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Professional Club/Region Rugby in ten years

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Professional Club/Region Rugby in ten years Empty Professional Club/Region Rugby in ten years

Post by Brendan Fri 13 Apr 2012, 2:57 pm

I know Kingshu did this before but I want people opinions on where they see their coutry/league going in ten years.

This is how I see it going for everything

32 team HC made up of France 8, England 8, Ireland 4, Wales 4, Scotland 3, Italy 2, Russia 1, Geogria 1, Rominia 1,
Winners of HC and Amlin would still quailfy but I think they would count for country places.

I think there would be top two go through or only winners but home and away

I think there would still only be 3 each from england, france, 2 from wales and Ireland and 1 Scot pushing each year for the title with the top italian pushing for 1/4s

The Amlin (32) would be the remaining 8 from England and France (more in Country) with 1 Irish, 1 welsh, 2 Italian, 2 Russian, 2 Georgrian , 2 Romanian, and a mix of others from quailifers

England & France would become 16 team league with no salary cap but some money restrains in place to avoid problems. The second division would stay professional but also go to 16 teams. The Tv money would be much more and this would go some way to provide the extra money also many would have backers.

Ireland would still have 3 and 1 but Connacht would be a strong team pushing all the way and would do well in the Euro the fifth team would be a club representive team for the amlin most likely and would be full of youngsters or it could be the u20s team

Wales would be simillar

Scotland would get their thrid team probably

Italy would have 4 teams in the Rabo with two relitively good akin to scotland now. The other two would be weak enough.

there would possible be a few more rabo esq leagues but not anything of note but would be better then now

I think Auz and NZ would scrape their abroad policy
I think NZ would still have two compeditive teams

Not sure what the super number will be but will include the Argies

What are your thoughts and please back it up as much as possible


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