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Gone Fishing - meet Axl week 3

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Gone Fishing - meet Axl week 3 Empty Gone Fishing - meet Axl week 3

Post by Adam D Tue 19 Jun 2012, 7:33 pm

Its week 3 already and still Axl hasn’t called or written. I really hope that he is okay.

I was sure by now that Mr Rose would have read my opening gambit and have contacted me via email. I am sure that he has tried to but maybe his internet provider is having a few issues. That’s it for sure – Beverly Hills or wherever it is he lives (note to self – do a little research on Axl before you meet him) has had server issues for the last fortnight.

By the time you read this note, I am convinced that Los Angeles will be back on line and my inbox will ping with “you have mail” from the desktop of the GnR front man.

Until then I am still drawing up my roadmap of how to get me in front of the reclusive rock star.

Now as you may remember, I set out my starting and finishing point in the very first article. And although that infernal internet outage on the west coast of America has prevented me from talking to Axl, I have made movements towards meeting my number 1 target on my musical odyssey.

For regular readers of this column, you will already be aware that my first pit stop is to meet the ex frontman of Marillion. And although my attempts thus far had drawn a blank, things had began moving in the right direction when I managed to secure a interview with the premiere Fish Era Marillion tribute band [Still Marillion].

The interview itself is taking place next week, so make sure to check it out when its published. And whilst I am at it, thank you for your questions.

So what has happened since then? Well quite a lot actually.

On Monday evening, my inbox alerted me to a new message. Now this happens a lot, and isn’t really that exciting in isolation. In fact if the email notification alert tone was an exciting occurrence and reason for writing an article, I would be up there with the Grishams and Patersons with regards for output. My inbox is a hive of activity akin to a...err....hive? Lets just say its rather busy. Talking of hives, maybe I should make Sting one of my stepping stones towards Axl?

(if anyone wants to drop me a message or help me in my journey, feel free to make that inbox even more fervent -

Anyway, back to this particular email and how my short journey thus far suddenly took one massive step in the right direction.

Fish emailed me.

Now don’t get me wrong – the message wasn’t a huge letter of epic proportions, extolling the merits of my quest and how I, above all others, can gain a audience with the Scottish legend. However, it wasn't a "go away" either. In fact it was quite a pleasant matter of fact "this is my email address - I am going to Malta for a few days".

Needless to say, the email has given me a huge confidence boost and more importantly is personally a huge thrill! One of my favourite singers of all time has emailed me! Me!

This odyssey is beginning to gain momentum and hopefully my next contact with Fish will be the result I want - a interview in place with real rock royalty (although to those unfamiliar with him, you might only consider him a 3rd cousin removed to the Earl of Sandwich - to me heir to the throne)

So there you have it - I am now have a small amount of access to Mr Fish's inbox and more importantly, he knows that I am on the face of this planet, moving slowly towards my goal of meeting Axl Rose. So whilst I await the return of my first interlude in my musical dalliance to these fair shores, I move on to StillMarillion in Glasgow tomorrow evening.

By the time next week comes around, I will hopefully have the news that you my readers have been hoping for - first contact on the quest to meet Axl.

Until then, if you are in the vicinity of Glasgow, come and join me on the 30th at the ABC where I will be joining StillMarillion for a night of classic rock and if nothing else, make sure to read the full interview next week.


(last weeks entry -

Adam D

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Gone Fishing - meet Axl week 3 Empty Re: Gone Fishing - meet Axl week 3

Post by MtotheC's Wrasslin Biatch Mon 25 Jun 2012, 11:39 am

Great article.
I'm slightly absorbed in this quest already.

(Can you be slightly absorbed? Or is absorption a strictly all in, or all out kind of thing?)

Can't wait to see what Fish e-mails once he's back from Malta. Love how he's mucking in with some cliffhangerage aswell.

MtotheC's Wrasslin Biatch

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Gone Fishing - meet Axl week 3 Empty Re: Gone Fishing - meet Axl week 3

Post by harris.margaret9 Thu 28 Jun 2012, 8:07 am

Hey it’s a nice story. Had a great time reading it.


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Gone Fishing - meet Axl week 3 Empty Re: Gone Fishing - meet Axl week 3

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