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NFL talks drag on

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NFL talks drag on Empty NFL talks drag on

Post by Guest Sat Feb 26, 2011 5:24 am

The National Football League and the players' union, the NFLPA, have started a federal mediation process in their disagreement over working arrangements.

After seven straight days of negotiations, the NFL and the players' union failed to come to an agreement and will resume mediation on March 1, just two days before the current collective bargaining agreement expires.

The two sides have been meeting in Washington under the guidance of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, but it seems seven days and almost 50 hours of talks have not been enough to come to an agreement.

Mediation leader George S Cohen said that while "some progress was made" between the league and the NFL Players Association, "very strong differences remain."

"I recommended and the parties have agreed to resume the mediation process in my office commencing next Tuesday (March 1)," Cohen said in a statement.

"I can report that throughout this extensive period the parties engaged in highly focused, constructive dialogue concerning a host of issues covering both economics and player-related conditions."

Not the positive noises that NFL fans had been hoping to hear as the possibility of a lockout looms ever closer, and it seems now as though only a last-minute solution can save the day.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has been present at all the meetings along with NFLPA chief DeMaurice Smith.

Team officials and coaches will now spend the weekend in Indianapolis at the NFL scouting combine, when they run the rule over the best college prospects ahead of April's draft, but it will all be in vein if no deal is arranged for the 2011 season to go ahead.

The major issues continue to be some owners' hopes of extending the regular season to 18 games, while the players want a larger slice of the estimated $9 billion revenue on offer.

With talks set to go right down to the wire, negotiation may heat up when they restart on Tuesday, with the current CBA due to expire 48 hours after.

If an agreement cannot be reached, there is the possibility the club owners could lock out the players from their stadiums and facilities and shut down the game.

That would mean empty stadiums and blank TV screens when the 2011 NFL competition is scheduled to restart again on Thursday, 8 September.

Source: Sky Sports Click Here


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NFL talks drag on Empty Re: NFL talks drag on

Post by Guest Wed Mar 02, 2011 4:48 pm

The NFL players' union won a key court ruling on Tuesday that said the league breached an earlier agreement over contract money.

Talks are ongoing between the NFLPA and the league's owners to seal a new Collective Bargaining Agreement before the old one expires on Thursday.

The union had argued that the structure of the NFL's contracts with television partners was designed to give it a $4 billion stockpile of cash to help it through any lockout.

US District Court Judge David Doty agreed the deals had breached parts of the CBA and ordered that a hearing should be held to consider damages to be paid to the union and any injunction on use of the resources.

"This ruling means there is irrefutable evidence that owners had a premeditated plan to lock out players and fans for more than two years," the NFLPA said in a statement.

"The players want to play football. That is the only goal that we are focused on."

A lockout could occur if the two sides do not reach agreement on divisive issues by Thursday.

Owners want to boost the regular season from 16 to 18 games a team in a bid to boost income for both sides, however the union is concerned that would add to concern over career longevity and safety issues.

Players are seeking greater benefits for themselves after their careers while owners want a rookie wage-scale.

Failure to come to an agreement could lead to a protracted legal fight and an inevitable labour shutdown for the first time since 1987.

Source: Sky Sports Click Here


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NFL talks drag on Empty Re: NFL talks drag on

Post by The Mangler US_UK Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:49 pm

I think they need a rookie wage scale. The NBA's works out well. Doesn't seem fair that some highly touted kid is drafted high and gets $50 million and he hasn't even stepped on an NFL field while some vets are being cut to manage cap space. They also need a better plan for former players.

I think if they expand to 18 games, they'll need to increase the rosters a bit -- just my opinion.

Anyway, I think the owners are in a weaker position after the judge's ruling, but we'll see. Fingers crossed.

The Mangler US_UK

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NFL talks drag on Empty Re: NFL talks drag on

Post by Pr4wn Thu Mar 10, 2011 2:16 am

I don't think a rookie wage scale is even up for debate. It's a given that when they agree a new CBA, there will be a scale in place.

The union have come out and said that they don't want an 18 game season, which is a shame, in my view. This is a big talking point and one which the owners may have to concede.


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NFL talks drag on Empty Re: NFL talks drag on

Post by Ctrl Freak Sat Mar 12, 2011 2:03 pm

Where they go wrong is not having a rookie wage cap. There's guys signing multi-multi-multi million dollar contracts straight off the bat. It's nuts. How many of them justify their salary?

"Oh but he won the Heisman..."

Everyone knows in American Football the second contract is where the moolah is at. How many turkeys have there been that are #1 draft picks? Tim Couch? Ryan Leaf?

Ctrl Freak

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NFL talks drag on Empty Re: NFL talks drag on

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