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Post by Afro on Mon 22 Oct 2018, 3:12 pm

Week 1
Grimsby Town v Forest Green
Carlisle United v Morecambe
Exeter City v Crewe Alexandra
Macclesfield v Lincoln City

Week 2
Morecambe v Grimsby Town
Cambridge Utd v Forest Green
Crewe Alexandra v Mansfield Town
Lincoln City v Exeter City

Week 3
Grimsby Town v Cambridge Utd
Forest Green v Colchester
Carlisle United v Crewe Alexandra
Mansfield Town v Lincoln City

Week 4
Colchester v Cambridge Utd
Crewe Alexandra v Morecambe
Cheltenham Town v Forest Green
Lincoln City v Carlisle United

Week 6
Grimsby Town v Colchester
Cambridge Utd v Cheltenham Town
Morecambe v Lincoln City
Forest Green v Macclesfield

Week 7
Crewe Alexandra v Grimsby Town
Cheltenham Town v Colchester
Macclesfield v Cambridge Utd
Exeter City v Forest Green

Week 8
Grimsby Town v Cheltenham Town
Crewe Alexandra v Lincoln City
Colchester v Macclesfield
Cambridge Utd v Exeter City
Forest Green v Mansfield Town

Week 9
Lincoln City v Grimsby Town
Macclesfield v Cheltenham Town
Exeter City v Colchester
Mansfield Town v Cambridge Utd
Carlisle United v Forest Green

Week 10
Grimsby Town v Macclesfield
Cheltenham Town v Exeter City
Colchester v Mansfield Town
Cambridge Utd v Carlisle United
Morecambe v Forest Green

Week 11
Exeter City v Macclesfield
Mansfield Town v Cheltenham Town
Carlisle United v Colchester
Morecambe v Cambridge Utd

Week 12
Grimsby Town v Exeter City
Macclesfield v Mansfield Town
Cheltenham Town v Carlisle United
Crewe Alexandra v Forest Green
Colchester v Morecambe

Week 13
Mansfield Town v Exeter City
Carlisle United v Macclesfield
Forest Green v Lincoln City
Morecambe v Cheltenham Town
Cambridge Utd v Crewe Alexandra

Week 14
Grimsby Town v Mansfield Town
Exeter City v Carlisle United
Macclesfield v Morecambe
Lincoln City v Cambridge Utd
Crewe Alexandra v Colchester

Week 15
Carlisle United v Mansfield Town
Morecambe v Exeter City
Colchester v Lincoln City
Crewe Alexandra v Cheltenham Town

Week 16
Grimsby Town v Carlisle United
Mansfield Town v Morecambe
Macclesfield v Crewe Alexandra
Lincoln City v Cheltenham Town

Week 17
Cambridge United v Crewe Alexandra
Grimsby Town v Forest Green Rovers
Carlisle United v Cheltenham Town
Lincoln City v Morecambe
Colchester United v Mansfield Town
Macclesfield Town v Exeter City

Week 18
Crewe Alexandra v Exeter City
Morecambe v Colchester United
Cheltenham Town v Lincoln City
Forest Green Rovers v Carlisle United
Cambridge United v Grimsby Town

Week 19
Mansfield v Forest Green
Colchester v Grimsby
Morecambe v Crewe
Cambridge v Lincoln
Carlisle v Exeter
Cheltenham v Macclesfield

Week 20
Cambridge v Morecambe
Macclesfield v Forest Green
Exeter v Grimsby
Crewe v Carlisle
Lincoln v Mansfield
Colchester v Cheltenham

Week 21
Mansfield v Grimsby
Colchester v Carlisle
Forest Green v Cheltenham
Morecambe v Macclesfield
Exeter v Cambridge
Lincoln v Crewe

Week 22
Macclesfield v Grimsby
Carlisle v Lincoln
Exeter v Morecambe
Cheltenham v Cambridge
Mansfield v Crewe
Colchester v Forest Green

Week 23
Morecambe v Carlisle
Lincoln v Colchester
Cheltenham v Grimsby
Forest Green v Exeter
Cambridge v Mansfield
Crewe v Macclesfield

Week 24
Grimsby v Crewe
Forest Green v Morecambe
Carlisle v Cambridge
Exeter v Lincoln
Macclesfield v Colchester
Cheltenham v Mansfield

Week 25
Grimsby v Morecambe
Forest Green v Cambridge
Lincoln v Macclesfield
Colchester v Exeter
Cheltenham v Crewe
Mansfield v Carlisle

Week 26
Grimsby v Lincoln
Forest Green v Crewe
Cambridge v Colchester
Exeter v Cheltenham
Morecambe v Mansfield
Macclesfield v Carlisle

Week 27
Carlisle v Grimsby
Cambridge v Macclesfield
Exeter v Mansfield
Lincoln v Forest Green
Cheltenham v Morecambe
Colchester v Crewe

Timing TBC
Mansfield v Macclesfield

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