6CW Anarchy Tuesday 23rd October 2018

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6CW Anarchy Tuesday 23rd October 2018 Empty 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Post by JJJohnson on Thu 11 Oct - 4:59

Match 1
Marty Helms vs Cameron Faith

Match 2
Marty Helms vs Xavier Ross

Match 3
The Fanatic w/James McManus vs Frank Horrigan w/Jackson Jackson & Max Adamson

Main Event*
Cerberus/O’Callaghan/GazzyD/Uryu Ishida vs Perfect Jack/Anthony Grace/Liam Wood/Engel Harlequin

JJ Johnson/Mike Hill contract signing

*Uryu Ishida’s participation is on the proviso he passes a medical ahead of time

Current Champions:
6CW World - Cerberus
International - Engel Harlequin
U.K.- Liam Wood
TV - Marty Helms
Tag Team - The TA

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6CW Anarchy Tuesday 23rd October 2018 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Post by Uryu Ishida on Thu 11 Oct - 19:41

Uryu is seen entering a large white room and sits next to a curtain that surrounds a bed, a small table and a chair. He sighs and looks around, unsure how to start. A TV that looks towards the bed flickers on and shows the highlights of last weeks 6CW Anarchy.

UI: Well...that answers a question. I guess you are not exactly impressed by my actions there. You probably think I was reckless for trying to compete with what you heard about but I can take it. I can go in the ring with the best of them right now and show the world that there is nothing wrong with me!

Uryu sighs, calming down as a nurse peers her head in and scowls at him.

UI: Sorry, will keep it down.

She nods and leaves the room.

UI: Look, I'm sorry I haven't visited sooner. Hospitals and me don't exactly get along. When Alex told me you were here I was unsure if you wanted to see me. You didn't have to step in for me against Mike Hill and I admit I am feeling guilty over it. You saw my determination and desire to fight and carried that through. You are here...and you don't deserve to be. I heard you will be discharged soon and if everything goes to plan...I wouldn't mind you being backstage, trying to keep my head straight.

Uryu suddenly coughs heavily and holds his lower back, grimacing a little.

UI: I'm ok, i'm ok. This is what a long life of wrestling does to me. It occasionally gives me scrapes and bruises that others think are dangerous and detrimental to my long term health. Alex Walker is such a mother hen who has never been in the ring himself, has never put in the hard time at the gym, running for miles on end or carrying the hopes of others on your back. That is the pain of being a wrestler and no amount of pills, therapy or alcohol can dull that sensation for a nanosecond. You know that feeling you have been there my friend and we both know the only cure for that pain is to go out there and perform for the crowd and those watching at home and hear their voices, their cheers and after the match is over we sign a few of their items and go backstage knowing we have put smiles on their faces. That is one thing Alex Walker will never understand with us. We are addicts to the business. We are the guys who will never, ever leave as long as we can still perform at our absolute best. We are guys that will work hurt, even if injuries happen in the match we will not chicken out like Sin Cara over a dislocated finger. We will keep going on because we are men who have taken everything life can dish out at us, stared right back in its face and laughed, asking "Is that all you got?"

Uryu clears his throat and sighs.

UI: However...I have a responsibility to the wrestlers younger than me, to those who want to emulate my toughness and style. That includes you when I say that you need to take enough time to heal up and be back in the ring. Yeah this is strange coming from me but you need to understand that you have the potential to be better than me and that means not damaging your potential by returning too soon. You are one of the most gifted wrestlers I have seen and one of the most level headed. Though before you say that I should do the same, I will say that right now that having been around for a lot longer than you and have pushed my limits a lot higher than people think. At one hundred percent or not, things still have to be done and must be dealt with, some people must still be convinced that I can still perform beyond their expectations.

A nurse wanders in and looks at us.

N: Sorry but visiting hours are over, you will have to leave.

UI: Alright, just give me a second.

Uryu stands up and looks at the man in the hospital bed, revealing him to be Lion who is still wearing his mask. They shake hands and Uryu smiles.

UI: You come back better than ever, ya hear? I gotta go convince a man to let me put down a clown.

As Uryu leaves the room Lion returns to watching reruns of Anarchy as he lays in the bed, glancing at his wheelchair.

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6CW Anarchy Tuesday 23rd October 2018 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Post by XR on Thu 11 Oct - 21:29

This message is brought to you by The Beacon of Hope, Xavier Ross

The message fades and Xavier Ross is stood backstage.  A few faint bruises can be seen on his arms from the Street Fight against Faith on the last edition of Anarchy.  Ross looks right down the middle of the camera lenses.

Xavier Ross:  Most people would look at what happened during my match with Faith on Anarchy and expect me to be filled with anger, an uncontrollable rage.  That’s the go to response, to become emotional about a situation instead of look at the bigger picture.  People tend to bundle up their emotions because they’re afraid to feel something different, something unexpected which forces them to go against the accepted grain of their environment and then something happens and they just explode, unable to think, to control themselves, to persevere.  Certainly in this company you see that on a constant basis, take Cameron Faith for example.  When I beat him a few weeks back he let rip, he became so unhinged you could tell he’d had a troubled mind for a while and I was the catalyst for his break down.  But as it was me, this break down came with a lightening of the load on his shoulders, it helped him.  This is why what happened on Anarchy is slightly troubling for a certain individual.

Ross scratches his chin and shakes his head.

Xavier Ross:  I knew Marty Helms wouldn’t be able to sit at the commentary table throughout the match without trying to assert his superiority over myself after I called him out.  Here is a man who plays a part, he one hundred percent believes the lies he’s told himself and he seems unable to see reason.  He had to do something on Anarchy or people would see through the façade and stare straight at the fraud that lies beneath.  But the problem in this situation is like I said, some people hide away their true nature for so long that something inside of them snaps and they make bad judgements.  Choices that once the dust has settled and they see what lay ahead for them suddenly show the gravity of the error, once again ignoring the bigger picture for a momentary gain of satisfaction.

Xavier eyebrows narrow and the corners of his mouth upturn…a look of disbelief mixed with a smile.

Xavier Ross: Marty, had you just waited and let the match played out, you would have been in a much more favourable position than you are now.  If you had just stuck to what you’re apparently ‘good’ at and just sat there, kept the headset on and talk you would have had the opportunity to put your title on the line against myself, one on one.  But you decided that the straightforward route isn’t the one you want to take, you wanted to make it difficult for yourself and you got involved.  Now I’m not angry at what you did, considering your usual behaviour then it was to be expected, but I wonder how you feel about it all now?  Was it worth it?  Did you think you were going to get away from me easily?  That the match would just be stopped and there’d be no comeuppance for your actions?  I’m afraid I don’t like that attitude and thankfully, neither does Alex Walker.

The camera slowly closes in on the face of Xavier Ross, who is getting in to his stride now.

Xavier Ross:  Tonight you have landed in to a bit of a predicament that I think you would agree is giving you that sinking feeling.  Two matches in one night is always a tough ask but for your second to be against me, you’re already fatigued and hurting and then you have to wait for my music, for me to walk to the ring and for the bell to sound.  Every ounce of energy you have left in your body by the time I step through those ropes is gonna evaporate the moment we lock up and the gravity of the situation finally sinks in.  But then there’s more…even after I dispatch you tonight, you’re not getting away from me – it’s not a case of beating you and then I move on, no.

He shakes his head and wags his finger at the camera.

Xavier Ross:  You have to put your championship title on the line at Born in Fire in a Triple Threat Match, not the way you thought it would pan out is it?  I guess it’s going to be everyone else’s fault but the one who instigated it all, right?  Faith will watch on as I drive every cocky smirk, every terribly crafted insult, every ounce of disrespect that oozes from your body, right down your throat and make you swallow it.  This is all your own doing, it could have been much more simpler and less painful.  You lose to me once and your belt is handed over to me, ok, you can play it off as a fluke, that I got lucky.  How bad is it going to feel when I beat you twice?  You can roll out the excuses tonight, but at Born in Fire…

Xavier holds out his right arm and has his palm opened, facing the ceiling.

Xavier Ross:  You future is right here…

Ross looks at his palm and moves his head to side slowly, before closing his palm in to a fist within a beat.  The footage fades to black with the familiar message…

This message was brought to you by The Beacon of Hope, Xavier Ross.


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6CW Anarchy Tuesday 23rd October 2018 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Post by TwisT on Thu 11 Oct - 23:53

The fans are chatting amongst themselves as Anthony Grace comes marching out onto the stage in silence. Most of them miss him arriving, until a sequence of prods and finger pointing makes the whole arena notice. Then the booing inevitably starts. Grace ignores all this, dressed in jeans and a tight white t-shirt, as he makes his way to the ring. Circling it once, he refuses to acknowledge the crowd jeering him. He snatches a chair and a microphone and rolls into the ring. Setting the chair down in the centre, he points to the hard camera and starts to rant.

AG: You people have 5 moments of my time before the next show! 5 soundbites you can write your headlines about! 5 quotes you can saviour before the lights go out and the dross appears! So listen and use, because you aren't getting any more of Anthony Grace's time!

He looks over to the curtain.

AG: Number 1......Z-Lister? JJ Johnson, you can't be serious?! Next time you want to be the "token" in any of my award winning movies then I will just have to overlook you for someone with acting talent and verbal prowess. Because I see no reason for this legend status you seem to have.

He ignores the boos and shouts over him; not really caring if he isn't heard.

AG: Number 2......Alex Walker? How are your new champions setting that bar for you? A good reason to bet the existence of 6CW on? I got in your face; I treated you like the amateur owner you are and what do you do? Make me have a match at Born in Fire! You know you need me there to make a difference......so I better be headlining!

He points to the crowd.

AG: Number 3......you people. You want to carry on showing me all this love? You know that without me 6CW is under performing. Let that under performance lead you to another company collapse for all I care......i won't be here to save it a second time!

He turns back to the curtain.

AG: Number 4........the Irishman. I have nothing to say to you. Let them promote this battle in pure silence!

He turns back to the hard camera.

AG: Number 5......Uryu. I hear you got some bad news from a physician. Sympathy vote established, well done. Just when you wanted a big shot; it was taken away by a guy with a white coat on. And who made you go see him? Alex Walker, the guy trying to keep 6CW a talented place. Has that broken brain put the jigsaw pieces together yet?!

He turns to the crowd.

AG: And that is all you're are getting!

He chucks the microphone over his shoulder and sits on the chair.


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6CW Anarchy Tuesday 23rd October 2018 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Post by Marky on Fri 12 Oct - 22:39

A video plays on the titantron inside the arena. It begins with Jackson Jackson and Frank Horrigan, sat in a room at a table, looking down the camera

Jackson: You know, people often ask us, "why are you so cocky?", "what gives you the right to be so arrogant?". And for a while, I wonder if I am too arrogant. I wonder if we are too cocky. Perhaps sometimes we are. Sometimes we might let the egos get in the way as we force our way through the 6CW roster.

Horrigan: But arrogance is rarely an unjustified trait. We have earned the right to be arrogant. We earned that right when we dismantled the 6CW Tag Team Division to become the World Tag Team Champions at our first attempt. And when those Championships were stolen from us and kept away from us by Clarke James and Perfect Jack for months, we beat them and reclaimed our thrones, once again. Failure is not something we accept. Mediocrity can be saved for the weaker links of 6CW. The excellence that we perspire shows that we are the most dominant force in 6CW, and as your reigning and defending 6CW World Tag Team Champions, we have the evidence to back that up.

Jackson: Not only do we perspire excellence, we p*ss it too. We are beacons of excellence for a reason. We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk too. We don't just talk about being Champions, we live it. We breathe it. We, are, it.

Jackson and Horrigan lift up their World Tag Team Championships

Jackson: Did you know there are four singles championships in 6CW? This is why you have jokes of wrestlers holding Championship gold, because there are too many options for them and too many chances for them to succeed in a world that has too many opportunities for men of their stature. People like Engel Harlequin, people like Uryu Ishida, people like Clarke James and Perfect Jack, people like GazzyD, people like Cameron Faith, they get to challenge for, and in some cases win, Championships they don't deserve to have. There is only one World 6CW World Tag Team World Heavyweight World Championship of the World. And you are looking at the men, the manly men, who hold this Championship with honour, with dignity and with pride, bringing prestige worldwide to these Championships, sleeping comfortably in the knowledge that there aren't any knockoffs running around also calling themselves Tag Team Champions. There isn't another team calling themselves the International Tag Team Champions, or the UK Tag Team Champions.

Horrigan: There is only one suitor. There is only room for one Tag Team, and maybe in another era, in another realm, the Parasite Killers would have a chance of being Champions.

Jackson: They were once 6CW World Tag Team Champions. Then we showed up.

Horrigan: It's never personal to you when you challenge us, you just want what we have. But when you try and steal from us, we make it personal. And if you think you're going to try and steal what we have, the 6CW World Tag Team Championship, then it will get real personal, real quick.

Jackson: We are your World 6CW World Heavyweight World Tag Team World Champions of the World. We are the alpha males of Tag Team Wrestling. We are the TA.

Horrigan: One team.

Jackson: Two letters.

The camera pans out to see Max Adamson stood grinning alongside Jackson and Horrigan

Max: Three men.

The video ends and static is heard throughout the arena, the crowd boo


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6CW Anarchy Tuesday 23rd October 2018 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Post by The Last Outlaw on Sat 13 Oct - 0:26

As the lights come back after the TA's video message, we see Marty Helms in the middle of the ring. The boos continue as the crowd realise he is there

MH: The Beacons stand together, ladies and gentlemen. One way or another, whether Alex Walker likes it or not.

We see that he is sat on a stool, looking almost like a jazz singer or poet at a quiet bar, on the stage, ready to perform.

MH: Don't think it isn't noted that Walker has kept us apart. Exactly as he is afraid of our influence growing, he is also trying to stifle us. Which explains Marty Helms being in Match One and Match Two on your 6CW Anarchy card. The behaviour of men is what we can judge them on, and his reaction here is extremely telling. Engel Harlequin is a champion, despite reckless attacks. Marty Helms ends the farce that was Faith vs Ross and their street match...well, you see the results. But it only proves me right, not only does he fear us, but who are you all talking about come the end of their match?

On the screen, we see the highlights of Helms interruption in Ross vs Faith

MH: It's always ME!

The crowd boo as he laughs to himself, as smug as ever.

MH: And this is what little Xavier Ross doesn't understand. He thinks this isn't what I wanted! What he doesn't get is that I don't take kindly to little men talking big game when it's aimed at me. He tried to step into my world, but if you want to live in my world, you've got to understand the consequences. I am the God of this place, and I decide what happens to him. And to Faith. And I decided that they will step into my ring and learn just how far behind they both are.

He stands up, rolls out of the ring and stands in the middle of the ramp

MH: I am the TV champion because when the title is on the line, no one can stop me. NO ONE! I know the game at Anarchy, Alex! You set me up to fall, two matches, and no chance they can keep their hands out of the other's shot. I don't care the games you play on Anarchy, I am the f***ing champion, I will stand tall, and you've fallen right into my f***ing trap! These boys you hired are about to wrestle a machine, an unstoppable machine, and then you're going to realise I need competition. REAL competition. Let's get two of these chumps out of the way, back of the line, get it done with. Finish this charade, right as I finish the two of them.

When I'm done, they are not coming back. They won't ever be on my level, they won't ever be a "challenge." Talk to me when they work out that neither man on their own is even the threat you want them to be.

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6CW Anarchy Tuesday 23rd October 2018 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Post by gazzyD on Sat 13 Oct - 5:44

We're backstage outside of the medical examiners office, the 6CW exits his room as Alex Walker is walking past

Dr: excuse me Mr Walker, a moment

AW: of course Dr, how can I help

Dr: I couldn't help but notice the card for the next edition of Anarchy, do you think its wise to throw gazzy back in competition after what happened tonight?

AW: I thought he had come round again?

Dr: Oh, he has, but thats not the point. I'm concerned about what Wood did to him tonight and in my professional opinion I just can't clear him to compete without being 100% sure there's no lingering effects there.

AW: I see, well that certainly raises quite the problem

The doctor's door flies open and gazzy emerges


Dr: But gazzy, I don't think you understand the dangers you are putting yourself in

g: Of course I understand, this isn't my first rodeo. Doc, you gotta clear me to fight, if I don't get my hands on Liam wood then....

Dr: what? gazzy, listen, there'll be other nights to fight Wood, what if I clear you and you face the same fate as you did tonight? *gazzy rubbishes the doctors comment* then there may not be another chance, that will be your career...over

AW: gazzy, the good doctor does make a good point

Dr: Plus if that were to happen I can't run the risk of losing my license if I clear you to compete against my better judgement

AW: gazzy, there will be other opportunities to get your hands on Liam

gazzy paces, head in hands

g: NO! Its bad enough having to wait two weeks, you can't expect me to wait longer. I'll sign a waiver, anything. Doc...you gotta clear me

AW: gazzy, please listen

g: NO YOU LISTEN! In two weeks time I'm going to be at Anarchy whether you like it or not. So you can either get him to sign that stupid medical clearance form or you can kiss goodbye to your main event because you can damn sure be rest assured that I'm not going to take a back seat with Liam Wood in the ring ready for me to kick his ass

Alex Walker tries to plead with gazzy to no avail but sighing heavily

AW: give him his clearance, but I want that waiver signed. You can bet your ass I'm not having some lawsuit landing on my desk if God forbid Wood leaves you in heap like he did tonight

g: oh he won't, in fact he'll be lucky if at the end of it he's not having to give up that UK Title of his when I'm through with him

The doctor enters back in the scene with the waiver which gazzy rips from his hands and scrawls his signature before throwing it back at the doctor and walks off

AW: *in a muted voice shaking his head* oh gazzy, will you ever learn....


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6CW Anarchy Tuesday 23rd October 2018 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Post by x12x on Tue 16 Oct - 9:36

We continue to follow Gazzy as he walks through the backstage area until he's stopped by the sound of footsteps behind him, instinctively he turns and speaks

G: I told you Walker, I'm not going to change my damn mi-

but is cut off as he see's the figure standing in front of him. A scowl crosses his face as we see a smug Liam Wood standing tall, the UK Title resting over his shoulder. Wood smirks before speaking.

Just what I like to see...a man digging his own grave because his pride is getting the best of him.

Wood smiles causing Gazzy to move forward, as he does though Wood shakes his head, putting his hands up.

Wow there Gareth...I'm here to talk and you are in NO fit state to go toe to toe with me...so I think it's time for you to be a good boy and listen.

Gazzy relents, still seething but in pain. Wood then speaks, his smile spreading further across his face as he does.

You see Gazzy...there is no denying that you have a lot of fight left in you. After everything that's happened you still pull yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going. After every pitiful failure that sums up your career you find yourself still able to hold your head up high and dream that things are finally going to get back on track.

You are the eternal optimist here in 6CW and you instil that spirit in to the fans of 6CW who are just as pathetic as you. You see, the fans see it and they think that it's part of the heroes journey...they think that one day you'll overcome it all and once again the ultimate underdog Gareth Darlington will find himself at the top of the mountain again. They look at you and it inspires them that one day they might be a someone...they look at you and think that just because someone as pathetic and worthless as you could make it...maybe they could as well.

Gazzy finally snaps, cutting Wood off

G: Do you have a point to this because I am getting sick of you running your mouth and even feeling like this I'm ready to shut it.

Wood is taken back for a second before regaining his smirk

Impatient aren't you Gazzy?! But yeah, I have a very important point to all of this because I want to use you to send a message to every single moron in that crowd who looks up to you as some inspiration. I want them to watch as I slowly but surely beat that fighting spirit out of you, until NOTHING is left. Gazzy...at Born In Fire...I want to make an example of you and your fans, I want to show them that fairytales don't exist and that in real life...it's the villain that wins.

Gareth, at Born In Fire...I am going to dangle the UK Title over your head, I am going to get your hopes up that EVERYTHING is going to finally go your way and then in front of your loving fans and your 'adoring' wife...I am going to break you, I am going to crush your spirit and I am going to leave nothing but a shell of what was once there.

Wood moves in closer

At Born In Fire...I am going to give you the chance to get the revenge you've been wanting for what must feel like an eternity. I am going to give you the chance to show the fans that hard work and believing in yourself can achieve anything you want and then I am going to take all of that way by making sure the man who always gets back up stays down.

At Born In Fire...it's me and you...LAST MAN STANDING!

Wood and Gazzy stare each other down before Wood backs away, sarcastically waving at Gazzy who remains staring holes through Wood until he exits the backstage area.


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6CW Anarchy Tuesday 23rd October 2018 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Post by Uryu Ishida on Tue 16 Oct - 21:10

"Mr Blue Sky" starts playing as Uryu Ishida walks to the ring and quickly slides in and poses for the fans as they chant his name.

UI: Well, well, well. Alex Walker...I got bored of sitting on my ass and decided to show up a little earlier than expected. I went to the doctors office to find the door locked. I went to your office to find the door locked. So I asked a couple of the staff backstage if I looked ready to compete and they said yes, now I am out here to ask the fans if they believe I am ready to compete.

As the crowd start to cheer, Uryu slides out the ring holding the mic and jogs around the ring, the mic picking up the crowd chanting "Yes!" repeatedly as he does a couple of laps before sliding back in the ring and doing star jumps for a few seconds as he looks directly down a camera.

UI: Alex, you know how the fans are. You know how I am. They want to see me fight, I am ready to fight. Do you think they are happy seeing me on the sidelines when something needs to be done?

Crowd: NO!

UI: Do you think I am happy letting Engel get away with what he did to me without retaliation?

Crowd: NO!

UI: Alex do you think I am happy that you let my injured tag partner Lion compete in my place, resulting in him getting injured enough to require a wheelchair?

UI + Crowd: NO!

Uryu quickly addresses the crowd.

UI: I spoke to Lion earlier this week and he wants to be back here performing for you all! You have his back don't you?

Crowd: Lion! Lion! Lion! Lion! Lion! Lion! Lion!

UI: Lion, get back to one hundred percent and be better than me.

As the crowd applaud and continue to chant for Lion, Uryu smiles and lets them continue in appreciation for a minute.

UI: Alex, you are not going to stop me doing what I am best at, doing what I was born to do. Doing what I have been doing for year after year in arena after arena against opponent after opponent. If you rob me, if you rob the fans of what we want to see and do then you will have issues in the future. I want Engel in a match and rules can be damned! I want to kick his head in for hospitalising me! I want to show you that I am the best judge of my health because after all I have several thousand matches under my belt where you have had absolutely none! I want to make Engel answer a question he failed to answer last week. What happens when he realises that I am better than him? I want to make you realise Alex Walker, that just because I am older, carry a few battle scars from wars with guys like Max Adamson, that I am still able to go beyond what you think my best is....because you, nor Engel have seen nothing yet!

Uryu heads back up the ramp smiling as the fans chant "Let him fight!" even as he heads backstage.

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6CW Anarchy Tuesday 23rd October 2018 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Post by Michael_Sweetwater on Fri 19 Oct - 1:33

Uryu leaves the room and Lion looks about him. He sits in a hospital room, now empty, unsure how he’s got to this place. He sits up as he sees the nurse coming back in

“Nurse, I know my company pay for private healthcare, but I don’t need a room and a bed.”

She walks into the room fully and looks quickly at his notes

“Yes, but the doctor said he can’t do the x-ray with the swelling there. If you’d not come from the gym, this might have been rather a lot easier…”

She gives him a wink and a smile, but Lion takes it upon himself to twist, hang his legs over the side and then eventually stand.

“I’m sorry, but this is not necessary. I’m not sure why I was given a visitor too, whether I appreciate it or not. I’m a wrestler, injuries happen.”

She gives him a sterner look

“You’ve had keyhole surgery, whether things are going wrong or not, you’re bound to exacerbate the problem by not letting it recover.”

Lion stands and then leans on the wheelchair.

“It’s appreciated, but you can tell the doctor to send Mr Walker my results. He’ll be more interested than I will. I’m sorry, but I do what I do for a reason. I’ve got a weeping angel to destroy”

With that, Lion walks out of the room and onwards to leave the hospital.


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6CW Anarchy Tuesday 23rd October 2018 Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Post by Perfect Jack on Mon 22 Oct - 6:27

Perfect Jack and Clarke James are limping back stage after their fight with Cerberus last week when they are approached by Tim Allen.

TA: Guys I hate to ask but what happened? You two had a two on one advantage and Cerberus managed to fight you both of you back?

PJ: You hate to ask but yet you go ahead and ask anyway. You can see we're hurt and yet you bother of us. Look, here's your little soundbite that you're craving. You ever heard of something called fight or flight?

TA: Yes.

PJ: Good, because right now Cerberus is in fight mode. His adrenaline is pumping, he knows he's in a corner, because he knows he is very close to losing his 6CW world championship. He knows his time is up so he is fight through every pain barrier known to man. But when the time comes, when our championship match happens, he is going to lose his world title to the future first time ever co-6CW world champions.

Perfect Jack and Clarke James walk off.

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