PRO14 on EirSport TV - were YOU watching?

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PRO14 on EirSport TV - were YOU watching?

Post by Pot Hale on Sat 01 Sep 2018, 1:24 am

Time to fess up.

Did you sit down with great glee with a tinny or two and soak it up all up?

Did you give in to your secret desire, pull the blackout curtains, turn out the lights and watch the Telly?

Did you wade your way through the labyrinthine process of signing up to EirSport or just simply switch on TG4 the good old reliables since 2001?

Did your team give a good account of themselves and you harboring hopes of sitting in the plush seats with tartan popcorn next May in the Celtic citadel?

Come on, spill the beans, let it all out and tell us all.

Note: UK fans should go to the Premier Sport thread to vent their feelings as they see fit.
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Re: PRO14 on EirSport TV - were YOU watching?

Post by The Great Aukster on Sat 01 Sep 2018, 7:51 am

I would have 100% subscribed if I could but being north of the border that's not considered part of Eir territory.
DOC was very good with a watchable mix of insight and insurrection. Tommy looked as thought he was not match fit, slightly off the pace at times but had flashes of inspiration. Luke mostly pouted doing his best Mel Smith impression with his shirt buttons in danger of exploding into the camera, and an eagerness to speak so quickly I had to check if the remote was on fast forward,
The 40 euro package with Pro12, Champs Cup and Broadband is good value and I'd subscribe - if I could.

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