6CW Anarchy - Tuesday 14th August 2018 - Promo Thread

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6CW Anarchy - Tuesday 14th August 2018 - Promo Thread

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Wed 08 Aug 2018, 12:51 pm

Max Adamson presents: Uryu Ishida - This is Your Life!

Match 1
To compete for the UK & International titles at Beachfront Brawl
James McManus vs Cameron Faith

Match 2
Bam Sparkleston & Engel Harlequin vs Mike Hill & Marty Helms

Match 3
Perfect Jack & Clarke James vs Liam Wood, Mr Kenty & GazzyD

Main Event
Contract signing for the 6CW World Championship match at Beachfront Brawl

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Re: 6CW Anarchy - Tuesday 14th August 2018 - Promo Thread

Post by x12x on Fri 10 Aug 2018, 9:06 am

The 6CW is fill with boos as Revival Mode by Every Time I Die fills the air bringing the former EWF World Heavyweight Champion, Liam Wood, out on to the stage with a focussed look on his face. Wood slowly makes his way down to the ring, almost ignoring the boo's from the crowd as he takes a mic and rolls in. Wood slowly begins to pace the ring, his eyes locked on the stage of the arena.

HA: The last time we saw Liam Wood he stole the win for his team...

HE: He made sure he got the win by tagging himself in and putting Mr Kenty down...it was smart...

HA: O'Callaghan had already practically won it for Wood's team, Wood did what he did to steal the glory.

Wood finally stops pacing the ring, taking a familiar seat at the top of the turnbuckle as he speaks.

So normally, when I come out here, I talk about my next match...I talk about how my opponents don't stand a chance and that I'm the best in the business but today, something feels different. Now, don't get me wrong...that's still true, I still plan on coming out here and putting Perfect Jack and his friend in their place and win the match for my 'team' but what is really important is what's happening two weeks after I do that, at Beach Front Brawl.

Wood smiles to himself for a moment

You see, at Beach Front Brawl...I'm finally getting my reward for what I have done since coming back to this company...I'm finally getting my reward for dragging this company up from the dirt where it was left without me. You see, at Beach Front Brawl...I have the chance to capture two title belts and I'll do JUST that!

Wood's smile becomes bigger as the crowd boo him, more of the fans getting involved

At Beach Front Brawl I get the chance to crown myself the UK Champion AND the International Champion. So not only will I be the champion of every single one of you cretins, I'll own the rest of the people around the world too...for all intents and purposes, I'll be the TRUE World Champion of this company...

Even more of the crowd boo as Wood pauses, soaking in the abuse the fans are giving him

HA: World Champion?! What an idiot...

HE: Well, he has a point if you think about it, the UK title and the International Title means he's basically champion of it all.

HA: So Clarke James and Perfect Jack are currently both World Champions then?

HE: Don't be silly.

In the ring Wood has dropped down off the turnbuckle, the fans still booing him

You can boo all you want, as my career has proven...your opinions change NOTHING...

...I became world champion without you...
...I single handedly beat the team of Gazzy D, Mr Kenty and Cerberus without you...
...and I'll become the Champ Champ without you...

...You can doubt me all you want but eventually, I get what I want. Eventually, I do the impossible and eventually, I shut up the doubters. At Beach Front Brawl you can boo me all you want but when the match ends, you'll be watching as I rule the world once again.

Wood lowers the mic and smirks as the fans rain down abuse.


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Re: 6CW Anarchy - Tuesday 14th August 2018 - Promo Thread

Post by TwisT on Fri 10 Aug 2018, 1:53 pm

Charles Kramer watches the Wood promo on a backstage monitor and smiles.

CK: The Champ Champ is here......

Kramer shakes his head and laughs to himself.

CK: Oh Liam, when will you realise that nobody cares how important you think you are. What will happen at Beachfront Brawl if you win is obvious........putting "u" into Champ Champ just makes it Chump Champ.

He turns away and walks down the backstage corridors. Suddenly his phone rings and he places it to his ear.

CK: Anthony! Always a pleasure!

Kramer pulls the phone away from his ear as Grace's shouting can be heard. He tentatively places it back to his head and speaks.

CK: Anthony.....Anthony......you can't get out of a contract signing! The match needs to be made whether we like it or not. Just remember the plan....

Kramer again tries to get a word in edge-ways.

CK: O'Callaghan is firmly behind it as he sees safety in numbers beyond all his bravado. Cerberus on the other hand doesn't see you as a threat and so all his anger will be towards OC. It is perfectly set up. Allow the two men to destroy each other and then you can be there to pick up the pieces.

Kramer stops and stares at the ceiling in annoyance.

CK: Yes, not signing the contract will mean the match doesn't go ahead but equally you will have that World Title removed from around your waist. So let us make peace with the reality that on the next show you will have to sign on the dotted line. Then just let me do what I am good at.

Kramer starts to walk off again and smiles.

CK: Excellent! That is the spirit of a champion! Will you be on hand to see the "This is your Life" segment? No? Well that is a shame because I feel I should make an appearance! Remembering back in the day when it was all fat men and Japanese warriors I had to deal with.

Kramer rolls his eyes.

CK: Yes Anthony, you have my full attention. Yes Anthony, you are my favourite and most important client. Forgive me for reminiscing about the past.....

Kramer opens and slams a door to the side of him.

CK: Listen Anthony, I have to go. Alex Walker has just appeared out of his office and I need to speak to him about our preparations. Yes I will ensure you have an entrance fit for a champion......goodbye Anthony.....goodbye.

Kramer puts the phone into his pocket and sighs.

CK: I am getting too old for this sh*t......

He walks off down the corridor as the scene fades.


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Re: 6CW Anarchy - Tuesday 14th August 2018 - Promo Thread

Post by Uryu Ishida on Mon 13 Aug 2018, 1:08 pm

Uryu enters the arena and heads to the locker room which is currently empty. He spots a small envelope with his name on it waiting for him. He quietly opens it and scans through it before shaking his head.

UI: Well... talk about advance Australia fair.

Uryu scrunches the letter up and throws it in the bin as he gets a text on his phone. Which he looks at before quickly deleting it.

UI: He is getting as bad as a nigerian prince, or Tony Abbott. Whatever he is trying this time I refuse to humor him.

The locker room door swings open as Uryu looks up to see who enters.

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Re: 6CW Anarchy - Tuesday 14th August 2018 - Promo Thread

Post by Engel Harlequin on Mon 13 Aug 2018, 5:07 pm

The scene opens in the 6CW arena. Harold and Henry are sat at the commentators desk.

Ha: Folks, one match that is sure to be an interesting one considering the dynamics is the teams of Bam Sparklestone and Engel Harlequin, and Marty Helms joined by Mike Hill...

He: This certainly has the capacity to explode out here tonight...

Ha: Now folks the bizarre pairing of Engel and Bam started weeks ago and it's certain to say that these two are nowhere near on the same page but what about Mike Hill and Marty Helms...

He: Indeed that's going to be an interesting odd couple if ever I saw one...

Before Harold can speak, the lights go out around the arena and it's not over yet by the Klaxons plays. A single spotlight travels up the ramp and the crowd boo as it shines upon the hooded figure of Engel sat cross legged at the top of the ramp

Ha: Speak of the devil...

He: ...and he shall appear. Looks like he has something to say...

Engel rises to his feet and takes a bow down the entranceway, throwing his head back as he rises. The hood drops as he stands up straight, revealing the months old greasepaint upon his face. He pulls out a microphone from inside the hooded jacket and strolls down to the ring ignoring the booing fans

He: You know what I want to know Harold?

Ha: What's that Henry?

He: is he ever going to take a bath?

Engel steps through the ropes and takes another bow, the lights raise and music cuts. Engel raises the microphone to his mouth and is met with a chorus of boos

Ha: This crowd are not in the mood for Engel that's for sure...

He: I don't think Engel cares what anybody thinks anymore. He is psychotic...

Engel looks around at the baying crowd smiling. He lifts up a finger knowingly and rolls out of the ring.

Ha: Well it looks like Engel has had enough of this.

He: I don't think so Harold look...

Ha: What the hell is he doing? Somebody get security out here right now...

Engel lifts up the apron and begins pulling out piles and piles of steel chairs from underneath the ring. The crowd fall silent as he tosses them into the centre of the ring.

Ha: Somebody needs to stop this, somebody is going to get hurt...

He: Grow some balls snowflake...

Ha: What are you even saying?

The crowd start to count as the chairs fly into the ring forming a pile. They reach 15 before Engel stops and wipes his brow. He rolls into the ring and stands up his back to the pile of chairs. Engel waves his hands around like the conductor of an orchestra before inexplicably falling backwards into the pile of chairs rolling around and laughing manically

Ha: For God sakes...call security...the police...Cherry Falls...somebody...

He: Well he certainly knows how to make people notice.

The laughter stops as suddenly as it began and Engel slumps forward his face now vacant of expression as he raises the microphone to his mouth

EH: Mr Walker wants ratings, youtube hits, retweet...but Mr Walker doesn't grasp the fact that in order to do that you need to grab the audience by the throat...not wheel out has beens like Mike Hill week in week out for the world to see...

The crowd Boo

He: The crowd don't like that, that's for sure...

Ha: And too right. Mike Hill is a legend in 6CW. This freaks not fit enough to tie his boots...he probably doesn't even have the mental capacity...

He: Just fire it out Harold...

Ha: What do you mean?

He: I have never seen you so outspoken.

EH: Mike Hill, the guy has been around this business for years but never broke that glass ceiling. Yet here I am out here discussing the fact not only am I facing he, but also Marty Helms..."champion of the TV" well let's get something straight right now...if it wasn't for me that God damn title wouldn't even exist. If it wasn't for the carnage...the destruction, that TV Title would still bear the name extreme. Now am not gonna stand here and cry over spoilt milk but let's just get something straight right now...I ended Keith Leone,  Joshua the longest reigning 6CW champion in the history of 6CW. I even ended Hero...several times...takes some killing that one...HeHeHe people say Engel Harlequin isn't good enough, that he won't ever break that glass ceiling...the truth is that Mr Walker doesn't want the biggest draw in sports entertainment today Anthony Grace to be maimed within an inch of his life...

Ha: He had his shot and just like every other time HE BLEW IT on the main stage...

He: Some might say he wasn't helped by those around him...

EH: You want ratings Mr. Walker? You want youtube hits...let me loose...Let's see if Marty Helms has the balls to carry the TRUE legacy of that title...Let's see if Mike Hill still has it in him...wether he is worthy enough to have me end him like all those that came before...Let's see if Bam...ah Bam Sparkleston...do you know how many people in the back have asked me what the hell is going on there...well Bam...I like him but as I told him last week...as I warned Mr. Walker I don't play well with others and STILL we are together...Bam I apologise for what I must do...but I am making my case to Mr. Walker...to each and everyone of these idiots sat here...to every single retweet and youtube hit...this is my time and nobody is getting between me and that now hehehe...

Ha: yeah yeah we've heard it all before...why not actually you know...go out and do it?

EH: Bam, Mike Hill, Marty Helms consider this your dress rehearsal for Beachfront Brawl...you want to make a name for yourself? Well the current name is Engel Harlequin. When it's all said and done...only the laughter will remain...hehehehehehehe he. ..

Engel rises to his feet and drops the microphone. Lifts up his hood and walks up the ramp as his theme plays

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Re: 6CW Anarchy - Tuesday 14th August 2018 - Promo Thread

Post by ncfc_Tooze on Mon 13 Aug 2018, 11:37 pm

James McManus is shown sat head down backstage. He looks to be taping his wrists as former 6WF commentator Michael Wire approaches. He looks around before continuing to approach McManus.


JM- Wire what are you doing here?

The two men shake hands before Mcmanus goes back to taping his wrists.

MW- Just here to catch up with a few people James but Jenny sent me to see you. She's worried about you. You haven't been sleeping,you've been in that old run down warehouse that you call a gym far far too much. You are in the form of your life. I know your focused on getting your self in that scramble match but she's worried you are running yourself down.

JM- I know but I need to win. I need to win that scramble. I need to valadate my career Mike. Ive been seen as nothing but a good hand throughout my time here. Someone to float around the lower card and go no further. And that's not me. I came here to win titles..I came here to give my family an income that gives them the best possible life and to do that I need titles.

MW- But you have done it all before James. Youve won titles..many in fact. You've ended careers. You proved yourself as a worthy champion..you will again. This is your time.

Mcmanus looks up at wire

JM- Will I though. Is it. Something is missing Mike. I need that mentality back Mike but it's gone somewhere on the way.

MW- well there is only one man who can sort that James. And that's you.

JM- Well there is one other person that can help. Have you got that guys number I think me and him need a chat?

MW- Nope no one has seen or heard from him since you crushed his leg and the emporium closed it's doors. But I do know someone else who might be able to help

The lights flicker red as we here at voice.

??- James the mentality is inside you. It never left. Everything you were taught is there. It's your time to shine. I'm. Gone but I'm. Always going to be inside your head and I will guide you for to find the light you need the darkness first.

The lights go out completely and when they come back on James Mcmanus is left in the corridor alone. Mcmanus smirks sadistically into the Camera a look we haven't seen from mcmanus in a long time as we go to commercial

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Re: 6CW Anarchy - Tuesday 14th August 2018 - Promo Thread

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