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Post by Marky on Mon 13 Jan 2020, 5:47 pm

Post your shows here, ideally in one comment.

K Thx heart


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Post by Marky on Mon 13 Jan 2020, 5:47 pm

Week 1 begins here


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Post by Marky on Mon 13 Jan 2020, 5:51 pm

Wrestling as F*ck: Episode One

Our announce team of Glen Joseph and Matt Richards welcome us to the Camden Roundhouse in London as WAF makes its return! The crowd immediately cheers as General Manager Drake Maverick makes his way out to the stage in a suit, he tells us not to worry because WAF do not have a 24/7 Championship

GM Drake Maverick announces an eight man tournament to crown the first WAF World Heavyweight Champion, and that begins tonight. He talks about how we will begin a four team Tag Team League, the winners of the League will be the first WAF World Tag Team Champions, beginning next week!

Also tonight, we will have a Fatal Fourway to crown our first ever WAF Women's World Champion, and kicking things off, we will have an eight man Thunderbastard match to crown our first ever WAF World Television Champion, which will start now!

Match One
Eight man Thunderbastard Match
WAF World Television Championship
??? v ??? v ??? v ??? v ??? v ??? v ??? v ???

Two men start the match, every two minutes a new entrant joins, elimination is by pinfall, submission or disqualification. The last man standing is the winner.

Entrant 1: David Starr
Entrant 2: Johnny Gargano

Starr and Gargano go back and forth with a lot of chain wrestling, living up to their Davey Wrestling and Johnny Wrestling nicknames, but neither man really gains the upper hand

Entrant 3: Jordan Devlin

Devlin and Starr have a lot of recent history, but immediately team up to take Gargano down

Entrant 4: Bandido

Bandido does a load of flippy sh*t to all three opponents, to much applause

Entrant 5: Pete Dunne

Dunne cleans house, breaking fingers of everyone in the ring and hitting a Bitter End on Devlin, pinning him!

Jordan Devlin has been eliminated

Entrant 6: Tetsuya Naito

The crowd erupts for Naito, as he slowly makes his way to the ring. He waits on the outside rather than get involved

Entrant 7: Andrade

Andrade and Naito meet on the ramp, old allies, Naito faces the ring when Andrade throws Naito into the barricade and enters the ring first. Bandido and Andrade lock up, and do some more flippy sh*t between them.

Gargano locks Dunne in the Gargano Escape, Dunne rolls through for a pin!

Johnny Gargano has been eliminated

Entrant 8: Marty Scurll

The final entrant is Marty Scurll, the hottest free agent in wrestling right now! Scurll and Naito brawl on the outside, inside the ring David Starr is caught with a Hammerlock DDT by Andrade and pinned

David Starr has been eliminated

Bandido and Andrade are on the top rope, Super Spanish Fly connects, Bandido is straight back up, and hits a big splash on Andrade for the shock pin!

Andrade has been eliminated

Scurll runs in and low blows Bandido without the referee seeing, Scurll then locks Bandido in the Chickenwing, Bandido fades quickly and is forced to tap

Bandido has been eliminated

Naito immediately lays out Scurll with a steel chair, he also lays out Pete Dunne, the referee signals that Naito is out by DQ, he doesn't seem to care as he wanders off

Tetsuya Naito has been eliminated

Dunne and Scurll are the last two, they get to their feet, both manage to break each others' fingers at the same time, Dunne goes for the Bitter End, Scurll slips down the back with the Chickenwing, Dunne rolls Scurll up for a near fall, Scurll kicks out and knocks the referee over, Dunne misses an enziguri, Scurll grabs his umbrella and wraps it over the head of Dunne! Scurll then tosses the umbrella aside and locks in the Chickenwing, the referee recovers to see Dunne unconscious in the submission, and calls for the bell!

Winner and NEW WAF World Television Champion, Marty Scurll!

The crowd boo as Marty Scurll is the new Television Champion, Glen Joseph and Matt Richards are shocked although they don't have much sympathy for Dunne in particular, who regularly uses these tactics!


The new WAF World Television Champion Marty Scurll is backstage celebrating, he sees the WAF GM Drake Maverick, Scurll asks when he will find out who he is defending the title against at the PPV next month, Maverick explains that the TV Champ defends their title every week without fail, hence its name. Maverick congratulates Scurll and adds he shouldn't celebrate too much as he'll have a one on one defence next week! Scurll is not impressed.


We see WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg is sat at ringside, he poses for the cameras with his son

Match 2
WAF World Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Quarter Final
Matt Riddle v Cesaro

Both men go back and forth with strikes and moves, Cesaro and Riddle trying to one up each other with feats of incredible strength, including Riddle hitting a Jackhammer and smirking at Goldberg at ringside. The end comes as Cesaro has Riddle in the big swing, Riddle counters and locks in the Bromission, eventually forcing Cesaro to tap out!

Winner by submission, Matt Riddle

Riddle gets on the microphone, says he wants to take on everyone, he wants Brock but he also sees someone else he wants to face... Goldberg! Riddle says he has two options, fight Riddle, or let his kid see what a washed up loser he really is.

Goldberg is given a mic, he says he had no intention of wrestling, he came to enjoy the show. But now Riddle is next!


Matt Riddle is backstage when he sees WALTER warming up, Riddle and WALTER share a nod, the announcers wonder if Riddle is making too many enemies by seemingly wanting to face everyone from Brock Lesnar to Goldberg to WALTER!


Match 3
WAF World Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Quarter Final
Tommaso Ciampa v Eddie Guerrero

Ciampa says he is after a new Goldie, Eddie says he respects Ciampa but he's going for that Championship ese. The match is even throughout, the fans siding with Eddie what with it being such a dream to see him compete. The end comes as Eddie hits a Tornado DDT to Ciampa and goes up top for a Frog Splash, when Zelina Vega gets onto the ring apron the opposite side of the ring!

The referee tries to get Zelina off the apron, Eddie is blindsided by Andrade! Andrade drags Eddie off the top turnbuckle and hits the Hammerlock DDT, before leaving to boos as Zelina Vega follows him up the ramp.

Ciampa recovers, picks Eddie up, and hits the Fairytale Ending for the pin.

Winner by pinfall, Tommaso Ciampa

Post match, Eddie looks absolutely gutted, he gets a standing ovation and a "please come back" chant as he leaves.


Andrade and Zelina are backstage and they are asked by GM Drake Maverick why they did what they did. Andrade answers in Spanish, before Zelina tells Maverick that Eddie Guerrero stole Andrade's spot in the Tournament, and Andrade would not allow Eddie to steal his spotlight. Eddie is going to regret coming back to wrestling.


Match 4
WAF World Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Quarter Final
WALTER v Orange Cassidy

Both men make their entrances, loud WALTER chants in the Camden Roundhouse as the bell rings. The two men go face to face, WALTER looking unimpressed as Cassidy has his hands in his pockets and his sunglasses still on. Cassidy does his trademark kicks to the legs of WALTER, and then delivers a chop to the chest of WALTER, which of course has no effect on the Austrian.

Cassidy goes for another chop to no avail, the crowd chant "WALTER's gonna kill you", Cassidy slowly walks to the ropes, leans on them, and hits a very slow running chop to WALTER. Cassidy celebrates as WALTER just stares, Cassidy turns around as WALTER murders Cassidy with a vicious chop!

WALTER is in no mood for games as he drags the barely conscious Cassidy to his feet and hits FIRE THUNDER. WALTER pins Cassidy for the academic win.

Winner by pinfall, WALTER

WALTER leaves the ring as Orange Cassidy doesn't move, WALTER heads to the back as the announcers discuss WALTER's chances of winning the Tournament, and Orange Cassidy's chance of ever wrestling again!


WALTER is backstage with GM Drake Maverick, WALTER says he wants real competition otherwise he'll leave. Maverick says for WALTER to look at the other semi finalists, THAT'S competition. WALTER leaves as Maverick's phone rings, he mentions the ring and the camera immediately cuts to live in the ring!

Roderick Strong is beating up the already dismantled Orange Cassidy to loud boos. Referees and GM Drake Maverick rush down to the ring and Strong backs away, he smirks at what he did.


Match 5
WAF World Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Quarter Final
Brock Lesnar v Aleister Black

Both men are in the ring and the crowd anticipation is off the scale for this. The opening part of the match is Lesnar stalking Black but being kept at distance with the sharp kicks from Black.

Lesnar rushes Black in the corner and swarms him with punches, Black fights back with punches of his own as a legitimate former Kickboxer, Lesnar hits an Overhead Belly to Belly Throw on Black! Lesnar then hits a few German Suplexes on Black.

Lesnar drags Black up, he scoops him up for the F5, Black slides off Lesnar's shoulders, BLACK MASS!

Lesnar is hurt as Black hits Black Mass, Lesnar staggers around as Black hits a second Black Mass, he goes for a pin but Lesnar somehow kicks out at two, Black goes to the top rope and hits a double stomp to the chest of Lesnar, before setting up for a third Black Mass!

Lesnar rolls from the ring in shock, Black hits a plancha onto Lesnar on the outside! Black rolls Lesnar into the ring and follows to finish him off!

Black rolls into the ring, Lesnar applies the Kimura Lock out of nowhere! Black is vigourously fighting to escape, but after about a minute has no choice but to tap out!

Winner by submission, Brock Lesnar

Lesnar bails from the ring releasing the hold immediately, knowing he was pushed a long way in this match. Black holds his arm and looks increasingly frustrated.


GM Drake Maverick confirms that the two semi finals in the Tournament will be Matt Riddle v WALTER, and Tommaso Ciampa v Brock Lesnar, and both will take place at Show 2! Maverick then tells us we have a historic WAF Women's Championship match up next, history will be made!


Main Event
WAF Women's Championship
Asuka v Riho v Toni Storm v Candice LeRae v Tegan Nox

The announcers confirm it is one fall to a finish, as all five women are in the ring, four of them in a corner each with Asuka in the middle glaring at all of them. All four women take Asuka out and then begin brawling amongst themselves

The end comes after a lot of finishing moves are landed. Storm hits Storm Zero on Riho for Nox to break it up, Nox hits a Shiniest Wizard on Storm, Candice LeRae throws Nox over the top rope to the outside but before she can pin Storm, Asuka hits LeRae with the green mist!

Asuka hits a roundhouse kick to LeRae and pins her to win the gold!

Winner and NEW WAF Women's Champion, Asuka!

Asuka celebrates, she snatches the Women's Championship from Drake Maverick who leaves the ring looking forlorn, Asuka holds the Championship in the air and demands a microphone. Asuka says in broken English that she is the new Champion, she is the best wrestler in WAF, and that nobody in WAF is ready... For... Asuka.

"Bad Reputation" by Joan Jett plays and the crowd erupt as Ronda Rousey walks out onto the stage! She walks down to the ring as Asuka looks shocked. Rousey gets into the ring and takes the microphone from Asuka as the crowd chant "Holy sh*t", Rousey simply says "I'm ready for Asuka" and drops the mic, Asuka and Rousey stare down as Asuka raises her newly won, but already at risk, WAF Women's Championship!


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Post by Samo on Tue 14 Jan 2020, 3:31 pm

European Wrestling Alliance presents
Episode 1

We open up with a hype package for Moxley vs Angle in the main event.

Match 1 - The Uso's vs Kings of Catch

-Jey Uso and Aspen Faith start things off.  They seem evenly matched.
-Faith gets the upper hand and he and Girvan cut Jey off from Jimmy.
-Jey manages to take advantage of a miscomunication between the Kings of Catch to make a tag.
-Jimmy sends Faith to the outside who lands awkwardly.
-The Uso's work over Girvan, Faith still hasnt recovered properly.
-Faith makes it back to the apron just as Girvan counters out of a tag team manovuer.  As he goes for the hot tag Meng appears and takes Faith off the apron.
-A despondant Girvan looks on in shock, before turning into a huge superkick from Jey.
-Quick tag to Jimmy who immediately goes up top and lands a big splash, its good for the 3 count.

Winners via Pinfall in 7:33 - The Uso's

After the match SDS get on the mic and call out Gallus.  They claim the Coffeys only won the tag titles because Uso's werent invited to Tag Turmoil.  They challenge them for a title match at the PPV before leaving.

Ember Moon is shown in Slaughters office.  She asks him if she's booked tonight, he tells her no.  He congratulates her on becoming the longest reigning EWA womens champion, so he's giving her the night off and setting up a celebration next week.

We get a promo package from Angle - He says last night was a fluke, and he'll prove it tonight when he puts Moxley back in his place and takes his European Championship back

Match 2 - Batista vs Matt Cross

-A visibily angry Batista immediately drops Cross with a huge lariat
-The smaller Cross never really had a chance as Batista throws him around the ring
-Just as Cross looks as though he could make a comeback Batista lays him out with a huge Batista bomb

Winner via Pinfall in 1:57 - Batista

Batista is still fuming in the ring, commentary reckon he's still pissed he lost his shot at the EWA World title.

Gallus are with Slaughter, telling him they accept the Uso's challenge.  Slaughter says neither they or the Uso's make the matches around here, so next week the Uso's will face the Street Profits and the winner will be the No1 contenders.

Match 3 - Shayna Baszler vs Sarah Logan
-Logan is still hurt from last night, nursing her shoulder.
-Baszler is relentless from the go, targeting Logans hurt shoulder.
-Logan still holding her own, she's able to counter or absorb most of what Shayna is throwing her way.
-Baszler reverses a slam attempt from Logan and nails her with a shoulder breaker.
-Logan is in visible agony, the ref checks on her then calls the match off.

No Contest in 5:11

After the match, Shayna sets upon Logan.  She takes her too the outside and throws her against the barricade and the ring steps.  She back suplexes Logan onto the announce table before the refs surround her to break things up.  Shayna motions a title round her waist while the officials take care of Logan.

We see a package from Moxley.  He says he's proven time and time again he's the best European Champion in EWA history, and he'll prove it again tonight when he finally shuts up Angle and can move on to bigger and better things.

Match 4 - Street Profits vs Eric Young and Killian Dain

-The two big men, Dawkin and Dain start things off.  Both men lock up and break the other off, Dain yells and Dawkins poses.
-Dawkins eventually wins the battle of the big men by dropping him with a big shoulder barge.
-Tag to Ford who uses his speed to work over Dain, but Dain eventually clobbers him with a huge clothesline.
-Tag to Young who comes in and works over Ford with submissions.
-Ford starts to mount a comeback when he's tripped by Wolfe from the outside.  Sanity use this distraction as a chance to take out Dawkins.
-Big slam from Dain plants Ford, he makes the cover but Dawkins recovers in time to break the pinfall.
-Dawkins runs riot and takes out Young, then a huge splash to the outside takes out Wolfe.  He gets in the ring and drags Ford to their corner.
-Dawkins tags himself in a drop Dain with a huge pop-up spinebuster.  Ford from nowhere with a huge frog splash and Dawkins makes the pin.

Winners via Pinfall in 11:22 - Street Profits

Profits celebrate in ring and with the fans while we see Gallus and the Samoan Death Squad backstage looking on from their respective locker rooms.

Shawn Michaels comes to the ring to address last night.  He's interupted by Regal, who demands another opportunity because the Triple Threat wasnt fair and Batista put him off his game.  He officially challenges HBK to a match tonight.  HBK looks like he's about to accept when Sgt. Slaughter comes out.  He says we have enough business this week, but he's making it official.  It will be William Regal vs Shawn Michaels for the EWA World Championship for next weeks Overload!

Match 5 - Kurt Angle vs Jon Moxley(c) - EWA European Championship

-Both men circle the ring, trying to find an opening on the other.
-They both have the other well scouted.  Everytime Angle drops to go for the ankle lock Moxley attempts to get him in the Paradigm Shift and vice versa.
-Eventually Angle gets his opening and lands a big overhead german suplex, he follows it up with an overhead belly to belly.
-Moxley snaps and lays into Angle with a flurry of strikes, he backs Angle into the corner and stomps a mudhole in him.
-As Angle gets to his feet Moxley charges, but Angle ducks out the way and Moxley crashes into the ring post.  Angle grabs Moxley by the ankle and slaps on the ankle lock.
-Moxley writhes in agony but manages to crawl his way to the rope to force the break.  Angle lets him go and Moxley rolls to the outside.
-Angle starts working on Moxleys ankle outside the ring, cracking his ankle between the ring and the steps.
-He gets Mox back in the ring and drops his straps.  He gets the ankle lock on again.  Moxley barely makes it to the bottom rope, Angle keeps the hold on all the way to the 5 count before breaking.
-Angle is arguing with the ref whilst Moxley uses the ropes to help him get to his feet.  Angle, sensing weakness drops to go for the ankle one more time.
-Mox counters, he hits the Paradigm Shift from out of nowhere! He makes the cover and gets the three count.

Winner via Pinfall in 19:31 and STILL EWA European Champion - Jon Moxley

Moxley celebrates, holding the title over his head while the ref helps him stand, struggling to put his weight on his ankle.  He's helped to the back while Angle comes to in the ring.  Angle rages when he realises whats happened as we go off the air.


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Post by ncfc_Tooze on Fri 17 Jan 2020, 8:12 pm

MWF Reborn

* A fast paced hard hitting opener with the mix of heavyweight and x division competitors on show
*Jacob Fatu picks up the first fall of the match when he hits a massive samoan drop on Senza Volto
* Rampage Brown eliminates Gabriel Kidd from the match by throwing him over the top rope after a back and forth hard hitting exchange
*Ricky Knight Jr picks up the second pinfall of the match after hitting a 450 splash on Senza Volto (JF 1 RKJ 1 RB 1 SV 0)
* The remaining 4 men are seemingly evenly matched as the match progresses
*Jacob Fatu picks up his second fall of the match when he hits another massive samoan drop this time on RKJ (JF 2 RKJ 1 RB 1 SV 0)
* Senza Volto picks up RKJ after the fall and eliminates him from the match at the 15 minute 10 second mark as Volto celebrates his elimination rampage eliminates him tipping him over the top rope (JF 2 RB 2 )
* We are down to 2 as the 2 big heavyweights exchange stiff blows in the closing moments.
* Fatu is able to catch Brown with a big samoan drop followed by a samoan spike to gain his third and final point as the bell rings to end the 20 minute time limit as soon as he stands from the winning pinfall

Doug Williams awards the title to Jacob Fatu who as he lifts the belt above his head to celebrate is immediately attacked by a masked man wielding a kendo stick. The beat down continues until security intervenes. We go to commercials before heading straight into our second match of the evening the super x cup qualifier between new kid on the block Callum Newman and Andrew Everett

* A fast paced x division match between the 2 MWF Newcomers
* Everett finally picks up the win after hitting the shooting star press

We go to the office of Doug Williams who announces that our next match is for the number one contendership to the MWF title as 2 worthy challengers face off

* a back and forth contest between the 2 MWF originals
* Shingo hits Last Falconary to finally out away Cole at 35 mins 20 seconds

Drew Galloway comes to the ring and shakes Shingo's hand before slowly raising the title above his head. Shingo stares at the big gold belt as we go to a commercial for the upcoming nightmare on oak street ppv

We cut to the office of Doug Williams he says that MWF has always been the land of opportunity for new talent and that is why in our next match we will see the debuting Brad Slayer taking on former MWF champion Luke Hawx.

* A back and forth contest with MWF newcomer Slayer looking very good throughout against multi time MWF Champion Luke Hawx
* Hawx manages to hit the Holy Driver to finally put away the game Brad Slayer in 15 mins 11 seconds

Doug Williams is shown in his office making Notes on the previous match. He announces that MWF are bringing in 3 new divisions this year in a tag team division,a next gen division and a deathmatch division and over the next 3 weeks we will see showcase matches from each of those divisions starting this week with a next gen division showcase match

* a hard hitting contest between the 2 newcomers
* NIWA picks up the win in 12 mins 18 secs after hitting the moonsault for the count of 3

Minoru Suzuki comes to the ring and lifts the downed shota to his feet before unleashing a violent slap across the face of the young Japanese star.

Both competitors for our main event are shown going through there warm ups before walking out of there locker rooms and making there entrances. Our main event is up next as the x division title is on the line

* A back and forth technical contest between the 2 men
* Both men look evenly matched reversing and countering each others moves.
* The 2 men exchange 2 counts during a fast paced exchange
* ZSJ sends Sabian into the turnbuckles shoulder first. He hits a backstabber before locking in the arm bar
* ZSJ continues to work over the arm as the match progresses and Sabian takes a more high risk approach than the earlier stages
* sabian hits deathly Hallows for a very close 2 count
* match continues to be even
* After several moments of back and forth action Zack Sabre Jr l is able to lock in the armbar for the second time and this time Sabian has no choice but to tap out after the earlier damage done to the arm

The 2 men shake hands before kip leaves the ring. ZSJ celebrates as we go off air

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Post by Cookiez2019 on Fri 17 Jan 2020, 9:47 pm

Georgia Championship Wrestling
Episode 1

Welcome to GCW and tonight we are going to kick things off with two 5- woman battle royals with the winners of each match facing each other tonight in our main event for the Vacant and first ever GCW Women’s Championship!!!!

Match One
5-woman Battle Royale

Becky Lynch vs Trish Stratus vs Piper Niven vs Kimber Lee vs Hikura Shida

Becky is thrown into the corner by Kimber Lee as she charges at Becky and she hits the corner turnbuckles and Becky throws Kimber Lee over the top and Eliminates her from match. Lynch, Trish and Shida form a little alliance and attack Piper beating her down and they attempt to throw her over the top but it fails as Piper escapes and hits all 3 woman.

Trish recovers and runs to the ropes in order to clothesline piper out but instead Piper side steps and tosses Trish over the top rope then Piper throws Shida over the top rope but does not get eliminated as Piper charges, Shida kicks her in head and grabs her in a suplex in order to eliminate her then Becky comes and lifts Piper over and eliminates her and at same time Shida is also eliminated only leaving the man left in the standing

Winner-Becky Lynch

Match Two
GCW Heavyweight Championship Quarter Final

Seth Rollins vs Daniel Bryan

-Rollins and Bryan engage in a collar and elbow tie up in order to see will have more momentum.Rollins throws Bryan into corner and goes for diving splash but misses and Bryan then climbs on the top rope and then Rollins leaps and delivers a superplex followed by a falcons arrow and goes for pins as Bryan barely kicks out at 2 count.

-Rollins sets up to deliver Curb Stomp, Bryan evades and hits Rollins with a super kick.Bryan then applies the Yes! Lock onto Rollins as Rollins desperately tries to make it to bottom rope and does then Bryan climbs onto top rope and delivers a missile drop kick then sets up for the running knee but then……(Kenny Omega music plays)

-Bryan is distracted looking around to see where Omega is and as he turns Rollins delivers a superkick to Bryan and then delivers a brutal Curb Stomp.

Winner- Seth Rollins

Match Three
5-woman Battle Royale

Tessa Blanchard vs Bea Priestley vs Killer Kelly vs LuFisto vs Dakota Kai

Tessa and Bea start the match trading off punches with one another while Killer Kelly and Dakota Kai double team and wear down LuFisto in an attempt for them both to eliminate her. While Tessa and Bea continue to go against one another, Kai and Kelly attempt to eliminate LuFisto but LuFisto then kicks Kai back and throws a chop at Kelly. Kelly comes rushing at LuFisto and instead goes flying over the top rope and is eliminated.

In this moment Tessa and Bea notice Kai and LuFisto across the ring and they look at each other and charge at them as more chaos erupts fist are flying and then Kai delivers a super kick to LuFisto, then Bea delivers a V-Trigger to Kai and Tessa hits Bea with a codebreaker. Tessa taunts only to be thrown out of the ring by LuFisto!
Kai then throws Lufisto into the corner and delivers an helluva kick then as Kai taunts at the crowd on the ropes, Bea pushed Kai over and eliminates her to the ground. Bea then walks over to the corner to pick Lufisto up and as so she is kicked in the gut and Lufisto hits her with the Canadian Destroyer knocking her cold and then lifts her up and tosses her out the ring.


Match Four
GCW Jr Heavyweight Championship Quarter Final

Will Ospreay vs Ultimo Dragon

Ospreay and Ultimo start out the gates reversing each other’s moves in a fast pace. Ospreay then hits Ultimo with a super kick runs to the ropes but then Ultimo gives Ospreay a superkick putting him in a daze and then hits him with a running Hurricanrana and making go outside the ring.

Ultimo sets up to do a diving attack on Ospreay and as Ultimo attempts his dive, Ospreay evades into the ring while Ultimo slides out and Ospreay hits him with a top rope suicida. Ospreay throws Ultimo into the ring and runs against ropes only to be on the receiving end of a spinning back kick and out into a bridging dragon suplex as Ospreay manages to make the two count.

Ultimo then climbs to the top rope and then Ospreay leaps into the top and hits Ultimo with an Avalanche Spanish Fly. Ospreay then hits Ultimo with a brutal sliding elbow and hits the StormBreaker.

Winner-Will Ospreay

Main Event
GCW Women’s Championship Match

Becky Lynch vs Lufisto

Becky and LuFisto start match with a test of strength to see who will have the upper hand. Becky throws LuFisto to the ropes and attempts a clothesline but LuFisto ducks and delivers a kick to the gut to attempt a Canadian Destroyer but Becky evades giving a back body drop to Lufisto.

Becky connects with a quick leg drop and hoses for the cover but LuFisto kicks out at the one count. Then Becky attempts to lock in the Dis-Arm-Her but LuFisto was able to counter and make a pin attempt on Becky and Becky kicks out as well at one. As the battle back and forth ensues both women getting tired but butting every ounce of power behind every punch Becky slips up attempting a clothesline and LuFisto counters with a superkick and then hits the Canadian Destroyer and goes for the cover 1, 2…… Becky kicks out!!

LuFisto again goes for another Canadian Destroyer but Becky counters and delivers a exploding suplex, climbs to the top and give a diving leg drop before finally putting LuFisto in the Dis-Arm-Her again and pulling all the way back with her might forcing LuFisto to tap out.

Your winner and first ever GCW Women’s Champion
“The Man”Becky Lynch


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