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Premiership Hopes

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Premiership Hopes Empty Premiership Hopes

Post by sodhat on Mon 08 Aug 2011, 12:12 pm

With the Premiership season just around the corner now, and the return of all football to our screens (at last), what are the hopes for your clubs this season, for the prem fans?

It's almost nice to be on the outside looking in this year, it's a pressure environment and god knows how many teams will end up fighting for their life -- if last season is anything to go by it could be 10 or more!


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Premiership Hopes Empty Re: Premiership Hopes

Post by Crimey on Mon 08 Aug 2011, 12:30 pm

I'm hoping for us (Liverpool) to make a real push at the top 4, I do think we can finish 2nd if we play our best all year, Chelsea's squad is old and I can see them struggling a bit this year, City have so many internal problems that we can take advantage of and I think Arsenal may drop out of the top 4. I would be happy with anything from 1st to 5th though I think, lower than that and I think I have the right to feel a bit dissapointed.

I want to see all our signings hit the ground running, particuarly Carroll, Suarez and Downing who are our main attacking threats this year, hopefully Henderson will push Gerrard and our other midfielders into raising their game and Adam can allow us to push forward while he sits back and sprays balls left, right and centre.

I'm feeling optimistic this year and think we've got a good chance of a good season.


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