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Q&A with Tom Kong Watson - the answers!

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Q&A with Tom Kong Watson - the answers! Empty Q&A with Tom Kong Watson - the answers!

Post by Adam D on Tue 13 Sep 2011, 5:54 pm

We recently asked for your questions to ask Tom "Kong" Watson and we are pleased to reveal his answers below.

Tom "Kong" Watson (born 13 July 1982 in Southampton) is an English mixed martial artist, currently fighting at middleweight and training at Tristar Gym in Montreal, Canada and Jackson's Submission Fighting in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is known for his unorthodox entrances, dancing to the ring in a gorilla mask.

Q&A with Tom Kong Watson - the answers! Tom-Watson-169x248

He has an excellent win record of 14 from 18 pro MMA fights, with his last win coming against former Pride legend Murilo "Ninja" Rua.

He is widely regarded as the best British MMA Fighter outside of the UFC and was due to face UFC legend Frank Trigg until an injury forced him out.

I would personally like to thank him for taking the time to answer our questions and wish him all the best in his next fight.

What's your favourite submission move you like to use?

The one that works!

Are there any current WWE stars that you think could make a successful switch to MMA?

Kurt Angle potentially after 2012 olympic trials.

Do you think you will ever fight in the UFC?

I am sure when the time is right.

What does a typical day of a MMA athlete look like?

For me mon-fri 3-4 training sessions lasting an hour each & saturday 1 session with sunday as rest.

What has been your best victory in your opinion?

I think a fighter is only as good as his last fight so for me its against Murilo Rua.

Could you ask on behalf of the "Sweep The Leg" podcast which non BAMMA fighter he would like to emulate?


Who in your opinion is the best middleweight in the world at the moment?

Anderson no doubt.

(We know this fight isn’t now happening but if you would like to answer, you can) In your fight against Murilo "Ninja" Rua you showcased your excellent striking skills and kicks. In Frank Triggs fights against John "The White Mike Tyson" Phillips, Triggs pretty much instantly took down the notoriously good striker Phillips and proceeded to win via ground and pound. Do you suspect Triggs will adopt a similar game plan in your fight?
Of course he would have!

And if so have you been training more specifically on take down defense / working off your back in training?

I am always working hard on improving this weakness in my game.

After your fight with Alex Reed you posted a statement on line telling people that you were having contractual disputes with BAMMA (I know you posted since then the good news that that was all sorted out). Have you re-negotiated contracts with BAMMA since then? And you would be open to talks with one of the Zuffer promotions?
My current contract with BAMMA expires in February 2012.

What is your favourite MMA fight?

Cyborg v Manhoef

What fight would you most like to see in MMA today?

Anderson Silva V Brian Stann

Do you need a second job?

I will soon after being inured for 3 months.

How much weight do you cut before a fight?

About 20lbs.

His opinion on Silva vs GSP?

Fight wont tak eplace, if it did Georges would win Decision.

I understand you train with Brian Stann. Do you have a prediction of the Brian Stann Vs Chael Sonnen fight?

Stann TKO 3rd

Where do you prefer fighting, In the UK or abroad?

UK best fans no doubt

Do you have more than 1 of them Gorilla masks that you wear going down to the cage? And if so can I have one as a souvenir? ;-) Who would be your dream fight to face. Any era?
Only have one sorry! Would have to Say Chuck Liddell in his prime.

Do you have any pre-fight superstitions?

None at all, I go to a strip club every friday before the fight to relax however.

Are there any sports/hobbies you enjoy away from MMA?

Pretty much every sport except Cricket!

What is the biggest piece of advise you would give to yourself when you were starting out in MMA?

Go to a plce with great instruction from the start.

Also which is harder training or weight cutting?

Training, way harder.

Why does he think he has not been picked up by one of the bigger mma promotions yet?

Maybe they dont like someone who brings it everytime Wink

What did you think of Alex Reid's latest fight against Jason Barrett?


Once again, thanks to Tom for answering our questions and if you want to see Tom fight, BAMMA is shown on the Syfy channel in the UK.

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Q&A with Tom Kong Watson - the answers! Empty Re: Q&A with Tom Kong Watson - the answers!

Post by talkingpoint on Tue 13 Sep 2011, 10:14 pm

some nice questions and some good concise answers.


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Q&A with Tom Kong Watson - the answers! Empty Re: Q&A with Tom Kong Watson - the answers!

Post by gibbo104 on Thu 15 Sep 2011, 4:59 pm

Awsome, Thanks for sorting this Hobo and Thanks Tom for taking time out to answer our questions! :-)


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Q&A with Tom Kong Watson - the answers! Empty Re: Q&A with Tom Kong Watson - the answers!

Post by Fists of Fury on Tue 01 Nov 2011, 2:35 pm

Nice one, enjoyed that.

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Q&A with Tom Kong Watson - the answers! Empty Re: Q&A with Tom Kong Watson - the answers!

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