England Women's 6ns team.

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England Women's 6ns team.

Post by majesticimperialman on Sat 16 Mar - 21:35

England women's 6ns England 80 Scotland 0.

Just in case any one interested.

England totally dominated from the start and kept it up all through the game. untill the last whistle went.

Unlike the men's game England men dominated the first half but lost the second half.

Is this a sign that the Women's England team is better than the men's England team?



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Re: England Women's 6ns team.

Post by RiscaGame on Sun 17 Mar - 0:00

I love the women’s game getting attention, but it’s a bit fickle to support them now.


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Re: England Women's 6ns team.

Post by LondonTiger on Mon 18 Mar - 9:10

I stayed to watch the Women's game. Sadly we are in the position right now where the England team are professional in reality and outlook while most of the other teams in the 6Ns are not. This is most definitely a case of the resources available to England bulldozering the others. It is a shame because Women's rugby has a lot to offer encouraging girls of all shapes and sizes to play sport. 

The Scottish lasses were plucky but completely unable to compete. I hope that the other countries in GB&I can consolidate and improve, but it does not seem likely. Ultimately the professionalism of the English team could be detrimental to the development of the game in these isles.


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Re: England Women's 6ns team.

Post by SecretFly on Mon 18 Mar - 9:24

London Tiger has pretty much said it all. Professionalism at the highest level meets amateurs. The English women had to be professional so why toy around with a side, pretending that task is more difficult than it is just to perhaps cover up the genuine gap? I'm all for teams that can be ruthless being ruthless. The Scottish women could in turn only do what they could do - turn up to an unequal contest and be 'humiliated'.
Is such a Six Nations really the way to get attention for the woman's game? Other sides can aspire but in some Nations sustaining the men's sides, professional and U20, is I'm sure stretching resources as it is.
The woman's game will I'm sure expand over the decades but it's going to be a long painful journey to make it genuinely competitive.


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Re: England Women's 6ns team.

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