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CWA Uprising July 5th 2012

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CWA Uprising July 5th 2012 Empty CWA Uprising July 5th 2012

Post by JJJohnson Thu 28 Jun 2012, 11:29 pm

Match 1
“Gateway to Glory” Quarter Final
Teddy Grimstone vs Cedric Jones

Match 2
“Gateway to Glory” Quarter Final
Vlad Marius vs Stefan Alvey

Match 3
CWA Extreme Championship
15 minute time limit
Chris Conforzi vs DJ Elektronic vs Jimmy James vs Tito Amoruso vs Mike Conrad vs Tyler Roth

Match 4
“Gateway to Glory” Quarter Final
Johnny Goldman vs Dennis Hart

Match 5
Grendal vs Frankie Trotter

Main Event
“Gateway to Glory” Quarter Final
Jimmy Phillips vs Johnny Oko

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CWA Uprising July 5th 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising July 5th 2012

Post by Zoot - Trevor Swann 6WF Fri 29 Jun 2012, 10:21 am

Michael Porter is seen walking backstage looking for someone to interview when a member of the backstage crew walks up to him and hands him an envelope.

Backstage crew: Cedric Jones asked me to hand you this Michael.

MP: Ok thanks.

Michael Porter takes the envelope and opens it. As he reads it his face looks confused but smiling happily.

MP: Hmmm very interesting could this be an amazing scoop I’ve just got or a total let down. This guy’s not really been vocal at all especially the last few weeks. Great performances in the ring but total lack of presence backstage from the guy. Could I be the one to get the first words out of Cedric’s mouth since he’s arrived in CWA? Wow that really would be an exclusive.

Michael Porter walks off with a spring in his step whistling away.

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CWA Uprising July 5th 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising July 5th 2012

Post by Guest Fri 29 Jun 2012, 5:56 pm

The scene cuts to the backstage area into a darkened corner where at first nothing is visible. Suddenly, something moves in the shadows and a figure takes shape, but still is not defined enough to show who it is.

???: Hounded, assaulted, falsely accused... and they say that I am the evil one.

Suddenly from the shadows Vlad Marius steps out, wearing a white shirt, black trousers and a long black cape. Marius has a slightly demented look across his face, but as he walks, he clearly shows signs of his attack from the previous week.

Marius: This is addressed to all of the CWA, but in particular to my friends in the Lennox family. When I first arrived in this company, I was a dangerous man, as I enjoyed finding and hunting my prey. Now however, you have taken a dangerous man and you have made it personal between us, and now that you have done that, there is no turning back for us. You all believe yourselves to be better people than I, and then you go out and do the very actions which I supposedly am wrong for doing. You are not only evil for all of the things you have done Mr. Lennox; you are also the lowest form of character there can be, a hypocrite. I could go on to threaten you now Mr. Lennox, but I believe that I have already done so, all you need to now know is that once your son is out of a hospital bed and back in CWA, I’m going to put him into a coffin, and believe me when I say that will only be the beginning of the torment I will inflict on your family. After all there is a young woman that you have to take care of, and I am not talking about the offspring of that lady of loose morals, but the harlot herself in Hayley. Now I normally wouldn’t choose to attack a woman, but when such a vile and irreprehensible creature like herself makes herself known in my presence, it fills me with such anger and hatred that it would almost be a crime to let her continue to breath in the same oxygen as myself. That being said, it seems as if another tortured soul is out to gain revenge on her for another one of her past actions, so now it seems that you have to defend her on two fronts Mr. Lennox, otherwise that’s two down and one to go from me. So, Mr. Lennox, I suggest that you start taking great deals of care with yourself and your family, as the nightmare I’m going to put the three of you through is only just beginning, and trust me when I say there will be now waking up to escape from this.

The menacing smirk grows on face of Marius as he walks down the corridor before he slows and begins to speak once again.

Marius: However there are more pressing matters at hand, the main being my rightfully earned Gateway to Glory quarter final match against Stefan Alvey. Stefan, I know that you have many matters which affect you at the moment, you’re attack from DJ Elektronic, whoever it was who attacked you backstage last week and you’re overall fight for equality in the wrestling business. As troubling as your life must be now Stefan, I think you need to learn to focus on what is in front of you now, rather than what is waiting for you after, as I have managed to do. As badly as you’ve been beaten down by that mysterious character backstage, as violently as you’ve been beaten down by that DJ imbecile last week, it’s nothing compared to the damage that I can cause. I’ve torn apart men beforehand, I’ve broken them mentally and then physically and with your cluttered mind, I intend to do the exact same to you. I will show you that for me, there is no discrimination in this business, there isn’t even anything personal between us, I just like hurting people. I don’t know why I enjoy it so much, but when it gets to the point in a match when my opponent is so desperate lying on the mat, and I can see the fear in his eyes, it kicks off an almost primal instinct, a need to end the suffering of my prey. Don’t worry though Alvey, I have no reason to prolong your suffering, I have much more pressing matters, so just try to survive next Wednesday night Stefan, live to fight another day.

One final message for the Lennox family, any involvement in my match, any hindrance to me gaining my rightful World Title, and any personal attack on me will result in swift and violent retribution, so as I’ve said to Stefan already, live to fight another day.

Vlad Marius lets out a sinister laugh as he then walks in through a door in the hallway and shuts it before the camera has a chance to follow him in. The screen then fades to black.


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CWA Uprising July 5th 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising July 5th 2012

Post by Guest Sat 30 Jun 2012, 6:39 pm

We see Cornelius Arkholme and Paul Salisbury sat at ringside shortly after Uprising has gone off air

CA: Folks, you join us for a 606v2 exclusive. This audience are in shock at what they have just seen and me too. Just like last week Uprising goes off air asking yet more questions and you can't help but think the two incidents go hand in hand

PS: I gotta say I have to agree with you there. Of course we all know what happened last week. Andrew Lennox finding his son beaten across the hood of a limosuine and that chilling message on the parking lot wall. But just in case you missed it, let us take you back to what happened here tonight a short while ago

*a video replay begins to play*

The arena is rocking as the referee slowly begins to get back to his feet.Phillips grabs the ropes and begins to pull himself up.He wipes sweat off his brow and shakes his head before turning around and breaking into a sprint…

PS:Frankie had no time to get himself back together…
CA:No time…GAME-CHANGER!....and the game is very much over….

The crowd stomp their feet and clap their hands as Phillips crashes into Trotter with a huge clothesine and then drops down into the cover…

PS:No this isn’t right…

CA:Seems right to me and this packed out crowd…



CA:Jimmy Phillips has advanced….final spot goes to “The Talent”…my god what an effort it has taken…

PS:He was gifted the win…he didn’t deserve that….

CA:Some people will argue,but we will never know…..this match was in the balance but it was decided in the blink of an eye…

PS:I am disgusted…

CA:Take it up with the board of appeal…

Maynard:Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner………………….Jiiiimmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyy Phhhiiiiiiiiilllllllliiiiiiipppppppppppssssssss!

The crowd are on their feet and cheering as “Cold Ash” echoes out and Jimmy Phillips has his arm raised in victory.He holds his ribs in apparent pain but smiles with triumph all the same.

CA:Jimmy Phillips is gonna be celebrating tonight…..

PS:Hayley Lennox will be cracking open the champagne as we speak….

CA:It was back and forth,both men gave it their all…but we knew there was space for only one….Jimmy Phillips secures the final spot in the quarter finals,taking one step closer to world title glory…

PS:And he owes a massive debt to that big freak…

CA:So he does…but right now I am sure he doesn’t care one jot…Phillips advances,he is in the last eight….

PS:What a showdown it is going to be next week….eight men will vie for a semi final spot,it’s all on the line….

Frankie Trotter rolls out of the ring looking sullen, as Jimmy Phillips climbs up onto the ropes and poses for his delighted fans.He smiles and nods his head before motioning a belt around his waist.Suddenly the lights go down in the arena.

CA:What the….

PS:Up on the big screen…

*A message appears up on the screen:
“I come for what is mine”
“The world shall know the truth”
“The Future is here, the Revolution is upon us”

CA:I’m none the wiser…

The lights in the arena come back on and the crowd are stunned as a man stands in the centre of the ring.He is dressed in black trousers and a black hoody. His hood is up and underneath is a grim reaper’s mask.Jimmy Phillips climbs down off the turnbuckle as the masked man reveals a sledgehammer in his possession and he slams the hammer straight into Phillips’ face as he turns around..


CA:What the heck is the meaning of this…

The crowd are booing and looking on in shock as the unknown newcomer stands over the unconscious body of Jimmy Phillips.He continues to look down at Phillips as the show goes to its end.

PS: After last week, and the cryptic message on the titantron this evening, I think we have to be realistic that the man who laid out Jimmy Phillips here tonight is the same person who might just be laying claim to being the father of Hayley Lennox's baby

CA: And interestingly enough, earlier on before this assault we seen Jimmy and Hayley, well the only word I can think of using is become exclusive. Maybe, just maybe had that not happened then Phillips wouldn't find himself in the state he is in now

PS: That's right, it seems if you get close enough to the Lennox family you instantly become a marked man

Several EMTs are in the ring with a stretcher trying to shuffle the unconscious body of Phillips onto it. Hayley runs down to the ring, her head in her hands as tears well up in her eyes

CA: Here comes the very person at the centre of this whole thing, and you can see the look of concern on Hayley's face, and it's concern shared throughout this whole 3000+ crowd. Phillips took a sledgehammer to the skull, and when he come's round he's gonna have a concussion, and lets hope that's it and there's no lasting damage

PS: Well we've all heard about him overcoming injuries in his past, but head injuries are completely different. You really have to question whether Phillips will be in any fit state to challenge in the Gateway to Glory tournament after progressing tonight

The EMTs finally get Phillips on the stretcher and slide him out of the ring onto the gurney. They wheel him up the ramp to an ambulance which is waiting at the side of the stage as the crowd give Phillips a standing applause

CA: These fans showing their respects to The Talent, and I know if he knew what was happening he would be wanting to thank them for their continued support

PS: There here goes to a nearby medical facility and we'll do our best to get you some updates as to the progress of his recovery, just stayed tuned to



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CWA Uprising July 5th 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising July 5th 2012

Post by Solomonreturns Sun 01 Jul 2012, 12:14 am

(Raymond Alexander is situated in the interviewing block of the arena. Behind him stands a man of monstrous proportions.)

Alexander:Last week the Championship Wrestling Academy was treated to the debut of Tyler Roth. I am joined at this time by Mr Roth, and I have got to tell you, your debut has made quite the impression on this small-time company.

(Roth just sniffs and looks unimpressed)

Alexander:But the fans, the people that plough money into this company, shareholders and benefactors, they don’t know anything about you. Care to share some information?

(Roth cracks his neck from side to side)

Roth:What is there to tell?.I mean seriously what would you like to me to tell you, that you don’t already know. Six foot four, two hundred and ninety two pounds of pure muscle and aggression. I don’t have a life story to make you fall in love with me. No sob story to get the fans on side. I like beating people up, I like to see people suffer, and being a CWA competitor means I get to hurt people whilst I get paid at the same time.

This isn’t something I spent my whole life wanting to do. I didn’t see Hogan bodyslam Andre and say “this is the life for me”. All my life growing up I excelled at one thing, and that was pushing people around. I am a bully, and I like to be a bully. I enjoy it and I get a real sense of purpose when I make somebody’s life a misery.

Alexander:So that is your intention here?.Nothing more than just pushing people around?

Roth:Were you expecting me to blow you away with a motivational speech?. Maybe I should have worn a bandana and some sweatbands. Maybe I should have been PG friendly and played the “children” card. I am not some sort of idol for you to pin your hopes on. I am not here to fight against the bad people, I make the bad people look like pre-school chumps.

Andrew Lennox,he wanted somebody to make this place “real” and that is when he came knocking at my door. He knew my contacts, he had heard all about me and to say he was desperate for my signature is an understatement. He didn’t want CWA to be another generic wrestling promotion, he wanted to capture the imagination of the fans and find a unique selling point. That U.S.P is me!

Because I don’t conform into your sense of “sports entertainer”. I am not your typical professional wrestler. What I am is a man made machine of destruction and I will burn my way through this roster without a second thought for anybody’s welfare.

When Andrew Lennox put me on the payroll, he single handedly ensured that the rest of these “superstars” were going to bow down at my feet and call me “king”. He raised the bar in one single action, rendering everyone else in the back completely and utterly redundant.

The fans won’t want to see all of these independent circuit losers when they get a true glimpse of what I am capable of. They will want mainstream, they will want a real star to admire, and I have the total package all rolled into one.

Don’t get me mistaken; I don’t want the crowd’s adulation. I couldn’t give one heap of “blank” if they cheer my name or they boo me through those rafters. I don’t care if you like me or you hate me because I know what I am, and my opinion is the only thing that matters.

Because when I step through those ropes week after week,and I am demolishing the “talent” left,right and centre you will realize that nobody else matters. You won’t want to see a mute mime, or a fighting binman. You won’t care about the transvestite vampire or the slimy Italian. All you will care about is me and what I bring to the equation.

Raymond:And what do you bring to the equation?

Roth:Strength,power,speed,raw and ruthless aggression. There is nothing that I am not capable of,nothing that I cannot achieve. I hurt people,it’s what I do,it gives me a buzz.Standing my ground and watching my opponent lying in a pool of their own blood gets me excited. This is what I do and I do it better than anybody else.

Raymond:Here tonight you have been placed in the “Open invitational” to crown the first ever CWA Extreme Champion,is the kind of environment that suits you?

Roth:I think that’s obvious. I don’t follow rules and I don’t like anybody getting in my face, telling me what I can and cannot do. I don’t appreciate authority figures giving me a hard time, so being involved in a no holds barred situation suits me down to the ground.

I can do what I want and I can do it when I want. One by one I can take my opponents and I can break them in two. I can use a chair, a hammer, tables, ladders and thumbtacks. I can take my opponents and I can set them on fire right in front of this live audience and there is not a single thing that anybody can do about it.

Andrew Lennox’s mistakes continue to mount up, signing me was mistake number one, assigning me to this contest was mistake number two, mistake number three and you can be sure that this is all over.

I am standing here in front of you and I am beginning to fear what might happen tonight. I fear for the safety of five other men that are scheduled to compete against me because there is no length I will not go to, there is no line I will not cross, I have no limits.

This match has no importance,no significance to my career but I will use it as my springboard. My stepping stone and my pathway to much bigger and better things. Once I am through with decimating and desecrating those five men here this evening, there will be no doubting just how far I am going in this company.

And I have no problem with winning that strap, winning any championship gold that may come my way. But those belts mean nothing to me, the accolades and the prestige leave me cold. I have no trophy cabinet at home, I have no plaques on the wall because I do not care about what I achieve out there in that ring, what I care about is making sure everyone knows who I am.

I want my picture on all the television sets, promotional posters and DVD covers. I want t-shirts with my face on them, Tyler Roth merchandise all over the CWA website. I want my bank balance to be considerably bigger than anyone else on this roster and I want guest appearances on all major cable networks.

For me,this is what it is all about. Being a star and being filthy stinking rich. All I care about is me and what I am getting out of this situation. I don’t care about giving back to the fans, I don’t care about putting in the hard work and you can forget about me making a wish for any orphans!

(Raymond Alexander looks shocked by this comment)

Roth:I’ll cross those lines, and I’ll say exactly what needs to be said. I don’t fear reprimand and I don’t care who gets offended. What you need to realise is that now I am here, nothing else matters. You’ll listen to me, you’ll watch me and you’ll respect me. I don’t care if you then go home and badmouth me to your wife, warn your kids not to be like me and then pump your balls about how much you wish you were like me. The fact is, you’re not me and you never will be.

I clock on at eleven am and I shut down when the time reaches ten pm, anything after that and I don’t give a damn. Don’t stop me at the airport, don’t bother me when I am in a restaurant, and don’t ask for my autograph whilst I’m taking a “blank” in the restroom.

I come to work,I do my job and I go home. A simple man, who does simple things. And I will continue to do those simple things,day in and day out until I get the recognition and respect that I deserve. I will put bums on seats and bodies in the ground, all the while watching this company add zeroes to my bank balance. If that means winning titles,climbing the ladder,putting so called talent on the shelf then that is exactly what I am going to do.

The pain begins tonight and it does not stop until I say so. Every man that steps in my way will feel my wrath and they will cower at my mere presence. Extreme Champion,Intercontinental Champion,CWA World Champion, it doesn’t matter which one I win first and which one I win last, each match that goes on my resume will take me another step closer to my ultimate goal.

Because when my time in CWA draws to a close,when the final bell tolls on my career I guarantee each of you that my name will be bigger than the Austin’s,the Hogan’s and the HBK’s. I will overshadow the Undertaker and Hollywood will forget all about Dwayne.

Tonight is the first night of the Tyler Roth experience,and believe me when I tell you that this will be a ride that you never forget.

Raymond Alexander:This has been Raymond Alexander with a world exclusive alongside CWA’s newest talent acquisition, Tyler Roth.

(Alexander shakes his head at Roth,who merely just smiles and flexes his muscles.Tyler then pushes Alexander against the wall and walks away from the podium,siganlling the end of the interview)


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CWA Uprising July 5th 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising July 5th 2012

Post by Blade Sun 01 Jul 2012, 12:16 pm

Suddenly the crowd in the arena rise to there feet when We will rock rages out of the arena speakers the start to sing along yellow and green pyrotechnics race of into the rafters and Mike Conrad comes out with his trade mark trash can and his Intercontinental championship wrapped round his waist.

Conrad walks down the ramp tagging fans as he goes throws his can into the ring and picks up a microphone that was waiting for him on the steel steps and enters the ring.

The crowd still singing to his theme tune even though it has finished Conrad holds the microphone out pointing to the crowd as they go wild.

Mike Conrad: Holy crap you guy's are just crazy son's of bitches, I love you guy's.

The crowd start the CWA chant.

Mike Conrad: Well were in the First arena and this is my town New York city baby!!!!

The crowd chant New York, New York.

Mike Conrad: Last week I lost a match and that was against Johnny Oko and there goes my chance for a shot at the world heavy weight championship.

The crowd boo's loudly.

Mike Conrad: I know, I know it suck's but let me remind you all that I am still your Intercontinental champion and this week I have a match this week and the winner will be the crowned new CWA Extreme Champion.

The crowd start to cheer for Conrad.

Mike Conrad: Now am not a greedy person but holding two title's what ever they are shows what a good talent you are in the ring and that is what I intend to do win that title then I will not only be the Intercontinental champion but all so the CWA Extreme Champion.

The crowd start the yes, yes, yes chant.

Mike Conrad:Chris Conforzi, DJ Elektronic, Jimmy James, Tito Amoruso, Tyler Roth you can all kiss my New York ass cos Mike Conrad is gonna clean house you have all been put on notice boys get ready for Knuckles is gonna kick your ass all over the arena and be your next CWA Extreme Champion.

The crowd let out a huge roar as Conrad undoes the Intercontinental championship high in the air as the crowd let of the flash bulbs from there camera's as We will rock you rages from the arena speakers.

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CWA Uprising July 5th 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising July 5th 2012

Post by Zoot - Trevor Swann 6WF Mon 02 Jul 2012, 6:16 am

*The camera cuts to a close up of Michael Porter in a locker room. The room seems quite sparsely decorated with a couple of slated wooden benches and metal lockers but not much else. *

MP: Hello and welcome. It gives me great pleasure at this time to have the opportunity to interview one of the emerging stars of CWA. A person who seems to have connected with the crowd in an amazing way considering he is a man of so few words. So few words infact that we actually haven't even heard him speak yet.

MP: This man is this week taking part in a quarter final match for the Gateway to Glory tournament. Having defeated Tito Amouruso in the first round in a hard fought and entertaining match. This man to be fair though hasn't been around much apart from his appearances in the ring and although he is shall we say a real fan favourite he is also an enigma. A man whom we know so little about.

MP: I'm sure you like me have so many questions for Cedric which is why if you send your questions at this time on Twitter with the hashtag of #CWACedric I will try and get the opportunity to ask the man himself.

MP: So without further to do it gives me real great pleasure to introduce to you the enigma, the quiet man of CWA, the peoples champion, the man of so many names but so few words Cedric Jones.

*Michael Porter turns around to show Cedric Jones sitting on one of the wooden benches. He's wearing his trade mark black and white stripe top and black trousers. His make-up applied with his mouth painted perhaps slightly heavier to show a smile on his face even though at the moment he looks very stoic. He also has a black beret on his head at a stereotypical jaunty angle. Cedric looks up and gives a wave before standing up and shaking hands with Michael Porter. He then moves his arm in a broad sweeping gesture to point at the wooden bench opposite where he was sitting.*

MP: Thank you Cedric and may I just say it is an absolute pleasure to be given this opportunity to be the first person to interview you in CWA.

*Cedric smiles and nods holding his hands up palms facing Michael Porter almost in a gesture to show it is nothing*

MP: Now you actually asked for this interview Cedric in a letter to me stating that you have very much enjoyed your time so far in CWA but you felt it was time for something. Now before we go any further I must just congratulate you on the start to your career in CWA you have had some very impressive wins so far even though you do not fit the typical ideas people have of a wrestler.

*Cedric waves his left hand in a downward motion in a slightly camp manner but obviously indicating stop flattering me*

MP: I must also add it certainly makes a change to not have a loud mouth guy on the roster. I mean most wrestlers are known for having a slight arrogance and being a bit of a loud mouth. You Cedric though are certainly the quiet man of CWA. If I may ask my first question though and I'm sure it's one which is on every bodies lips right now. How do you rate your chances this week against Teddy Grimstone in your quarter final match up?



*Cedric shakes one of his hands palm down slightly tilting each side up and down in turn indicating that he rates his chances as so so this week. He leaps to his feet and starts to fight an imaginary person before pinning them and slapping his hand down for the one, two, three. He leaps up and motions a belt around his waist smiling as he downs this and pointing to himself with his thumbs above his shoulders in a RVD manner*


*There is silence and we see Michael Porters face drop slightly*

MP: Erm ok well maybe we will move on to an easier question for you Cedric. Tell us what are your feelings about Tito Amouruso who seems to have decided he really can't stand you. You did well in defeating him but he does seem to have taken a bit of a shine as to going after and attacking you really viscously.

*Cedric raises a hand to his chin and nods as though he is deep in thought. After a short pause he takes his hand away from his chin and leans forward slightly and starts to shake his head. He opens his mouth and looks to the side before breathing deeply in. He holds his breath before standing up. He looks quite agitated by something before sitting down again putting his head in his hands and shaking his head.*

MP: Ok sorry Cedric I know some of his attacks have lead to you being in hospital with some quite serious injuries. He really seems like quite a bit of a big bully if you ask me.

*Cedric stops and looks up straight at Michael Porter before nodding in agreement*

MP: Maybe you would like to tell us a bit about your history though Cedric and what you were doing before you arrived here at CWA?

*Cedric immediately leaps to his feet a smile returns to his face and he starts performing mimes. Walking into an invisible wall and falling over, walking down some steps carrying a heavy case that won't budge as he goes to lift it. We hear Michael Porter let out a little chuckle at one or two of these. The smile on Cedric Jones' face broadens and he seems genuinely happy for the first time in the interview*

MP: Cedric we can clearly tell that this form of art without words is clearly your passion and that you try to let your actions in the ring speak just as loudly without having to speak. Your fans though are flooding twitter with questions for you the hashtag #CWACedric is trending right now like nothing CWA has trended before. All of these questions though want to know one thing though and this is coming up time and time again. I know it might be a bit personal but the people want to know Cedric.... Why don't you speak?

*Cedric stops his face drops the smile turning upside down his eyes seems to almost start to well up and a tear rolls down one cheek washing away a small line of the make-up. He swipes the beret off his head in one hand and starts to look very agitated. He looks around him and nods slowly before throwing the beret to the corner and walking out despondently.*

*The camera cuts to Michael Porter who looks slightly astonished*

MP: Well to be fair I'm slightly lost for words now too. Maybe we'll never hear him speak.

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CWA Uprising July 5th 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising July 5th 2012

Post by Guest Mon 02 Jul 2012, 10:45 pm

The scene opens sometime after Uprising has gone off air, we see a hospital waiting room littered with a few waiting patients. Off camera a commotion can be heard. The doors fly open and Jimmy Phillips bursts through, flanked by a doctor and Hayley Lennox

D: Jimmy, please be reasonable. You have to realize you are in no fit state to be released from this hospital

JP: Doc I've had worse, believe me I'm the only one who knows how I feel

D: But you're not OK. You've suffered a severe concussion here tonight. I wouldn't be doing my job if I let you walk out here

JP: But I can't just stay here. I've had enough of this 'observation from doctors' BS to last me a lifetime, besides I've got a quarter final match to get ready for next week and I wanna find out who's responsible for putting me here tonight

D: Jimmy, if you walk out of this hospital right now, I won't be able to medically clear you to do any of that. I know Mr Lennox personally, he won't let you near that building without me signing you off

Hayley grabs Phillips by the arm and pulls him back

H: Jimmy, please. Listen to what Doctor Morone has to say. I know you want to start getting ready to face Johnny Oko next week and I know you want to find out what happened earlier on, but you took a blow to the head tonight, if you walk out here right now you could be taking God knows what kind of head injuries with you and I can't bare to see anything happen to you

Jimmy stops and stares at Hayley with a smile on his face

JP: OK Hayley, you win. But believe me tomorrow morning, medically cleared or not I'm out of here and I'm heading to the First Arena. I need to ask the guys in the production truck who was behind that message on the screen

Hayley wraps her hand in Phillips' and the two follow Doctor Morone out of the waiting room


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CWA Uprising July 5th 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising July 5th 2012

Post by TwisT Tue 03 Jul 2012, 9:55 pm

Cornelius Arkholme and Paul Salisbury are sitting behind the announcer’s desk. The arena is empty and both men are in casual clothes. The camera shakes back and forth as if held by an amateur. Salisbury see’s the movement on his monitor and motions to the person holding the camera.

PS: Goddamn it kid, get a grip!

CA: What do you expect Paul? It is gone midnight! You sure you don’t know who sent that text?

PS: No I told you. I assumed it was from Lennox. Whatever the reason for it, it better be good!

Arkholme puts on his headset and turns to the camera.

CA: Are we rolling? Ok…….Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to an exclusive backstage segment, a mere 24 hours after yet another explosive edition of Uprising. I would like to apologies for our attire tonight, but this segment is so exclusive, even we don’t know anything about it!

PS: Apologize for your own attire Arkholme. At least I look cool at this time of night. You just look like an a$$hole.

CA: You are a bit crabby Paul. Not a creature of the night then?

PS: It is half past 12 in the A M and I am far from being a morning person. Let us just get this over and done with.

CA: Well guys, we will just have to wait I am afraid. But someone wants us here.

There is silence as the two men wait for something to happen. The camera pans around the arena, but it is totally deserted. Suddenly, the “Turk’s Theme” blasts out from the speakers and startles the cameraman, who jolts his piece of equipment into the air. He regains his composure and focuses on the curtain at the bottom of the aisle.

PS: The mystery is solved. At least the evening hasn’t been totally ruined……

CA: It looks like Johnny Oko dragged the soundman out of bed as well.

PS: Johnny O. Guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Oko and The Consultant finally appear and walk down the aisle. The Consultant lifts a hand to his ear and mocks the silence from the crowd. Johnny Oko just stares straight ahead, eyes fixed on the ring.

PS: This is quite a catchy tune Cornelius. I can never hear it over the unjustified boo’s that these two fine individuals receive.

CA: I am not really interested in the music, more what these two men have to say.

The Consultant and Oko climb into the ring, and beckon the cameraman to join them. You can hear him swear out of shot as he drops the camera onto the ring apron and slides into the ring. He picks the camera up again and points it at The Consultant.

The Consultant: You are picking this up I take it? Yes? Good. I have to say this is a nice change. I do not have to raise my voice to epic proportions to drown out the undesirables.

CA: Yeah we can hear you. Do you mind telling us what it is going on?

The Consultant turns to the announcer angrily and frowns at him.

The Consultant: Can’t you keep to your job? Regardless of whether there are 1000 people here or no-one, you should just sit, listen and comment after we have gone.

PS: (aside to Arkholme) Owned……

Oko paces behind The Consultant and fires off a few high kicks. He looks agitated and uncontrollable. At last, he slumps against the turnbuckle, chewing his gum furiously.

The Consultant: Good morning viewers. I am here with my esteemed colleagues of CWA to show you just what the world would be like if the proper respect was shown to Johnny Oko and my good self.

He takes out a small dictaphone from his jacket pocket and presses play. A tinny sound of mass applause and cheers flows out of the small recorder. He presses the stop button and the cheers stop abruptly.

The Consultant: That is the sound we should hear when we enter the ring. Not the negativity we have been subjected to. What is your problem with greatness? Is it jealousy? Or is it simply foolishness? Whatever it is, we will not be subjected to it any longer. Hence why I have conducted proceedings after you all have gone.

Johnny Oko strides up to The Consultant and starts speaking into the camera.

Oko: now know your place. And that is beneath my boot. You tried. You failed. Just like everyone else will fail. I am focused. I am strong. And I will be the first CWA World Champion!

The Consultant pulls him back before he smashes a kick through the camera lens. He calms Oko down and ushers him back to the corner.

CA: The aggression shown by Oko can only mean bad news for Jimmy Phillips....

The Consultant turns to the announcers and nods his head.

The Consultant: I am glad you brought that up Mr Arkholme. And you are absolutely right. I have never seen Johnny this determined on achieving his goal. Since his match last week, he has stepped up his training. He really is the only true contender for the World Championship.

He turns back to the camera and points a finger at it.

The Consultant: Jimmy Phillips.......I hope you hear this. I was most intrigued over the conclusion of your match, and it seems you have made enemies with the wrong people. You should get used to that feeling. Because when you step in the ring at Uprising, you will not have to worry about masked individuals but the resolute opponent you face. Is that worth the risk?

He walks around with his hands together and the camera gingerly follows him around.

The Consultant: Let me offer you some advice Mr Phillips. I know a lot about money. Money is the product of success and, let's face it, success is what I do. The attack against you has all the hallmarks of someone wanting success, and in turn the power it breeds. The individual in question and I seem to share a lot of traits, and more importantly, a willingness to do whatever it takes to reach their goal. The sore head that you have right now....that is what money can do. You either have it or strive to get it.

He turns back towards the camera and looks at it sternly.

The Consultant: I have no desire to get involved with petty family squabbles, attackers afraid to show their face or backstage politics. It is distracting. You have angered someone Mr Phillips, and that someone could very well get involved in our main event. Do you really want to take both this person and Oko on? Is it really worth your health for? Especially now you have Miss Lennox to think about. Make the intelligent choice Mr Phillips. Don't risk further beatings and embarrassment. Stay in your hospital bed. Recover. Do the honourable thing and just don't show up at Uprising.

Johnny Oko walks up to The Consultant and whispers in his ear. He holds his hand up and nods.

The Consultant: One last whoever this masked assailant is. Johnny is not scared of you. In fact, he despises anyone who conducts cheap shot attacks like that with the safety of a mask. It is a cowards way, and certainly not the way of a warrior like Johnny O. We have a simple request for whoever you are. Stay out of our way. You want to make a name for yourself? You want to act the mystery man and give the fans something to make them tune in the following week? Then so be it. But you do so without affecting our rise to the top. Otherwise, you will be joining Mr Phillips in a hospital bed. And it will be a bandage covering your face, not some silly mask.

He signals to the rafters, and the "Turk Theme" plays. The two men exit the ring, and walk down the aisle. Arkholme and Salisbury are left alone in the arena.

PS: That was worth getting up for. It looks like The Consultant is done with the fans.

CA: Frankly I can not handle anymore late night promo's, so let us just analyse that and go home. Jimmy Phillips has a choice to make.

PS: Taking on Johnny Oko in his present state is one thing. Add to the mix this masked attacker and the chances of Jimmy getting out of this match unscathed is virtually nil.

CA: Plus, even though he would have been high on peoples list to be behind these attacks and messages, it seems The Consultant has no love for how this individual has conducted himself.

PS: Like the man says, he is successful. That has come through being the brains behind Oko's brawn. They don't have to use gimmicks. They will be at the top of CWA due to skill not secrecy.

Arkholme turns to the camera and removes his headset.

PS: Well folks, that was indeed an intriguing development for CWA. That is all from both of us. Make sure to tune in to Uprising for the explosive main event. Jimmy Phillips versus Johnny Oko. You would be a fool to miss it.

The cameraman waves his hand across his neck and drops the camera to the floor.

PS: Get that video sorted and posted. I am going to get some sleep. Lennox owes us over time.

CA: Damn right.......


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CWA Uprising July 5th 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising July 5th 2012

Post by Uryu Ishida Wed 04 Jul 2012, 4:14 pm

*Dennis Hart walks around backstage smiling as the camera crew back away from him. He waves one over but the cameraman shakes his head*

Hart: Oh come on, I promise I will not hurt you. Trust me...

*The cameraman shakes his head, backing away but leaving the camera on as Dennis sighs*

Hart: Last week I demonstrated something, I demonstrated that my opponents last week feared me. I was not pinned, I did not submit and I was ignored for the most part by my opponents. I do not like being ignored and I enjoy showing certain families that I mean buisness. This week I intend to show them that if they want my help, my protection, my security in the future that my price will go up! I will demolish and destroy Mr Goldman piece by piece just like I did that so called teacher Jimmy James. I will teach these scum that you do not mess with someone who is clearly better than them. I will protect you from the scum you hired to wrestle for you but my price is...negociable.

*He laughs and smiles wickedly*

Hart: Unlike you Mr Goldman, you cannot pay me anything to stop the world of hurt I will put you through. You remind me of a drunk kid trying to prove himself by beating up someone stronger than you, someone clearly better than you. You will try and beat me this week, you will try and say that you will beat me but you will fail. I will take your scrawny little body, twist it into a pretzel and boot you out of the arena like the trash that you are. Whats that phrase of yours? ohhh "All that glitters is GOLDMAN!" well the gold you will be wearing soon is the foil from the chocolate coins you get at christmas because your mama couldn't afford money!

*The crowd boo heavily as Dennis smiles*

Hart: The gold around my waist will be the CWA heavyweight Title as its inaugural champion!

*He walks away laughing*

Uryu Ishida

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CWA Uprising July 5th 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising July 5th 2012

Post by Crimey Wed 04 Jul 2012, 6:16 pm

*Raymond Alexander is stood outside of a horrible looking bar in a run-down street, he's holding a notepad and a pen, as well as a dictaphone. Young men walking out of the bar notice him.*

YM: Hey old mannn, what choo doin' out heres? Don't chooo knows where you are, old mannn.

*The young man is slurring his words and struggling to stand up, he starts to lean on Alexander and then throws up right next to him.*

RA: Oh god...right, I'm looking for a Teddy heard of him?

*The young man who threw up looks up, pulls a funny grin, before wiping his mouth. The camera man is being bothered by one of the other guys who is trying to get his attention just within shot.*

YM: Yeah, I know himmm...he's downs that alley there.

*Raymond Alexander pushes the man off him, and motions for the camera man to follow him as they walk towards the alley pointed out. The young men start stumbling away, laughing as they go and shaking their heads. As Raymond and the camera-man get closer to the alleyway they hear lots of grunts and bangs. They round the corner and there is obviously something going on, but it's too dark to make out. Suddenly the 'thing' starts getting closer and Alexander takes a step back. Teddy Grimstone locked in a violent fight with another man, they go crashing into the bins, Teddy is less worse off and gets up and kicks the man hard in the chest before throwing him into the bin. Teddy turns around, a little blood dripping down from his mouth. He wipes it away and looks confused as he sees Raymond Alexander and the camera man.*

RA: Erm...Teddy, are you drunk?

*Teddy looks him suspiciously.*

TG: What the hell are you doing here?

RA: Well, when you don't turn up to any of the CWA meetings and things like that, it's quite hard to grab an interview with, answer my question, are you drunk?

TG: Nah...if I was drunk, I wouldn't be able to enjoy the fight now, would I?

RA: You enjoyed that? I thought you'd rubbed somebody the wrong way.

TG: Ha! That..."fight" was simply a bit of fun for me. C'mon, it's been a week since the last Uprising, it gets a bit tedious doing normal things, speaking to "normal" people. I need the thrill of the fight more often than once a week.

RA: But surely, this isn't the greatest of preparations for your match on Thursday?

TG: What should I be doing? Going to the gym? Fúcking cardio? I'm not an athlete Ray, I'm a goddamn fighter...I like to fight. I don't wanna be running on any running machines, weights...all that shît...I just want to fight, that's what I do in CWA, that's how I beat that Conforzi kid...the best preparation to fight is to fight. Even you can get that, yeah?

RA: I suppose so, but surely a match in CWA with Cedric Jones is a wholly different kind of experience to these...street fights?

TG: You know what...there really isn't. Sure there are bright lights, more characters...and a few thousand people watching, but in the end, a fight is a fight. Hell, at least that guy,

*Teddy nods his head towards the large bin which is rattling.*

TG: has a bit more sense than this mime weirdo. I expected a bit more when I got further in this tournament, but rather than the competition getting better, it's just getting....stranger. I don't wanna knock the guy, he's found his way in life, I suppose I can respect that, but I'm a man's man, I like to run my mouth...this guy clearly has nothing good to say, otherwise he'd say it. Normally I'd tell him that I'm gonna shut his mouth, but I don't think I need to bother.

*Teddy starts laughing, it's a very rough laugh, and Raymond doesn't join in.*

RA: Do you not feel that you're putting yourself in danger...and in the same way, you're putting CWA in danger because they have invested time, money and effort into you, and all it takes is one bad fight and you're in hospital, you're no longer good to wrestle in CWA.

TG: Get this Ray...I'm my own man, CWA and Lennox knew exactly what they were in for when they signed me...I'm not gonna change because they scared something will happen to me. The guys pay us to fight every week...c'mon...they must realise the guys that will attract. You'll get the odd cocky kid, think he can make it, get to the movies, but most of your wrestlers are guys like me...violent bástards who just want the thrill of a fight and the money of a job. They wanna have more insurance in their investments...go run a little shop...I'm gonna do whatever the hell I please and if Lennox and the rest of CWA have a problem they can kiss my áss!

My "good" behaviour in CWA has led to a few companies trailing my name, talking 'bout contracts and stuff. I'm happy to stay in CWA...I'm doing good in CWA, but Lennox starts tellin' me whatta do...starts trying to dictate my lifestyle, then I'll fúck off, and he can do nothing about it. Now, c'mon Ray, you've had your interview...I wanna go home, I'm not 22 any I'm off and if you follow me all the way home, then it'll be you in a bin. See you Thursday.

*Teddy walks off, as Raymond turns to the camera and shakes his head.*

RA: Yeah...see you.

*The camera clicks off.*


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CWA Uprising July 5th 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising July 5th 2012

Post by Lee Wed 04 Jul 2012, 6:31 pm

As Hart turns to walk Johny Goldman is stood in front of him, Goldman's height difference is apparent as he looks down at Hart's eyes with an intense stare.

JG: .........I'm sorry what were you saying? Something about my Scrawny....."Little" body? haha buddy you ain't got a CLUE!

JG: You may weigh more than me, but you are shorter than me, seems like maybe, You got a bit of junk in the trunk there... sweetHART.

Hart seeths with Goldman's play on his name.

JG: Ah don't worry Denny, I'm only playin' see that's what I do, outside the ring, but inside the ring, I am all business, and this is a serious business we work in. So before you go lettin your mouth write cheques your ass can't cash...I would be sure you know what your dealin' with, comprende?

Hart smirks at Goldman and laughs a little under his breath and begins to walk away.

JG: Yeah, walk away guy, but understand this, I am a GOLDMAN GYM TRAINED PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER! That means a lot in this town, so don't you underestimate, under prepare for and don't you dare dissrespect the good name of my family, and my home town of NEW YORK CITY!

Crowd in the arena: WOOOOOOOOOOOO NYC! NYC! NYC!

JG: I will show you how a real wrestler goes about his business tonight Dennis Hart, because............. all that glitters!....


Goldman storms off as the show goes to commercial


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CWA Uprising July 5th 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising July 5th 2012

Post by BlueDragon1205 Wed 04 Jul 2012, 8:08 pm

Michael Porter is standing outside of a locker room, the name Grendal is written roughly on the door...

MP: Ladies and gentlemen my guest at this time.... the Titan Child... Grendal!!!

the door swings open and Grendal is standing on the other side, his face seems sullen and his mouth droops, even more than usual. He looks to have been crying and he stares a hole through Porter and into the distance...

MP: G G Grendal... I wonder if I could ask you to explain your actions last week, before uprising aired last week we saw footage of yourself from a house show where you viciosly attacked a member of our audience.....Please can I ask you Grendal.... Why?

G: Grendal... Sorry......

MP: I respect that Grendal, but is my job to ask the questions that the fans would want an answer to... so I ask once again..... Why did you attack one of our fans?

G: Grendal.... not hurt anyone... Grendal... a.... Good... Man....

MP: Grendal? We have footage of yourself dragging a ma by the cranium from the crowd and flinging him into the ring...

G: Grendal.. Never...

MP: Then you went on to lift the man above your head and attempt to pull him into multiple pieces...


Porter jumps with fright and looks up at Grendal, the monster looks back at him with fury in his eyes. A massive hand lifts into view and clenches into a fist...

MP: Grendal!! Please!!! I... I..... I’m Sorry!!

Grendal blinks a few times and his eyes focus on Porter, Grendal has hold of him by the collar and is lifting him about four feet off the ground.... Grendals hand lets go and Porter drops to his knees...

G: That was not Grendal.....please... can we do... in.. ter.....view.. now?

Porter stands, dusting himself off...

MP: Yes.. I'd like nothing better than to get this done and get out of here.

Grendal Smiles, not noticing the malcontent spoken in the sentence...

MP: This week, you face Frankie Trotter, a man you have been stalking for weeks. A few times you have came incredibly close to getting your hands on him... Can I ask, what is it that make you want to hurt him so much?

G: Trotty is a bad man... Grendal worked hard to win match a few weeks ago.. and Trotty man cheated and make Grendal lose.... this make Grendal sad.... this make Grendal angry.... Grendal was angry for a week, or more... but Grendal realise that Trotty man was helping his friend and that is good...

MP: What!?!?

G: It is good... to help a friend??

MP: I suppose, but...

G: But... Then Trotty attack Grendal again, so Grendal decide, Trotty man.... is bad man.... and bad men... don’t deserve friends.... bad men don’t deserve to work for Mr Lenox... bad men don’t deserve to make money... bad men don’t deserve.... to live...

MP: What do you mean by that? Are you threatening to kill a man? Because that isn't what CWA is about at all...

G: Grendal wouldn’t kill a man....But there is one.. inside.. who will.....

Grendal seems to zone out for a second, his mind wondering...

G: Trotty man annoys Grendal a lot... Trotty man.. no speak... properly....

Porter tries to stop himself from laughing..

MP: Well thanks for your time Grendal, it's been, interesting. I just hope that you finally manage to sort some of your issues with Frankie Trotter before our next interview.. for my own sake....

Grendal nods his head and gives a twisted thumbs up as the screen goes black.....

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CWA Uprising July 5th 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising July 5th 2012

Post by Bull Wed 04 Jul 2012, 8:33 pm

Chris Confozi can be seen in his locker room preparing for the hardcore championship match.

CC: This week im in a match for the hardcore championship , its going to be tough but knowing the fans out there cheering us on. it will give me the spirt to go out there do what i can and give it my all!

CC: Im going to put my body on the line for all of them out there even if they surport me or are against me !

CC: All so wanted to say good luck to my friend Stefan Alvey.

Chris turns towards the punch bag and continues to train


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CWA Uprising July 5th 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising July 5th 2012

Post by Guest Wed 04 Jul 2012, 11:54 pm

Jimmy Phillips is seen driving into the First Arena, still in his old Honda Civic. He pulls up by the production truck and exits his car before loudly banging on the trucks door. He continues to knock but nobody opens the door, he tries to open it but it's locked shut

JP: Forget this

The scene quickly changes to the ring area were the crowd are slowly filing in ready for Uprising when 'Cold cash and colder hearts' starts to play out of the speakers. The 500+ fans already there cheer louldy as Jimmy Phillips walks out and straight down to the ring with a determined look on his face

PS: I have no idea what's happening here. We're not being to be going live for another hour or so

CA: Given a couple of minutes ago we seen Phillips banging on the production truck, I think we can all guess what this is about

Phillips is pacing in the ring with a microphone in his hand waiting for the 'Phillips' chants to die down before lifting the microphone to his mouth

JP: guys you know The Talent loves you, but tonight, tonight The Talent has something he needs to get off his chest

He continues to pace in the ring

JP: you see last week in the middle of this very ring, I progressed to the quarter final stages of the Gateway to Glory tournament, but the celebrations were short lived after the cowardly actions of........well god knows who. That's why I'm out here right now. I don't care if we're not on air yet, but unless I get answers I'm not leaving this ring.

The crowd are chanting Jimmy's name as he continues to pace

JP: The Talent doesn't care who it was, but I do care why it happened. I want to know why I have had to spend the 24 hours lay in a hospital wing with doctors staring at me. I want to know why my spot in the quarter finals was in jeapordy not knowing if I was going to medically cleared or not, and I want to know why some assclown in a mask decided to attack me and assault me with a sledgehammer. Mr Lennox, I know you're back there, Hayley already text me saying you had arrived. I want answers, and I want them now, otherwise you're not having a show this evening

Suddenly the arena plunges into darkness. The big screen lights up again and starts a countdown from 10. When it reaches zero the message from the previous week appears on screen

“I come for what is mine”
“The world shall know the truth”
“The Future is here, the Revolution is upon us”

Jimmy Phillips reacts angrily in the ring

JP: Listen, whoever it is behind all these cryptic clues, The Talent dares you to come down to this ring right now. I don't care if you're the same sick son of a *BEEP* who is claiming to be the father to Hayleys baby, come down here right now and I'll shove your head so far up your ass you'll be wearing yourself for a hat.

CA: Phillips is riled here tonight, I hope he calms down otherwise he could easily let his feelings cloud his judgement when it comes to progressing in the tournament

JP: I don't care if you think you're coming back to claim what is yours, newsflash, Hayley doesn't want you, she got herself an upgrade and I'll do everything humanly possible to make sure you don't lay a finger on her or the baby

Suddenly Hayley Lennox walks out to ringside to a polite applaude from the crowd. She climbs in the ring and places her hand on Jimmy's shoulder

HL: Jimmy, daddy has sent me out here tonight as he is busy. He has asked me to advise you he too believes the same person who attacked you last week is the same person that attacked Callum and left that message for me. Daddy has told me to advise you he is taking this very seriously and is working towards fining who this mystery man is himself. He will not stop and is exhausting all resources until he finds who this mystery attacker is. He has asked me to ask you to trust him. But tonight Jimmy, tonight must still go on. We will find who attacked you and Callum, and when that happens Daddy will make sure he gets what's coming to him. In the meantime, you still have a quarter final to compete in and make your way to the semi finals and one step closer to becoming the first CWA Champion

Jimmy looks deep into the eyes of Hayley and the two hold each others glaze for a minute before Phillips turns away smiling

JP: Dammit, you know I can't say no to you

Hayley leans up and kisses Phillips on the cheek to a few wolfwhistles from the crowd

JP: But I'm glad you did bring up my quarter final match up this evening. You see Johnny, I happened to catch what you had to say the other night in the hospital. You talk a big game, luckily for you you can back it up. You're good, there's no point in me lying. If I was a gambling man, sure I probably would have had a flutter on you in this tournament. But there's one thing that's standing in the way of you progressing in this tournament............

He points his finger across the back of his hoody and drags it along the word 'The Talent'

JP:.........Me. You see no matter how good you think you are, no matter how much of an advantage you have by having your BFF in your corner every night, you're still not the Talent

The crowd cheer

JP: Don't think your threats scare me, they don't. You may be good....I'm better. I'm medically cleared, I'm 100% and I'm heading to the semi finals

Phillips drops the mic in the ring and he opens the ropes for Hayley to exit the ring before following her outside. the two exit the ringside up the ramp hand in hand


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CWA Uprising July 5th 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising July 5th 2012

Post by TwisT Thu 05 Jul 2012, 9:14 am

The arena goes dark suddenly and people struggle to get to their seats. Phillips grabs Hayley’s hand and shields her.

Tannoy: We appear to have some technical difficulties here ladies and gentlemen. Please remain calm and we will rectify the situation shortly.

Phillips releases Hayley’s hand when he realises it is merely backstage problems. He turns to her and begins speaking off camera. Suddenly there are a few screams from the crowd as someone comes sprinting down the aisle in a grim reaper mask and holding a sledgehammer. The person slides into the ring and catches Phillips unaware. He see’s him lift the sledgehammer over his head and immediately drags Hayley down to the floor; covering her with his body. The masked man does not complete the move, but slowly steps backwards. He then starts to remove his mask and reveal that it is Johnny Oko.

CA: It can’t be surely!

Oko smirks at Phillips and blows out a huge bubblegum bubble. Phillips is incensed and aims a punch at Oko. Johnny is too quick and slides out of the ring laughing. He chucks the sledgehammer to the floor and walks backward along the aisle. He takes the mask and hands it to one of the fans.

CA: Oh my god, look at that. We didn’t notice that in the gloom.

As Phillips watches Oko hand the mask over, he sees most of the kids lining the aisle wearing the same grim reaper masks. Oko points to each of them, laughing louder, before turning his back on the ring and exiting behind the curtain.

PS: Ha ha ha, I love it. Mr Lennox is never one to miss a marketing opportunity. It looks like these masks are top sellers after last week!

Phillips starts scanning the crowd. His gaze hits the same eerie masked individual that attacked him last week dotted around the CWA audience.


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