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NXT Development

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NXT Development Empty NXT Development

Post by VoiceOfTheVoiceless Fri 13 Apr 2012, 11:44 pm

Just watching smackdown and seeing Ryback (skip sheffield) getting some momentum in squash matches made me think and realise that despite how much I thought the whole concept was a waste of time it has actually produced a few good stars....I mean yes they probably would of broke through eventually anyway but still the likes of Wade Barret, David Otunga, Brodus Clay, Ryback and Daniel Bryan are proving that it had its uses after you agree?


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NXT Development Empty Re: NXT Development

Post by We Want Edge Sat 14 Apr 2012, 12:01 am

The worst thing about nxt was it should have stopped after season 1 or maybe 2. Hasn't nxt redemption been going on for over a year?

Was it a success? In someways, it gave rookies (or not so much rookies if you're Daniel Bryan) a chance to promo in front of semi-large crowds and get familiar with the 'WWE way'. It gave certainly Wade Barrett a chance at the top but the storyline seemed to have no end. When they pushed all these rookies i think 'E should have known that the only way was down and that most of them got buried if not all of them. They had 8ish rookies and only really Wade and Bryan and maybe ryback were able to be main eventers (where there invasion storyline led them). The fact that pretty much all of them got buried and a few of them have risen back to upper midcard shows they must have talent. How much of that talent is from NXT? I wouldn't think they learnt much more than they would have in FCW

We Want Edge

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NXT Development Empty Re: NXT Development

Post by hodge Sat 14 Apr 2012, 1:05 am

They should have only had 1 series of NXT per year not start the next as soon as the one before finished. So by now they would be what on their 3rd season of NXT? It would mean more to be the winner of one of the series and a year would pass to the next series so by the time that would have started the previous winner could have been an established member of the roster.


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NXT Development Empty Re: NXT Development

Post by Crimey Sat 14 Apr 2012, 10:16 am

The concept of NxT was a really good one, it was essentially TV development, it meant that wrestlers weren't thrown into the deep-end and had to sink or swim, they had a chance to hone their skills and actually work out what works with a crowd.

The idea of current WWE 'Superstars' mentor the rookies was also a good idea as it put over the current roster as having the experience to pass on and put them over as talent.

The main problem for me was the silly tasks they made them do, which was a waste of time, they should have devoted more time for the mentors passing on key skills, we could have seen some of the rookies adopt some of the moveset of their mentors etc. Or actively ignore the advice because of the rivalry e.g. Bryan and The Miz, but instead time was devoted to carrying things and other stupid stuff.

The next problem was the shoddy booking afterwards, the Nexus angle, while entertaining in its own right, really harmed NxT I think, because these guys had spent weeks fighting each other for the chance, and they all just came up at once anyway. This could be forgiven because it was a really good idea, and could make sense. The problem then was the second series of NxT, which started too early, had a lot of expectation on it. Then they decided to take the cheap route out and just have them join Nexus which was really poor and boring booking I feel. Then the fact that they had absolutely no faith in the winner; Kaval, meant that the reward lost all meaning because it was shown that you could win and still fail. Why they booked Kaval to win when they didn't want to use him afterwards, who knows? They did the same thing with Johnny Curtis.

It's know nothing like the show it was meant to be at the beginning, rather just another Superstars.


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NXT Development Empty Re: NXT Development

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