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The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012

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The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012 Empty The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012

Post by JJJohnson Tue 29 May 2012, 2:13 pm

*Andrew Lennox opens the show

Match 1
DJ Elektronic vs Johnny Oko

Match 2
Stefan Alvey vs Chris Conforzi

*Wrestling 101 with Jimmy James

Match 3
Frankie Trotter vs Mike Conrad

Main event
Vlad Marius/Teddy Grimstone vs Jimmy Phillips/Johnny Goldman

*Plus the opportunity to meet the rest of the CWA roster

*Live and exclusive on the 606v2 website

"The next generation of professional wrestling is upon us"

6CW Creative

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The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012 Empty Re: The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012

Post by Marky Tue 29 May 2012, 2:35 pm

KR: Hi, this is Kayleigh Reed, reporting for CWA, with me is one of the many talented wrestlers joining CWA, "Big" Frankie Trotter!

BFT: Give it a rest love, you might 'ave nice bristols and a cute boat, but no bird's gonna take the spotlight away from me, Frankie Trotter! See love, i've ensured I am paid a good amount of bread to be 'ere, when Mr Lennox picked up the dog n bone and gave me a bell, I said to 'im, "I'm there sunshine, as long as the spondulies are right".

(Kayleigh looks perplexed as she didn't understand a word Frankie is saying)

BFT: See love, you're stood here on yer tod, with yer Sexton Bristols, holding a microphone to me North n South! The fact is love, anyfing you were gonna ask is meaningless, Frankie Trotter is here to lace up his Size 13 Daisy Roots, and I don't care if my opponent is a DJ or a Ginger Beer, Frankie Trotter does not discriminate my old China, i'll kick yer right in the Hampsteads, knock those pearly whites down your Gregory Peck. I'm fighting some bloke called Mike Conrad. I know he's a fair bit shorter than me, but that's about all I know abaht him. See, i've been fighting for Donkeys, i've seen birds with Mincies that sparkled twice as brightly as yours, I can fight and I can Rabbit on about fighting. It might be a cliche but I do love a good fight.

KR: What do you think are your chances of beating Mike Conrad are?

BFT: Do what?! Have a word love, my chances? I am going to rip his Cobblers off, I am going to kick his Crust in, and I am gonna leave that little pr*ck Brown Bread. Now, do us a favour love, get the kettle on and make us a cup of Rosie, there's a good girl. Go on, scarper!

(Kayleigh walks off, not knowing why she's walking away, Frankie Trotter has a look at her backside as she walks away)

BFT: Cor, I aint seen a Khyber like that in years, she's probably been in the Current Bun she has...


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The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012 Empty Re: The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012

Post by Zoot - Trevor Swann 6WF Tue 29 May 2012, 3:24 pm

*The sound of silence starts to play and the crowd start to politely clap. A thin guy in dark trousers and a black and white stripe top walks out onto the ramp. His face covered in white make up with thick black lips and eye makeup. He waves to the audience enthusiastically before striding down to the ring. He goes over and shakes hands with the crowd who seem to have accepted him and continues on down to the ring*

Cornelius Arkholme: I’ve heard about this guy although I’ve not heard much from him out the back he looks like he’s kept himself to himself out there and not got in the way of anyone.

*He stops and climbs over something although no one can see anything there which is strange. He smiles afterwards and continues walking before falling over backwards as though something just hit him on the head. He gets up and puts his hands up as though he has found an object or a low beam but nothing can be seen there. He ducks down underneath this invisible object and continues to the ring*

CA: Bit of a weird one if you ask me but we’ll see.

Paul Salisbury: We didn’t ask you but I’ll be interested to see what this new guy like all of them has to say for himself.

*He stops to pick up a microphone and rolls under the bottom rope. The crowd continue to applaud as they wait for this guy to speak. He raises the microphone to his mouth but doesn’t speak and drops his hand before making a downward motion with his hands to calm the crowd down. He raises a finger to his lips for silence and the crowd oblige as the music stops playing*

*He raises the mic to his mouth opens his mouth to speak but no noise comes out. He stops and shakes his head and throws the mic to the corner before pointing to his eyes and then the audience who are sat at ringside in silence. *

PS: Not sure what is going on here must be technical problems with the microphone or something?

*He points to himself and then picks up an invisible phone and places it at the side of his head before shaking his head firmly.*

CA: Looks like well sounds like he might not speak or something. Not sure how the hell this is going to work then. What we doing with mute’s in this organisation?

PS: I know in my day you had to be able to defend yourself on the microphone as well as in the ring. This guy could really do with a manager if he isn’t the most confident in speaking to the public. Hardly the way to make an impact on his debut this. It’s like a game of charades.

*He points to himself again and then makes a talking gesture with his hands before doing a little dance on the spot. He points to himself again before going a bit mental in the ring. It looks like he’s attacking someone and then he goes to pin this invisible person. He brings one of his hands down on the mat and lifts it up with one finger raised, the hand hits the mat again and raises two fingers before finally a third time with three fingers raised. He jumps up and starts to behave as though he is celebrating something before motioning a belt shape around his waist.*

CA: I think he’s trying to say that he’s here to beat other people hahahaha but he’s a total nut case if you ask me.

*He smiles and starts clapping and throwing kisses to the audience with a massive smile on his face which is only accentuated by his thick black make up. He jumps over the top rope to the outside of the ring and down to the floor before going and shaking audience members hands and hugging people and making his way out of the arena .*

Zoot - Trevor Swann 6WF

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The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012 Empty Re: The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012

Post by Uryu Ishida Tue 29 May 2012, 6:18 pm

*A lone figure wearing a black suit and tie walks out to the ramp with no entrance music, he is well built and bald headed as he stops halfway down and holds his left arm up, snapping his fingers as "Shiny Happy People" plays causing the man to sigh and walk up to a cameraman and hold him in a headlock that gets increasingly tighter until his music suddenly changes to "We Are The Future" He lets go and smiles, patting him on the back as he rolls into the ring. He walks around looking at the crowd with curiousity*

???: Ladies and gentlemen my name is Dennis Hart and I do not give a damn what you all think!

*The crowd boo as he laughs*

Hart: I am quite suprised by you all though, half of you are holding beer, the other half too drunk to stand and you are all uneducated hicks who only think about sex, booze and incest.


Hart:The only reason I am out here is because my boss thinks I need educating from former WCW fans about how to act, the only thing I am getting from you people is that I should leave before catching the disease known as "I'm a moron and I don't know it!"

*He sighs*

Hart: I am above every single person here, in IQ, toughness, reliability, good looks and the reason why I am is because you all are is a bunch of sheep, you don't buy the food you just eat whatever grass is around, you follow each other around and you think that Terry Funk is still cool, talk about stupidity!

Crowd: Terry Funk! x5

*Dennis sighs in disgust*

Hart: I am here to clean up this company, from the lousy production crew as you saw earlier to these so called wrestlers in the back, I mean who lets a mime into a wrestling promotion? whats he gonna do, put me in a pretend box and ship me to another backwater dump like this?

*The crowd boo again as he walks around the ring*

Hart: If any of you guys in the back or you drunken idiots out there want to try and stop me, be my guest. I will slam you on this piece of trash mat, throw you into the rusty turnbuckles and then fling you into these hillbilly sheep fans of yours for good measure!

*He sighs as his mic is cut off as he demands another one from the ring announcer and snatches it out of his hand*

Hart: My name is Dennis Hart and I will make your lives better.

*He leaves the ring as trash is thrown at him, he threatens a few fans as he walks to the backstage area*

Uryu Ishida

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The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012 Empty Re: The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012

Post by Crimey Tue 29 May 2012, 6:24 pm

*Michael Porter is stood backstage with a man wearing a dark vest with a large skull on it, the lack of sleeves shows off his tattoo covered arms. He has a scowl on his face and it is difficult to differentiate between what is scar and what is frown. He flexes his muscles for a second and Porter's eyes bulge in fear as Teddy Grimstone's reputation as an aggressive character precedes him.*

MP: Welcome to CWA Teddy.

*Teddy doesn't even speak, he just nods impatiently.*

MP:'re a veteran of the wrestling world, so what made you come to CWA?

TG: Whose decision was it to hire you? I've seen more intelligent things squashed in the middle of the road. For ***** sake. I better not have to put up with this **** all the time, I don't think I could stand it.

*Porter visibly gulps in intimidation.*

TG: To answer your stupid question, I came to CWA because it's pretty much the only damn place that will hire me. I suppose both parties were pretty desperate, they needed roster members to get started and I needed a pay-check each and every week and since every promotion on the East Coast won't go anywhere near me, they can't handle me, CWA was the only place left. It's not romantic, it's not poetic, but that's life kid. Life is a pile of sh*t and I'm tellin' you now, the only thing that gets me up in the morning is the possibility of kicking ass. CWA offers me that.

MP: Oh okay. Well are you excited for the first show? I know those in the are are.

TG: I'm excited to get back in the ring, excited to start inflicting pain, excited that soon I'll be in my natural habitat, surrounded by sweat, tears and blood. That's what I'm excited about Mick-

MP: Oh, sorry, it's Michael.

TG: You interrupting me boy?!

*Teddy pushes Michael Porter against the wall, Michael looks terrified as Teddy eyes him with a crazed look.*

TG: Don't you DARE disrespect me like that again or I might end up just getting fired from here to, with a lawsuit from your upset mommy and daddy when I send you home in a goddamn plaster of paris suit!

*Teddy lets go of Michael, letting him drop to the floor. Michael Porter is now visibly shaken by the events. His hands are shaking.*

TG: I'm a veteran of the wrestling circuit, and when I see that young blood that this company has signed him up I can't help but pity them. I am thirsty for broken bones and bruised and battered bodies. I am desperate to finally be able to do what I do best and that is hurt people. They are all full of hope and dreams and aspirations and I am delighted that once again I am going to be allowed to crush people like them.

MP: Erm...wh-wh-what do you me-me-mean by once again?

TG: This isn't the first time I've been used to help start up a small promotion, and every time it's the same, the promotion signs a mixture of weirdos, experienced guys like me and those young hopefuls that you'll see right here in CWA. And every time, without fail, I take great pleasure in cutting short their unrealistic dreams. Life's a bitch, and it's my duty, my DUTY to teach it to them. I'm not a "wrestler" or a "sports entertainer" I'm a brawler, a fighter and that's the only way you get ahead in this world.

MP: What about-

TG: You know what Mick? This interview is over. I'm not going to waste my time with f***ing chit-chat with you. Just get the hell out of my way, I've got a main event to prepare for.

*Teddy pushes past Michael, who waits until Teddy is long gone before having a huge sigh of relief as if he had been holding in his breath.*


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The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012 Empty Re: The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012

Post by Guest Tue 29 May 2012, 6:32 pm

Michelle Steel is stood in an empty parking lot with a microphone in hand

MS: Hi guys, its Michelle Steel here with a 606 exclusive as we get ready for a new dawn here in professional wrestling. Any minute now we're expecting one of the guys hoping to change the future of this industry forever

a car engine can be heard off camera and suddenly a run down old Civic drives into screen, it pulls to a stop and the 6ft4 frame of Jimmy Phillips climbs out of it, he's wearing torn jeans and a plain white Tee

MS: Hi, I'm Michelle. Welcome to the CWA, are you one of the new superstars?

JP: You could say that yeah

MS: Well forgive my ignorance, we have quite a few

JP: Of course. Hi, I'm Jimmy, Jimmy Phillips

MS: as in 'The Talent' Jimmy Phillips?

JP: Thats me

MS: You mind me asking, where did you get the nickname from, as I believe it you've never done anything like this before?

JP: No never, this will be my first time. The nickname comes from my High School football days, I was all set to be the future of the sport, full scholarship to one of the best college football programmes in the US, the top projected pick in the draft. I had it all laid out for me

MS: so how did you end up here?

JP: Unfortunately I suffered an injury during the championship game in my Freshman year. When I came too I was in an emergency room surrounded by docs talking how my back was shot and I'd never walk again. It took me months and months of rehab and hard work, I overcame all the adversity and climbed out of a wheelchair under my own strength for the first time a year to the day after the injury occured. Unfortunately most football teams don't really wanna touch you after they find out about that

MS: I'm sorry to hear that but I have to ask aren't you taking a bit of a risk. I mean technically you were paralysed, surely it must raise concerns within you that one bad shot and you could end up back in the same place, or god forbid worse.

JP: Id be lying if I said it never crossed my mind, but I'm not going to live in fear. I want to prove that I can still make it as an athlete, reach the pinnacle and be a shining light for those who had the same misfortune that I had. I want to prove to the world that my nickname never went up in smoke with my injury. As long as I'm still breathing I'll fight to the end, I'll fight my past to win my future. Sure it may not be the future I'd dreamed full of Superbowl rings but I can hopefully replace them with championship titles

MS: I gotta say I love your positive outlook and I'm sure the fans will as well. Onto this week you are one of the stars we get to see in action. You'll be tagging with Jonny Goldman in tag team action against Vlad Marius and Teddy Grimstone, any thoughts heading into this?

JP: None whatsoever. I know nothing about them, Hell I know nothing about my tag partner. But all I can do is train hard and go out there and give it my best, I know if I do that then I got a shot

MS: Thanks for your time Jimmy

JP: thanks Michelle

Jimmy walks out of shot as the scene fades


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The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012 Empty Re: The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012

Post by Blade Tue 29 May 2012, 7:32 pm

The crowd then cheer when Mike Conrad walks into camera shot and stares at
Frankie Trotter, Mike is holding a trash can with a Sweeping brush sticking out the trash can.

Mike Conrad: So you gonna stick those size 13's up me are you, How the hell are you gonna do that when I put this trash can over your head?

Frankie starts to get closer to Conrad who then gets the brush out and waves it about in the air as the crowd cheer in the back ground.

Mike Conrad: I wouldn't do that if I were you mate, I'm here to take out the trash and it starts with you right here on the very first show of championship wrestling academy.

the crowd gives a huge pop towards Conrad who smiles at the camera.

Mike Conrad: Listen up Frankie my boy, You have messed with the wrong person and this time not even you size 13 boots can save you, Once i have cleaned you up it will be time for me to rise up the roaster cleaning all the crap away from this wonderful establishment and make this company great.
The crowd goes wild with excitement.

Mike Conrad: And they were you talked just to Kayleigh Reed well that was just plain rude and you need to wash your mouth out with soap, Cos like I said am here to take out the trash and your just one big fat peace of trash that needs to be taken to the refuse dump squashed into a little ball and then chucked in the black bin cos there sure as hell can't put in the recycle bin, Who or what would want to have you in there house?

The crowd laughs to Conrad's comments as he just stands there holding his sweeping brush and trash can.

Mike Conrad: Now if you don't mind I need to go a clean this place up a little, ta tah for now.

Conrad puts his sweeping brush back in his trash can smiles into the camera and starts to walk away.

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The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012 Empty Re: The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012

Post by Guest Tue 29 May 2012, 8:37 pm

The camera cuts to the backstage area where Raymond Alexander is standing by. Alexander is at that point talking to the cameraman.

RA: Have you seen some of the fruit-loops coming into this place? I mean threatening reporters, speaking in slang. Lord only knows why I took this job.

Cameraman: Maybe it was something to do with the fact you’re one of the best paid guys in the fed.

RA: Why don’t you just hold the camera and keep your mouth shut, as that is what YOU are paid to do.

Just as they are talking, a large man walks into the building. The man is wearing a pair of wrestling tights, a slightly untidy shirt and a fedora hat covering his face. The man goes to walk past, but Alexander walks in front of him.

RA: Well excuse me, but who the hell are you?

Man: Get out of my way simpleton, you aren’t the tough man you think you are.

RA: No, you listen to me. If you are a wrestler here, I’m the guy who’s going to get the scoop on you, and if you are just some guy trespassing, then I’ll more than happily show you to the exit.

The two men stare down one another for a few moments before the large man lets out a small chuckle, before removing his hat.

Man: I am indeed a wrestler here, my name is Vlad Marius, though some call me the Romanian Wolf.

RA: Oh yeah, well why do they call you that pretty boy, because you’re seen with your tail between your legs most of the time?

Vlad: Ha ha, funny, but no, they call me the wolf because I am known to pick apart my prey, something I’d be more than willing to give you firsthand experience of if you decide to keep this attitude up.

RA: Well now that we have the pleasantries out of the way, what made you come here, to CWA of all places, I mean it’s no bus-ride for you from Transylvania or wherever the hell you come from.

Vlad: Back in Romania I was the man in my community. I tore apart the drunkards and disorderly like they were made of paper, but only can you live with being a big fish in a very small pond. I needed to go and find competition, which is something which I quickly found that this World lacked for me. So I went looking for somewhere which I could at least demonstrate my skill to men who were at least remotely tough, and by chance I was left a message by a Mr. Lennox who informed me that his federation would provide me with some new “prey” for which I could hunt. Though unfortunately it seems from seeing the rest of this roster, my prey was less rabid and more rabbit, so I guess I’ll have to make do with being a mauler in just another part of the world.

RA: Well those are bold words, but you have to prove yourself in your debut, and it appears that Andrew Lennox wants a demonstration of these skills of yours, as you are in the main event, teaming with Teddy Grimstone against Jimmy Phillips and Johnny Goldman. What are your views on this?

Vlad: Well I don’t know what new things you want me to say to you. I’ve already told you my opinion on the rest of this roster and my displeasure with it, but I suppose if you want some detail I’ll take pity on you this once. Firstly this partner of mine, Grimstone, you may have scared that reporter but it didn’t intimidate me. You may be a veteran of the wrestling circuit and may even scare the puny men who get hired around here, but I’m much bigger than them and I am much more dangerous, so I deeply suggest to you that you don’t attempt to try and play any games with me. That being said, I may not fear you, but I was impressed by your demeanour, your arrogance and even the presence you gave off. You and I both here to prove a point rather than work our way up the rankings, and I would take great pleasure in teaming with you at “The New Dawn”, in taking down two of the more pathetic of the flock of sheep in this company. I notice that Goldman hasn’t dared set foot in this building yet, since learning his fate for next Thursday, but his partner “The Talent” Jimmy Phillips was unfortunately not so clever. You’re heroic story of fighting from near paralysis may be heart warming for the people who sit at home and watch this, however for me, it just provides a target for me. If you show me one weakness, I will exploit it, as that is just my natural instinct, so a target that large for me is too big to miss. What better a message to send out from me than to put you back in a hospital on the very first night of CWA, end the fairytale before it ever begins.

I don’t believe in wonder stories, I believe in nightmares as nightmares are the place which I thrive. Now, if you’ll excuse me sir, I need to go and get better acquainted with my surroundings. Good day.

Vlad puts his fedora back on and walks past Alexander, who looks on slightly perplexedly at Vlad, before turning back to the cameraman and talking as the scene fades out.


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The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012 Empty Re: The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012

Post by Gregers Tue 29 May 2012, 9:48 pm

(A man is seen outside the arena signing autographs, he is surrounded by media who buzz around him trying to get an interview. He has a dashing smile, is well chizzled and the fans around him seem overawed by his persona. He finishes his autographs before apologizing to the fans that his time is up. He is then ushered into the interview space infront of the interview backboard. On which there is the CWA logo as well as several of the sponsors names. The man is then approached by Michelle Steel. Who begins the interview)

MS: I am here to welcome a man who has been in the headlines for the past few months, Stefan Alvey. So Stefan how does it feel to finally be here?

SA: Well Michelle, how do you think it feels? Well I'll tell you, it feels incredible. I'm back in the business I love after going through what can only be described as hell.

MS: I think that we're all aware of the hell you went through Stefan but could you fill in any of our viewers who are unaware.

SA: You mean the viewers who have been living under a rock for the past few months?

(Stefan and Michelle laugh)

MS: I guess you could put it like that Steffan, afterall you have been at the center of the media's attention because of it.

SA: Indeed I have Michelle. Well put it this way, my hell caused me to be ostracized from the business that I love. It caused me to be treated as a second class citizen just because of the way that I am. And you know what Michelle, all it has done is to refocus my mind. For any of our viewers who don't know I was part of a major wrestling company in America where I was seen as the next big thing in sports entertainment. However, after coming out I was forced out in an injust manner. I was thrown out just because of who I am.

MS: That must have been hard for you Stefan.

SA: Damn right it was hard Michelle, I won't lie to you I was at rock bottom. I felt as if what I am was wrong. But the media attention has been overwhelming. Maybe its due to me not being prepared to sit back and just let it pass, but the support I have received has been sensational. However, none of that would matter if I was not being offered the opportunity to compete for a new and exciting company.

MS: So how did the contract with CWA come about Stefan?

SA: Well Michelle, our great owner Andrew Lennox has grown to be a good friend ever since the incident in the states. He contacted me early on in the media frenzy to offer his support. After his brainchild of CWA started to come to life the move here was always on the cards. And believe me when I say that it is an honour to be here. Furthermore, I want to repay the belief that Andrew has shown in me.

MS: Well I think I speak for everyone here when I say that we cannot wait to see how you go about repaying that faith!

SA: Thank you Michelle, now if you'll excuse me I believe I have some more fans to see (Cheers can be heard from the large crowd that is still present outside the arena). Afterall, without people like these who turn out every week this business would cease to exist.

MS: Well I'm sure we'll be meeting again soon Stefan.

SA: I look forward to it Michelle. I am Stefan Alvey, and I am The Icon.

(Stefan kisses Michelle on the hand before leaving the interview area. He walks over to the nearest group of fans and begins to sign autographs. The assorted media groups following him the whole way)


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The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012 Empty Re: The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012

Post by Adam D Tue 29 May 2012, 9:57 pm

A large countdown clock appears on the CWA website, crashing the main page.

The countdown continues as a ecclectic mix of dance, rock, pop and jazz plays over.













(A man in a all in one unitard starts pressing keys on his keyboard to bring up song samples)

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

what would you do if I sang out of tune? would you stand up and walk out on me?

I kissed a girl and I liked it
The taste of her cherry chapstick

The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012 Dep_4175128-Man-Wearing-Silky-Blue-Bodysuit-Scratching-Head

(the image does an extreme close up of the hooded face- for the first tme the lips can be seen moving)

JOHNNY O!!!!!!!!

The camera goes back to a full shot and the man plays the samples on his keyboard once more)

Out of the doorway the bullets rip
To the sound of the beat

The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012 Full%20Body%20Unisex%20Lycra%20Spandex%20Zentai%20Suit

And I raise my head and stare...into the eyes of a stranger.

(Extreme close up - lips move)


The image goes to static and the CWA site goes back to normal

Adam D

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The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012 Empty Re: The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012

Post by Lee Wed 30 May 2012, 10:09 am

The Crowd in the arena are excited for the next superstar to come out and introduce themselves.

Suddenly the sound of a Lion roars out over the speakers as the guitars of 'King of The Kill ' by Anihilator kicks in Johnny Goldman steps out onto the ramp and waits as Golden pyros explode around him. The crowd cheer as Johnny sprints to the ring and jumps onto the apron, climbs the turnbuckle and poses for the fans.

Paul Salisbury: Johnny Goldman ladies and gentlemen is a New York born former Indie wrestling champion in his native USA, he comes from the acclaimed 'Howard Goldman School of Wrestling'

Cornelius Arkholme: He certainly seems confident, let see what he has to say for himself...

Goldman is wearing a T-Shirt with 'ALL THAT GLITTERS' on the front and 'GOLDMAN' on the back, he spots a small boy in the crowd waving at him so he jumps out the ring and hands him the shirt and rustles him hair then shakes the child's father's hand and heads back into the ring.

Johnny points at the ring announcer and he is handed a microphone.

JG: Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is John Goldman, a little bit about me...I am from New York City in the USA, I have been wrestling the indie circuit for a few years now, I managed to get myself to the top, but there is only so high you can go in indie wrestling, and I needed to test myself in the big leagues, once I heard CWA were looking for new talent I didn't hesitate in putting my name forward.

So why did I leave my homeland and come over here? Simple, I wanted to test myself, you brits are a tough bunch (Crowd: WOOOOOOOOOOOOO) haha and I wanted to test myself against the best.

I am here to fight for you, I will prove myself when I take on Vlad Marius andTeddy Grimstone with my parter for this week one mister Jimmy Phillips, Now I have no idea how these guys wrestle, so on the one hand there is the fear of the unknown, but then again, there is the excitement factor too.... AND I CAN'T WAIT! to show you people what I am made of.


Johnny looks surprised and honoured to hear the fans chant his name and he applauds the fans.

JG: Thank you very much everyone, I hope you get the chance to chant my name again after this weeks match, I wish everyone else in the match the best of luck and warn them that I will give my all, so be ready...

...OK well I guess I should go train and get ready for the match, thank you all for the warm welcome and take care of yourselves! and remember ALL THE GLITTERS!....IS GOLDMAN.

Johnny throws his microphone to the announcer and raises his arms as 'King of The Kill' hits and the crowd cheer as Johnny makes his way up the ramp tagging the hands of the fans, he get's to the top of the ramp and salutes the fans and disappears through the curtain.

CA: Well there we have it, Johnny Goldman, a man of the people indeed

PS: Seems like bit of a loser to me

CA: He was humble and polite if that's what you mean

PS: That's what I mean

CA: Be sure to check the show tonight ladies and Gentlemen exclusive on 606V2!


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The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012 Empty Re: The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012

Post by TwisT Fri 01 Jun 2012, 7:52 pm

The "Turks Theme" plays on the arena speakers and Johnny O comes out to the ring with his katana, followed by The Consultant. He looks bored and indifferent to the reaction of the crowd. He blows a few gum bubbles out as he walks slowly down to the ring. When they both reach it, The Consultant takes the mic and Johnny O slouches against the corner turnbuckles.

The Consultant: Well this is nice. Another ring, another gormless crowd and another federation to cause Mayhem in. Oh, excuse the little plug there for the "other sides" PPV. For those of you that don't know who I am, my name is The Consultant. I am in charge of the best that wrestling has to offer, and my little band of followers are in a group that I call The Consultancy.

He points to Johnny O, who is yawning, and continues.

The Consultant: The man you see there; a man literally exploding with excitement of being here, is Mr John Oko. Or Johnny O to his friends. Which, by the way, he has none of. He epitomises everything that is great about being part of The Consultancy. A will to win. A desire to cause pain. And an ability far beyond anything in this federation. Standing before you is the future. And you need to listen to it, take it all in and rejoice. Johnny..........

The Consultant hands Johnny O the mic, as a few boo's and "you suck" chants ring out in the crowd. Johnny O stares around, still blowing bubbles and looking out at the crowd unimpressed. Finally, he lifts the mic to his lips and talks slowly and deliberatly.

Johnny O: DJ face me. Johnny O. The future of this federation. Japan is the mainland of all things electric. We own it, just as I will own you. You entertain people with your music. I entertain people with my right foot. When you feel that against your face, you will hear the sound of 3 pounds of the canvas. And then nothing.

The crowd start booing again, and Johnny O raises an eyebrow.

Johnny O: Seriously? You gaijin's are nothing to me. You disgust me. And now I am bored of you and your pitiful cries. Save it for the match.

Johnny O hands the mic back to The Consultant, who laughs as the crowd continue to boo. Johnny O slumps back against the corner, and rubs his katana against the ring ropes.

The Consultant: Well people, you heard it here first. Johnny O really does not care what you think. And, for that matter, neither do I. But for DJ Gin and Tonic, I make one slight observation. All music can end when cutting off the power. And it won't take much to cut off yours.....

Suddenly Johnny O screams in Japanese and cuts the ring ropes in two. He stares out to the crowd after this show of aggression, and chews his gum vigorously, before blowing out one large bubble. He walks out of the other side of the ring, and The Consultant taps his shoulder twice as he passes. The Consultant then stares at the broken ring ropes and chuckles.

The Consultant: Somebody fix that before the match yeah.......we don't want CWA falling apart before it even begins.

He laughs again, as "Money" plays on the speakers, and he joins Johnny O on the outside of the ring. They both walk slowly up the aisle, to a chorus of boos, and through the curtain.


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The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012 Empty Re: The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012

Post by Uryu Ishida Sun 03 Jun 2012, 3:00 pm

*Dennis Hart is standing backstage next to Michael Porter. Michael looking nervous as Dennis smiles, putting a can of pop on a table behind him.*

Porter: So, Dennis why did you proceed to attack the cameraman?

*Dennis' smile slowly fades*

Hart: I did not attack him, I encouraged him and all the staff in the production truck to do better.

Porter: By attacking an innocent cameraman.

*Dennis steps up into his face looking stern*

Hart: I, DID NOT attack him, understood?

*Porter nods stepping back nervously*

Porter: Well this was supposed to be an introduction of you to the fans but you have already done that yours...

Hart: I have already done that by myself because I will not follow the rules of an orgnisation that prides itself on pandering to the idiotic fans. I will not follow the rules set by my dunce of a boss who thinks I should play by the rules. I do what I want, when I want and improving this joke of an company is...what the hell is that?

Security: Stop that fan!

*Two security guards were chasing an angry bulky man wearing a TNA T-shirt who was yelling expletives and charging directly at Dennis. Dennis charges towards him and hits him with a spear, rolling through and delivering a AA spinebuster through the table, knocking the fan out as the out of breath security catch up and examine the scene, Dennis looking peed off*

Security: Thanks for stopping him, he had us running all around...

Hart: Why was he not caught sooner? Why was he allowed to get back here and give you out of shape doughnut eating idiots the slip?!

*Porter checks on the fan as Dennis walks up to the security guy's faces' and starts yelling*

Hart: Why was I doing your job for you? did you think that because there is a former security guard back here he could pick up the slack because the rest of you were lazy!? now go phone for an ambulance for this idiotic fan before I decide to make you two neanderthals join him!

*The security walk away slowly as Michael Porter looks up at Dennis with a worrying look, Dennis looking frustrated*

Hart: Lets continue shall we?

*Michael stands up, still showing concern for the fan as he holds the mic*

Hart: Our boss hires some pretty poor security doesn't he?

Porter: I think he will be more concerned with what you did to that fan.

Hart: Concern? he broke in where he shouldn't have and got what was coming to him. He was scum, just like the rest of these fans in this backwater hellhole and I am here to enforce the scum with my rules, my way of thinking and my priorities. In fact, I am going to be holding a live training session next week to teach the security how to do their jobs! If Mr Lennox has a problem with that then he had better say it to my face because if any more fans start breaking into areas they shouldn't and security cannot handle them, then I will be forced to teach Mr Andrew Lennox my view on fan interaction!

*Dennis Hart storms off leaving Michael Porter looking worried*

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The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012 Empty Re: The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012

Post by Mat Tue 05 Jun 2012, 11:55 am

"Teach you a lesson" is playing in the background as VT begins to play on the Titantron in the CWA arena.

The VT shows a beaten down gym with a blackboard in it, on the blackboard are diagrams of a series of wrestling moves. The camera then pans to the ring, showing a young wrestler warming up. Another wrestler steps into the ring...

He drags in the young wrestler, hitting a stiff knee to the stomach and then throwing him down with a vertical suplex. He hauls the young wrestler up and shouts powerslam, he whips the wrestler out across the ring and hits a picture-perfect snap powerslam.

He then places the young wrestler into an armbar, he drags him to his feet and throws him to the corner. He hits a running forearm smash followed by a neckbreaker. He then leans over the ropes and grabs a mic.

??:I am the professor, Jimmy James. The single most gifted,technical,intelligent wrestler in the world day. I have joined CWA for one reason, to educate the fans and my fellow wrestlers. You will all be enlightened by the teachings of the professor!

*James then locks in the reference point(Anaconda vice) and the young wrestler taps immediately.

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The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012 Empty Re: The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012

Post by BlueDragon1205 Tue 05 Jun 2012, 4:43 pm

A Video begins to play, the entrance to cave is shown and a loud booming voice speaks in an authoritative way, the camera slowly moves deeper and deeper inside the cave as the Voice Over speaks...

A Millennium Ago, before time, before man there was only Gods and Titans...

The Gods ruled the skies and the Titans walked on the land. One of those Titans realized that he wanted more than the land, that he wanted to rule over both worlds and he managed to convince others to see this his way...

He gathered an army and he invaded the sky, the Gods where furious and they fought back, the war was legendary...

They fought for thousands of years and as the last of the Titans where banished to the underworld, only their leader was left, he spoke to the king of the gods and he told him that the sky was the rightful place for all, that it was unfair of the Gods to place themselves above anyone else and that he would die before he allowed the world to be segregated, that he would sooner perish than see a world with Gods ruling and everyone else having to serve....

The King of the Gods was enraged by the arrogance of this lesser being and he struck him down with his mighty staff....

An age later the Gods had destroyed all of the Titans and sent every last one to the underworld and below their realm lay an empty world, uninhabited and barren...

The Kindest of the Gods gave life to the earth, he gave it water and plant life...

The Eldest of the Gods decided that they needed a way to know how the earth would react to time, so he gave it the sun and the moon so as to be able to record the passing of time...

The King of the Gods decided that h was bored, he needed something on the earth to keep him entertained, he was on the verge of allowing the titans to re-inhabit the lesser world, until he realized that the events of the past would only reoccur and he decided against it...

Instead he redesigned the Titans, he took away their colossal size, he took away their God like fury, he removed their immortality, he stripped them of their great ambition and their Demigod like powers...

And he called it....


The camera suddenly stops moving into the cave as a flickering light can be seen in the distance. The outline of some sort of creature is pulsing as it breaths heavily..

But now the Gods plans have came to fruition and they have a species bellow them who are willing to serve, who are willing to bow down and give up their freedoms in the name of their God, the God that created them weak, the same one that ruled over the other Gods and declared himself King....

The King of the Gods now sits atop his throne, he feeds off the praise and the worship of the masses as that Titan predicted all that time ago...

But the Titan had an idea, even that long ago, when he was slain, he left his mark on this world, a drop of his blood fell from the heavens and landed upon the earth, that blood stained the ground with the power, the strength, the fury and ambition of the rightful Ruler of the World...

This child was born with strength and power of fortitude beyond that of any man, he was mutated, and compared to the humans a 'freak of nature' he was given up the wilds, cast out and he was left to find his own destiny...

The Great Titan had let his blood spill onto the earth so that when his heir was born, when the chosen one was given the chance to take the world back from the Gods he could do it....

Now he is here, he has one mission in mind and he will do anything to accomplish it, His name is Grendal and he desires only one thing.....

The camera zooms in on a masked, freakishly proportioned monster, lit by a fire and he turns to the camera with a snarl, he stands up and lumbers into the light... he reaches out a gigantic open hand to the camera and his head tilts to the side like a confused animal....

Grendal: You... Grendal.... Friend?

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The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012 Empty Re: The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012

Post by Bull Tue 05 Jun 2012, 8:54 pm

The CWA website begins to show a encrypted video which begins to show old wrestling footage from WWF in the 60s-90s and WCW the video shows the likes of Flair, Hogan, HBK, Hart. It then shows Hart locking someone in the sharpshooter as "What ive done" begins the play in the background.

????: This was the Industry I grew up watching as a kid sure I was not there but it was the reason why I wanted to be a wrestler and what the Industry was known for.

The Video then beings to show images of Money and drugs

????: this is what the Industry is now know for it is seen as a place for drugged up massive "monsters" and failed body-builders as well as the fact that it is "easy money" for anyone who is willing to put their body through pain.

The video changed and begins to show the fans from the 90s.

????: I am here for one reason only and that is to do it for the fans and entertain them I am not here for the money only for the fans.

????: That is what it should be for every person in the wrestling industry.
it does not matter if you are the "good guy" or "bad guy" the goal should only ever be to entertain the fans even if you are booed it shows you are supported even if you are cheered it shows the fans support you. We wrestlers are the lungs of the industry but the fans are the heart without them none of this would be possible.

????: I am here to show that and get in to the ring and entertain the fans. I am the lowest paid wrestler in this business and I want it to remain that way all the way untill I have retired. As long as at the end of the day i can walk with my head held high and not feel like a mercenary i am happy with what I have accomplished.

The Video begins to show the City of Toronto followed by the words "The Hot Prospect" which appear.

???? : This is my homeland and I am proud of my Heritage.

The Encrypted video closes


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The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012 Empty Re: The Championship Wrestling Academy presents "The New Dawn" - June 7th 2012

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