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Max Evans Q&A

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Max Evans Q&A Empty Max Evans Q&A

Post by Adam D on Mon 30 Jan 2012, 10:37 am

In just under a week, the RBS 6 Nations kicks off for another year. In Scotland's first match, they face England for the Calcutta Cup at Murrayfield, so what better time to catch up with Scotland's winger/ centre, Max Evans.

Max Evans Q&A Max-Evans-has-been-recall-001

After collating the questions that you wanted to ask him, I caught up with Max this week. Max took the time to answer all of your questions and was very honest about the game in general. Hopefully you will enjoy this Q&A as much as did - a big thank you to Max for taking time out of his schedule to complete and good luck to him and his team mates in the RBS 6 Nations and in the Top 14 with Castres.

General Rugby Questions

What is your main rugby playing ambition?

It was a an ambition of mine to play in a Rugby World Cup, so I was very proud in the summer to be involved. I guess my main ambition is to play rugby professionally for as long as I can and at the end of it be regarded as a good player who inspired people to play rugby.

Who are your heroes? Rugby or non rugby.

I have many Heroes of both rugby and elsewhere. My first rugby hero was Gareth Edwards. Being a scrum-half at school, my dad showed me some amazing rugby clips from his playing days. Another hero was Joost van der Westhuizen, again due to playing 9 and also as my mum is South African, I was a big fan of his play. There are many heroes outside of rugby, to list a few, Muhammed Ali for what he brought to boxing and his confidence, Lance Armstrong for his bravery and drive in cycling. My dad is a huge hero of mine. He has worked extremely hard all of his life, teaching people the great game of golf and I am very proud to be his son. Finally my bro Thom is my closest hero! He has recovered amazingly from a near fatal injury, and is currently putting his body through a rigorous training schedule in pursuit of being a top class sprinter.

Which player have you most enjoyed playing against and why? Also, which player have you least enjoyed playing against? And which player that you've faced on the rugby pitch scared you the most?

Tough one on the most enjoyed front. I've played against so many quality players and it has been enjoyable for all. As a rugby player you want to test yourself against the best, so any chance you get to challenge yourself is always enjoyable. There honestly isn't a player I don't like playing against, they all fall into the point just mentioned.

Is there such a thing as an out and out winger anymore or should all wingers be able to play either centre or fullback? Do you see yourself as a wing or a centre primarily?

I certainly believe there continues to be an out and out winger. I think the winger's role has advanced over the years and they are not just there to stand on the wing, hold the width and be on the end of a try scoring pass. Wingers nowadays are popping up all over the field and are not just scoring tries but creating them also. I would say more or less the out and out wingers these days are the quickest guys on the field and the best finishers. In answer to second part, I don't have a primary position. I am comfortable on both the wing and at centre so am happy to play either.

Did you find it difficult to continue with rugby after your brother’s injury? How are things for Thom now?

I found it difficult initially yes, but only the game after really. I was nervous during the games collisions. However after that I realised that the injury to Thom was a freak injury and that with the amount of training and physical conditioning we do on our bodies we are able to sustain some pretty heavy blows!! Every rugby player knows there is an element of danger in the game but if you look at it like catching a cricket ball ... if you think its going to hurt before you catch it, then the likelihood is it will, so just be confident and commit 100% to everything.

What is the best piece of advice you have received relating to rugby and who was the advice from?

I have received a lot of good advice over the years. One piece of advice that has always stuck was from my previous coach Sean Lineen. Sean would always say to me to focus on doing the basics well, and then the rest will be a bonus. Its something that is always in my mind and he wouldn't shut up about it Smile

When you get a break from rugby training and games what is your favourite comfort food - anything that you love but coaches/nutritionists frown upon?

Chocolate!! Classic answer I guess but I am addicted to chocolate. I crave it everyday and if a day goes by without it then I have withdrawals Smile

What are the most memorable club/international tries you've scored in your career so far?

My first try for Scotland was probably the most special. It was my second cap and the first time playing at Murrayfield for Scotland. Although we lost the game itwas a great feeling for me personally after the game and had a ton of messages from mates and old school friends which made me proud. For club it would have to be the try I scored for Glasgow against Toulouse in the Heineken Cup. It wasn't just the try but it was the perfect game for me. I scored a try, was rewarded with man of the match and it was a memorable win for the team.

What do you think is the hardest position on the field?

I personally think being one of the props would be the hardest position!! The forces that those guys endure on their bodies would probably either crush me or at the very least cause me to lose a few inches Smile Also they are usually big lads, which means they have to carry themselves around the field to almost every ruck. Finally, they hardly ever get a rest. Unlike us backs, who usually get a breather at set pieces, they have to either scrummage or lift someone in the lineout Smile Huge respect Smile


What has been the highlight of your Scotland career so far?

Every try I've scored has been a highlight. Representing my country in the World Cup was a big highlight.

When playing with Scotland, do you have a 'favourite enemy', a team that you really want to beat?

Well it would have to be England wouldn't it!! I wouldn't have any Scottish blood if I didn't want to beat England so much. There is always so much hype before the Calcutta Cup match and the atmosphere is always electric.

Scotland's try-scoring problem - is it that we are not capable of making the breaks, or just that we don't convert them? What can be done to fix the problem?

It is certainly not because we are unable to make breaks. The team is constantly making breaks and threatening the opposition. Results are determined by converting opportunities and limiting mistakes. I would agree that we have not been the best at converting our opportunities and it is small margins. Winning is a habit, and once you get into the habit of being clinical in games, then the results will follow. It is not hard to fix but it means everyone has to buy into the way we want to play. Recent results have shown that we are close to achieving the habit of winning.

What have the reactions of the squad been to Scott Johnson's appointment?

Have not been with the squad enough to comment on this, but I personally am very excited to work with a coach of Scott's experience and merit.

What do you think the final order of the 6 Nations points table will be?

I couldn't say but I hope to see Scotland at the top Smile

Is it a problem that there are so many Scottish internationals playing outside of Scotland?

I don't believe so. The only way it could be considered a problem would be if the Scottish International exiles were restricted to less training sessions with the squad than the Internationals that are based in Scotland. At the moment I feel its manageable. Exiles are returning to the Scotland squad with the influence and experience of playing in their respective leagues and competitions.

Who do you think out of the current Scotland squad will make it into the Lions 2013 squad?

The players who perform better than the other British Isles players in their respective positions.

Has there been any disruption to the squad from Shingler eligibility issues?

None at all.

Do you think your team place could be under threat from Tim Visser once he's eligible?

Of course it will, Tim is one of best wingers playing in Scotland and also Europe. My position as winger for Scotland is always under threat before every Scotland game, and that's how it should be. Having a competitive squad is one every coaching team wants.

How much can you bench press/squat and who can lift the most/least in the Scotland team and how much can they lift? I've heard Geoff Cross is a beast for squats!

I think my one rep max on the bench is 150kg. Not sure what my squat would be actually, it's been a while since I did a one rep max, but probably massive Smile


Do Castres approach rugby with a different mentality to Glasgow?

I couldn't say they did really. They have the mentality to go out and win obviously, and they assess the opposition in the same way and decide the best game plan to win. There are differences between Castres and Glasgow, but the mentality is the same.

What are your views on the way that French pro's train - as in the "more is more" philosophy? Players such as Rory Lamont and Nathan Hines have criticised it saying that players aren't fresh come game day because of the beastings during the week.

I would agree and disagree with the statements in this question. I agree at Castres they share that philosophy and I do feel there is more training. However, in regards to feeling fresh for games, although the training doesn't taper off in the lead up to a game like it does in Scotland, there is a full day off mid week every week, and there is the availability of massages every day, which differs from Glasgow. I feel I am able to feel fresh for games even though there is a bit more training nearer to kick off.

Is the Top 14 starting to resemble the Premier League in Football with so many players from all over the world? Do you think the exposure to so many top players will help Northern Hemisphere rugby catch up with the Southern Hemisphere teams?

You could look at it that way yes. It has been exciting this season playing against some top players from around the world. It can't be a bad thing for the northern hemisphere to have some of these guys competing in our leagues and competitions. The top players will pass on their experiences from their rugby in the southern hemisphere. Remember it's not just the coaches and the opposition that reap the benefits of the top class players, it's also the young players in the pro squads that get to rub shoulders with these guys and that's only going to help their learning.

Are you influenced when choosing a club by how many players are there that you already know?

Not at all. I find it very easy to blend into a rugby team, rugby lads are rugby lads, it doesn't matter what country you are in. It is easy to make friends in the rugby community and that's one of the reasons I love the game so much.

Are you excited about Chris Masoe joining your old club, even though you'll miss him at Castres?

Don't think he is joining them but I spoke very highly about Glasgow Smile


You were a very good golfer; do you think you could have played professionally?

Yes I think I could of played professionally, but how successful I could of been is another question. I love playing golf and I've been brought up playing it. I have a lot of admiration for golf professionals as I know how difficult it is to get on tour and stay there!! It is insanely competitive and takes a considerable amount of patience!

What drew you to rugby union over any other sport?

I think it comes down to what you're good at it and getting a break. I love all sports and would have loved to have played a range of different sports professionally. Rugby was one of the sports I felt best at and the sport I got a break in. I was privileged to get a trial at Glasgow after teaching golf for a couple years. I'm happy I was able to impress and work my way up to international level.

Is there anything you particularly want to do/achieve after rugby e.g. Business aspirations or Golf?

I would love to continue to be involved in sport in one way or another, but as for exactly what I hope to achieve, I have no idea.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 items would you want with you and why?

Hmmmm lets see.... Phone with a good 3G connection so I stay connected with friends and the world Smile An endless supply of chocolate and a Ball of some kind to play with Smile

Do you have any funny nicknames?

Well the french guys at Castres call Maxime for some reason, which is funny. I've never really had a nickname to be honest. The Mrs calls me Waby for some reason Smile

A huge thank you to Max from all at v2 OK Good luck in the 6 Nations (especially this Saturday Laugh )

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Max Evans Q&A Empty Re: Max Evans Q&A

Post by RuggerRadge2611 on Mon 30 Jan 2012, 12:58 pm

Great to hear Max talk candidly about rugby in France and how he felt about Thom's injury.

Another great Q&A from 606v2 OK

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Max Evans Q&A Empty Re: Max Evans Q&A

Post by Mickado on Mon 30 Jan 2012, 3:41 pm

Congrats Adam on securing the Q&A and fair play to Max for doing it. enjoyable read.


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Max Evans Q&A Empty Re: Max Evans Q&A

Post by bsando on Mon 30 Jan 2012, 11:12 pm

Fantastic! Really enjoyed that, cheers max and cheers Adam/606V2!


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Max Evans Q&A Empty Re: Max Evans Q&A

Post by RDW on Tue 31 Jan 2012, 9:01 am

Great stuff. Shame he didn't say who the weakest member of the Scotland team was!! 150kg bench is pretty meaty too - I struggle with 50! Sad

Nice sidestep with the Shingler issue too.


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Max Evans Q&A Empty Re: Max Evans Q&A

Post by AsLongAsBut100ofUs on Tue 31 Jan 2012, 9:11 am

Max, thanks for taking the time to answer these questions, much appreciated OK


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Max Evans Q&A Empty Re: Max Evans Q&A

Post by funnyExiledScot on Tue 31 Jan 2012, 10:54 am

Excellent Q&A.

Now stop eating chocolate and work on replicating that nice little chip and score routine you produced against the English previously.


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Max Evans Q&A Empty Re: Max Evans Q&A

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