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CWA Final Battle 18th August 2012

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CWA Final Battle 18th August 2012 Empty CWA Final Battle 18th August 2012

Post by JJJohnson Wed 01 Aug 2012, 3:05 pm

Match 1
Race for the Championship Qualifier
Intercontinental Championship match
Mike Conrad (c) vs Johnny Oko

Match 2
Race for the Championship Qualifier
Jimmy Phillips vs Tyler Roth

Match 3
Race for the Championship Qualifier
Teddy Grimstone vs Stefan Alvey

Match 4
Race for the Championship Qualifier
Lex Hart vs Jimmy James

Match 5
Race for the Championship Qualifier
CWA & Extreme Championship match
Johnny Goldman (c) vs Tito Amoruso (c)

Match 6
Race for the Championship Qualifier
Over the top battle royale
Frankie Trotter vs Cedric Jones vs Grendal vs Chris Conforzi vs Eliminator vs Dennis Hart vs Scotty Cruise vs Vlad Marius vs ??? vs ??? vs ??? vs ??? vs ???

Main Event
Final Battle
Extreme Elimination Chamber
??? vs ??? vs ??? vs ??? vs ??? vs ???

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CWA Final Battle 18th August 2012 Empty Re: CWA Final Battle 18th August 2012

Post by Paul Mac 6CW Thu 02 Aug 2012, 8:41 am

As the crowd in the CWA arena return to their seats the lights start to flash on and off and the big screen flickers into life


Deborah Harding:Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the first ever edition of the Championship Wrestling Academy…..we are live in the First Arena…NEW YORK CITY!

*Crowd pop and Deborah smiles

Harding:Please be withstanding and show your appreciation to the chairman and owner of this company…..Mr Andreeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww Leeeeeeeennnnnnnoooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!

*The crowd are on their feet and applauding as Lennox makes his way around the ring.He shakes hands with some of the fans before climbing up onto the apron and stepping into the ring.He raises an arm in the air and then shows his appreciation to the fans that have come to watch by applauding them.

CA:It wouldn’t be right to begin this night any other way….an opening address from Andrew Lennox…the founder of CWA…

*The crowd are clearly interested in what Lennox has to say as the noise begins to deplete.Lennox stares around the arena before accepting the microphone,beginning to speak.

Lennox:First allow me to take a moment to thank each and every one of you that have paid money to come and watch us here tonight….from the bottom of my heart I thank you because knowing that we have this amount of support already is extremely encouraging and touching!

*Crowd cheer

Lennox:I’m not here to bore you and waffle on because I know you all came here to see some pro wrestling…

*Crowd cheer louder and Lennox smiles

Lennox:Well you came to the right place….your not going to get any of that PG entertainment garbage that they spew out over in McMahon land…

*The noise in the arena begins to grow as the fans bang their hands against the railings and stomp their feet.

Lennox:This is professional wrestling….we are going back to the old school right here…back to when wrestling was top dog….back when wrestling was relevant…..we are creating history right here…each and everyone of you is going to be a part of history…because together we will develop a new generation….a generation that will never,ever be replicated….


Lennox:When I approached my bankers with the idea of building a professional wrestling company they said I was crazy…they said it could not be done…that nobody could enter this market from scratch and become successful…they said it was financial suicide!

But I said “let’s find out”….because when I was selling software manufacturing equipment to those same men,busting my balls on Wall Street,scraping together timeshares….they said I would never be rubbing shoulders with Trump…they said I would never be having tea on the White House lawn with our President…..and yet here I am.

Andrew Lennox…multi-billionaire….Wall Street mogul… genius…..and now the proud owner of the most new and exclusive wrestling organisation in North America…

*Crowd applaud

Lennox:And I know that doesn’t mean jot to you guys…and I’m not trying to gloat about my successes in life.I merely mean that when somebody tells me I can’t do something…I will go out of my way to prove them wrong.I came up on the streets…born and raised right here in NEW YORK CITY!

*Crowd ultra pop

Lennox: So I know what it’s like to have a dream….and I made my dream into a reality. But now I want to make all of your dreams come true…I want to give you a wrestling promotion that you can be proud of…I want to give the real wrestling fans exactly what they want!

The image becomes scrambled


Balzaar:I need to know Hayley…

Hayley:You deserve nothing from me…

Balzaar:The dates all match up…..does your father even know?

Hayley:Don’t you dare try and use that against me..

Balzaar:I’m not against you here Hayley…I just want the truth…

Hayley:And then what?....

Balzaar:And then we can come to some sort of solution…

Hayley:There is no solution…what happened happened,and I want to forget it….

Balzaar:How can we forget it?.....Hayley,you have a baby…

*The crowd make a stunned noise

Hayley:Do you not think I know that?...i’ve been the one looking after her for the past three months…I carried her for another nine…

Balzaar:And your father still has no idea..

Hayley:Of course he doesn’t…I am his princess,this would hurt him,and I don’t want that…

Balzaar:You can’t keep it a secret for long…I can’t…

Hayley:You will….

Balzaar:Hayley…that baby is mine…

*Hayley Lennox storms away down the corridor,leaving Eric Balzaar and the CWA audience confused.

Once again the footage scrambles


Andrew:How could you not tell me something like this Hayley?

*Hayley just continues to cry

Andrew:I am your father…I should know about things like this,I deserve to know about things like this..

*Hayley continues to cry,unable to speak as he looks at the floor

Andrew:Where you ever going to tell me?...because I had to hear it off a member of the production crew…..the whole CWA lockeroom and audience knew before I did…do you know how that feels?...Hayley!

*Hayley looks up at her father,tears in her eyes,and she looks scared

Hayley:I-I-I w-w-w-wanted to t-tell you…

Andrew:So why didn’t you?

Hayley:I was a-a-afraid of what y-y-ou might say to me…

*She bursts out crying again and Andrew Lennox leans down to comfort her

Andrew:Hayley I am not angry at you because you have had a little baby…I am angry because you did not tell me,did not share this information with me…

*Hayley quickly hugs her father,and he begins to stroke her hair

Andrew:It’s ok Hayley….but I need you to know that you cannot lie to me about things like this…do you understand?

*Hayley nods her head

Andrew:I am extremely proud of you for bringing life into this world,but now more than ever you need your family…

*Hayley looks up at her father

Hayley:I’m sorry daddy…

*Andrew brushes her cheek with his hand

Andrew:It’s ok….but the most important thing is that you are ok,and that my little granddaughter is ok?

Hayley:We are both fine daddy…..would you like to see a picture?

*Andrew Lennox smiles at his daughter and nods his head as Hayley pulls her phone out and shows him an array of photos

Andrew:She is beautiful…just like her mother…

*Hayley smiles and snuggles against her father’s chest

Andrew:And when do I get to meet her?

Hayley:As soon as you like….my friend has been looking after her whilst I have been at work,but now that the news is out…I do not want to be away from her….

Andrew:Spoken like a true mother….your own mother would be proud of you Hayley…

*Hayley begins to cry again but Andrew Lennox quickly wipes away her tears

Hayley:I am sorry daddy…

Andrew:It’s ok princess…it’s all done now…

Hayley:So we can move on?

Andrew:We can move on…but I do need to speak to Eric…

*Hayley suddenly looks at her father

Hayley:But why?...I don’t want him to have anything to do with Amy…

Andrew:He is the father,Hayley….you cannot deny him that…

Hayley:It was one night…it doesn’t mean anything…

Andrew:Be that as it may,a child cannot grow up with just one parent…Amy does not deserve that…so we will sort this situation out….agreed?

*Hayley reluctantly nods her head

Andrew:Good…I will find Eric and I will make sure we find a solution……now I want you to sit here and make the arrangements for Amy to be brought to the arena,because I cannot wait to meet her…

*Andrew Lennox kisses Hayley on the head

Andrew:Me…a grandfather,this truly is turning into a great year…

*Hayley smiles weakly

Andrew:And I also need to get in touch with your brother…have you heard from him?

*Hayley shakes her head

Andrew:I haven’t seen him since he stormed out of here last week…but he said he would be here tonight,and he has some explaining to do…

Hayley:He’ll be here…..Callum knows this is serious…

Andrew:I hope your right…these are dangerous times… you rest angel and I will be back…

*Hayley lays back on the sofa and blows her father a kiss as he smiles at her and then exits the office

The footage changes once again


The scene goes backstage into the parking lot and a limousine is parked up with its headlights on and its alarm sounding out.A woman’s high pitched screams can be heard from the side of the car as Andrew Lennox,Hayley Lennox and Eric Balzaar comes running out.

Hayley:Sophie….sophie….where is Amy?

*The screaming woman points to the backseat of the car,where baby Amy is somehow soundly asleep.Andrew Lennox and Eric Balzaar are frozen to the spot, though, and staring at a body that is draped across the bonnet of the car.

Andrew:Go get some medics….MEDICS DAMMIT!

*Eric Balzaar nods his head and quickly runs back into the arena to find some medics as Andrew Lennox rushes to the car and begins to check on the unconscious form of Callum Lennox.Blood is dripping from Callum’s head,down onto the concrete floor.

Andrew:Callum…Callum can you hear me son….

*Hayley Lennox has Amy in her arms and tears are running down her cheeks as she watches her father trying to revive her brother.Andrew turns to Sophie, the woman that brought Amy to the arena.

Andrew:How did this happen?....

*Sophie seems stuck for words but manages to find her voice

Sophie:W-w-we pulled u-p-p at….a-a-and the driver came to open the door but I heard a thud,and then a large bang.When I opened the door….the driver was unconscious on the floor……and C-C-Callum was there on the bonnet…

*Andrew Lennox looks around the car and sees the driver’s limp body before continuing to try to bring Callum round.Eric Balzaar returns to the scene with medics,who quickly begin to check up on Callum and the driver of the limo.The chief medic turns to the group

Medic:Do we know what happened here?

Andrew:No….nobody saw anything….

*The medic gets on his walkie talkie and calls for an ambulance.Andrew Lennox looks extremely concerned

Andrew:Is he going to be ok?

Medic:He has a pulse…but I can’t say anymore until they get him to the hospital…

Andrew:You know who this is don’t you?....I AM GOING TO HAVE MARIUS’ HEAD ON A GODDAMN PLATE…

*Sophie suddenly gasps and everyone turns around.She points to the far wall of the parking lot where a message has been spray painted.

“Welcome home Amy…..Daddy will see you soon”

*Andrew Lennox stares at the message before turning towards his daughter,who has a frightened look on her face.Eric Balzaar looks incredibly confused as an ambulance pulls into the lot and Callum Lennox is loaded onto a stretcher,followed by the limo driver.Andrew Lennox climbs into the back of the vehicle aswell,giving one stern look to his daughter again before the ambulance departs.The shows goes off air with Hayley cuddling her baby whilst staring at the ominous message on the wall.


Maynard:Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner………………….Jiiiimmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyy Phhhiiiiiiiiilllllllliiiiiiipppppppppppssssssss!

The crowd are on their feet and cheering as “Cold Ash” echoes out and Jimmy Phillips has his arm raised in victory.He holds his ribs in apparent pain but smiles with triumph all the same.

CA:Jimmy Phillips is gonna be celebrating tonight…..

PS:Hayley Lennox will be cracking open the champagne as we speak….

CA:It was back and forth,both men gave it their all…but we knew there was space for only one….Jimmy Phillips secures the final spot in the quarter finals,taking one step closer to world title glory…

PS:And he owes a massive debt to that big freak…

CA:So he does…but right now I am sure he doesn’t care one jot…Phillips advances,he is in the last eight….

PS:What a showdown it is going to be next week….eight men will vie for a semi final spot,it’s all on the line….

Frankie Trotter rolls out of the ring looking sullen, as Jimmy Phillips climbs up onto the ropes and poses for his delighted fans.He smiles and nods his head before motioning a belt around his waist.Suddenly the lights go down in the arena.

CA:What the….

PS:Up on the big screen…

*A message appears up on the screen:
“I come for what is mine”
“The world shall know the truth”
“The Future is here, the Revolution is upon us”

CA:I’m none the wiser…

The lights in the arena come back on and the crowd are stunned as a man stands in the centre of the ring.He is dressed in black trousers and a black hoody. His hood is up and underneath is a grim reaper’s mask.Jimmy Phillips climbs down off the turnbuckle as the masked man reveals a sledgehammer in his possession and he slams the hammer straight into Phillips’ face as he turns around..


CA:What the heck is the meaning of this…

The crowd are booing and looking on in shock as the unknown newcomer stands over the unconscious body of Jimmy Phillips.He continues to look down at Phillips as the show goes to its end.

CA:This has been a wild night,sensational action and an unbelievable end….we have no idea what is going on here but with any luck we will have an answer for your next week.Thanks for joining us folks and be sure to tune in again next week.

PS:Night all…


The Consultant swings the cane at Phillips head but he manages to duck the blow and the deliver a huge rockbottom to the manager,causing the crowd to go wild with jubilation.Phillips then grabs The Consultant and hauls him over the top rope to the outside…

CA:Thank god for that…the idiot deserved everything he got……


The crowd boo as Phillips turns back around and is wiped out by the running yakuza kick.He begins to laugh as the referee stirs slightly…

CA:I can’t believe this….it’s actually going to go down like this…

PS:What….OH WOW!

The lights come back on and the crowd are stunned as the “Grim Reaper” stands in the centre of the ring,sledgehammer in hand.Johnny Oko turns around and a look of horror crosses his face before the hammer collides with his jaw and knocks him out cold.The reaper then proceeds to dump Jimmy Phillips body ontop of Oko as the referee comes around to make the count…

CA:What is the meaning of this…the masked man is helping Jimmy Phillips…


PS:I’m stunned…

Ding ding ding

Jacob Maynard:Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner………..Jimmmmmmmmmmyyyyy Phhhhhhhiiiiiilllllllliiiiiiiipppppppppppssssssssssssss!

CA:Jimmy Phillips wins this match….but with the help of this masked terrorist….what the heck is going on?

PS:I’d like some answers right now…

Jimmy Phillips and Johnny Oko are motionless in the ring as “Cold Ash” plays out of the speakers.The masked man looks down upon them before motioning for Jacob Maynard to hand him the microphone.The crowd watch on in anticipation as the man begins to speak,his voice slightly distorted.

???:Here is my handywork….plain for all of you to see.I did this,I caused the downfall of not one but two men in this match. One with my physical presence and the other with my ability to tamper with the mind.

I take no pleasure in harming these people….I take no pleasure in harming anybody. But there is a very plain reason as to why. Amy Lennox is my daughter….she belongs to me and whilst the Lennox family continues to refuse me access,I will continue to wreak havoc upon this company!

CA:This guy is insane…

???:Andrew Lennox thought he was being the “good guy” by letting me come here tonight,but the fact is, he did not do as I asked. When I spared your son in that hospital bed Andrew it was in exchange for you giving me my daughter. And yet here I stand….and I am informed that Amy is not here tonight….you are not giving me what I want Andrew….

This message in this ring is for you…to show you that I can do whatever I want,whenever I want to do it. I can make good things happen and I can make bad things happen…..I allowed Jimmy Phillips to win this match so that he knows that I am not a bad person…that I have no personal beef with him….but if he continues to support the Lennox cause,I will show him just how personal I can make things.

PS:This guy is intense…

???:I want you to come out here Andrew…I want you to face me like a man and I want you to tell me…and tell the world that you will do the right thing….you will speak to Hayley and you will make her give me my daughter…

*The masked man stands in the centre of the ring,boos ringing out all around him,and then Andrew Lennox appears on the stage,his face full of thunder.

CA:I don’t know if it’s wise for Andrew Lennox to be out here with this psycho…

Lennox:What do you want you sick son of a b1tch?

???:Sick?.....SICK?...I am not sick Andrew,I am extremely healthy and in the real world my actions should be applauded. I am a father, a father who only wishes to spend time with his daughter.To raise her and to nurture her….

Lennox:You don’t know that baby is yours…

???:I know more than you ever will Andrew…would you like me to explain the night I spent with your daughter?...the things she is capable of….

*The man laughs and Lennox looks disgusted

???:These are not my intentions Andrew but do not push me to commit anymore crimes. Your daughter gave birth to my child…I know this Andrew,and so does Hayley….just ask her about the paternity test she has already done..

*Crowd gasp and Lennox looks shocked

???:She didn’t tell you that nugget did she…and she also didn’t tell you that she knows exactly who I am.She didn’t get drunk at that event,she didn’t even drink…she came onto me,she seduced me Andrew and she enjoyed every last minute of it…

Lennox:You shut up you piece of (beep)…

???:By all means Andrew get angry….it does not bother me,but I know the truth and so does your daughter….Amy belongs to me,and I will not leave you or your family alone until you give me what is mine…

Lennox:You’ll get nothing from us…

???:Think about this long and hard Andrew…because this is a one time offer…take my deal….or deal with the consequences…deliver my daughter to me…

*Andrew Lennox stares down at the man for a few moments and then speaks


???:So be it…

*The man throws his mic on the floor and then turns around as Jimmy Phillips is clambering up.He slams the hammer into Phillips’ stomach and then across the back of his head.Jimmy falls down and the Reaper begins to repeatedly driver the hammer into the stomach and chest of Phillips.

CA:This is sickening…somebody stop this…

*The masked man backs away as Phillips spits blood across the canvass and then he crashes the hammer down against Jimmy’s skull,rendering him unconscious.Andrew Lennox is stunned on the stage as the masked man looks at him and then points the hammer as though to say “your next”.

PS:This is unreal…..this man issued an ultimatum and Andrew Lennox refused…

CA:I can’t blame him…this guy is nuts…

PS:Lennox had the chance to end this and instead he opted for war…a war that he cannot win…this guy is brutal…look at Phillips…

CA:The mindgames continue…this man claims that Hayley Lennox knows everything….and to send a message he has made an example out of Jimmy Phillips….

PS:This has been a sensational night and it is such a shame we have to end it here…

CA:Yes it is…but our broadcast is almost over…thankyou for joining us folks and be sure to tune in next week for even more developments…..thankyou and good night!

*The masked man continues to look at Andrew Lennox and then he picks up the microphone once more.

???:You have defied me once too many times Andrew….now you will suffer….this right here is the beginning,next week is when the full shall begin!


Jimmy Phillips turns back in the ring and faces Vlad Marius,Teddy Grimstone and Johnny Goldman.All four men stand in opposite corners and glare at each other as Andrew Lennox continues his address.

Lennox:Which brings me onto my final announcement…

*He leans down and picks up the box

Lennox:I believe that I have until this box stops playing music to hand over my granddaughter to her father. Her father who has done nothing in the past four weeks but make my families lives a living hell. The man that almost killed my son, kidnapped my daughter and put his own baby’s life at risk. This man is nothing but a low down filthy coward…

*Andrew Lennox smiles

Lennox:But I know who you are….after talking with my daughter I have finally seen the light and I know exactly who you are you piece of (beep). You may have brought my granddaughter into this world but you will play no part in her future….she will grow up and live the life of a princess but you will not have one iota to do with it…you hear my punk…you don’t scare me…..

*Andrew Lennox looks at the music box,which suddenly stops playing music,and he dropkicks it off the stage as the crowd cheer.

Lennox:Nobody threatens my family and gets away with it….now that I know who you are…..I will return the favour….your life will not even be worth living by time I have finished with you…


Crowd:Holy (beep) x10

*Suddenly the masked reaper clatters into Andrew Lennox from behind.Jimmy Phillips quickly jumps from the ring to run to the rescue but he cannot prevent the Reaper from throwing Andrew Lennox off the stage and through two tables underneath.

PS:I can’t believe what I am seeing…

*The Reaper glares at Jimmy Phillips and then disappears into the backstage area.Medics and backstage production staff all rush down towards the arena floor to check on Andrew Lennox,who is not moving amid the wreckage.

CA:This is heinous….

*The replays show Andrew Lennox being cast from the stage and he front flips through the two tables onto the concrete floor.

PS:That is a 56 year old man…..

CA:Andrew Lennox is not a trained performer….you don’t learn to take a bump like that even if you but he is not medically cleared to compete in any form of action…..

PS:We need to know who is behind that mask….he needs to be arrested for that assault….

CA:I think that is the least of anybody’s worries right now….this is bad…

*Hayley Lennox is shown out on the floor as Jimmy Phillips joins her.James Foster and the rest of the CWA staff are there looking stunned at the developments.Hayley bursts out crying…

Hayley:What have I done…

*Phillips puts his hand around Hayley to comfort her as medics begin to lift Andrew Lennox onto a stretcher.

CA:This is serious situation right now……the attacks on Callum Lennox,Eric Balzaar and CWA employees were bad enough….but this is the chairmen, the founder of CWA…..and he has been attacked by that goddamn coward….

PS:We are just seven days from Revealtion….how is this going to affect thing?.....where is this leading?

CA:I have no idea but I do know the severity of these events….Andrew Lennox is seriously hurt here….CWA is in complete disarray after just six weeks…we are being held to ransom by an unknown terrorist…

PS:Or terrorists…there is more to this that meets the eye…

CA:I have the same feeling…

*The medics begin to cart Andrew Lennox out of the vicinity as the crowd watch on in shock.Hayley Lennox is still sobbing uncontrollably as Jimmy Phillips tries his best to comfort her. Johnny Goldman,Teddy Grimstone and Vlad Marius are all standing in the ring, bemused by the actions that have just taken place.

CA:Folks this is not the way I envisaged this broadcast ending……we are just seven days away from the first ever CWA supershow and our chairmen has been taking out of commission…..the biggest night of this company’s history is on the horizon and we are heading into blind….we have an unnamed source causing havoc from the shadows…

PS:We are about to head off air guys but we hope to see you all again next week for Revelation….this is not a great time but you cannot deny the excitement and unpredictable nature of what we have been witnessing….

CA:Absolutely…CWA has never been so watchable…but these are dangerous times…..we will make history next week, and you cannot help but think something colossal is imminent….

PS:It is going to be one hell of a ride next Thursday evening……be sure to join us folks…..thankyou for joining us…

CA:Keep up to date with 606.v2 for any exclusive updates on the condition of Andrew Lennox and the lead up to Revelation….but for tonight ladies and gents we are out of time…we shall see you all again next week…goodnight!

*The show goes off the air with Hayley Lennox and Jimmy Phillips watching Andrew Lennox leave the arena


*The scene switches and Hayley Lennox is shown in her father’s office.She is holding a photograph of herself,Callum,Andrew and her mother. She smiles as Amy gurgles from the corner and then places the picture back on the desk.Her phone begins to ring and she takes it out of her bag to answer it, her back to Amy in her cot.

Hayley:Hello……hey Callum….yes everything is just fine…….how’s dad?.......oh that’s good…… least he is making some progress….

*Hayley continues to talk on the phone as the cameras pick up on a figure standing over Amy’s cot

CA:Oh my…

PS:Hayley has no idea…..he’s with the baby…

*The Reaper kneels down and runs his hand along the cheek of the baby.Amy lifts her hands up in wonder and tries to pull at the mask but she cannot reach.The Reaper continues to stare at the baby as Hayley talks away on the phone, unawares of what is happening.

Hayley:Yes I will Callum…….i’ll drop Amy off with the nanny after the show and then stop by……then I’m going to dinner with Jimmy…..yes hopefully it will be a celebration…..i’ll have to go….I need to be ready for the main event….ok……ok…..bye Callum!

*She hangs up the phone and places it back in her bag.Amy gurgles again and Hayley turns around to see her daughter holding something, the Reaper is nowhere to be seen. Hayley’s face drains of colour as he realises that Amy is holding the Reaper’s mask in her tiny hands

CA:This is getting stranger and stranger….

PS:Just moments before the main event….

CA:I suppose you could say that business is picking up…



CA:Good evening one and all and welcome to CWA Uprising…..we are one week removed from the monumental CWA Revelation event……and you can bet that tonight we are going to see some serious fallout from that night……I am here alongside my broadcast colleague Paul Salisbury…..Paul,how much did you enjoy Revelation?

PS:I enjoyed it more than I can put into words…..for a company that was only seven weeks old, we blew the competition out of the water last week. That was an event that rivaled anything that has been put on by any organisation in the last twelve months. We breathed life back into pro wrestling and tonight is going to continue that trend…

CA:Absolutely…..we are live and exclusive on and tonight promises to deliver a show to remember……Johnny Goldman’s world championship coronation in front of his hometown fans……a new number one contender to the IC Title will be crowned… Extreme Championship match……and how about the main event….

PS:All week long there has been speculation floating all over the internet….Twitter,Facebook,Youtube….everybody is wondering how the main event is going to go down….

CA:It is our understanding that here tonight, Jimmy Phillips will meet the mysterious “Reaper” in the middle of that ring….after almost two months of torment that has been inflicted upon Phillips and the Lennox family…we might finally get some answers…

PS:I hope so, because this is becoming almost unbearable….we need a climax…

CA:I don’t know if a climax is coming tonight, but I guarantee drama…guarantee entertainment and action…this is CWA and you can bet that this is wrestling…..

*The crowd in the arena suddenly break out into huge cheers as “Cold Ash” echoes out of the speakers and then red pyros shoot up into the air. Jimmy Phillips,dressed in jeans and his trademark red hoody, strides out onto the stage with Hayley Lennox on his arm. Phillips face is bruised and he looks in a focused mood.

CA:Kicking this night off with an address from Jimmy Phillips…and acting General Manager, Hayley Lennox…

PS:Should be interesting…

Phillips tags hands with the fans and then climbs up onto the apron.He holds the ropes open for Hayley to climb inside and then joins her.The crowd are chanting his name as he accepts a microphone from Deborah Harding and then turns to speak.

CA:This whole scenario escalated last week when Phillips was cost the world championship by this “Reaper”…..but on top of that you can add the fact that Andrew Lennox is still in a bad state in hospital,Callum Lennox is just about on the mend……Hayley has been tormented mentally by this man…

PS:The father of her child…

CA:That’s the sting in the tail….Hayley knows who this man is, but she is too frightened to reveal his identity…….

PS:Well they need to do something…because this cannot continue…

CA:I agree….

Phillips:I’m not out here tonight to talk about not winning the world championship last week…….that’s another matter for another day. I know that I will be back in that hunt as soon as possible and Johnny Goldman knows that he is only keeping my throne warm…

*That comment is met by mixed reactions

Phillips:Tonight is about bringing to an end a conflict that has gone on for far too long. Tonight is about revenge, retribution, vengeance….you can call it whatever you want but tonight it ends because we all know that this cannot continue.

*Hayley Lennox is staring at Jimmy Phillips with sadness on her face

Phillips:I can deal with people trying to beat me down when they have a motive to do so….I have no problem taking care of my own business. But this is something very different indeed……..I know your listening Reaper and I want you to listen good…….all your little mindgames, your little appearances and interferences…..they end right here tonight.

*Crowd cheer

Phillips:Because not only am I tired of you jumping me from behind like a coward….I am tired of you abusing the people that I care about. I am tired of you making them suffer…

*Phillips exchanges looks with Hayley and then turns away

Phillips:I know you are the father of Amy, and I know you feel like you have some rights as a parent….but let me make something clear,any rights you had disappeared when you put your own daughter’s granddad and uncle in the hospital…

The moment you attacked Amy’s mother and made her life a living hell is the moment when your chances of access vanished…….and if that message isn’t sinking in, I’ll make sure it is permanently etched on your skull by the time tonight is over…

*The crowd cheer again at Phillips’ intensity

Phillips:I’ve heard your threats and your little voicemail that you left last week….you want to “finish” me off here tonight and I implore you to come and try…….I implore you to bring everything you have got, and for once be a man…..

Because I will be here in this very ring,waiting for you to finally face me like the warrior you claim to be…..I will stand right here and hope you grow the balls that I have waited for you to display for weeks…

Throwing old men off stages, or attacking innocent men in the parking lot are not actions that impress me…..what impresses me is somebody that is willing to come out here and take the punishment, they so richly deserve, like a man…

Are you a man Reaper?....or are you just a little boy with a mask on his face?

Because anybody can claim to be a responsible parent…..and anybody can wield a sledgehammer like a maniac….but what truly stands the test of time is if you actually show the world that you have got the cojones to prove exactly what you are….

I don’t really think I need to say much more than that…….i’ve penciled your name in for the main event….and I sincerely hope you don’t disappoint me by not showing up……

I think it’s time we settled our differences….and about time I exposed you for the piece of (beep) you really are…

*Crowd pop

CA:Strong words from Jimmy Phillips…

PS:I don’t know how wise they are…..he might be making this guy mad….

*Phillips stares around the arena as the crowd cheer him on and then offers the microphone to Hayley Lennox, but she just shakes her head and beckons for Jimmy to continue.

Phillips:Me and Hayley have been through some ups and downs.......she hasn’t always been truthful with me and she knows that. But now we are on the same page and now more than ever I will do anything to ensure her safety….

I see the fear you have imprinted on her Reaper and I hate you for that……I don’t even know who you are but I hate you for what you have done to this family……here tonight I will show you just how much I despise your existence…

*The crowd suddenly boo as a figure appears on the big screen. The Reaper puts his hands together and glares down towards Phillips and Hayley.

Reaper:How very noble of you Jimmy…….fighting for a cause of which you have no bond to. In essence all you are doing is showing your stupidity and naivety rather than bravery….

That woman you protect is nothing but a harlot……..a jezebel…and yet you stand in front of her, ready to take any consequences that she has caused. You have known her for seven weeks…..and you act like a man that would die in battle for his beloved.

Are you that stupid?....are you really that dumb? do not know the real Hayley Lennox…..but I do, I know that just bad she is….how rotten to the core she really is…….would you like me to describe it to you Jimmy?

*The crowd boo as The Reaper laughs

Reaper:The reason you are not on a life support machine right now Jimmy is because I have tried to give you so many chances to walk away…..I am not a monster, merely a father who has been forced to jump through one to many hoops.

This is not your problem…….and right here and now I will give you one last opportunity…..walk away and leave me to finish what I started……

*Phillips stares up at the screen with sternness and then shakes his head

Reaper:Then you will suffer like the rest of the Lennox family shall suffer…you have no right to stand between me and my daughter…..and you will no longer be an obstacle on my path…..

You stand there like a tough man….but inside you are weak, a lovestruck fool…….you cannot discern between a woman of integrity and the wench stood beside you…

*The crowd boo

Reaper:Just like the rest of her family….they are liars, parasites and cheats…….and they deserve every downfall that life throws at them….

You have chosen to align yourself with them Jimmy….so you too will suffer the same fate…you will sink aboard their ship…..and I will watch you all drown with a smile upon my face…

But let us get one thing clear right here… do not call the shots and you most certainly do not tell me what to do. If I choose to fight you tonight then I will do it on my terms……but maybe I would prefer to do it at a time that more suits my schedule.

And maybe I am not finished “tormenting” the disgusting family that you protect….maybe my reign of terror has only just begun….maybe I have infiltrated avenues that you just cannot comprehend…..

You do not know me Jimmy….and although your little beau might, she still has no idea what I am capable of….believe me when I tell you that my regime is barely even getting started here in CWA….you have not even begun to scratch the surface…..

So sit back and relax……because this may be the last time of peace you have……by time this evening is over, the world will get a glimpse of what I have in store….

*The Reaper laughs some more and then disappears off the screen,leaving Phillips and Hayley looking dumfounded in the ring.

PS:So is the main event on or not?


The lights in the arena dim and then “Cold Ash” echoes out to a thunderous reception from the CWA faithful. Red pyros flash high up into the air and explode before smoke falls down to cover the stage.

Maynard:Introducing first………….from Cleveland,Ohio………………….weighing in at 257 pounds………..Jiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyy Phhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiilllllllllliiiiiiiippppppppppssssssssss!

CA:This has been a long road for Jimmy Phillips……probably one he never expected to find himself on….

PS:This is what love does to….you get caught up in situations you never expected…..

CA:I can agree on that…..Jimmy Phillips has been embroiled in this whole affair due to his relationship with Hayley Lennox…..we have seen this develop for almost two months now and maybe tonight we will see a conclusion…

PS:The Reaper is coming Cornelius….and he wants access to his daughter….I don’t think Hayley Lennox, Jimmy Phillips or anyone else for that matter can stop him…

CA:I can understand what your saying…..but at the same time, this man doesn’t deserve to see his daughter after the stunts he has pulled……

PS:Maybe not….but if he eliminates Jimmy Phillips tonight then who is going to stop him?

CA:Fair point…

Jimmy Phillips stands on the stage with a focused look on his face before removing his hooded top and tossing it into the crowd.He marches down to the ring and then jumps up onto the apron,causing pyros to explode from the turnbuckles…

CA:Jimmy Phillips is more fired up than I have ever seen him…..he really wants to punish this guy here tonight….wants to hurt him badly….

PS:And yet the Reaper probably wants to do exactly the same thing to Phillips…..and he already has done on various occassions…

CA:This is personal….it’s bitter and it is twisted….this matchup could be as intense as any we have ever seen…

Phillips paces the ring as slowly the lights dim in the arena until total darkness engulfs. The crowd begin to boo furiously and then a single light shines down on the stage as a figure moves through the curtain and stands to attention.

PS:Here he is Cornelius………….I knew he would be here…

CA:Seems like The Reaper has made his decision………..he’s coming to fight….

All of the lights come on and the boos grow louder as the masked form of The Reaper stands and stares down at the ring. Jimmy Phillips is pacing back and forth as he waits and watches for his opponent to walk down towards the ring.

PS:This is the showdown that we have all been waiting for…

The Reaper slowly reaches the bottom of the stage and looks up at Jimmy Phillips, who has seen enough and shoves the referee aside as he climbs from the ring.

CA:Jimmy Phillips wasting no time….he came for a fight…


CA:Putting it all on the line…

Callum Lennox grabs The Reaper and pulls him into a front facelock.He pulls his enemy to a standing point on the top rope…

PS:He’s gonna try and superplex him….

The Reaper suddenly bursts to life once more and drives punches into the midsection of Callum Lennox before grabbing the young man by the throat. He stares into his eyes and then throws him from the top…

CA:Not through the table…

Callum is heading straight through the table but Jimmy Phillips is up and he catches Callum.Phillips looks angry as he dumps Callum over the top rope onto the apron and then turns around…

PS:Provided the distraction though….CROSSBODY!

CA:Oh my…

Crowd;Holy (beep) x10

CA:Broken in half…

The Reaper dives from the top rope for the crossbody on Phillips but somehow Jimmy shows his strength and catches his foe in his arms.He holds him in a fall away slam position before lifting him up onto his shoulders and nails a fireman’s slam (Attitude Adjustment) through the table…

PS:The bottom just dropped out….The Reaper is done…

The Reaper tries to crawl up as Phillips drives hard right hands into his head and backs him against the ropes. He whips The Reaper across the ring and then benchpresses him into the air on the comeback before slamming him down onto the canvass. The Reaper staggers back up and stumbles to the corner as Phillips runs in and nails a bodysplash….

CA:Pick that one out….GAME-CHANGER!

*Crowd pop

PS:This is amazing…

Phillips nails the bodysplash in the corner before running off the opposite ropes as Reaper staggers out,coming back with a thunderous clothesline all the way from hell. The crowd are on their feet roaring as Jimmy Phillips stalks his prey, willing him to stand up…

CA:Nobody in their right mind could have expected this…Jimmy Phillips has been unstoppable here tonight…

PS:He really is “The Talent”…..TOUCHDOWN!


The Reaper somehow makes it back to his feet, swaying unsteadily. He then turns around and walks into Phillips, who drills him with the rockbottom in the centre of the ring and hooks the leg…


CA:Got him…

Ding ding ding

PS:Just like that?

CA:Just like that……………what a performance from Jimmy Phillips…

Jacob Maynard:Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner………….Jiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyy Phhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiilllllllllliiiiiiipppppppppssssssss!

The crowd are going nuts as Phillips raises his arm in the air and stands up. He glares down at the broken body of The Reaper and nods his head with satisfaction. Callum Lennox is kneeling on the apron, shocked and impressed at what he has just seen.

CA:That man made CWA life hell for almost two months…but he had nothing that could deter Jimmy Phillips any longer….Phillips was a machine here tonight and there was nothing stopping him from getting what he wanted….

PS:I can’t believe the manner in which Phillips won this match….he crushed The Reaper…

CA:And now it’s time….time for the conclusion….to find out who this man really is….

Jimmy Phillips soaks up the atmosphere and then the music stops. The crowd are cheering as he steps over The Reaper and then bends down, grabbing the mask in both hands and yanking it clean from his opponent’s face…

PS:Who the hell is that?

CA:I….I don’t know…

The cameras pan in and show the shock on Jimmy Phillips’ face. He is looking down at a young man, no older than nineteen. The man is bloodied around the face and is not moving. He has dirty blonde hair and a scar across his right eye.

PS:I don’t get it….who is this kid…….????

CA:Your guess is as good as mine….

PS:This is the man that has been terrorizing CWA?....but he is barely out of childhood….no wonder Hayley Lennox wanted to keep him a secret….

“Guess again”

*Lights out

CA:Wait just a minute….

The lights begin to flash around the arena, dancing spotlights that cover every square inch of the arena before settling down on Jimmy Phillips and the unmasked Reaper. Phillips looks confused at the situation before the lights come back on….

*Crowd scream


Jimmy Phillips turns around and goes face to face with another masked Reaper, holding a sledgehammer in hand and he drives the weapon straight into the face of Phillips. Callum Lennox tries to come to the rescue but the Reaper drives the hammer into Callum’s gut and then nails him with an RKO…

CA:It was a trick…..a trick all along….

*The Reaper stands over Callum Lennox and Jimmy Phillips and gazes out at the crowd, who are booing furiously. He then stands up and motions for Jacob Maynard to pass him a microphone.

PS:Destruction all around us and this guy fooled everyone again…he was never even out here….

CA:He makes me sick..

Reaper:The first rule of an illusionist is to show the audience exactly what you want them to see….and to pull off the unexpected when their view is occupied. Like the willing audience that you are, every single one of you played into my hands here tonight.

I made each and everyone of you believe that this man right here was me…..made you believe that Jimmy Phillips was some sort of supergod and that he could crush me with his bare hands.

When the truth of the matter is, Jimmy Phillips could never beat me, not even on his best of days. You see this man right here is called Dakota Ryder….and poor Dakota has a very troubled background. I found him in a homeless shelter some three months ago, after a life of drug abuse and personal tragedy Dakota was a very willing subject to my cause……

*Crowd boo

CA:This guy is repulsive…

Reaper:I offered Dakota a life he had never known and in return I demanded full and utter faith….of which he was happy to oblige. You see Dakota maybe unconscious right now but he played his part perfectly, and for that he will be rewarded beyond his wildest dreams.

That is the sort of man I am…….rewarding of those who deserve it……….and extremely judgmental of those who dare to cross my path.

I can make great things happen CWA….I have done it everywhere I have been…I have a track record of making things extraordinary….

PS:Just who is this guy….

Reaper:But CWA will be my crown jewel….my piaster resistance….my defining moment……….from here on in, you are going to witness things you never thought possible…

CA:What is he talking about?

Reaper:I came here for my daughter….and needless to say I will leave with what I came for, but after the un co-operation I have been shown…… I will take everything……and there will be nobody that can stop me…

*The Reaper laughs as he stares around the arena

Reaper:I know your back there Hayley……….with my beautiful daughter………….and I hope you are staring into her eyes, knowing that this is the final moment you will spend with her……

PS:This guy really means business…

Reaper:I have brushed past far too many obstacles and I am done playing games….now is the time that we get down to business….now is the time that CWA learns that it has a new master and all shall bow down before me….

*The crowd suddenly cheer loud as Hayley Lennox walks out onto the stage

Reaper:And here she is….oh so willing…….seems like déjà vu….

*Hayley looks scornful

Reaper:You have something to say to me Hayley?

*Hayley Lennox lifts a microphone up to speak when another Reaper steps out behind her and places a white rag across her face. Suddenly she begins to drift into unconsciousness

Reaper:Chloroform….what a marvelous invention!

CA:Oh my god….we need somebody to stop this….just how many of these guys are there?

Reaper:You see I am done with all of this PC crap, I am done with toeing some sort of invisible line….I gave everybody the opportunity to give me what I wanted, and instead you defied me time and time again….now it’s time that everyone started playing by my rules…….now is the time when you all see just exactly what you are dealing with…

*The Reaper stares out at the crowd, who are going wild with anticipation. The Reaper then lifts his hand up and begins to pull the mask off his head.


CA:It cannot be…

Reaper:From this point forward……CWA belongs to me!

*The crowd are in shock as the cameras pan around the destruction at ringside. Callum Lennox and Jimmy Phillips are motionless on the canvass as Hayley Lennox dragged from the stage. The show goes off the air with Lex Hart smiling broadly from the centre of the ring.

The screen flickers off and on and starts to flash with images of brutal beatings in and out of the wrestling ring

Words start to flash over the images







The arena falls into total darkness for a few seconds, a bright light like a neutron bomb has exploded penetrates the black, hundreds of fireworks and pyros go off and then once again total darkness

PS” What is happening???? This feels like a warzone right now

CA” Is that something in the ring????

The lights come up and the ring is blood soaked

PS” What the hell!!!!

The camera pans up to show the ring from above, written in the blood are the words


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CWA Final Battle 18th August 2012 Empty Re: CWA Final Battle 18th August 2012

Post by JJJohnson Fri 03 Aug 2012, 10:31 am

***Breaking Update from CWA***

*It has this morning been revealed that Andrew Lennox' condition in hospital has detoriated and the early signs do not look good. His family are extremely devastated by the news and have already ordered their legal teams to begin the closing down process of CWA.

It was never the intention of the Lennox family to allow this industry to affect their personal lives in this manner. It is with great regret therfore that the August 9th edition of Uprising has been cancelled.

Plans have been put in motion for a "final battle" show to be organised for the weekend of 18th-19th August that will determine the Undisputed CWA Champion.

There will be a "Race for the Championship" tournament that will include every single member of the CWA roster and the final match will crown the Undisputed and last CWA World Heavyweight Champion.

The Lennox family would like to thank each and every individual that has helped to make CWA grow and achieve the success it has done in such a short period of time.

The company will go up on the "market" so to speak from today but the Lennox family have ordered that if no new buyer is found by the "Final Battle" show then winding up notices shall be served.

Thank you for reading

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CWA Final Battle 18th August 2012 Empty Re: CWA Final Battle 18th August 2012

Post by Lee Tue 14 Aug 2012, 11:58 am

Johnny Goldman is shown sat in his gym ring on a wooden stool with a towel over his shoulders and his CWA Title on his knees.

The only light comes from a television showing highlights from him career in CWA so far, Johnny's head hangs as takes the towel off his back and throws it across the ring and stands up, his back still to the camera

JG: All my life... I dreamed of winning the biggest title in professional wrestling, and I did it, I won the CWA World Title...I was on top of the world....

But now, if CWA doesn't find a buyer then this is gonna be my last hurrah, If I had the money to buy this great company, I would... but unfortunately that won't happen, don't get me wrong I have tried, I have asked around, I have begged people, but the money I could gather together wouldn't come close to the amount needed to purchase this place....

Johnny shoulders his belt and walks to the corner of the ring, still with his back to the camera

JG: ...there is no one more disappointed than me with what has happened......but I can't think like that, because I AM the CWA Champion, no matter how long we have left I owe it to the fans, I owe it to my family, I owe it to my friends, I owe it to everyone in this company and I owe it to myself to go out fighting... if this place IS to close, then let's go out with a bang!

Johnny turns the camera with a look of intensity in his eyes

JG: I am Johnny Goldman, CWA World Champion! and this week is the last time I can defend this win or lose, I will give it my all I will do my best to ensure this companies last days are remembered for one thing, and that is that some of the greatest wrestlers in the history of the sport... gave their fans one HELL of a show on in their last ever show, and then at the end the greatest of them all stood tall on top of the turnbuckle, raised his title belt above his head and declares....ALL THAT GLITTERS!


Johnny looks up to the ceiling and takes a deep breath clearly trying to hold back his emotions.

I will dedicate this weeks show to my father, and my mother....but most of all I dedicate it to the CWA Family, so this or lose, I will give you everything I have, I will give you my all, and at the end I will leave it all in the ring... if this is to be my last day, then it will be the greatest day that the CWA has ever seen, it will go down in HISTORY!

...And I will be there every step of the way, because I love this company, I love these fans...I love this business! I LOVE IT! And come what may I will continue to fight, just as I have my whole life.... and then when the dust settles and the arena empties, I will stand in this ring, knowing that I gave my all...and that's all anyone can give.....That's all I can do....

Johnny places his title on the ropes and begins to train as the camera moves out of the gym and the scene fades


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CWA Final Battle 18th August 2012 Empty Re: CWA Final Battle 18th August 2012

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