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Liverpool's summer...

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Liverpool's summer... Empty Liverpool's summer...

Post by LivinginItaly on Mon 07 May 2012, 10:00 am

After what can only be called a distastrous season for Liverpool, what needs to be done this summer? What do you think Liverpool will do?

For me the first big decision needing to be taken concerns King Kenny and the role of manager. While he will always be the King, I think that he is not the right person to take Liverpool forward. However, I don't think the board will remove him because of who he is. Therefore I think we need him to realise what is best for Liverpool and step aside.

That would lead us to the next problem. Who should replace him? At least Hodgson is not available!!! Cappello is supposedly looking for a job in the premier league, but I think he would be an expensive mistake, and might not view the Liverpool squad as being good enough for him to be successful. So who would that leave as a possible candidate?

The third part revolves around player changes. The squad is quite clearly not good enough. Therefore I think investment is necessary. I would prefer two top quality players instead of the four or five ok players that we have signed in the recent past. With the most pressing concern being a goal scorer to finish all the chances we have been creating.

What are your thoughts about what could be an interesting and busy summer period at Liverpool?


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Liverpool's summer... Empty Re: Liverpool's summer...

Post by Crimey on Mon 07 May 2012, 10:30 am

I genuinely don't think Kenny has been Liverpool's problem this year, the two major mistakes for me is his handling of the media where he was quite alienating which immediately puts more pressure on him and not giving Andy Carroll a consistent run in the side as it meant repeatedly starting from step one.

If Liverpool sack Kenny, our last two managers have a combined run of two years, Liverpool don't want to make a habit of getting rid of managers to bring about change. Perhaps he played Henderson and Downing too much but there is a lack of good cover in those positions. Liverpool need to stick with Kenny for at least another year, because it is a rebuilding process and it takes time.

The problems at the club are not as serious as the media are making out, really, it's only been Liverpool's finishing that is the problem. This is due to a lack of a real goal-scoring striker and midfielders who seem afraid to get into the box. It is crucial that Liverpool sign a striker and a midfielder who can chip in with some goals.

I'd love to see Liverpool sign Clint Dempsey, he's proven Premier League class, he can play anywhere across the midfield or up front and he will score goals. I'm not as sure on who Liverpool should sign as a striker, as these always have a bigger chance of flopping. I'm not too sure the rumoured Darren Bent is the answer, while he does score goals, at the same time he doesn't offer a lot else and has, in the past, shown a rare talent for missing good chances. He'll also likely cost a lot after Villa spent £18 million on him.

While you say Liverpool need to sign two quality players, which I agree with, I still think there is a need for a bit more depth at the club. Dirk Kuyt and Maxi Rodriguez are no longer players that can make an instant impact, Kuyt as much as I have been a fan of him in the past is clearly on a slippery slope at the moment, too often this year he has lacked any real quality in he final third. Liverpool need some good squad depth to put pressure on players to perform as they may lose their place.

I do think that there is a lot of unnecessary negativism surrounding Liverpool at the moment, 7th, a Carling Cup and a FA Cup runners-up medal are obviously not good enough, but at the same time there a lot of positives that the media are leaving out.

Liverpool create bucket-loads of chances, Suarez is starting to get back to his best after the 8 game ban, which actually helped a bit because it gave him the rest he hadn't had over the summer, Carroll is actually starting to look like the player Liverpool bought. There are lots of good young players on the fringes of the first team in Sterling, Shelvey, Coates, Wilson, Suso, Pacheo and if just one or two of them come good that it'll be excellent. The defence for much of the year was one of the best in the league, only on Agger's injury did it go down hill, but Johnson-Skrtel-Agger-Enrique defence could be a top defence next year if it can stay injury-free.

I think to be too negative and start chopping and changing everything will result in all those positives going away, it is important to stay consistent and the positives will hopefully become more and more pronounced.

Write off this year and just look forward to next year when hopefully everything will gel together better.


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Liverpool's summer... Empty Re: Liverpool's summer...

Post by PaulHv2 on Mon 07 May 2012, 11:01 am

I agree with the two quality players instead of 4 or 5 ok ones, apparently Liverpool are in talks for a deal with Fulham over Dempsey, and I've read on the caught offside app they are looking at De Jong and where looking at Honda from Dortmund.

As of today I'm just happy we are where we are as before Fenway bought the club we where days away from administration.

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Liverpool's summer... Empty Re: Liverpool's summer...

Post by Kenny on Mon 07 May 2012, 12:45 pm

I dont think many people are aware just how close to administration we came ( 24 hrs ) under Hicks and Gillette . Fenway have come in and we are now out of debt and finacial secure , they have invested in the team , brought in new shirt suppliers , new club sponsers and have indicated that further investment will be given this summer .

This is a LONG TERM PLAN and not a quick fix , granted supporters want to see better performances on the pitch and the team challenging for honours and a champions league place but we need to be realistic and give them time .

Whats needed :-

New Stadium , we are being left behind in regards to how much money can be made on match days a bigger capacity stadium is needed .

A better depth of squad , been talked about for a few years but there are to many players who are not Liverpool quality they need to be moved on and replaced by better players .

Youth - needs to be given a chance , we have seen more of the young lads get a game this season but i still feel that the likes of Stirling and Suso should be involved more .

Suarez - Quality player but ever since the Evra situation Kenny has been over playing him ... in that i meen in some of the games since then Suarez has not been in games yet he isn't subbed the FA Cup final is perfect example he should of been taken off it just wasn't his day .

Carroll - If he is to stay then he needs to have a run in the side not just 2 , 3 games at a time . When he came on in the final he dominated Terry and looked a real threat .

Signings - A striker , Playmaker in midfield , and maybe 1 or even 2 wide men . De jong has been mentioned for a holding midfield role and i think that would be a good signing but we will have Lucas back next season so dont know if he's needed .

Thats my opinion , and for the non Liverpool supporters who have written us off i would say lets see were everything is in a couple of years as there will be some clubs who are in debt who will be in far worse positions then, then we are .

I'm not wumming anyone there are those who love the fact that Liverpool have had a poor season in the league and will jump all over threads mocking , to that i say you support your team and i will support mine .

Y. N .W. A

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Liverpool's summer... Empty Re: Liverpool's summer...

Post by Guest on Mon 07 May 2012, 12:47 pm

As Liverpool fans we can sugar coat it as much as we want but the fact is we have had a disastrous season and change is needed. 20 years into the Premier league era and we are no nearer becoming champions than we were in 1992. We can't just keep on writing off seasons.

Growing up Kenny Dalglish was my favourite player by a country mile and whatever happens in the summer his legendary status will remain but he'll be one lucky chap if he leads the team out next season because he's done nothing to suggest he's capable of turning the tide.

Who'll take over from Dalglish? No idea! Perhaps the post is no longer to be considered a top job in European football? If, and it's a big if, Dalglish is to step aside then the next manager has possibly the hardest job in football trying to revive a once feared football team. Only time will tell.

With all that said it's not rocket science in coming to the conclusion that this Liverpool squad is littered with too many second rate players. Yes we've been creative in matches but the flip side of that is we've been equally wasteful and there's no getting away from that. You don't get any points for hitting the woodwork!

A massive summer ahead for all at Liverpool.


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Liverpool's summer... Empty Re: Liverpool's summer...

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