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Club Loyalty v National Duty

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Club Loyalty v National Duty Empty Club Loyalty v National Duty

Post by legendkillar Thu 09 Feb 2012, 11:14 am

My Grandad god rest his soul used to say to me 'When I was young I never had it good. Unlike you kids nowadays. I had to do my national service' that last part about national service kinda related to the England Managers job. A job that was for the best English manager in the club format. Bobby Robson, Terry Venables and Sir Alf Ramsay all enjoyed club success went on to become England manager's that were much loved by the fans. Some famed poor hirings in the mould of Reive, Taylor, Hoddle, Keegan and Mclaren. England have seen a mini foreign invasion in Sven-Goran Eriksson and Fabio Capello. This hirings were made when the side was in turmoil. Eriksson came in after Keegan had a poor Euro 2000 and losing the final match at Wembley against an ageing Germany side and bottom of the qualifying group and after Keegan resigned, Eriksson was brought in to lead the team forward. While he did have a good record as England coach, he had so many dodgy dealings he made Harry look like a legit market trader! Capello came in after Mclaren and his umbrella could not produce a Mary Poppins style finish!

Now here we are. England in a bit of turmoil. Even Barry Fry banged the beat to the drum that has not stopped since Capello was appointed. We need Harry Redknapp. The fans want him and the players do according to Fry.

For me however it is not so simple.

Redknapp has been shown great loyalty and support from Spurs. Tottenham like England were in turmoil. High value transfers and not getting the results on the pitch. A one year car crash under Ramos and spurs were struggling. Levy made the decision to get Harry, back him in the transfer market and not interfere with club transfers. He even go rid of Damien Comoli as director of football. This is why I think it would be unfair of Harry to ditch Spurs.

As much as I would like to see Harry as England coach, he should've been appointed back in 2007 and FA bottled it. Like they did when they could've had Brian Clough back in 1978. Harry is in a difficult spot. Spurs are in with a shout of Champions League football. Given the financial stability required by clubs nowadays, for Harry to leave would leave Spurs in a bad position and they do not deserve that for the loyalty they have shown Harry. Even with this Tax evasion case, Spurs have stuck behind him and supported him all the way.

For me only candidate out there who could start right away would be Guus Hiddink. He has proven record and the only reason so many people would be against him is because he isn't English. For England to stand any chance at the Euro's would require a coach who can start with immediate effect. Whilst Harry could, even he would find it difficult to leave under the circumstances. I know the love affair the England job must have for English managers, but also loyalty is something that must be forgotten or ignored. If Harry quit to coach England at such a crucial time in the season, who could say he wouldn't do the same in the England coach's job? Even if the FA made Stuart Pearce interim manager until the end of the season would not give Harry enough time to fit into the international set up and work with the players.

Do you think Harry should take the job with immediate effect?


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Club Loyalty v National Duty Empty Re: Club Loyalty v National Duty

Post by gboycottnut Thu 09 Feb 2012, 6:53 pm

No Harry shouldn't just yet as he still has enough work to do at Spurs until the end of this season even though I am not a Spurs fan.

One person who the FA could try out is Kevin Keegan. He has previous managerial experience as England manager and I believe he isn't managing a club at present.


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