Alpine Skiing and Biathlon 2018/19

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Alpine Skiing and Biathlon 2018/19

Post by Bleausardv2 on Sat 27 Oct 2018, 10:31 am

Well, a new season already – here’s a quick reminder of how it all ended up last year!

Overall Points
Marcel Hirscher (1620)
Mikaela Shiffrin (1773)
Beat Feuz (682)
Sofia Goggia (509)
Super G
Kjetil Jansrud (400)
Tina Weirather (461)
Giant Slalom
Marcel Hirscher (720)
Vikki Rebensburg (582)
Marcel Hirscher (874)
Mikaela Shiffrin (980)
Alpine Combined
Peter Fill (140)
Wendy Holdener (150)

Now – the 2018/19 season starts at Sölden, with the Ladies Giant Slalom – the start list says that Federica Brignone will be first away, with last year’s slalom globe holder, Mikaela Shiffrin away second – 75 starters in all on the list with Britain’s Alex Tilley going 24th.  Looks a bit murky on the glacier, with snow falling – hope we get both races completed this year. Conditions seem to be acceptable, although the combination of the snow and some wind have meant a lower start for the women; 37 gates now? Brignone is safely down, but it could be trickier for the late starters. Now, there’s something you don’t see often – Mikaela Shiffrin with a red light on her timings – she’s 0.60 off the pace! Tess Worley into 2nd place; errors from Mowinckel too – she’s into 4th. They’re getting the racers out quickly; the forecast isn’t good! Vikki Rebensburg is away next – green lights at intermediate 1, 2 and 3 but she’s lost time on the final section – into 2nd, +0.24. Steph Brunner off the pace too, and so is Wendy Holdener – the transition from the steeper section to the flatter finish seems to be a good place to lose time! Marta Bassino is the first DNF of the day – she seems to be OK. That’s 10 away – Brignone leads from Rebensburg and Worley; then Shiffrin, Mowinckel and Brunner. First TV break and no change to the top 6. Lara Gut into 9th, but Tina Weirather is over 3 seconds off the pace here; the track is getting tougher. Impressed to see Kristin Lysdahl get into the top 10; she’s 8th at present.  Good start by Alex Tilley but a massive error just after the second intermediate has cost her lots of time – almost certainly no second run today. Nice run from K G Haugen to get into 13th; 30 away now and the top 6 remain unchanged. The start interval has halved and they really are getting them away quickly, but there doesn’t seem to be any change to the top 20.  Spoke too soon – that was an  impressive effort – Stephanie Resch (AUT) into 16th place! That’s it now – run 1 over, no further changes to the top 20.
Run 2: New course set by a Norwegian coach, again from the lowered start, apparently a tougher technical challenge! Eva-Maria Brem first away – nice to see her back. From the TV it looks as though the visibility is a bit better, at least at the top of the run. Haaser takes over the lead, by just 0.01; Truppe is going well, but she’s getting thrown around on the middle section – she leads by 0.75. Not for long though – Stjernesund (NOR) goes ahead with Grenier going into 2nd. Taina Barioz into 3rd; the wind seems to be getting up and the top 3 stay in place. Petra Vlhova had 0.52 in hand at the start, but she’s had a massive error lower down – game over. It seems very easy to lose time between intermediate 2 and 3, and even more on the final section, as both Schild and Veith have found out. Stephanie Resch green all the way to inter 3, but then lost well over a second to the finish – she’s 6th at present. That’s the half way point of run 2 – Stjernesund leads from Grenier (CAN), Barioz (FRA) and Liensberger (AUT). Michelle Gisin into 4th; the snow seems to be back and Meta Hrovat has gone from over 0.7 in hand to a second off the pace at the finish; Kristine Haugen (NOR) has had a very good final section, making up time there and she’s second. The Norwegians are making the most of their coach setting the course, and their skill over the final section! Mugnier into 4th; next is Frida Hansdotter, with 1.12 in hand – the light has gone red at inter 2 and she’s lost it – into 16th. The visibility is getting worse again – Lara Gut has an advantage of 1.19 at the top – she’s also just red at inter 2 and can only manage 6th. Sara Hector has lost her ski near the top of her run, and here’s another Norwegian – Kristin Lysdahl; she’s lost time on the way down, and isn’t the fastest on run 2, but she’s done enough to take the lead – an all Norwegian podium at present! Wendy Holdener (SUI) is gaining time on most of the course – lost a little later but again that’s enough to take the lead by 0.16. Steph Brunner is also going well – again not the fastest on this run, but that was a risky run and she’s into the lead! The Austrian fans like that! However – here’s another Norwegian – Ragnhild Mowinckel; quite a few errors but a brilliant final section gets her into joint first place – exciting stuff. Next – Mikaela Shiffrin – and she’s gaining time – she leads by almost a full second; that’s more like it. Tessa Worley is gaining even more time, she’s turned 0.34 at the start into almost a full second faster than Shiffrin – amazing run. Vikki Rebensburg has gone red at inter 2; she goes 3rd, just 0.05 behind Shiffrin. Just Federica Brignone to go – 0.40 in hand, but just into the red at inter 2 – she’s into 2nd place. So, Tessa Worley wins – the first French woman to win here! Brignone in second ahead of Shiffrin, then Rebensburg 4th, with Brunner and Mowinckel tied in 5th.

Sunday 28 Oct - well, the men's race at Sölden isn't having much luck - cancelled last year, and conditions were so bad overnight and this morning that it's been cancelled this year too! Here's the FIS statement: Winter has checked in with a lot of snow in Sölden. Overnight, a thick layer of white gold covered the race course (approximately 50 centimeters at the top and 40 in the finish). Since two in the morning snowcats and quads have been working to remove the snow, but strong winds at the top were continuously bringing more snow on the course. In addition to this, the weather forecast wasn’t announcing any decrease in the snowfall or the wind strength. It became clear that in those conditions, the safety of the race could not be ensured. This is why the jury, together with the local organising committee and the national ski association, took the decision to cancel today’s men’s giant slalom. After last years’ cancellation, the rule has been adapted and it is now possible to replace the opening race in case of a cancellation. The giant slalom will be taken over by another venue, that is to be announced early next week.

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