6CW Anarchy Tuesday 24th April 2018

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6CW Anarchy Tuesday 24th April 2018

Post by JJJohnson on Wed 11 Apr 2018, 11:15 am

*Alex Walker Addresses 6CW

Match 1
Uryu Ishida vs Lion

Match 2
Clarke James/Perfect Jack/O'Callaghan/Vincent Costello vs The TA/James McManus/Mike Hill

Match 3
GazzyD vs Engel Harlequin

Main Event
Anthony Grace/Liam Wood vs Cerberus/Mr Kenty

6CW Creative

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Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 24th April 2018

Post by Marky on Wed 11 Apr 2018, 12:50 pm

All three members of The TA are shown arriving backstage when Charlotte Grey approaches them with a microphone

CG: Max, can I get your thoughts on a strong return to form for 6CW?

(Adamson rubs his eyes and sighs, he nods as Jackson Jackson and Frank Horrigan walk off past Charlotte)

Max: Right. What did you say? I wasn't listening.

CG: What are your thoughts on the re-up of 6CW?

Max: What's a re-up?

CG: It technically means to re-enlist into the military, so in this case it's used as 6CW returns once more.

Max: That's just stupid. Whoever decided to use that term should be fired.

(Max goes to walk off when Charlotte stops him)

CG: So what are your thoughts on what happened?

Max: Charlotte, I really don't care. Am I shocked that an Anthony Grace funded and an Anthony Grace manipulated 6CW has, guess who, Anthony Grace become 6CW Champion? No. In fact, that title hasn't been relevant since 2016 anyway. Anthony Grace isn't the man to restore any pride to it either. He might get more eyes on 6CW as its Champion because he's a movie star, but the reality is, the 6CW World Heavyweight Championship is not the prestigious prize it once was.

(Adamson pauses before continuing)

Max: The more things change, the more they stay the same. Alex Walker is the new GM. Great. Lets hope he's a lot less incompetent than his predecessors were. And lets also hope that he does something about this ridiculousness of the 6CW Tag Team Championships. World Champions stripped of their titles so that Grace can get his filthy paws on it, but they let Clarke James and Perfect Jack keep the Tag Titles that they stole from us. We are still entitled to our one on one rematch for those titles, and Alex Walker, if you're watching, if you're listening, then listen close. 6CW owes The TA their title shot. And it needs to happen ASAP.

CG: What do you make of your match this week?

(Adamson sighs)

Max: At least we get a chance to put Clarke and Jack in their places, as stupid as this 8 man tag is, we will get to show why we are soon to be recognised as your TWO TIME, WORLD 6CW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD...

CG: And fi-


CG: And finally, what of the spec-

Max: World.

(Charlotte Grey is looking frustrated as she tries again)

CG: What of the speculation about your conflict of interests here?

Max: Excuse me?

CG: In this rivalry between Clarke James and Perfect Jack, and Jackson Jackson and Frank Horrigan, how does your management of Jackson and Horrigan work with the dynamic of you being friends with Clarke and Jack?

(Adamson is in shock)

Max: Wow. I wasn't expecting that... Look Charlotte, I don't know what you've read on the interweb, but it may shock you to hear that not everything on there is true. But I will say this. When we are in 6CW, I am manager of The TA, and I am 100% focused on The TA taking their rightful place atop the 6CW mountain. When we are not in 6CW, I can socialise with whoever, or whomever I damn well want to.

(Adamson storms off as Charlotte looks shocked)


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Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 24th April 2018

Post by Uryu Ishida on Wed 11 Apr 2018, 3:27 pm

The sound of rain hitting metal pipes surrounds a cameraman as he heads up a dimly lit stairwell and sees the emergency exit door unable to close, a brick keeping it open. As he goes to open the door the camera looks up at the dark grey sky as the rain gets heavier. The camera pans down as across the roof is a metal sheltered area that protects a small plastic table and a steel folding chair from the elements. The cameraman dashes across the roof to the shelter to see a copy of the match card sitting on the table. He looks around and proceeds to sit in the chair and picks up the match card, reading it as he places the camera on the table.

CM: This looks to be a good show, Alex Walker is back. We have new blood pumping through the locker room and even some experience returning. I can't wait to watch this unfold.

??: Neither can I!

The cameraman spins around suddenly, knocking the table over and almost falling out of the chair in surprise as he hurridly checks to see if the camera is still working. As he spins the camera round, turning it on to see Uryu Ishida wearing a white waterproof coat, carrying a bottle of water and a small smile.

CM: Mr Ishida! Don't scare me like that!

UI: Sorry man, I just went to grab something from my car.

CM: A..anyway, you wanted me up here to talk?

UI: Yeah, Does this place feel familiar to you?

CM: Familiar? I'm not sure what you mean.

UI: 6WF, 6CW, CHIKARA, Defiant, CZW. All vastly different places yet every time you go to one of their shows you get the exact same feeling. The feeling that you belong there, doing what you do best and going out there every single time you need to prove that you are the best at what you do.

CM: I see...Is that what brought you to 6CW? I mean, you haven't been seen for years.

UI: Well when I was contacted about this opportunity I was going to pass on it but something deep down inside me refused to let me answer. Deep down something had woken up again after years of resting and had smashed me around the head with a baseball bat. Something about that conversation poured petrol on my heart and threw a match on top of it and it refuses to stop burning every second of every day knowing I am here, That is why I am back!

CM: W..well you came up a little short in the battle royal, Care to comment on it?

UI: I admit I let my emotions of returning to the ring get the best of me but who wouldn't in that situation? It takes time to refine my skills after being gone for so long, like adjusting a blowtorch. It was a chance to be the 6CW World Champion on day one, a memorable achievement that burns into everyones memories to say the least but now that honor has been tarnished by Grace. A man who has let power corrupt him and who is going to do anything to keep it. To say I do not like him and his methods is an understatement. Would I like to challenge him for it? Yes, however there are others who have a more justifiable reason than I do. Cerberus being one of them as well as my opponent this week the young sensation only known as Lion.

CM: Lion? Ohh because he was eliminated by Grace..

UI: Yes and I face him in my first singles match in many years. Looking at him in the battle royal last week he really impressed me. He has heart, skill and ability and I think he could go a long way in this buisness. However he has to understand much like I do that in order to reach the top going all out at one moment is not enough. If you cannot keep that going you will run out of steam far too quickly and fall to the ground as fast as you reach the sun. Well his first step is against a man who has reached the sun to the point of brushing it with fingertips and who refused to look away even as he was falling from it, Knowing that some day he will be back up there and will eventually hold it.

CM: Hold the sun?

UI: I am on this roof nearly every day and up until now I thought it was to collect my thoughts and enjoy the view. No. I am back up here to look at the sun and for it to remind me every single day that I can make it. That I can fly higher than ever before and stay there, defending my right to be there. My only goal now is to reach the sun and stay there because I refuse to fall down again!

CM: Th...thank you for your time...

The cameraman nervously heads back to the stairwell as the rain stops and Uryu looks up at the sun peering out.

UI: I hope they are ready for me...

Uryu Ishida

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Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 24th April 2018

Post by Engel Harlequin on Wed 11 Apr 2018, 3:52 pm

*A video plays on the tron as Madworld plays.*

All around me are familiar faces,  worn out places, worn out faces

*The camera pans the floor of a wrecked locker room, scattered across the floor are various Wrestling Publications, the faces of the cover stars scrawled out in biro pen*

There tears are filling up there glasses, no expression, no expression

*The video transitions to a broken baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. The camera observes the bat, and as it goes around a faded etched face can be seen*

And I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad

*The camera moves away from the bat and further along the floor to a popped red balloon, string still attached*

The dreams in which am dying are the best I ever had

*The video makes a transition to a dressing room mirror, some of the lights flickering some not working at all. The mirror is smashed and smeared in greasepaint while the jar itself is shattered along the surface underneath*

Children waiting for the day they feel good, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday

*The camera pans to the wall alongside the mirror. Words etched in what seems to be crayon adorn the surface. "She promised us the world...but she kissed it with fire..."*

*The video fades to a black screen the song still playing*

Hello teacher tell me what's my lesson, look right through me, look right through me

*Words form in the darkness. "CHAOS...ANARCHY..." they slowly fade and are replaced by "Engel Harlequin"*

It's a very very Mad world...

* Engel speaks in the background*

EH: Times they are a changing...Hehehehehe.

Mad world

*The scene ends*

Engel Harlequin

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Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 24th April 2018

Post by Michael_Sweetwater on Wed 11 Apr 2018, 8:01 pm

*Somewhere in the back of the 6cw arena is a man easily recognised by the outfit he wears. The mask of a lion sits atop his head and his body is covered entirely in black, except a red shade across his chest. He is strapping his wrist as Tim Allen walks up to him.

"Mr Lion?" he pauses "or is it just Lion? I'm Tim Allen and I work backstage at 6cw doing interviews with the superstars. Now you're part of the 6cw family, you get to talk to me regularly"

Allen waits for a response but Lion just turns and nods and goes back to his tape. The wrestler is hard to read because of the emotionless mask.

"Do you have time to talk?"

He holds the mic out with hope and Lion turns again to speak

The wrestler speaks "Yes. I'll talk." Passive as a masked man is, Allen is tentative but speaks on.

"How did you find competing out there for 6cw? Your first big match and a match for the 6cw world title...that must have been huge?"

The mic lingers in front of Lion for a few seconds before he speaks "This is just another step of competition, Mr Allen. I have been bound to wrestling for years, training, competing, learning. I have studied the great Japanese competitors, the great Mexican luchadors, and my appearance is to honour both the master Fray Tormenta and the legend Satoru Sayama, whose words and teaching I have followed here."

"So you felt no fear moving into the English wrestling community and the titan of English wrestling 6cw?"

Lion turns his head away from Allen. "I am not a man who holds fear. I have come to fight for my pride, to hunt, to compete in a different arena and test myself in a different style. I fight here to preserve the legacy of my betters, the men and women who moulded me. 6cw is not to be feared, it is to understand and to empower"

Allen again looks lost, but not confused, just beneath the power of the words. "But now you go from a battle royal to your first one on one match, with the returning Uryu Ishida. He has been away for years, but he is written into the lore of our company. Can you compete with such experience?"

"I respect every man I compete against. But I worry little for his experience because I trust mine. Uryu can learn from me like I have learned from the better men that once stood before me. If he wants to succeed, his focus must be complete, his ideas must be concrete. He may linger in the darkness, but I stand tall in the open. Which shows more strength?"

Lion moves to away, starts to walk on, but Allen skips up to him. "Just one more question, Lion."

Lion stops and turns, nods and waits.

"Anthony Grace hid on the outside and ruined a fantastic bit of athleticism by you, eliminating you as he played the coward. Do you have anything to say to our new world champion?"

Lion stands still, 10, 20 seconds passing before calmly speaking "There are cowards in the jungle, and many monsters who follow them, but all are pretenders. There is only one king" his soft voice leaving Allen standing silently as the newest 6cw competitor walks away


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Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 24th April 2018

Post by Marky on Thu 12 Apr 2018, 12:32 pm

Jackson Jackson is seen leaving the gym, when Timothy Allen runs over to him with a cameraman and a microphone

TA: Jackson, a quick word about recent events in 6CW?

Jackson: I can give you two words if you like.

(Jackson continues walking towards his car as Tim Allen follows hurriedly)

TA: What is your view on Max Adamson being your manager while being friends with your rivals Clarke James and Perfect Jack?

Jackson: Are they actually friends though? Or is this your pathetic attempt at journalism? Trying to manipulate situations into stories. Believe me, Frank and myself are perfectly adept at this whole wrestling lark. Adamson does our paperwork. I don't give a f**k if he wants to socialise with those two idiots and their fake belts. Maybe Adamson can join them with his Australian Championship...

(Jackson gets to his car and opens the boot to put his bag in, Tim Allen catches a glimpse of a Championship belt in the back)

TA: What's that Jackson?

Jackson: Excuse me?

TA: The title in your boot.

(Jackson smirks)

Jackson: Oh that's just my WSW World Heavyweight Championship. I've had it redesigned since the original one looked like a vagina.

(Jackson slams the boot shut)

Jackson: But that's not relevant right now. What's relevant is that Frank and I are going to take the two real titles away from Clarke and Jack. They can keep their replicas. We only want the real ones. And believe me Timbo, we are taking them back. It's not if, it's when. When we take them back and become two time Tag Team Champions, nobody will be making up rumours of potential conflicts of interest. They will be talking about the most dominant tag team in 6CW history taking their rightful place at the top of the food chain.

(Jackson gets into his car and starts the engine)

TA: Any final words?

(Jackson looks annoyed)

Jackson: Yeah, can you stand in front of my bonnet for a sec?

(Tim Allen looks confused as he nervously stands in front of the car. Jackson revs his engine heavily and Tim runs out of the way as Jackson speeds off, Tim looking flustered)

TA: Did he just try to run me over?!


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Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 24th April 2018

Post by x12x on Thu 12 Apr 2018, 11:39 pm

* The following video was posted to 6CW.COM: Viewer discretion is advised *

Our scene opens in the backstage area of the 6CW arena moments after the close of the show that saw Anthony Grace claim the 6CW Title. The cameras show backstage interviewer Tim Allen being followed by the camera as we hear a commotion in a nearby room as the sound of furniture crashing off the wall can be heard.


Another crash is heard as the door swings open due to a chair slamming in to it, as the door rests open the figure of Liam Wood can be seen, the dressing room he's in looks as if it was hit by a bomb as he slumps back, and rests his elbows on his knees and his head in his heads.

As Tim and the camera move in on Wood he remains head down until the silence is broken by Tim

TA: Ahem...Liam...

Wood's head snaps up, his eyes locking on Allen and a glare covering his face as Tim speaks again.

TA: Liam, can we have a few words? It'll only take a second...

Wood quickly stands up and pushes Tim against a nearby wall, he then speaks, his voice angry.

God damn it...I sure as hell didn't miss you or your dumb f**king questions...

Allen attempts to speak but Wood cuts him off, his rant continuing.

Let me guess...you're going to ask me about tonight and act as if you don't know it was a f**king sh¡t show, you're going to ask if I regret coming back or how I felt teaming with Vincent Costello...

Allen sheepishly nods causing Wood to almost smile out of frustration, pushing Allen away before speaking.

How do you think it went Tim? You saw the show, you saw what happened...do I really need to tell you that tonight was NOT how I wanted to come back to this company?! You're not as dumb as you look so I know you don't need me to let you know that NOTHING went to plan...

...You see...the moment I walked out of 6CW, I began to picture myself coming back and taking back what was mine, I pictured myself doing what it took and placing myself back at the top of the mountain...but in one fell swoop, I probably put myself right at the god damn bottom.

Wood slumps back down on to his chair, clearly wishing that his night was nothing more than a bad dream. At this point Allen takes a deep breath and finally speaks, clearly worried at the reaction.

TA: Liam, that's one of the things I wanted to let you know...

Wood looks up, confused

TA: You're actually in next weeks main event...you and Anthony Grace are taking on Mr Kenty and Cerberus...

Allen smiles at Wood but Wood's reaction is clearly not a happy one.


What the f**k have you got the dumb c**t smile on your face for?! You think that's something I should be happy about? Teaming with Anthony Grace is a GOOD thing?! Screw that...the guys a pr¡ck, always has been, always will be...f**k his title run already...

and now I have to team with him against the guy who took my EWF Title and the guy who took my change of winning the 6CW title tonight? F**king great Tim...anymore good news?!

Wood stands up and looks in to the camera, pausing for a moment before speaking on last time and taking a deep breath.

You know what...maybe this IS what I need...at Anarchy I not only carry my 'partner' and show that only one of us deserves that title he got given to him but I also make Cerberus realise that he got lucky at Night Of Glory, that the moment he got the belt it became worthless and the company shut down...I then get to show Mr Kenty that he wasn't missed and should have stayed away.

My message to all three men though...you are all in my way of what I want...

...and NONE of you can stop me...

...so go f**k yourself.

Wood then shoves past Tim knocking him in to the wall as the scene ends.


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Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 24th April 2018

Post by TwisT on Fri 13 Apr 2018, 3:20 pm

The arena is full of fans who have come back to 6CW in their droves since the new show. New marketing materials have been handed out and merchandise made that mostly feature Anthony Grace’s name and image. Some of the stalls are full of Grace memorabilia but it is the items showing other 6CW wrestlers (slyly pushed to the sides of the stall) that are selling the best. Certain 6CW staff walk round with clipboards, noting the sales and readjusting the Grace merchandise to be in a more prominent position. It is clear that the 6CW fans are not taking the bait however.

What is apparent is that 6CW has received a major cash injection. Staff are wearing new outfits. There are more posters on display. Everything looks organised and regimented right down to the food and drinks now available to buy. Everything screams “blockbuster” and it is a visual statement that 6CW is not only back in business but also a very well run one.

From his executive suite above the arena (and safely gazing behind one way glass) Charles Kramer stares down at the worker ants below and smiles. The last few months had aged him and scandal upon scandal had landed firmly in his lap. But, as always, he had bounced back in a much better position than he was in this time last year. Sure, he had to make certain deals with the devil but he was used to rolling the dice a few times – making sure he not only beat his fellow players but also the house itself.

There is a knock on the door and Kramer acknowledges it with a sharp “Yes”. One of his personal 6CW staff – wearing distinguishable attire that sets them about from the other 6CW staff – enters carrying a clipboard. Kramer sits down at his enormous desk and eyes the person in front of him as if reading his mind.

CK: Well?

Staff: Grace merchandise is being out sold 5 to 1. Some vendors have run out of selling other things and are complaining they won’t meet their KPI’s.

Kramer scoffs.

CK: That is a 6CW business issue not a Grace issue. They have had unpopular champions in the past. Look at Joshua, a whole year’s reign but all we could come up with to sell was a knock off of his puppet. What brings in money is bums on seats and you only have to take a look out there to see we will soon be running out of seats for them to perch on.

The staff member hesitates but then takes the plunge.

Staff: Should we tell him though?

Kramer thinks for a moment and then shakes his head.

CK: What’s to tell? We all knew that Grace’s popularity was outside of 6CW walls. So what if the disciples don’t want to swallow what the church is telling them……

Kramer gets up and goes back to the window.

CK: The hatred for the man is what will keep this place afloat. Whoever he is up against and in whatever match, people will tune in to catch sight of Grace being reduced to a crying wreck and losing his title. All 6CW has to do is recognise it is better to keep him at the top and play the cat and mouse game with the viewers. Picture it now……”Will this be the PPV Anthony Grace gets his head kicked in? Buy the PPV to find out”. The phrase will be repeated and recycled in as many ways as possible. And all these people below will still stomach it. Because their loathing of the man will trump any common sense they may have.

Staff: Should we let Walker know?

Kramer turns round and laughs.

CK: He probably already does…….and is thinking exactly what I am. He is going to be the good cop to our bad army – touted as a saviour of 6CW and the guy that will battle our wicked ways. But the truth is he still answers to the board and the board, by and large, care more about business then best intentions. As you can see…..business is booming. He will play the game, I have no doubt. But away from the cameras he will be counting his cash just the same as we all will be. There is nothing moral about what we are doing here. Pre-determined matches and employees that have to stomach the results. Once one of them shows themselves to be Grace’s equal in bringing in the money, then perhaps they may have a chance of taking the gold. But that is a big ask. 6CW wrestlers have shown themselves to be very fickle when they don’t get their own way. History will show us what will happen - Grace doesn’t have to beat them, only to outlast them.

The staff member nods and goes to the door.

CK: Wait…….on second thoughts knock 25% off the price of Grace’s stuff. We will have to pay for storage otherwise.

The staff member nods again and exits the room. Kramer returns to the window and stares at the ants again.

CK: Make your protests all you want little people. You already paid the piper at the door.

He grins as the scene fades.

--------------------------- ----------------------------------

As the fans are already taking their seats, a spotlight flies around the arena and a drum roll plays. A loud booming voice plays over the loudspeaker as the crowd looks to the stage.

VO: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls……please welcome your 6CW World Champion…..Anthony “Amazing” Graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!!!!!

The crowd immediately start booing as “Power” by Kayne West plays. The stage fills up with male dancers doing somersaults and making poses. They are soon joined by female dancers making gestures to the crowd and dancing erotically with their male counter-parts. We hear Harold Lloyd from his commentary position.

HA: And this used to be family entertainment…..

His brother laughs.

HE: It is showbiz Henry! Razzamatazz! Hollywood! Just look what is coming from the stage now!

Fire breathers and acrobats now cover the stage as the dancers make their way down to the ring. Grace still hasn’t appeared and the booing has died down to hand clapping along with the beat and eyes watching the show unfold. Suddenly fireworks go off from around the arena and balloons start to fall.

HE: What a party atmosphere! Look how the crowd are smiling!

HA: It is this kind of crap that turned people off! Who is paying for all this rubbish?!

HE: Who do you think? 6CW could barely muster a sparkler before Grace. Now we have the production to go with the star!

Finally Grace makes his way out onto the stage carrying his 6CW World Championship over his shoulder. He is wearing an over the top purple suit complete with a black trilby hat. He strides down the stage with his gold “A” chain swinging from around his neck and flash bulbs (from 6CW staff with cameras) going off around him. He finally makes it to the ring where all the female dancers are on hand to hold the ropes open for him. He enters the ring confidently and holds aloft his championship belt as the last few fireworks go off behind him. As the music dies down and the various dancers leave, the booing starts up again. Grace is handed a microphone and laps up the venom coming from the crowd. He walks around the ring smiling which only makes the jeers louder.

HA: The man is a disease. Never have I heard such anger aimed towards a 6CW World Champion. No one is celebrating here tonight!

HE: And you think Grace actually cares?!

Grace politely asks the crowd for silence but his grin just irritates them more. In the end, he shouts over them.

AG: Don’t worry, you will get your turn to speak. But first…….

The lights suddenly goes down and a spotlight illuminates Grace in the ring. He retrieves a bottle from his jacket pocket and looks intently at the camera.

AG: For when a man wants to smell of sweet success, just as his appearance proves. – Icon by Anthony Grace. The scent that demands respect.

Grace laughs and chucks the bottle into the crowd as the lights come back up.

AG: Cerberus got a free sample of that in the last show. All of you can buy it at any worthy store and try to convince people you are in Anthony Grace’s league….

He laughs again and paces the ring

AG: Icon……what a strange word that is. What exactly constitutes an icon? Well as an educated man I know that it means a person that is deemed to represent a set of beliefs or a way of life. The peculiar thing is the amount of people now being lorded as icons. Alex Walker. Lex Hart. Any number of the returnees that crawled out from underneath the rock they will living under. But who wants them to represent a way of life you people would want to follow? Are you actually saying you would rather be Liam Wood…..than Anthony Grace?!

Grace shakes his head.

AG: As you can tell I am in a happy mood. 6CW is once again top of the ratings and bringing the best entertainment to you people all around the globe. And I stand here as the 6CW World Champion……the champion it always hoped it would have. One that not only leads but inspires. The entire locker room looks towards me as a pinnacle and a saviour. Bringing this place together so that their existence has meaning again. Do you think they had meaning outside of 6CW? Do you think people would stop them in the street and ask for their autograph? Do you think that their credentials would get them any other kind of work outside this ring? That is why, during the battle royal, it was oh so easy to reign supreme! They stood down! They stepped to the side! They knew that if any other person won that match then 6CW will die and stay dead this time!

Grace points to the fans.

AG: And you people know it is a good time to call yourselves a 6CW fan right? It is fashionable once more!

The crowd boo and Grace looks visibly irritated. He holds the 6CW World Championship tighter to his chest as a source of comfort.

AG: Thankfully your opinion on the matter doesn’t worry me. All that matters is you keep buying tickets and fuelling my fame!

Grace holds the title aloft in defiance. He brings it down and stares at the crowd.

AG: You see, that is the ultimatum you have to deal with. Hate me as champion but if you stop coming to see the shows then the whole lot turns to dust! You pay because you want 6CW to survive and it can’t survive without me! You can cheer and chant for anybody else but that person just doesn’t have the credibility to take this organisation forward!

The crowd chant out a few 6CW superstars names and Grace starts pointing at them madly.

AG: SEE?! SEE?! Even amongst yourselves you cannot decide who to cheer for! You are in disarray! You can’t even form a collective agreement on who you want to see smash my face in! All these returnees that came back for another pay day! Where were they when the roof fell in? Where were they when people stopped tuning in? Where were they when this place was empty and meaningless?!

Grace angry shouts out.


The crowd boo loudly and Grace milks it in. He smugly rotates on the spot with his arms out wide and laughs. He stops and points at the crowd.

AG: So let us return to that definition of an icon……. a person that is deemed to represent a set of beliefs or a way of life. And you people…..you thick….inbred….good for nothing but your wallets people…..have simply proved why I am the only icon here. YOUR BELIEF IS TO JEER GRACE! YOUR WAY OF LIFE IS TO BOO GRACE! COLLECTIVELY YOU HATE GRACE!

Grace stares at the camera.

AG: And THAT is the only thing that keeps you watching and 6CW breathing…….SO DON’T FORGET IT!!!

Grace chucks the microphone down and holds his title high in the air. The fans all around the arena boo…..thus proving Grace’s point.


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Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 24th April 2018

Post by ncfc_Tooze on Fri 13 Apr 2018, 10:41 pm

????- grace,grace,grace
Poor deluded grace.
Believing you are the soul reason for 6cw being alive
Talk about big headed
You are one of the many reasons why this company nearly died
One of the reasons

The crowd burst out into a mixed reaction as James Mcmanus steps out onto the srage

JM-one of the reasons why these people began turning off.
People are bored of you and the rest of these has beens and wannabes around here
People turn on there telly's to watch people like me. Professional wrestlers
Not sports entertainers

And the only reason you have that belt right now is because i momentairlly took my eye off of the ball.

If it was down to me and you left last week You wouldn't be there with that belt above your head rIght now.

Mcmanus continues to walk towards the ring. He stops at the end of the ramp and stares up at the ring and the new 6cw champion

JM- And when I Win this week in my 8 man tag match. When I defeat 4 of the best in this company. I will prove to you and the world once again that I am what I say that I am.
The future of professional wrestling.
And when that is done big man. I'm coming for your championship

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Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 24th April 2018

Post by Nay on Sat 14 Apr 2018, 11:13 am

*Suddenly “I Fought the Law” booms out around the arena as Cameron Faith strolls out onto the stage to a huge ovation.*

HE: What the he’ll is he doing back.

HA: I don't know, I'm sure we’re about to find out, but whatever happens the crowd are loving it

*Faith, dressed in his usual attire stands patiently at the edge of the stage, microphone in hand waiting for the crowd to settle. He glances at McManus at the bottom of the ramp, before turning his gaze to Grace slowly pointing to the championship before starting to motion as if a belt was around his waist.

HA: Looks like the Weegie Wonder has come for a World Championship

HE: Weegie Wonder, more like Master of Mediocrity. The guy is a legend In his own living room and that’s about it. He's not fit to step into that ring let alone challenge for World Titles.

HA: So, your saying you don't like the guy then?

*Faith struggles to keep a straight Faith as he counties to motion around his before, before finally succumbing to a fit of Laughter. He waves his hand to sign he needs a few seconds as both Grace and McManus look on unimpressed.*

HE: What the hell!!!!

*Faith finally do composes himself and raises the microphone*

CF: I’m just joshing with ya Grace, you can keep the tinpot trinket as long as you want, I mean how prestigious can it really be when the only folks who could be bothered to come out from backstage are James McManus and myself.

And I’m only here cause these fans looked like they could use some excitement.

*Faith pauses for a second to look around the arena soaking In the atmosphere*

CF: Now don't get me wrong rumour has it we’re all here cause of you, that you helped fund all this. So I guess, I can kinda see why you'd think you deserve that title.

But, I mean, I once made a video of me f****** a Kim Kardashian sex doll, sadly it doesn't make it real though.

*Faith pauses, grinning slightly as the crowd react with a mixture of raucous cheering and shock.

HE: What a disgusting thing to say

HA: That’s certainly the PG rating gone down the toilet

CF: Trust me dude, I’m the king off pointless championship runs, I know what I'm talking about.

*Faith suddenly looks more serious*

CF: Which brings me to why I’ve returned. See despite all the success I have had in 6WF, in 6CW, who have I really beaten. What is Cameron Faiths real stand out moment, the thing I will really be remembered for? Who will I be remembered for beating?

Ask every member of this crowd, Ask the locker room about greatest victory and they couldn’t name a god damn thing. The truth is I'm they guy with the impressive Wiki page, that no one remembers to go and actually look at. I have spent my whole career trying to be someone and failed !!!

But hey, like my dear old ma used to say, Lifes a B****, then ya die. And to be fair she’s got a point but me I ain’t going out like.

*Faith focuses on Grace once more*

CF: So while you pay for a championship, try to buy a legacy and feed that ego of yourself by calling yourself the A-Game, I'm going to go through that locker room one by one until every single one them is calling me the c-bomb.

Cause after I hit them with this right foot, their gonna be lying on the ground looking up as the ref raises, the only thought thats gonna gonna run through their head is what a C***, not again.

See this time i ain't here to be the man, I'm here to beat the man and I’m afraid Tony, that just ain't you.

*Faith smiles, shrugs and waves bye to Anthony Grace whose still stood in the ring, beforing turning to exit the Arena to a cacophony of noise.*


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Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 24th April 2018

Post by gazzyD on Sat 14 Apr 2018, 2:29 pm

Charlotte Grey is backstage, she fixes her hair before turning to the camera

CG: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time....gazzyD

gazzy walks in to view. He has his hari tied back and is wearing a brand new 'Seeing is Believing' T-Shirt. He hugs Charlotte before the interview begins

CG: So gazzy, its so good to see you back in a 6CW Arena. How does it feel to be back?

g: Charlotte, I can't even begin to explain the feeling of when you go out there and hear the crowd cheering you on

CG: did ever worry that we wouldn't see a return of 6CW?

g: its funny you ask that because in the last couple of days since the show we've learnt that Liam Wood is still a sore loser and an obnoxious ass, Engel is still batcrap crazy, and Anthony Grace is still the same, well I can't say what he is because there'll be kids watching at home. Taking all that in to account then did we ever even disappear?

CG: you make a valid point, and its funny you mention Engel, I'm sure you've seen that in two weeks you and him will be facing off together

g: Yeah, I seen that

CG: and? any thoughts?

g: lots, none specifically about Engel though. If I'm honest Charlotte I'm not gonna come out here like I may have done in the past chatting absolute nonsense. I did that for most of my career and where did it get me? Yeah I've held multiple titles, I've got some of the best fans the world has seen, some may even say a potential hall of fame candidate, but last time, trying to act like THE guy, it almost cost me my world. And thank God that Christy is so special you know. She put up with a lot from me last year and I can't even put in to words how sorry I was for the way that I treated her, she didn't have to take me back, but she did and now we're better than ever, and I ain't about to throw all that away again in pursuit of some title

CG: so, you weren't disappointed coming so close in the rumble last week, coming down to the last 4 to crown the new heavyweight champion?

g: On the contrary I'm not saying I never want to be a champion again, of course I do, but what happened in the past has made me look at this business in a new light. Now, the more important thing for me is to go out to that ring, do my thing and make sure every one of my paying fans gets a show they deserve. Plus, lets face it every time I ran my mouth in the past I ended up on the wrong side of a beatdown. Not fun.

CG: I can imagine, well gazzy, its been good to catch up, give my love to Christy

G: been good catching up with you too, I'll telling her you were asking about her

the audio cuts out as gazzy and Charlotte continue to talk as the scene fades


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Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 24th April 2018

Post by Bentyf1 on Mon 16 Apr 2018, 2:37 pm

*As James McManus and Anthony Grace continue to stare down and bad mouth one another, "Turn up the trouble" reverberates around the 6CW arena as the crowd rise to the feet to welcome an old 6CW superstar. Gleefully storming from behind the Curtain, a broadly smiling and confident looking Kenty emerges. The fans go ballistic as they continue to welcome back one of their favourite sons. Members of the crowd young and old continue to chant "you still got it" and "Welcome back"  As Kenty surveys the scene, that irresistible and wild look in his eyes creeps back as does that trade mark mischievous smile. Kenty is wearing a pair of tight blue jeans, Black Nike casual shoes and his new bold Red t-shirt with a trademark microphone stitched onto the material with the words "I shall Triumph" boldly emblazoned on the shirt also. The Camera travels up the ramp and into the path of Kenty who looks deeply into it, before chuckling to himself before loudly yelling "Daddy's home!" before marching to the ring. The voices of the Lloyd brothers can then be heard over the rapturous reception for Kenty.*

HA: The one and only Mr Kenty is back! I never thought I would be saying that again Henry... its been nearly 5 years since we last saw Mr Kenty in a 6CW ring and my god, what a turn up for the books,  we we're all shocked two weeks ago when he entered the royale... but this is really happening!

HE: When he was here first time around, I would have agreed with you Harold. I worry though if this is a past the hill Mr Kenty... But time will tell. I have my reservations for sure, but if he's channeling the old Kenty of a couple of years ago, especially with his time with Genesis then I'm sure 6CW will be bigger and greater than ever...

HA:  You said it partner, and here is, sharing the ring with Grace and McManus! a mixture of old and new for Mr Kenty..

HE: out of all the opponents Kenty's faced, none so are more impressive than the champion, Anthony Grace, in my eyes...

*Kenty has flown into the ring at a speed of knots with a cheeky grin on his face as he looks at McManus who is snarling, his eyes enraged, not forgetting their previous battles. Kenty Nods at McManus before locking eyes with the champion, Anthony Grace who looks bemused at Kenty entering the ring. Kenty once again wryly smiles at the champ, before taking a nearby microphone placed on the mat as the music dies down. The crowd then still on their feet chant loudly


*Kenty looks over the jam packed crowd, a hint of emotion creeps into his eyes as he furrows his brow before letting out a sigh as he continues to soak in the atmosphere. A few seconds pass before Kenty looks back at the champ, Anthony Grace and James McManus. He then raises the microphone to his lips*

Mr Kenty: Wow! Would you look at this place? I've never seen this arena sold out to this fortitude before! I mean look, there are members of the 6CW planet behind the set... How are you all doing?

*The crowd erupts again as Kenty leans back, relaxed and chuckles to himself as Grace and McManus stand by, their eyes locked on the returning Kenty.*

Mr Kenty: This is too much fun, I wasn't going to miss this! I mean, we've had the dancers, the baloons, the fire works, fire breathers and acrobats... what an entrance for the champion, Anthony Grace! give it up for the champion everybody, Anthony Grace!

*Grace mouths something to Kenty as the crowd boo ferociously as Kenty scratches his head with a dumb look on his face. Kenty then chuckles before raising the microphone again.*

Mr Kenty: It's genius, it's absolute brilliant, because now you, Anthony Grace, can hold these people in the arena and the millions of people around the world watching on their televison, Ipads, Laptops whatever in the palm of your hand. It's brilliant because now this will get all of the fans talking about who saw Anthony Grace's wild celebrations this week on 6CW, it's perfect Anthony Grace.

Mr Kenty: But, I must admit, I didn't specifically come out here to swing for the champion or swing at James McManus over there with his cold, unrelenting eyes! I came out here to tell you, you were right. I'm one of those returnees, Yes, I'm one of those guys. But, as I can already tell, you're only half right. Because yes I'm a returnee but, if you think I'm only here for the money then you have no idea who I really am, Champ.

Mr Kenty: You see, these people, all of these thousands of people filling this arena, Loved Anthony Grace. And I'm going to admit, I was one of them Anthony, watching from a distance, living my other life. I was one of these people. That is until, I finally met Anthony Grace. Anthony Grace is a self-centered, egotistical, transparent kind of guy that wouldn't give the skin from his nose if this company wen't under for good with his investments in Hollywood and his dealings over the world.

Mr Kenty: Now Let me tell you something, chief. I don't need fancy celebrations or lavish merchandise to trend world wide, Nor do I need words like Amazing and Icon to trend, Just like I don't need a prompt to face the right camera and look these people in the eye when I talk. You get that bud? Nice bling by the way. So here's the deal, chief. Tonight, it's Cerberus and I versus the team of Anthony Grace and Liam Wood.

*Kenty fixes on Grace as Grace looks on with abhorrent disgust. McManus is also seething in the background, his eyes wide, looking at Kenty with distain.*

Mr Kenty: When the thousands of people in this arena, and the millions around the world at home are going to be watching Anthony Grace, Liam Wood against Cerberus and Mr Kenty, I'm going to be eyeing up you champ and your buddy, Liam Wood. And I wan't to make this clear from the get go, I don't like Liam Wood and I don't like Anthony Grace. So later on tonight, you're probably going to be wearing that bling and that trilby hat making you look like an extra from Peaky blinders. But know this, Champ.

Mr Kenty: But I'm going to be eyeballing you directly partner. I'm going to be looking directly into the eyes of a man that is afraid. I might not be as skilled, I might not be as technically sound wrestler as you are amigo. but I know, that I'm a dude that is focused and determined to beat both you and Liam wood tonight. So you can do your thing, keep trending, keep pushing out that merchandise because the title across your shoulder right now... it won't be there for much longer.

*The crowd cheer loudly as Grace snarls at Kenty and readies himself, showing how strong and jacked he actualy is. Kenty continues to look at him dead in the eyes. Kenty then slowly swivels around before addressing the camera and the fans once more.*

Mr Kenty: I'm getting the impression ever since returning that Liam Wood has a mouth, so I'm going to set the record straight. All I've seen is words coming from Liam Wood that he is the best in this industry, I saw it watching it at home and I saw it in the flesh a couple of weeks ago. He's convinced he deserves to carry what Anthony Grace has right now on his shoulder, but I got news Jack, if you wan't to take that title home or attempt to... you gotta go through people like me.

Mr Kenty: And Liam Wood acts or assumes like I'm some kind of push over, some over the hill, out on his ass wrestler. He assumes that he would pin me in this ring and then it doesn't matter who would be carrying the 6CW world Heavyweight title, Liam Wood assumes he would take it from anyone who was in his way.

Mr Kenty: But I wan't to get this in the open now, I'm no pushover. And I know why you think im a pushover, it's because I let myself care about these fans. You think I'm a pushover because I have returned to a company which set me up for life and paved the way for my success in other wrestling companys? You think I'm a pushover because I have returned to a place that I love from the bottom of my heart, and you see that as a weakness?

Mr Kenty:  You got it all twisted homeboy. I want to congratulate you on thinking that you're one of the best, and congratulate you on underestimating me. And yes, You are a previous champion and yes you have demonstrated some unreal skill and prowess but let me just blow my own horn here, alot of people that have come and gone, believed I was a push over too. Names like, Max Adamson, Logan Kincade, Cassius Zhi, Dicey Reilly, Lex Hart, Keith Leone and even JJJohnson and they all believed one way or another that the kid couldn't hang with them...

Mr Kenty: Every single one was left disappointed. and tonight Liam, I'm going to show you why this man isn't a pushover and isnt finished by a long shot... otherwise my name isn't...



*Kenty tosses the microphone to the floor before nodding confidently at Anthony Grace and James McManus and then heads out on the ring with the crowd going wild in the background. Kenty purposefully continues to walk up the ramp before turning around and grinning broadly before the camera fades away and the show heads to a commercial break.*


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Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 24th April 2018

Post by The Last Outlaw on Tue 17 Apr 2018, 9:06 pm

The show comes back from commercial break and Anthony Grace stands forward to respond to the words of Mr Kenty. He pauses and delays


HE: You idiot, Grace doesn’t need a line, he needs to compose himself. He’s working with amateurs!

Grace steps forward again and raises his hand, but his words never reach the microphone as Remedy by Seether starts playing. A prison cell is shown on the titantron with a guards baton rolling across the bars and then a Voice is heard shouting “Lights Out!” and this brings the copper box into total darkness.

HE: What is this?!

HA: Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute!

When the lights come back on Marty Helms is seen at the top of the ramp in black combat pants and a t-shirt with Outlaw on the back with the O a closed handcuff and the W being spelt with an open handcuff and the rest of Outlaw spelt by the chain between the O & W.

HE: Is that?

HA: Marty Helms is back!! We’ve seen the teasing on Twitter, but the Last Outlaw has returned to 6CW!!!

Helms stands on the ramp with a look of pure disgust directed towards the ring. Fans are high fiving and cheering loudly as Helms looks round the arena then spits on the floor

MH: What the f*c***g hell has this place become?!

The fans roar for the anger and fire coming out on the mic and Helms carries on

MH: Look at this horses***. Some wannabe Tom Cruise standing with the actual world title across from what I can only presume is a retired gardener and *he kinda turns his head to the side and looks confused at Kenty* I don’t know what the Frak this guy thinks he is.

He then looks to the crowd

MH: And you’re all eating this up. You’re a bunch of turds. Nothing else to say to you. Go home, tweet weird messages of praise to fit celebrities then beat your fat wives till you’re both crying.

The shocked crowd boo

HA: Woah

HE: Holy Moley, Harold. This guy is disgusting

Boos ring down and a few plastic bottles of drink fly at Helms, but he walks forward again with his eyes on the ring

MH: I am the Last Outlaw, the Great Marty Helms. I’m here to drain the swamp and put my foot down on this generation of Poopie. I thought I’d at least left behind a company with one or two wrestlers in it, but the Miz’s incestual brother has been allowed to take a world title. And not even the EWF one, which was always a Make-a-Wish toy for dribbling idiots. I presume Captain Spandex and the Wrist-Cut Kid are too busy in bed to try and fight this guy?

HA: Helms seems to want to put a target on everyone’s backs

MH: Oh I see you James, don’t worry. Keep trying to pretend you want me to get in that ring. I’m on my way. And I’ll kick your head off!

The crowd are excited and cheer, even if they have come to hate Helms. Kenty backs off to be ready and Grace eyes an exit. He steps onto the steps, before laughing it off and walking away to boos from the fans

MH: Not on your time, idiots!

The boos continue as Helms walks up the ramp.

MH: I’ll be seen when I want to be seen and I’ll fight when I want to fight. Be waiting gentleman, because I’ve come here to drain the swamp and claim the throne

Helms drops the mic and walks off whilst shouting back at the fans

HA: How do you sum up that return?

HE: It might be with a torn up contract, Harold. He’s got half this roster right, but some of his words were disgusting.

HA: Half!? That was an all out attack on everyone with disgusting words. If Helms is back he’s going to be on everyone’s hitlists

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Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 24th April 2018

Post by ncfc_Tooze on Tue 17 Apr 2018, 9:43 pm

Mcmanus smirks into the camera. He slowly raises the microphone to his lips and begins to speak

JM-talk about has beens and wannabes hey, we have just had 3 of them come out here.
3 of them came out here and you said nothing grace, what a champion you are hey
You grace are nothing but a disgrace
You deserve all the boos all the jeers you get
Because as I said before the reason this great company began to crumble is because of weak,deluded world champions like you who feel the world revolves around them.
While all us undercard

Mcmanus makes rabbit ears as he says undercard

JM-guys have proven time and time again that we are the reason why this company still stands
We are the foundations
We are why people turn out in the numbers they do
We are the reason people tune in every week
We are the reason there is a 6cw

Not you
Not cereberus
Not helms,not faith,not kenty

We are the future and the future is now
I'm the future and I'm coming for your world title grace
It's only a matter of time
The clock is already ticking my friend

Mcmanus continues to smirk into the camera

JM-you see I've never even had a world title shot
I've never been given a chance
But I will soon get that chance grace
and when I do
Your reign ends

Mcmanus drops the mic and slowly walks to the back,pulling his hood up back over his head and disappearing behind the curtain

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Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 24th April 2018

Post by Engel Harlequin on Wed 18 Apr 2018, 1:05 pm

---Engel Harlequin post Re-up Roleplay---

His ears were ringing as he fell to the matting outside the ring. The noises, the inring action, the face of the referees around him, all just a blur as he rose to one knee.

Ref: Get out of here Engel, you have been eliminated.

"No No No No NO...always the same, Engel...you blow it as usual. What would Mother say...what would Father DO"

He walked up the ramp. The fans engrossed in the action in the ring.

"of course they ignore me. In that ring are former champions. Names with meaning. History. Engel Harlequin is an ink blot on the roster sheet. A last minute addition"

He reaches the gorilla position. The executives are patting themselves on the back as Engel makes his way past. Engel does not bother to utter a word.

AW: Cerberus is back, GazzyD is back Keith Leone is back...Anthony Grace is back...what a time to be in control of 6CW...

"What about me? I have been jumping through there hoops, climbing there ladders..."

Engel reaches the treatment room, and a doctor greets him. He grabs a tray with some cotton swabs on it and sits Engel down

Doctor: You've got a cut...

Eh: Hadn't noticed to be honest...

The Doctor begins applying pressure to the cut and wiping it clean as Engel Winces.

Doctor: You did well out there man...

EH: Thanks...

Doctor: Say-uh Engel? Can I maybe get Theresa's number?

The tray of swabs flies to the floor as Engel lunges at the doctor his hands round his throat as he pins him to the wall


Engels grip gets tighter as the doctors eyes bulge in terror. Engel sighs.

"You did it yourself...you made these people laugh...you made these people sing and cheer...show them...show them ALL"

Engel drops the doctor to the floor and leaves the room as the doctor gasps for air.

"Don't worry...I will"


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Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 24th April 2018

Post by Engel Harlequin on Wed 18 Apr 2018, 3:34 pm

---6CW Anarchy 24th April 2018---
---Engel Harlequin vs GazzyD---

The scene opens in a dimly lit room. A silhouette can be seen as if sat upon a chair.


An electrical buzzing sound echoes as bright white lights flicker on to reveal white padded walls. Front and centre sits am unrestrained Engel in a restraints chair his head jolting frantically back and forth as he laughs uncontrollably. His head jolts back and the laughter stops. He lowers his head forward, eyes wide and psychotic

EH: Dreams...dreams eat away at the very hopes of our souls. They cause us to do all sorts of crazy things. They make us powerless to the whim of the people that "love" us. But dreams...dreams are the last wish of the forgotten men that walk these halls. They are the final desperate claw of the old frail hands and what turns those men into monsters...

Engels head jolts again as he laughs. His throat becoming raspier as he gasps for air

EH: GazzyD, I remember a time when I would sit in the recreational room of the Cherry Falls Asylum watching you, admiring you, DREAMING of my recovery so I could get my ass back in between those ropes and be like you. The top guy of 6CW...and I watched week in week out, I watched as your world came crashing down around you...ands the mighty Joshua ended your career...and then I made my return FREE from the shackles of madness once more to live my dream...and now I sit here no longer dreaming...let down by my ambition and in front of me at Anarchy stands the dreamer...over taken by madness not afraid to sign a deal with the devil to get back on top...and yet as I watch you...you seem to forget who your getting in the ring with...

Engel rises from the chair and walks to the camera tilting his head

EH: WAKE UP...this is not a time for clowning around GazzyD, this is not a time for superheroes and the big bad villains...you see...Keith Leone took my chance away from me. My chance to finally take what is rightfully mine and sit amongst the legends of this place...but Keith Leone isn't at Anarchy...it's you and unfortunately I have a message to send over to Mr Leone and the only way to make sure he gets that message is to imprint that message in his mind...so let me tell you what we are going to do at Anarchy GazzyD...your going to get hurt...your going to bleed...your going to scream for your beautiful sweet Christs as I send my message to not only Keith Leone...not only the 6CW fans but that entire locker room...no more games GazzyD no more dancing like a fool to the crowds tune...I made my name on Anarchy on Chaos and destruction...I made my name on snuffing out mens dreams and ending careers once and for all and you GazzyD are an unfortunate victim. An unfortunate victim of a dreamer that finally woke from those dreams and into the realms of reality and realised that THIS...THIS IS THE DREAM...when my self fulfilling prophecy comes to pass...when your bleeding out all over that 6CW ring...the world in shock...and I sit there watching as the EMT'S drag you away for the last time...Whose laughing now?

The lights go out as Engel laughs uncontrollably once more. The scene fades to black

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Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 24th April 2018

Post by Fernando on Fri 20 Apr 2018, 12:20 am

We head out to parking lot as Cerberus arrives at the arena with his bag over his shoulder and gets stopped by security at the door

SG - Name....?

SG checks the list...

SG - You aren't on the list so you cannot come in sir...

Cerberus steps closer to him 

I suggest you check again...

SG flicks through the list again...

SG - You aren't on the list at the request of a Mr Charles Kramer... sir so can you please leave the premises....

Cerberus grabs him by the throat and lifts him against the door

If you don't swipe your card and open that door right now...
You aren't going to be going home to your family tonight...

Cerberus drops him as he nervously swipes the card to let him in the arena

SG - If anyone asks i didn't let you in...I need this job man...

Cerberus laughs and enters the arena halls and starts looking for Anthony Grace and his Associates and spots him on the screen out in the ring and heads towards the curtain

"Hell" by disturbed hits as the lights in the arena go out 

HE: Looks like Cerberus has arrived 
HA: Anthony Grace better run because after last week i doubt he's going to be in a friendly mood

Cerberus walks out in the red light on the stage to the shock of Grace

By that look on your face Anthony i don't think you expected me to be here...
I wonder why that would be when im booked for a match tonight....
It's almost like you are trying to avoid me Anthony...

Cerberus starts to slowly head down the ramp stopping towards the bottom 

You see Anthony no matter how much people backstage tell you how brilliant you are...
How much they tell you that your merch sells so much...
Or that TV Ratings are up....
All you will ever be is a paper champion...
Until they find someone with actual talent....

Grace starts to get angry and raises the title at Cerberus

 Then Anthony gets palmed off to the side...
And we see the same scenario play out yet again...
Except this time you'll be sat in your local job centre...
Talking to some ret@rd call Jon with "Former Actor & Wrestler" on top of your CV
Because your value to everyone in 6CW & films will become...nothing...

So Anthony make the most of every moment you have left in this pathetic charade...
Because sooner then later im going to come for you....
And when i do their going to be scraping what's left of you up from the mat...

Cerberus has a think to himself

Or i could give everyone what they want and do it now....

Cerberus starts to get closer to the ring 


Cerberus turns around to see Charles Kramer at the top of the ramp as tons of security start to block the way to Anthony Grace who starts laughing and mocking Cerberus knowing he's protected...

CK - This man should not be on the premises please escort him off it

Security start to surround Cerberus who starts trying to fight them off but eventually gets overwhelmed by the sheer amount of them who start to forcefully drag him through the curtains as he shouts im going to kill you Grace who mockingly waves him goodbye...


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Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 24th April 2018

Post by TwisT on Mon 23 Apr 2018, 3:58 pm

Anthony Grace stands bewildered at what he has just witnessed. The crowd wait expectantly as Grace brings the microphone to his lips and shakes his head.

AG: So that is what the new 6CW World Champion deserves right? Three guys with a history of non-existence when it comes to anything noteworthy in this business. And another guy who has turned up with a big mouth and expecting a bigger pay day. I only half-listened to what you have to say because none of you are going to stick around and none of you are going to get close to taking this title. NONE OF YOU!

Grace paces the ring.

AG: McManus, Faith, Kenty and Helms. Four names that scream history. Four names that scream value. Four names that scream the very future…..the life blood…..THE EVOLUTION of this place. Is that the noise I am hearing? Is that the sound accompanied by cash machine registers chiming, PPV buy rates rocketing and the bedlam coming from sold out arenas around the world?!

He stops.


He points at the crowd.

AG: You see what you actually hear screaming is the people watching this back home. People who in their droves turned away when they had to put up with the crap they churned out of their months and in this very ring. It was sub-standard. It was second-rate. It was why 6CW found itself a few seconds away from going bust! And they want more. MORE THEN THEY CAN EVER BRING!

He points at the ramp.

AG: That is why they all decided to walk away after their little speeches. They are embarrassed! They came out here and recycled the same old lines about Anthony Grace and forgot that I am now looking DOWN at them from the TOP! As 6CW World Champion and ICON to millions! They think just by turning up guarantees them a shot at the gold I now own!

Grace stares at the camera.

AG: Well let me just make it clear once and for all that their attitude is OLD 6CW! A 6CW that no-one cared about! A 6CW that was losing money! A 6CW that was on the cusp of extinction! A 6CW THEY WALKED AWAY FROM!

He shakes his head.

AG:So how about you spew about why you should be part of this NEW 6CW?! And I dare you…..I DARE YOU…..to try and do it without bringing up the past!

He jabs his finger at his title and back at the camera.

AG: This gold around my waist means old ways won’t work! Introduce yourself to the money maker of 6CW……the man bringing in the masses……the A-GAME and ICON of all 6CW. You drink that in. Let it absorb you. Then you tell me exactly why MY 6CW should give you the time of day!

His voice lowers.

AG: And when you do…..when you figure that out…..don’t let the exit door hit you as you leave MY building!

Grace chucks the microphone down on the floor and exits the ring. Security part the crowd as he jumps the hurdle and marches to the top of the stands to a chorus of boos. When he reaches the top, he takes the title belt from around his waist and holds it aloft. Grace is then quickly ushered out of the arena by security and 6CW staff.


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Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 24th April 2018

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