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FA Drops A Clanger

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FA Drops A Clanger Empty FA Drops A Clanger

Post by ronin47 on Thu 07 Apr 2011, 10:35 am

Hi all, how ya doing

With the FA giving Rooney a 2 match suspension, I believe they are
making an awful lot of trouble for themselves.

Anytime a player swears at a ref or in any type of incident,
and if someone phones in a complaint then they will have to act on it.

Because the same rules must be applied to ALL

This is more "Trial by Television" as is also happening in Golf.


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FA Drops A Clanger Empty Re: FA Drops A Clanger

Post by compelling and rich on Sat 09 Apr 2011, 9:35 am

the fa are making a example out of rooney becase who he is and not what he's done. the fa havnt got the balls to back up this ban by doing the same every time some one will be caught swearing. which is the most annoying part of this whole thing. if the fa were stamping down on this and would do the same for every player then i wouldnt have a problem, but that wont happen.

just like the rio case where he got a longer ban for missing a drugs test than some players who had tested postive for drugs!! the fa just showing even further what incompetent fools they are. there embrassing for english football, whether it being building wembly, world cup bid they couldnt organise a urine up in a brewery. time to re form the public school boys and shake them up by putting in people who actually know something about football

compelling and rich

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