6CW Anarchy! - Tuesday 7th November, 2017

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6CW Anarchy! - Tuesday 7th November, 2017

Post by Beer on Tue 07 Nov 2017, 10:49 pm

*The 6CW credits start with new theme “Sugar” by Mallory Knox. As it comes to an end on the split screen image of champions Dicey Reilly and Cerberus, we go to commentary, where the Lloyd brothers talk over the raucous crowd.

HA: Welcome along once again to another rowdy and raucous 6CW Aftermath, where the fans of this wonderful company are trying to take the roof off of our arena!

HE: These people are still up in arms over the travesty of justice that befell our hero Anthony Grace in Brazil; the protests could become national at this point. I expect Theresa is on the way to calm things down

HA: The fans are still in awe of another huge PPV presented by this company. And they have been singing the name of Enforcer as they filled into the building

HE: You think it was glorifying, I think it was demands for justice

HA: All this has come about after a wonderful night in Rio for Beachfront Brawl...

*Thirty Seconds to Mars’s “Walk On Water” plays over still shots from the events of Beachfront Brawl. We see cheering fans against the backdrop of the dark sky of Rio de Janeiro, the shocked looks on the faces of new tag team champs Perfect Jack and Clarke James, the triumphant Geoff Steel standing over Jerome Dubois, Edward Plague towering in the ring as he stares down the ramp at a retreating Anthony Grace, Dicey Reilly holding up the hand of the victorious O’Callaghan, the floating red balloon of Engel, Cerberus’s hand raised and then the image of Enforcer taking down Anthony Grace lingers on the screen.

As we return to live TV, Mike Crowther stands in the ring, a mic in his hand, a chorus of boos behind him. He very deliberately clears his throat, but as he goes to speak the boos get louder.

He looks around, annoyed. As the boos settle, he goes to speak again but is once more stopped by the overwhelming anger in the audience. He turns around annoyed and talks to someone at ringside, gesturing to turn the mic up.

MC: They’ll hear me and me alone at home now, and the TV audience is our only concern!!

*The boos get louder again but Crowther laughs

MC: My mic’s up high, kids!

*They continue to boo, but Crowther goes on

MC: We here at Monster Energy have never begun to dream we know the ins and outs needed to run an episodic TV wrestling show. We understand money and branding, although we have been lucky to see true talent in its purest form with Anthony Grace under our noses.


His ascent has been continuously hampered by the mis-management that is now not even a hidden subtlety, no longer kept behind closed doors. And the villain of that piece is the one you know as Enforcer

*The crowd pop at the mention of E, causing Crowther to frown

MC: And it is time for him to face the consequences

*Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting blazes out of the speakers and the fans get to their feet as one.

HE: The modern day Judas enters the stage…

HA: The fans disagree, Henry. A legend in the business, who may have upped the ante of his story with the most memorable moment of all. Anthony Grace was seconds away from becoming the World Champion, but Enforcer wasn’t having any of it!

HE: Cerberus was down, Anthony Grace had earned that chance! He is a world champion, brother, whether he holds that belt or not; Anthony Grace is a champion of our world!

*E wastes no time making his way down to the ring, his own mic in his hand as he slides under the bottom ropes, even wearing a suit.

MC: Slow down there, cowboy, you might want to savour things.

*E laughs

E: This ring is my home, and it always has been. You wouldn’t understand, you can’t know what it’s like to be in between these ropes just by stepping into a ring. You’ve got to have relied on it to keep you alive. That’s why I know this business, and that’s why I--

*Enforcer is interrupted as “Power” by Kanye West plays. The boos nearly drown it outcomes


HA: Oh brother…

*Grace walks out with Jack Hurst following behind him. He poses for the fans, either choosing to ignore the boos or somehow oblivious to them, then saunters down to the ring. His pure white suit is glowing. Hurst bounds in front of him and lowers the middle rope so Grace can climb in comfortably, encouraging only further jeers.

E: Kevin Spacey’s best friend is here…

*Grace shakes his head at Grace and goes to stand with Crowther, flanked by Hurst

AG: Do carry on, Michael. It seemed to me like I should get the best seat I could for this…

HA: What is he suggesting?

*Grace smiles as he looks towards Enforcer, a snide smile, full of hatred.

MC: And you are the man who should be here to see this, as you are the man who has been so appallingly wronged.

E: Cut the poetry bulls***, Crowther. What do you think you can do?

MC: It isn’t about what I think I can do, Enforcer. The company makes decisions, I merely make suggestions.

E: You make a lot of noise, Crowther

MC: And a lot of people listen. What you haven’t seemed to grasp yet, Enforcer, is that I’m a very important man. And not a good enemy to make…

*Enforcer takes a step forwards

E: What do you think I’m doing here, Crowther? Quivering? I don’t give a –

*Grace steps forwards

AG: Let me stop the air turning foul here, Enforcer! The words that are awaiting delivery, well I think they deserve the performance of a God.

*He turns to Crowther, then turns back and smiles, laughing heartily before settling his face to a serious look

AG: You’re...FIIII


*The crowd roar as Enforcer steps forward once more and near enough takes Grace’s head off with a wicked and powerful clothesline. Hurst lunges forward but collapses onto Grace, covering him


*The crowd boo as security come down to the ring. Enforcer sees them coming up the ramp, and takes his chance to walk toward Crowther, backing him into the corner

HA: This crowd are baying for blood!

HE: They’re in ecstasy! The tyranny is over!!

*Crowther cowers in the corner, but Enforcer merely stands over him. He seethes, but then steps through the ropes and to the outside. The security stop. They stare at Enforcer and he stares back at them; an impasse. He walks towards and through them undeterred and unhampered, the crowd cheering him as he stops at the top of the ramp and stares out to themselves

HA: Dignity till the end…

HE: It is the end, brother! A pure relief

*Enforcer steps through the curtain and out to the back, and the cheers of the fans turn to boos. As Grace stands, drink bottles, cans and cups come flying down to the ring. Hurst shields his hero, and security are ushered down by Crowther to protect Grace. They form a barrier around him, and as if brushing through paparazzi, Grace ducks down and walks in step with his guards and down the ramp as drink rains downbeat
HA: A fitting farewell for Grace and Crowther here!

HE: The enthusiasm of the crowd has gone too far now! These simpletons don’t understand what it is they are doing, but one can be forgiven for wanting just anything they have ever owned to touch Anthony Grace!


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Re: 6CW Anarchy! - Tuesday 7th November, 2017

Post by Beer on Tue 07 Nov 2017, 10:54 pm

*Backstage, Geoff Steel is with Tim Allen. Tim looks flustered as the cameras come to him

TA: I stand here with Geoff Steel, the newly crowned TV Title holder. I was set to ask him about his rematch tonight, but, well, things have changed. Your reaction to what we have just seen..?

GS: It is certainly big news, Tim. But we have gotten use to change in powerful places around here. The constant is the talent that actually put on the show.

TA: But Enforcer is…

GS: Enforcer is a wrestler, first and foremost, and will not give two...hoots about this decision. He was here to support 6CW, he’ll be walking away not giving a thought about an energy drink and some div in a suit.

TA: You think he would be careless?

GS: I think he would expect me to care more about my own business, because we are of that ilk. We can understand each other, and we look ahead for what is right. He did it, you see me do it. And I’ll do it tonight when I set the coward on fire and you see his chances of ever regaining this title go up in flames.


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Re: 6CW Anarchy! - Tuesday 7th November, 2017

Post by Beer on Tue 07 Nov 2017, 11:18 pm

The camera cuts to outside the building where Dicey Reilly is shown approaching the building. Charlotte Grey rushes out and into shot...

CG: Dicey, i'm sure you must have some thoughts on what's just happened?

Dicey stops and drops his bag to the floor...

DR: In a way, i'm not surprised, you can't go doing what Enforcer did. But you know, in a way, I feel for him. He's been dealing with Grace and his slimey little tactics, everyone has a breaking point.

CG: How would you have felt, if you were in Grace's situation?

DR: In what sense?

CG: Cashing in his shot, the Grace Case?

Dicey smiles and chuckles to himself...

DR: That? It's not a real case is it? It's just politicking.

CG: As oppose to O'Callaghan and the Fight for the Right case, right?

DR: Sure, sure. Now if that was O'Callaghan, and it was me, I'd drag my ass off the canvas and fight, because that's what Champions do. Grace isn't a Champion, he's a Chump, who has done nothing but play the game to get in his spot.

CG: So you think Enforcer was in the wrong.

Dicey shrugs...

DR: Look, whatever Grace has, did or is doing, he has a shot. It's not quid pro quo, it's not circumstances permitting. He cashed in, and that's the beauty, if you like of his situation. Bottom line, Enforcer was the General Manager, and you don't lay your hands on the talent.

CG: After Beachfront Brawl, you had words with O'Callaghan, are you expecting some repercussions tonight?

DR: Like what? Cashing in? I guess there won't be any General Manager to stop him.

Dicey winks and walks off as we head back to ringside.


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Re: 6CW Anarchy! - Tuesday 7th November, 2017

Post by Beer on Tue 07 Nov 2017, 11:38 pm

Match One
TV Title Rematch
Geoff Steel vs Jerome Dubois

HA: A rematch from Beachfront Brawl next up for you here on Aftermath.

HE: And an immediate opportunity for Jerome Dubois to reclaim what is rightfully his, the 6CW Television Championship.

HA: Rightfully his? How do you figure that one out Henry? Geoff Steel beat him fair and square for that championship.

HE: He didn't deserve the chance in the first place!

"Mind Erarser" blares out through the speakers and the crowd boo loudly as Jerome Dubois strolls out onto the stage, swinging a French flag from side to side enthusiastically. He walks down the ramp and slides the flag and then himself into the ring.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman...the CHALLENGER...JEROMMMMEEEE DUBOIISSSS!

HE: He just doesn't look right without the gold, this is a man who suits gold!

‘Last Resort’ starts to play as the crowd cheer and Steel walks out to the stage. He walks from side to side playing up to the crowd before making his way down to the ring tagging the hands of the fans. He stops at the bottom of the ramp to tap his title belt continually.


HA: Geoff Steel earned his opportunity at that title belt and then really stepped up to the plate at Beachfront
Brawl, defeating Dubois to earn his first singles title in over a year.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Dubois and Steel meet in the middle of the ring, they bump fists before locking up. Dubois drives Geoff Steel backwards towards the corner, he goes for a clothesline but Steel ducks underneath it. He hits a dropkick to the Frenchman who falls into the turnbuckles.

Steel hits a couple of quick knife-edge chops the chest, Dubois blocks one and then piles forward out of the corner with a series of European Uppercuts. He throws Steel into the ropes, the Scot rebounds into the middle of the ring and Dubois takes him down with a hip toss.

From this, the Frenchman locks in an armabr hold. Geoff Steel rolls to his feet, he goes for an arm drag but Dubois blocks, he spins Steel around and then places his head under the right shoulder and brings Steel down to the mat with Northern Lights suplex, bridging into the pin.

Ref: 1..............Kick out!

Steel powers out quickly from the suplex move, Dubois goes for a side headlock but Geoff Steel fights up to his feet. He throws Dubois into the corner, Steel then sprints in and connects with a shining wizard. Steel grabs Dubois by the head and runs to the middle of the ring, nailing a bulldog.

The TV Champion doesn't cover, instead bouncing off the ropes and wrapping a vicious kick into the face as Dubois sits up. Cover.

Ref: 1...............2........Kick out!

HA: Even start to this impromptu match, it's clear both men are simply going to throw everything they have at one another, very little game-plan in this one.

Geoff Steel locks in an armbar hold on Dubois, where he then proceeds to boot away at the head of the Frenchman for good measure. Dubois gets to his feet, he then takes Steel down with an arm drag. He rolls to his feet and Dubois hits a second arm drag.

The Yorkshire native rolls to his feet, he throws a wild clothesline which Dubois ducks underneath. Steel spins around and Dubois plants him into the canvas with a spinebuster. The former TV champion runs the ropes and hits a leaping elbow down into the chest. Cover.

Ref: 1.................2...........Kick out!

Dubois gets to his feet, he then proceeds to hit a series of stomps on Steel, working his way around the body and performing a little French dance after each stomp.

The Frenchman then waits for Steel to rise, he places him onto his shoulders and goes for a powerslam but Steel drops down the back, he rolls Dubois up into a pinning predicament.

Ref: 1...............2.........Kick out!

Jerome Dubois powers out. Both men rise to their feet simultaneously, Steel blocks a punch and then takes down the Frenchman with a stiff-arm clothesline. Dubois rolls up to his feet, Geoff Steel boots him in the stomach and then nails legsweep DDT. He covers.

Ref: 1.................2..............Kick out!

HE: A real back and forth contest, nobody really able to get themselves a foot hold in this match.
Geoff Steel immediately drags Dubois up to a vertical base, he then kicks him in the stomach. Steel hooks the arm of Dubois and throws him down with a vertical suplex. Steel keeps the hold applied and nails a second suplex. He brings Dubois to his feet...

HA: Blocked!

Dubois blocks and then counters with a suplex of his own. Steel gets to his feet, Dubois hits a knee to the gut and then nails a sit-out side slam. Cover.

Ref: 1..................2............Kick out!

Geoff Steel forces the shoulder up. Dubois stands over Steel waiting for him to rise, before connecting with a scoop slam. Dubois hits a couple of stomps to the head before dragging Steel closer to the corner, Dubois climbs to the top rope and then dives down, connecting with an elbow drop. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.................2............Kick out!

Jerome Dubois hauls up Steel and then sets up for the Culture Shock, but Steel manages to free himself from the hold. Steel drops down the back, he runs the ropes...

HA: Double clothesline!

HE: Both men down.

HA: A potential title-changing situation here.

Both men are down as the referee begins a 10 count. He reaches 5 when the crowd turn to the top of the stage...


HA: What the hell is Engel doing out here?

HE: Who knows Harold, who knows what goes through this man's head!

Engel marches down the ramp, he rolls under the bottom rope. He picks up Dubois, he then grabs Steel as well.

Engel laughs maniacally and then smashes the pair's heads into each other.

HA: Engel has ruined this match-up!

HE: You think he cares? Engel wants to know who attacked him, and he clearly suspects these two.

Engel rolls to the outside, he brings in a steel chair. He steps into the ring, he walks towards Dubois who is the first to his feet...


Engel wraps the chair around the head of Dubois who stumbles back towards the corner. He throws the chair at Dubois, he catches it only for Engel to boot the chair into his head.

Dubois slumps down, Engel stomps down repeatedly on the head of Dubois. Engel picks up the chair just as Steel rises. Engel runs in, he drives the chair up into the abdomen of Steel.

He slumps down, Engel then drives the chair repeatedly down into the back of Steel until it is totally destroyed.

HA: Total destruction here from Engel.

Engel rolls out of the ring, smirking, turning back for one moment to admire his handiwork of Dubois slumped in the corner and Steel face-first down against the canvas, clutching his back.


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Re: 6CW Anarchy! - Tuesday 7th November, 2017

Post by Beer on Tue 07 Nov 2017, 11:39 pm

*Tim Allen stands next to the towering figure of Cerberus, his world championship hanging over his shoulder. Tim looks up to the dead eyes of Cerberus and cowers before even a word is uttered

TA: Ummm, Champ, you’ve got yourself a match tonight with a man who decided that he wanted to put his hands on you during your title defence at Beachfront Brawl. Is Jack Hurst ready for you tonight?

*Cerberus’s mouth twitches ever so slightly, in what would appear to be a hint of a smile

C: At Beachfront Brawl, Jack Hurst tried to start a fight only I could end. Tonight, I will end it and end him...and then I’m going back to end a man I should never have let live this long…

TA: Which man?

C: He will soon find out, you little man. Everyone will see what I want them to see, and they will know what I want them to know.

TA: Was your championship win not enough? Retaining the title..?

*Cerberus glares down at Allen

C: Ask Hurst in an hour. IF he can answer you.

*Cerberus walks away and we head to another scene.


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Re: 6CW Anarchy! - Tuesday 7th November, 2017

Post by Beer on Tue 07 Nov 2017, 11:52 pm

JJ Johnson is shown backstage in his locker room to a huge roar of approval from the crowd. He sits up as Charlotte Grey approaches...

CG: JJ, do you have a few minutes...

JJ stands up and smiles...

JJ: Fo' sho, any thing for you, Charlie.

Grey blushes and smiles...

CG: On a night of huge drama so far, what can we expect from your announcement? Can we get a sneak peak?

JJ laughs...

JJ: Nice try.... I ain; givin nuttin' up like that. Sure been a dramatic few weeks, night like dis y'all be wondering why people be gettin' into dis' business...

CG: Do you have any thoughts on Enforcer and his departure tonight?

JJ: Dam', I mean, E' and I, we go back, y'know? I gotsta' feel for him. Grace jus' be trippin', people be talkin' like E' is some sorta danger to the company, like he unhinged and sh**, but y'all got Engel trashing the joint. Y'all got Pee-J and Cee-J with damn near every title.

Ya'kno, back last year, all these fans were shoutin' was let them fight, now we gotsa be all PC, watching what we say, and you gotsa guy hidin' behind a damn case and his bitch laywer. That ain' right. E' clockin' him was good for business. Ain' nobody taught no lesson with no talkin' to.

CG: You came out of Beachfront Brawl with a 3rd defeat against O'Callaghan, in what some people are calling match of the year, are you looking for one more chance?

JJ: Shhhi', y'all jus' had to be droppin' that in there.

JJ smiles...

JJ: Man bested me, that's all ya' getting now, sweet.

CG: Thanks, JJ.

JJ: Ain' nuttin' but pleasure.


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Re: 6CW Anarchy! - Tuesday 7th November, 2017

Post by Beer on Tue 07 Nov 2017, 11:53 pm

Match Two
Cerberus vs Jack Hurst

*We head to ringside, and Jack Hurst is already standing in the ring. He looks shifty and scared, and then jumps back as the opening bars of Haunted by Disturbed play and then the lights go outcomes

HA: I think it is clear to see that Jack Hurst is not ready for this.

HE: He’s playing mind games, brother. Jack is a protege of Anthony Grace, clearly a class act.

HA: He looks like a lost little boy out here, Henry. Thrown to the wolves.

HE: One wolf, and he’s just a wild beast, no skill or brains. Brawn does not match brains.

*Out steps Cerberus onto the stage, lit by a red light. He walks slowly to the ring, menacingly towards Jack Hurst. He climbs up onto the outside of the ring and then steps over the top rope.

HA: Look at Hurst’s face! Petrified, he is absolutely petrified.

*Hurst stands, looking completely bewildered and terrified as he cannot take his eyes off Cerberus.

HE: Studious, looking for that weak spot

*The ref checks Cerberus and turns to ring the bell. Cerberus immediately bursts from his spot and crushes a shocked Jack Hurst into the turnbuckle. He steps back and Hurst just crumbles to the mat


HE: He’s...flat

*Hurst doesn’t move, so Cerberus just picks him up and then two handed throws him over the top rope and crashing to the outside


HE: Oh god, oh god, oh god! He’s going to kill him

*Cerberus steps over the top rope and then drops to the outside. The ref is shouting at him to back off, but Cerberus grins and then picks Hurst up once more

HE: What now?

*Cerberus gorilla presses Hurst up over his head then steps forward and drops the Englishman behind him. Hurst doesn’t put his hands out to protect himself and smashes flat and face-first into the ground.

HA: Hurst is out, he’s completely out…

*Medics start rushing down, but don’t dare come towards Cerberus and the flattened Hurst. The bell rings, but Cerberus shakes his head.

HA: This will only be over when Cerberus says it’s over

*The world champion looks down and picks up Hurst’s head from his hair. His victim cannot even look at him, so Cerberus slaps him to get one eye to wearily open. Cerberus smiles in Hurst’s face and then suddenly scoops him up, props him onto his shoulders


*The commentators split away from the desk and Hurst’s body is powerbombed onto it. The bell is ringing incessantly and Cerberus raises his arms into the air, echoed by a roar from the crowd. His music plays

HA: A message to Anthony Grace at least, and maybe to the whole roster too

HE: Crossing Cerberus seems a very bad idea, Harold

*He walks away, past the shocked medics, who only run to Hurst once Cerberus is a safe distance away

HA: Cerberus is in charge of Cerberus’s destiny, that is the story here. O’Callaghan and Grace might want to think twice before they cash-in any case.

*Cerberus walks through the curtain and the scene fades to break.


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Re: 6CW Anarchy! - Tuesday 7th November, 2017

Post by Beer on Tue 07 Nov 2017, 11:54 pm

*Charlotte Grey is backstage and she meets Enforcer as he walks towards the exit

CG: Enforcer! Enforcer! Please, may we have a word?

*Enforcer turns to her and smiles

E: Oh, I can spare a moment, Miss Grey.

CG: Thank you, Enforcer. The team here wanted to get your thoughts on the events that have transpired not only tonight, but at Beachfront Brawl. Why did you attack Grace?

*E smiles with a rebellious sense of joy

E: Because world titles are not won by politicians any more, Charlotte. The 90s are dead, WCW is dead, and I have seen businesses come and go. I will not stand idly by and watch the talentless take crowns due to friendships and sponsors. I--

*With a new sentence beginning, Enforcer turns at a sudden noise and a chair hits him full in the face. Engel then swarms on top of him and pummels Enforcer with punches. Charlotte runs out of the way as Engel swings wildly at Enforcer.

He finally stands, and E cannot move. Engel lifts his head and watches it drop to the ground. He stands above him then drags him up to his feet, lifting him onto his one shoulder, his legs flopping down his back and body limply on his front. Engel rests his other hand under Enforcer’s chin, then runs him head first into the wall, E dropping down unconscious to the floor. He giggles as he walks away, and a team of paramedics eventually run to the area and we cut away.


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Re: 6CW Anarchy! - Tuesday 7th November, 2017

Post by Beer on Tue 07 Nov 2017, 11:54 pm

*In a dark corridor, Hero stands with a camera low down, pointing up at him from around knee height.

H: As a God amongst men, Hero brings a certain element of Heaven to this industry. But your God created not only Heaven, but Hell too. Hell is to punish the meek who do not follow, to punish those who sin. It is time for that Hell to engulf.

*He shakes his head, more in sorrow than anger

H: One false prophet has lost his head here tonight, soon kings shall lose their crowns and pretenders will be displaced on this Earth.

It is time for Hero.


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Re: 6CW Anarchy! - Tuesday 7th November, 2017

Post by Beer on Tue 07 Nov 2017, 11:56 pm

Tim Allen is shown backstage looking flustered, talking to an agent...

TA: And you're sure he's nowhere to be seen?

Agent: Look, we can't find him. You need to read the statement and we need to carry on as normal until he can be found.

TA: Ok, ok!

Allen faces the camera, paper in his hand, his hands trembling slightly...

TA: After a tumultuous night, I can report to you that Enforcer has left the arena in an ambulance after Engel’s violent attack.

Further to that, Monster Energy have released this statement about a replacement for the now sacked Enforcer.

*He looks down and reads

TA: It reads: Monster Energy would like to thank Enforcer for his time with us in a backstage capacity in 6CW. He stepped into a role he had never asked to take, merely to help this company in it’s transitional stage with our management.

We had kept ourselves clear of leaving one specific man in charge of the running of 6CW as a wrestling promotion, but it appears there is a need for a qualified General Manager to make decisions for the promotion. This is less a business decision, rather a man who can use wrestling knowledge to ensure the product remains viable in a form that long term fans can enjoy and new fans can easily attach themselves to.

The team of 6CW legends that has worked with us since our takeover were tasked with finding candidates to fill this role, a decision we put into consideration as we pondered how Enforcer’s actions would affect his position with 6CW.

They have put forward a name, one that we find agreeable. The announcement of this person will be made in due course.

*Allen looks up once more

TA: So it appears the power vacuum shall not remain too long, which may come as good news to those worried about the steering of a seemingly rudderless ship. Back to you at ringside.


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Re: 6CW Anarchy! - Tuesday 7th November, 2017

Post by Beer on Wed 08 Nov 2017, 12:00 am

Match Three
Hero vs O’Callaghan vs Dicey Reilly

HA: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome back to Anarchy where we have a huge match-up lined up next here for you. We can only apologise for the shocking scenes early, but we've been instructed to carry on the show like normal, so that's what we're going to do.

HE: We've got the 6CW World Champion Dicey Reilly in action, against two men who undoubtedly covet the gold wrapped around his waist.

HA: Hero is a man who has held the world championship on multiple occasions, you only have to listen to him talk to know that.

HE: And O'Callaghan is a man desperate to taste the glory of world championship victory for the first time. Let's just hope there's no clowning around in this one!

HA: Jesus...

"Glorious" echoes out through the speakers, the lights dim and then a sole white light shines on the stage, Hero has his back to the crowd for a few moments before turning and standing arms out wide. He confidently walks down to the ring and climbs up the steel steps, he sits on the top rope for a few moments before leaning back exaggeratedly, again with his arms out wide. He then backward rolls onto his feet.

HA: Hero hasn't exactly been in brilliant form lately but to borrow the old adage, form is temporary and class is permanent.

HE: Look at that entrance Harold, this man simply oozes class!

The boos of the crowd continue as his music finishes and is replaced with 'Run This Town'. O'Callaghan walks out from backstage inching toward the top of the ramp with each strobe light. O'Callaghan rolls into the ring, he gets to his feet and smirks across at Hero.

HA: O'Callaghan scored the single biggest win of his career at Beachfront Brawl when he forced JJ Johnson, the great JJ Johnson, to submit.

HE: OC certainly didn't need an ego boost, but it should give him that little extra edge when it comes to big match situations that he will now undoubtedly find himself in.

'Born to fight' blasts through the speakers and there is a crashing ovation from the crowd as Green and gold pyros burst into the rafters as Dicey Reilly walks out onto the stage. Dicey Reilly is the picture of focus and determination as he makes his way down the ramp, cracking his knuckles. He runs up the steel steps and then steps into the ring, and lofts his title high into the air.

HE: Reilly saw first hand just how good O'Callaghan is at Beachfront Brawl as he was of course the guest referee in that contest.

HA: Dicey might well have been impressed, but nothing intimidates him.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Dicey and Hero lock-up, and O'Callaghan is happy to step aside and watch from afar. Hero is driven back against the ropes by Dicey but he quickly places his body in between the 2nd and 3rd ropes meaning Dicey has to retreat. Hero moves forward slowly, the smile still etched across his face. Dicey goes in for the lock-up but Hero sees things coming, and boots him in the stomach.

Hero quickly pummels down across the back of Dicey, only for Reilly to shove Hero away into the ropes. He then runs over going for a clothesline, but Hero side-steps and then steps to the outside to recuperate. With the crowd’s boos ringing in his ear, he eventually enters back into the ring and is met with a huge headbutt from Dicey. The leader of the Church stumbles back into the corner and Dicey fires in a succession of punches. Two rights, a left jab, the big uppercut is blocked.

Hero fires off a series of punches of his own, he mocks the Dicey spit into the hand only for Reilly to walk straight through the punch and knock down Hero with a big clothesline.

The crowd cheer as Hero sits up, a look of shock on his face. Dicey then hits a boot to the face of a grounded Hero and he shuffles back to the corner. Reilly hauls up Hero, and fires him across the opposite corner of the ring.

Hero uses the ropes to springboard back over an on-rushing Dicey, who spins around straight into the Hero Sidekick! Hero falls down into the cover.

Ref: 1.................2...........Kick out!

HA: O'Callaghan seemingly more than happy to watch these two fight it out.

HE: And we know that Reilly is a fighting champion, he will happily take it to Hero.

Reilly fires the shoulder up, Hero is quickly onto the offensive by stomping down on Dicey’s head. He continues to reel away these stomps until the ref drags him away from Dicey and gives Hero a warning. Hero lifts up Dicey and goes to whip him into the corner, but Reilly’s size advantage allows him to send Hero hurtling into the corner. Reilly follows in but Hero counters with a pele kick.

Dicey stumbles back and Hero runs in, hitting a spinning head-scissors that sends Dicey flying across the ring. Hero places him into a side headlock, and then drags Dicey to the ropes where he places his head down on the 2nd rope. Hero rebounds off the ropes and goes for a 619 but Dicey manages to move himself out of the way, with Hero landing on the apron.

Reilly places Hero into a full nelson hold, and then throws him from the apron to the ring with a Dragon suplex. Hero rises to his feet and walks straight into a spinebuster from Dicey, who then bounces off the ropes and hits a leaping splash. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1..............2.....Kick out!

HE: A very back and forth opening to this contest.

Dicey lifts Hero onto his feet, he hits a series of stiff forearms into the back before throwing the 8 time world champion to the canvas with a German suplex. Hero rolls up to his feet and throws a groggy clothesline which Dicey easily ducks underneath, he scoops Hero onto his shoulders and connects with a Samoan Drop. Reilly makes the cover.

Ref: 1..............2........Kick out!

Hero forces the shoulder up, Reilly quickly heads back to the top rope immediately. Hero stumbles to his feet and Dicey flies off the top rope and attempts a clothesline, but Hero manages to side-step. Dicey lands on his feet and Hero walks towards him, connecting with a jawbreaker then a big belly to belly throw.

Hero stumbles to his feet and Dicey hits a knee to the stomach, then running the ropes and connecting with a huge knee to the side of the head.

Ref: 1......................2................Kick out!

Reilly rises to his feet, he lifts up Hero and hits a series of European Uppercuts that back Hero into the ropes. Dicey then whips him out across the ring and connects with a shoulderbreaker. Dicey goes to the 2nd rope, hitting a diving elbow to the face.

Ref: 1.........................2....................O'Callaghan breaks the pin!

HA: Clever from OC.

Hero rises to his feet slowly, he turns Dicey onto his front and then connects with the Hero Stomp. He stops, taunts the crowd and then delivers the Hero Stomp a 2nd time. He stops again, flips the bird at the crowd, then hits the stomp once more.

Hero then drags Reilly towards the ropes once more, he places his head on the 2nd rope. Instead of lining up the 619, he goes to the top rope and hits a vicious double foot stomp across the back of the head. Hero then enters back into the ring and this time the 619 connects! Reilly falls back to the canvas and Hero flies off the top rope hitting a Randy Savage-esque elbow drop!

Ref: 1.................2.............Kick out!

Reilly kicks out. Hero drags him to his feet, he goes for an Irish whip but Dicey counters the momentum, only for Hero to comeback with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Dicey stumbles up, Hero hits a running dropkick.
This sends the champion back into the corner. Hero then sprints in, hitting a big shining wizard to the chin. Reilly slumps down, Hero covers.

Ref: 1.....................2..............Kick out!

There's another kick out from Dicey. Hero lifts Reilly to his feet, hitting a snap suplex. Hero goes to the top rope...


Ref: 1.........................2.....................O'Callaghan breaks the pinfall once more!

O'Callaghan storms the ring, hitting a diving double axe handle. He scurries out of the ring, but Hero is up and climbs down to the outside. He cuts off O'Callaghan by leaping onto the steel steps and taking down O'Callaghan with a leaping Lou Thesz Press.

Hero pummels punches down into the face, O'Callaghan pushes him away, Hero gets to his feet and runs at O'Callaghan, who counters with a last-ditch drop toe hold into the edge of the ring apron.

O'Callaghan clambers onto the ring apron...

HA: Wow what a move!

HE: Sunset flip down to the outside!

HA: That could take Hero out of the equation.

HE: O'Callaghan now setting his sights on Reilly.

Dicey rolls to his feet, he goes for a clothesline but O'Callaghan ducks underneath it, he drops Reilly with a reverse DDT. Cover.

Ref: 1...................2...............Kick out!

O'Callaghan locks in a sleeper hold. Reilly slowly fights up to his feet, O'Callaghan hits a backbreaker, which he then follows up with a swinging neckbreaker. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1....................2................Kick out!

Dicey kicks out. O'Callaghan rolls him onto his front, then drops some elbows down into the back. Reilly drags JJ to the corner, hitting a few more knees to the back, before going to the top rope...

HA: Frog splash to the back!

Ref: 1....................2....................Kick out!

O'Callaghan drops a series of knees down into the back. He then waits for The Irishman to rise, he throws a wild punch, OC ducks it and then nails a German suplex into the turbuckles. O'Callaghan follows up with a running, rolling senton. He drags Reilly away and covers.

Ref: 1....................2.................Kick out!

Dicey kicks out. O'Callaghan locks in a full nelson hold, Dicey fights up to his feet and manages to counter with a jawbreaker. OC stumbles around, Dicey lifts him onto his shoulders and hits a Samoan Drop. Cover.

Ref: 1.....................2................Kick out!

O'Callaghan is the man with the kick out this time. Reilly lifts up OC, he lifts him into the air and connects with a big knee-breaker. Reilly runs the ropes, flattening him with a huge lariat. He hooks the leg.

HE: Reilly coming back into this one!

Ref: 1...................2................Kick out!

Dicey lifts up O'Callaghan, he slings him over his shoulders and spins on the spot, transitioning from the Firemans Carry position into a spinning side slam. O'Callaghan staggers up, Reilly kicks him in the gut...


Ref: 1.......................2.................Kick out!

There's another kick out from O'Callaghan. Reilly lifts him to his feet, he throws O'Callaghan into the ropes...

Dicey drags up OC, setting up for the Craicdown but O'Callaghan counters with a back body drop. Hero storms the ring, he nails the Hero Sidekick on O'Callaghan. Cover.

Ref: 1..................2................Kick out!

Hero allows O'Callaghan to his feet, he then hits a scoop slam. Hero climbs to the top rope, turning to the face the crowd and hush them...

HA: Best Moonsault Ever!

Ref: 1...................2...............Kick out!


Hero drags him to his feet, he sets up for the Encore...

HA: O'Callaghan pushes him away.

Hero runs back in at O'Callaghan...


Ref: 1...................2...............Kick out!

O'Callaghan lifts up Hero, throwing him into the ropes. On the rebound, he connects with an STO Backbreaker. O'Callaghan steps through...



HA: Middle of the ring!

HE: This could be it!

O'Callaghan wrenches back on the hold, Hero yells out in pain. O'Callaghan smirks and then leans even further back in the hold.

HA: O'Callaghan is going to score another huge win here...DICEY!



Reilly absolutely steamrollers OC with a big boot to the skull. He rolls him out of the ring, Dicey picks up Hero...


Ref: 1...........................2...................................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

HA: And just like that, this classic is over!

HE: That was brilliant from Reilly, he read the situation superbly and had the ability to take advantage.

HA: O'Callaghan thought it was his, he thought that was another legend disposed of but Dicey showed his champion instincts to win this match up.

HE: O'Callaghan will undoubtedly make a great world champion one day, but that's the kind of thing you have to learn from.

HA: You need eyes everywhere Harold.


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Re: 6CW Anarchy! - Tuesday 7th November, 2017

Post by Beer on Wed 08 Nov 2017, 12:02 am

*A group of journalists are gathered backstage, all standing in anticipation as Anthony Grace is carefully mic’d up for broadcast. Crowther stands by his side as Grace turns to face the media.

AG: Ladies and gentlemen, thanking for coming so urgently to listen to this statement. This is a pre-prepared statement and I will not be taking any questions at this time, although Mike here will remain afterwards

*Crowther nods

AG: I come before you today as a man feeling deep regret. I feel regret for the decisions that Enforcer made again and again to hinder the development and progress of this great company.

However, I look forward no with renewed hope for the direction of this company and, overall, this industry. Great things are within our grasp, and now that I have earned the Grace Case, we are close to breakthrough moment for this business.

With new leadership, the company can look forward to a fairness for all its stars and a greatness that cannot be matched. I look forward to seeing who the company hires. Thank you.

*With a smile and a wave to everyone and no one, Grace steps away and Crowther stands in his place

MC: The lady from Time – your question?

TR: How does Mr Grace feel about the huge missed opportunity from Beachfront Brawl?

MC: B-Beachfront Brawl. He is not concerned, he understands God’s plan and has seen now that the sinner has been struck down by the hand dealt.

TR: Was he responsible for the attack we witnessed?

MC: No, Mr Grace has no links to or dealings with the unhinged Engel Harlequin. He denounces such action, although we can all recognise that transgressors like Enforcer always meet their maker.

*Hands shoot up, but Crowther shakes his head

MC: Thank you for your time, goodnight.


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Re: 6CW Anarchy! - Tuesday 7th November, 2017

Post by Beer on Wed 08 Nov 2017, 12:04 am

*Charlotte Grey stands facing the camera backstage...

CG: Breaking news from Monster Energy about tonight. They have told us here backstage that Engel Harlequin is, basically, “loose.” No one knows where he is or how they can control him this evening.

As such, he is a “wanted” man. Engel is suspended from 6CW for the rest of the evening, at the least.

The statement warns Engel of showing his face around here again tonight, but it is clear that even one night of a power vacuum has opened the door of chaos here. Back to you at ringside.


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Re: 6CW Anarchy! - Tuesday 7th November, 2017

Post by Beer on Wed 08 Nov 2017, 12:04 am

HA: Folks, what an incredible, eventful evening it’s been, and right now, we have a huge rematch from Beachfront Brawl here!

HE: That’s right, after the TA were screwed out of their titles by those idiots PJ and CJ, they get a well deserved second chance!

HA: You can’t blame them for taking an opportunity, Henry!

'Machine Gun’ starts playing and the crowd are mixed as Max Adamson walks out to the stage, Jackson Jackson and Frank Horrigan stand either side. He pats both of them on the back before marching them down to the ring.

HE: Look at the intensity on the faces of those two, I think they mean business tonight!

The 3 men approach the ring and Max Adamson pulls the two men together and begins talking…

HA: No prizes for guessing what he’s saying.

HE: He doesn’t need to say anything, they were robbed, and this is going to be over quickly. Those two clowns are ruining this company. When was the last time they defended their other two titles, huh? Anyone else would’ve been forced to defend them, but no. Enforcer leaving is the best thing that could’ve happened to this company!

Jackson and Horrigan enter the ring as ‘He is Legend’ roars from the speakers and the crowd erupt into boo’s as Liam Wood and Gazzy D walk out on to stage…

HA: No Plague with them, I guess they plan on doing this the right way.

HE: It only goes to put this match further in favour of The TA, no Plague to mess things up!

Gazzy and Liam wood walk down the ramp, a notable distance between the two men as the wait outside of the ring…

The lights in the arena go down before a bright light engulfs the place as ‘Blind Faith’ blares out and Clarke James walks out on to the stage…

HE: Oh, look at the state of that!

James stands in the middle of the stage, a pair of Tag Team Titles wrapped around his waist, with the UK and International Titles draped over each shoulder…

HA: You might not like it, but these men are merchandise gold! I mean, look at that shirt…

The camera zooms on to James’ shirt which reads ‘Cardboard Belts FTW’ as ‘I Am Perfection’ kicks in and the crowd again cheer as Perfect Jack walks out on to the stage, the Tag Titles draped over his shoulder and the UK and International Titles around his waist, wearing the same shirt as James. He walks over and the two men embrace as a Jack hands James a microphone…

HE: Oh great, we get to hear from these idiots. Hopefully they’ll talk post match about their crushing loss!

PJ: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the Pee-J and Cee-J show!

CJ: We know you’re all looking forward to this absolute classic rematch, where we will cement our legacy as the greatest pairing in 6CW history!

PJ: But….

CJ: Yep, there’s a ‘but’…

PJ: With Enforcer gone, and nobody seemingly in charge, we kinda felt that this match isn’t really necessary, I mean, he proved at Beachfront Brawl that he was completely out of control.

CJ: He didn’t know what the hell was going on!

PJ: And we checked, and you know, there wasn’t any rematch clause in the contract.

CJ: I mean, who even gives those out!

Max stands in the ring, shaking his head in disbelief as Jackson fumes….

HE: I can’t believe what I’m hearing!

HA: I’ve gotta say, not even I agree with this!

PJ: So, we’re going to have to disappoint all of you, and say that, this match, is absolutely…

CJ: Positively...

PJ: 100%!

CJ: Not going ahead! If you boys want another shot, just like us, you’re going to have to earn it!

PJ and CJ drop their mics as the fans begin to boo…


HA: Oh calm down, are you even remotely surprised. Engel is running a muck, nobody is in charge, and Grace will be licking his lips!

Jackson and Horrigan fume as Gazzy D and Liam Wood stare them down and the crowd continue to voice their anger.


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Re: 6CW Anarchy! - Tuesday 7th November, 2017

Post by Beer on Wed 08 Nov 2017, 12:09 am

O'Callaghan is walking backstage as Tim Allen approaches...

TA: O'Callaghan..... Hey, OC?

O'Callaghan continues walking....


O'Callaghan turns and stares a hole through Allen...

OC: Did you honestly just shout me? Did you seriously just yell my name in the corridor like i'm some sort of dog?

TA: Er...

OC: Er...? Er??? Look at you, pathetic. Surprised you're even out in the hallway after that massive cry for help you shouted out earlier. What's the matter, Tim? Scared of clowns? You're an embarrassment. What do you even want? The same soppy interviews you've had from everyone else? What do I think about Enforcer? I don't care. I'm not interested.

Allen stands still, looking shocked...

OC: None of my business. You wanna know what my business is? It's getting that title off of Reilly.

O'Callaghan heads out of the exit as we head back to ringside.


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Re: 6CW Anarchy! - Tuesday 7th November, 2017

Post by Beer on Wed 08 Nov 2017, 12:19 am

HA: Welcome back, and up next we believe we're going to hear from JJ Johnson...

HE: That's right, after his epic match with O'Callaghan, the rumours are rife as to what JJ is coming out here to say.

HA: That's right, Henry. Twitter is going crazy. Some believe tonight will see JJ Johnson officially end his in ring career.

HE: Others are saying there is a huge announcement regarding a future project JJ has lined up.

HA: JJ has kept quiet throughout the past few weeks, and we're hoping we'll finally get an answer...

An electric blue spotlight hits the stage and then "Ante Up" blasts out to a vociferous reaction from the 6CW Universe. The fans in attendance are on their feet as they wait for JJ Johnson

HA: The Franchise…..The Main Event Playa……quite arguably the Greatest of All Time…..JJ Johnson....

HE: He's clearly lapping this attention up!

The fans in the crowd continue to cheer and chant for JJ Johnson....

HA: Well, i'm all for keeping them waiting but...

HE: Hang on Harold...

HA: What's going on...

The titantron flicks on to show numerous performers and agents stood backstage as Tim Allen appears...

TA: Look, you need to get these people out of here and get the EMT's in here right now.

The camera swings round to gasps from the crowd as the sight of JJ Johnson laid out on the floor fills the screen...

HA: Jesus Christ! What the hell is going on back there...?!

The camera pans down the body where the words 'FAKE REBORN' are painted on his suit.

TA: Henry, Harold, it looks like JJ Johnson is the latest victim of Engel tonight. We can't find him, nobody has seen him, but people are being attacked and we're not sure what to do. All I can tell you is JJ Johnson has been assaulted and brutalised. We'll get you more information as soon as we can, but right now we need to carry on with the show while the medics tend to JJ.

JJ can be heard mumbling as EMT's rush into shot and we head to commercial.


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Re: 6CW Anarchy! - Tuesday 7th November, 2017

Post by Beer on Wed 08 Nov 2017, 12:47 am

Match Five

Engel Harlequin vs. Anthony Grace

HA: Folks, we're going to crack straight on with our Main Event, whatever that's going to be...

HE: We can't end the show until we've heard from Anthony Grace! Surely Monster have done the right thing and appointed Crowther as the man to fix this mess!

“Power” by Kanye West rips through the arena and a massive gold “A” replaces Grace on the screen. The crowd is bathed in gold light as Antony Grace waltzes out onto the stage flanked by Jack Hurst and Mr. Crowther...

HE: Thank god!

HA: I'm not sure this is the right way for this to be announced.

HE: It's what this company needs, Harold! It needs star quality, it needs respect, it needs dignity, and it needs a man with morals, integrity and decency to lead us forward.

Grace approaches the ring, soaking in a torrent of abuse as he walks up the ring steps. Hurst jumps up and holds the ropes as Grace steps through. He grabs a mic and stands centre of the ring...

AG: I'm sure, like me you are all incredibly shocked and stunned at the actions of Engel Harlequin tonight. I make absolutely no defence of his actions. What he's done, his actions, are abhorrent and have no place in this Company. What we need, is a moment of calm. We need strong heads. We need someone to reassure people that these actions cannot, and will not be tolerated...

HA: Wow.... he almost sounds sympathetic...

AG: Exactly the type of behaviour, exactly the type of leadership that Enforcer failed to show.

HA: Spoke to soon.

AG: For months i've spoken out against him. For months myself and my representatives have fought to reduce the despicable oppression we, the many Superstars of this company have had to suffer. I for one, am glad that Monster Energy have taken it upon themselves to act in the interests of all the talent in 6CW and finally put an end to his reign of embarrassment and disappointment.

It's at times like these that the locker room needs leaders. It needs those with strength and integrity to work with everyone and lead us into the next era of 6CW..... the Hollywood era...


HA: Embarrassing? This is disgusting. People have been hurt, a man has lost his job and a maniac is running backstage assaulting anyone he sees fit, and he thinks NOW is the time to start more of his politicking? He's a damn disgrace, Henry!

HE: He's doing the right thing. You can't see it because you an Enforcer fan. You've done nothing but support his reprehensible actions towards our top star!

AG: I believe i speak for everyone in the locker room when I say, now is the time for change, and i want to be the first to welcome...



The crowd erupt as 'Haunted' by Disturbed kicks in and Cerberus strides onto the stage with purpose!

HE: What the hell is he doing out here!

HA: Grace said we needed a leader! Who better than one of our World Champions! And a man who personally has been affected by Engel's actions! This is exactly what we need!

Cerberus walks down the ramp, eyeballing Grace who begins to back out of the ring...

HA: And would you look at that! Grace wanting no part of Cerberus right now...

Cerberus steps over the rop tope and into the ring, but as he does, a red balloon falls from the roof and right in front of him


Cerberus stands looking around the ring, looking for his attacker. The fear on Grace’s face flickers into a smile as he slides out of the ring. Engel appears at the other side of the ring and enters. He and Cerberus both walk towards each other...



Cerberus and Engel come face to face, staring each other dead in the eyes.




Grace slides in unnoticed and smashes his Grace Case against the back of Cerberus’s head. The champ goes down, and Grace and Engel pounce upon him like wolves, kicking and punching.



Grace slides out of the ring and brings back a chair. Engel lifts Cerberus and Grace winds up the strike..

HA: Oh no...

HE: Oh yes!

HA: OH.....MY............GOD!!!!


Out of nowhere, the opening lines of 'Stronger' by Kanye West play and as “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” blazes out, the crowd lose their s***....




Engel lets Cerberus go and he and Grace just stare at the ramp. The music builds and the fans go wild as Reborn walks out, but he comes out with a very pronounced limp. Mic in hand, he laps up the roars of the fans before he gestures for his music to fade...


Robin smiles to the fans and lifts the microphone to his lips...

RR: Nah, nah, nah, this ain’t going down like this tonight, boy. Man’s got power; man’s not hot, man’s ice cold and knows the score.

The crowd are on their feet, chanting for Reborn to the disgust of Grace who grabs a microphone. He sneers as he responds...

AG: Oh little Robin, you’ve flown right into the eye of the storm. And what can you do, such is your injuries? We all know you’re done, look at you hobbling out here. It’s over, Robin. You’re done. And your relevance has faded to where it always should have been.


AG: Save yourself further injury, because if you limp down here, this chair will find you fast.

Reborn shrugs, looks at Grace then nods and turns around. He starts to walk away...


AG: That’s right, little man. Go back to your hospital bed. There’s nothing you can do around here!

Reborn stops and then raises the mic once more...

RR: Oh, there’s a little bit of business to attend to before I go. Time to cause a spot of bother against these two villains of the piece.

He turns around to face the ring again with a grin on his face...

RR: Your boy can’t fight right now, nah. But when the legends backstage looked for a brother with his finger on the pulse to get this place going again, where do you think they turned?

The crowd roar with approval!



Grace’s face drops, but Engel just stares...

RR: Awhhhh yeaaa boy! Holla if you worked it out, your boy is the new General Manager of 6CW!!

The crowd roar as Grace and Engel both lose it in the ringside...

RR: And I’ve come to level the playing field. The first thing I did was look for something that 6CW could do with more of. What does 6CW need more of, you wonder?

This little picture.....

Reborn clears his throat...

RR: NEEDS..............MORE........

Crowd: HARRIS!!

Survival by Eminem plays and the volume goes up even more as Reborn nods. Scott Harris walks out onto the stage, wearing a hooded top with the hood up. He stands at the top of the ramp, breathes deeply and then removes the hood two fireworks going off either side of him. He then purposefully walks towards the ring, slapping hands with fans on the front row, never taking his eye off the ring.


He finally springs down in the last few steps and slides in. Grace and Engel back off as Harris stands by the recovered Cerberus’s side.


Reborn stares down at the ring and smiles...

RR: So you've got time to prepare....two weeks time, main event of 6CW Anarchy: Anthony Grace and Engel Harlequin can go up against Cerberus and the re-debut of Scott Harris!


The show goes off the air with the crowd still chanting. Harris helps Cerberus up to his feet as the two men stare out at Engel and Grace.


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Re: 6CW Anarchy! - Tuesday 7th November, 2017

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