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CWA Uprising 26th July 2012

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CWA Uprising 26th July 2012 Empty CWA Uprising 26th July 2012

Post by JJJohnson Thu 19 Jul 2012, 11:59 pm

Match 1
Number one contendership for the Intercontinental Championship
Stefan Alvey vs Scotty Cruise vs Jimmy James vs Chris Conforzi
On commentary:Mike Conrad

Match 2
Grendal vs Cedric Jones

Match 3
Tyler Roth vs Dennis Hart

Match 4
CWA Extreme Championship
Open Challenge
Tito Amoruso vs ???

Match 5
Vlad Marius vs Teddy Grimstone vs Johnny Oko

Main event
Jimmy Phillips vs The Reaper

*Johnny Goldman's championship celebration
*Callum Lennox returns
*An update on Frankie Trotter

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CWA Uprising 26th July 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising 26th July 2012

Post by TwisT Fri 20 Jul 2012, 2:50 pm

Johnny Oko is backstage, dressed in casual clothes and carrying a holdall over his shoulder. His work is done for the evening. Revelation is just finishing, and the cries of the crowd are audible from inside the arena. Oko stops and listens to the sound. The crowd are clearly chanting for Johnny Goldman, and the realisation that Goldman has become the new CWA Heavyweight Champion dawns on Johnny.

He shakes his head and carries on walking. Backstage staff are already packing things up now that the show has ended. Johnny receives stares as he walks past, and some of them even grin at him.

He ignores them; his mind is on other things….

Hours before he had lost his match against Mike Conrad, and with it, the sense of direction he had hoped to achieve. Unbeknown to the spectators enjoying a superb PPV, Johnny had argued with The Consultant in the locker room. The two men had grown distant during the last two weeks, and cracks had appeared in their relationship. Johnny’s association with The Consultant had not obtained the success that he had been promised.

Oko had said he was badly leading him. The Consultant had said Johnny had lost his nerve.

It was true that his training and meditation had not had the desired effect. His mind kept playing back to when The Reaper had nearly broken his jaw with a sledgehammer blow to the face. Since then, he had lost focus. He was used to carving out his own path in life and not let others dictate his destiny. The Reaper’s involvement had been the second time that had happened in Johnny’s life. The first was when he received the scar over his eye and banished from his homeland. Directly after each event, Oko had had the same crises of faith. The Consultant had saved him the first time. Now, he wondered, could he be saved again?

The once cocky and confident Japanese high-flyer has been reduced to a young and lost foreigner.

Oko continues walking past the backstage rooms, ready to exit the building and forget all about the disappointment of his match and his state of mind. Suddenly Hayley Lennox comes bursting out of one the doors. She looks terrified and is holding a mobile phone. Johnny doesn’t know what to make of the sudden appearance so just stands there.

Hayley Lennox: He is coming! Oh my God! I need to get Jimmy. Where is he?!

Oko doesn’t know how to respond, so goes into arrogant mode.

Oko: Seriously?

Hayley slaps Johnny across the face and immediately holds her hands to her mouth and babbles apologies. Johnny feels his face and stares at Hayley angrily. Something clicks inside his head. He continues to stare at Hayley, but places both hands on her shoulders.

Oko: What’s going on ojousan?

Hayley cocks her head to one side confused. She then wipes the tears from her eyes and begins using her mobile phone. A voice message starts to play on the phones loudspeaker:

I’m coming there next week and we are going to end this on my terms….not only are you going to pay Hayley….but your precious little boyfriend, I’m going to finish him off once and for all!

Oko grits his teeth loudly and grabs the phone off Hayley. He chucks the phone against the wall and it smashes in bits. Hayley covers her head as shards rebound off the wall. There is silence as Johnny closes his eyes and breathes in deep a few times in an effort to calm himself. He opens his eyes again and glances at Hayley.

Oko: Miss Lennox, let me make one thing clear from the start. I don’t belong here. This federation, the people, the culture and most definitely the food, I cannot stand. I came here for glory, but in truth I came here to find myself again. I had lost my “ki”.

Hayley Lennox:Ki”?

Oko: Come now Miss Lennox. You westerners have brutalised it for your own means, but ki in my culture is very important. It is the life force. My life had direction when I entered CWA. Now I am at a crossroads again, due to the constant interference by this gaijin!

Oko closes his eyes again and breathes in deep in another effort to calm himself. After a while, he glances down at Hayley again.

Oko: I don’t like coward’s ojousan. This Reaper uses his mask as a shield because he is too afraid to show his face. However, he has taken away the one thing I hold dear. My life force. It was stolen from me when he swung his weapon in my face. I understand family is important to you and you are angered at what has transpired. When family is at stake, you give everything you can to make sure that it survives. That includes your very life.

He starts to slowly walk past her while continuing to speak.

Oko: But answer me this Miss Lennox. When you are already dead inside; when your life has already been taken, how can you fight?

He turns to face her while moving backwards.

Oko: This gaijin’s time is up Miss Lennox. Those who have nothing to lose will see to that……..

Oko walks purposefully down the corridor, and out through a fire exit. Hayley watches him go, before regaining her senses and frantically starts looking for Jimmy Phillips.


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CWA Uprising 26th July 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising 26th July 2012

Post by Guest Fri 20 Jul 2012, 7:53 pm

The camera cuts to the darkened locker room of Vlad Marius. Objects in the room have clearly been thrown around, as chair lay scattered around the wall and the table in the centre is upended. The only item of furniture remaining in place is the large armchair, where Vlad Marius is slouched down, staring transfixed at a spot across the room, mumbling some inaudible Romanian. Suddenly there is a knock at the door and Raymond Alexander enters the room. Alexander has a smug look on his face as Marius looks at him in distain.

Alexander: Ladies and gentleman, I am joined at this time by...

Marius: You think you can just barge in here and make me give an interview?

Alexander: I don’t know? Do you think you can last any length of time in a World Title match?

Marius: You’re a funny man Raymond, where I come from, funny gets you a hat nailed to your head.

Alexander and Marius share a glare at one another, before Alexander begins to speak again.

Alexander: As I was saying, I am joined at this time by the first elimination of Revelation’s four corners Elimination match for the World Title, Vlad Marius. Tell me Vlad, how did it feel to realise that you’re not the man you thought you were.

Marius: Is this an interview a joke to you Raymond? Have you just come here to poke at the wolf while it is down?

Alexander: I have come here to show you that you aren’t the big man in CWA and you never will be judging by what I saw.

Marius takes a moment to contemplate what Alexander said, before a sick grin comes across his face and a slight laugh is audible from Marius, Marius then looks up intensely into the eyes of Alexander.

Marius: You want to know how it felt to be eliminated first? It felt like a stake was driven straight into my heart. The idea of people believing that those other three men were now the true top competitors of CWA was a thought that made me convulse backstage and throw around my prized belongings. They are no more champions than I am an American, what they are, are frauds, liars and hypocrites, and on any other night I would have torn them apart. However, there are no excuses to be made about Revelations, it was a failure and failure was not an option. I haven’t slept since that night, I haven’t eaten, I haven’t drank, I have barely been able to leave this chair. Do you know what that has allowed me to do funny man?

Alexander: (In a dulcet tone) What has that allowed you to do Marius?

Marius: It has allowed me to stew in my own hatred and bile. While my sanity drained, my hunger for vengeance and my desire for pain increased, and as it did, a thought popped into my head. I am booked in a match this week by the Lennox family, yes it’s not with anyone of whom I deeply despise nor respect, but a match none the less. The two men in question are Teddy Grimstone and Johnny Oko, one of whom I have never had the displeasure of meeting in the flesh quite yet. Though that will soon be rectified as I make an example of these two men at Uprising.

Alexander: An example? What do you mean an example Vlad?

Marius: My dear Raymond, patience is a virtue. You will have to wait until Uprising to see what I have planned, but first, if you do not leave my abode immediately, I will start my demonstrations with you and your funny mouth.

Vlad Marius snarls slightly as Raymond Alexander backs out of the room slowly. Vlad Marius then laughs slightly as his eyes gradually fall shut and the scene fades to black.


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CWA Uprising 26th July 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising 26th July 2012

Post by BlueDragon1205 Sun 22 Jul 2012, 10:45 pm

he Scene opens and we see a circus, the big top. The camera zooms in we see a lion tamer, he's standing on a chair, with a whip in one hand and a megaphone in the other. He's explaining his actions to the crowd as he whips the lion into a fury and he slaps it on the back as it runs past him circling him. The beast looks ferocious but the tamer knows he's safe as he does this all the time. As he explains this to the crowd, there are a few screams heard from a section of the crowd. The camera zooms in and we see a massive man, hooded top, with the hood pulled right over his head and covering most of his face. The large man stands and starts to make his way to the aisle as people recoil from him in terror he seems to terrifies of the screams and of everyone that makes a movement. As the giant reaches to aisle way a rough looking young man pulls the hood down and looks in disdain at the face that stares back at him... the giant holds his hand up to cover his face and to protect himself from the attack he is expecting... as the giant man turns to leave we see that it's Grendal and he pulls his hood back up to cover his face...

Next we see the zoo of the circus, Grendal, with his face still hidden, is walking along the fronts of the cages. He looks at the lions sitting there, proud of themselves, their golden manes glistening in the sun. He stops again at the front of the monkey cage, chimps, swinging around on branches huddled into groups seemingly conversing in hushed tones before bursting into primitive laughter. Next comes the elephant, standing with his massive head pressed up against the cage, his giant ears slapping the steel is if begging for attention and his trunk waving around looking in vein for food that he's long since eaten.... Then Grendal stops at a cage, his hands find there way to his hood and he lowers it. Staring intently at the animal inside, a smile breaks its way onto his face, he puts a massive freakish hand against the cage as the camera turns to show a dark cage, the floor strewn with half eaten food discarded and left to rot. The Darkness is almost impenetrable apart from a small amount of movement in the far corner. An apple rolls into the foreground as the camera focuses in on it the blurred figure in the back moves into the light. As the camera focuses, we see a massive Gorilla, making its way slowly towards Grendal, who is beckoning the beast forwards. The camera shows the Gorillas hand touch the cage and find its way to the massive paw of Grendal, the two hold their hands up, palm to palm and Grendals freakish structure becomes apparent as their arms are almost identical in shape. The two gentle giants look into each others eyes and seem to share an understanding like two brothers...

G: Grendal.. man... You... beast?

Grendals head tilts to the side as he tries to make sense of this, the Gorilla mimics him and seems to smile also

G: You, Grendal... Same? Maybe Grendal is Beast... Maybe that why me not remember hurting people... is that?

Grendal pulls his hand quickly from the cage and the Gorilla roars with shock... Grendal does the same and the two stare down. The Gorilla pounds on the cage to get out and fight Grendal, who once again mimics it.

G: Bad Monkey!!! Scare Grendal? NO! Grendal Scare You!!

Grendal grabs the bars and pulls two of them apart slightly, he fits one hand inside and grabs the Gorilla by the fur of his shoulder, he pulls the beast towards him with force and it hits the bars face first, the Gorilla falls to the ground unconscious. Grendal looks around surprised by his actions and quickly pulls his hood back up and walks off.....

Grendal is now sitting on a bench, he has his hood up and is eating a portion of fries. A man in a black and white striped top walks past in the background and seems to look over to Grendal. He continues to eat his fries and takes a sip of his drink. Suddenly a man is standing in front of Grendal a few feet away, its the man who walked past a moment ago. As the camera pans up, we see his black shoes, black trousers, a black and white striped top and a bower hat, mime make-up on his face, he's walking on the spot, like he's walking against the wind. After a few seconds, Grendal looks up at him and he changes to then be stuck in an imaginary box....

G: Funny Man?

The Mime looks at Grendal he scratches his head making it very clear that he doesn't understand the question..

G: You mime man?

The Mime puts his thumbs up and then pretends to be climbing a very steep mountain..

G: Grendal sorry for hurting you.... Grendal very sorry...

The Mime once again scratches his head and goes to walk off but Grendals massive arm reaches out and he grabs him by the wrist...


The Mime looks well and truly confused and has no idea what’s going on..

G: They made me do it... please forgive me, I don’t want to fight you.. I wand funny man and Grendal to be friends....

Mime: Listen dude... I don’t know what your talking about... I don’t even know who you are......

Grendal stands and takes down his hood.. the Mime looks at him in horror and tries to run but his legs just seem to run in place as Grendals hand is still vice griped around his wrist.. Grendal looks at the man more closely...

G: Your not funny man.. you talk.. funny man never talk..... not like me... Grendal talk very.... um... very... well....

Grendals grip loosens and Mime falls to the floor, he crawls away form Grendal on his back..

Mime: I'm sorry man. I don’t know who your talkin bout, I don’t know if you need help or what but I'm not the guy your after.

Grendal leans down to help him up but he scurries further away

Mime: Just leave me alone you Freak!!

He jumps up and runs away calling for security as the camera turns to see Grendal...

G: Grendal... not want to be here.. Grendal had more fun at Disneyland.....

The Scene fades as Grendal stands looking dejected and a tear falls down his one bare cheek Grendal wipes it away and all turns to black....

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CWA Uprising 26th July 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising 26th July 2012

Post by Blade Tue 24 Jul 2012, 10:33 pm

The crowd out any all mighty roar when We will rock you rages out of the arena speakers and The Intercontinental champion Mike Conrad comes storming out with the Intercontinental championship wrapped round his waist.

Conrad taps the belt and then charges like a mad bull down to the ring slides in and climbs the top rope undoes his title and lifts it high in the air as the the crowd gives Conrad a great ovation.

Mike Conrad: Well look who's still the Intercontinental champion, It's me Mike Conrad baby and I did it right here in the First arena and were in my town New York Cityyyy.

The crowd gives a huge pop for Conrad.

Mike Conrad: Last week I had a hell of a match with that Jackie Chan wanna be Okie Dokie bloke I must admit he pushed me to the limit but look here am still the champ.

Crowd cheers even louder.

Mike Conrad: Listen up people the board figured that I was so good last week that I deserve a rest and they have put me on commentary this week to talk about 4 doush bags who want to try and take my belt of me.

The crowd boo to the announcement.

Mike Conrad: I know it sucks if it was up to me I would defend this belt every single show, Hell every single night if I had to but the powers that be said no sit down and have the night off.

Now the four men that want a shot at my belt are Stefan Alvey vs Scotty Cruise vs Jimmy James vs Chris Conforzi all four of these men are very good but not as good as yours truly, I will fight the winner and I will come out on top one again.

These guys will kick the crap out of each other which will be great for me but I want who ever wins to be at %100 so he wont go crying to his momma saying he was injured and couldn't compete so guys be ready for the ass kicking of a life time.

The crowd in the arena cheers for Conrad.

Mike Conrad: I don't give a crap who it is any of you guys will all end up in the garbage cos it time.........

Crowd:To take out the trash!

Mike Conrad: Damn straight it is, Hey boss if your watching I want a damn match tonight a warm up match if you will just to show these four goof balls what Conrad is all about and to give these great fans what they paid to see and that is me your Intercontinental champion.

The crowd cheers loudly as We will Rock you and Conrad lifts his title high in the air.


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CWA Uprising 26th July 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising 26th July 2012

Post by Gregers Thu 26 Jul 2012, 11:15 pm

(We cut to a video promo which shows various scenes including Gay Pride marches from all around the world, Nelson Mandela walking free and Women being given the vote from around the world. It finishes with Stefan Alvey forcing Scotty Cruise to tap out. Alvey's voice is then heard over the top)

SA: Last week live on PPV I destroyed Cruise yet due to my anger boiling over the record books will say that Cruise defeated Alvey. Yet we all know that isn't the case.

This week I will rectify my mistake when I take a step towards my first gold in CWA. And listen here Cruise, if I have to snap your arm to do so then I will.

(Cheers can be heard from the crowd)

I will fight injustice. For I am...

(The crowd can be heard chanting along)



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CWA Uprising 26th July 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising 26th July 2012

Post by Bull Fri 27 Jul 2012, 9:07 am

Kayleigh walks up to Chris and gives him a little punch on the shoulder

K: Not looking to bad yourself hotshot.

Chris rubs his shoulder before smiling and opening the door for Kayleigh.

CC: Ladies first..

Kayleigh blushes before looking at Chris.

K: Well your a true gentleman Chris.

Chris follows Kayleigh in to the restaurant where a table can be seen which is lit up by candles.

K: I’ve got to say you know how to charm Chris.

Chris smiles as they walk over to the table and chairs, He pulls out Kayleigh's chair and tells her to sit and then goes to sit on his own chair
as they do so a waiter begins to walk towards them as they tell him what they like to order.

K: So Chris what do you think about your chances in your match?

Chris looks confused as he shakes his head.

CC: My match? Hmmm ill do whatever i can to win it and do it for the fans i guess, but i will give it my all.

K: You know I’ll be supporting you.

Chris smiles as Kayleigh smiles back.

CC: Enough about me though tonight’s about you.

Kayleigh blushes a little before turning to Chris.

CC: One question what about my chances tonight?

Chris winks as Kayleigh looks back at him.

K: Will see don’t get too far ahead of yourself hotshot.

The two laugh as the waiter brings the food.

The titantron closes as they start to eat the their food.


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CWA Uprising 26th July 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising 26th July 2012

Post by Lee Mon 30 Jul 2012, 9:55 pm

The crowd is buzzing waiting for the show to start as the lights go out and a voice over can be heard...

VO: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome your CWA, World Heavyweight Champion... Johnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Gooooooooooooooooldmaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!


The lights in the arena turn gold as King of the Kill roars out of the speakers and Johnny Goldman bursts out onto the stage causing the cheers to raise to a deafening level his world title around his waist.

CA: Johnny Goldman ladies and gentlemen The first CWA World Champion!

PS: Can't say I am a huge fan of the guy, but Johnny Goldman put in a performance worthy of that championship and this company.

CA: Indeed, he was fighting on instinct and guts alone towards the end and that's what tipped the match in his favour at the last.

Johnny takes his time getting to the ring tagging as many fans hands as he can on the ramp, he reaches the ring and continues around it talking and high fiving as many as he can, he spots a young girl with her mum and he takes off his 'ALL THAT GLITTERS...' shirt and hands it to her bringing a huge cheer from the crowd.

CA: This crowd really has taken to Johnny

PS: The local boy done good, he didn't really need to try

CA: Hey being local can only get you so far, his abilities are what matters most, and he has them in abundance, THAT is what these fans love about him, his heart and his wrestling ability

PS: Well we can agree to disagree on that, the fact remains ladies and gentlemen that Johnny Goldman has made history by becoming the FIRST CWA champion

Stills of the PPV are shown, Grimstone hitting the low blow, then setting Golman up for the Fire and Grimstone before Johnny countered with the Sole Searcher big boot and then the Gold Rush, the final Image is of Goldman on his knees with the World title belt.

Johnny reaches the steps and quickly enters the ring and climbs the turnbuckle raising the volume again

CA: My word this is some ovation from these fans

Johnny is thrown a microphone as the music fades. He holds the mic to his lips as the fans begin to chant GOLDMAN! he stops before speaking and a smile spreads across his face as he rubs his head and gives them a minute

JG: Haha, wow thank you guys so so, What a night! What a journey, I started out I just wanted to show what I could do you know? I just wanted to give my all and ...


Johnny smiles and pulls the mic away from his mouth as the crowds excitement is obvious

CA: This crowd are electric tonight Paul

PS: It is incredible Cornelius, I have never heard anything like it

Johnny walks around a little letting the crowd die down before continuing

JG: Thanks everyone... you know, I always dreamed about this day, the day I stood in this ring with the world championship around my waist... and here I am stood in this ring, in NEW YORK NEW YORK!


JG: ..surrounded by my family, my friends and the CWA Universe no...the CWA FAMILY! as the very FIRST C! W! A! CHAMPION!


JG: ...And I will put it out there right now, I am going to fight tooth and nail to keep this belt, I will fight anyone who earns the right to face me, be it Teddy Grimstone

Crowd: NO!

JG: Jimmy Phillips

Crowd: YES!

JG: Vlad Marius

Crowd: NO!

JG: Or Grendal, Frankie Trotter, Chris Conforzi, Jimmy James! Stefan Alvey! Tito Amoruso! DJ Elektronik! Cedric Jones! Mike Conrad! Johnny Oko! Dennis Hart! Tyler Roth! hell even Arkholme and Salisbury! I will face anyone for this title! So I am putting the roster on notice, you want this belt, you earn the right then you come get it, cos I ain't giving it up easily!


CA: Hey here's your chance Paul!

PA: If I really wanted to I could give it a crack

CA: I am sure I speak for everyone when I say follow your dreams Paul, as I would LOVE to see that match!

PA: Well unfortunately I am NOT a CWA superstar, so alas I will have to decline

CA: *cough* wimp *cough*

JG: I gave my all for this belt, and I plan to stay champ for a long time, I will never back down, I will never surrender, I will be the CWA Champion you, the great people of New York and the millions around the world want, and deserve, because you know what they say?.... all that glitters!...


Goldman unhooks his belt from around his waist and raises it above his head as he climbs the turnbuckle to pose and salute the fans, he climbs each corner in turn as 'King of The Kill' blasts out and the sound levels of the crowd reach deafening levels

CA: There you have it ladies and gentlemen, Johnny Goldman, you CWA World Heavyweight Champion, and a worthier champion I doubt you will ever find, the kid really gave his all and what a reward

PS: The kid did do well, but I hope he can cope with the pressures that winning the big prize will undoubtedly bring, he now has a the target on his back and every guy in that locker room wants to be in his position

CA: That's very true but Johnny has shown he has what it take's, he kept his cool and reached the top, only time

Johnny steps through the ropes and steps onto the mat and jumps into the fans who go crazy patting him on the back and touching the championship belt, Goldman pulls himself away from the fans then does the same the other side, he makes his way up the ramp and waves to the fans as Golden Pyros explode around him as the crowd continue their cheers as Johnny reaches the stage and raises the title one last time before heading into the back as the show goes to commercial


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CWA Uprising 26th July 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising 26th July 2012

Post by Guest Mon 30 Jul 2012, 11:11 pm

As Johnny Goldman exits to the backstag he stops and stares as somebody in front of him, the camera pans over and we see Jimmy Phillips as a cheer can be heard from the crowd. The two men eyeball each other before Phillips extends his hand and Goldman shakes it

JP: Hey congratulations man, well deserved, but I'm letting you know right now once The Talent takes care of a little personal business, he's only gonna have one thing in mind (he points at Goldman's title).....that. I know till then you'll beat any other wannabe champ that thinks they can bring it against you so that one day we can steal the show for the greatest prize in this business

Johnny nods and fixes the title over his shoulder before the two go their seperate ways and Phillips walks through the backstage until he reaches a door with a 'Lennox' nameplate, he knocks and the voice inside gives him permission to enter

JP: hey...I'm not interrupting anything am I?

Hayley is nursing Amy before putting her in her cot

HL: Hey Jimmy I'm glad you stopped by, it feels like we haven't seen each other at all this week

JP: I know but you have to be there for your family right now, but listen there is a reason I stopped by tonight. Last week you said that you were gonna meat this Reaper in the middle of the ring..... I ain't sure that's the best idea. I mean look what he's done to your father, your brother, Eric, me

HL: Jimmy I know what you're saying but my decision is made, I want to look that cold hearted son of a b!tch dead in the eye and tell him I don't want him in Amy's life

JP: At least let me come out there with you, I can't stand by in case anything happens

HL: No Jimmy, this is something I have to do myself, besides I need you back here with Amy, I need somebody I can trust and right now I don't know who I can and who I can't.

JP: But.....

HL: Jimmy, please don't argue with me. Besides whether or not anything happens to me in that ring, I've already made the decision that you'll get your chance to get your hands on him tonight in the main event. You will go one on one with the man who cost you the title last week

JP: I couldn't care less about the title right now, that will come in good time. What I do care about is some masked a$$hole thinking he can terrorise myself and the people I care about

HL: Well like I said tonight you get to do something about that, just please do as I ask and stay back here when I'm in the ring. I know this guy, I know he has a short fuse which is why I don't want him anywhere near Amy and if you come out I don't think that will help anything

JP: Hayley, you win, I'll stay back here, but at least take James (Foster) out with you, but if he lays one finger on you then I ain't waiting till the main event. One way or another tonight, this masked Reaper will regret the day he ever blindsided the Talent

Jimmy and Hayley hold hands and then look down at Amy in the crib as the scene fades


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CWA Uprising 26th July 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising 26th July 2012

Post by Uryu Ishida Tue 31 Jul 2012, 7:04 am

*we soon se Dennis Hart walking around as he spots Michelle running towards him*

Michelle: What happened last week, why did you leave Tyler alone in the ring?

*Dennis shakes his head and walks past her but she jumps in front again and again, angering Dennis Hart.*

Michelle: Well?

*Hart pins her against the wall*

Hart: I look out for me and me only, Tyler tried to outperform me and this week, he will know that i am superior to him.

*Hart lets her go as shes a little shaken*

Michelle: And Jimmy James...

Hart: IS AN ANT COMPARED TO ME!! I suggest you leave before i use more security as training dummies...

*She looks around to see security backing away and promply does the same.*

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CWA Uprising 26th July 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising 26th July 2012

Post by ncfc_Tooze Tue 31 Jul 2012, 10:24 am

The Arena is plunged into darkness before being lit up again in a bright red light. It flickers on and off several times before settling and staying on. A shadow of a tall man is seen on the stage

??- I'm Here And All Will Be Eliminated

The lights flick on and off again before turning back to a pure white light and the figure is gone

PS- What in the world was that

CA- I don't know but it doesnt sound good

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CWA Uprising 26th July 2012 Empty Re: CWA Uprising 26th July 2012

Post by Solomonreturns Wed 01 Aug 2012, 1:15 pm

(The image on the screen shows Tyler Roth with Lucas Franklin. Franklin is trying to calm the "Prototype" down.)

Franklin:I'll accept responsiblity Tyler, but you need to be calm about this.

Roth:You dropped the ball Lucas and I suggest you pick it back up again, quickly.

Franklin:It's all in hand, I am handling a lot of exciting prospects for you right now.

Roth:I don't pay you for nothing Lucas. I expect results, and if you can't give them to me then I will look elsewhere.


Roth:Anywhere I need to. If you cannot guarantee me money, fame and glory then you are the wrong guy for the job.

Franklin:I'm not Tyler, I promise you I am not.

Roth:Then get me some deals on the table, get me the airtime that I deserve.

Franklin:I'm working on it, a big performance from you on Uprising would really set the ball rolling.

(Roth looks deep into Franklin's eyes and shakes his head)

Roth:You'll get your performance, I will correct the mistakes you made and really punish Dennis Hart. Then maybe you can pull out that Blackberry and make some calls.

(Franklin begins typing away on his phone and Roth grabs his wrist)

Roth:I'm talking to you, everything else can wait.

(Franklin quickly places his phone away)

Franklin:I understand Tyler, I was trying to sew up a deal for you.

Roth:You will sew up the deal for me but first you will listen to what I have to say. I enjoy hurting people Lucas, it kind of turns me on when I choke a guy into unconsciousness and I feel his blood oozing down my hands. That is what I want, for you to get me those types of opportunities.

Because i'm not stupid, I know how this whole political agenda works. The CWA is biased from the ground upwards. The only guys getting shots at the big time are either ass-kissers or complainers, and I am neither.

I am a guy that likes to make a big statement, and that statement will be made at Uprising. Once that happens, I want you to make sure that I get my recognition, and that I don't get held back ever again.

Franklin:I'll see what I can do.

Roth:I know you will Lucas, because otherwise you will make me angry, and you really would not like it when I get angry.

(Franklin looks a little uncomfortable as Roth stands up and exits through the door to the left.The agent is quickly on his mobile and making calls)


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