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Becoming the Archetype Celestial Completion

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Becoming the Archetype Celestial Completion Empty Becoming the Archetype Celestial Completion

Post by talkingpoint Wed 30 Mar 2011, 6:39 pm

I don't know if anyone here is into metal but there is a great progressive death metal band called Becoming The Archetype (BTA for short) who have just released their fourth album called Celestial Completion. You can listen to it at the moment on AOL music, I highly recommend it. I've been listening to them since their debut album Terminate Damnation and each album is different. This album has more of a world music influence to it, as well as combining as they have done in all their albums elements of classical and instrumental music. It can be pretty brutal stuff but there is a lot of diversity and experimentation and they are very talented musicians. I've listened to Celestial Completion a couple of times now on AOL music and from first impressions this is probably my favourite BTA album. I know its easy to think that because the music is fresh, but I was slightly disappointed with their third album Dichotomy, which whilst grew on me I definitely think Celestial Completion is a few steps in the right direction from that least for me. Anyway if metal is your thing or you're open minded about that kind of music then give them a go Smile


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