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The ASBO-chav Cup

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The ASBO-chav Cup Empty The ASBO-chav Cup

Post by Tranquil Chaos on Fri 16 Sep 2011, 11:24 am




Sponsored by: The ASBO-chav Cup Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQI-FuD-LE6o4zGejJ1_qU3AXJYVxGBj8nitDOzd9Nyau-EyrauRNEORVGedg

The cup games will take place midweek on the following schedule:

Midweek (between weeks) 1/2 – Preliminary Round
Midweek 3/4 – Quarter Finals
Midweek 5/6 – Semi Finals
Midweek 7/8 - Final

Team Selection
Team selection and tactics are due in by the close of Monday before the game. Failure to submit will result in forfeiting the game.
You will select a starting XI only, no subs.
You should provide tactics, but they should be no longer than 10 lines (bullet points)
In the preliminary round, teams are only required 2 U21 and 2 British players.
From the quarter finals onwards, your team must contain 3 British players.
A player qualifies as British if they are eligible to play for the national sides of England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.
For the quarter finals onwards, your team must have 3 U21s.
A player qualifies as U21 if he is born on or after 23rd September 1990.
The U21s and British quota can be the same players.
On your team selection, you should highlight who are the English and U21 players.

Voting is not compulsory. It is encouraged, but there is no punishment if you do not vote.
We will all vote on results.
When voting, we will only state who we think will win – no scoreline, scorers or explanation required.
You will not be able to vote for a draw.
You will not vote on games involving your side.
The team with the most votes, wins the game.
In the event of a tie, Afros’s vote will be the casting vote. If the game involves Afro's team, Viva's vote will be casting vote.
You will not receive Sponsor's win bonuses when winning a cup game. They are for league games only

Schedule for cup weeks
Tactics in - by 10pm Monday.
Voting in - by close of Tuesday
Results decided - by 3pm Wednesday

There will be no injuries for the cup games
The 2 injuries for the following weeks league game will be drawn from the XI players selected in the cup game. This obviously only applies to teams playing in the cup. For the teams who are not in the cup, injuries will be selected using the usual method.

Prize Money
Cup Winners: £10m and a place in the Europa League
Losing finalists: £6m
Losing Semi Finalists: £2.5m

Blackburn v Everton
Liverpool v Sunderland

Aston Villa v Bolton
Prelim 2 winner v Stoke
Prelim 1 winner v Birmingham
Tottenham v Fulham

QF1 Winner vs QF3 Winner
QF2 Winner vs QF4 Winner

SF1 Winner vs SF2 winner
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