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The Shame Your Family Thread

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The Shame Your Family Thread Empty The Shame Your Family Thread

Post by Guest on Mon 18 Jun 2012, 12:15 pm

This weekend my family epitomised what is wrong with society in general. I admit some of my family are Jeremy Kyle material, but I thought I would start a thread as I would imagine some of you out there might have family which defy the logic of the gene pool!

Exhibit 1

A cousin of mine is currently shacked up in a one-bedroom flat. She has a daughter and an absolute pr!ck who makes a living ripping people off. He was put up by some students for a night when he was kicked out and his gratitude was to rob them in the night. When she gave birth, her and her muppet were given £500 by my uncle and auntie to buy things for the baby, only to blow it on tattoo's of the baby's name! She has been trying to get a swap to a 2 bedroom place and surprise surprise was not given priority, so she then decided to get pregnant! Couldn't make it up and like so many is using the prospect of new life to further her own needs. I could not contain my utter disgust.

Exhibit 2

My Auntie and Uncle recently decided to adopt their grandchildren because the daughter had lost them after failing to kick out her druggie fella who was posing a threat to the children. Reports of violence like the children showing up in bruises and even ciggarette stub marks too. To cut a long story short she was given chance after chance by social services and she never changed. My Auntie and Uncle decided to adopt the 2 children. Bear this in mind they have 2 of their own children still living at home with them. They are 20 and 18 respectively. They needed to find a bigger house. So with the help of the Housing Association they found a 4 bedroom house. My uncle can't be arsed to work and my auntie had a part time job as a carer before giving it up to look after the kids. So imagine to their shock when they were told by the Housing Association that they had to pay £600 per month for rent. My uncles reaction was to say he thought it was £100 per month!! What annoyed the HA was that they didn't declare the true age of their elderly children. My auntie has moaned they can't afford the house. The elderly kids have no jobs and mooch. The good news is that the HA are not allowing themselves to be rogered by my aunt and uncle who tried to decieve them!

Exhibit 3

My brother. God knows I love him, but he is retarded at the best of times. This weekend he and his wife decided to go down to college because she is inspired to do a Health and Beauty NVQ. They read through the forms and were annoyed to see that travellers were entitled to financial aid. The wife asked for this and was rightly declined. She had a hissy fit and left the college. The course costs £600. He phoned me up and proceeded to rant about the injustice. I pointed out to him that his yearly income was £23K a year from his job alone. Also his wife earns around £5K part time work. That joint income is £28K per year. Without including child benefits they get and also the discounted rent rates for living in council accomodation. When I said it was c*nts like him that rob from the state from the needy and that also there are people on less income than that who self-fund themselves completely for a better life and even work 2 jobs! His response? I am writing to The Sun to complain!! F*cking Muppet!


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The Shame Your Family Thread Empty Re: The Shame Your Family Thread

Post by SugarRayRussell (PBK) on Tue 19 Jun 2012, 12:26 am

I feel your pain mate all my family come from the biggest council estate in Glasgow and most of them still live their except for the 2 or 3 that have done something positive and the 4 that are behind bars and I have a big family.

I have a cousin who sells drugs which is fine by me I can't take a moral high ground on that sort of thing. I've done some stuff in the past that would make my Mum cry if she found out.

My problem is he earns a lot of money from this. So much so that he doesn't have a job but has a lovely flat and a lovely car (BMW M3).He has the balls to claim housing benefit and jobseekers allowance. To make it even worse every fortnight when the money goes in his bank he puts the lot of it on a horse!

Mate I left school at 15 off my own back with no qualifications because I got offered a job as a van boy for a removal company. My Mum needed the help because my dad was a bit of a tool. He done a bit of time behind bars and a bit of time shacked up with some tart.

I run my own business now and have a few investments that are doing quite nicely but I got a leg up from no one. I also pay for myself to get qualifications in another field because I feel it will benefit my business interests in the future.

I hate this the world owes me a living attitude. The world owes you nothing. If you want something go and make it happen for yourself. I love seeing someone make something of themselves when they have came from a poor background because I know how it feels and I know how tough it is.

Poverty can be a huge motivator. You never forget the feeling of hunger, or being so cold because you had to give the only blankets in your house to your younger brother and sister.

I was interviewing school leavers for apprenticeships and 2 of these kids said to me in the interview they didn't want the job because they had to work 1 Saturday out of 3! It's a good job an apprentice landscape gardener with good pay and extra for the Saturday.

I asked one of these kids why and he told me the weekend is party time! Sums it all up for me no wonder this country is in the state it is.
SugarRayRussell (PBK)
SugarRayRussell (PBK)

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The Shame Your Family Thread Empty Re: The Shame Your Family Thread

Post by Guest on Tue 19 Jun 2012, 7:58 am

I have to say mate kudos to you. To be able to turn your life around is quite amazing. I like you like a good old fashion rags to rich story by where people truly pull themselves out of the gutter and reach for the stars.

I can remember years ago I worked in a warehouse in a pharmacy based at hospital and was on pittance wage. The house I owned the repayments increased and I found myself month after month in debt. Eventually I went for jobs left, right and centre and came across a junior buyers role. Applied for it and got it despite not having any GCSE's and when I got in it gave me the kick up the arse I needed and I worked my balls off and earned 2 promotions within 18 months and now I earn over double what I did in my pharmacy job and I do count my lucky stars, but also if you work hard enough you get the luck.

I was well peeved with my brother as he just waits for things to happen much rather than apply himself just that 10% more which could make all the difference.


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The Shame Your Family Thread Empty Re: The Shame Your Family Thread

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