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Mr Dangerous

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Post by Mr Dangerous Wed 07 Dec 2011, 10:08 am

Name: Mr Daniel ‘Danger’ Dangerous
Nickname: Mr Dangerous

Age: 23
Height: 6ft 7in
Weight: 250lb
Hometown: Taunton, Somerset.
Class: Face
Gimmick: Comedy face in the mould of Eric Young. Mr Dangerous’s middle is Danger...literally. He believes he’s the future of the industry and he has the move set of AJ Styles and Bryan Danielson whilst in reality he’s more a Chris Masters. The problem for him is he’s delusional and his moves are at most rather basic. Oversells his opponents when they hit their moves yet then completely no sells his injuries and Hulks up to recover whilst shouting ‘I’m getting DANGERAAAAWWWS!!!’

Personality: Went to the William Shatner school of Acting from an early age and hams it up as a result. Over emphasises everything and thinks that by shouting it gets a point over far better. He also gesticulates a lot with his hands to make the points made even more. His points would perhaps sound more threatening if it wasn’t for his very strong West Country accent.

Entrance Music: High Voltage by Electric Six (for the opening line of ‘Danger Danger!’)

Entrance Details: Mr Dangerous walks out onto the stage and poses for the fans by kissing his guns and everytime mistiming it to his pyro before attempting to get over the top rope and often falling into the ring, when he does that he turns it into a roll and brushes it off.

Finishing Move 1: The Dangerous Death Drop: An elbow drop from the 2nd turnbuckle.

Finishing Move 2: The Dangerous Dropkick of....Dooooom!

Trademark Move: Danger! Danger! : Mr Dangerous shakes the top ropes manically after a beatdown before running around the ring.

Submission Move: Mr Dangerous is not known as the Man of Two Holds for nothing you know!...
The Dangerous Death Lock: A rather weak looking ankle lock.
The Dangerous Hug of Doom: A bearhug akin to the Yeti on Hulk Hogan.

Highflying Move: The Dangerous Diving Headbutt. Mr Dangerous’s most Dangerous move! Unfortunately he has yet managed to connect with it as he always sets up his opponent too far away and cannot jump that far so ends up headbutting the mat.

Five - eight common moves: cross chop, clothesline, forearm smash, big boot, leg drop, elbow drop.

Taunts/Catchphrases: My name is D....A.....G......N......E.......R DANGER!

Match Tactics: Clean

Match Style (Pick three): Brawler, comedy

Weapon of Choice: Shotgun

Specialty Match: Battle Royale

History: Mr Dangerous hails from the mean streets of Taunton, Somerset. Brought up watching WWE he unfortunately failed to grow up and still does watch it. He practices his moves on his mates working at LIDL when they have boxes to breakdown and one day hopes to have mastered as many varied moves as his hero John Cena. Due to having family connections with a member of the 6WF board of directors is being allowed to appear on the show despite his actual talents.

Mr Dangerous

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