6CW Presents - Anarchy! - Monday 20th November, 2017!

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6CW Presents - Anarchy! - Monday 20th November, 2017!

Post by Beer on Fri 10 Nov 2017, 3:54 pm

****Changed at behest of new General Manager Robin Reborn****

Match 1
Number 1 Contender's Match for the UK Title
Jerome Dubois vs. Hero vs. Mike Hill vs Edward Plague

Match 2
O'Callaghan vs. Jack Hurst

Match 3
Three way Elimination Tag Match for the Tag Team Titles
Clarke James & Perfect Jack (c) vs. The TA vs. The Brotherhood (GazzyD & Liam Wood)

Match 4
Champion vs. Champion
Dicey Reilly vs. Geoff Steel

Main Event
Engel Harlequin & Anthony Grace vs. Cerberus & Scott Harris


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Re: 6CW Presents - Anarchy! - Monday 20th November, 2017!

Post by TwisT on Mon 13 Nov 2017, 12:05 pm

The fans are waiting in the arena and talking about the events at Aftermath. Suddenly the arena screen comes on and the words “The Hollywood Era is upon us” flash a few times before “Power” by Kanye West plays out loudly. The screen shows a massive gold A and the stage is bathed in golden light. Anthony Grace soon appears in his all white suit and his gold A chain hanging around his neck. He looks over his glasses as the crowd boos and smirks. He wanders around the stage a bit, drinking in the negativity from the crowd, before making his way down the aisle.

When Grace reaches the ring he is handed a golden microphone and the ropes are parted by a member of 6CW staff. Grace causally enters the ring and rolls his shoulders as the music dies down. Grace chuckles as the fans continue booing and takes a deep breath in.

AG: Thank you again for that most gracious of welcomes, proving once more than Anthony Grace is in exactly the right place!

He revolves the microphone in his hand and looks around at the crowd.

AG: You think I am going to come out here and complain right? That 6CW’s lack of innovation has got me all riled up?

Grace laughs to himself and rubs his chin.

AG: Oh I am annoyed. I would say borderline angry. But the truth is I am more disappointed than anything. Disappointed that 6CW’s return to the big time centres on Robin Reborn and Scott Harris.

A big cheer goes up that visibly irks Grace but he somehow keeps his composure.

AG: Why does an organisation, which claims to be forward thinking, still ends up going backwards to the past? Why does an organisation, which is losing money every day, try and better their luck by turning to the people that started their downfall? Why does an organisation, which is running on empty, now pin all their hopes on a cripple and a coward?

A “Needs More Harris” chant starts up and Grace mocks it with a wave of his hand and a flash of his Rolex.

AG: Oh you shout the phrase like you have shouted it every show for months! But that didn’t happen right?! You forgot he even existed. Needs More Harris, quickly turned into No More Harris and you people turned your attention to the next no hoper. Well guess what?! You can pine for returnee after returnee but when they inevitably give up then you will still have Anthony Grace standing here telling you about the mistakes you always make!

Grace adjusts his tie and smirks at himself at a point well made.

AG: And then we have the return of Reborn. Staggering out onto the stage, as weak and feeble as he ever was. No charm. No sophistication. No talent like my learned partner Jack Hurst. He weaselled his way into this position not through knowledge or capability. He got the job because there was no one left to turn to. 6CW have exhausted all their options like they are exhausting me by not picking the obvious answer!

The crowd boos at this and jeers Grace, and his mask drops.


Grace adjusts his jacket in annoyance before continuing.

AG: You see, 6CW needs to remember a tried and tested ethos. A philosophy that makes mediocre organisations become great. You should all take heed to a simple idea……”you always do what is best for business”.

He walks to the ropes and points at himself.

AG: Anthony Grace is no idiot. I take my brand to various different places because I know there is profit and glory to be made. Regardless of what I am doing or who for, Anthony Grace always ends up revelled and rich. The 6CW universe might not like me. The 6CW universe might do everything it can to stop my climb to the top. But when they go backwards in the hope of going forwards, Anthony Grace won’t just be picking up the pieces when it fails. He will be taking those pieces and, with a smug smile all over his face, putting them back together in a collage of his image.

Grace moves his hands as if picturing what it would look like in the distance. He scoffs and turns to the crowd again.

AG: You want proof how 6CW has squandered the chances presented to them?! Just look at the situation my tag partner finds himself in!

Grace stares at the camera, appearing sincere.

AG: Now I will never agree to the lengths that Engel goes to, but I have to admit that they are effective! 6CW needs to ask itself how the hell did it get into that position?! The answer is quite simple………a talented individual was made to put up with ridicule rather than be nurtured into something near my equal. It is testament to his mind that he hasn’t deserted the people that had deserted him. Oh no! Engel has regrouped and resurrected into a being 6CW can’t control. And 6CW is all about having control………..

He shouts at the camera.


The fans boo and Grace mocks them.

AG: And this is the point we return to again and again. Just who in 6CW has its best interests at heart? Is it the board who fail to control the people it employs to provide authority? Is it the locker room full of rejects who jump between shows like ghosts and phoning in performances when 6CW is already playing the engaged tone? Is it the people looking at me right now, who stomach dire performances because there is nothing on the other side? Do these people share the same passion, the same work ethic, the same talent as the man who you hear talking right now?

Grace nods to the crowd to make his point.

AG: The fate of this place does indeed hang on the two new additions to a pitiful roster. The fate will weigh heavily on their shoulders and push them down to their knees. The fate will then push their faces down to the ground where they will both proceed to kiss my feet. Realising, as 6CW will all realise, that the only way to keep this place alive is to keep me happy!

He points to his shoes and then to himself.

AG: The Hollywood Era is not a question. It is THE answer. It is not the case of watching Reborn fly again. Or telling the universe we need more Harris. It is simply the time when 6CW recognises their only hope is with Hollywood. So we go through this charade yet again. We read the scripts and build the scene. But ultimately the guy on the top billing will always be Anthony Grace.

Grace looks into the camera again.

AG: And you people need more of him……..to survive.

Grace holds his stare as “Power” plays again, before cockily moving around the ring.


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Re: 6CW Presents - Anarchy! - Monday 20th November, 2017!

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Mon 13 Nov 2017, 4:46 pm


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Re: 6CW Presents - Anarchy! - Monday 20th November, 2017!

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Mon 13 Nov 2017, 9:53 pm

Perfect Jack and Clarke James are sat proudly at a cheaply decorated table, a ‘Hawkins Bazaar’ banner flailing above them as a small flicker of camera flashes fill the room. A gentleman approaches the podium to the left of the table...

‘Good Afternoon Everyone, my name is Sandy Jemsworth, Head of Marketing and Interactive Products and I’m delighted to welcome you all here for the official launch of the PJ & CJ Designer Belts collection.

As you all know, Perfect Jack and Clarke James have been a revelation in the 6CW Arena over the last few months, holding the UK, International and now Tag Team Championships between them. Their desire to win, their in and out of the ring personas and their unique marketing gimmick has made this a must for our division.

All the titles are now available nationwide across all out stores, with Steel Replicas retailing at £59.99 and the Carboard Version available for a ridiculous £4.99 per belt.

We think this is going to be the must have accessory for all Wrestling fans, young and old over the Christmas period, and we’re delighted to have Jack and Clarke here to take your questions. So, without further ado, let’s open up the floor...’

A number of coughs fill the room before a gentleman clears his throat....

‘Gents; Ian Smoles, Toy Weekly, the Cardboard Belt is quite a novelty, who was the brains behind it’

PJ: Well not to take the praise...

CJ: Credit where it’s due my man...

PJ: Aww, you’re too kind. Well, yeah I guess it was on me. You know, the 6CW marketing team didn’t seem to care. Here we were, the hottest properties in 6CW, walking round with some hand me down belts, nobody cared who messy, dirty and haggard they looked...

CJ: They were awful.

PJ: And we both wanted to be recognised for our achievements, so you know, we made our own and it just worked. I guess at Beachfront Brawl that was the belt shot heard around the world. Even if it did kinda destroy the original piece.

CJ: We got it framed though, didn’t we?

PJ: We did, it takes pride of place in my mother’s nursing home.

‘Thanks, another question?’

The camera pans round the room...

‘Sue Harmley, Pro Wrestling Stuff. Com, on the last show you decided not to show and fight, does this now make you the hottest, and also, most powerful figures in wrestling?’

*With Jack and Clarke sitting looking smug, there’s a bustle and noise coming through the throng of reporters. With confusion on their faces, they are the last to see Robin Reborn swaggering through the crowd and up to the front.

PJ: What do you want?

*Reborn stands next to them, smiling. He leans over to a mix

RR: You’ll be ok with me stepping in here, gents.

*He takes a mic without a reply

RR: Gotta make an impression as a new GM. And these two boys were making their own big decisions last week...

*He stares at them

RR:...weren’t you, boys. No need to defend your titles, you put that out there.

*He glares at them and they return it. Reborn smiles again as he looks to the press

RR: But your boy is in charge. And he’s had some second thoughts about this card. The team in the back put it together, helping a brother settle in.

But who needs to settle, this business is blood. And I got a couple ideas.

*Both tag champs shift uncomfortably

RR: These two suckas took business into their own hands, and I respect that. In fact, I respect it so much that I’m gonna follow suit.

As a tag team legend, those belts mean a lot to me. So I ain’t gonna see them pick and chosen for defence.

With that in mind, I want them defended. As they were meant to be. Next week. Live on Anarchy on the 20th November. These two

*He points a thumb at them

RR:...vs The TA vs The Brotherhood. Tag team, elimination three-way. For the tag titles.

*The champs jump up, as do the reporters

RR: The card will be corrected in due course, moving a load of things around, son.

End that talk here, boy!

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Re: 6CW Presents - Anarchy! - Monday 20th November, 2017!

Post by DP on Tue 14 Nov 2017, 9:38 pm

- We join Harrold and Henry as they discuss the previous show. -

HA: Well folks, what a show! Robin Reborn, the new 6CW GM! And what a main event for the next show: Harlequin and Grace taking on Cerberus and the returning Scott Harris!

HE: Brother please! That sound you can hear is the barrel being scraped! Scott Harris?! Seriously?! The last we saw of that punk, he vanished off the face of the earth! What's he going to do?!

HA: Its been years since we did see Harris but class is permanent. In a short time with the company, Harris established himself as one of the best technical wrestlers we have ever seen. A former Tag Team Champion, he was destined for greater things but then his personal life collided with his wrestling career and eventually led to him leaving through the back door. Ever since then, portions of this crowd are forever shouting the three words that became synonymous with the man that calls himself 'The Sharpshooter'. Needs. More. Har... And here he comes!!!!

'Survival' hits and the crowd goes wild for the returning Scott Harris. He bursts out on to the stage, the hood of his hoody hiding his face. He stands at the top of the ramp, taking it all in before moving towards the ring. He sticks his hands out to high five those either side of him and eventually slides into the ring. He climbs a turnbuckle and raises a solitary arm, the crowd roaring their approval.

HA: Just listen to that!

HE: PAH! Fickle, the lot of them!

The music has ceased and Harris is now in the middle of the ring, greeted by a cocophany of sound, generated by the sell out crowd shouting three words over and over.

Crowd: Needs more Harris! Needs more Harris! NEEDS MORE HARRIS!! YEAHHHH!!!

The noise rises as Harris slowly reaches up to remove his hood, revealing an older, more worldly man. Gone is the fresh faced man of four years ago, he has a goatee punctuated by the buzzed haircut. Harris smirks as the chant continues, only abating as he holds the microphone to his lips.

SH: 6...C...W...

Crowd: Yeahhhhh!

SH: Never in my wildest dreams did I ever date to entertain the idea that I would hear those three words screamed so loudly again!

Crowd: Needs more Harris! Needs more Harris!

SH: It's been a long, long time. Four years since I stepped foot in this ring. Four years since I felt the rush, the adrenaline of being between these ropes. But, 6CW, this isn't a dream any more, this is reality. You wanted more Harris, you've got it!

Crowd: Yeahhhhhh!

SH: Last time, things didn't end how they should have. I let a lot of people down and for that, I'm truly sorry. But in the time I've been away, I've learnt a hell of a lot. I've learnt that the past is the past and that you should never let that define you.

I was in a dark place, bought on by letting my personal life take over my wrestling life and truth be told, up until 6 months ago, I had no desire to step back in this ring. But one thing changed that: fatherhood.

After walking away, I lost my mother to an overdose. She had her problems, she tried to overcome them but eventually they consumed her. I was the lowest I'd ever been but in the ruins of my past life, I was offered another chance. I started seeing one of her former carers and 3 years later I'm proud to call her Mrs Harris. I was even more lucky to welcome my son into the world 2 years ago too. He's the light of my life, my world, my inspiration. And it was when telling him, in dumbed down terms obviously, about my 'former life' between the ropes that I felt the embers kindling once again.

I wanted my little boy to watch me and be proud of me. I dreamed of him and my wife sitting on the front row as I won a World Title. Those embers erupted into a blazing desire to return to what I loved. 6 months of intense training and I felt ready. Then I got the call.

'Scott, we know what those people want, we know what those people need!' Those three words started circulating round and round my head and I didn't hesitate to say that I was ready.

Harris leans against the ropes.

SH: I was ready to get back between these ropes and put things right.

Crowd: Yeah!

SH: The Sharpshooter is back!

The crowd pop.

SH: I'm back to do what I was put on this earth to do. And the first men to find themselves in my cross hairs: Engel Harlequin and Anthony Grace.

You see, there's a lot of things that have changed since I've been away. But never did I imagine that two of the main things afflicting this company would be a psycho clown and a failed actor. I could talk and talk about you Engel, but I can summarise it in one sentence.

I really don't like Clowns.

As for you Anthony, where do I start?! I could stand here for hours and run you down, talk through just why I think you're such an abhorrent piece of work but that would only feed your ego.

You are everything that is wrong with this company. You claim to be a saviour, a shining light, some sort of God. There's one thing you're not though Anthony. You're not a good wrestler. You're a shark, an opportunist and whilst I can't speak for Cerberus, I can tell you that in that main event Anthony, you're going to find out what it's like to face a proper wrestler. You're going to face someone who can systematically wear you down, someone who will zero in on your weaknesses, someone who knows more holds, more moves than you've had screen time.

These people want to see me kick your ass and I'm going to deliver. Simply put, I'm going to make you tap out. And if not, there's a Shot in the Dark with your name on it.

You tried to get these people to shut up by throwing another three words into the mix. Well you'll be saying those three words whilst I have you locked in The Sharpshooter.


And then, you'll be truly Z list.

I'm not a nice guy when I'm in this ring Anthony in fact, I'd say I'm a bit of a perfectionist. You and Engel are going to learn that the hard way. And whilst you're lying on your back, not knowing how to comprehend the schooling you've received, there will be three words that will be imprinted in your memory...

Harris holds the microphone up high.


SH: And that'll just be the beginning.

The crowd roar as Survival hits and Harris chucks the microphone away. He raises an arm as the camera cuts to a break.

HA: Scott Harris is back and he sure as hell means business!


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Re: 6CW Presents - Anarchy! - Monday 20th November, 2017!

Post by Marky on Wed 15 Nov 2017, 2:36 pm

"Machine Gun" by Portishead hits and the crowd inside the arena are a mixture of cheers and boos, as Max Adamson walks out dressed in a suit, he adjusts his tie and points back to the curtain before Jackson Jackson and Frank Horrigan walk out.

Ha: Now I'm not the biggest fan of Adamson and his clients, but even I can see they were unlucky at Beachfront Brawl to lose their Tag Team Championship.

He: That's the name of the game though brother, triple threat rules mean the Champs don't have to be pinned to lose the titles and it showed, with CJ and PJ stealing the pinfall on The Brotherhood after a Shiranui Powerbomb from Jackson and Frank.

Ha: We just saw how our new GM Robin Reborn interrupted a media conference by Clarke James and Perfect Jack to inform them that after their stunt last week in cancelling the rematch, the same elimination rules rematch would happen this week on Anarchy!

He: Although I don't think Max Adamson will-

Max: Cut the music, cut the inane chit chat from Harley and Hadley at ringside, and cut you stupid fans trying to suck up to us.

(The crowd boo after Adamson, Jackson and Horrigan got to the ring and Adamson snatched a microphone from ringside)

Max: Now I might be satisfied with the new General Manager of 6CW declaring the rematch that Clarke and Jack cancelled last week will happen this week, but I'm still not happy with a few issues. Point number one-

Jackson: Shut up! Shut up, shut up, shut up!

(The crowd cheer as Jackson shouts at Adamson, with Horrigan smirking, Adamson looks in absolute shock!)

Jackson: That might be who you are, the perennial moaner, whinger, but that's not who I am and I'm damn sure that's not who Frank is. The words you say are not necessarily the words we want you to say, so please Max, for once, give someone else a chance to speak.

(Adamson is stunned as he holds his hands up and stands back)

Jackson: Now, at Beachfront Brawl, Clarke James and Perfect Jack stole one. They waited while we dismantled The Brotherhood, and they stole the pinfall. And while they're walking around with our Championships, I want it to be known that all you've done is make yourselves the number one target for us. We had issues with GazzyD and Liam Wood, we definitely got an element of revenge on those two, but our focus is well and truly on you guys.

(Jackson hands the microphone to Horrigan)

Horrigan: When that bell rings, all the fun and games end. All the bravado you have shown carrying our titles will end. We are The TA, people think the letters TA mean Team Adamson. Believe me, they mean a lot more.

(Horrigan slams his microphone into the chest of Adamson and he and Jackson leave the ring, Adamson putting down the microphones and following Jackson and Horrigan)

Ha: Maybe the Tag Title loss has affected Jackson and Horrigan more than they're letting on... almost as if they've had enough of Adamson!

He: Oh come on Harold. The TA are like brothers. We argue all the time, but you still love me.

(We cut to Harold rolling his eyes as Henry grins, then the camera cuts back to Jackson and Horrigan walking up the ramp closely followed by Adamson)


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Re: 6CW Presents - Anarchy! - Monday 20th November, 2017!

Post by President Trump on Wed 15 Nov 2017, 3:11 pm

Dicey is sitting in a Dublin pub drowning his sorrows after watching Ireland miss out on a World Cup place when Tim Allen sits down next to him

Dicey: For f*ck sake Tim, I didn’t see you hunt down Zhi when he was champ and disappeared…can a man not just have a pint, watch his fellow countrymen get smashed by the Vikings again and just relax

Tim: I’m sorry Dicey but I have my orders to find you, you are the Champ after all and Monster wants to know what their top guy is up too

Dicey orders two pints of Guinness and turns to face Tim

Dicey: Monster don’t get two sh*ts what I’m up too, I know that and so do you, they just want to make sure that I don’t leave with the belt before their pet project O’Callasham can win it off me, in the immortal words of John McClane…”Do you think I’m f*ckin stupid Hans”

Tim: I don’t know about tha…

Dicey: Pull the other one Tim it has bells on but you know what, I couldn’t give a f**k, I am the Champ and I will do everything in my power to keep this belt….8 f*cking years it took me to win it back….8 years I busted my balls to get to where I am now and if they think I’m gonna roll over like some Grace type lapdog then they and that wannabe Conor McGregor have another thing coming…f*ck them Tim

Dicey takes a deep drink of his pint that leaves a creamy moustache on his own

Tim: You have a moustache

Dicey: I know and a beard…Oxford graduate you are not pfft

Tim: Forget it…anyway are you prepared for your Champion vs Champion match on Monday against Geoff Steel

Dicey takes another drink and belches loudly

Dicey: You can’t prepare for matches like that Tim, me and Geoff are old school bruisers, we are going to go in there and knock the boll0x out of one and other and rightly so, it’ll be a man fight, none of this flippy floppy sh*t, a proper fight and I can’t wait….it’s been awhile since I had one

Tim: And are you worried that O’Callaghan will take advantage and cash in

Dicey: Who gives a sh*t Tim, let him come….let him try and take a pop at the Champ and I’ll send him back to the lockeroom with a boot up his arse and a briefcase wrapped around his head, I’m a fighting Champ and I won’t stand down for no one, let them all come at me, I’m Dicey f*cking Reilly let them have a go…f*ck them

Tim: You know it’s my birthday today

Dicey: F*ck that and drink your pint

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Re: 6CW Presents - Anarchy! - Monday 20th November, 2017!

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Wed 15 Nov 2017, 10:32 pm

*The ring is adorned with soft furnishings, the ramp has a red carpet leading from stage to ring and Tim Allen sits waiting

HA: A special treat, we hear, as Anthony Grace is scheduled to appear for a one on one interview with Tim Allen.

HE: How that fool Allen gets this gig, I don’t know.

*The lights lower a little and Allen speaks

TA: Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you now, my guest at this time, Mr Anthony Grace

*The booing starts, as does Power by Kanye West

HA: Wait a minute...

HE: Power move, Harold!

*Instead of Grace, out walks Jack Hurst. His head bowed, Hurst makes no effort to look out around him, merely getting his head down and getting on with the job.

HA: Grace uninterested in the likes of Tim Allen at little old 6CW, I see

HE: I can hear your sneer, but you’re just saying things straight. Grace is above these interviews, he’s a Time man.

*Hurst enters the ring and quickly sits across from Allen

TA: I have to admit, this is not quite what I expected...

*Hurst clears his throat

JH: Mr Grace has sent me to address a few issues and talk to his adoring fans in the 6CW crowd, ones who he feels deserve some face time with the Grace brand.

TA: And that’s you, is it?

JH: Nobody is closer to Anthony than I.

TA: And what are you hoping to address?

JH: Whatever we feel, as a brand. The Grace brand is concerned with many issues in 6CW. You have heard Anthony speak already, but he sees me tonight representing the Grace brand and sending the Grace message to O’Callaghan.

TA: And what message is that?

*Hurst stands now, mic in hand, and paces

JH: Delinquent who holds the inferior case, O’Callaghan is a mistake waiting to happen for this company. The man is as likely to lead wrestling to glory as Wes Hoolahan leading Ireland to a World Cup. And you saw what happened when they put him on the pitch...scenes too shocking to show before the watershed.

That performance mirrors the hypothetical situation of O’Callaghan holiding a world title: things would go very wrong, very fast.

TA: As sure as I am that our international viewers understood an Orish football reference, what you’re saying is that O’Callaghan is a liability?

JH: Precisely, young man! An accident waiting to happen, the proverbial s***stain that follows said accident would be monumental.

Tonight, I’m here to crush the strains of resistance out of this ludicrous display of human filth and remind it that Anthony Grace is the one true heir to the throne of 6CW

*The Crowd boo as Hurst begins to swagger around and really find his stride

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Re: 6CW Presents - Anarchy! - Monday 20th November, 2017!

Post by Engel Harlequin on Sun 19 Nov 2017, 3:27 pm

[The scene opens at the 6CW commentary desk where Harold and Henry Lloyd are sat in discussion]

HA: What a fantastic show its been so far and we still have that heated main event as two teams of two unlikely allies join forces to face off against each other. Engel Harlequin and Anthony Grace are set to face Cerberus and Scott Harris in a tag match later tonight.

HE: Unlikely allies? What Grace has done, the self made main eventer is ally himself with one of the most dangerous most unpredictable, SAVAGE in 6CW today. Forget Cerberus, he has gone soft in comparison to what Engel has been doing in recent weeks.

HA: But can he be trusted? Engel Harlequin is absolutely out of control right now. Lets take you back to last we-ugh wait a minute...whats going on?

[The crowd begin to BOO as Chris Guerra walks out onto the stage holding up a sign which reads “pick me Anthony”]

HA: Whats this joker doing out here?

HE: Chris Guerra is an underutilised star in 6CW.

[Guerra rolls into the ring after tossing the sign over the top rope. He stands up and reaches over rope to the confused timekeeper, taking his mic]

CG: It should be me in that main event tonight with my good friend Anthony Grace, ME DAMMIT! Who the hell is this Engel Harlequin guy thinking he can mix it with Hollywoods finest? He is a nothing, a nobody, a joker impersonator that went Jack Nicholson on you all. He Sucks! I am the greatest Wrestler, Athlete and personality this company has EVER seen. Mr. Grace, please stop with this folly, I am your man. I sent you so much fan mail...

HA: My god is he crying out here?

HE: He has something in his eyes.

[The crowd boo as Guerra looks to carry on but stop as a red balloon floats over the ring]

HA: Oh No, this is not looking good for Chris Guerra.

[The balloon pops and Guerra jumps out of his skin, the lights go out. Screaming is heard followed by a crashing sound. As the lights raise, Engel is sat in the centre of the ring with no sign of Guerra]

HE: What the hell just happened?

EH: Hehehehehe. You've got to look at the bigger picture, hehehahahoho. [Heavy breathing ala Rolf Harris] Do you know what it is yet? HeHeHe.

HA: Engel has LOST it.

EH: Engel...Engel...Engel hehehe the silence is so so DEAFENING. Robin Reborn, so so happy to have you back, hush now little baby the dreams are over, and your nightmares have begun...hohohooooo.

[The lights again go out and rise. Engel has disappeared in his place lays the bloodies seemingly lifeless body of Chris Guerra]

HA: What the hell did we just witness?

HE: I don't know but Engel is becoming more and more unstable.

Engel Harlequin

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Re: 6CW Presents - Anarchy! - Monday 20th November, 2017!

Post by Fernando on Mon 20 Nov 2017, 3:18 pm

Cerberus is sat backstage with the EWF Title over his shoulder to do an interview with Tim Allen who is getting mic'd up 

TA: Tonight we welcome the EWF Champion Cerberus for an interview 

Cerberus nods and tells him to get on with it

TA: Recently you've been the target of both Engel & Anthony Grace thoughts?

Engel is always the same as he ever is...
This is just phase 3 of whatever lunatic he feels like turning it to this year...
Yet as always he will come up short because that's what he always does...
Im not afraid of him however mental he wants to go because as always...
Death,Taxes & Cerberus defeats Engel...
So if he wants a shot ill be happy to send him back to Cherry falls yet again...

TA: And Anthony Grace?

Anthony isn't a threat regardless of how many people he has behind him...
You could throw him on top of me unconscious and he'd find a way to lose...
Because at best he's a jobber who's friends with management...
Anthony Grace will never ever be a world champion regardless who backs him...
Because quite simply the "A-Game" is Z-Standard....

TA: Tonight marks the return of Scott Harris to action alongside you 

I have never seen Scott Harris in action...
From what ive been told he is one hell of a talent...
It'll be a pleasure kicking the sh*t out of Engel & Grace alongside him...
Last Question Tim....

TA: Who do you want to face at the next PPV for the EWF Title?

I don't care who it is whether it's Grace,Engel, someone else or both together...
The result will always be the same and that's me coming out on top..
And leaving your EWF Champion yet again...

TA: Thanks for your time Cerberus

Cerberus walks out of shot as it goes off air.


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Re: 6CW Presents - Anarchy! - Monday 20th November, 2017!

Post by Marky on Mon 20 Nov 2017, 5:59 pm

Timothy Allen is backstage at the Wrestler's entrance, when a taxi pulls up, and out get Jackson Jackson and Frank Horrigan, with their bags

TA: Jackson, Frank, are you fully prepared for tonight?

(Jackson rolls his eyes and stops to talk)

Jackson: We were born ready Tim. We were robbed of those titles by opportunism. Nothing more, nothing less. Tonight, it's elimination rules. Which means that if CJ and PJ pull the same stunt they pulled at Beachfront Brawl, all it does it leave them alone with us...

(Jackson goes to walk and catch up with Horrigan when Tim Allen asks another question)

TA: Where is Max? The internet is rife with speculation that you've fallen out!

(Jackson drops his bag and rubs his hands over his face)

Jackson: Are you serious? Are you really asking that question? We are hours from our World Tag Team Championship rematch, and you want to ask stupid questions like that? First of all, just because we put Max in his place, it doesn't mean we've fallen out and it certainly doesn't mean he's not our manager anymore. And secondly, you could have asked us about our gameplan. You could have asked us about our mindset. You could even have asked about our ring attire. But you asked that. Do me a favour please Tim?

(Tim Allen looks upset)

TA: What is it?

(Jackson picks up his bag)

Jackson: Stay out of our f*cking way yeah?

(Jackson shoulder barges past Tim Allen who winces and holds his shoulder as Jackson walks off)


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Re: 6CW Presents - Anarchy! - Monday 20th November, 2017!

Post by Perfect Jack on Mon 20 Nov 2017, 7:57 pm

Soon after the media event promoting 6CWw new merchandise, Perfect Jack and Clarke James can be seen leaving the building to the arena car park surrounded by local press and media establishments. Both men enter luxury car driven by a chauffeur provided by 6CW.

Driver: Where to gentlemen?

PJ: Driver, take us to our hotel please.

CJ: What a day. It started off so well before Robin Reborn had to ruin it all as he tries to make a name for himself as the new 6CW general manager.

PJ: Exactly, just who the hell does Robin Reliant think he is? Coming in and ruining our press day. He's just another Enforcer stooge, all for himself, no thought about us, the champions.

CJ: Robin Reliant! HA! That is a good one.

PJ: What I don't like is, is that he has the audacity to call himself a tag team legend, he said that in our presence? He's not been in the job 5 minutes and he's already lost his mind.

CJ: That is right, me and you have done more then he ever will. Like you said, he's been in the job 5 minutes and in my opinion, he's already on an ego trip.

PJ: I thought Enforcer was bad, but man, I have a feeling Robin Reliant will be a hell of a lot worse.

PJ and CJ pull up to their hotel situated nearby the 6CW event.

Driver: Here we are gentlemen.

CJ: Thanks driver.

Both men exit the car and grab their bags from the boot and enter the hotel.

Perfect Jack

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Re: 6CW Presents - Anarchy! - Monday 20th November, 2017!

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