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CWA Uprising 28th June 2012

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CWA Uprising 28th June 2012 Empty CWA Uprising 28th June 2012

Post by JJJohnson Wed 20 Jun 2012, 11:19 pm

Match 1
Gateway to Glory Round 1
Vlad Marius vs Tyler Roth

Match 2
Fatal Four Way
Cedric Jones vs Tito Amoruso vs Dennis Hart vs Grendal

Match 3
Gateway to Glory Round 1
Johnny Oko vs Mike Conrad

Match 4
Gateway to Glory Round 1
Teddy Grimstone vs Chris Conforzi

Match 5
Triple threat
DJ Elektronic vs Stefan Alvey vs Johnny Goldman

Main event
Gateway to Glory Round 1
Frankie Trotter vs Jimmy Phillips

*Plus an update on the condition of Callum Lennox

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CWA Uprising 28th June 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising 28th June 2012

Post by Guest Thu 21 Jun 2012, 12:07 am

Hours after the show finishes the medics are just leaving Jimmy Phillips' dressing room, the camera goes in and we see Phillips sporting heavy bandaging around the torso, Kayleigh Reed walks in front of the camera, microphone in hand

KR: Jimmy I realize this isn't the best time but I was wondering if you could answer some questions for our follower on 606v2

JP: Nothing as of late seems to be the best time, but you're just gonna ask them anyway so makes no difference what I say does it

KR: I'm sorry, I'll keep it quick

Phillips winces in pain ashe puts his trademark red hoody on and zips it up over the bandages

KR: Last week you went on record, not once but twice stating that there was nothing between you and Teddy Grimstone, given whats happened tonight has your view changed

Phillips lets a wry smile break out across his face

JP: Well if I didn't know I was in a fight I guess I do now

KR: I guess the question on everybodies mind is how you plan to react after Grimstone put you through the Spanish announce table

JP: The only way The Talent knows how. I'm gonna fight, just like I've done throughout my whole life, I've fought for everything I've achieved, and if Teddy Grimstone wants to back me in to a corner you can bet your bottom dollar that I'm gonna fight my way out of it

KR: Well the the Gateway to Glory contest has kept you two apart, for now at least, drawing you against Frankie Trotter in the opening round, you have any thoughts on this?

JP: Kayleigh, The Talent can't deny he's unhappy at not already being on the bill for a shot at becoming the first ever CWA Heavyweight Champion. I said last week I didn't care who I was facing whether it be a musical prodigy in a lycra onesie, the mime, the trashman, or yes even the 'diamond geezer' Frankie Trotter

KR: Your team defeated his tonight, are you hoping the result goes the same way next week

JP: Hope? The Talent doesn't hope, The Talent says and The Talent does. Next week I'm booking my place in the next round and there's nothing Frankie Trotter can do. Right now I'm a bit cream crackered after taking that bump, but next week I'll bet you a pony I'll make him brown bread, unless Grendal gets to him first

KR: Do you understand anything you've just said?

JP: Not a word

KR: Lastly, I think everybody wants to know what is happening between you and Hayley Lennox? Earlier on you tried to make it look like you were angry with her, but I think we all seen through that

JP: It's complicated, I can't really say much more than that at this time. We'll talk and we'll see what happens from there

KR: Thanks Jimmy, good luck for the match next week

JP: Anytime

Kayleigh leaves the dressing room as Phillips lifts up his sportsbag over his shoulder and walks out of scene holding his ribs


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CWA Uprising 28th June 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising 28th June 2012

Post by Blade Thu 21 Jun 2012, 10:42 am

The crowd are still buzzing after last weeks events when all of a sudden we will rock you rages out of the arena speakers and Pyrotechnics shoot of into the rafters and mike Conrad comes out with his Intercontinental champion wrapped round his waist and is carrying his trash can over his shoulder.

Paul Salisbury: OH know what does this idiot want?

Cornelius Arkholme: what do you mean, He's out intercontinental champion and the very first champion here in CWA and your calling him a idiot.

Paul Salisbury: Yeah he's a goof ball doesn't deserve to have that title round his waist and what's with the trash can he always has that thing and it helped his team win the god damn match last week.

Cornelius Arkholme: Cone on Paul Conrad faced five men in a Battle royal to win that championship and you know very well he has a cleaning disorder so give them man some credit that he deserve's.

Conrad walks down the ramp tagging fans as he goes and then throws his trash can in the ring as the fans sing a long to his theme tune and then rolls under the bottom rope and grabs a microphone from the ring announcer.

Mike Conrad: Holy crap you guys are of the chart.

The crowd cheers for Conrad once more.

Paul Salisbury: Sucking up to the crowd again, What a tweeb this guy really is?

Mike Conrad: Mike Conrad is still your Intercontinental champion and now has the chance gain another belt and that will be the world heavy weight championship but first I have to go against Johnny Oko in the Gateway to Glory completion to get that belt.

Crowd cheer once more.

Mike Conrad: So Johnny O you had better bring your best fella cos Mike Conrad is gonna clean house and it starts with you kid, Get ready to your ass kicked.

Cornelius Arkholme: Strong words from the champ but it is possible for him to win that belt.

Paul Salisbury: Yeah right, He's gonna need an army to get that belt.

Mike Conrad: Oh and Paul just because am one of the smallest guy's on this roster don't mean am not deaf I can hear what ya saying over there and don't think for one second that I wont get my trash can and whack you over the head with it.

Cornelius Arkholme: You better wash your mouth out with soap Paul.

Paul Salisbury: Ah shut it Cornelius.

The crowd cheer loudly and chant do it, Do it.

Mike Conrad: Oh beleave me I really want to do it but he will just go crying to his mamma.

The crowd start to laugh with Conrad.

Mike Conrad: So Mr O what do you have to say for your self hey or are you a chicken?

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CWA Uprising 28th June 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising 28th June 2012

Post by TwisT Fri 22 Jun 2012, 3:12 pm

Conrad is interrupted by some traditional Japanese instrumental music. Four Japanese geisha's walk out with fans and dance to the music. They are followed by two young Japanese boys that carry the English/Japanese half and half flags that adorns The Consultants office. They wave them as they walk down the aisle behind the dancing geisha's.

CA: I am not quite sure what to make of this.....

PS: C'mon, it is heritage! You need to get out more.

The dancing geisha's stop and they pair off at either side of the aisle. They take some rose petals out of their pocket and cover the centre of the aisle with them. The boys split up as well, making a trio of people on the left and right of the aisle. They swirl the flags around enthusiastically as Conrad looks on. Then everyone stops moving, and slowly bows their heads.

Suddenly the arena goes dark as the "Turks Theme" starts to play on the speakers. The unmistakable first few finger clicks of the song are followed by a massive red and white pyros that go off as the main music hits. The canvas of the ring is illuminated with English/Japanese motif as the arena stays pitch black, with only a shimmering red light shining around the crowd.

CA: Someone trying to make a statement here........

The Consultant comes out first, walking down the aisle in his crisp white suit, and smirking at the fans as he goes. He stops in the middle of the aisle, around half way down, and turns back to the curtain. He flings his arms in the air, and another red and white pyro goes off. Then, slowly, Johnny Oko appears and starts walking down to the ring. He is in his usual black suit and carrying his katana. He blows bubblegum bubbles as he walks with the sound of boo's in the air.

PS: The man of the moment walking down to meet his opponent!

Oko walks past The Consultant, who follows closely behind. The geisha's spread more petals, and the boys follow the two men. When they get to the ring, Oko climbs into it, before handing The Consultant his sword, jacket and tie. He loosens up his shirt and then goes toe to toe with Conrad. The house lights go up and the music stops, as the crowd cheer and whistle as they see the two men staring at each other.

CA: Can you feel the tension in the air?! Both of these guys look ready to start this match right now!

The Consultant enters the ring and hands Oko a microphone, before going to the corner. Oko lifts the mic to his lips, but does not move his gaze from Conrad.

Oko: Conrad-san.....very impressive speech. You are making a habit of talking bigger than your actual size. Let us hope you are not promising things that your stature cannot deliever.

Conrad glares at Oko and swears at him. The two get close to banging heads and Oko spits out his next words.

Oko: I am tired of talk! Action is the only thing that matters! You want me......Johnny O?! Then you have me Conrad-san. I hope you can deal with that!

Oko backs away, still glaring at Conrad. The Consultant goes outside the ring, and gets a large wooden slab from underneath it. He climbs back in and moves to one side of the ring. He holds it high in the air, but after checking Conrad's height, he drops the slab down a few inches.

Oko: Just so you know what is coming, I have prepared a little demonstration for you.

Oko concentrates on the wooden slab and then hurls himself at it screaming.


PS: OH MY GOD!!!!!!

CA: Did you just see that?! Oh no!

Oko delivers a massive Yakuza kick that completely obliterates the slab. Pieces of it fly across the ring and splinters rain down on the fans. The Consultant turns his head away to avoid the shards. The crowd are silent, as The Consultant walks up to Conrad and drops the last wooden pieces from his hands directly at Conrad's feet. He laughs and then exits the ring, followed by the geishas and Japanese boys. They all turn to Oko and bow. Johnny gets right back into Conrad's face, looks at the wooden pieces, and then smiles.

Oko: Clean that up.........trashman.

The "Turks Theme" sounds over the speakers, and Johnny Oko leaves the ring, followed by his entourage. The crowd find their voices, and start booing them again. Conrad watches them go and he shows no signs of fear. Then they disappear behind the curtain.

PS: Conrad may not show it on his face, but he has to be worried at that show of power from the right foot of Johnny O.

CA: Who wouldn't be worried? You saw what happened to that wooden block. Conrad's head is made of much softer stuff!

PS: For once, I have to agree with you. This match is set to explode. It has gone beyond simply being a Gateway to Glory match. This has become a proper grudge match.


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CWA Uprising 28th June 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising 28th June 2012

Post by Blade Fri 22 Jun 2012, 4:28 pm

As the crowd continue to boo loudly Conrad watches the last of the entourage go behind the curtain and starts to shake his head and puts the microphone to his lips.

Mike Conrad: My god man there's some messy git's round here I mean someone he left all this broken wood in the middle of the ring man am gonna have to clean this crap up now.

Conrad then gets a dust pan and brush out and starts to carefully clean the wood up from the ring and then empty's the contents of his dust pan into the bin as the crowd start to cheer loudly.

PS: Would you just look at that goof ball, Cleaning the wood up like a cleaner would do.

CA: Like I said a thousand times before you know Conrad has a cleaning disorder.

Mike Conrad: Well Johnny O the only thing i have to say about that is nice shooting Tex, But seriously it's all right hitting chunks of wood when the wood don't hit back and beleave me kid I hit back and just to prove it I will show you how I hit back.

PS: What's this goof ball doing now?

CA: I have know idea Paul know idea at all.

Conrad then get's his sweeping brush out and makes a huge roar and snaps it in two with his knee and throws the two peace's in the trash can.

CA: Conrad trying to show what he can do ha ha ha.

PS: Idiot is what Conrad is.

CA: Careful Conrad can hear you Paul.

The crowd cheer for Conrad who now has his hand on his head and is deep of thought.

Mike Conrad: Oh crap that was my very first brush its the same one I had for nearly 16 years it's had 10 new heads and 15 new handles and now I just gone and broke it in two

PS: Hang on that's a line from only fools and horses isn't it?

CS: Yeah but the crowd loved it Paul.

The crowd start to laugh with Conrad who then puts on a serious face to the camera.

Mike Conrad: You Johnny boy have made me break my sweeping brush in two and that has made me mad you have never seen me mad and now you are gonna pay the price when I break you in two.

Conrad then slams the microphone onto the mat picks up his trash can and makes his way up the ramp as We will rock you rages out of the speakers and the fans cheer as Conrad storms up the ramp.

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CWA Uprising 28th June 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising 28th June 2012

Post by Uryu Ishida Tue 26 Jun 2012, 1:03 pm

*in a local gym Dennis Hart stands in the centre of the ring smiling as the crowd boo heavily. He wanders around with a mic, making the audience wait*

Hart: I will talk when I am ready, not when you idiots want me to.

*He walks around for a minute, teasing that he is going to talk*

Hart: I am here to show the Lennox family that their security is not good enough. I am here to show the other wrestlers that I am not a man to mess with. Just like in the battle royal, I was the final person to be eliminated. I eliminated that overgrown frankenstiens monster Grendel and I showed everyone that they should not mess with me.

*The camera pans around to reveal several CWA security guards looking confident as Dennis steps into view*

Hart: Today, these men will be shown how much better I am than them.

*Dennis smirks as two slim security guard charge him and he hits them with a strong double lariat before kicking them out of the ring.*

Hart: Come on now, thats all you two had? NEXT!

*A burly guard walks in slowly, he and Dennis start a test of strength with Dennis easily winning before the security guard kicks him in the stomach and runs the ropes attempting to tackle him only for Hart to deliver a vicious "Out You go!" throwing the guard onto the two previously disposed.

Hart: Nice try, you get a C- NEXT!

*Three average build guards charge in as Dennis hits them with spinning backfists, knocking them out. Dennis smirks and grabs each guard whipping their ribs into each ringpost, one at a time. He counts each hit and smiles, examining each of them closely. *

Hart: hmm...out of 18 ribs, 7 are broken...3 fractured and the rest bruised. I was hoping for more but I will take the 2 fractured jaws as a bonus. Oh, you had also better check their spines. They agreed to this under the condition I not break their necks. I didn't break any but to any Lennox watching this. Your security is weak, pathetic, easily breakable. I suggest you get some stronger ones as well as a few wrestlers, I intend to break all of them like the toys they are.

*the camera cuts out with Hart laughing*

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CWA Uprising 28th June 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising 28th June 2012

Post by BlueDragon1205 Tue 26 Jun 2012, 1:49 pm

The Crowd in the First Arena are in their seat awaiting the start of the show when the lights dim and smoke begins to fill the stage, The opening to 'Blood Red Sandman' plays and they begin to cheer for the lovable monster, but there is no sign of Grendal.

Crowd: Gren-dal, Gren-dal, Gren-dal......

Suddenly Red Pyro's go off on the stage and Grendal come stomping to the ring. He ignores the fans and slides under the bottom rope before standing in the center of the ring looking around at the crowd, he looks furious as his muscles are tensed all over his body, giving him an even more grotesque form than usual, the crowd don't know what to make of this and begin to look at each-other in disbelief

Grendal is staring at someone in the crowd, a large man with a shaven head, the man looks around terrified and asks What he's done. Gendal doesn't answer, he just drops out f the ring and walks over to the man and roars in his face. the man looks scared near to death and begins to beg Grendal not to hurt him.

Suddenly Grendals massive hand is wrapped arounf the mans head as he's lifted over the barricade and thrown one handed into the ring. Grendal follows him and stands over the fan, he is now rolling round the ring holding his ribs. Grendal grabs hold of the mans lower leg with one hand and lifts him off the floor the other hand has hold f the mans upper lag as Grendal hold him above his head and begins to bend his leg in the wrong direction, the man begins to scream in pain as his leg looks ready to snap, the crowd are booing and Grendals eyes are wide and bloodshot.

Grendals face falls, e blinks a few times before revealing what he's doing, he looks up at the man in agony above his head, then at the crowd who are booing him and he looks visibly terrified of what he was about to do. He places the fan on the ground and begins to rub his injured leg in an attempt to help before standing, looking around he looks mortified at what he's just done, he mouths 'sorry' at the man and at the crows, literally running out of the ring and up the ramp.

The Crowd are left confused as medics tend to man in the ring and help him up as he limps off into the back were he's met by an ambulance. as the ambulance drives through an exit near the stage area Grendal can be seen behind a thin curtain, we can just see his silhouette as he looks to be stooped down rocking in place and sobbing....

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CWA Uprising 28th June 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising 28th June 2012

Post by Mat Tue 26 Jun 2012, 6:30 pm

*Jimmy James is shown sat in an empty classroom, on the projector behind him is a powerpoint of images from his match with Dennis Hart.

A student walks into the room...

Student:Are you ok Professor?

*James turns round, looking shocked and dazed.

James:Yes, yes I am fine. Have you got that essay?

*The student hands over the essay and then walks away quickly...

James:Maybe I was wrong, maybe I couldn't handle both of these roles. How can I go from grading an essay to fighting a monster in Dennis Hart? I mean apart from the obvious similarity's in the number of brain cells between my students and Dennis Hart, there is not a lot else these two jobs share.

I can't go from teaching history to teaching a wrestling lesson. I need to be fully focused on one thing, and maybe that needs to be teaching. After all this is where I made a success after giving up wrestling in the first place, I just kept wrestling to keep my students in there place.

*The student seen earlier walks into the room again...

Student:I forgot to say, you should have won last week. You deserved it, that Hart's just a freak of nature, you are the one with the skills.

James:Do you really think that? Because from what I remember, and what it felt like, it seemed as if I took a beating at his hands.

Student:No you nearly won it so many times!

James:Now that you mention it, he did barely escape the anaconda vice. Perhaps if I could hit the gym a little more, he wouldn't have been able to escape.

Student:It's the summer now Professor, why not get into training? We all want more episodes of wrestling 101, they're much better than your lectures normally!

James:I shall take that as a compliment. I think you're right, I'm going to give it another shot. I've been put down my whole life because I wasn't some freakish muscle-head, what sort of example is it if I just give up?

Dennis Hart and the rest of CWA, you've been warned. I'm coming back, better than ever!

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CWA Uprising 28th June 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising 28th June 2012

Post by Lee Wed 27 Jun 2012, 6:25 pm

Johnny Goldman is shown at a gym in New York city.

Raymond Alexander: Hello ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to Goldman's Gym. Johnny Goldman having already captured the imagination of the fans is ready to take CWA by storm, Johnny has granted me complete access to his gym and his family join me now as I go...Behind the Superstar

A theme tune plays and BEHIND THE SUPERSTAR logo comes up.

We see inside the gym as Johnny Goldman, Howard goldman and another man who are stood outside of a ring as Johnny is running the ropes.

RA: Howard Goldman is Johnny's father and a former wrestler himself

A photograph of Howard as 'Tommy Stone' is shown

RA: Unfortunately a leg injury 2 weeks into his professional career would turn out to be career ending, but he would give all he had learned to his son and at the age of 15 it was clear that Johnny was going to be a star.

By the age of 21 he had become a champion in the indie wrestling scene here, in New York city and scouts for Mr Lennox had Johnny near the top of their list for CWA superstars.

His mother who could not be here today is also part of Johnny's training team, as is this man, Robert Cowan is one of Johnny's closest friend and an active indie wrestler by the name of 'The Menace'

A photo of Rob as 'The Menace' appears on the screen

We cut to Johhny and Howard Goldman sitting on chairs around a table, Johnny is drinking what looks like an energy milkshake and Howard drinks a coffee.

RA: Johhny...Howard...Welcome to Behind The Superstar, thank you for your time

JG: No problem Ray

HG: It's ok

RA: Gentlemen, we have watched you train today and the feeling you get when being around here is one of a family atmosphere, is that what you are trying to achieve here? ...Howard?

HG: Very much so, we try to make everyone feel welcome and a part of the Goldman family here

JG: We try to help people who love the industry but maybe found it difficult to get a foothold, we train people to be the best they can possibly be, and that's what I try to do

RA: That brings me to my next point, Johnny, this week you have a match against DJ Elektronic and Stefan Alvey, what are your thoughts regarding this match and your chances in it.

JG: Yeah... it seems I am in the middle of a war this week, DJ had his mask taken off by accident or by design those two guys will have a score to settle and I will have to try and take advantage the situation.

RA: So you rate your chances highly against these two guys?

JG: Sure, I ain't saying they're not great wrestlers, but at the same time they gotta see what type of competitor I am, You gotta go in their expecting to win Ray otherwise you might as well go home.

HG: I feel as a trainer this weeks match has 3 very different styles, each one has it's pros and cons which should make for a very interesting match indeed

RA: Thanks a lot for your time guys, finally Johnny any words for your competitors this week?

JG: DJ Elektronic... Stefan Alvey, I promise you two things, 1. This week as like any other, I will bring my A game, and I will try my best so you better be ready. and 2. All that Glitters.....IS GOLDMAAAAAAAAAAAAN!

Johnny gets up, jumps onto the apron of the training ring and leaps over the top rope and runs the ropes as his father joins him and they continue to train.

RA: Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen, thanks for joining me on this weeks BEHIND THE SUPERSTAR be sure to join us at Uprising this week and all week long on and, For CWA this is Raymond Alexander signing off

The show fades to black


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CWA Uprising 28th June 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising 28th June 2012

Post by Bull Wed 27 Jun 2012, 6:36 pm

The Camera Goes Backstage where Chris Conforzi can be seen in his locker room.

Chris looks around before heading over to picking up a microphone. the crowd begin to cheer as chris goes to speak.

CC: This week my route to the championship begins and i will do what ever i can to make it through , i will sweat blood and tears to make it all the way to the top. but it wont be about me it will all ways be about you!

CC: After all where would we be with out the fans ? you guys are the heart of this industry this business and you are the main reason why i want to go out there week in week out. what ever happens I will go out there and every single performance is for the fans.

CC: its not about money it should all ways be about doing it for the fans nothing else. i want to be remembered when i retire and if i am to be remembered as any thing i would like it to be the wrestler the fans could relate to!

CC: To be the best in this industry you have to have the respect of the fans and the pride of there support. i go out there week in week out for that reason to show i care about there support and how much it means to me.


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CWA Uprising 28th June 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising 28th June 2012

Post by Crimey Wed 27 Jun 2012, 6:45 pm

*Suddenly Chris' locker room door is violently pushed open and Teddy Grimstone walks into the room, he looks as aggressive as usual.*

CC: Hey, what's this all about? This is my locker room.

TG: I was just watching that out there, and I've come here to tell you how sick I feel after hearing that CRAP. Those a month, two months, I dunno how long, but one day, someday they will forget about you. You'll be left to rot in some shítty fast food restaurant. Sweat, blood and tears? I've given it all before and I'll do it again tomorrow and I'll love kicking your head in. I was like you once, optimistic, passionate and I believed that those people meant everything...then I grew up.

*Teddy cracks his knuckles.*

TG: I got realistic. To get somewhere in this business you don't have to respect the fans, to get somewhere in wrestling or life you have to be Flipíng ruthless! You have to be able to crush dreams, walk all over people...I embraced this, and hey, if that has lost me some jobs then whatever. I couldn't care less. I'm here now in CWA, and I'm going to get the chance to beat some sense into some doe-eyed shí is good. You know what...every day I think about it, the idea of becoming world gets pretty attractive.

That's unlucky for you, because right're in my goddamn way. I didn't just come in here to tell you that your childish speech was making me sick, I also came in here to give you a warning. Fúck with me...and I'll break your goddamn neck! Then we'll see how much that support means.


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CWA Uprising 28th June 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising 28th June 2012

Post by Gregers Thu 28 Jun 2012, 9:49 pm

(We go backstage to Stefan Alvey's locker room where "The Icon" is sitting taping up his wrists for his match)

SA: A moments quiet in what has been a rollercoaster last few months, how nice it is to finally have a moment to my own thoughts.

(There is a knock on the door)

SA: (Laughing) Or maybe not hey. (Raising his voice) Come in its open

(The door opens and Michelle Steel walks in dressed in a stunning power suit, she smiles at Stefan who smile back)

SA: What a pleasant surprise Michelle, wasn't expecting to see you before my match today.

MS: What can I say Stefan, when needs must and all that.

SA: Indeed, well first of all can I thank you and Andrew for a lovely evening the other night.

MS: As I said at the time Stefan it was wonderful to see you in such high spirits. But the actual reason I came here is to ask your thoughts on your match tonight.

SA: Well tonight I know that I'll get pushed to my limits, my first non-one on one match in the company and I'm up against Goldman and Elektronic. See Michelle this is exactly why I was so excited to join Andrews vision. Matches like that which would headline any other companies PPV being given away for free on live tv. Giving the fans exactly what they want.

MS: And what about the beef that Elektronic appears to have with you?

SA: Well Michelle I said it last week and I'll say it again, I am deeply sorry for what happened last week even if I can't stress enough that it was an accident. Anyone that knows me knows that winning by hook or by crook isn't my style. I know that deep down anyone can see that what happened last week shouldn't have and the sooner that Elektronic accepts my apology the quicker the two of us can move on and keep on putting on great matches.

MS: But you must have been pleased to have got the win?

SA: Of course I was pleased to progress in the tournament but I won't be counting last weeks match as a proper win. And if me and Elektronic ever meet one on one again I will show him exactly how I win a match. But if even after then he can't accept my apology then it will be just another Injustice that I will Fight.

MS: Well good luck out there Stefan, I'll be rooting for you.

SA: Why thank you Michelle, and as always the pleasure has been all mine

(Stefan kisses Michelle on the hand before she leaves his locker room, allowing him to finish his preparations alone)


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