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Story's of famous people

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Story's of famous people  Empty Story's of famous people

Post by Kenny on Sat 11 Feb 2012, 4:18 pm

Does anyone have any funny stories of any famous people you have met or know any from friends or relatives ?

A long time ago early 1970's a friend of mine Martin was working as a porter on Doncaster train station ( for the younger memebers a porter was someone who helped passengers with there luggage ) well one night the comedian Tommy Cooper got off a train and Martin helped him take his cases to the front of the station to were he could get a taxi , as they approached the taxi rank Tommy stuffed a tip in Martins top pocket and said " Thank you have a drink on me " . Martin not wanting to be inpolite and looking how much it was stayed with Tommy until a taxi arrived and then helped him load his cases before saying thank you and goodbye . As Martin walked away he reached into his top pocket and pulled out a teabag !

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