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top 14 budgets 2011-2012

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top 14 budgets 2011-2012 Empty top 14 budgets 2011-2012

Post by whocares Thu 11 Aug 2011, 8:50 pm

not sure if those are 100%accurate but here how it looks (in brackets is the increase vs last year):

1. Stade Toulousain 33,1M€ (+3,57M€)
2. Clermont 24,1M€ (+3,15M€)
3. Racing Métro 22,4M€(+3,46M€)
4. Stade Français 21,3M€(+2,02M€)
5. Toulon 19,7M€(+0,65M€)
6. Bayonne 17,2M€ (+1,45M€)
7. Montpellier 17,2M€(+2,19M€)
8. Biarritz Olympique 16,6M€(+1,21M€)
9. Perpignan 15,3M€(+1,22M€)
10. Castres 15,1M€(+1,16M€)
11. Lyon 14,8M€Promoted
12. Brive 13,7M€(-0,35M€)
13. Agen 11,9M€(+ 2,09M€)
14. Bègles-Bordeaux 8M€Promoted

only one team (brive) has a budget stagnating, ironically toulon budget is not moving much...all the other ones have on average a 10% increase (4 times avg inflation), more worrying stade francais who almost went bust is not on a diet...

unfortunately for begles-bordeaux, cant help to think that the above ranking might turn into reality at the end of next season broken


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