Tuesday 5th December - 6CW Anarchy ***CANCELLED ON LEGAL ADVICE***

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Tuesday 5th December - 6CW Anarchy ***CANCELLED ON LEGAL ADVICE*** Empty Tuesday 5th December - 6CW Anarchy ***CANCELLED ON LEGAL ADVICE***

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Sat 25 Nov 2017, 10:26 am

Tuesday 5th December 2017 - 6CW Anarchy

The TA Explain Their Actions

Match One
Perfect Jack (w/Clarke James) vs. Jerome Dubois

Match Two
Frank Horrigan vs Cerberus

The Brotherhood Bury Their Dead

Match Three
Jack Hurst & O'Callaghan vs. Dicey Reilly & Geoff Steel

Main Event
EWF World Title Number One Contender's Match
Engel Harlequin vs. Anthony Grace vs. Scott Harris

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Tuesday 5th December - 6CW Anarchy ***CANCELLED ON LEGAL ADVICE*** Empty Re: Tuesday 5th December - 6CW Anarchy ***CANCELLED ON LEGAL ADVICE***

Post by TwisT on Tue 28 Nov 2017, 5:04 pm

The camera pans around a sell-out arena as we hear Harold Lloyd’s voice.

HA: Welcome everyone! I hope you have recovered from another jaw dropping edition of Anarchy! Robin Reborn is shaking things up in his new role!

HE: The guy is a joke! Scott Harris just rolls in and gets a number 1 contender shot and Engel seems to have got his by completely going against the rules of 6CW! Yes, well done Robin!

HA: And Anthony Grace deserves to be in the mix as well?!

HE: Of course! Grace has been a main stay of this roster. Dependable as well as a highly sought after asset. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is seething over these two charlatans getting a shot as well!

HE: Well, Reborn doesn’t agree with you it seems.

HA: Or the feelings of his owners! He was brought back to keep the peace but he needs to remember what happened to the previous holder of that position!

Suddenly the arena screen comes on in gold and the wording “This is a public announcement from THE number 1 contender for the EWF title”. The words disappear and Anthony Grace appears sitting behind a desk, flanked by Jack Hurst. He looks relatively calm in his usual white suit but the crowd cannot see his eyes due to his sunglasses. Grace places his hands on the desk and sits forward.

AG: Anthony Grace always welcomes competition. In an environment of superstars that competition is needed to make sure everyone makes the next step up…..

Grace takes his sunglasses off and places a hand to his forehead.

AG: The problem with competition in a cesspool is that the one nugget of gold cannot be seen with the amount of sh*t flowing around it.

The word isn’t even bleeped out as Grace shakes his head and leans back in the chair.

AG: 6CW……..I am weary. And that is an emotion that is alien to such an active, progressive and world renowned work freak such as myself. While putting up with a torrent of abuse every week, Anthony Grace has been performing week in and week out to provide those at home and those in the stadium the entertainment they crave. I ask myself why?

Grace turns to Hurst.

AG: Do you know?

Hurst shakes his head and frowns.

AG: It is just mind boggling. The biggest asset 6CW has ever produced and he is taking part in number 1 contender matches? Surely….SURELY… it is clear that Anthony Grace is the ONLY person worthy to face those two idiots for their gold?!

Grace bangs the table in annoyance.

AG: But…..that is the position I found myself in. And I should be grateful?! Taking my million dollar salary and being glad I am just part of the show?!

Hurst shakes his head as Grace laughs.

AG: Perhaps I got it all wrong…..perhaps 6CW is doing me a favour. Because while this place spirals into nothing, my contract clearly states that my salary has to be paid. So even though 6CW would bring in more cash just awarding me the EWF title now, they continue to play this little charade of being “fair” while burning their limited funds away.

Grace leans back on his chair again.

AG: Perhaps I worry too much…….

He turns to Hurst again who nods.

AG: Yep……that would be the reason. I need to just relax.

He closes his eyes briefly. Suddenly he sits forward and bangs both fists on the desk.


Hurst places a hand on Grace’s shoulder as he seethes, but he just pushes him off.


Grace takes a deep breath in and calms himself slightly.

AG: Anthony Grace IS 6CW. Be clear on that fact! Believe in that fact! Enjoy that fact! Because if he isn’t treated like the king of The Hollywood Era……and era everyone agreed was the greatest in wrestling history…..then maybe I need to renegotiate my contract……

Hurst smirks, as Grace sits back.

AG: I always get what I want 6CW. Money. Power. And Gold. You can fight it all you want but it is going to happen. Now if you will excuse me……

The screen fades as we return to the arena.


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Tuesday 5th December - 6CW Anarchy ***CANCELLED ON LEGAL ADVICE*** Empty Re: Tuesday 5th December - 6CW Anarchy ***CANCELLED ON LEGAL ADVICE***

Post by Marky on Mon 04 Dec 2017, 12:51 pm

Timothy Allen is waiting backstage as a car pulls up, Tim clutches his microphone as two men get out of the vehicle. The camera reveals them to be Jackson Jackson and Frank Horrigan.

TA: Jackson, Frank, any word as to what happened last week?

(Horrigan glares at Allen, who backs off as Horrigan walks in through the door, Jackson is more relaxed and he pauses)

Jackson: What would you like to know John?

(Timothy Allen is taken aback as he stammers, before composing himself and asking a question)

TA: What do you have to say about what happened two weeks ago? You lost your Tag Team Cham-

Jackson: Don't even finish that thought Tim. We lost nothing. We are the victims of a robbery, at Beachfront Brawl we were robbed of our Championships, and two weeks ago we were robbed yet again, the details of which I'll spare you for now. You'll just have to tune in later like everybody else.

(Allen asks another question as Jackson looks at his watch)

TA: What about your manager, Max Adamson? He was laid to waste by The Brotherhood, but instead of saving him, you and Horrigan walked away. What do you have to say about that?

Jackson: Wait a minute... Did the clocks go back last week or something? Or is my watch playing up...

TA: Er... I think they went back a couple of weeks ag-

Jackson: Either way I'm late. Can't stand around chinwagging now can I Tom.

TA: I guess not-

Jackson: Don't forget to tune in later!

(Jackson quickly walks off leaving Allen a bit puzzled)


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Tuesday 5th December - 6CW Anarchy ***CANCELLED ON LEGAL ADVICE*** Empty Re: Tuesday 5th December - 6CW Anarchy ***CANCELLED ON LEGAL ADVICE***

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