PGA Tour: APi Day at Bay Hill: Notes from the Ballwasher

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PGA Tour: APi Day at Bay Hill: Notes from the Ballwasher

Post by kwinigolfer on Thu 15 Mar 2018, 1:50 pm

First topic message reminder :

Better late than never (not really sure about that), but this was clearly meant to be posted yesterday!

1).The API (Arnold Palmer Invitational) is underway at Bay Hill and once again a PGA Tour field is being subsidised by "internationals", with Rickie Fowler the only American ranked among the Top Ten, in owgr placings, in the field. That's the third Florida event in that category, and Rickie is some kind of honorary host. No matter, this will all be overlooked as the resurgent Tiger is back to work for his fourth tournament in five weeks - wonder when that last happened?!

2).Tiger Woods looked very, very good I thought in runnering up at last week's "Valspar", though still not sure why the iron off the 72nd tee. But Poulter got similar grief at last year's Players on his way to a second place finish. Would've said Poults had a lot more on the line than Woods, but all good grist for the discussion mill.

3).Having said all that, WELL DONE Paul Casey. I still think he has the most talent of his generation of English golfers, still think he struts about like a prat with the ever-present supercilious grin, but WELL DONE Paul Casey.
He's never let anyone down in Ryder Cup play and was one of the few bright spots in sirnick's Ryder Cup losing team - imagine Thomas Bjorn was thrilled to see his performance, and has likely been telling him that his return to European Tour membership made all the difference.
Now, Paul, you've got to go out and win from the front, or at least the final group or two. Quite OK if you do that at The Masters.

4).Brandt Snedeker must be heartily sick of the sight of Mr.Woods. NBC TV offered a stat which showed Sneds had been grouped w/Tiger something like 14 times and had never had the better round, head-to-head. And Snedeker's meltdown on Sunday cost him a place in the WGC-MatchPlay, and severely jeopardised his chances of qualifying for Augusta, a tournament he'd love to be in. But that got me to thinking (never a good thing):

5).Possibly the only time that Woods has been out of his competitive comfort zone this season was at Riviera when he was grouped for 36 holes with Thomas & McIlroy. Imagine they, all three of 'em, wanted to one-up the other, hit it farther, make more birds, get the crowd going - and they all fell pretty flat.
Otherwise Tiger has been grouped with arguably friendly fire, Snedeker especially. Dufner, Reed & Hoffman, Spieth and Tiger's mate Stenson; though when he had Hideki for company he only managed an even par 72. Off with the always competitive Jason Day today so we'll see.

6).But what about this stat?
NBC also noted that Spieth has already suffered more PGA Tour cuts in his career than Tiger Woods.
So: At the risk of being ott arcane, I looked at the bare data of leading Tour players who had played at least 100 events (so excluding Rahm & Koepka) and this is what it shows:

Tiger: Played 332 events, cut 25 times. Percentage of cuts made: 92%
Sergio: Played 326, cut 42, Percentage made: 87.1%
Rory: Played 135, cut 18, Percentage cuts made: 86.6%
Hideki: Played 110, cut 15, Percentage made: 86.2%
Phil: Played 578, cut 91, Percentage made: 84.2%
DJ: Played 226, cut 36, Percentage made: 84.0%
Spieth: Played 134, cut 22, Percentage made: 83.5%
Scott: Played 287, cut 51, Percentage made: 82.2%
Day: Played 215, cut 39, Percentage made: 81.9%
Rose: Played 309, cut 60, Percentage made: 80.6
Rickie: Played 202, cut 44, Percentage made: 78.2%
JT: Played 102, cut 24, Percentage made: 76.5%

This excludes w/d's (they seem to be included somewhat inconsistently on, but does include events played as an amateur.
But editing of that lot would only show Tiger's level of consistency and excellence to be higher still - 7 of his cuts were in tournaments played as an amateur (and another 4 were in 2015 when he was apparently crippled).
Interesting though, and a good reflection also of longevity of consistency by Sergio, Adam Scott, Phil and Rosey.
Casey, for instance, registers 77% cuts made, Donald 75%.

7).This looks like a bet-without-the-favourite week (or against the favourite if the prices really are 6/1 Woods 12/1 bar one as suggested by Golf Channel).
There are suggestions from the punditry that Bay Hill will cause Woods to use his driver more than Innisbrook, but against that you'd have to consider this a mini-Major for him, a place he knows like the back of his hand and already with a gazillion wins here.
I'll tempt fate by going with Alex Noren as my one-and-done.
Balls in the air already. Let's go!


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Re: PGA Tour: APi Day at Bay Hill: Notes from the Ballwasher

Post by NedB-H on Wed 21 Mar 2018, 7:55 pm

Does getting spectators to roll boulders out of the way count as course management?


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Re: PGA Tour: APi Day at Bay Hill: Notes from the Ballwasher

Post by Roller_Coaster on Thu 22 Mar 2018, 9:55 am



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Re: PGA Tour: APi Day at Bay Hill: Notes from the Ballwasher

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