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Post by Good Golly I'm Olly on Thu 21 Jun 2012, 2:32 pm

Would anybody be up for a realistic league using the premier league? Have 16 teams, cut the three promoted sides and one other team out as it makes cup running easier and easier to get all the managers in. Different teams would have different targets for the managers. Some of the teams like Man United and Man City would want a title win, whilst some of the lower teams like Norwich would see it as an achievement to avoid relegation. Each season would last fifteen weeks, with tactics due by Friday night and match results announced on a Monday morning, so we have a Premier League weekend.

Tactics and the team played would both be taken into account when deciding on a result, so shocks can happen, if a small side is set up much better than they can draw or even win games despite playing a better side on paper, just like what would happen in real life. At the end of each season the bottom three are relegated, top four get into a Champions League with four foreign teams, the next four into the Europa League and the bottom eight into FA Cup. But for the first season everyone takes part in an FA Cup, which would be easy to run with 16 teams.

The teams would be done via a random draw, but if managers both agree then swaps are allowed, and also any manager can swap their side for one of the promoted sides if they would prefer a challenge with a lower team.

This is what the league is about. If anyone is interested in signing up go here:
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