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Belts, Belt, Belts

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Belts, Belt, Belts Empty Belts, Belt, Belts

Post by Pound-for-Pound Sun 7 Aug - 8:31

A number of the leading boxing news websites have been writing articles in regards to the absurd number of belts available and the corruptness of the governing bodies especially the WBC since the removal of Bradley as their champion. These articles made me wonder if anything can actually be done fix the problem or is it too late?
The problem is that the governing bodies are unlikely to get rid of the Intercontinental, international belts as well as others when they make money from them and fighters are unlikely to stop paying the sanctioning fees when holding one of these belts can make them a top 3 contender for a world title and can increase their purse per fight by thousands of pounds. The same problem exists with the many world titles, critics say that the existence of so many world titles make it difficult to tell who is the true champion of a division but fighters are unlikely to boycott the belts when, aside from the purse increase, they train every day of their lives with the hope that one day they will be called world champion even if such a label really requires an asterisk.
So, what is the answer? Personally I believe a great start could be made if all fighters followed in the footsteps of Floyd Mayweather (in this regard only) and only recognised and agreed to pay sanctioning fees to one governing body although recent occurrences raise the question as to whether that should be the WBC. However this seems unlikely as most fighters aren't in the position of FMJ who knows fans will pay in their millions to watch him fight whether he holds a belt or not.
Another possibility is if country’s controlling boards only recognised one or two belts and allowed these to be fought over in their country as they do in Japan where only the WBC and WBA are recognised. Such a happening seems unlikely when controlling bodies such as the BBBofC want as many belts held by British fighters as possible to show that British Boxing is in the ascendancy.

Any ideas?


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Belts, Belt, Belts Empty Re: Belts, Belt, Belts

Post by The Galveston Giant Sun 7 Aug - 8:36

I remember a few years back the likes of Barrera started shunning the organisations to chase big fights, they seem to be popular again though, they used to say it was to make fights more appealing to TV companies and viewers but people want to see good boxing whether a belt is attached to it or not.
The Galveston Giant
The Galveston Giant

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Belts, Belt, Belts Empty Re: Belts, Belt, Belts

Post by eddyfightfan Sun 7 Aug - 9:25

the only ones who can stop it are the ones benefiting from it in the first place ie managers/promoters/trainers/boxers/tv bosses/the governing bodys. i dont see it changing by influance from the public as the general public dont know the difference from a WBA super emertius champion to WBA inter continetal champ, so dont know there been conned.


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Belts, Belt, Belts Empty Re: Belts, Belt, Belts

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