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CWA Uprising 12th July 2012

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CWA Uprising 12th July 2012 Empty CWA Uprising 12th July 2012

Post by JJJohnson Thu 05 Jul 2012, 6:01 pm

Match 1
Gateway to Glory Semi Final
Teddy Grimstone vs Jimmy Phillips

Match 2
Dennis Hart vs Chris Conforzi

*Mike Conrad announcement

Match 3
Tito Amoruso/Frankie Trotter/DJ Elektronic vs Cedric Jones/Grendal/Stefan Alvey

Match 4
Tyler Roth vs Jimmy James

Main Event
Gateway to Glory Semi-Final
Johnny Goldman vs Vlad Marius

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CWA Uprising 12th July 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising 12th July 2012

Post by Guest Thu 05 Jul 2012, 8:34 pm

The camera cuts backstage to a large locker room. Around the room are various pictures of famous Transylvanian characters and then finally a portrait of Vlad Marius is shown. The camera then pans down to reveal Marius himself sitting in a large armchair.

Marius: Every great man deserves to be remembered through fine artwork, and the painter I “commissioned” for this work was particularly exquisite.

A sinister laugh comes from Marius as he sinks back into the chair slightly, before glaring into the camera.

Marius: But just as many of these men pictured have been misunderstood and persecuted by society, so I am now with the Lennox family. Last week at Uprising should have been the wakeup call for the family as to the realisation that I am not the only man after their blood, but yet I am still treated as a suspect in this case. Mr. Lennox needs to be reminded that as strong and powerful as I am, I can’t be in two places at once, and whomever is doing this to him, his family, Phillips and anyone else on the roster, must be another man who he has cheated in his climb for power and riches, yes that’s right Andrew, I don’t believe for a second in this good man facade for the crowds, you’re as cold hearted as all of the other wealthy men in this world. Mr. Lennox, the Reaper who is tormenting you and your family is dangerous in many different ways to myself, he wants to shows his dominance over you through his violence and wants to tear through your family like a knife through a deer hide. I want to tear your family apart emotionally, mentally, socially before I drive the stake straight into your black hearts. I showed what I could do to Alvey last week when I put him into an ambulance, I haven’t even needed to pin or make another man submit and I am still regarded as one of the most dangerous competitors around, just think what I will do when something I really desire is made available to me. Soon you will pay for your sins Mr. Lennox, you and your family will pay and any other unfortunate that you pull down with you.

Marius stares coldly into the camera as a twisted smile comes across his face, before Marius begins to tap his hands on the arm of the chair and begins to speak again.

Marius: The next stage of your punishment Mr. Lennox will be watching me defeat the pompous fool of Johnny Goldman next week. Not intending to sound too like a movie here, but it seems that the two of us have come full circle. On the very first night of this company, we participated in the main event, and thanks to the first of many travesties of justice that I suffered at the hands of the Lennox family, you were able to steal a win. Now however, you have no outside interference to rely on to save yourself, you have no other members in this match to hope to score a lucky pinfall, all you have is one angry Count, who is looking to go through you and get one step closer to achieving my rightful goal as CWA World Champion. Last week, what I did to Alvey was nothing personal, he was just a man caught in the crossfire and can be seen as yet another man that Mr. Lennox was responsible for sending to the hospital, you on the other hand Goldman have been a thorn in my side for long enough. I’ve watched as the man who had a so called “victory” over me lost the following week and has slowly fallen into obscurity thereafter, and it has sickened me. It is time to put the myth to bed that you are a man of the people and the better man in this company, and not only will I demonstrate why I am the most deserving man for the CWA World Title, I will demonstrate what happens to men who cross me.

Mr. Lennox, I suggest that you keep one eye on the main event next week, as he will be the man whose arm you personally will be raising on the 19th of July as the CWA World Champion.

Vlad Marius looks calmly and slightly tiredly into the camera before he motions it away with his hand and the camera leaves the room before fading to black.


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CWA Uprising 12th July 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising 12th July 2012

Post by Zoot - Trevor Swann 6WF Fri 06 Jul 2012, 9:12 am

*Cedric is seen backstage walking purposefully along. Wearing his trademark stripy top and makeup but something is noticeably different about him; he has the Extreme Championship belt around his waist. Michael Porter stops him and tries to catch a few words*

MP: Cedric many congratulations on pinning Tito for the magnificent looking belt and now being the Extreme Championship holder. I really must say it was good to see you get even with that bully after all he has done.
MP: Also I’m sorry if the interview last week didn’t go quite as planned. Maybe I can still grab a few words with you at some point?

*Cedric stops and stares at Michael. His face drops and he starts to shake slightly.*

MP: Or not if that’s the case that’s fine also Cedric

*Cedric stops and bursts into silent laughter before punching Michael on the shoulder jovially. He see’s Michaels phone in his top pocket and grabs it before holding it up at arms length and grabbing Michael around the shoulder to take a photo on his phone of the two of them. He shakes Michaels’ hand and gives him his phone back before pointing to his own eyes and then to the stairs leading to the arena and walking off quickly in that direction.*

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CWA Uprising 12th July 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising 12th July 2012

Post by Lee Fri 06 Jul 2012, 1:28 pm

Kayleigh Reed is stood in the backstage area.

KR: Hi everyone, Kayleigh Reed here Mr Lennox has asked me to grab an exclusive interview with "The Golden One" himself... Johnny Goldman!

Goldman appears behind Kayleigh and clears his throat

KR: Oh hey! You scared me there

JG: Sorry Miss Reed, didn't mean to scare you, you ready for the interview?

KR: Sure, is right here ok or you have somewhere you would prefer to do it?

JG: Let's go to the canteen, I skipped breakfast..

In the Canteen Goldman and Kayleigh are sat at a table they both have coffees as Kayleigh begins the interview.

KR: Okay, I'm here with "The Face" Johnny Goldman, Johnny, you are one match away from the right to fight to be crowned the first ever CWA world Champion! That must be a great feeling for you.

JG: Well I'm not there yet honey, I have to get through the guy who seems to have some personal issues with me in Vlad Marius.

KR: I heard him talking about you earlier via video message have you had a chance to see it?

JG: Yeah I saw it, and I didn't much care for it, the guy likes to blame everyone else for his short comings, yet he claims I stole the win against him? haha the guys in denial, the following week, yeah I lost, but watch the tapes Vlad I was blind sided with a steel chair to the head by that chump Teddy Grimstone and I have fallen into Obscurity? You wanna see how good I am, I beat the mighty Grendal, I made the so called "powerhouse" Dennis Hart...tap!.....out! You wanna talk coming full circle, I call it another chance for me to show you up for the loud mouth egomaniac you are by giving you a lesson in professional wrestling....

KR: So you rate your chances highly for this match Johnny?

JG: I'm not gonna say I will win, that's not who I am, but you all know, and especially the Golden Army knows, I won't give up on my dreams, and those dreams revolve around the CWA World Heavyweight Championship. Now I will try my best and if that comes up short, then I will go back to the gym and train twice as hard, twice as long until I am ready and I will come back and try try again.

Johnny is clearly wound up but calms himself and takes a sip of coffee

JG: The fact of the matter is this Kayleigh, Johnny Goldman, love him or hate him, fights to the last breath, I won't give up until the referee raises my hand and passes me the belt I long for....

KR: Can I ask you about your romantic life? You got a special someone in your life?

JG: Haha, I have devoted my life to wrestling, maybe one day after my career I will settle down and all that but right now, wrestling is my lady, I have to devote my time to her

KR: I see...

JG: I heard a rumour you and Chris Conforzi are an item?

Kayleigh's face turns bright red as she shifts in her seat

KR: Me and Chris? er... well....

JG: Haha don't worry I'm not gonna make it difficult for you

KR: there anything else you want to say to Vlad?

JG: Nicely done *Johnny winks at Kayleigh* I don't really have much to say to Vlad at all really, the guy needs to learn some respect, I guess I am the man who will have to teach him that respect. See you tonight chum.......p.

Johnny smiles at the camera then at Kayleigh

JG: I will let you go, sorry if for flustering you haha

KR: Haha don't worry, thanks Johnny

JG: My pleasure

KR: There you have it folks, Johnny Goldman has his sights set on the CWA World Title, but standing in his way of the final is Vlad Marius, be sure to tune in the Uprising to see who progresses to the 'Gateway To Glory Final' this week. I am Kayleugh Reed, for CWA on 606v2 signing off.

the show goes to commercial


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CWA Uprising 12th July 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising 12th July 2012

Post by Blade Sat 07 Jul 2012, 8:02 pm

The scene opens up at a refuse site in New York and the crowed in the arena begin to cheer loudly as they know the superstar who is about to come on and they start the Conrad chant.

The camera comes across to big steel fences one of them is closed and one of them is wide open the fence that is closed has a big sign with blue spray paint on it and the words on the signs read.

CWA Uprising 12th July 2012 Conradslandfillsite

The crowd let a huge cheer and start the we will rock you song the camera then go into the compound and in the compound you can see four huge skips with people throwing there house hold waist in them.

The camera then spans round to the right of the compound and you can see a porta cabin on the wooden door you can see Managers office the door opens and you can see Mike Conrad sat at his desk working out the weekly intake of rubbish that comes through his Refuse site.

Conrad looks up and see's the cameraman smiles and puts down his clipboard he was holding and beckons the cameraman to move closer with his arm.

Mike Conrad: Hey man welcome to the day job.

The crowd watching in the arena cheer for Conrad.

Mike Conrad: As you can see this is what I do when am not wrestling this is my paradise this is what drives me on in the world making sure that every person has a place to throw away there unwanted belongings and some were to bring there trash and know it will be taken care off the right way.

That is one of the reason's I signed up to CWA to take the trash out I Mike Conrad have a special Announcement to make on Uprising this week I can not give you any details as of yet but am sure all of you wonderful New Yorkers will love it.

The crowd in the arena let out a huge cheer.

Mike Conrad: I will be there to address you great fans in public because for an announcement like this you need to hear it from the horses mouth not from some one on the titron.

So be ready cos this is New York city baby and its time to take out the trash.

The fans in the arena goes wild as the cameraman then turns to the window looking out at the skips with people from all walks of life throwing there trash and the titron the fades to black.


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CWA Uprising 12th July 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising 12th July 2012

Post by Zoot - Trevor Swann 6WF Sun 08 Jul 2012, 7:08 am

*The Sound of Silence begins to play over the speakers and the crowd straight away start cheering as the current Extreme Championship holder Cedric Jones appears at the top of the ramp. He is smiling like anything and has the belt over his shoulder.*

PS: This guy makes me sick Cornelius. He should never be the Extreme Champion that title should still be around Tito's waist. Tito was the one that went through a monumental match and won it.

CA: The rules of the Extreme Championship are so that Cedric won it fair and square though. If you ask me it served Tito right what happened after what he did earlier on that same evening.

*Cedric starts tagging hands with the fans as he makes his way down before typically falling over an invisible object that no one else could see which makes a few fans laugh. As he gets to the rings he slides in under the ropes before going to the corners and posing on each turnbuckle to the cheers of the fans. He holds his hand to his ear in a Hulk Hogan manner to get the crowd going even more*

CA: It's really good news that as-well as winning Cedric doesn't look in to bad shape either. That beating that Tito gave him was brutal. This guy seems to keep on getting knocked down but always bounces back up. Cedric was really unlucky in his match against Teddy Grimstone and although he is not going to win the big title it's good he has the Extreme one for me.

PS: Shut up how can we have a mute representing this company going forward I mean he can't even explain to us how he feels or what it means to him to be champion he can't even say a good word about CWA.

CA: No but then I've never heard you say a good word about Cedric either so maybe you should take a lesson from him Paul. Of course you can see what it means to him this is possibly the greatest thing that has ever happened to this kid.

*After doing this for a while he slides out of the ring and starts looking under the ring for something.

PS: I mean what the hell is he doing now are we going to be entertained this week by him having an extreme rules match with himself next he'll be elbow dropping a patch of the ground and busting himself open.

CA: Well I wouldn't have put Cedric quite in the same category as that great just yet but I can see some of the comparisons.

*Finally Cedric finds what he is looking for and pulls out a sun lounger which he slides into the ring. He throws in a parasol and small table also and gets back in the ring setting them all up. He puts the sun lounger up so it is facing the ramp and the table to the side.*

PS: Who does this kid think he is? Is he trying to present his own Cabana or chat show of some sort. How do you do that when you don't even speak. Jerk

CA: Just keep watching Cedric surprised us all this last week and I'm sure he will do the same now.

*One final time Cedric goes out of the ring and goes over to the commentary table shaking hands with Cornelius and then going to shake hands with Paul before pulling his hand away which leaves Cornelius in fits of laughter. Cedric grabs a remote control from behind the desk and a six pack of beer and goes back into the ring. He throws one of the beers to Cornelius who thanks him and then proceeds to fall onto the sun lounger and cracks open a beer. He starts waving the remote control in the air and presses a button which brings the giant screen into life*

*We go to highlights of the past week*

wrote:Cedric Jones is shown in the back entertaining some fans with his mime work.Michael Porter is shown waiting for an exclusive.

Porter:Cedric…I know you have a big match in just a few minutes but I was wondering if I could grab a quick word…

*Cedric Jones turns away from the fans and faces Michael Porter.He seems to be pondering an answer before he opens his mouth.

PS:Is he actually going to speak?

*From behind Tito Amoruso clatters into Cedric and then runs the mime forwards,sending him crashing against a wall with serious force.Cedric collapses down on the floor and Amoruso begins to stamp down on his head and back with real authority.

CA:This is sick and pathetic…Tito Amoruso just cannot get over the fact that Cedric Jones has one upped him..

PS:Teach him a lesson Tito..

*Amoruso kneels over Cedric and begins to crash big right hands into his face as the fans and Michael Porter look on in horror.Francesco Amoruso comes charging into sight with CWA security close behind.

Francesco:Tito,what the heck are you doing?

*Francesco tries to pull Tito up but it is proving a difficult task

Tito:Clown has made a fool of me once too often…..sick of this wise guy…

*Security push Francesco Amoruso to the side and then drag Tito away from Cedric Jones.The Italian superstar is trying to fight back but the numbers are too strong.

Tito:You ain’t see the last of me puta….i’m gonna finish you…

CA:This guy is crazy…he needs to be stopped…

PS:He is just expressing himself…

*Michael Porter is shown checking on Cedric Jones as the scene goes ringside

*Cedric looks around the crowd and is pretending to be upset he starts rubbing his hands under his eyes as though he is crying. Cedric starts shaking his fist above his head in the classic pose of an angry old man showing his displeasure at the bully that is Tito Amoruso before holding the remote up again and pressing another button. This time the highlights of the match that Cedric had against Teddy Grimstone play out. We see Cedric sit up on the edge of the sun lounger watching intently. Cowering at every near fall and getting full engaged by the fight.*

*At the end of it he stands up and starts clapping showing that he felt he did well*

PS:Boring Can't you hear those chants Cedric this is just boring.

CA: Shut it Paul.

*A final time Cedric presses the remote control*

wrote:*The scene changes and Tito Amoruso is bursting open a bottle of champagne and downing it as he celebrates with his newly won Extreme Championship belt.His brother,Francesco,is celebrating with him.

Francesco:I knew you could do it Tito…..I always believed in you…

Tito:I know you did brother,and it means a lot to me…this win is for and it is for you…finally I will get some respect around here….I am the Extreme Champion of the world….

Francesco:We need to celebrate properly….hit the town…show this city how a real champion parties…

Tito:I’ll drink to that…

*They high five and Tito takes another swig of champagne

Tito:Tonight we hit New York for the biggest party in history….get the car Francesco and I will meet you in the parking lot….

*Francesco slaps his brother on the shoulder and leaves the room.Tito holds the championship up and kisses it before taking another drink and smiling.

Tito:Tito Amoruso….the CWA Extreme Champion…let’s get this party started baby…

*Tito begins to do a little jig around the room and he finishes off the champagne before turning to head towards the parking lot.



*Tito opens the door of his lockeroom and Cedric Jones is waiting right outside,to deliver a ferocious superkick straight to the jaw of his rival.Jones gives a little signal as a referee comes into shot.

PS:Please tell me…

CA:You know the rules Paul…title can change hands at anytime,anyplace whilst we are on air…this is retribution…

*Cedric Jones and the referee creep into the lockeroom and Cedric drops ontop of Tito……………..the referee leans down and counts……………………………1………………………………2……………………….3!

*Cedric is now jumping up and down celebrating in the ring laughing away but silently doing so. The crowd are cheering also and joining in with Cedric as he enjoyed watching this final clip. He points to the belt around his waist and celebrates with the crowd.*

*He sits down on the sun lounger continuing to laugh away before suddenly he looses his balance. Somehow he flips over and the sun lounger falls on top of him*

CA: Ouch that could be painful.

PS: Serves the muppet right. If he can't even deal with a sun lounger how on earth is he going to cope with Tito this week when he gets his hands on him.

*We see Cedric struggling for a minute or two and a hand comes out from underneath the lounger. Suddenly a giant 1 comes up on the screen and Cedric's hand comes down on the matt. Shortly followed by a 2 as Cedric drops his hand a second time and then the final 3.*

PS: Did Cedric just get pinned by a sun lounger!!! The fool

CA: He's joking Paul he's entertaining us and the fans give him a break for once.

*Cedric crawls out and looks around before scratching his head and raising his hands in an upwards motion with the palms upwards and shrugging his shoulders. He unfastens the belt from around his waist. He looks around before fastening it around the sun lounger. To the laughter of the crowd*

PS: Disgusting giving the belt to an inanimate object really

CA: picard

*Cedric slides out of the ring and drags the sun lounger out with him. He starts walking back up to the exit with the lounger tagging hands with the fans as he goes. The crowd are cheering him like never now after having being fully entertained by his antics. He gets to the top of the ramp and turns to pose before swiftly throwing the lounger to the floor and putting a foot on it as up on the screen appears a giant 1 to which the crowd respond by shouting out. The 2 appears and the crowd respond again before the final 3. Cedric slides the belt off the lounger and holds it up high to the crowd savoring the response.

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CWA Uprising 12th July 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising 12th July 2012

Post by Nay Mon 09 Jul 2012, 10:49 pm

*The scene jumps backstage to find Francesco Amoruso walking down the corridor deep in conversation with a smartly dressed older grey haired man. Suddenly Kayleigh Reed bursts round the corner startling both men, she pays no attention to the old man whatsoever as she grabs Francesco by the arms and starts to drag him back the way she came*

KR: Thank god I have found you Francesco we have been looking everywhere you have to come quickly
*Francesco pulls himself and the reporter to a stop, before looking seriously at the reporter*

FA: Came down Kayleigh, what's happened tell me now

*Kayleigh looks at the old man nervously, before Francesco reassuringly nods to say its ok*

KA: He has snapped again, he locked himself in his locker room and it sounded like a bull had been set loose, but no one has heard a peep for the last 30 mins. Everyone is to scared to break in because if he is not hurt, well you know.....

FA: Its ok, you did the right thing, we will deal with it now*

*A concerned Francesco nods at the old man to come with him as they make their way through the corridors to Tito's locker room, there is a crowd gathered around the door, when the old man finally speaks telling every one to clear off as Francesco unlocks the door. Francesco walks in to find a trashed locker room, and Tito quickly putting something back in his locker before slamming it shut so hard that it springs back open a bit*

TIto: DON’T YOU KNOW HOW TO Kno..Oh its you brother

*Francesco walks into the room, closely followed by the old man*

Tito: Who the hell is this brother, its bad enough that I battled my way to become extreme champion, only to lose to that mute in a sucker attack, but now your bringing strange old men into my locker room.

*Francesco sighs as he waits for Tito to calm down, but the old man coolly walks up to Tito hand extended*

???: Hey Kid, they call me Don Simon and Francesco reckons you could do with my help and by the look of this room I agree.

*Tito spits on the floor at the feet of Don Simon while staring at the old man, before turning his gaze to his brother*

Tito: What the hell Francesco, I have been here two minutes and already I am a champion, you think I need help, even you brother can push it to far and this is bordering on to far. I mean look at this old man what the hell can he do to help. They already fear me, I heard them all whispering too scared to come in, and I have not even gave them something to be scared of yet. This week I am in a tag match with a couple nobodies against a team of nobodies, you see my only concern this week is making sure that the clown Jones does not leave the ring in one piece. I am literally going to damage him so badly that being unable to speak will be the least of his worries.

DS: And that’s great kid but your not a champion you are a former champion. You managed to hold on to that title for what, 15, 16 minutes and then got beat up by a mute who you have been smacking around the place, does that sound like fear to you.

*Tito's face starts to go red as his fists clench*

Ds: That temper you have, that rage, the feeling that boils up everytime I call you Kid, every time you feel disrespected, it’s a great weapon, its also your biggest weakness. Every single person in this company is a tough S.O.B, that’s a given Tito, they are all looking for that extra edge. You have that edge!!!!

You have done more damage to people just because they looked at you funny, than most these guys can ever imagine doing, that is your edge but you have to learn how to control it, why waste the anger on this locker room, on a camera man, let it build up inside you until you need it most, in that ring where it will make a difference, where it will make you a champion. I see greatness in you Tito and I want to help you achieve it.

*Don Simon extends his hand once again as Tito looks too his brother, Francesco walks over beside his brother shrugging his shoulders in an it ups to you kind of way*

Tito: Ok, Ok I will let you become my coach on a trial basis, but the first time you tell me what to do, or more importantly what I cant do, it will be you I lose my temper with, Kapish. Francesco get the cleaners in this place and tell them if they ever leave my locker like this again I will make sure they never work again.

*Tito and Don Simon leave the locker room, leaving francesco surveying the mess, once he is sure Tito has left, he opens up the locker to find it empty bar a picture that appears to have been sellotaped back together of his mother and father.*


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CWA Uprising 12th July 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising 12th July 2012

Post by Guest Tue 10 Jul 2012, 9:29 pm

A camera is scanning through the backstage of the First Arena following Michelle Steel, she hears raised voices coming within a room at the end of the corridoor. As we approach the name on the door reads Jimmy Phillips. The camera peers through the door which is open ajar and we see Phillips pacingdeep in flustered conversation on his cellphone

JP: You have to tell me................... You must know something?

a look of anger flahes over his face

JP: LISTEN HAYLEY, DON'T INSULT ME WITH THIS FAKE CRYING ROUTINE, I MAY HAVE FELL FOR THAT SH!T BEFORE, BUT THAT WAS TWO CONCUSSIONS AGO.............. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to raise my voice but I need you to tell me what you know. The way I see it I've got some lunatic who thinks the only way he can get your attention is by attacking me............ Well the guy obviously don't got the stones to challenge me so I need to know what, make that who I'm up against. Is that Amy crying??

Phillips wipes his brow with his towel

JP: fine, do what you gotta do but this isn't over. You must know who is behind this and I wanna know who

Phillips hangs up the phone as Michelle Steel knocks on the door

JP: Michelle this really isn't a good time

MS: I appreciate that, this will only take a moment

Phillips nods his head

MS: I only wanted to know, and I'm sure the CWA universe would like to know what your reaction is to your mystery attacker gifting you the win last week?

JP: I'm not gonna thank him if thats what your getting at. Quite the opposite in fact. If that coward had the courage to show himself to my face now I'd thank him by knocking his teeth down his throat. I'd rip that mask right of his face and choke him to death with it he'd come face to face with the Grim Reaper for real

MS: But you can't deny it was because of him you progressed to the Semi final

JP: The Talent was never in danger of losing. I already had that match won until Oko's BFF got involved, but believe me after ending Uprising for a second week with a concussion I wasn't in the mood to pop open the bubbly in a hurry

MS: Well moving on to this week, your win against Jonny Oko put you one step away from a World title match, all that stands in the way of you and the final is teddy Grimstone, and this is one that people have been looking forward to ever since CWA started and you put him through a table, confident?

JP: It seems it was destined to happen, I would have preferred to meet him in the final but beggars can't be choosers. You know ever since I was a kid my Pa always said to be the best, you had to beat the best, and never before will a truer word be spoken than on Thursday. Teddy me and you haven't, and will never see eye to eye, but I'd be lying if I said you weren't one of the toughest guys walking these halls. I know I can't afford to be anything less than 110%, and deep down you know the same. We'll steal the show there's no doubt about that, but at the end of the day it will be The Talent and not the b@stard marching on in this competition

MS: Thanks Jimmy, good luck next week

Jimmy's phone rings and he answers it as he herds Michelle and the camera man out of his dressing room as the scene fades


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CWA Uprising 12th July 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising 12th July 2012

Post by Uryu Ishida Wed 11 Jul 2012, 12:24 pm

*Dennis Hart is seen in the trainers room having his ankle checked out*

Trainer: How did you even walk with this?

Hart: I walked just fine now just gimmie something to put Jimmy James out of his misery!

Trainer: No way, you are walking hurt and I insist on you resting tht ankle of yours...

Hart: NO! I am going out there to show that Jimmy James that what he did had zero effect on me, I have a match with some idiot and I intend to go through with it!

*The trainer looks unimpressed*

Trainer: Fine, end it quickly though...

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CWA Uprising 12th July 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising 12th July 2012

Post by Solomonreturns Wed 11 Jul 2012, 8:07 pm

(Michael Porter looks very nervous as he stands in the interview block of the arena. A man in a sharp suit, bald head and sunglasses turns towards him and shakes his head. The man removes his glasses and approaches Porter)

???:Can I help you?.Do you have a pass to be in here?

Porter:Erm I don’t need a pass, I am a CWA reporter.

???:Pull the other one kid, you can’t be in here.

Porter:I have a scheduled interview with Tyler Roth.

???:No you don’t.Appointments with Tyler are made through me, and I don’t know you.

Porter:Who are you?

(The man smiles and places his glasses in the breast pocket of his suit)

???:The name is Lucas Franklin, and I am Tyler Roth’s agent.

Porter:An agent?

Franklin:Did I stutter?


Franklin:Good, because I would hate for you to misunderstand me. If you want time with Tyler then you give me a call and make an appointment. Otherwise you need to get out of here, pronto!

(Lucas Frankin shakes his head at Michael Porter and turns away from him. Tyler Roth then appears in the room.

Franklin:Don’t worry about it Tyler, it’s just the press looking for a scoop.

Roth:Yeah they keep hounding me so I agreed to an interview.

(Lucas looks a little surprised and then turns back to Michael Porter)

Franklin:One interview, but I will lay the ground rules now. You ask questions that only I approve, anything that I deem unworthy of asking will result on a three strike basis. You ask three bad questions and this interview is over.

(Tyler Roth smiles at the nervousness on Porter’s face)

Porter:This week you will take on Jimmy James at Uprising, how do you feel about this match?

Franklin:I’ll answer that question for him,because I don’t think Tyler really need to bother with such amateurish journalism. Jimmy James is just another fly in the ointment, he is a baby wildebeest that has broken his leg in the middle of an unstoppable stampede.He cannot win this match, he cannot stand and trade with Tyler Roth, and the members of CWA management should be ashamed of themselves for making this an official bout.

Jimmy James will be a victim of circumstance when he stands in the middle of that ring on Thursday evening. We have no outstanding issue with this man, but the fact that he will oppose us at Uprising means that he will suffer the most deadly of consequences.

Porter:And what of Chris Conforzi?.It was widely reported last week that Tyler and Chris had some heat?

Franklin:There was no heat. I don’t know where you heard that rubbish. Chris Conforzi tried to stand up to Tyler Roth and he paid the price. Just like anyone else that tries to pick a fight with this force of nature right here.

There is nobody in this business, in this entire industry that will stand with this man and come out successful. The fact that he is continuously paired with men that don’t measure up is quite alarming. The staff in this company obviously do not think a lot of their employees if they are so willing to put them into the middle of the lion’s den with this beast in front of you.

Porter:And just one last question..

Franklin:I am glad that you recognise the case for haste…

Porter:Tyler is no longer involved in the world championship tournament but there must be some goals that you have set for his tenure in CWA?.Why did he not win the Extreme Championship last week when the opportunity presented itself?

(Tyler merely smiles and beckons for Franklin to answer the question for him)

Franklin:Why?. The reason why is because Tyler Roth is better than the Extreme Championship. He’s better than the Intercontinental Championship and he is better than all of you. Until the time comes when the powers that be recognise that this man is the only candidate to hold the world heavyweight championship we will bide our time and play the game.

Whilst certain athletes strive to hold championship gold, our goal is to make Tyler Roth the most famous name in all of professional wrestling. I don’t want Tyler to be an Extreme Champion or an I.C. Champion,I want him to be the fastest rising star that becomes the biggest and best world champion this planet has ever seen.

Until we get that opportunity, we will continue to break apart and decimate any man foolish enough to cross our path. Tyler enjoys beating people up, he enjoys watching people bleed and writhe in agony. He enjoys it so much that he does not care if he wins matches or not. All he wants is for people to know his name and to fear him, just like they should.

I could go on all day, I could run down every single member of the CWA roster, but I don’t need to. All I have to do is sit back whilst Tyler goes out to that ring and backs up every single statement that I make.Any questions that you need answering about Tyler Roth will be presented on a plate within the next few weeks.

He doesn’t need the hype and he doesn’t need the dirtsheets singing his praises. He doesn’t want you to retweet his messages and he doesn’t need a phony Youtube show just so that you know his name.

Tyler Roth will stand in that ring and you can send superstar after superstar out to face him. One by one he will destroy them, one by one he will eliminate them from competition. You are not looking at a future star, you are looking at the star. When the time is right there will only be one name synonymous with pro wrestling and that name will be Tyler Roth.

Write it down, take a picture or make a mental note because I will not repeat myself. Tyler Roth didn’t need to go through development, he didn’t need to fight his way through the indies like the rest of these losers. Andrew Lennox approached us, Andrew Lennox through bundle of cash after bundle of cash at us just so that Tyler would sign on the dotted line.

We don’t need CWA, but sooner rather than later you will see that CWA needs us. We legitimize this place, we make it competitive and we make it real. We make people switch on and we get the executives in the television networks salivating about putting us live on the Fox station.

We are going to the moon and beyond with this, and all you cretins have to do is sit back and watch. You can’t stop it, you cannot delay it, all you can do is stand back and admire.

CWA maybe new on the scene, but with this man as your face, as your pinnacle superstar, there is no heights that you cannot reach. Tyler Roth will put CWA on the map, Tyler Roth will once again make professional wrestling relevant,I guarantee it.

(Lucas Franklin smiles and then walks away,shaking his head. Tyler Roth sniffs and looks Porter up and down before following his agent.Michael Porter pulls a handkerchief out of his pocket and dabs his face.)


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CWA Uprising 12th July 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising 12th July 2012

Post by Mat Wed 11 Jul 2012, 9:29 pm

*Michael Porter is stood backstage, still dabbing at his face with a hankerchief, sweat evident on his shirt.

He is approached by the Professor Jimmy James, the crowd cheer at the sight of Jimmy. He smiles appreciatively...

Jimmy James:God Michael what happened with you youngster?

Michael Porter:Well erm, I tried to get an interview with your opponent actually, Tyler Roth. I wouldn't want to be you in that ring Jimmy, he's one scary son of a gun...

Jimmy James:Is he now? What's he like Michael? Intimidating is he? Did his word scare you?

Michael Porter:Well actually...Jimmy, he didn't really talk a lot. Just stared, his agent did most of the talking.

Jimmy James:Oh I see, he's another dozy meat-head like Dennis Hart then is he? Another word whose actions speak louder than the 5 words he knows?

Michael Porter:To be honest, it was more a case that his manager was a bit of a motormouth. He had stuff to say about you though. That your another fly in the ointment, you will be squashed.

Jimmy James:Typical. People seem to have already come to the conclusion that I am weak, that I can't deal with these big men with muscles coming out of their ears. Overlook me at your peril Tyler, did you not see me last week?

I went through hell in that extreme title match, I showed that despite my size I have as much fight, as much heart, as much will power as anyone in this company. Do you think you can break me? Break a resilience I have spent years building up in the face of the same old taunts?

You may have the power Tyler but I have the brains. I can out think you, I can out move you, I can out wrestle you. Whilst you're thinking of your next move, I already know your next 3 and a counter. That's how good I am Tyler, that's how intellignet I am.

And you should know Tyler...brains always beat brawns!

*James nods at Porter before walking off.

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CWA Uprising 12th July 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising 12th July 2012

Post by Bull Wed 11 Jul 2012, 10:01 pm

Chris Conforzi can be seen in his locker room getting ready before a knock is heard.

Chris opens the door and there happens to be Michael Porter.

CC: hi Michael what do you need?

MP: I would like an interview if thats possible Chris?

CC: Sure go ahead.

MP: How did it feel to have become a possible champion in the Extreme championship match ?

CC: It did not really matter about being champion for a short amount of time to be honest as its really what happens at the end of the time limit that counts but I want out there and gave it my all for the fans. It felt good to say i gave it my all but in the end it was not enough but hey there's all ways next time.

MP: Thanks Chris next question... Is there any heat between you and Tyler Roth?

Chris looks to be filled with rage before calming down and starts to speak.

CC: Im not really sure what the guys problem is to be honest with you Michael i was just there mind my own business and he came out of nowhere and started to mock me and Kayleigh who was interviewing me and ruined it. Shame really i don’t know much about the guy but felt disrespected by his actions.

MP: Finally Are The Rumours true about you and Kayleigh?

Chris eyes light up as he can be seen getting nervous. He takes a deep breath before smiling and answering the question.

CC: Um.... Where just good friends Michael nothing personal happing.

MP: Cheers for your time Chris.


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