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The Superstars of CWA

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The Superstars of CWA Empty The Superstars of CWA

Post by JJJohnson Wed 23 May 2012, 11:33 am

The class of 2012

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The Superstars of CWA Empty Re: The Superstars of CWA

Post by JJJohnson Wed 23 May 2012, 11:34 am

Handler:Yarmouth Blade

Name: Mike Conrad.

Nickname: Knuckles.

Age: 25

Height: 5ft 9

Weight: 190lbs

Hometown: New York
Class: Face/Tweener/Heel: Face.

Gimmick: Walks about carrying a trash can and a stick to pick up litter, Loves to take out the trash.

Personality: Loud arrogant person but quiten's down after he has done his daily cleaning routine, if not can be grumpy as hell.

Entrance Music:We will rock you by Queen

Entrance Details: Yellow pyrotechnics shoot off in to the rafters, We will rock you blasts out of the arena speakers and Mike Conrad comes out with a trash can draped over his back, he walks down tagging fans as he go, Places the trsh can on the floor then climbs the steel steps and into the ring to wait for his opponent.

Finishing Move 1: Super kick to the back of the head.

Finishing Move 2: Sleeper hold

Trademark Move: When the referee is not looking Conrad grabs his trash can and slams in onto his opponents head.

Submission Move: La bell lock

Highflying Move: Cross body of the top rope.

Five - eight common moves: Hurracarana, Suicide dive through the ropes, Spear, Standing moon song, Moon song of the ropes, Inzigury, Arm drag, Standing drop kick.

Taunts/Catchphrases: Time to take out the trash. Call me trash and I will clean you up.

Match Tactics: Clean/Dirty Dirty but only when the referee is not looking.

Match Style (Pick three): Speed, Technical, Fast paced.

Weapon of Choice: Trash can.

Specialty Match: Fall count Any were.

History:Mike Conrad worked in a refuse plant in New York since leaving school and has developed a cleaning disorder, He went to see a shrink about it but he could not help him but did suggest that wrestling might be the thing that could help his anger issue's if he can't clean up on a regular bases.

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The Superstars of CWA Empty Re: The Superstars of CWA

Post by JJJohnson Wed 23 May 2012, 1:33 pm


Name: Teddy Grimstone
Nickname: The B*stard(Teddy "B*stard" Grimstone)
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 231 lbs
Age: 38
Class: [Heel/Face] Tweener (Most fans hate him, but he has a following of loyal fans who love him)
Date of Birth: 28 November 1973
Catchphrases: Because I'm a Bar Steward. His fans chant: "He's a B*stard! *Clapping* He's a B*stard! *Clapping*"

Wrestling Type (Brawler,Technical,Submission,High-flier,powerhouse,hardcore etc) : Hardcore, Brawler

Appearance: Teddy sports many battle scars on his head and upper body. His arms are covered in tattoos, each supposedly having some special meaning. He has another tattoo on the left side of his chest of a heart of ice. He has messy, dirty brown hair and always supports some scruffy stubble. He's missing a few teeth.
Attire: He wears three quarter length brown cargo pants and wears a black vest with a skull on it, but he usually takes that off in the middle of his matches. Wears old scruffy trainers.
Extra Info:

Entrance Music: No More Sorrow- Linkin Park
Example of Entrance: (like a quick description of their entrance)The beginning of his music starts and his fans start chanting "Huh Huh Huh" Teddy Grimstone steps out, he raises his tattooed arm in the air and his fans are rabid with their support. The rest of the fans boo him as he walks down the ramp slapping the hats off of children by the side of the ramp. He slides into the ring and beats his chest, climbing to the top rope and shouting "I'm The Bastaaaardd!" this sets off his fans chanting: HE'S A B*stard! *Clapping*

Finishing Move (3 maximum) :
1. Fire and Grimstone (Samoan Driver-
2. Rib Breaker (Styles Clash-

10-12 (Or more if you wish) Common moves:
1. Has the opponent in the corner and hits them, each punch greeted with a "Huh!" from his group of fans, after many punches he bites into his head.
2. DDT
3. Running clothesline
4. Lots of elbows and punches
5. Sitting piledriver
6. Hip toss
7. Weapon shots
8. Repeated headshots
9. Low Blow
10. Bulldog

Submission moves (if applicable): Crossface

High Flying moves (if applicable): Diving headbutt

Hope to accomplish: Pick up his pay check every week
Want to do: Inflict pain
Short Term: Inflict as much pain as possible
Long Term: Not get brain damage

Wins/Losses: 0-0 (In CWA)

Before Wrestling: An average amateur wrestler in high school, he was hugely disappointed to miss out on big wrestling promotions. His attitude changed, and he became completely brutal, embracing the extreme nature of wrestling. Notoriously difficult to work with, he doesn't last very long at most places he works because of his brutality in the ring.
Debut to CWA: On the back of his most recent firing for breaking a young stars' leg, CWA with a lack of funds has turned to Teddy Grimstone as he offers experience. Grimstone is close to bankruptcy so is incredibly desperate for money so seems likely to actually keep his job for longer than a few weeks (for once!)
Success/Failures: Lasting six months in WXW was a success. A failure was turning up drunk to a wrestling event and attacking a fan rather than his opponent without realising.

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The Superstars of CWA Empty Re: The Superstars of CWA

Post by JJJohnson Wed 23 May 2012, 3:34 pm


Name: John Oko
Nickname: Johnny "O"
Managed By: The Consultant
Height: 6'1
Weight: 234 pounds
Age: 23
Class: Heel
Catchphrases: "Seriously?"

Wrestling Type: Martial Arts/High Flyer

Appearance: Spiky black hair, scar over right eye.
Attire: Black suit, white shirt, loose fitting black tie, white trainers, black fingerless gloves.
Entrance Music: Turk's Theme

Example of Entrance: Walks down the aisle slowly, with The Consultant following him. Chews bubble gum, and blows out bubbles as he walks down to the ring. Carries a katana (japanese sword) with one hand, and holds it behind his shoulder as he walks.

Finishing Move (3 maximum) :

Main Finishing Move:
K-Oko (Running Yakuza Kick )

Secondary Finishing Moves:
Turkish Delight (Codebreaker)
Analyse That (The Consultant hits the opponent with his cane when the referee isn't looking)

10-12 (Or more if you wish) Common moves:

Ode to Taka (Michinoku Driver)
Tic-Tac-Toe (Standing kick to opponents knee, stomach and head in three quick movements)
Tilt-the-wheel Backbreaker
Slingshot DDT
Fisherman's Suplex
Running Bulldog
Chops to chest

Submission moves (if applicable):

Rising Sun (Mexican Surfboard)

High Flying moves (if applicable):

Spinning Heel Kick from top rope
Corkscrew Elbow
Various High Flying moves to outside the ring.

Aspirations/Hopes: To make The Consultant proud
Hope to accomplish: Be a a pain to as many people as possible
Short Term: Cause havoc
Long Term: Win gold

Before Wrestling: Former Turk Leader
Debut to CWA: Under the guidance of The Consultant, Johnny "O" was drafted into The Consultancy to take CWA by storm.

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The Superstars of CWA Empty Re: The Superstars of CWA

Post by JJJohnson Wed 23 May 2012, 8:44 pm

Handler:Adam D

Name: DJ Elektronik
Nickname: not decided yet - to be confirmed

Age: 24
Height: 6.3
Weight: 240
Hometown: Strawberry Fields
Class: Face/Tweener/Heel: Tweener (Dont mind- whatever helps you balance out things!)
Gimmick: DJ Elektronik is the Banksy of the music dance world. No one knows what or who he is but he has been responsible for producing new age synth based samples of old classics to dance tracks. He is an enigma and has been shrouded in mystery - in fact, no one has ever heard him speak. Some people think that there is more than one DJ Elektrik due to his appearance at venues all over the world at similar times. He disappeared from the mainstream 6 months ago and the only information was a countdown clock that appeared on his website. The countdown clock is due to run out at the same time as the launch of the new fed. He is an unknown quantity in the wrestling world.

When he talks, he uses samples already preprogrammed into his keyboard guitar he wears on a strap around his shoulder. The samples are usually classic pop songs. No one has heard his voice, only the samples.

Personality: A mystery, dressed in head to toe lycra which covers his head too.

The Superstars of CWA Spandex+unitard

Entrance Music: Born Slippy

Entrance Details: A big countdown clock on the titan tron which leads to all the lights in the building lighting up and then moving towards the stage. DJ Elektronic appears through the floor draped in a silver foil cape. All the lights point at the cape, illuminating the whole arena. DJ Elektronik jumps up and throws his cape off to reveal a all in one coloured unitard that covers his face as well. He sprints to the ring, slides in and sits down on the floor in the corner.

Finishing Move 1: Sample This (Sit Down powerbomb)

Finishing Move 2: Laying down the beat (irish whip to ropes into side walk slam)

Trademark Move:

Submission Move: Muzak (Sleeper hold - name comes from, "I would rather tap than hear muzak")

Highflying Move: Flying Elbow from turnbuckle

Five - eight common moves:Low dropkick, atomic drop, shin breaker, leg bar, ankle lock

Taunts/Catchphrases: Cum feel the Noize

Match Tactics: Clean

Match Style (Pick three): Speedy, technical, unorthodox

Weapon of Choice: Keyboard guitar

Specialty Match: TBC

History: See above

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The Superstars of CWA Empty Re: The Superstars of CWA

Post by JJJohnson Wed 23 May 2012, 8:46 pm


Name: Vlad Marius
Nickname: The Romanian Wolf
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 250 lbs
Age: 26
Class: Heel
Date of Birth: 23/03/1986
Catchphrases: Listen for the howl

Wrestling Type: Brawler/Technical

Appearance: Quite a tall but thin looking man with longish dark hair and brown eyes.
Attire: A pair of red trousers and he wears a wolf mask to the ring.
Extra Info: Walks in a slightly apprehensive manner, as if always ready to fight.

Entrance Music: Fighting Wolves - One Minute More
Example of Entrance: Vlad walks out onto the stage to a stunned reaction at first, as people see his wolf mask. Vlad slowly walks down to the ring, before sliding in under the bottom rope and then getting to his knees, howls to the sky, before removing his mask to show a menacing grin on his face as he gets to his feet.

Finishing Moves:

•Stalling Brainbuster
Kneel-down Powerbomb
Running Forearm

Common moves:

Running Crossbody
Russian Leg Sweep
Knee Drop
Big Boot

Submission moves:

Sleeper Hold
Bear Hug

High Flying moves (if applicable):

•Diving Clothesline
Diving Elbow

Hope to accomplish: Becoming the most dominant man in CWA
Want to do: Win the World Title
Short Term: Prove his physical power
Long Term: Eliminate all his competition


Before Wrestling: Vlad was originally a farmer in Romania, known for his large stature. He was also known for his fighting skills, for which he was not afraid to demonstrate to any unfortunate victim. Vlad eventually gained the reputation of a "wolf" as he would be very clinical in picking off his "prey".
Debut to CWA:

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The Superstars of CWA Empty Re: The Superstars of CWA

Post by JJJohnson Wed 23 May 2012, 8:53 pm


Name: Frankie Trotter
Nickname: "Big (Frankie)"
Height: 6ft 7"
Weight: 17 Stone
Age: 39
From: East London
Class: Heel
Catchphrases: Anything in Cockney rhyming slang

Attire: Black trousers, dark red open buttoned shirt exposing some chest hair, gold jewellery, shaved short black hair
Extra Info: Flat cap and dark gangster sunglasses for when he's promoing or walking to the ring. Tries to do dodgy deals on the side whatever job he's been in and intends to do that while wrestling.

Theme: "London Calling" by The Clash
Example of Entrance: (like a quick description of their entrance)
Big Frankie Trotter walks out to boos, he stands at the top of the ramp with his arms in the air, then he walks to the ring looking focused yet all knowing.

Strikes: Forearm smash, right hook, left jab, right uppercut
Regular Moves: Headlock, Big Boot (on smaller opponents),
Favorites: Running Headbutt, Biting (fingers, face, whatever to get an advantage)
Signatures: "Gregory Peck" - Spinning Neckbreaker
"Cobblers Grip" - Behind the referee's back -

Finishers: "Brown Bread" - Codebreaker-esque double knee to the face. Brown Bread being rhyming slang for Dead.
"Plate Breaker" - Brazilian Heel Hook. Plates --> Plates of Meat --> Feet

Hope to accomplish: Championships
Want to do: Hurt people
Short Term: Make an impact
Long Term: Prove he's the man

Wins/Losses: 50-0-0 record as a bareknuckle boxer, so he claims.

Before Wrestling: Frankie was a bodyguard for a mysterious used car salesman called "Troublesome" Tyrone, almost all of his cars sold were involved in accidents soon after the sale so Tyrone needed backup.
Success/Failures: He survived the hard life, and he survived prison, so he calls it a success

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The Superstars of CWA Empty Re: The Superstars of CWA

Post by JJJohnson Wed 23 May 2012, 9:05 pm


Name:Jimmy James

Gimmick:University lecturer by day, wrestler by night. Has made it his mission to educate the CWA fans and fellow roster members on all things wrestling.

Personality:Intelligent, Considered, Profound but confident in his abilities.

Entrance Music:Teach you a lesson-Drake
Entrance details:Walks out to the ring, with a textbook shown on the titantron, it flicks through showing Jimmy James in action. He walks to the ring, handing out textbooks to the fans to teach them.

Finishing Move 1:The Educator(Fisherman's suplex brainbuster)
Finishing Move 2:Textbook Execution(Shooting star press)
Trademark move:Legsweep DDT
High-Flying move:Flying clothesline
Submission move:Reference point(Anaconda voice)

5-8 common moves:Arm drag, Arm bar, Snap Powerslam, German suplex, Vertical suplex, Clothesline, Sunset flip, Running forearm smash in the corner followed by a neckbreaker

Catchphrases:You need to be educated, I'm going to teach you a lesson

Match tactics:Clean

Match Style:Technical, Submission, High-flyer

Weapon of choice:Singapore Cane or a textbook

Speciality match:N/A

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The Superstars of CWA Empty Re: The Superstars of CWA

Post by JJJohnson Wed 23 May 2012, 11:08 pm


Name: Grendal
Nickname: Grendal
Height: 6ft10
Weight: 330lbs
Age: Unknown
Class: Face (monster face)
Date of Birth: Unknown
Catchphrases: He's not the best speaker, he seems to struggle to think of what he wants to say due to his lack of social activity

Wrestling Type: Monster type who Brawls and uses Power moves, although he uses his strength to make any grip into a submission.

Appearance: Giant, Freakishly toned monster, His muscles seem overly defined and mis-shapen, like his physique is just a mass of muscle and flesh ( with dark slicked back hair and patchy, scared skin.

Attire: He Wears Brown Trousers and old boots with leather straps wrapping up to his knees and a white leather mask on his face, his mask covers what seems to be the disfigured half of his face, not that the side shown is much better.

Extra Info: He's very Animalistic and will attack anyone who mistreats him, but to those who are kind to him, he is gentle.

Entrance Music: Lordi - Blood Red Sandman

Example of Entrance: The Stage fills with smoke and the lights turn red and Grendel Steps out from the smoke, he lumbers to the ring with a cold look in his eye. As the crowd put their arms out to tag hands, he recoils as if they're going to hit him....

Finishing Move 1: Falling Death (Top rope Powerbomb)
Finishing Move 2: Bad Blood (Stalling Vertical Brainbuster)

Common moves: Anything Power Based or sadistic (Think Kane and Abyss)
Submission moves (if applicable): Bearhug, Chokehold, Anklelock, Walls of Jericho
High Flying moves (if applicable): the occasional tope rope clothesline of leg drop.

Hope to accomplish: He hopes to finally be accepted.
Want to do: He wants to win the fans over and show that he's more than just a monster
Short Term: Get the fans on side
Long Term: Get the locker room to like him too

Wins/Losses: None yet

Before Wrestling: Little is known of Grendal. He has informed the company that he had been tricked into fighting before and that he was part of an underground fighting ring from a young age. He had beaten everyone and done what he was told, but 'tey' wouldnt give him the freedom that he had been promised. So he came to the CWA with only one promise, that he would entertain the people as a free man, and make them proud.
Debut to CWA: Yet to be seen
Success/Failures: Yet to be seen

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The Superstars of CWA Empty Re: The Superstars of CWA

Post by JJJohnson Wed 23 May 2012, 11:25 pm


Name: Jimmy Phillips
Nickname: 'The Talent' Jimmy Phillips
Height: 6ft4
Weight: 257lbs
Age: 21
Class: [Heel/Face] Face
Date of Birth: 23/2/91

Wrestling Type (Brawler,Technical,Submission,High-flier,powerhouse,hardcore etc) : Brawler

Appearance: Chris Masters
Attire: arena attire - Red trunks, knee pads and boots, trunks read The Talent across the back
Extra Info: From Cleveland, Ohio

Entrance Music: Thrice - Cold ash and colder hearts
Example of Entrance: Music hits and the the arena lights turn red. The Talent jogs out to the stage, he walks to one side of the stage acknowledges the fans and then the other, walks down to ring and jumps up onto apron and pyros shoot out of the ringposts (ala brock lesnar)

Finishing Move (3 maximum) :

The Touchdown (rock bottom)
The game changer (clothesline from hell)

10-12 (Or more if you wish) Common moves:

Overhead belly suplex
german suplex
snake eyes
Northern lights suplex
samoan drop
russian leg sweep

Submission moves (if applicable): Masterlock

High Flying moves (if applicable): none

Hope to accomplish: He's ambitious. Hopes to reach the top of the professional wrestling industry
Want to do: Take advantage of a second chance at life (will make sense after before wrestling section)
Short Term: Prove his fitness and his worth
Long Term: See hope to accomplish

Wins/Losses: N/A

Before Wrestling: Always been a fan of wrestling but never pursued it as a career. Was given a scholarship to LSU as American football prospect but was severely injured in his freshman year (back injury which left him temporarily paralysed raising fears he would never walk again). Pro teams won't touch him due to the injury he suffered but he still wants to prove the injury he suffered can't prevent him making a living as an athlete. Feeling spurred on by superstars in various companies who have also suffered neck and spinal injuries he decides to try his hand at the wrestling business
Debut to CWA: Not happened yet
Success/Failures: N/A

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The Superstars of CWA Empty Re: The Superstars of CWA

Post by JJJohnson Thu 24 May 2012, 5:07 pm


Name: Stefan Alvey
Nickname: "The Icon"
Hometown: Johannesburg, South Africa
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 212lb
Age: 28
Class: Face
Catchphrases: "I will fight injustice!" (More to be announced)

Appearance: Traditional wrestling gear usually enters wearing a t-shirt which is then chucked to his adoring fans in the crowd. Stefan also looks after himself well making guys and girls the world wide adore him.

Entrance Music: "Raindrops" - Basement Jaxx vs Metropole Orkest

Entrance Details: Stefan walks out through golden rain (mimicking the raindrops part of the song). He then salutes the crowd before making his way down to the ring high five-ing some of the fans next to the ramp.

Finishing Move 1: J.I.D (Justice is Done - Brainbuster, can be done from second rope)

Finishing Move 2: The Payback (Cattle Mutilation)

Trademark Move: Fall from Grace

Submission Move: Arm bars, boston crabs, guillotine choke, Surfboard stretch

Highflying Move: Missile Dropkick, Leg Drop with theatrics, Flying kicks

Five - eight common moves:
Roundhouse Kick
Crucifix Driver
Springboard Clothesline
Running knee
Kick varities
Drop toe hold
Shining Wizard

Stefan was born in Johannesburg before moving to England when he was just 10 months old as his parents did not approve of the Apartheid government. Stefan obviously grew up abhorring injustice and at the age of 23 got the chance of a lifetime to work for a major American wrestling company after impressing in his local independent company. His never say die attitude, his unwillingness to put up with injustices done to his colleagues and his training in martial arts led to him being scouted at such an early age. However, soon after his move to the states Stefan came out as gay. Immediately the environment presented to him changed and several wrestlers who had previously been friends with him turned their back on him and refused to work in the ring with him. As various crowds in America also turned on their hero the major US company thought that the only choice was to release Stefan. Now back in the United Kingdom as a part of CWA, Stefan is determined to prove that sexuality is not a barrier to success and to fight any injustice that is thrown his way. After his troubles in the states the media attention on Stefan has been high and therefore he is once again a huge fan favourite. Stefan longs to hold the World Title high above his head which will prove to the world that if you don't approve of how you are treated you can fight on through and be the best in the world!

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The Superstars of CWA Empty Re: The Superstars of CWA

Post by JJJohnson Thu 24 May 2012, 8:37 pm


Name: John "Johnny" Goldman
Nickname: The Face, The Golden One, Johnny Gold
Height: 6'5''
Weight: 271lbs
Age: 24
Class: Face
Date of Birth: 2nd February 1988
Catchphrases: "JG: ALL THAT GLITTERS.... Crowd: is GOLDMAAAAAAN!!"

Wrestling Type: Powerhouse/Brawler

Appearance: Shaved Black hair(like a very short 'short back and sides', Strong Jawline no tattoos, defined muscles.
Attire:Black tight wrestling shorts with GOLDMAN on the side of his legs, Black knee pads and elbow pads with gold stars on
Extra Info: Wears a T-Shirt to the ring with 'ALL THAT GLITTERS...' on the front and 'JOHNNY GOLDMAN' on the back. Which he throws to the crowd before each match.

Entrance Music: King Of The Kill - Annihilator
Example of Entrance: The lion that opens the song roars over the speakers, as the guitars kick in Johnny steps out onto the ramp and waits as Golden pyros explode around him, he soaks up the cheers from the crowd then sprints to the ring and jumps onto the apron, climbs the turnbuckle and poses for the fans.

Finishing Move (3 maximum) :
Gold Rush (Batista Bomb)
Sole Searcher (Big Boot)

10-12 (Or more if you wish) Common moves:
Spine Buster
Irish Whip
Knee Trembler
Bear Hug
High Knee
Single Ankle lock
Swinging Neck Breaker

Submission moves (if applicable):
2 Tone (Double Ankle Lock)
Bear Hug

High Flying moves (if applicable):
Diving Elbow Drop

Aspirations/Hopes: To reach the top of CWA, He has been a wrestler all his life, his father was a wrestler who was injured early on in his career and so became a teacher. Johnny learned from the best, his dad.
Hope to accomplish: The love of the fans and the Heavy Weight Gold
Want to do: Earn respect from all who face him, teach people a lesson in honour and fighting for the people
Short Term: Take each match as it comes
Long Term: Become the face of the company and grow CWA to the biggest company in pro wrestling

He has a great record when he wrestled in the local New York indie circuit which he hopes to transfer to CWA

Before Wrestling: There was nothing, he has "Always been a wrestler" he came out fighting. He was born in New York to his parents Judy and Howard Goldman, his dad started off as wrestler under the name 'Tommy Stone' but a leg injury stopped his wrestling career just as it was starting so he decided to teach wrestling instead. Johnny learned from his dad and became a local champion at the age of 21, since then he has been training for something "bigger and better".
Debut to CWA: His dads school has a history of developing great wrestlers and his indie record stood for itself. CWA was there so he applied and the rest is history.

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The Superstars of CWA Empty Re: The Superstars of CWA

Post by JJJohnson Thu 24 May 2012, 8:39 pm


Name: Chris Conforzi
Nickname: Canada's Finest , The Hot Prospect , The technical revolutionist , The Submission Specialist
Weight: 224lbs
From: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Class: [Heel/Face]: Face
Date of Birth: 24/4/1993

Wrestling Type (Brawler,Technical,Submission,High-flier,powerhouse,hardcore etc) : Submission , Technical , Showman

Appearance: long blonde hair , polo shirt , at times might be wearing a suit.
Attire:long tights in red with Conforzi on one leg and the Canadian maple leaf on the other side both words in black. another one is the same but in blue and a black one but with the words in red.
Extra Info:

Entrance Music: Linkin Park - What I've Done
Example of Entrance: (like a quick description of their entrance): black out which leads to his name appearing as lights illuminate the stage as he walks in
the lights flash ( strobe) followed by pyro going off on the stage.

Finishing Move (3 maximum) :
Homeland Heritage ( Sharpshooter)
Walls Of Conforzi (walls of Jericho)
Federal Justice ( kill switch)

10-12 (Or more if you wish) Common moves:

One handed bull dog
diving elbow drop
backhand chop
figure four lock
ankle lock
lebell lock

Aspirations/Hopes: to win the big and do it for the fans.
Hope to accomplish: wining the big one and showing why it should be about the fans not the money
Long Term: establish him self as one the greatest


Backstory: has limited experience in the industry but was know to be one of the best in the development facility's .
wanted to be a wrestler to entertain the fans and win gold. people he grew up watching the likes of the hart family etc.

wants the achieve to be know as one the greatest to ever step into the ring , wants to be know for what he did in the ring!
wants to respect everyone and do what he can for the fans! wants wrestling to be what it used to be not for money!

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The Superstars of CWA Empty Re: The Superstars of CWA

Post by JJJohnson Mon 28 May 2012, 2:23 pm

Handler:Nay Bother

Name: Tito Amoruso
Nickname: to be confirmed
Height: 5ft 6
Weight: 290 pounds
Age: 25
Class: Heel

Wrestling Type (Brawler,Technical,Submission,High-flier,powerhouse,hardcore etc) : Technical, High flyer

Appearance: Short, Stocky Italian american, tanned, Black hair, Hairy chest, small knife scar left side of lower jaw, prison tattoo's of his brothers name on left wrist, and the virgin Mary on right thigh
Attire: (in ring) Blue trunks with the Sicilian flag on the crotch area, Blue boots (out of ring) Tailored trousers, shirt (sleeves rolled up and top three buttons undone) braces, shiny shoes
Extra Info:

Entrance Music: To Be confirmed

Example of Entrance: (like a quick description of their entrance) its a simple walk on, He walks out onto ramp and makes way to ring with his brother following just behind, once he is in the ring his brother (Francesco) says a few words to him.

Finishing Move (3 maximum) : The Arrivederci ( Piledriver from top rope)
The Italiano ( Pedigree)

10-12 (Or more if you wish) Common moves:

Slap to the Face when opponent is dazed
Whisper in the wind
Multiple stamping on the opponent in the corner
Standing Senton
Belly to belly suplex
Randy Orton powerslam ( when opponent is coming off ropes)

Submission moves (if applicable): Alberto Del Rio Style Armbar

High Flying moves (if applicable): Senton Bomb

Aspirations/Hopes: To Prove his family wrong show he is not a waste of space and gain there love again by becoming the best in the world
Hope to accomplish: Becoming world champion, proving he is the greatest

Biography: An Italian american who comes from a large middle class family, Family was the most Important thing to him. He was jailed as a 16 Year Old for assaulting his sisters husband after it was revealed he beat her, He developed a severe case of wee man syndrome in Jail, as it became apparent he was not going to grow much further and so with his diminutive size he needed to prove himself. These anger issues led to him being denied parole on a number of occasion.

Due to his Jail time his family disowned him for bringing dishonour on the family name, all except his older brother francesco who he had looked up to as a role model

After an incident during visiting times it was noticed that his older brother had a degree of control and managed to keep his brother from snapping completely and so at the next parole hearing, a few extra conditions were attached before he would be released.

1) His brother must be with him at all times
2) He must see a regular psychiatrist to try to deal with his anger problems

The parole board also advised that the only company willing to give him a job in the work release program was CWA, and it was decided the nature of the business may be an outlet for his anger in a controlled environment.........

All this has left a bad taste in his mouth as as far as he sees he was protecting his family, protecting there honour and has been shunned by them, and so he now no longer trusts or likes anyone, bar his brother. although secretly he desires nothing more than to part of a family again, for this reason there is nothing he will not do to become the best in the wrestling world, world champion

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The Superstars of CWA Empty Re: The Superstars of CWA

Post by JJJohnson Mon 28 May 2012, 2:25 pm


Name: Cedric Jones
Nickname: The Mime
Height: 6ft 5
Weight: 215 lbs
Age: 25
Class: [Heel/Face]: Face

Catchphrases: He’s always silent so none

Wrestling Type: Technical / clean fighter who never cheats.

Appearance/ Attire: A skinny tall guy in a black and white stripe long sleeved top and tight black trousers. His face is painted white with strong black makeup around his mouth and sometimes eyes. Very expressive with his face and sometimes wears a black beret.

Extra Info: He might well be a quiet man as he doesn’t say a word but he is still a fan favourite.

Entrance Music: Sound of Silence – Simon and Garfunkel

Example of Entrance: (like a quick description of their entrance) Walks calmly down to the ring climbing over invisible objects and shaking hands with the fans and invisible people occasionally walking into walls of glass that no one else can see.

Finishing Move (3 maximum) : Superkick, Figure Four Leg Lock

Common moves: Bulldog, Moonsault, Diving elbow, Step-up Enzurgi, Face Wash, Knife Edge Chop, Bell Clap/ Double Slap to both ears, Scissors kick, Chop Block

Submission moves (if applicable): Figure Four Leg Lock,

High Flying moves (if applicable): Diving Elbow, Moonsault,

Short Term: To be popular with the fans and enjoy himself, educating the fans in the process of the art of the mime.
Long Term: To win championships fairly and provide an entertaining experience for all the fans.

Before Wrestling: Went to stage school but failed for unknown reasons so took to earning money as a street entertainer mime. This explains why he doesn’t speak but no one in his new career as a wrestler knows this. He has maintained the appearance of a mime as this is how he feels most comfortable. He took to wrestling after learning a few moves when he was studying action scenes at stage school and views it as a fun experience.

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The Superstars of CWA Empty Re: The Superstars of CWA

Post by JJJohnson Mon 28 May 2012, 4:05 pm


Name: Dennis Hart
Nickname: "The Enforcer", "The Beast"
Height: 6'3
Weight: 325 pounds
Age: 20
Class: Heel
Date of Birth: 28/05/1992
Catchphrases: "I make scum like you stay down!" "I rough up, bust up and make you shut up!"

Wrestling Type : Brawler / Powerhouse

Appearance: Bald head, no facial hair, all muscle and a little chest hair
Attire: wears black wrestling tights with "I enforce" on the front and " you scum" on the back
Extra Info:

Entrance Music: Shiny Happy People
Example of Entrance: song starts as he walks out, looks up at the titantron, yelling "this isn't my song!" at it before it changes to Stratovarius - We Are The Future .

Finishing Move (3 maximum) :

You Have Had Enough! - Spears the opponent, holds onto them, rolling through and giving them a AA spinebuster.
Tactical Strike - hard punch to the stomach, then one to the kidneys then one to the back of the head followed by a high angle DDT.
Out You Go! ( can combine with You Have Had Enough) - Delivers 2 AA spinebusters and lifts opponent above his head, tossing them out of the ring, into the crowd / barrier / announce table.

10-12 (Or more if you wish) Common moves:

Body punches
Big boot
Pumphandle Slam
Capoeria kicks
Throat thrust
Hard punt to the spine
Spinning backfist
Fake Spinning Backfist into a leg sweep
stamp on legs
drags opponent across the ring, either picking them up and slamming them into each turnbuckle or whipping their ribs into each ringpost

Submission moves (if applicable):

You Aint Walking Out! - Texas Cloverleaf
No More for You! - Double Chickenwing

High Flying moves (if applicable):

Barstool Breaker - Double footstomp onto back
Drank Too Much? - Spinning heel kick from top rope, followed by taunting

Hope to accomplish: Win everything, keep the rabble away
Want to do: Win the titles, enforce his rules
Short Term: get this place cleaned up
Long Term: run this place, his way

Wins/Losses: 0-0

Before Wrestling: A bouncer for Rock City at 16, he showed no mercy and injured a few drunken party goers with his strength and his few self taught moves. He currently keeps a record of people thrown out compared to the bones they broke. Other bouncers kept him reigned in until he was 19, where he broke all of the bouncers arms.
Debut to CWA: Was fired at 19 years and 1 day because of all the lawsuits against Rock City, saw a flyer.
Success/Failures: people to broken bones average 1:6, highest was 1:12

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The Superstars of CWA Empty Re: The Superstars of CWA

Post by JJJohnson Fri 13 Jul 2012, 12:26 pm

Name:Tyler Roth
Nickname:The Prototype, The Baddest Man on the Planet, Demolition Man
Weight:292 lbs
Class: Tweener
Date of Birth:11/12/1990

Wrestling Type: Brawler, Ultra Power-house,submission,technical

Appearance:Short black hair,black stubble across his face (think a mixture of Mason Ryan/Batista/Brock Lesnar)
Attire:Black knee length shorts with a silver flame down the right hand side.Wears a black vest out of the ring but no top inside the ring.
Extra Info:Tyler has a “black flame” tattoo down his right arm (George Clooney in Dusk til Dawn).

Entrance Music: “Til I Collapse” by Eminem & Nate Dogg
Example of Entrance: Blue and silver pyros explode across the stage as the music begins to play and then flames light up down the ramp.Tyler Roth makes his entrance and flexes his massive muscles as red pyros then explode behind him.He beats his chest with a focused smile on his face and then makes his way towards the ring.

Finishing Move (3 maximum) : Reality Check (Fireman’s lift into double-kneed gutbuster)
Fourth Wall (F-5)

10-12 (Or more if you wish) Common moves:
Overhead belly to belly suplex
German suplex
Gorilla press slam
Running clothesline
Full nelson slam
Running powerslam
Double A spinebuster
Batista spinebuster
Urange backbreaker
Powerbomb variations
Double handed chokebomb
Snap powerslam
Big Boot
Pumphandle slam
Fall away slam
Samoan drop
Tilt-a-whirl variations
Slingshot spear/shoulder block/clothesline

Submission moves (if applicable):Masterlock, Brock Lock,Kimura,

High Flying moves (if applicable):Flying clothesline, Flying legdrop, Diving headbutt

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The Superstars of CWA Empty Re: The Superstars of CWA

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