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CWA "Uprising" 21st June 2012

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CWA "Uprising" 21st June 2012 Empty CWA "Uprising" 21st June 2012

Post by JJJohnson Thu 14 Jun 2012, 10:46 pm

Match 1
Gateway to Glory Round 1
Cedric Jones vs Tito Amoruso

Match 2
Gateway to Glory Round 1
DJ Elektronic vs Stefan Alvey

Match 3
Jimmy Phillips/Mike Conrad/Chris Conforzi vs Teddy Grimstone/Frankie Trotter/Johnny Oko

Match 4
Gateway to Glory Round 1
Jimmy James vs Dennis Hart

Main Event
Gateway to Glory Round 1
Johnny Goldman vs Grendal

*Plus an exclusive interview and statement from Vlad Marius

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CWA "Uprising" 21st June 2012 Empty Re: CWA "Uprising" 21st June 2012

Post by TwisT Fri 15 Jun 2012, 7:28 pm

The arena screen suddenly bursts into life and The Consultant, sitting regally behind a plush desk, looks deep into the camera. Johnny Oko is sitting closer towards the camera; leaning back on his chair with both feet resting upon the desk. He has his hands behind his head and is looking up at the ceiling relaxed while blowing out bubble gum bubbles.

The office they are sitting in has luxurious tapestries hanging from each end of the far wall. In its centre are half a St Georges flag and half a Japanese flag sewn together. The contrasting colours of red and white merge into a new type of logo that obviously has more meaning for the men in the room apart from being their national flags:

CWA "Uprising" 21st June 2012 Untitl10

The Consultant picks up a series of papers, shuffles them and starts to address his unseen audience.

The Consultant: Good evening, and welcome to the first of what will be many lectures to you, my unwise, blind and loyal little puppy dogs of CWA. Firstly, I want to congratulate Johnny Oko, the future of the unguided ones, on his victory this week.

Oko raises his katana wistfully around in the air and then places it to his side again. He looks totally half-hearted in the little celebratory show he just put on for his victory.

The Consultant: Can I also thank Mr Alvey for taking our beating so well and in the best of spirits. It really was a pleasure working with you.

Oko laughs at this and twirls the butt of his katana artistically.

Oko: He got what he deserved.........

The Consultant: Quite Johnny......and we don't want to leave people out. There is much work to be done and we can be of great service to our fellow CWA's. Let us give you a breakdown of just who has been touched by our presence.

The Consultant stares down at the papers and begins reading.

The Consultant: Mr Alvey.....battered by The Consultancy. An illegal immigrant from an abandoned country. Mr Conrad.....verbally abused. Oh how I loathe the stinking uneducated public service workers. Mr Elektronic.....head injuries. Hopefully the sense knocked into him may produce better music. Mr Conforzi......damaged knee. Another foreigner and a boy who has barely come out of puberty; if at all.

The Consultant puts down the papers and signs wearily. He seems disgusted that the list of CWA wrestlers even had to pass from his lips.

The Consultant: And what do you feel about these people Johnny?

Johnny lets out a huge bubble that pops loudly. He stares into the camera and points his katana.

Oko: They are all gaijins!

The Consultant: Exactly. To those that are untutored....and let us face it, that is everyone watching....."gaijin" is a term that Johnny calls anyone non-Japanese. The word basically means "alien" or "outsider". The term is fitting because, ironic as it may seem, that is how we feel about ourselves right now. We, at the moment, are outsiders. And we choose to be willingly.

The Consultant leaves his desk, walks around to the front, and stands statesman like in front of the camera.

The Consultant: I have been disappointed with CWA so far. The officials are a liability, the fans are uncouth, and the owner makes mistakes. He chose to neglect Johnny O, and place him in a meaningless match while others had the chance to go for gold.

The Consultant waves his hands in the air in a pleading manner, while Johnny Oko gets up from his chair and stands beside him, waving his katana slowly in the air.

The Consultant: Do you honestly feel that the ability of the wrestlers you gave those unjust opportunities too, are deserving of them? When you see what my client can do, the destruction he can deliver, the heartbreak he can cause, do you honestly believe that he is not worthy of being the figurehead of this company? And the new CWA World Champion?

The Consultant reaches behind him and picks up another sheet of paper and looks down at it sternly.

The Consultant: It appears Mr Lennox believes that my client isn't worthy, based upon the meaningless tag match he has put Johnny in this week.

Oko: Another gaijin......

The Consultant: Now now Johnny, that isn't fair. I admire Mr Lennox. He is a pioneer, a dreamer and most of all, an achiever. He shares the same traits as I do and I respect that. Unfortunately, as this match shows, his decisions at best have been....well...."questionable".

He sighs, and tears up the piece of paper and lets it drop from his fingers.

The Consultant: To Mr Trotter and Mr Grimstone. Feel honoured about who you are partnering. My area of expertise does not cover brain surgery, so we can only hope that you listen to this and take heed. I will say it in simple terms.......let me down, let Johnny down and you will soon realise that this "partnership" we will have to bear is something that can be quickly broken. Johnny.......?

Johnny Oko stops waving his sword and looks at the camera aggressively.

Oko: Phillips....Conrad......Conforzi.....your names, your very being, is of no significance to me. You will be dealt with. And then I will move on. No-one shall get in the way of my destiny!

The Consultant: And lastly, to Mr Lennox. A simple request. Watch, take in, and gain knowledge. If you fail us, you only fail yourself. And you will quickly understand that power, regardless of how long you hold it or how much of it you have, can quickly diminish.......

Oko: It is called evolution......survival of the fittest.......the strong conquer the weak for the sake of everything important.....

The Consultant: And the one important thing right now is a straightforward statement. The Consultancy prevails over all.....

Both men smirk, as the screen slowly turns dark. Then some words start to appear on the screen

This has been a public announcement, courtesy of The Consultancy.


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CWA "Uprising" 21st June 2012 Empty Re: CWA "Uprising" 21st June 2012

Post by Blade Sat 16 Jun 2012, 11:57 am

The crowd are still buzzing from the show last week when all of a sudden We will rock you rages out of the speakers and the crowd start to sing a long and cheer at the same time.

Paul Salisbury: Here he is the first ever champion of CWA and he did it in his home town of New York city.

Mike Conrad comes out with the Intercontinental championship wrapped round his waist and carrying his trash can and waves to the crowd, Conrad walks down the ring tapping his belt and tags fans on his way down to the ring.

Conrad climbs into the ring bringing his trash can with him places it in the centre of the ring and grabs a microphone from the ring announcer, Conrad then points the microphone to the crowd as he then starts to clap the fans as they chant "Well done Mike, Well done Mike."

Mike Conrad: Well look who's the first ever champion of CWA?

The crowd let out a huge roar of approval.

Cornelius Arkholme: Conrad sucking up to the crowd, What a fool?

Paul Salisbury: Come on give the guy a break, he fought a great match and did it with an injured neck too.

Mike Conrad: Your very first Intercontinental champion and the very first Champion in CWA, I am not like all those in the back who threaten to get the lawyers involved I fight for my success and eventually I succeed and now I am the Intercontinental champion.

Cornelius Arkholme: He's a god damn joke, Carrying a bloody trash can around like that.

Paul Salisbury: Like him or not he is still the very first champion in CWA and looks like he is very proud of what he has achieved.

Mike Conrad: As for the battle Royal it was a very hard match as all my matches are as I must be one of the smallest guys on the roster and it just goes to show that size doesn't matter.

The crowd cheer loudly.

Cornelius Arkholme: I bet that's not what the lady's say?

Paul Salisbury: Will you stop it, Am sure Mike Conrad can get his fare share of the lady's and make them smile.

Mike Conrad: Now as for this tonight I'm in a match six man tag match no less with Jimmy Phillips and Chris Conforzi as my partners.

The crowd cheer loudly.

Mike Conrad: And our opponents are Teddy Grimstone, Frankie Trotter, Johnny Oko.

The crowd boo loudly.

Mike Conrad: I know, I know they suck that's why me and my pals are gonna clean house, Were make sure that what was that the Consultant said.... Erm Ah yes that we will be dealt with, What are we a pack of playing cards, Listen up consultant we have got an ace up our sleeve and you know what that ace is, Well its togetherness our team will fight for each other and when one of us gets in trouble then the others will help him out and at the end of the night we shall all be standing in the middle of the ring with our arms held high and the ring announcer will say the winners of the match are Jimmy Phillips, Chris Conforzi and your Intercontinental champion Mike Conrad.

Conrad then unwraps his belt holds it high in the air and then different coloured confetti falls from the ceiling as Mike Conrad jumps up on to the turn buckles and pose for the crowd as he holds his title high in the air and then We will rock you rages out of the speakers and the crowd start to sing a long to the tune.

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CWA "Uprising" 21st June 2012 Empty Re: CWA "Uprising" 21st June 2012

Post by Guest Sat 16 Jun 2012, 8:57 pm

the music stops and then is replaced with 'Cold cash and colder hearts' and the 2000+ crowd rise to their feet as Jimmy Phillips walks out from behind the curtain. He walks down to ramp tagging the outstretched hands of the fans and then circles the ring grabbing another microphone from the timekeeper before climbing the steps to the ring apron.

Phillips climbs in the ring through the ropes and walks over to Mike Conrad shaking his hand. Phillips is wearing torn jeans with a red hooded top with 'The Talent' emblazened across the back of it

JP: Well before The Talent gives his thoughts on his upcoming match this week I guess some congratulations are in order, lets hear it for the first champion in CWA history, once again Mike Conrad ladies and gentlemen

Phillips raises conrads arm in the air

JP: Unfortunately Mike my reason for joining you tonight isn't just to congratulate you for your victory last week. I have a couple of things that I feel I need to share. First of all you all watched the show last week, you all know how an unamed cowardly, devious little a$$hole cost me and three other CWA superstars a shot at qualifying for a CWA Heavyweight title match. Now anybody would think in this industry you wouldn't just throw your toys out of the pram and file a lawsuit, you'd fight and prove your worth, just like I did when everybody told me I'd never walk again, I worked my a$$ off and now I'm here putting on show after showing for each and every one of you

He points around the crowd as they cheer and chant his name

JP: Now as a result we are going to have the Gateway to Glory tournament, a 16 man elimination event, all dwindling down to a 1 on 1 contest July 19th to be crowned CWA Champion. For the past week the the internet has been going wild, whether it be Facebook, Twitter everybody has been talking about CWA, and not just the stunning Hayley Lennox

PS: This guy makes me sick, sucking up to the bosses daughter, he should be ashamed of himself

CA: Think somebodies a little jealous

JP: On the contrary the internet world has been inudated with literally dozens (cheap laugh from the crowd) of theories over who is behind the lawsuit, and more importantly who is going to win the Gateway to Glory tournament. Now we can do the rounds all night, look at different theories of who would be so spineless as to do such a thing but the fact of the matter is this, The Talent doesn't care about who was behind the lawsuit, because it changes nothing. The Talent will still be fighting it out for the CWA championship on July 19th, just like I would have booked my place in the title match with my victory last week

PS: You mean Grimstone's victory

CA: The referee's decision was a joint victory and that's what it will say in the record books

JP: So it doesn't matter who's put in front of me in this tournament, The Talent always shines through, unfortunately Mike, that goes for you as well. Just as I know you'd have no problem going up against me, I would have no hesiation of planting you with a Touchdown and pinning your shoulders 1...2..3

Conrad smiles and nods sharing a joke with Phillips

JP: But at the end of the day thats what this business is all about surviuval of the fittest and the will to fight, and over the past couple of years I've shown more that enough of both.

CA: Phillips is certainly showing no lack of confidence here tonight

JP: But before either of us enter the Gateway to Glory tournament we team up this week. We team up alongside Chris Conforzi to go against three guys who have tried to convince everyone these last couple of weeks that they should be feared. I don't even know where to begin with any of them. You've got Frankie Trotter who nobody can understand, I don't know whether he's trying to threaten people or not with all this rhyming business, personally I just think it makes him sound like a retarded version of Dr Seuss. And who is he teaming up with? None other than the B@stard Teddy Grimstone

A few chants of 'he's a b@astard' can be heard throughout the crowd

JP: A guy who must of taken so many blows to the head over his career that he just doesn't understand what I was trying to say last week. You and me, we have no rivalry to speak of, I know you claim you're going to get me back for putting you through the Spanish announce table opening night, and believe me I look forward to you trying, but when will you realize you are nothing but a rung on a ladder to me. An inconvenience that I have to overcome to show these great fans what The Talent is all about and put my name on the map. And baby did I do that opening night

CA: The crowd are really behind Jimmy Phillips here tonight

JP: and finally......finally we have Johnny Oko

The crowd give serious heat to the mention of Oko's name

JP: So I guess you guys dislike what he did last week as much as me. There isn't really much to say about Johnny Oko and his 'Special Friend'. Like me he did what he felt needed to be done to put himself on the map here in CWA. The difference between the two of us though, is that I don't need somebody in my corner to get an advantage on my opponent, I don't need to come out in the middle of a match were two guys have thrown everything at each other just to have you take advantage of their exhaustion. The Talent is good enough all on his own, I don't need anybody backing me, never have, never will. Unfortunately your little beatdowns have worked though, it has placed you firmly as one of the favourites, one of the men to beat in the Gateway to Glory competition, but know this. Don't think that The Talent is just gonna be another name that you can cross off your list, if you wanna fight you know were to find me, but don't expect to beat me down, you won't know whats hit ya. I'll kick your a$$ so quick you'd wish that your momma had a headache the night she was concieved.

Thanks to you, Chris Conforzi might not make it to next week, and if he is he won't be 100%. But the three of you still have to go through Mike Conrad

Crowd cheer

And more importantly, The Talent Jimmy Phillips

huge cheer

and I have no problem in showing you all why they call me 'The Talent', see y'all on Thursday!

Phillips drops the mic and then shakes hands with Conrad again before climbing the turnbuckle and posing for the crowd as Conrad poses opposite with his title


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CWA "Uprising" 21st June 2012 Empty Re: CWA "Uprising" 21st June 2012

Post by TwisT Sat 16 Jun 2012, 11:03 pm

The "Turks Theme" sounds out from the speakers and distracts Conrad and Phillips from their celebrations. Johnny Oko starts to come down the aisle with a chorus of boos and venom from the fans covering up his entrance music. Oko carries with him his sword and walks cockily down to the ring.

PS: Future World Champion right there. Not getting the respect he deserves.

CA: Can you not hear the fans? They hate this guy. In two weeks he has alienated the entire roster and the whole CWA universe!

PS: Did you not see their announcement? He loves being an outsider. Being public enemy number 1 will not faze him in the slightest.

Johnny Oko reaches the ring and climbs up to the apron. He smirks at both Conrad and Phillips before blowing a large bubblegum bubble in their direction. He then gets down off the ring and circles it, while holding his katana over his shoulder. Both Conrad and Phillips gesture for Oko to enter the ring but he just continues walking and smirking at them.

CA: Mind games from Oko. Simply not giving the two men in the ring the fight they want.

Oko grabs a microphone off of one of the CWA staff and pushes him off the steel chair that he was sitting on. Oko walks back to the aisle and sets the chair up in the middle of it. He leisurely spreads his legs out and continues chewing his gum, as the boo's continue raining down on him. Oko raises an eyebrow and looks around at the audience. Grown men and women are gesturing at him and children are waving their signs in support of their favourites.

Oko goes to speak but the crowd raise the sound levels of their annoyance when they see him lift the microphone. He laughs and tries again. This time the fans quieten slightly and allow him to speak.

Oko: Seriously? You people boo me? Johnny O? Have you gaijins learnt nothing?

The crowd start booing again. A few paper cups are hurled in Johnny's direction but he doesn't move from his seat.

CA: Oko has barely said a word and yet the anger being thrown at him is immense. Conrad and Phillips are mere spectators here. I am not sure they know how to react.

PS: How do you react? The guy has only come down here, got a seat and sat down. The only problem you might have with him is that he has a ringside view but he never paid for a ticket!

Oko raises a finger to his lips and beckons the crowd to be silent. The opposite happens, but Oko goes to speak again anyway.

Oko: Phillips-san and the trash man. An interesting partnership. And strong words. Words that Johnny O has listened to carefully.

Oko lifts his sword and points it at the ring where Conrad and Phillips are listening.

Oko: You know what disappoints me gaijins? What disappoints me is that you two think that you can talk big in the ring and think I would not react. That disappoints me greatly. So, I have made a decision....

CA: Oh here we go....we best get some security here. Oko's up to something.

Oko: I am going to sit here and wait til our match. If you want to leave that ring, then you will have to pass through me. Let's see if your big words can measure up.....gaijins.

Johnny Oko chucks the microphone to the floor and twists the butt of his katana in the palms of his hands.

CA: Ok....Mexican stand-off here......

PS: Shouldn't that be a Japanese stand-off?

CA: Whatever it is, this could get ugly. Conrad and Phillips have a decision to make....


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CWA "Uprising" 21st June 2012 Empty Re: CWA "Uprising" 21st June 2012

Post by Blade Sun 17 Jun 2012, 6:38 pm

Conrad and Philips look at each other and start to laugh at Oko who seems a little annoyed by this Conrad then steps up towards Oko as the crowd start to cheer.

Mike Conrad: Listen up kid do you really think that were bothered about a no good loser like you are, You know I have a contract here cleaning the place up and it looks like we have got some trash in the ring that needs to be taken out.

The crowd start the take out the trash chant as Oko then stands to his feet.

Mike Conrad: Oh now I see you have moves on to your feet that will make it a lot easier for me to throw you over the top rope if you don't shut the hell up cos quite frankly know one and I mean know what's to listen to a single word you say.

The crowd cheers as Conrad turns round to see Jimmy Phillips clapping in approval.

Mike Conrad: We may be what was it you said ah yes An interesting partnership but we will be a fighting partnership and one that is gonna kick your sorry ass all over the arena.

The crowd cheer loudly as Oko is seen seething with rage.

Mike Conrad: Oh and I nearly for got Phillips mate, i wont have any problems in facing you in this tournament nor for my title any time you want a shot give me a shout and you can have it kid.

The crowd cheers loudly as Phillips and Conrad shake hands as Oko stands there looking unimpressed by Conrad and Phillips.

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CWA "Uprising" 21st June 2012 Empty Re: CWA "Uprising" 21st June 2012

Post by TwisT Sun 17 Jun 2012, 7:18 pm

Johnny Oko looks at the two men and shakes his head. Slowly he picks up the microphone again.

Oko: I gave you two a chance to prove you are men of actions, and you still talk. Talk, talk, talk.

He gets up from the chair and walks back up the aisle to the curtain.

Oko: So be think no-one wants to hear what I say? Then I will have to make sure that my actions speak louder than my words this week.

At the curtain, Oko lifts his katana into the air and then points it at the two men in the ring.

Oko: I will be seeing you two gaijins later.

He leaves the arena and leaves the two men in the ring alone.


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CWA "Uprising" 21st June 2012 Empty Re: CWA "Uprising" 21st June 2012

Post by Crimey Wed 20 Jun 2012, 7:47 pm

*Michelle Steel is stood backstage with Teddy Grimstone.*

MS: I am here with Teddy Grimstone, who is not a happy man, after preparing for a match would lead to a world title match, it was changed at the very last second, how do you feel about that now, after a few days to calm down?

*Teddy looks anything but calm as the microphone is pushed towards him, he snatches it off Michelle.*

TG: If I find out the guy who complained like a man-child I will break their f*****g legs, I mean it. I will hunt you down, I will get you, and I will snap the bones that hold your worthless carcass together! How f*****g dare you?! It's not my problem that you're not considered worthy of the title, so why the hell am I being punished?! I won that match, forget Jimmy Phillips, I won that match and so I should be one step closer to the world title, but instead I'm on the same level as every other son of a bitch. I have grafted for 20 f****g years to get to this place and I'm not going to have my career stalled by some assh0le who can't cope with the fact that he's not number 1.

*Michelle is handed another microphone by the camera man.*

MS: Mmmm, Teddy, you mentioned Jimmy Phillips in that short speech, can you enlighten the CWA viewer as to what is happening between you two?

*Teddy scowls at the name of Jimmy Phillips.*

TG: Let's get this straight. I didn't want to pick a fight with him, I couldn't care less about him. He's a failure, he's here because he couldn't make it in football and when he inevitably fails here I'm sure he'll be off trying to be a ballet dancer or some other thing to fail at. I didn't want it. He's forced me into it, constantly getting in my way, I'm trying to do a job Jimmy...I don't need puppy-eyed, dream-filled failures wasting my time! You put me through that Spanish announcer's table, you put a great, big target on that forehead of yours, and I'm going to smash it open!

You call me an inconvenience? "Another rung on the ladder." Ha! Hahahaha! I've heard that so many times without it being backed up that you may as well as clucked like a chicken, it would have had the exact same level of meaning. And don't call me baby...assh0le.

MS: Teddy, you're a veteran of the business but are you used to a six man tag match and you're in there with a variety of different personalities and characters, how do you think you'll cope?

TG: I won't need to cope, I'll do just fine. That kind of environment is perfect for me, so many bodies flying around that I can pretty much get away with whatever the hell I want and that's what I love. I'm here to kick àss and earn a pay-check and if I have to do that in one on one, tag matches, six man matches, battle royals I'll do it, because at the end of the day the result is the same. If I pick up a win on the way, which I inevitably do, then great, woo-f****g-foo. I'll enjoy this match though, I'll be able to get my hands on that son of a bitch Phillips and show him exactly why he messed with the wrong bàstard!

MS: What about your partners?

TG: What about them? I couldn't give a rat's àss about my partners! Johnny Stereotype means absolutely nothing to me and neither do the empty threats of his 'consultant' whoever the f**k he thinks he is. I've got around, I've wrestled more matches than I wanna count and threats like his, I've heard a thousand times, they mean nothing whatsoever. He can carry around as many weapons as he likes, I know he won't use it, he's just like all the other guys...a coward. All from the mouth, never back it up. Fair play, you can make a career out of that but spare me the bullshît! As for Frankie Trotter, I don't know whether he's from England or just has a poor grasp of language as long as he keeps out of my way and does the business, that's all I care about.

Is this interview finished?

*Teddy doesn't even wait for a response as he hands the microphone back to the frustrated Michelle Steel, Teddy is still within audible distance as he can be heard muttering.*

TG: I don't get paid for that shît...nobody told me that it was part of my contract....

*Michelle shakes her head.*

MS: That was Teddy Grimstone, you can see him in action, live on on Thursday night. That's all from me, goodbye.

*The camera cuts out.*


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CWA "Uprising" 21st June 2012 Empty Re: CWA "Uprising" 21st June 2012

Post by BlueDragon1205 Wed 20 Jun 2012, 8:05 pm

The Arena is in silence as smoke begins to fill the arena, the lights fade and there is a slight red light on the stage. The crowd pop as 'Blood Red Sandman' plays throughout the arena and Out of the smoke wonders Grendal. His face a picture as he is so happy that the crowd are taking to him, he claps his hands and wonders over to a child and his mother in the crowd, the Kid puts a hand out to Grendal and his mother pulls him back recoiling on horror form the monstrous for of Grendal. The Giant looks upset as he slumps his shoulders and begins to back up, up the ramp and back towards the curtain.


Grendal stops and looks around the crowd as a massive, crooked smile etches its way onto his warped features. The sight is both heart warming and repulsive at the same time. He storms to the ring and steps over the top rope and is handed a mic by a terrified looking stage hand..

G: Grendal... Happy....

The crowd cheer

G: You all... Grendal... Friends?

Crowd: Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Grendal laughs to himself and stomps around the ring a little

G: This week, at Rising Up... Grendal fights in the Gate to Glory..... Grendal has come to CWA to make glory, to make friends and to make myself a real man, with friends, with a job and with....

He looks around shyly and covers his mouth

G: Maybe Grendal one day get... a... Girlfriend?

Crowd: Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

G: I see... one man.... in CWA, who has all these things already.... and he is a good man

Grendal smiles to himself once again

G: Grendal could say this man is more than a good man.... He is a Gold Man!!!

Grandal Bursts out laughing at his joke and claps himself as the fans cheer, not out of finding the joke funny, but more Grendal being so amused by himself.

G: Gold Man... Grendal.... This fight is not what I want. Grendal is happy with Gold Man, Grendal would like Gold Man to be my Friend......

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CWA "Uprising" 21st June 2012 Empty Re: CWA "Uprising" 21st June 2012

Post by Gregers Wed 20 Jun 2012, 9:27 pm

(We go backstage where a horde of media representatives is eagerly following Stefan Alvey. Stefan gets to the entrance to the arena before smiling at Michelle Steel who walks over to great him. The two hug before Michelle starts the interview)

MS: Stefan how lovely to see you again

SA: The pleasure as always is all mine Michelle, and thank you for meeting me here as you can see the media attention is as ferocious as ever. Mind you anything to keep my growing fan base happy

(Stefan waves at the crowd that has gathered)

MS: Last week Stefan, you must be annoyed with what happened.

SA: You mean where I was cheated out of a victory that was rightfully mine? Well yeah, of course I'm annoyed but these things happen. This is just the sort of attacks that I have had to endure. These blind sided attacks. But this week I can move on, this week I can start the first steps to becoming your CWA World Champion.

MS: So Stefan, any thoughts ahead of your match this week against DJ Elektronic?

SA: I'll admit I don't know much about Elektronic if I'm honest but that only excites me. The man behind the mask against The Icon in a titanic battle the likes of which can only be found in a company such as this one.

MS: Indeed Stefan, one last question. Hows Chris?

SA: He's good thanks Michelle, like me he was victimized last week but equally like me he will fight through. You see, people like the Consultant like Johnny Oko sicken me. They think they can go around and persecute whomever they want, they think that they are better than others, they dish out injustice. Well unfortunately for them I am here, and listen up ladies because you have been warned.

MS: Good luck out there tonight Stefan, will we be seeing you after the show?

SA: I sure hope so Michelle, as I said the pleasure as always is all mine

(Stefan kisses Michelle on the hand before entering his lockerroom and shutting the door)


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CWA "Uprising" 21st June 2012 Empty Re: CWA "Uprising" 21st June 2012

Post by Lee Wed 20 Jun 2012, 9:47 pm

Suddenly a lions roar echoes around the arena and the fans go into a frenzy as 'King of the Kill' hits and the lights in the arena turn Gold

As Johnny steps out onto the ramp the volume increases as the fans begin to chant.


Johnny looks a little tentative as he stares down at Grendal with mic in hand.

JG: All that glitters...


JG: Well all that glittered last week certainly wasn't me, I am sorry I couldn't get the job done guys.


JG: But I promise! I will do my best to win this week...and that brings me to you Grendal....erm, yeah...

Grendal looks happy to see Johnny.

JG: I always said I wasn't here to make friends but I ain't exactly one to hurt someone's feelings, especially someone as....unique as you pal...

...So how about this? At Uprising, me and you give it our all, we fight for these amazing fans and we fight with honour? and we show the great city of NEW YORK!


JG: A show they will never forget? so I will see you tonight Grendal, but I promise you this, I ain't gonna pull no punches, it's nothing against you dude, it's just what I do. Because we all know....ALL THAT GLITTERS....


'King of the Kill' blasts out and the crowd go crazy, Goldman raises his arms to salute the crowd then points at Grendal. Grendals brow furrows as his massive arm points a twisted finger at Goldman as goldman looks confused before a child like smile apears on Grendals face as Goldman nods to Grendal who nods is return


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CWA "Uprising" 21st June 2012 Empty Re: CWA "Uprising" 21st June 2012

Post by Nay Wed 20 Jun 2012, 10:02 pm

*Backstage Tito Amoruso is sitting fidgeting on a couch next to his brother, across the room a smartly dressed woman is sitting scribbling on notepad*

Woman: Well Tito I am Veronica Corningstone and I am your court appointed anger therapist, as you are aware you have to visit me once a month as part of your release conditions.

*Tito leans back in his seat looking non plussed at the whole situation while veronica points a remote control at the back of the room. Tito and Francesco turn to watch the TV as it plays Tito's unprovoked attacks on Cedric and the camera man, Tito starts to grin while Franceseco shakes his head in shame.*

Veronica: Tito, this is not a good start to your freedom, you carry this on and you will be lucky to make it to our next meeting. That’s three unprovoked attacks including a guy who isn't even a wrestler, what do you have to say for yourself.

Tito: They both deserved it, they got in my face and provoked me, what did they think would happen, I would count to 10

Francesco: Tito, you have to take this seriously, no one wants to see you back in jail, and I am trying to help you, but you have take some responsibility.

Veronica: Francesco, Tito has to take all the responsibility, it is not your job to stop him losing his temper.


*Tito goes to stand hands clenched but Francesco puts his hand on his shoulder and pushes Tito back down*

Veronica: ok ok, TIto what was it that made you lose your temper there, why did you react like that?

Tito: Why because I don’t like being spoken to like that by some jumped up B****, who thinks just because she has some oxbridge degree in pschologyshe can speak down on everyone who steps foot in her offices. You think you are going to get in my head, well how about I help you out by giving you a piece of my mind, just like I did to Cedric two weeks ago, just like I did to cedric last week, and more importantly just like I will this week. Did you see that freekshow after I had got done with him, and that was me holding back because it was not a sanctioned match. That was me playing nicely. This week will not be so nice for that scummy little circus clown.

This week I have a match against the Cedric, and I plan on beating him down so badly that he will start shouting to the rooftops for mercy.

Now as for you this little meeting, its over, I have turned up you have told me off like your my mum or something and that’s all I have to do, and more than I care to listen to.

*Tito turns to see Cedric on the TV bent over double next to the ambulance, Tito starts laughing to himself before walking out the office and slamming the door behind him, with veronica shouting him back*


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CWA "Uprising" 21st June 2012 Empty Re: CWA "Uprising" 21st June 2012

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