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Raymond Verheijen's comments shock Iwan Roberts

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Raymond Verheijen's comments shock Iwan Roberts Empty Raymond Verheijen's comments shock Iwan Roberts

Post by Knowsit17 Mon 12 Dec 2011, 12:35 pm

While I'm not at all a regular contributer to the football section of 606, I found this latest piece too compelling to pass up.

For those who are not familiar with the developments, here's the beeb's article on Roberts' reaction to Verheijen's statement:

And here's what started the fuss, Verheijen's view concerning the appointment of Wales' next manager:

I thought something like this might be coming when I first read the latter article. Comments a mere two days after Gary Speed (RIP) was buried concerning who ought to succeed him.

I also remember wondering amid the initial shock at Speed's untimely passing how long it would take before this issue was brought up. It's not often, next to never even, that a nation needs to contemplate the next man to lead it due to circumstances such as these. It still remains to be seen whether torrid times are on the horizon for Wales as a result.

First I'd have to say that Verheijen has been somewhat clueless. First he puts forth directly that he and fellow assistant Osian Roberts should lead the team to Brazil 2014 (assuming Wales qualify). He also strongly hinted that this would have been "Gary's wish" and allegedly said directly that there was no need for "a new man with new ideas".
Then when confronted with Iwan Roberts' accusations of selfishness, he changes stance completely and says "I did not say I wanted the job". Really? Not if we're speaking in terms of direct quotes of course but his original comments indicated nothing but his desire for the job, if not for his sake then according to what Speed would have wanted and professionally for the good of Wales (possibly).

Which brings me to the main point. Speed died over two weeks ago and the issue of his replacement was going to have to rise sooner or later. Is it not possible that Verheijen wasn't speaking with personal gain in mind but with the efficiency and decisiveness of hiring a new manager with the new year nigh upon us? Could it not be that he may genuinely believe in his and/or Osion Roberts' ability to take the team forwards and in the structure that Speed laid out? It seems to me that Iwan might have failed to consider this or how could the first man to express an interest in taking over not be selfish (albeit without staking his claim so bluntly). It would be a mistake to let the apparent disrespect of somebody's memory interfere with what may be best for Wales in the long run. Verheijen could possibly be in something of a lose-lose situation here regarding what he says. Besides, the coaching team appeared to be working fairly well during Speed's time at the helm so what's to say it couldn't continue working?


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Raymond Verheijen's comments shock Iwan Roberts Empty Re: Raymond Verheijen's comments shock Iwan Roberts

Post by cherriesfna Fri 16 Dec 2011, 11:21 am

well, what gary spped had was cleary working and leading wales in the write direction, so IMO the assistants should have to job as they will more than likly continue in speeds manner,
however sating it was "gary speeds wish" wasnt needed and seemed a little disrespectful

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