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Final Roster Cuts

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Final Roster Cuts Empty Final Roster Cuts

Post by Pr4wn Sun 04 Sep 2011, 10:24 am

Morning Chaps.

So what do you think of the final roster cuts this year?

A few big surprises! Brandon Meriweather has been cut by New England, Igor Olshansky was cut by the Cowboys and Chester Taylor.

A couple of surprises for the Bucs. I'm a bit shocked that they didn't keep 5th round pick Ahmad Black, a kid who I thought had a lot of potential.

What do you think of this year's cuts?


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Final Roster Cuts Empty Re: Final Roster Cuts

Post by crazy_dave23 Sun 04 Sep 2011, 12:21 pm

Not surprised by Chester Taylor as a) they weren't using using much and he had a horrible average yards per carry last year b) its been banded around a bit for around a week.

Meriwether is an interesting one because it highlights how pointless the Pro Bowl has become! Voted in the last two years and then cut by the man who knows best! He won't stay on the market for long I would imagine.

Packers wise, no major shocks... Underwood got cut because of his run in with the law and partly because he was never wonderful. Slightly disappointed we cut Graham Harrell as he looked alright, though I imagine we will be attempting to get him onto the practice squad. Either way he was only a 3rd QB, but were likely to lose Flynn after this year.
Kept 5 Tight ends though, possibly because we only kept John Kuhn at FB and we plan to use a couple of the TE's in the backfield in all the heavy packages.

Glad to see Herzlich made the Giants roster.

Anyway Pr4wn, what you want to be doing today (aside from drafting badly to help me out) is making another version of this Smile


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Final Roster Cuts Empty Re: Final Roster Cuts

Post by Derbyblue Sun 04 Sep 2011, 5:24 pm

Brandon Meriweather has agreed to a one year deal with the Bears, less than 24 hours after being released.


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Final Roster Cuts Empty Re: Final Roster Cuts

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