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Tumbleweed forum sport of the day....

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Tumbleweed forum sport of the day.... Empty Tumbleweed forum sport of the day....

Post by Peter Seabiscuit Wheeler on Thu 01 Dec 2011, 1:40 pm

Just a quick mention that the Womes Flat Track Roller Derby World Cup is about to start today in Toronto.

England in a group with Argentina and Irleand ... both games on Friday evening. Stream it free in the UK from

Whilst the US would struggle not to win this, only realchallenge from Canada. England caught the attention of the American public after London beat some of the bigger teams in the regionals this year (first time theyve been invited) but Germany got the third seed spot. Australia a bit of an unkown quantity having comepeted largely in a bubble, but having seen some of their girls in action Id have them down as a possible medal contender (although Rat City just wiped the floor with North Brisbane). Sweden Finland and Scotland no mugs either. Dont expect much from France Argentina New Zealand or Brazil but you never know.

Really siked on this having two friends who made the England and Ireland squads repsectivly.

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