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CWA presents "Revelation" 19th July 2012 *Week 7*

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CWA presents "Revelation" 19th July 2012 *Week 7* Empty CWA presents "Revelation" 19th July 2012 *Week 7*

Post by JJJohnson Thu 12 Jul 2012, 11:06 am

Match 1
CWA Intercontinental Championship
Mike Conrad © vs Johnny Oko

Match 2
Scotty Cruise vs Stefan Alvey

Match 3
CWA Extreme Championship
Cedric Jones © vs Tito Amoruso

Match 4
Chris Conforzi/Jimmy James vs Dennis Hart/Tyler Roth

Match 5
Steel Cage
Grendal vs Frankie Trotter

Main Event
CWA World Heavyweight Championship
Fatal Four Way Elimination
Johnny Goldman vs Vlad Marius vs Teddy Grimstone vs Jimmy Phillips

*Plus updates on the condition of Andrew Lennox and Callum Lennox
*Hayley Lennox will be interim General Manager for the evening

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CWA presents "Revelation" 19th July 2012 *Week 7* Empty Re: CWA presents "Revelation" 19th July 2012 *Week 7*

Post by Guest Fri 13 Jul 2012, 3:31 am

The camera cuts backstage to the hallways of the CWA arena. There is a lot of bustling as various crew members and backstage crew are attempting to set up the arena for Revelation. Suddenly the commotion seems to die down though and there is only one man left on screen, dressed in full black with a hood covering his head.

???: After five weeks of torment, 5 weeks of torture and 5 weeks of cruelty... I’m finally given what I have rightfully deserved from the start.

The man steps forward and removes his hood to reveal himself to be Vlad Marius. Marius has a grin on his face as he looks into the camera.

Marius: For five weeks I have been alienated as the “bad guy” in this federation, unfairly persecuted because the hypocrites like Mr. Lennox have called me evil. Well even after being against the entire world for this long, I’m still able to say that I will soon be tearing into the flesh of my four adversaries, like a timber wolf, as I go on to win the title that I have deserved more than anyone else on this roster at Revelation. But I will get onto those cretins later, my first message is to the Lennox family, as they’ve been the most consistent part of my CWA career so far. You’ve meddled in my business from day one, firstly with the idiot son Callum who saw fit to try and cheat me over on two separate occasions, but was unfortunately eliminated before I had the chance to get a real measure of revenge. Then you Mr. Lennox, saw fit to meddle in my business also and blamed me for the vengeance from some other tortured soul that your family has wronged in the past, and even young Hayley has seen fit to try and attack me with the steel chair shot to my back, which you are lucky I haven’t taken further action for. You have all sat their upon your thrones made of the broken bones and blood of the men who’ve made you your millions and laughed as you’ve played puppet master with so many of the imbeciles in this federation, however I can safely say that I am not one of those men. I dared to go against the tyrannical rule of the Lennox family, and because of that you’ve tried even harder to get rid of me, to keep my quiet so that I am no longer a threat to you. Now though, thanks to some unintended intervention by some deluded superstars of this company, you’ve been forced to put myself into the main event and give me that one shot that I need to win the World Title, and once I have the control of the World Title, I will be in a much better position to come back and gain a measure of revenge for the wrongs you have given me in the past, though I may be competing with that Reaper to do so.

Though you aren’t going to be the first three to suffer, no the first three are my opponents at Revelation. I’ll start off with a man whom I seemingly have never had a problem with in the past, one Teddy Grimstone. For me Teddy, you’ve always had the right attitude, as you don’t care about what anyone of these fans or the owners of this company think of you, however your abilities still leave something to be desired. In our first match here you were unable to watch my back and thanks to that both Callum Lennox and Johnny Goldman were able to cheat me out of a win, so obviously your mental capacity isn’t as great as it should be for a true champion. Then the fact that you couldn’t put away opposition like Jimmy Phillips when his mind is elsewhere shows that you look the physical ability to get the job done, and that’s against a mere peasant compared to the likes of me, where it will require all of your strength and brute force just to be able to walk out of the arena at the end of the night, rather than win the match. Then of course we have Johnny Goldman, the man who yet again managed to slip out of my clutches last week, thanks to some interference from Grimstone. You said last week that clearly I had some personal issue with you, don’t flatter Johnny, you’re more like a mosquito to me, irritating but easily eliminated, and you have nowhere to run this time Johnny, no Lennox family member to come out and save you, and really no-one cares enough about you to stop me from finishing you off for good, particularly the other men in this match who are just as shallow as you, only interested in Championship gold and not giving a damn about any of your so called fans. But that leads us neatly onto the man who most interests me in this match, Jimmy Phillips. For a man who is so close to the Lennox family, it’s hard to believe that we’ve been so separate from each other over the past five weeks, but we’ve somehow managed. I’ve been looking forward to the day that we can finally meet in the same ring as one another, not just so I can tear you apart as a little thank you note to the Lennox family, but also in the hope that I might be able to put some sense into you. The Lennox family have been playing on your emotions from almost the start now, do you really think a harlot like Hayley cares about you anymore than the next man in the locker room, you’re just her man of the hour, much like the Reaper was before she got rid of him to. If you allow yourself to be distracted by the danger that the Lennox family have gotten themselves into, you will pay a serious price at Revelation, though if you do the intelligent thing and drop them before they drop you, you may even have a chance of lasting through the first elimination.

At Revelation, there will be a new beginning and the Count will ascend to his rightful place atop of CWA, and trust me when I say, dark days will be ahead for those who have opposed me.

Vlad Marius laughs sinisterly, before putting the hood of his cloak back up and then walks down the corridor until he is out of sight and the camera fades to black.


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CWA presents "Revelation" 19th July 2012 *Week 7* Empty Re: CWA presents "Revelation" 19th July 2012 *Week 7*

Post by Blade Sat 14 Jul 2012, 6:16 am

The scene opens up with Mike Conrad holding a hose pipe, Water gushing out and dripping down like a water fall of an old Yellow refuse lorry, Conrad stands there in the baking sun with dark blue jeans, White vest and hush puppies shoes and sun glasses, sweat drips of hie for head and splashes on to the hot concrete floor of his refuse compound.

In the back ground the sounds of hard working men moving rubbish around sorting them out into what pile they should be in getting them in the right order.

Conrad walks over to the tap and turns the house pipe off and grabs a towel hanging from the railing of the steps that lead to his porta cabin, Conrad proceeds to wipe down all the hot steaming water from his lorry and then starts to polish it making it shine in the sun light like a shining star in the dark blue sky at night.

Conrad take a few steps back to admire his handy work pops the towel back onto the railing and picks up a bottle of water out of his ice bucket and take a long sip and smiles lovingly at his handy work.

Conrad then walks up the steps into his prota cabin pulls open the door then walks in and sits down on his hard wooden chair puts his feet on the desk and folds his arms round his head and looks out of the window at his bright shiny lorry.

Conrad then talks to himself about the events from last week on CWA Revelation.

Conrad: I will give it to the Consultant he got me on that one night he fooled me and Johnny Oko came out and hit me with a “Turkish Delight” codebreaker in the middle of the ring kudos to you Oko but that will only happen once and once will I let that happen.

You hit me from behind lets see how well you do when your right in front of me kid, You my friend have met your match you really think that this is gonna be easy for you?

I have held this belt for nearly 7 weeks now and it will be my first defence and you think that you and old chubby boy can just make a threat like that and I will roll over for you think again dirt bag.

I am the very first Intercontinental champion and after Revelation I will still be champion.

Conrad bangs his fist's onto the desk in anger and stands up of his wooden chair he walks over to the window and rolls the blind to get a better look at his gleaming lorry.

Conrad: You see Oko I may be a small son of a bitch but I am one tough son of a bitch and there is know way in hell that your gonna take this belt home with you, You are going down and its time for me Mike Conrad to clean house baby!

Conrad then sits back down on his wooden chair and closes his eyes and takes an afternoon nap.


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CWA presents "Revelation" 19th July 2012 *Week 7* Empty Re: CWA presents "Revelation" 19th July 2012 *Week 7*

Post by TwisT Mon 16 Jul 2012, 3:53 am

Johnny Oko is seen sitting cross legged on the floor, eyes closed and breathing slowly. The room is dark and quiet. Oko sits, naked from the waist up and tatty black trousers covering his legs. He is sweating heavily, seemingly because of some long arduous physical work out. But for now, Johnny is still.

Footsteps are heard, as the camera fixes on Oko. Out of shot, a familiar voice begins to speak.

The Consultant: Johnny......are you prepared?

Oko makes no sound or movement. A sigh is heard from The Consultant.

The Consultant: For all our show lately, this is a very important match. If we lose, we have no direction. I want you to acknowledge that.

Oko tilts his head at The Consultant, and opens his eyes.

Oko: And this masked man......this reaper. This gaijin that attacked me and Mr Lennox. You had no part in that?

The Consultant sighs again and stamps his feet in annoyance.

The Consultant: I told you! I have any no involvement in whoever this mystery man is. Why would I get him to attack my star performer?!

Oko: Like you said.....if I lose, we have no direction.

The Consultant: Then don't lose. And don't doubt the ability you possess. You are a winner!

Oko smirks at him and shakes his head.

Oko: I don't doubt myself. I have proved my worth. But winning isn't everything.

The Consultant: Of course it is!

Oko: No.....not to my people. Revenge is something we class above everything else. And I will have my revenge over this reaper.....whether you are involved or not.

The Consultant: And Conrad.............

Oko: He stands in my way. He will be eliminated. Then, I want the gaijin that smashed me in the face.

Oko lifts a finger and rubs it along the scar over his right eye. He smiles sadistically.

Oko: I am not afraid of death......remember.

Johnny bows his head and closes his eyes in meditation. The room returns to silence again, before The Consultant lays a katana in front of Oko.

The Consultant: If you are going after death, you will need this. I hope you are ready Johnny.....

He slowly walks off, leaving Oko alone again. Without opening his eyes, Johnny feels for the katana and holds it in the palm of his hands.

(Please open the following link in a new tab and make sure you have your speakers on:

Music fills the room, and Oko slowly rises to his feet, his eyes remaining closed. As the music rises and falls, it is mimicked by the rising and falling of Johnny's chest as he breathes deeply. He stands there, unmoving apart from his lungs. He still holds the katana in his hands and it shines briefly as the faint light in the room catches the silver blade.

Then, as the main piano music hits, Oko begins moving.

He elegantly steps to his side with martial arts movements in a form of Kata. He circles the sword above his head and he moves slowly but deliberately as his body swings around in the choreographed motion. Through the use of kicks, punches and thrusts with the sword, Oko dances around the floor, eyes shut tightly, as the music echo's each and every action. For someone so dangerous, it is a beautiful and awe-inspiring sight to see. He moves toward and then away from the camera; lifting and swinging the sword around him in a free flowing motion.

The scene is intermixed with flashes of memories coming, seemingly, from Oko's mind. As he continues surging around the room, the viewer is given glimpses of Johnny's past.

A marketplace is shown and Japanese people get on with their day to day lives. Oko walks confidently in-between the stalls, with his fellow Turks behind him. As he passes, he knocks various food items off the stalls with his katana, as the Turks behind him laugh. One old stallholder gets in front of Oko and screams at him in Japanese. Johnny simply smirks and blows a bubblegum bubble in the stallholders face before walking off. The Turks behind him push the stallholder to the floor. He hits his head hard on his stall and lays on the ground in pain.

Oko continues spinning as the music still plays. He is shown smiling as his movements continue to be fluid. Yet, his eyes remain closed.

Johnny is then seen sitting lazily in a chair. He is being berated by a man in a white suit, and Oko is paying no attention to him. As the music fades slightly, we can hear the man scream at Oko "you're disrespect will be the end of you Johnny!"

Oko grits his teeth and carries on moving. Painful memories flood his mind, as his whole mood changes.

Oko is seen being beaten by unknown people. He is being held against his will and kicks are being plummeted into his head. It is raining hard and it falls heavily on each person, as Oko is given another kick to the mouth. Suddenly he is thrown to the ground, where he kneels there coughing up blood.

The scene returns to Oko still doing Kata, moving around the room faster this time, and each kick having more power in it. He hurls the sword down and up again in aggression as he remembers once more.

We see Oko, still lying in the rain. He is muddy and his suit is ripped. The white suited man appears and kneels before him. The sound of a flick knife is heard, and the man starts to run the knife down Johnny's right eye before the scene fades again.........

(Please close the tab for the music)

Oko stops moving. He opens his eyes to see the katana mere centimetres away from his left eye. He moves it away quickly and hurls it to the floor. It clatters loudly and the echo's fill the room. Oko lifts his head to the sky and points to the ceiling.

Oko: Conrad.....reaper....CWA.......Johnny O is not afraid. Revenge will be mine and my direction is clear. I swear on everything I hold dear.......

Oko stares at the camera and rubs a hand over his scar.

Oko: CWA......triumph is temporary..........pain is permanent. Feel. My. Pain.

The screen goes to black and then shows the following:

CWA Revelation: Coming This Week


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CWA presents "Revelation" 19th July 2012 *Week 7* Empty Re: CWA presents "Revelation" 19th July 2012 *Week 7*

Post by Lee Tue 17 Jul 2012, 2:25 am

Johnny Goldman is shown exiting his Locker room with a look of determination on his face as the fans in the arena explode into a chorus of GOLDMAN! GOLDMAN! GOLDMAN!

CA: Johnny Goldman ladies and gentlemen, he is one of four men with the opportunity to win the big one, and be crowned CWA's first ever World Champion!

PS: He has a tough job with the 3 other men in that match, all very worth champions

CA: Agreed but if we went on fan appreciation and love this guy would already be champ, these fan in New York and all around the world have really taken to Johnny Goldman

PS: God knows why

CA: Well mostly his charisma, his in ring ability and his modesty to name but 3

PS: And I suppose you are chairman of the Johnny Goldman fan club?

CA: Yes, I am.....anyway he is making his way to the ring to no doubt address his opponents in that match

PS: No doubt shout his ever so clever catch phrase..

CA: Hey it is pretty catchy

PS: If you say so

Suddenly the lights in the arena turn Gold as the Lion that opens 'King of the Kill' by Annihilator roars over the sound system causing the fans to raise the level of their cheers which is only second to the level they raise to when the guitars kick in and Johnny steps out onto the stage and raises his arms as golden pyros explode around him lighting up the arena.

Johnny makes his way down the rap tagging the hands of fans, he spots a small boy in a wheelchair and takes off his 'ALL THAT GLITTERS...' shirt and hands it to him which brings a huge cheer from the fans as Johnny makes his way to the announce table, grabs a mic and leaps onto the apron.

He enter the ring and climbs onto the turnbuckles and poses for the fans then begins to walks around the ring

JG: Hey heeeey


JG: Wow! you seem pumped for this thing tonight!


JG: Haha! well you're not the only one, I am this close *holds fingers millimetres apart* from achieving my dreams, and it's so close I can taste it... It is a shame it isn't the one on one match I was hoping for, but all that means is the achievement will be extra sweet for the victor, and I will do my best to make sure that's me


JG: But it features some guys who like talk a good fight by that I mean Vlad Marius

Crowd: BOOOO!

JG: I know right? haha and Teddy Grimstone...


JG: again you are dead right, a right pair or chumps these two guys are, don't get me wrong, they got skills in the ring, but they are sucker punching, steel chair swinging bitches and they know it, yet they claim to be amazing and the title is all but theirs....I had Marius in position, I would have nailed him with the Goldrush and 1-2-3! I would have been the rightful winner of the match...but no, Teddy boy can't get the job done against Phillips cos, let's face it... Phillips is just plain better than him (Crowd: YES! PHILLIPS! PHILLIPS!) so he has to sabotage my match to make himself relevant and weasel his way into the final........well so be it, I will go into that match with no fear, nothing to lose. I will take the fight to them all and at the end win or lose, I know I will have left it all in that ring

because..... I AM A GOLDMAN!...AND ALL THAT GLITTERS!.....


Johnny Goldman raises his arms as King of The Kill blasts out and the crowd go crazy.

CA: Johnn Goldman is ready for this match folks

PS: He is a fool if he thinks Marius and Grimstone are to be taken lightly..

CA: Did you not hear him? He isn't taking them lightly neither is he taking Jimmy Phillips lightly, he has great respect for them all but he doesn't fear them... that's the true mark of a champion

PS: What a loser, and I still hate his silly catchphares

CA: Well you know what they say...all that glitters is Goldman

PS: You are a grown man

CA: Haha we will be back after these message folks


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CWA presents "Revelation" 19th July 2012 *Week 7* Empty Re: CWA presents "Revelation" 19th July 2012 *Week 7*

Post by Uryu Ishida Tue 17 Jul 2012, 5:04 am

*Dennis Hart smiles walking around backstage, he peeks into Andrew Lennox's office and sighs as he walks in, sitting at the desk and smiling*

Hart: Well what can I say, another week of mayhem and chaos passed me by and another Lennox was hurt. Did anyone stop to help them, did anyone offer help for them? any of the little guys? Well I offered help and they still have not replied, they know my terms. they know what I want and if they want to see what I can do then I will show them this week against my opponents, Chris Conforzi and Jimmy James. Both are small minded, small bodied and if I am honest they should be none of my concern because they are beneath me, they are scum!

Hart: However, Jimmy James has earned one swift beating because of what he tried to do to me. He tried taking me out and that is not very smart, what the smart thing to do was make sure you put me out permenantly but because you didn't do that, I'm gonna have to make you retire. I might break an arm or a leg, heck bracturing your disks would be interesting, just to see you squirm in pain and watch you flop around like a fish on dry land. I do not care about how far I have to go, I only care about how many bones I break in scum like you.

*Dennis smiles*

Hart: Any membor of the Lennox family watching, I am blunt and to the point with my work. I am also running out of time on my offer to you, I am the only one who has offered such help and if this keeps on happening it will be all on your heads...

*Hart walks out the office laughing*

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CWA presents "Revelation" 19th July 2012 *Week 7* Empty Re: CWA presents "Revelation" 19th July 2012 *Week 7*

Post by Guest Tue 17 Jul 2012, 7:40 am

The First arena is slowly filling up with anxious fans ahead of the CWA supershow when they go wild cheering as 'Cold Cash and colder hearts' blasts out of the speakers. Jimmy Phillips walks out to the stage in his red hoody and grey sweatpants and proceeds to walk down to the ringside tagging the hands of the fans before climbing in the ring and grabbing a mic from ringside.

CA: This could be the biggest night of this young kid's life

PS: Win or lose I would say it already is, but I don't understand what he is doing out here. He should be backstage getting in the right frame of mind for tonights main event

Phillips holds the mic to his mouth and waits for the crowd's cheers to die down

JP: It's true what they say, New York City truly is the home of professional wrestling

The crowd go wild and a CWA chant breaks out

JP: And I can't think of any better setting for our first supershow than right here in the First Arena, a year of from now when we're selling out arenas across the country I'd still be proud to walk back in this very arena and call this place home. This is were CWA all began, and tonight this is were it all begins for the one man who walks out as CWA Champion

That's right, its finally here, the moment everybody has been waiting for. The culmination of the Gateway to Glory tournament as 4 men go toe to toe for the greatest prize in this business. You've got Vlad Marius (crowd boo), Johnny Goldman (crowd give a huge pop), The *beep* Teddy Grimstone (a flutter of cheers can be heard amidst a predominantly negative reaction) and lets not forget, yours truly, The Talent Jimmy Phillips (Another huge pop from the crowd).

Four guys at the very top of this business, four guys with the same goal but only one can go on and achieve it, but there's a lot of people out there doubting The Talent has it what it takes to be that guy

the crowd jeer

JP: Oh it's true whether it be Facebook or Twitter, dirt sheets or efeds, you name it they're all giving me the same odds of not a chance in Hell. (more booing from the crowd) Don't get me wrong there's a lot of support out there but few who genuinely believe The Talent will be the first CWA Heavyweight Champion

(A wry smile breaks across the face of Phillips)

And you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way. The Talent doesn't mind being the underdog, especially here in New York....the home of the underdog

Phillips removes his hoody to huge cheers as he is sporting a New York Giants jersey

JP: Just remind me one second, back in February what chance were New York Giants given when they took to the field in the superbowl 46 to New England Patriots?

crowd: NONE!!!

JP: and what chance were they given when they went up against the same opposition in Superbowl 42?

crowd: NONE!!!

JP: Exactly, this great town showing that it's not always a bad thing to be the underdog. The Talent may not be the most experienced in this business but I want it more than all three guys I face off against tonight. I want to win it for me, I want to win it for all of you, I want to win it for Hayley and her family, but the main reason I want to win it is for the man in the grim reaper mask. I want to show him that no matter what he does to people I care about, no matter what he does to me, you can never keep a good man down, and The Talent is as good as they come

PS: I don't know who he's trying to convince more, himself or the fans

CA: Give it a rest will ya

JP: So Vlad, Teddy, Johnny, I know you guys are good, and I know I'll have to be on top of my game to walk out here tonight, but just remember the same goes for y'all as well, and when the dust finally settles tonight and all is said and done, The Talent will be stood tall raising the gold in the air sending his message to the grim reaper, the battle lines will be drawn and it will be up to him to bring it

Phillips drops the microphone to the mat and climbs the turnbuckle posing for the fans as his music hits again

CA: Well say what you want, if the last few weeks are affecting Phillips' concentration he certainly isn't showing it here tonight

PS: I wish the kid luck, but I think he needs to listen to those guys at home on the internet. There may be a world title in his future, but I don't think there will be tonight

scene fades with Phillips posing for the fans


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CWA presents "Revelation" 19th July 2012 *Week 7* Empty Re: CWA presents "Revelation" 19th July 2012 *Week 7*

Post by Crimey Tue 17 Jul 2012, 9:19 am

*Raymond Alexander is stood with Teddy Grimstone, who is wearing some torn jeans, a black vest top with a skull on it. His hair is messed up, and his stubble. He gives what could possibly be a grin to the camera, and Raymond Alexander gets ready to quiz the world title competitor.*

RA: Thank you for agreeing to this interview Teddy.

TG: It's not like I have much choice is it? Lennox is always warning us in the locker room about making sure we give all these fúcking updates on our lives...can't get away from you lot.

RA: I suppose that will be good enough. Although we have had requests for you to try and tone down your language, there are a lot of children who watch CWA...and while we can censor it during the show, these interviews are projected live, so it makes it more difficult.

TG: Tone down....? Ray...I don't know the meaning of tone down, I'm not gonna become Mr. fúcking happy to please the kids at home....they've got to get used to it, they've got to grow up, learn that in the real world people swear, people use bad language, people will screw you over every chance they get. Maybe if idiot parents didn't try their best to cover their kids' ears every time some asshòle says something they don't like...maybe their kids wouldn't get such a shock when they leave home.

RA: It makes it quite difficult for us to find decent sponsorship though.

TG: I couldn't give a shît Ray...sponsorship is not my problem, so I'm not gonna worry about it.

RA: It is your problem, CWA needs it to pay your cheques.

TG: Ray...this place...its sent my reputation up the fúcking roof, this place goes under, I'll have lines of sad, old men trying to keep their wrestling businesses going, signing up "The Bástard". My career is back on track, CWA needs to learn that I'm not gonna change...I'm not going to "tone it down". Not in the ring, not out of it...I'll do whatever the fúck I please, and if that upsets people....I couldn't care less.

RA: Well, let's get into the real title match this Tuesday at Revelation. You didn't really earn your place, so are you not worried about the match?

TG: What did you just say...?

RA: Well you didn't really earn your place, your match with Jimmy Phillips ended after the infamous 'Grim Reaper' attacked you surely the world title match must be a daunting prospect knowing you shouldn't be in it?

TG: I get it...I know your kind, I've met a few of you in my career. You wanna push me up the wrong way to "get the story". Get a rise out of me?

*Teddy gets really close to Raymond.*

TG: I'm telling you right now don't wanna push me the wrong way, I'll break your legs, I'll leave you bloody, I don't care how old you are, how weak and defenceless you are...they don't call me The Bástard for nothing you know?

*Teddy relaxes and gives the toothless grin once more.*

TG: Anyway, to answer your question...I deserve my place as much as any of the guys in there. I was there on the first day, picked for the match...I've fought my way through the tournament. I looked a hell of a lot more impressive than any of the other guys...I made people give up, tap out. I'm not worrying about this match...the other guys, they're all fresh-faced, hope in their hearts, full of dreams and aspirations...I've lived long enough to see enough dreams and aspirations crushed so ruthlessly I don't even flinch. Just, this time, I get to do the crushing myself! I am going to enjoy beating the life out of every one of them.

RA: Well, Vlad Marius has had some...sort of, kind words to say, he says that you have the right attitude, but lack the mental efficiency or physical ability to apply it, what do you have to say back to that?

TG: Well Dracula can say whatever the hell he likes...he's an ásshole anyway. I don't need or want his respect, he's a waste of space. Look at him, who the hell does he think he is? He thinks he's a tough guy...all mysterious and that....the truth is, he's nothing, he definitely isn't tough. I'm tough...he's getting his life turned upside down by a man in a suit...I'm not impressed by Vlad at all...I'm sure he likes to think that this thing he has going on is 'all that', the whole scary man in the shadows thing will intimidate me and the other guys. Forget it. Scrape back the bullshît and you're nothing. Me....there is no bullshît to scrape back...I'm all real, here to see. You can see my scars, I don't hide away in shadows, I don't act all mysterious...I'm not hiding anything, because I'm not scared of anything.

Then there's Johnny Goldman...I've been here what...four, five weeks? I'm already sick of that guy. I didn't think one man could be so annoying. He loves having those fans tied around his little finger, but they only cheer him because he's from the same place as them....He couldn't be more pathetic. Having to sit through anything he's involved in is goddamn torture Ray, I'd rather do another light-tube match then have to listen to him speak, or watch him wrestle, or even just look at him...everything about him makes me want to be sick. I'll enjoy kicking his head in...maybe if I kick hard enough it might make him slightly less fúcking annoying!

RA: And Jimmy Phillips...?

TG: Well Jimmy has run away for far too long. Since that first night I've been dying to get my hands on him, to teach him a lesson in goddamn respect, to show him what a real man him that he's nothing. Ray....right now there are hundreds, maybe thousands of guys just look Jimmy out there. Hearts full of hope, thinking they're amazing, this one in a million guy...they probably all have sweethearts as well, life is fúcking rosy and sweet. Those guys are in a hell of a shock...they cannot prepare themselves for when life kicks them in the balls and throws them into the gutter. I've seen guy after guy just like Jimmy Phillips enter a wrestling business, since I started twenty years ago...they all join, full of hope, they leave broken in every way has hit them hard.

I'm just gonna speed the process up, act like life's agent, kick him in the balls now so that he don't come later. Does that make me a bad guy? C'mon! No. Does it make me a bástard that I'm gonna really enjoy acting as life's agent?......Hell yeah it does! What do I care? I'm gonna leave Revelation as CWA's first world champion, something that shoulda happened weeks ago....but best of all, I get to kick that piece of shît Jimmy Phillips so hard in the balls that Hayley Lennox shouldn't expect any more little ones on the way.

RA: Do you not think it's pretty sick that you take such glee in being so cruel to such a young, talented man?

TG: That's life Ray. C'mon, you've lived even longer than me. I'm sure you expected to be working for ESPN, Fox or some other massive company right now...yet you're stood with me in some shîtty is shît....I'm just letting Jimmy Phillips discover this, and making my life a little less shît in the process.

RA: So, final words, do you believe you'll leave Revelation as CWA World Champion?

TG: Ray....I don't believe it, I know it. I've had a career full of firings, no-shows and bullshît. Tomorrow, I make it worth it by beating the hell out of the other three guys and ended the night world champion. I'm the Bástard...nobody can stop me when I want something.

*Teddy scowls into the camera as Raymond Alexander allows the viewer to take it in.*


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CWA presents "Revelation" 19th July 2012 *Week 7* Empty Re: CWA presents "Revelation" 19th July 2012 *Week 7*

Post by Zoot - Trevor Swann 6WF Tue 17 Jul 2012, 8:30 pm

Cedric is seen walking along backstage with a folder under his arm. He makes his way out the back of the arena and into the car park. Through the cars and tour buses that are parked up and to an area full of production vehicles. He makes his way to one truck and walks up the steps that are set up at the back leading to a door. The camera zooms in on the sign on the door which says: Video editing suite.

Cedric knocks on the door and then opens it smiles and turns to the camera and taps his nose as though he has a secret. The camera zooms out so that we can see some words written on the folder: Storyboard – ideas. He walks through the door and then shuts it behind him.

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CWA presents "Revelation" 19th July 2012 *Week 7* Empty Re: CWA presents "Revelation" 19th July 2012 *Week 7*

Post by Gregers Wed 18 Jul 2012, 9:26 am

(The following comes onto the screens during an ad break on TV)


Mark the date


Mark the time

Stefan Alvey speaks out, live and exclusively for CWA, only on

(We see Alvey being followed by a horde of media as he gets into a limo before being driven off towards TV Towers)


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CWA presents "Revelation" 19th July 2012 *Week 7* Empty Re: CWA presents "Revelation" 19th July 2012 *Week 7*

Post by Zoot - Trevor Swann 6WF Wed 18 Jul 2012, 8:38 pm

The Sound of Silence starts to play and the crowd cheer. The crowd start chanting for Cedric Jones who appears at the top of the ramp and starts to make his way down to the ring. He moves a finger across his throat signalling for the music to be cut. Uncharacteristically for him he isn’t tagging the fans hands or entertaining them with his mimes. He runs down to the ring and slides in.

He is wearing his makeup and striped top as usual. He has the championship belt around his waist and is looking furious.

CA: Looks like Cedric means business tonight. We’ve never seen him in this sort of a mood before.

PS: Maybe Tito has finally got to him and Cedric realises that he can’t keep being such a jerk.

CA: He’s not a jerk he’s a fun loving entertainer. Well he doesn’t seem it tonight though. Maybe we will get to see what Cedric was working on earlier.

Cedric turns to face the Trinitron and produces a remote control from his pocket which he presses and a film starts to play.

Green Day – Nice Guys Finish Last starts to play and we have clips of the past few weeks of CWA playing. Tito beating up Cedric and leaving him slumped in a heap. Tito smashing the locker room up numerous times in fits of anger. The word Bully flashes up on the screen. Tito winning the Extreme Championship in the inaugural match of the belt. Again the word Bully flashes up.
Cedric pictured on a trolley after one of the beatings he received from Tito and Tito running in and upturning the stretcher. Bully flashes up yet again. Tito celebrating his win comes up before a final picture of Cedric on the floor badly bleeding. The picture stays on the screen as the music stops.
The music changes to Alice Cooper and No More Mr Nice Guy. Cedric is shown rising up and battling on. The words Silent Assassin flash up on the screen and we see Cedric pinning Tito to win the Extreme Championship belt. The words Hero for All appear as we see Cedric celebrating with the fans. The music fades and we are left with the words Time to face the Bully up on the screen.

CA: Wow Cedric really means business here. It’s as though he has had enough of Tito once and for all.

PS: He’s had enough of Tito. Give me a break we’ve all had enough of Cedric.
CA: Really Paul? That’s not what I’m hearing from the fans.

Cedric takes off the Extreme Belt from around his waist and lays it on the ring matt in front of him. He rolls up his sleeves and starts waving beckoning as though trying to get someone to come down the ramp and into the ring with him.

CA: He wants Tito now doesn’t he!!

PS: Great why do we have to wait let’s get it on now. Come on Tito put an end to this guy once and for all.

The Fans starts cheering as they wait to see if there is any response from Tito. Cedric smiles as the fans start cheering for him and he can tell they are supporting him. He starts to do a chicken impression which gets a louder cheer before stopping and waving his hand giving up waiting and goes to get out of the ring.

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CWA presents "Revelation" 19th July 2012 *Week 7* Empty Re: CWA presents "Revelation" 19th July 2012 *Week 7*

Post by TwisT Wed 18 Jul 2012, 11:11 pm

Michael Porter is shown backstage with a massive smile on his face. He begins to babble into the camera but trips over his words. After a few coughs, he composes himself enough to speak coherently.

MP: I am standing here backstage with an exclusive interview for CWA. Joining me right now; the man going against Mike Conrad for the CWA Intercontinental Championship at Revelation, is Mr Johnny Oko!

The crowd boo’s as the camera turns to Johnny who stands confidently blowing out bubblegum bubbles. He carries his katana over his shoulder and looks at Porter with boredom etched on his face.

MP: Thank you for joining me Johnny.

Oko blows another bubblegum bubble out but says nothing

MP: Please tell me and the entire CWA universe your thoughts leading up to this epic match.

Oko smirks and points his katata as Porter’s throat.

Oko: My thoughts right now Porter-san are how many pieces could I chop you up in.

Porter gulps but holds his nerve.

MP: Please Johnny, surely you have matters to address?

Oko lifts down the sword and takes the microphone out of Porter’s hand. He begins to address the camera.

Oko: I have two gaijin’s that I wish to address. Conrad-san, we have had many battles already. But you have yet to gain my respect. At the PPV, I will give you my all. My mind is focused, my body is at one. If you manage to survive, you will gain my respect. I am ready for the battle and I am confident on victory.

Oko turns back to Porter.

Oko: But Porter-san, I have been troubled this week. It has taken many hours of training to settle myself. My anger was rife due to the unsatisfactory ending over my Gateway to Glory match. A match that the rightful conclusion was taken away from me by masked cowards. My destiny has been altered due to unseen individuals and I plan to rectify it and carry out my revenge.

Oko stares back at the camera.

Oko: This masked man……this gaijin who walks in shadows…..what have you to fear that you don’t show your face? Do you think you can smash the great Johnny O in the head and not expect retribution?! I have had two weeks to prepare and two weeks to let the anger fester and form into a ball of energy. This energy will find you, and then destroy you. It seems you have other agenda’s, but when you interfere with fate then you have to be prepared to face the consequences. Reaper…..whoever you are….I hope you have an experienced sensei. Because win or lose this Thursday, I will stalk you, I will find you and I will make you fully understand that no-one crosses Johnny Oko. Let the gaijin’s try. They will all fall at my feet……

MP: And The Consultant……where is he?

Oko: He is…..around. For now, it is best that I am alone. My story is far from reaching it’s conclusion, and the demise of this reaper will just be another chapter in what will become my saga of glory. Triumph is temporary, but pain is permanent. And you will all feel my pain…..

Johnny Oko walks off purposefully, leaving Porter to shrug his shoulders at what he has just heard.


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CWA presents "Revelation" 19th July 2012 *Week 7* Empty Re: CWA presents "Revelation" 19th July 2012 *Week 7*

Post by Mat Thu 19 Jul 2012, 12:28 am

"Teach you a lesson" blares out through the speakers and the crowd cheer as Jimmy James strolls out onto the ramp. He salutes the fans before walking to the ring handing out textbooks, he slides in and then grabs a mic.

CA:James teams with Chris Conforzi tomorrow night at revelation to face off against two men they have been having issues with, Tyler Roth and Dennis Hart.

PS:I still don't know how James survived last week's match with Roth, fluke I suppose.

Jimmy James:Last week I told you all not to under-estimate me, and thankfully you didn't. However, Tyler Roth certainly did under-estimate. The muscle-bound meathead and his rent-a-quote manager decided that all he needed to do was turn up and he'd be able to beat me.

Now I think it's quite obvious that Tyler Roth was not blessed in terms of his education, that's why he needs someone to talk for him. But surely Tyler you are well versed in the story of David and Goliath? A mis-match of epic proportions, much like last week. A match that on paper Goliath should win easily, but in reality intelligence comes to the fore and David wins.

And that is nearly what happened last week, in fact it wouldn't have happened if yet another man who clearly does before he thinks decided to get involved, Dennis Hart. Now I don't know what Hart's problem is with me, it's probably because he doesn't understand many of the words I use and has mis-interpreted them as me trash-talking him.

That wasn't Trash Talking you, but you could probably count all that I am saying now as trash-talking if you like. The simple fact of the matter is, you two brutes don't have a brain cell between you. You two are undoubtedly dangerous as a team, but you could be so much more dangerous if you could think for yourselves. Alas, that is not the case. You need someone to tell you what to do and when to do it, and that's why Tyler, I was always at least two steps in front of you.

And then you add Chris to the mix tomorrow night, a fantastically gifted wrestler who is also a fantastic innovator and you two really are going to have to start swotting up if you want to keep pace with our minds. Because gentlemen, brains ALWAYS beat brawn!

"Teach you a lesson" plays back out through the speakers and James leaves the ring to cheers.

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CWA presents "Revelation" 19th July 2012 *Week 7* Empty Re: CWA presents "Revelation" 19th July 2012 *Week 7*

Post by Nay Thu 19 Jul 2012, 7:19 am

*A loud clapping is heard before a chorus of boos go up around the arena as the fans start to realise that Tito has appeared at the top of the ramp accompanied by Francesco and Don Simon. Tito looks has a smug look across his face as he starts to make his way to the ring followed by his two companions.*

CA: Looks like Tito has something to say on the matter and the fans are really not happy about it, although Cedric doesn’t like he is going to back down.

*Cedric climbs back into ring, as Tito stops to stare at a particularly vocal fan*
CA: OH MY GOD, what has Tito just done, I thought he was working on controlling his anger, but that’s crossing the line even for him.

*The camera jumps back from the announcers to Tito being dragged away from the fan, who now has a blood streaming from his nose*

PS: Let me get this straight, its ok when Cedric sticks up for himself, but when Tito does it, he's crossing the line. What a hypocrite

CA: Well its good to see Tito seems to have cooled off a little but if that’s the mood Tito's in I wouldn’t want to be Cedric.

PS: I'm currently wishing you were Cedric, then I wouldn’t have to listen to the drivel your speaking

*Francesco and Don Simon climb up the steps and hold the ropes for Tito to climb through before handing him a microphone. Tito walks straight up to Cedric staring at him as he slowly brings the mic to his mouth, Don Simon and Francesco both step forward but look more concerned with Tito than Cedric*

Tito: After watching that Tripe I can only assume you are dumb as well as mute, don’t get me wrong the video looked nice with all the pretty colours but it was as factually accurate as the Da Vinci code.

*Tito starts to walk around the ring*

Tito: I mean Cedric out of the four men in the ring which one of us is responsible for an unprovoked assault, that’s right an assault at a family party no less when your victim was prepared. What's up Cedric cat got your tongue or is it because you are too embarrassed to face up to the fact that you are the only one here that’s a bully.

*Tito mocks Cedric by pretending to be shocked*

Tito: That's Right Cedric, You are the bully here, I have never ever sneak attacked you Cedric, every single time I have given you the opportunity to defend yourself. Its just you are too weak and so have to resort to cowardly tactics to defeat me. Be it viciously assaulting me when I am unprepared or whether like last week you get all your buddies together to beat up one person. Three vs One it took for you defeat me an even then it took everything you all had.

This week you have no hiding place, its just me and you, one on one and I guarantee that only one of is willing to go to the extremes required to win this match, the other, well let just say they will never be the same again.

*Tito's charges towards Cedric but is caught be Francesco before bursting out laughing and heading for the steps*


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CWA presents "Revelation" 19th July 2012 *Week 7* Empty Re: CWA presents "Revelation" 19th July 2012 *Week 7*

Post by Gregers Thu 19 Jul 2012, 10:22 am

The following is a pre-recorded interview, shown live and exclusively on in association with CWA

(We cut to an interview room in TV Towers, Stefan Alvey is sat at an interview desk with various members of the press eagerly waiting to ask him questions. He is dressed in a smart perfectly fitted designer suit. He has his trademark sunglasses resting on his perfectly styled hair. Stefan smiles at the gathered press)

SA: Welcome all to this exclusive interview and can I start by saying what an honour it is that you have all turned out today. Now who would like to open the questioning.

(An experienced looking journalist is the first to be chosen)

I: Stefan, you go into your first CWA PPV this week. How are you feeling?

SA: Well obviously I am thrilled to be a part of a crowning moment such as the very first PPV of an organisation. I am taking part in the popping of its cherry if you will (Stefan and the journalists laugh). But obviously I would have loved to have been able to prepare for my match a little bit further in advance.

(A second journalist is quick to pursure this line of questioning)

I: So you are saying that you had no idea that DJ Elektronic was behind the videos?

(Alvey takes a moment to compose himself)

SA: If I'm truly honest I didn't think anyone could possibly stoop to the level that Mr Cruise has in his attacks on me, my heritage and my lifestyle these past few weeks. As you are all well aware I came to CWA to escape the vile attacks that had been made on my sexuality before and for these issues to follow me here has been deeply upsetting. As for Elektronic, I now know that he was hiding his face because he was scared of the world and whilst I am truly sorry for unleashing him onto the world I will make it my first mission here in CWA to rid us of his evil.

(The second interviewer decides to press some more)

I: So you're saying that your fight against injustice will continue?

SA: How can it not. Over my lifetime I have been labled a Faggot, a Gay, a Homo, a SAffer Thug and the list goes on. Heck, my parents before me had to escape the country that they loved due to an evil regime. Cruise isn't the first man who has tried to knock me down, who has tried to force his ideals onto others, who has tried to oppress others for reasons that only he can justify and I'm sure he won't be the last. But I can promise that he will be the first in CWA to feel the true force of the J.I.D when I pin him 1,2,3 at Revelation.

(A third journalist pipes up)

I: What about the videos most hurt you then?

(Stefan looks at the journalist)

SA: I'm sorry was there supposed to be one part inparticular?

(Everyone in the room laughs)

SA: Well I suppose the use of my Sexuality to imply that I was behind the vile regime in South Africa that my parents escaped from. But are you telling me that you weren't all sickened to your stomachs by the disgusting level that an honest man like DJ Elektronic felt he had to fall to?

(A fourth journalist soon adds another question)

I: I think any respectiful human being would be appaled Stefan. So do you think that Mr Cruise can be talked around?

SA: Unfortunately I think the time for talking was after I appologised profusely for accidentally removing his mask. Mr Cruise has made his feelings very clear and at Revelation I intend to show him the error of his ways.

(The first journalist chips back in)

I: During this time Stefan, how have you coped with the personal attacks given the last time that you suffered injustice like this it nearly ruined your career?

SA: Now that is a great question. As you correctly point out when I was viciously attacked I almost hung up my boots for good. However, I came to CWA to prove a point. Firstly to my amazing fans who have shown me that one individuals naive opinions matter not in the grand scheme of things. Secondly, to Mr Lennox who showed great faith in me and my ability to perform A lastly, and most importantly, to myself. You see I am coming to terms with the fact that I will face these sort of attacks possibly for the rest of my life from ill informed individuals and all I can do is fight back. I can fight the injustice that is directed at myself and others. I can be a voice for those who previously may have gone unheard. I can be a beacon of hope for others. I can repay the interest in me that you (Stefan points to the journalists) and the rest of the media has shown in my troubles, with all I can give to show that there is another way.

(Journalist 3 then begins to clap, soon the whole room is clapping)

SA: Oh you're far too kind, after all it should be me who is clapping you for without your continued interest or the love and adulation from the amazing CWA fans I cannot hope to reach the level that I believe I can. My road to CWA Champion restarts at Revelation when I destroy my demons once and for all and show Mr Cruise just why he shouldn't tick off the Icon!

(Journalist 4 then finishes off the interview with one final question)

I: Finally Stefan, you've stolen the hearts of many a fan both male and female has anyone taken yours?

(Stefan laughs)

SA: Maybe....but isn't the fun of it in the chase (Stefan winks)

(The interviewers all laugh before various obligations are attented to as we fade to black)

Please tune in again soon for another exclusive interview with one of your favourite CWA stars


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CWA presents "Revelation" 19th July 2012 *Week 7* Empty Re: CWA presents "Revelation" 19th July 2012 *Week 7*

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