the rise of this man has been spectacular and whether you like his attitude or not, you cannot deny his talent…

O'Callaghan ignores the jeers of the crowd as he makes his way ringside and then climbs up inside. He takes a long look at Dicey Reilly and then points at the FFTR briefcase…..Dicey smirks and motions for O'Callaghan to go ahead and cash it in….

HA: Dicey is always ready for a fight…..I'm sure he'd gladly oblige O'Callaghan….

HE: And where would that leave JJ?

HA: Without a match or an opponent….but that's O'Callaghan's call, he can call the shots….

An electric blue spotlight hits the stage and then "Ante Up" blasts out to a vociferous reaction from the 6CW Universe. The fans in attendance are on their feet as JJ Johnson moonwalks out onto the stage and raises a lone arm….

HA: The Franchise…..The Main Event Playa……quite arguably the Greatest of All Time…..JJ Johnson may be older now, may not be quite the same as he once was but that desire is still there……

HE: But does he have it? Can he muster up a performance worthy of earning a shot at a world championship? I don't deny how good JJ was, he beat them all…..but this is now and he is going up against the fastest rising star in professional wrestling today….

JJ pounds his chest in appreciation of the fan reaction and then he begins his descent to the ring. He leaps up onto the apron and then climbs the turnbuckle, taking his time to pose for the adoring masses….

HA: It has been a storybook career, one hell of a rollercoaster ride…..but is there one more chapter? Is there one more standout moment for the highlight reel? I have watched this man for years, I have seen him beat every single legend in this business…..can he roll back the clock and defy Father Time?

JJ stares down at both Dicey Reilly and O'Callaghan as the crowd continue to chant his name. He drops down into the ring and goes face to face with his opponent, Dicey Reilly quickly pushes them back from one another…

HA: Big fight feel, one hell of an atmosphere… can feel it…..the electricity in the air….

HE: JJ looks ready to go….

HA: He has the people on his side…..JJ Johnson freely admits he is a different animal when the crowd have his back……this is go time….

Dicey Reilly has a few choice words for both men and then jabs at the referee's badge on his shirt, letting them know who is boss. They barely show any notice as the bell sounds and they circle one another…..

HA; O'Callaghan is a terrific technical, submission based wrestler…..JJ Johnson has ,throughout his career, honed the ability to excel in nearly every department….

HE: O'Callaghan will fancy his chances of outwrestling JJ…..he's outwrestled everyone….plus he has the confidence from his two victories….

They continue to circle, looking for openings, and then they lunge into a lockup. OC immediately attempts to take the back of his opponent but JJ drops to one knee and counters with a snapmare. They roll back up and tie up again, this time JJ uses his power to launch O'Callaghan back against the ropes and knocks him down with a huge clothesline as he returns…

*Crowd roar

HA: That wasn't in the script the first two times they met….

O'Callaghan is one knee, holding his jaw, and he looks almost stunned as JJ beckons for him to get back up and fight. The Irishman rises and they circle one another again, this time they engage and O'Callaghan takes the arm, twisting it behind JJ's back….

HE: This is more of what we are used to seeing…

HA: Not that though!

JJ doesn't panic and instead he seizes the free wrist of OC and returns the favour. He twists O'Callaghan's arm and wrenches it before drawing him in close and taking him down with a side headlock swipe…

HA: Early stages and it is JJ Johnson demonstrating his wrestling ability….

HE: O'Callaghan looks befuddled….

JJ holds OC down but the Irishman is quickly scrambling back to his knees. They get back toward a vertical base and O'Callaghan drives elbows into the ribs of JJ before dragging himself clear and running off the ropes…..

HA: Brilliant!

*Crowd cheer

JJ leapfrogs over OC on the comeback and then launches him across the ring with a hiptoss as he returns a second time. O'Callaghan sits in the corner with a stunned expression….

HA: You can tell that O'Callaghan thought this would be a walk in the park….he underestimated JJ….

HE: Two victories can do that to you….

HA: Well he needs to screw his head on because right now he isn't getting a look in….

OC uses the ropes to drag himself up, an angry expression on his face, and he and JJ circle for position again. O'Callaghan slides on his knees behind JJ and quickly takes his back, Johnson tries to throw him off but this time OC clings on and succeeds in picking JJ off the floor, slamming him down on his stomach before rolling across him and applying a chin lock, keeping JJ's head pressed into the canvass….

HE: This is more of what O'Callaghan is used to, being able to control the pace….

O'Callaghan even has time to smirk at Dicey Reilly as he continues to hold JJ down on the deck. Johnson is able to use his upper body strength to push himself onto his knees and then back onto one foot….

HA: O'Callaghan cannot match JJ's strength, that is one attribute they do not share….he should have looked for another opening instead of trying to incite the referee…

OC tries his best to keep his grip but JJ succeeds in rushing him back into the corner and crushing into his body with a huge shoulder thrust. JJ rams home another shoulder before breaking free and crashing a massive forearm into the face of his opponent….

HA: That one put O'Callaghan on dream street….

OC staggers along the ropes and JJ grabs his shoulder, turning him around, before unloading with a huge right hand that drops him to the mat. JJ then begins to stomp on O'Callaghan's chest with fury….

HA: JJ unloading here….he was not happy with the manner of O'Callaghan's last two wins….

Dicey Reilly grabs JJ by the waist and drags him away, allowing O'Callaghan to roll under the ropes to safety from the attack. JJ and Dicey go nose to nose….

HE: No love lost here….

HA: No there isn't but Dicey has a job to do and right there he was doing it….cannot fault him….

JJ shakes his head and then leans over the ropes and grabs O'Callaghan by the head, dragging him back up onto the apron. OC seizes JJ around the neck and guillotines him….

HA: JJ walked right into that one….

Johnson staggers backward and O'Callaghan quickly scrambles up the ropes to the top. The crowd are on their feet as the Irishman throws caution to the wind and front flips into a senton takedown……
………shoulder up!

HE: Not something you see often from O'Callaghan but he nearly pulled it off….

OC beckons JJ back up and he ducks a wayward right hand before lifting him into a back suplex, letting the bottom drop out as JJ just crashes into the deck. O'Callaghan shakes his head as he goes to the corner again….

HA: O'Callaghan has the skillset but he's also being risky here….it's like he believes he can against JJ….

HE: He has that confidence running through him….


O'Callaghan reaches the top but JJ is already up and sprints to the corner, up the ropes and delivers a huge overhead belly to belly suplex from the top rope. The audience are on their feet and applauding….

HA: You do not sleep on JJ Johnson, you do not take him lightly….O'Callaghan cannot rest back and think this is a cake walk, he needs to show more respect….

O'Callaghan clutches the bottom of his back as he staggers back up to his feet and JJ grabs his arm, pulling him close and detonates a huge release spinebuster………………….1………………………2……………..kickout!

HE: JJ is looking to get his power game going now…

HA: He outweighs O'Callaghan by nearly 80lbs, if he starts to ragdoll him now this could get very interesting….

JJ grabs OC by the head and he drags him up and flips him into the air for a powerbomb. O'Callaghan lands heavy punches down into JJ's forehead and they stagger into the ropes before falling forwards and O'Callaghan counters with a headscissors takedown. They get back up and O'Callaghan charges forward but JJ plants him with a sky high powerbomb….

HA: JJ knows this is potentially a last roll of the dice….he loses here and he's back to the bottom of the pile, working his way up again just may not be possible….he feels the pressure but he performs better under it….

JJ picks O'Callaghan's head up off the deck and lands three big right hands before bouncing off the ropes and returning with a leaping kneedrop to the head. He pushes past Dicey as he takes his turn to head to the corner and climb up high….

HA: JJ's more comfortable up here then O'Callaghan….

HE: But it's still risky….

The flashbulbs go off as JJ spins in midair and plummets down for a legdrop but O'Callaghan moves at the last second, sending his opponent crashing into the deck. Both men are feeling the effects of the match but slowly they reach their feet and O'Callaghan nails a scooped backbreaker, immediately dropping JJ to the deck and seizes his legs….

HA: Boston Crab!

HE: He's got him… O'Callaghan is going to work. Now he is exactly where he wants to be….

OC turns JJ over on his stomach and applies the submission hold, drawing anxious looks from many of the fans at ringside. JJ yells out in pain and reaches out for the ropes but he is a mile away, trapped in the centre of the ring….

HA: JJ is in big trouble here…..O'Callaghan is the submission master….

HE: JJ Johnson needs the ropes, he needs to find a way out….

HA: I don't think I've ever seen JJ Johnson submit….

JJ desperately tries to claw at the canvass and drag himself along but O'Callaghan has the hold in tight and is straining with the effort he is putting in. Dicey Reilly is down on his knees asking JJ if he wants to quit but Johnson shakes his head furiously….

HA: JJ is proud man, a tough S.O.B…..but this hold is tearing his back, his whole body which has been through so much in his career….

HE: But this is a chance at the 6CW Championship, he will not give it up without one huge fight….this is where we find out what is left in JJ Johnson!

JJ's head slumps against the deck as O'Callaghan continues to pull back on his legs, sending shooting pain right through the spine of Johnson. Dicey Reilly looks concerned by JJ's lack of movement and looks destined to call the bout off when JJ suddenly launches up and drags himself forward….

HA: I thought JJ was done there, but somehow, someway he continues to fight….

HE: I guess this is why he is an icon….

JJ reaches out again but he is still too far away from the ropes. O'Callaghan is screaming at Dicey Reilly to "Ask him" but Johnson just will not quit. He lets out a huge roar and propels himself forward again….

HA: He made the ropes, he broke the hold….

HE: But is the damage irreparable?

O'Callaghan relinquishes the hold and cannot quite believe that JJ made the ropes. He stares at Dicey Reilly and then down at JJ, who is slumped and breathing heavily, before shaking his head and he grabs JJ by the legs, dragging him back toward the centre….

HA: O'Callaghan isn't done….

HE: This victory puts him on a whole new level….


JJ suddenly shoots up and grabs O'Callaghan's head, dragging him down into the pinning combination……………………1………………………….2……………….kickout!

HE: He nearly caught him out right there….

O'Callaghan quickly scrambles back to his feet and he drives a knee into JJ's stomach before gutwrenching him into a suplex. He trash talks Johnson and then draws a finger across his throat before heading to the corner once more….

HA: O'Callaghan is one from two with aerial assaults but still he tries….

HE: He knows JJ is hurt….he knows he is close…..


O'Callaghan flies from on high for an elbow drop but JJ drives his knees up and they collide with the extended arm of the Irishman, leaving him writhing in pain. JJ rolls onto his stomach and he stares out at the crowd, listening to them roaring his name….

HA: JJ is trying to muster the energy, feed on what is being offered to him….

Johnson suddenly shows real agility to push up onto his feet and sprint the ropes, he returns and delivers a thunderous scissors kick right to the back of O'Callaghan's head. He spins up onto his feet and raises an arm to the crowd….

HE: Listen to this ovation….

HA: They know what is coming…………they've seen it a thousand times before…..VIP…

JJ beckons O'Callaghan up and scoops him onto his shoulders but OC drops behind and counters with a huge German suplex. He keeps his hands wrapped around JJ's waist as he drags him up for a second time and delivers a second…………..then a third…………….a fourth……fifth……………..sixth……………seventh………….eighth…..ninth…..

HE: O'Callaghan is destroying whatever is left of JJ Johnson…..

Crowd: TEN!

HA: That is frightening…..

Ten straight German suplexes leaves JJ Johnson in a heap on the deck. O'Callaghan is on his knees, breathing deep, but he slowly pushes himself forward and makes the cover…
……..shoulder up!

HE: How?!?

HA: The desire still lives on….it has to be pure adrenaline, JJ Johnson's body has to be wracked with pain……

O'Callaghan complains to Dicey Reilly but Reilly shakes his head and tells him it was a definitive two count. Even Dicey looks impressed….

HA: JJ Johnson is one of the most resilient superstars I have ever seen….I said before this match started that there is nobody that rises to the occasion more than big match Jay….

O'Callaghan punches his fist into the mat and then clambers up to his feet. He stares down at JJ, hands on hips, and shakes his head before grabbing the legs again….

HE: O'Callaghan is gonna finish it here….SHARP….

JJ thrashes from side to side and then shows incredible leg strength to launch O'Callaghan sideways and through the ropes to the outside of the ring. JJ winces in pain as he moves but he gets back up to his feet and he bounces off the ropes before sprinting forwards….


The crowd are applauding as JJ hurtles over the top rope with an incredible crossbody takedown on O'Callaghan. Johnson scrambles back to his feet and pounds his chest before ripping off the covers of the announce table…

HE: JJ is all fired up….

HA: He's gaining that second wind….fighting through the pain barrier….

Dicey Reilly climbs from the ring and seems ready to stop JJ but Johnson stares him in the eyes and Reilly smirks and motions for him to continue. JJ launches O'Callaghan on top of the table and then climbs after him, mounting him and landing furious right hands….

HA: This is getting dangerous now…..all of sudden you know what is at stake, these two men are fighting for a shot at the richest prize in the game….

JJ gets to his feet and he stares around the audience before dragging O'Callaghan up to a vertical base. He holds OC there for a moment and then scoops him onto his shoulders….

HE: Surely not….VIP EXPE….

O'Callaghan drives elbows into JJ's jaw and drops off the back before shoving JJ away and onto the next table. OC then rushes forward and leaps at JJ….


JJ just catches O'Callaghan in his arms and a thunderous look appears on his face as he throws OC onto his shoulders and then delivers a huge Attitude Adjustment through the table….

Crowd: Holy (beep) x10

HE: O'Callaghan just got broken in half, right in front of us….

HA: JJ Johnson just turned the tables, pardon the pun….he just destroyed O'Callaghan….

Crowd: JJ! JJ! JJ! JJ! JJ!

JJ stands on the other table and stares down at the broken body of O'Callaghan amid the wreckage. He takes a deep breath and then climbs down before dragging his opponent out and throws him back into the ring. 

HA: JJ Johnson has pulled it out the bag….they wrote him off…..

JJ pulls himself onto the apron and he stares down at the prone form of O'Callaghan before scaling the ropes to the top. He nods his head and then launches himself forwards






The crowd are stunned as O'Callaghan's shoulder raises off the mat just before the three count. JJ Johnson slumps off the cover in disbelief….

HE: O'Callaghan really is the fastest rising star…

HA: The kid has got some guts, I am telling you right now that nobody saw that coming…..that was game over right there….

JJ grabs the ropes and shakes his head as he pulls himself up. He rests against the ropes for a second and seems to be contemplating….

HA: Even JJ thought that was it….he believed O'Callaghan was done….

JJ staggers away from the ropes and he stands over OC, motioning for him to stand back up. Dicey Reilly is watching on as O'Callaghan slowly rises back to his feet and walks into JJ's path….


JJ looks for a boot to the gut but O'Callaghan catches his foot and spins him around before countering with a northern lights suplex…………………1………………………2……………..JJ kicks out. Johnson quickly scrambles back to his feet and he boots OC in the stomach….


The crowd roar as O'Callaghan pushes JJ away and into Dicey Reilly. JJ stops himself short by seizing Dicey by the front of the shirt. Dicey and JJ glare at one another as OC looks to take advantage,,,,


JJ shoves Dicey back into the corner and catches O'Callaghan coming in with a beautiful pele kick to the top of the head. O'Callaghan is stood motionless from the impact and JJ rolls to his feet, this time connecting with the picture perfect stunner….




O'Callaghan once again throws his shoulder up off the mat before the three count can be completed. JJ is sat in utter disbelief….

HA: Say what you want and you may not like O'Callaghan but you better respect the hell out of him because this kid is as tough and as relentless as they come….

HE: I can't believe he kicked out….this is insane….

Crowd: This is awe-some x10

JJ gets back to his feet again and he begins to stalk O'Callaghan, ushering him to a standing position. O'Callaghan is extremely groggy but eventually he rises and walks into JJ….


O'Callaghan rakes the eyes of JJ and then rolls him up, grabbing a handful of tights….



HE: He got….

JJ kicks out just in time and immediately flies to his feet and boots O'Callaghan right in the gut. OC doubles up and JJ flips him into the air, drilling him with a huge powerbomb….

HA: That was impact….and JJ wants a second….


JJ seems to be trying to lift O'Callaghan up for a second powerbomb but OC is clinging on tight and it becomes obvious that he has JJ locked in a brutal submission hold. JJ is on his feet but bent over, his head locked between the legs of OC….

HA: What a turnaround this would be….

O'Callaghan is squeezing for dear life as JJ's body seems to be becoming limper. Dicey Reilly is trying to communicate with Johnson but doesn't seem to be getting much of response….

HE: I think JJ might be out….

HA: This would arguably go down as O'Callaghan's greatest every victory….


The crowd are stunned as JJ suddenly lifts O'Callaghan clean off the canvass and spins him around before detonating with a second monstrous powerbomb. JJ staggers back into the corner and looks out of it himself…

HA: Pure desperation from JJ but it worked a treat….O'Callaghan nearly got broken in half right there….

HE: JJ looks unsteady though….

HA: These men have been through hell and back….

JJ pushes himself forward and he grabs O'Callaghan by the head and drags him up to a standing position. OC is barely able to keep himself upright as JJ twists his arms around….


JJ looks for the spinning impailer but O'Callaghan pulls free and counters with a backstabber, the impact of which sends JJ forward and sprawling across the middle rope. O'Callaghan takes his chance and sprints across the ring….

HE: Dial 'em up….619!

The tiger feint kick scores and sends JJ tumbling onto his face in the centre of the ring. O'Callaghan seizes the ropes and launches into a springboard….


The frogsplash lands right across the spine of JJ Johnson. O'Callaghan rolls him over and hooks both of the legs….

HE: That spine of Johnson may be beyond help now…



HE: Incredible….what an effort from both of these men….

HA: This is what earning a shot at the big time means….this is what being the best is all about….whoever wins this match deserves that shot at Dicey Reilly, they really do….

O'Callaghan scrambles to his knees and then up to his feet to confront Dicey Reilly. They exchange words but Dicey informs O'Callaghan that JJ definitely kicked out….

HA: It's O'Callaghan's turn to experience doubt….he has hit JJ with everything, all of sudden his tricks haven't helped….he is in there with one of the best of all time….

O'Callaghan takes a few deep breaths and then begins to stalk JJ, motioning for him to stand up. JJ is clearly in a lot of pain, his back badly damaged, but he stumbles up to his feet….



O'Callaghan scoops JJ onto his shoulders and attempts to use Johnson's own finisher but JJ drops behind him at the final second. JJ seizes O'Callaghan by the neck and runs him forward, hurling him over the turnbuckle and into the ringpost….

HA: What a shot….O'Callaghan all at sea…..VIP EXPERIENCE!


JJ drills O'Callaghan in the centre of the ring with the sit down tombstone piledriver….



The Copacabana Beach is stunned as O'Callaghan finds the strength to somehow kickout once more. JJ Johnson is face down in the canvass next to his opponent, his back rising and falling with each desperate gulp of air he takes. JJ slowly begins to push himself up….

HA: I have seen it all from JJ Johnson…..I have seen him put away every single fighter in the world with that move….but somehow, someway….this young kid from Ireland just will not stay down….

JJ stares down at O'Callaghan for nearly a whole minute. He looks at Dicey Reilly and then out at the crowd before he grabs O'Callaghan by the head and begins to pull him up….

HA: One more will do it….O'Callaghan has nothing left, he can't have….there is no way….

JJ just holds O'Callaghan there for a second, staring at him, and then he scoops him onto his shoulders again and spins him around….


O'Callaghan drives an elbow into JJ's jaw and drops off the side. He hammers a knee into Johnson's gut and drags him in close for a suplex but JJ counters with a jawbreaker and then throws him across the ring with a belly to belly suplex. O'Callaghan staggers back up and JJ lifts him off the deck into a kneebreaker but keeps hold of his leg….


HA: JJ wants to beat O'Callaghan at his own game….and he is a master of this hold…

O'Callaghan screams in pain and scrambles desperately for the ropes but JJ drags him back quickly to the centre to apply more pressure. O'Callaghan rolls on his back and uses his free leg to kick out at JJ but they both end up rolling across the canvass and when JJ rises he still has hold of the ankle….

HA: JJ senses he can finish it here…..this could be all….

O'Callaghan's face is a picture of agony but he somehow forward rolls and catches JJ on the way down into a pin………………………..1…………………………………….2………………..JJ kicks out. Johnson gets up quicker than O'Callaghan, who is hobbling slightly, and he almost decapitates him with a huge clothesline….

HE: That one was straight from hell….

HA: I think they caught O'Callaghan's head in the bleachers….

JJ kneels over OC, barely able to catch his breath, and then he pushes up again and heads to the corner. O'Callaghan is prone behind him as he steps up the first two ropes….

HA: JJ has thrown everything at O'Callaghan….he knows he needs something other worldly, something never before….


O'Callaghan is somehow up on his feet and he sprints in behind JJ, up the ropes, and delivers an almighty German suplex. O'Callaghan keeps his hands locked upon impact and he rolls through and delivers another chaos theory suplex, that drills JJ's neck and spine into the deck….



The impact of the suplexes leave JJ's legs up in the air and O'Callaghan scrambles around and seizes them, taking his chance to turn JJ over and synch in his trademark submission hold. The crowd are making a huge noise and imploring JJ on as he screams out in pain and tries to make the ropes….

HA: JJ's back, his surgically repaired neck….everything has to be on fire here, he has been pushed above and beyond….

HE: But what does he have left? We have seen super human performances from him before….

HA: I think the performances of both of these men tonight have been super human, this is a match for the ages….

JJ is yelling in pain and clawing at his own head as he tries to ignore the agony he is feeling in his back. O'Callaghan really wrenches back on his legs, increasing the pressure to the back, as Dicey Reilly kneels in to see if JJ wants to give it up….

HE: JJ's hopes and dreams are slipping away here but he will not quit…..he will not give up….

HA: He is trapped in the most deadly submission in the business, applied by the most deadly technician….I fear for JJ here I really do because if he does not quit this could be the last time we ever see him….

Dicey is asking JJ again and again if he wants to give it up but JJ yells no and tries to drag himself closer to the ropes. He reaches out but they are still too far and he collapses onto the deck….

HE: I think he passed out due to the pain….

HA: Dicey's checking here….

Dicey lifts JJ's arm up and releases, it hits the deck immediately. The referee tries for a second time but with the exact same outcome as previously….

HA: That arm drops for a third time and O'Callaghan is the number one contender….


*Crowd pop


JJ's arm shoots up before it can hit the deck for a third time and he begins to drag himself closer to the ropes, his sheer power able to move his body despite O'Callaghan leaning down on top of him. OC's face is a picture of disbelief as JJ drags him closer to the ropes and reaches out….


JJ's fingers brush the ropes as O'Callaghan summons all his might to drag JJ all the way back to the centre of the ring and he sits right back into the hold. JJ's whole body is convulsing in pain and his fans look on with worried expressions….




"Run this town" booms out as O'Callaghan sags forwards out of the submission and can barely remain on his knees as he is declared the winner. JJ Johnson is still face down on the canvass as Dicey Reilly checks on him and then he stands to raise O'Callaghan's arm….

HE: Dicey Reilly just got to witness first hand what his future will look like…O'Callaghan is coming for the 6CW Championship….

HA: Dicey will confront any fight head on but he has to be impressed….O'Callaghan just went life and death with JJ Johnson, he took all of the heavy artillery that JJ could throw at him and he still came out on top….O'Callaghan survived where so many greats have fallen…..this is his most impressive victory in his career, he just beat the best of JJ Johnson here tonight…..

O'Callaghan and Dicey share a staredown and then OC takes to the ropes to celebrate his win, and although some boos remain he is applauded and cheered for his efforts. 

HA: Let's take a minute, though, to talk about that performance from JJ Johnson….he rolled back the years, not many could have performed how he did tonight…he truly is one of the best ever….

HE: I think he probably is the best…..that was incredible what we witnessed tonight…..for a man who is arguably past his prime he still pushed the elite tonight past anything O'Callaghan has ever known or experienced…..I am proud and honoured to have been able to see JJ perform like that one more time, even if it did end in defeat…

Slowly JJ Johnson begins to get back to his feet. He is clearly in a lot of pain and he holds the bottom of his back and winces with every movement as the fans go wild for him. O'Callaghan climbs down off the ropes and he stares down with JJ, almost stunned that the veteran is standing….

HA: They may have disliked one another beforehand, maybe they'll never be friends but they sure as hell earned each other's respect tonight……THAT IS CLASS!

The crowd pop as JJ Johnson applauds O'Callaghan and then offers him a hand, to which the Irishman accepts and they shake. JJ nods his head in appreciation of the crowd and then offers a hand to Dicey Reilly too, who also accepts it…

HA: A real show of respect there from these men…..they understand what they have been through tonight….

HE: And Dicey Reilly did a terrific job as referee, I had my reservations but he just called it right down the middle….

HA: This is good to see now….

Dicey and O'Callaghan stare at one another for a moment and Dicey taps his 6CW Championship, acknowledging he'll be seeing OC soon, before climbing from the ring. O'Callaghan watches him leave and takes his FFTR briefcase from the timekeeper before motioning to JJ that the ring is his. O'Callaghan makes his exit and suddenly the music changes to "Ante Up"

Crowd: JJ! JJ! JJ! JJ! JJ! JJ!

JJ takes to all four ringposts and poses for his fans before eventually climbing from the ring to interact with the audience on the outside. He hobbles into the aisleway and up the ramp as the fans continue to chant his name…

HA: An incredible match… incredible moment this for JJ Johnson……

HE: These fans showing their appreciation for JJ Johnson……history will remember him as megastar and tonight he once again proved exactly why…

JJ stands in the entranceway and looked moved by the reaction of the audience. He touches his heart and mouths "Thank You" at them before raising a lone arm in the Coalition Salute one last time before turning on his heel and exiting to the back.

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Re: LIVE FROM COPACABANA BEACH - 6CW Presents: Beachfront Brawl 2017!

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O’Callaghan bursts through the curtain, quickly followed by Dicey Reilly…

OC: I hope you got a good look at that, Reilly? Cause that’s coming your way.

Agents and medics wander over…

Medic: O’Callaghan, just a quick check over… and you Mr Reilly.

DR: Don’t worry about me, I was just the man who slapped the canvas, make sure you check him over good though; if this chump is coming for me, let’s make sure he’s 100%, don’t want any excuses.

OC: Ha! Excuses, believe me, I’ve seen you wrestle JJ, and after that performance, you haven’t got anywhere near enough in the locker. And I was taking it easy on that old timer.

DR: Trust me, boy. I’ve left rags in my locker with enough to take on you. As for the old timer, maybe you should brush that chip off your shoulder and appreciate what you actually did out there, not many people get the ovation he did…

Medic: Dicey, you’re all good.

Dicey moves to walk down the corridor…

OC: Ovation? That was the fat lady singing. His career is done. He’s been barking like old yeller for weeks now. Those fans weren’t cheering for him, they were celebrating his funeral procession…


Agent: Jesus, Dicey.

O’Callaghan crashes to the floor clutching his jaw.

Dicey pushes the agent out of the way and leans in towards O’Callaghan….

DR: Respect is earned, and manners cost nothing. I’d learn some quickly, or I’m going to beat them into you.

Dicey grabs the briefcase and shoves it into the chest of O’Callaghan who sits staring up at Dicey, clutching his jaw as the 6CW Champion walks off.

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Re: LIVE FROM COPACABANA BEACH - 6CW Presents: Beachfront Brawl 2017!

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Charlotte Grey is shown backstage with a despondent looking JJ Johnson, the fans can still be heard chanting his name around the arena…

CG: JJ, what a performance out there, what an ovation at the end of the match, but ultimately, you just came up a bit short at the end. Tell us, how are you feeling right now?

JJ runs his hands over his head and smiles…

JJ: Damn…. You know, when you out there, and you be like, bus’in a gut, tryna give your all, there’s times when y’all feel like you on your own. Like, ain’ nobody wit’ you. And then y’all have nights like tonight, when er’thing jus’ click, you know? All those peeps up in there, they like pushin’ me to my limit. Like go hard or go home, son!

But I ain’ here to be all downbeat an sh’, I don’ come up short, I know ‘dat, but nights like ‘dis, they don’ come along very often…

CG: It certainly was a spectacle; do you have anything to say about your opponent?

JJ: You know, I ain’ gon’ sit here an’ run him down. Y’all see him, y’all see him, last few weeks he been reppin’ some cheap ass wins, ackin’ like he some superstar or suttin’. But, praise be when needed, fo’ sho, he brought it tonight, he took it to JJ Johnson like I ain seen in years. He deserves that win, imma let him have it.

JJ chuckles to himself…

CG: Where do you go now, JJ? It’s been a long couple of months, even a long few years. I guess the question on everybody’s lips is, what next for JJ Johnson? Is there one more World Title in you?

JJ smiles as the crowd erupt…


JJ: I still feel like I’m at the top of my game, ain’ no time to be thinkin’ about no future. Imma enjoy tonight, look back on what happen’, and imma see y’all at Anarchy.

CG Thanks for your time, JJ.

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Re: LIVE FROM COPACABANA BEACH - 6CW Presents: Beachfront Brawl 2017!

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Jackson Jackson is shown backstage talking with Max Adamson....

MA: Now listen to me, don’t go getting distracted, don’t go getting involved in any mind games. Keep your focus, the second you get distracted, that’s when they’ll steal it.

JJ: And you?

MA: I’ll be at ringside, just where you need me to be.

JJ: Do you think he’s gonna show up?

MA: Plague?

JJ: Yeah?

MA: No idea. Whatever that odd little man is planning, just let him do whatever. It’s all about keeping those belts.

JJ: You got it, boss.

Jackson nods at Max and both men head towards the locker room.

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Re: LIVE FROM COPACABANA BEACH - 6CW Presents: Beachfront Brawl 2017!

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Match Five
Tag Team Championships
The TA vs. The Brotherhood (GazzyD & Liam Wood) vs. PJ & CJ

HA: And from a legend of the industry, to the tag team titles!

HE: Oh my am I looking forward to this one, brother.

HA: Three on-form teams, Henry. Max Adamson’s Team Adamson, who have come into 6CW and put the tag division on lock. But their standing is threatened tonight by the aggression of Edward Plague and his Brotherhood.

HE: You’re not wrong there, Harold. Plague targeted Horrigan and Jackson, and Liam Wood and Gazzy could be as formidable a pair as we have ever seen come together

HA: Not to forget, of course, Perfect Jack and Clarke James, two men already holding gold who are on the look out for more.

HE: UK and International champions, the pair that share the prize.

*Perfection plays out from the speakers to huge cheers

HA: These fans are cheering, brother?

HE: You know these crowds in South America, Maggle! It’s upside down, cuckoo land around here!

*Jack steps out onto the stage and the pop gets louder. He stands with his arms out, basking in the applause. He struts halfway down the ramp then turns and Blind Faith blares out.

HA: They’re cheering James too?!

HE: I don’t know what to say! It’s not like these two choose to endear themselves to the crowds! This belt schtick must have struck a chord!

*James walks out, his back to the crowd and poses amidst the cheers. He then swaggers down and joins Jack. They shake hands and walk to the ring.

HA: Best of friends nowadays

CCClouds - He Is Legend plays through the arena and the lights go downbeat

HE: Plague’s music

*The lights go back up and Wood and Gazzy stand either side of their leader.

HA: A united front for the Brotherhood.

HE: That’s even creepier in an outside arena. The night sky illuminating the figures in otherwise dark space

HA: And this Brotherhood of men likes that fear and linger in that darkness.

*The three men walk slowly down to the ring to a quiet all around them. Awe, fear or some other curiosity, but the cheers have died down.

HA: The two men Plague will send forward tonight are the most dangerous competitors The TA have faced, without doubt. One of the all time greats of our business, and a man whose career is going that way to reach those echelons too.

HE: United by Plague’s dark aura, destructive and decisive.

*They climb into the ring, and Jack and Clarke jump out to stand on the outside. The drama is interrupted by the lights coming up and Machine Gun by Portishead playing

HA: And here comes the champions!

*Horrigan walks out slowly, looking imposing, Jackson emerges from behind him and puts his arms in the air with his index fingers and thumbs forming a triangle. Adamson joins them after this display and pats both men on the back

HE: The powerhouse, the technical star and their genius manager...the TA are my pick, brother!

HA: They have looked near invincible. Tricks have been used, we know, but I’m not sure Max’s input has really been needed

HE: Max knows best.

HA: Well, tonight they are going to have to have eyes in the backs of their heads. They are in the ring with experienced, decorated superstars. Their inexperience has been balanced with Adamson’s guile, but he has Plague on the outside and some pros who will be fully aware of all his games.

*The TA make it down to the ring and stand in one corner together, Adamson just below, outside. The Brotherhood stand across from them and then Jack and Clarke slide in and join the triangle of teams.

HA: The ref is checking them over and we’re ready to go, but who is going to start?

HE: Frank Horrigan is not moving. Jackson is leaving him to start this, and the challengers are gonna have to work out who gets to go 1-2-1 with this behemoth to begin!

*Gazzy and Liam look to each other, smile and nod, slipping out and leaving James and Jack in together. Jack slips away quickly...

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Frank Horrigan starts the match off for the tag team champions, going in against Clarke James. The pair lock-up and unsurprisingly, Horrigan uses his sizeable power advantage to drive James back into the one neutral corner of the ring. James places his body into the ropes, forcing the break. CJ slowly walks forward and again locks up with Horrigan.

He locks in an armbar hold on James, before lifting him into the air by the knuckles and then converting that into an arm drag takedown. James stumbles up to his feet, Horrigan scoops James onto his shoulders and then plants him into the canvas with a Samoan Drop.

Ref: 1................2..........Kick out!

Armstrong forces the shoulder up. Horrigan immediately walks to the corner and makes the tag to Jackson. Horrigan lifts up James, hitting a scoop slam as Jackson then flies off the top rope with a leg drop down across the throat of James. Jackson hooks the leg.
Ref: 1.................2............Kick out!

Jackson rolls up to his feet, he allows CJ to his feet before hitting him with a couple of kicks to the stomach. James lurches forward and Jackson quickly takes him down to the canvas with a swinging neckbreaker. He covers.

Ref: 1..............2.........Kick out!

HA: A strong start from the tag team champs, constantly isolating Clarke James.

HE: That's the key to these matches, keep yourselves in the match at all times.

Jackson tags in Horrigan. He stands in the corner waiting as Jackson drags up James and Irish whips him into the path of Horrigan who crashes a big boot into the skull of James. Jackson then runs at Horrigan who gorilla presses him up into the air and Jackson drops down with a splash. He rolls out of the ring as Horrigan makes the cover.

Ref: 1..............2.............Kick out!

James forces the shoulder up. Horrigan lifts up James and slings him over his shoulders for a powerslam but the former European champion drops down the back. He stumbles around and desperately tags in the closest person, which luckily happens to be his partner, Perfect Jack.

Jack runs into the ring and takes Horrigan down with a chopblock. Perfect Jack then quickly pummels away at the side of his head with a series of punches, before running the ropes and connecting with a kick to the side of the head. He hooks the leg.

HE: Fantastic opportunism there from the veteran Perfect Jack.

Ref: 1....................2.............Kick out!

Perfect Jack gets to his feet, he twists the right arm of Horrigan around viciously, then hitting a series of stomps and leg drops down across the shoulder. Horrigan gets to his feet and Jack hits a brutal armbreaker. Horrigan lurches forward, Jack kicks him square in the face, he jolts up and Perfect Jack follows that with a codebreaker. He covers.

Ref: 1......................2............Kick out!

There's a kick out from Horrigan. Perfect Jack drags him to his feet in an armbar hold, he follows that with a knee to the gut. He goes for a suplex but Horrigan blocks and counters with a big release suplex of his own. Jack rolls up and Horrigan flattens him with a discus clothesline.

Ref: 1..................2..............Kick out!

Horrigan leans over, he picks up Perfect Jack by the head and drags him to his feet. He hits a couple of crunching body punches, Jack attempts to reply with some big haymakers of his own but Horrigan simply walks through them. He follows that with a big headbutt, followed by a boot to the stomach.

The tag champion then launches Reilly out across the ring with a release scoop slam. PJ staggers to his feet and Horrigan runs in like a freight train, nailing a big bicycle kick on Perfect Jack. He covers.

Ref: 1......................2.............Kick out!

PJ forces the shoulder up. Frank Horrigan rolls Jack onto his front, he then drives a couple of stiff knees down into the back. Horrigan then synchs in a grounded abdominal stretch on the world champion. He slowly drags him to a vertical base, displaying his remarkable strength, before connecting with a big release fallaway slam. Horrigan drags Jack to the middle of the ring and covers.

Ref: 1......................2..............Kick out!

Horrigan drags up Jack, he then Irish whips him into the corner. Horrigan sprints in, hitting a big splash. Jackson tags in, he springs in, sprints to the opposite side of the rope, leaps off the middle rope one-footed to increase his momentum before connecting with a vicious running, corkscrew European Uppercut.

PJ slumps down, Jackson climbs to the top rope, Horrigan then bench-presses him from the top rope down into a splash on PJ. Cover.

Ref: 1..................2............Kick out!

Jackson hits a couple of stiff knees into the back of the head, he then applies a double underhook hold. He brings Jack to his feet and then launches him out across the ring with a tiger suplex. PJ sits up and Jackson hits a soccer punt kick to the chest. Cover.

Ref: 1....................2..............Kick out!

Jackson brings Horrigna back into the contest, he grabs Perfect Jack by the legs, swinging him around at a great velocity...

HE: We know what comes next...

HA: Double stomp from Jackson Jackson!

Ref: 1.......................2.................Gazzy D breaks the pinfall!

HA: Gazzy with the save!

HE: I get the impression that the Brotherhood have just about had enough of being left on the outside.

HA: I suppose you can't deny they will always take matters into their own hands if necessary.

Liam Wood is soon into the ring after Gazzy, he sprints over to Jackson and dropkicks him hard off the apron down to the outside. Wood joins Gazzy in pummeling away on the gigantic Horrigan in the corner, with the pair switching places to nail successive assisted shining wizards.

They dump Horrigan out over the top rope, although not before Wood tags himself in. During their beatdown of Horrigan, Perfect Jack has been able to crawl to the corner and bring Clarke James back into the match.

James runs across but Gazzy is still in the ring and the brotherhood quickly go to work on James, taking him down with a double side slam. Gazzy throws James into the corner, where Wood follows up with a huge running yakuza kick. Gazzy grabs CJ by the head, nailing a bulldog out of the corner.

He leaves the ring as Wood covers.

Ref: 1...................2..........Kick out!
James kicks out.

Liam Wood applies a grounded double underhook lock on James, dropping some knees down into the back of his head. Slowly he brings James up to his feet and then throws him across the ring with a double underhook suplex. James rolls up to his feet, throwing a wild clothesline that Wood ducks underneath...

HA: Pele kick followed by a superkick!
Ref: 1...................2..............Kick out!

Perfect Jack tries to join and help his partner out, but Gazzy D reads it and takes him out with a flying shoulder block. Gazzy lifts up Jack just as Wood brings Clarke James to his feet, the pair then hit synchronised delayed vertical suplexes. Jack rolls out of the ring, Gazzy sprints off the ropes and flattens him with a suicide dive.

He jumps back onto the apron as Wood lifts James into a powerbomb position. He steps back carefully, allowing Gazzy to tag in. He climbs to the top rope and they hit a clothesline/powerbomb combination. Cover.

Ref: 1..................2..............Kick out!

Gazzy drags Clarke James to his feet, where he hits a couple of powerful punches to the head. James falls to one corner, Gazzy then launches him into the opposite and builds up a head of steam to crash into him with a big dropkick to the head. James falls forward and Gazzy hits a DDT. Cover.

Ref: 1.................2..............Kick out!

Gazzy brings Liam Wood back into the contest. Wood drags up James, he throws him out across the ring and on the rebound, James goes for a crossbody block. Wood catches him, nailing a fallaway slam.

Gazzy re-enters the fray without a tag, James rolls to his feet and Gazzy runs the ropes, nailing a Chris Jericho-esque dropkick. James staggers back into Wood, who nails a reverse swinging STO. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1....................2.............Kick out!

Liam Wood gets to his feet, he stomps down repeatedly on the back of Clarke James before hauling him to a vertical base. He hits a knee to the gut, then some knees to the face. He then lifts James onto his shoulders...

HA: Lungblower!

HE: That could be it!

Ref: 1......................2...................Kick out!

James forces the shoulder up, Wood pounds the mat in frustration. He brings up the co-champion, kicking him in the stomach. He sets up for the Manson Driver when Jackson Jackson grabs the leg of Gazzy, sweeping it from underneath him as Gazzy's head bounces off the ring apron.

Wood is about to go and attack only for James to counter with a back body drop. Wood rolls to his feet, James hits a Samoan Drop. Cover.

Ref: 1.................2...........Kick out!

Clarke James waits for Wood to rise, he then throws him into the ropes and connects with a tilt-a-whirl neckbreaker on the rebound. James goes up top...

HA: Corkscrew Senton!

Ref: 1.....................2.............Kick out!

Wood forces the shoulder up. Clarke James allows him to rise, he ducks a wild clothesline attempt and then connects with a big atomic drop. James runs the ropes, hitting a spinning heel kick. He covers.

Ref: 1....................2................Kick out!

James gets to his feet, he brings in Perfect Jack. The pair throw Wood into the ropes, hitting a double hip toss. Wood rolls to his feet, Perfect Jack hits a bridging belly to back suplex into the pin.

Ref: 1........................2...............Kick out!

Perfect Jack drops a series of knees down into the back of Liam Wood, he then hauls him to a vertical base where he pops a series of forearms into the back of the head. He pushes Wood into the turnbuckles, following that with a knee to the back. He grabs Wood by the waist, nailing a German suplex. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1...................2...............Kick out!

Jack locks in an armbar hold, he stomps away on Wood and then Irish whips him into the ropes. On the rebound, Perfect Jack hits a spinebuster. He then grabs the legs of Wood...

HA: Sharpshooter!

HE: This is where Jack thrives, the submission game.

HA: He targeted the back throughout that whole spell of offence, now he's looking to take that opportunity.

Jack wrenches back on the hold but Wood manages to turn his body and then uses his legs to boot Perfect Jack away...

HA: Straight into the ref!

HE: Ref's out, now chaos really could ensure!

Jackson leaps onto the apron, he runs along and sends Clarke James flying with a forearm smash, preventing Jack from tagging his team-mate, he instead reaches over and tags the only person available...Jackson!

On the outside, Horrigan lifts up Gazzy D, setting him up for a powerbomb. He runs towards the railings...

HA: No! No!

HE: Counter! Thank god!

HA: Hurracanrana from Gazzy!

Horrigan is sent crashing into the railings. Gazzy steps onto the apron, Jackson lifts Wood up. Wood goes for a desperation boot, it's grabbed by Jackson...


HA: Tag to Gazzy!

Gazzy storms the ring, he knocks Jackson down with a forearm, then a shoulder block and then a clothesline. Cover.

Ref: 1...................2.............Kick out!

Jackson kicks out. Gazzy goes to the top rope, he stands waiting for Double J to rise, he flies off and nails a big head-scissors takedown. He covers.

Ref: 1.......................2..................Kick out!

Gazzy drags up Jackson, he boots him in the knee and then sets up for Downtown but Jackson manages to elbow his way out. Gazzy runs the ropes, only for Jackson to flatten him with a discus elbow. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1....................2...............Kick out!

Jackson drags up Gazzy, he throws him into the ropes and nails an inverted atomic drop on the rebound. Jackson runs the ropes, nailing a running dropkick to the side of the head. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1...................2...............Kick out!

Gazzy kicks out. Jackson brings him to a vertical base, booting him in the stomach. He goes for a suplex, it connects. Jackson brings him up, hitting a 2nd suplex. He brings up Gazzy...

HA: The three amigos!

Ref: 1.......................2.................Kick out!

Gazzy once again kicks out. Jackson waits for him to rise, stomping his foot. Gazzy staggers to him... the knee from Jackson as Gazzy shields his face. Jackson runs the ropes, nailing a vicious kick to the face. He covers.

Ref: 1.......................2..................Kick out!

HE: Tremendous heart from Gazzy.

Jackson drags up Gazzy, planting him with a side slam. He brings him back up to a vertical base...

HA: TTJ1 locked in!

HE: Chicken-wing hold synched in!

HA: This could be it...





PJ plants the title across the back of Jackson's head but it simply snaps in half. Jackson spins around, and plants Jack with a superkick. He rolls towards the corner, where Jackson boots away on him as Horrigan and Wood just about get onto the apron. James drags Jack towards him, Jackson leans down and drags James up onto the apron by the head but is caught with an uppercut.

Jackson stumbles back and Gazzy rolls him up.

Ref: 1.....................2.................Kick out!

Jackson kicks out, Gazzy quickly attempts to get to the corner where Wood is slumped on the turnbuckle but Jackson drags him away and up, hitting a double underhook suplex. Cover.

Ref: 1.................2............Kick out!

HA: Horrigan stepping into the ring now!

Horrigan hits a pumphandle slam, Jackson runs the ropes and Horrigan helps hit an assisted wheelbarrow splash. Jackson is about to cover, but Horrigan shakes his head as he looks out to Adamson. He nods his head...

HE: Adamson signalling for the finish...

HA: Wait there!

HE: It's Edward Plague!

Edward Plague marches down the ramp...

HA: Adamson isn't taking this!

Adamson marches down the ramp, he stands right in front of Plague...


Enforcer storms out onto the stage, marching down the ramp. He steps in between the duo, before security stream out, forcing Plague to the back. In the ring, Gazzy is on the shoulders of Horrigan in a powerbomb position as Jackson stands waiting...

HE: Still on for the finish...

HE: Gazzy frees himself!

Gazzy scurries to the corner, making the tag to Wood, who has barely recovered. He looks on in shock but Horrigan soon throws him over the top rope. The TA lift up Wood...


Jackson is about to cover when Perfect Jack and James storm the ring, James dumps Horrigan down to the outside as Perfect Jack takes Jackson. CJ quickly covers Wood!

HE: They're stealing it!

Ref; 1........................2......................................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!



HA: 4?

HE: Replicas on top of replicas, brother. They’re gonna need a crew just to help them carry all the gold!

CJ and PJ come together in the ring, looking as ecstatic as they are shocked as the ref raises their hands in the air

HA: Look at the faces around here! This crowd is shocked! The losers are shocked

HE: Even the winners are shocked, Harold! The TA and The Brotherhood thought this was all about them, they thought they were the teams. But if you take your eyes off the prize…

HA: And that is something Clarke James and Perfect Jack do not do. It is all about the prize for them

*The new tag champs scurry down the ramp together, still in awe of their achievement, as the TA and the Brotherhood get themselves back to their feet and we head backstage.

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Re: LIVE FROM COPACABANA BEACH - 6CW Presents: Beachfront Brawl 2017!

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*Enforcer is backstage with Tim Allen

TA: A huge night here in Brazil for 6CW, Mr Enforcer. But questions remain over the state of control backstage…

E: They do, do they?

*E stares with anger at Allen

TA: Hey, I’m just doing my job. And no one has been questioning how I do mine…

*Enforcer stares with his eyebrows raised at Allen’s dig

E: And the implication is that they have about me, eh Allen?

TA: I’m not anything more but the messenger here. But with Engel running riot, Grace playing games and seemingly JJ Johnson out the door, are you really in control?

E: The games of some foolish men will not be allowed to undermine the authority of my decision making.

TA: And JJ?

E: I respect any legend, and JJ is a legend, and their decision to fight or step away. We all have to step away from the fight sometimes…

TA: And pick which ones you can win..?

*E stares at Allen they’re interrupted. Jackson Jackson storms towards him...

JJ: Is this how you run things now? Just letting people get away with anything and everything?

Enforcer: Excuse me?

JJ: Oh, if only you could be excused. If only there was a way of getting you out of this place. What gives, E? Months back you were bossing this place, the locker room was buzzing, crowds were hotter than hell.... now?

Jackson shakes his head...

JJ: Now you’ve got Plague running round like he owns the place. A rogue clown attacking people with a bat. James and Jack getting away with whatever they want. I’m sick of it, we worked out asses off to get those titles, and we lose them like that! No way, I want my damn rematch.

Enforcer: So you moan about people doing whatever you like and then book your own match?

JJ: You’re damn right I am. Anarchy, we want Perfect Jack and Clarke James. You can stick the stooges in there as well for all I care. Enforcer looks blankly at Jackson before nodding...

Enforcer: Fine, consider it done. Jackson smirks before shaking his head.

JJ: Easy as that, huh? No wonder people are saying you’ve lost it.

Jackson walks off as Enforcer looks on.

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Re: LIVE FROM COPACABANA BEACH - 6CW Presents: Beachfront Brawl 2017!

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Main Event
EWF Championship
Cerberus vs Anthony Grace

Ring Announcer: Your MAIN EVENT is scheduled for ONE FALL and is for the EWF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!

HA: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome back to Beachfront Brawl and what a contest we have here for you tonight.

HE: It’s our first world championship contest of the evening and we saved it until the very end.

HA: And it’s very much a clash of styles as the showboating, egotistical Anthony Grace challenges for a world title for the first time up against the brooding, monstrous figure that is Cerberus.

HE: An opponent that Anthony Grace chose to face Harold, for anyone to question this man’s bravery now would be ridiculous.

HA: I won’t question that, I question the decision.

Ring Announcer: Introducing first…THE CHALLENGER…residing in Hollywood, California and weighing in at 234lbs…ANTHONY GRACEEEEE!

“Power” by Kanye West rips through the arena and a massive gold “A” replaces Grace on the screen. The crowd is bathed in gold light as Antony Grace waltzes out onto the stage. He is wearing sunglasses, gone is his white suit but the extravagant fur coat remains. Grace holds up the A gold chain around his neck before walking down to the ring, smiling to himself.

HE: Anthony Grace looking supremely confident here this evening, his first world title contest in a singles environment.

HA: He’s an egotist and I can’t help but feel that confidence maybe somewhat misplaced. I think he’s bitten off more than he can chew with someone like Cerberus.

HE: Grace, like it or not, has proven he can hang with the best Harold. He is just an incredibly talented individual.

Ring Announcer: And now…from Deadman's Corner, standing 6 FEET 9 INCHES TALL and weighing in at 275lbs...the REINGING…DEFENDING…EWF HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WOOORRRLLDDDD…CERBERRUSSSS!

"Haunted" blares out as the lights dim around the arena, red lights then start flashing around as Cerberus stalks slowly out onto the stage. A red light illuminates the daunting figure of Cerberus in the otherwise pitch black arena as he holds aloft the EWF championship.

HA: What a run this man has been on, Gateway To Glory winner, Night Of Glory Main Event Winner, World Champion.

HE: It’s been one hell of a ride Harold, he’s one hell of a competitor. But what does he do for the brand Harold? Think where Grace could take this company.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Anthony Grace and Cerberus circle the ring, staring each other down. Grace steps forward for the lock-up, Cerberus follows suit and Grace takes a step back quickly. Grace holds his hands up, dusts himself down and then returns to the middle of the ring.

Cerberus grabs one hand for the lock-up but Grace frees himself, he steps back again and this time rolls out of the ring.

HA: Grace doesn’t want any of this.

HE: It’s clever tactics Harold!

Anthony Grace finally steps into the ring, he moves in for the lock-up and this time Cerberus manages to grab hold of his arm, enforcing the lock-up. Grace is driven back to the corner by the EWF Champion, but this allows him to place his body in between the ropes, forcing Cerberus to break the hold, much to his annoyance.

HA: Grace using every trick in the book to try and avoid physical contact with Cerberus.

Cerberus steps back, waiting impatiently as Grace slowly removes himself from his position in between the ropes. The champ sprints in, going for a big splash but Grace manages to dive out of the way. Grace quickly drives the head of Cerberus into the top turnbuckle a couple of times before rolling him up.

Ref: 1……………Kick out!

The EWF Champion kicks out. Cerberus rises to his feet, Grace fires in a series of punches but Cerberus simply walks through them, before dropping Grace with a huge headbutt. He stumbles up, Grace tries to run towards the ropes but Cerberus yanks him around and then launches Grace out across the ring with a  hip toss.

The Hollywood A-Lister rolls to his feet, running at Cerberus who flattens him with a brogue kick. He covers.

Ref: 1………………2……Kick out!

Cerberus rises up and drops an elbow down into the chest. He grabs Grace by the head and hauls him to his feet, Grace fires back at Cerberus with a couple of European Uppercuts. Cerberus blocks and then fires in some fearsome European Uppercuts of his own that back Grace into the corner. 

The big man cracks a couple of elbows into the face of Grace before stepping back to the opposite corner. Cerberus runs in, leaping into the air and delivering a big stinger splash. Grace falls forward but is sent back to the corner with a big right hand. Cerberus lifts Grace up onto the ropes and then connects with a brutal jawbreaker. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1...................2........Kick out!

HA: Total dominance from Cerberus here in the early exchanges, welcome to the big leagues Anthony!

HE: The man is an A-List superstar Harold, he knows what the big leagues are!

Grace forces the shoulder up. Cerberus rolls the world champion onto his front, he then stomps down on Anthony Grace continually. Cerberus then runs the ropes and leaps into the air, splashing down across the back of Grace. Cerberus then allows the world champion up to his feet, he slings Grace over his shoulders.

Cerberus runs to the corner and drops Grace face-first into the turnbuckles with a  snake eyes. Grace stumbles around, Cerberus again scoops Grace onto his shoulders and then walks to the middle of the ring connecting with a Death Valley Driver. Cerberus goes for the pin.

Ref: 1......................2.......Kick out!

Cerberus hits a couple of big stomps down into the face of Grace, before leaning down to pick him up. Grace hits a couple of boots to the head that force Cerberus away from him, Grace kips up to his feet but Cerberus is back in the vicinity and simply sends him straight back down with a huge right hand.

Cerberus picks Anthony Grace up by the head and then clatters some vicious punches into the body, some of which literally lift Grace into the air. Grace falls back into the ropes, Cerberus Irish whips him across the ring, running back of the adjacent ropes and then levels Grace with a huge forearm smash to the side of the head. 

HE: Incredible impact on that!

Ref: 1......................2...............Kick out!

Grace kicks out. The EWF Champ drags him to his feet, where he hits a stiff knee to the gut. Cerberus hauls him up into the air for a powerbomb but Grace desperately rakes the eyes of the monster to escape the hold. He stumbles around, allowing Grace to drop him with a swinging neckbreaker.

Ref: 1…………………2……Kick out!

Anthony Grace gets to his feet and then proceeds to stomp away on the head of O'Callaghan. he then drags O'Callaghan towards the corner, where he then piles punches down into the head of the slumping O'Callaghan. Grace takes a few steps backwards to taunt the crowd a little before returning to his stomping attack.

Grace pulls O'Callaghan back from the corner slightly, he then uses the ropes to springboard backwards and drop a knee down into the face of the former double champion. Cover.

Ref: 1..................2..............Kick out!

Cerberus forces the shoulder up. Anthony Grace drags him to his feet, he then throws him down to the canvas with a suplex. Grace keeps the hold applied, driving to his feet and this time hitting a 2nd suplex, but dropping Cerberus face first into the mat. Cerberus sits up, Grace runs off the ropes and hits a vicious running kick to the face of Cerberus.

The Champion slows gets to his feet, Anthony Grace lifts him into the air and then runs along, connecting with a big backbreaker on Cerberus. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1..................2.............Kick out!

Anthony Grace goes on the attack with a series of knees down into the face. He then drags up the FFTR holder, Irish whipping him into the corner. Grace sprints in, connecting with a big leaping back elbow smash. Cerberus falls forward and Grace hits him with a snap powerslam into the pin attempt.

Ref: 1.....................2..................Kick out!

Anthony Grace stands waiting for Cerberus to rise before running the ropes, attempting a bulldog. The EWF World Champion shoves Grace away and he lands on the canvas clutching his lower back. He slowly rises to his feet and Cerberus flattens him with a big boot to the skull. Cover.

HE: Much needed counter for Cerberus.

Ref: 1………………..2………….Kick out!

Cerberus rolls Grace onto his front, hitting a series of knees into the back. Cerberus then grips both the arms of Grace behind his back, dragging him to his feet. Cerberus holds Grace in the air, in this position, for some time before finally launching him out across the ring with a tiger suplex. 

Anthony Grace rolls to his feet, he walks into the path of Cerberus who grabs Grace by the throat single-handedly and then drives him into the mat once again with a chokeslam. Cover.

Ref: 1........................2...................Kick out!

Cerberus drags Grace to his feet, this time he grabs a hold of Grace's throat with both hands before walking towards the corner and launching Grace into the turnbuckles. He staggers forward and Cerberus takes him down with a big clothesline. The monster then goes to the top rope...

HA: We don't see this too often...

HE: Big leg drop!

Ref: 1.........................2.....................Kick out!

Grace drives the shoulder up off the mat. Cerberus drags him to his feet, connecting with a knee-drop brainbuster. Cerberus follows this up with a running, high-angled knee drop. Cover.

Ref: 1..........................2....................Kick out!

The champion gets to his feet, he stomps down on Grace's head a couple of times and then sets up for the Grim Sleeper. Out of sheer desperation, Grace constantly stomps away at the foot of Cerberus until he releases. Grace turns on the spot, driving a knee into the stomach and then delivering a DDT. He covers.

Ref: 1…………………2…………..Kick out!

Grace steps back to the corner, waiting for Cerberus to rise. He runs in and knocks him down with a clothesline. Cerberus rolls up quickly and Grace hits another clothesline. Cerberus rolls up once more and this time Grace hits a shoulder block. Cerberus stays down, Grace runs the ropes and hits a leaping splash. Cover.

Ref: 1…………………2……………Kick out!

Cerberus forces the shoulder up. Grace sits him up, slaps him across the face a couple of times before unloading several stiff roundhouse kicks to the chest followed by a running kick to the back of the head. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1………………….2…………..Kick out!

HE: Those taken from his good friend Conor McGregor.

There’s a kick out from the champion. Grace stands over Cerberus waiting for him to rise…



HA: Exploder suplex!

Cerberus blocks the finisher and then counters brutally, he drags Grace to the middle of the ring and covers.

Ref: 1………………….2……………..Kick out!

Cerberus gets to his feet, he hits a series of stomps and kicks down on Grace. He then drags him to his feet and lifting him into the air…


Ref: 1………………………2………………Kick out!

Grace kicks out. Cerberus stands over him, waiting for the Hollywood Superstar to rise…

HA: What the hell is he doing out here?

HE: Jack Hurst!

HA: And he’s got the Grace Case with him!

Hurst, battered and bruised, walks slowly down the ramp. Cerberus spots him and steps down to the outside, Hurst turns..

HA: No escape here Jack!

Cerberus grabs Jack Hurst back, he scoops him under the shoulder and throws him across the ramp. Hurst rolls up, Cerberus scoops him up by the legs and then drives him repeatedly back-first into the steel ring post.

HE: I don’t think this is quite what Hurst envisaged when he stepped out here.

Hurst is slumped on the steps, Cerberus grabs him by the waist, lifting him into the air before throwing him into the railings with a belly to belly suplex.

HA: Job done for Cerberus there, taking out the outside influence…




Ref: 1………………….2……………….....Kick out!

HA: Cerberus kicks out!

HE: So close for Grace!

The world champion kicks out, Grace drags him to his feet and then hits a couple of European Uppercuts. Anthony Grace then throws Cerberus to the corner, the Hollywood superstar then sprints in and connects with a leaping back elbow smash. Grace then climbs onto the 2nd rope, where he proceeds to pummel down on the head
of Cerberus with punches.

Grace has to step back after 10 punches, Cerberus falls forward and Grace hits a back body drop. Cover.

Ref: 1................2............Kick out!

Anthony Grace stands waiting for Cerberus to rise before planting him into the canvas with a DDT. Cerberus staggers to his feet and Grace runs off the ropes, connecting with a bulldog on his opponent.

Ref: 1……………………2……………..Kick out!

Cerberus kicks out. Anthony Grace drags up the World Champion, hitting him with an atomic drop. Cerberus stumbles up, Grace hits a knee to the back and then runs the ropes, connecting with a bulldog. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.......................2................Kick out!

Anthony Grace stands over the  monster, waiting for him to rise. Grace powerslams him down, Grace then goes to the top rope...

HA: Grace going high risk!

HE: The frustration perhaps mounting up for him…


Ref: 1………………………….2……………………………Kick out!

Cerberus again kicks out. The frustration is there for all to see as Grace pummels away at the mat continually. He then gets to his feet and immediately goes back to the top rope…

HE: A second moonsault…


Grace writhes in pain. Cerberus slowly gets to his feet, Grace stumbles, Cerberus kicks him in the gut and nails a lifting DDT. Cover.

Ref: 1………………….2……………..Kick out!

Cerberus drags up Grace, throwing him to the corner. He nails a big splash, Grace slumps down. Cerberus runs in…

HA: Cannonball Senton!

Cerberus drags Grace away from the corner and hits an elevated Brainbuster. Cover.

Ref: 1……………………..2……………….Kick out!

Grace kicks out. Cerberus chokes out Grace on the canvas with his boot, and then grabs him by the throat. He dead-lifts Grace from the canvas into the air and plants him down with a chokeslam. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1……………………….2……………………Kick out!

Cerberus slams the head of Anthony Grace into the mat repeatedly. He drags up Grace, lifting him onto his shoulders, driving him into the canvas with a powerbomb. He brings Grace back up into the air…

HA: Double Powerbomb!

HE: Incredible power!

Ref: 1……….………………….2………………………………Kick out!

Grace forces the shoulder up. Cerberus drags him, locking in a chicken-wing…

HA: Now what?!

HE: Here’s Mike Crowther, from Monster Energy.

HA: He has even less business than Hurst being here.

Crowther marches purposefully down the ramp, he beckons the referee towards the ropes as he climbs onto the apron. Crowther is remonstrating animatedly with the official…

HA: What the hell has he got to complain about?

HE: Clearly not happy with the officiating, he must feel there has been some blatant breach of rules.

As Cerberus watches on, Jack Hurst rolls into the ring. He slides the Grace Case into the path of Anthony Grace who picks it up…

HA: No! Not like this!

HE: Grace with the case!

HA: And Hurst offering himself as bait!

Hurst steps forward, he turns Cerberus around and slaps him across the face. Cerberus throws him down. Cerberus turns around…

HA: Watch out! Watch out!

Cerberus spins around, Grace sprints in at him with the case…



Hurst drops out of the ring clutching at his head as Grace watches on in shock. He turns around…



Cerberus throws the case out of the ring, with Crowther now desperately signalling for the ref to turn around. Cerberus locks in a chicken-wing…


Ref: 1…………………………………..2………………………………………………..3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

HA: Cerberus retains!

HE: A big win against the world’s best, that’s very, very impressive! He’s stolen one, but that’s how you stay champ!

HA: Stolen?! What..?

*The ref raises Cerberus’s hand in the air and presents him with his title. Cerberus stands alone once the ref steps away and he just stands there, raising the title and looking out over the crowd.

HA: A powerful, powerful figure – a dominant monster and one I cannot see...wait a minute, what is that?

*With Cerberus celebrating, a red balloon drops from the ceiling and Engel appears at ringside with bat in hand.

HE: Where did that lunatic come from?! He must be after Grace! RUN ANTHONY!!

HA: How? Where? I don’t understand how he has just appeared?!

*Engel is staring at Cerberus and he moves to the ring, climbs the apron and stands eye-to-eye with Cerberus. The crowd are roaring

HA: Not for the first time, Engel and Cerberus stand eye to eye, and Engel has a weapon. This is a throwback, that’s for sure

HE: YES! Choose Cerberus! ROLL AWAY ANTHONY!

*The pair stand, intensity building in the arena, but boos ring out as security come down with Enforcer and keep them apart.

HA: Enforcer may have lost control lately, but he has learned a lesson. There’s 20 men standing in that ring now between the two warriors!

*Cerberus backs away, but Engel tries to fight through the security.


*Two take shots to the head and others are thrown.

HE: It#s gonna take a bit of brains here!

*Eventually Enforcer has to restrain Engel and the security then bundle him through the ropes. Engel takes down two more on the outside, but Enforcer again snaps him up and locks him up from behind, the bat dropping to the mat.

HA: Enforcer has still got it, thankfully!

*Security grab Engel with Enforcer

HA: I think Cerberus is enjoying this!

*Cerberus watches on, resting on the ropes and laughing at Engel. With his back to the rest of the ring, he doesn’t see Hurst, who has risen up again and grabbed the bat.



*Grace is on his feet, and Hurst walks over, picks up the case and hands it to him.

HA: H’es looking down the ramp, he’s staring right at Enforcer!

*Enforcer sees him and Grace smiles, a look of rage coming across E’s face. Grace then stares at Cerberus, down on the floor, looks at the case in his hand then turns to the ref.


HA: He’s handing it to the ref! It might be a title winning night for Grace after all!





*The fans pop, Hurst looks down in absolute disbelief as Enforcer has stormed back to the ring and near enough taken Grace’s head off. Breathing hard, Enfrocer looks across to Crowther, who stands outside the ring with his eyes open wide in absolute disbelief. Enforcer just stares at him, and eventually shakes his head and then walks away.



*Cerberus is still flat out, and the camera pans across Hurst’s shocked face, Crowther’s open-mouthed expression before settling on the closed eyes of Anthony Grace, his head against the mat


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Re: LIVE FROM COPACABANA BEACH - 6CW Presents: Beachfront Brawl 2017!

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